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Well finally I come to all of you with some good news. I am very excited to report several cool items today. There are some tour updates, some cool Goonies news, and a chance to dispel an awful rumor that has been circling since my friends untimely death…… so, let’s get started.

First off I want to apologise for the continuous changes in the tour schedule. The good news is new dates are constantly being added. Please keep checking the main news page for updates. The tour will begin on May 21st in Detroit Michigan and will go through most of the year. My plan is to play 50 shows this year. We should be covering almost every State in the continental US. So even if you don’t see your area currently listed don’t give up hope because we are not done planning this very expansive schedule.

Now on to the very exciting news…….On June 6th in Astoria Oregon, Truth Movement (as with all dates)will perform the Technology Analogy  album in its entirety, however this show will now be completely off the grid! Much like we did at Universal City walk last year we will be bringing in Bio-Diesel generators coupled with solar paneling to power this special concert event. Not only that, but this is guaranteed to be the biggest production Truth Movement has ever put on. With compliments of a full scale light show, video production, and costumes, and theatrics that will blow your mind. Not to mention a few special guests which will be announced in the days to come. The show itself will be 90 minutes in length. In addition to the full album, we will be doing a one time only extended 80’s themed encore. Complete with a special tribute to Michael Jackson. This will be a show not to be missed.

In other breaking news director Richard Donner has confirmed to me today that he will be joining us at the event. There are sure to be more cast members joining us as well, in addition to the already confirmed Jeff Cohen (Chunk), Joe Pantilliano, (Fratelli brother)and Curtis Hanson (mr. Walsh). I will be posting updates here, but for tickets updates and group sales information you can check out the newly built website for the event at . I can’t wait to see you all there. I promise to make it a once in a lifetime GREEN experience and the greatest green show on Earth! 

Ok next up, I need to talk about Corey Haim, the toxicology report, and the overwhelming inaccuracies vastly and irresponsibly reported by the worldwide media machine. On March 10th, the day of Corey’s death, on my Larry King interview , I warned the media and the public at large to not draw conclusions or jump to accusations until the toxicology reports came in. There was a reason for my aggression at that time. Reasons that I could not disclose at that time but can disclose now. The reason being that I had a conversation with Judy earlier that afternoon in which she confirmed to me the sequences leading up to the moment of his death. I already knew in my heart that Corey did NOT die of a drug overdose!!! But I needed the hard facts to back it up for legal purposes. So I have had to remain silent until now. However the results are in, the toxicology reports are back, and the TRUTH will prevail!

As per the County Coroners office as of today April 4th 2010……. COREY HAIM DID NOT DIE FROM A DRUG OVERDOSE!!! The cause of his death was natural. He had a combination of pneumonia, and heart failure which came as a result of a lifelong history of heart problems. Corey was born with an arrhythmia of the heart….an irregular heart beat. If you go back to the first season of the Two Corey’s you will find there is an episode where I took him to the doctor to check out his heart. That was REAL! Corey woke up that day and told me in confidence that he was scared because he was having considerable pains in his chest. I told him that we must get him to a doctor to investigate his condition before we continued filming. He suggested that we bring the cameras with to openly document his problem and so we did. It’s all there, if you go back and watch it you will see that this problem had been there for a long time.

Here is the history for the record: at the beginning of season 1 Corey was 100% clean and sober! He was doing great. He dropped his weight, he was healthy and happy. We shot hours and hours of unscripted comedy which I feel was the best improvisational comedy we had ever done together. A and E network currently owns and controls that priceless footage, and I hope and pray that for the sake of the fans they pull it from their vaults and release it for all to see. It was awesome stuff! However towards the end of season 1 Corey relapsed. during that time period Susie and I did everything we could to support him getting back on track. Including making a historical clause in my contract with Warner Brothers that I would not do LB2 without his involvement. I also took Corey into my home (off camera) and allowed him to stay with me during the marketing campaign in hopes that he could get it together again. We then had a falling out, based on the fact that he was incapacitated at my home in the presence of my child. That was the final straw for Susie and I. We could not submit our child to that. Shortly after he backed out of his committment to Warner Brothers and failed to shoot his parts in the sequel.

At that point I felt our friendship was in serious jeopardy and it was impossible to continue on with our working relationship and the show was to end. At that time it was suggested by Corey that the show continued, with the added aspect of showing his actual struggles with his addiction as opposed to further hiding it from the public. Although I was not in favor of the approach as I felt it was too risky, I begrudgingly agreed. The show continued on with our relationship strained. Corey once again got himself cleaned up. The first half of the second season began with Corey sober. As it was well documented on the show, the pressure became too much for him to bear and halfway through the season he relapsed again, the day we scheduled the pick up scenes for Lost Boys. I was devastated by this. I spent the remainder of the season trying to get him sober again. My attempts failed, culminating in a very public closure to both the friendship and partnership of “The Two Corey’s” I vowed to no longer enable him by endorsing his abuse by remaining his friend/business partner.

I made a public statement in which I said the show was over and I would not speak with him again until he cleaned his life up and took responsibility for his actions. I kept my word. Corey and I had no contact for over a year, the longest we had gone without speaking since 1986. When Michael Jackson, Marc Rocco, and my grandfather died, Corey reached out to me to offer his support. At that time he informed me of his mother’s illness and the responsibility he took in caring for her. I heard something different in his voice….maturity!

It was this new found sense of responsibility and dedication to his own recovery that initialized our reconnection, and opened the door to us continuing our friendship. I knew that for the first time in his life he was clean, and it wasn’t just about proving something, but instead about putting his duties as a man first. He wanted to be there 100% for his mother at her time of need. I was told by Judy that in the days leading up to his death he had been put on some antidepressant medications but he was no longer abusing drugs. I believed her as in the last 6 months of his life I was talking or texting with him on a daily basis and he was with me and my son at my house 3 or 4 days a week. He was not out of his mind on drugs anymore. He was winning his battle with addiction. Unfortunately his growing heart problems, and large amounts of stress, coupled with years of damage from previous drug use ultimately led to his demise. The news is still sad and the outcome remains the same, Corey is gone, he’s never coming back. But the one thing we all now have is the knowledge that this time around, he wasn’t lying. He really made a difference in his way of life.

I hope that his story can serve as inspiration and hope for those who are currently struggling with addiction. I am so proud to say that he died sober. I truly hope in the coming days the media takes responsibility for its actions and rethinks their actions of condemning people before the facts have been told.

Sorry for the very long update….but it all had to be said. thank you for reading, thank you for caring and I will see you all on the road. Please keep checking back for more news and updates at or our myspace at

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  1. I was glad to read that it wasn’t a drug overdose he died from. It’s just sad that he died just as he was finally getting his stuff together.

    • Corey will be greatly missed and it is comforting to know that he was on his way back to a healthy lifestyle. Will you write a book about the life and times of Corey Haim and the stories you two shared? Love to read it.

      Thanks for the update, Cari

  2. I have to say that, while it is not your responsibility to respond & speak out after Corey’s toxicology report was released, I have a lot of respect for you in doing so! I am happy & proud that he died sober too, even though the world would be a better place with him still in it, especially sober!
    I also want you to know that I have written an open letter to the American media. I have posted it on my blog @ as well as having sent it out to 10 media outlets so far, with plans to write a letter to California AG Jerry Brown as well. I don’t know if this will do or change anything, but I HAD to do it, I refuse to be quiet about this issue. I also have a small, but growing army of people behind me who are doing the same thing, for Corey, because he deserves a legacy beyond the tabloid hype. He was so loved & these people are the proof of that. They want to fight for a positive & loving memory of Corey, it’s truly amazing!
    I have corresponded with your manager (?) Scott Carlson on a couple of occasions, letting him know my intentions with all I have stated above, as well as a few other ideas I had in the works. He said he forwarded my emails to you, but I’m sure you get thousands & they were lost in the shuffle, so no worries, whatever. I don’t write “celebrity” types, so I don’t know the protocol.
    I see you’re starting the tour in my hometown of Detroit later this month. I have been going back & forth about attending, as I am currently unemployed, so I doubt I’d be able to afford the cover. I do hope the tour goes well for you & it actually would have been nice to see the band & to speak with you, but some things are not necessary.
    I honestly wish you all the best things in life Corey, I do. I have lost more loved ones in the past 5 years than I can understand, so I know what long lasting grief feels like. Go out there & live!

    love & peace


  3. Corey:
    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!!! I hope the media steps up and makes as much noise redeeming Corey’s name now that we know it was not an overdose. I always knew it, you always knew it, and now they need to take responsibility for their litte faith.
    (I am the woman that was your father’s receptionist when you were filming “Stand by me”. My son was Brian…do you remember us? You gave Brian his first ever skateboard!!! )
    I am so pleased to have heard this news today, and now our dear friend can rest in peace knowing that the real truth is out. Unfortunately his life was just too short. My prayers are with you and all of us that loved him.

    Jeri Draughon

  4. Wow Corey, I want to thank you so much for opening up to us. I can’t imagine the things you’ve been dealing with these last couple of months. I was speaking with a friend today when the news of Corey’s toxicology reports came out. To be honest I can’t explain how I felt when I heard the news, happy, sad, angry. Actually a big part of me wanted to scream, “I told you so.” Deep down I really wanted to believe that he was drug free you know. I never knew Corey personally but I myself have known alot of addicts and know how hard it is to overcome that demon. I praise Corey so much knowing that he finally was able to get passed that part in life and to know he was finally on the road that he wanted to be on getting his life together. I am so sad to say the end came way to soon for him.

    I also hope within the following days, that the media takes responsibility for all the hurt and pain they cause for there false accusations. It’s really sad to me what the media does these days to get noticed. It’s not worth it.

    On a good note, congrats on the tour Corey!!! I wish you luck in all you do. Please keep writing us and make sure you tell us about your great journey coming up this year.

    Peace and Great Love
    Jessica (

  5. Thank you so much, Corey. I needed this❤ You are loved and appreciated more than you know.

  6. Hey Corey,

    So happy to hear that you’re moving forward and excited about your tour! If you’re going to be in Western Canada, please let us know.
    As for CH….I’m still SO blue…but I’m so glad the truth has been told. oxoxox

  7. Thanks Corey again for standing up for Haim. His real fans know the truth.

    I was wondering if you ever thought about having a contest to give out concert tickets or to give away The Goonies event tickets/package. I’m so upset because I now won’t be able to attend the event in Astoria,thanks to the damn IRS this year! I’ve met you twice (at City Walk last summer and at the Hollywood Show in Burbank…have been a fan for over 20 years.) My younger brother,who is laso a big fan of yours wanted to meet you and he absolutely loves anything that has to do with The Goonies. If you are ever able to give out some free tickets…please send some my way!
    So stoked for you! Have a kick-ass time,but come home safely! [:

  8. Thank you Cory for the TRUTH! I am very happy to hear the Cory did not die from drugs, he died sober. The media needs to admit their wrongdoing, and I am sorry as a fan, that I assumed it was from drugs because that is what they suggested. Thanks again, and good luck to you.

  9. Cory,
    I just read your blog and I can tell you that I have been waiting to here those words since the untimely passing of Corey….”COREY HAIM DID NOT DIE FROM A DRUG OVERDOSE!!!” I knew in my heart that Corey would NOT come to fall like so many of the unfortunate stars of Hollywood. The media is a harsh reality that feeds off the drama and mishaps of celebrities, they focus on the bad and kick you when your down, but the public can say what they want the truth is finally out. Corey had his ups and downs and it saddens me to know that he was doing so well when God called him home. He was a great and talented actor with a prospering future who will truly be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your son (May he truly know the amazing godfather he had), and Corey’s family always.

    -Love Missing The Haimster
    (Corey was my first crush when I saw “Dream A Little Dream” some 13 years ago when I was 9 *I know I’m a youngin with an old soul* some things you just never forget, heartbreaking to say I never got the chance to meet him *one day*)

  10. TRUTH = PEACE.

  11. Hi Corey

    I also had a strong feeling Corey passed away sober. Thats my problem all along with the media is they dont respect the dead and they make up cr*p that is completly false but the majority of the world beleive.

    Corey RIP Mate….

    Anyhow corey goonies weekend sounds awesome.. wish i could afford to go..

    Speak soon of to work now…booo😦


  12. Cory, you’re making me cry man😉 *sigh*, hey, thank you for sharing all the truth…You 2 really went through a lot. It’s hard when you have a close friend that finds themselves on horrable substances. I have a friend which years ago, she got mixed up w/some coke, I think. She flew in to see me @ Christmas time, where I was living @ the time to ride down w/me on a road trip to check out Tucson, AZ for a school program I wanted to do. She didn’t come in on the original flight. The airlines didn’t know any info. A day later, I actually got a hold of her & she flew in & we did our trip. But my family wondered what was up w/her, why she was flaky. On the road trip, she was coming down from the drugs I was still clueless to, but we got off the beaten path on our route, she was mad & arguing w/me, & we were ready to leave each other on the side of the road, but of course we didn’t. When we finally got to our destination, she opened up to me about what she was dealing with, & it was a real eye opener to what drugs can do to our loved ones. Thank god, she’s now clean & sober too. She has kids now too. I’m so glad that before Cory’s life came to such a sad end, that you guys were able to get your friendship back…I know that means the world to you, & I’m sure it did to him as well. Bless you & hugs to you. Keep staying strong with everything.

    I so wish I could make it to the Goonies anneversary thing!!! Right now, I’m currently dealing w/my own struggles, trying to keep my head above water w/an employer that is being less than fair (understatement of the year). I’m actively looking for other x-ray tech jobs so I can get out of the little privately owned clinic, looking at poss travel x-ray assignments. I’m in Charlotte, NC, but maybe I’ll see you guys in hmmm, D.C.? Hold your fingers crossed this 1 company can wait for me to come back from my 2 wks military training!!!

    Take Care Cory!
    Peace & Love to you,

  13. Dear Corey,

    Thank you for speaking out, thank you for standing up for people and thnak you for never giving up.

    We are so pleased that Corey did not die from drugs, although we never believed this was indeed the case. Its obviously a sad situation and disgraceful the way his name was flung around the media, but hopefully now you and Corey’s family can at last find a bit of peace.

    As for the Goonies Go Green…sounds amazing! Im sure you’ll put on a fantastic show, and the 80s encore sounds pretty special! Gutted that we cant be at such a brilliant event.

    Hope you have a very ‘Rock N Roll’ tour!

    Love and peace,

    Nic and Dru xxxx

  14. I just heard word on the toxicology report and decided to come here to look for your words and support. Thank you! Thank you for coming on LKL that first day and letting the world know what you felt in your heart and knew was true. It was your words that day, your intelligent demeanor, your emotional response that reassured me that Corey did not die due to a drug problem but due to a medical issue.

    I appreciate that you are willing, even now, to share your experiences with Corey’s friendship and hardships during the taping of The Two Coreys. Your love for Corey was always prominent, even when you couldn’t share in his daily life I know that you still loved him, you two were family and would always be. You were lucky to have one another.

    You knew him better than anyone, so I was reassured by your words that if you had contact with him daily for several months before his death you would know what condition he was in.

    Corey, through your music and lyrics you will continue to touch the hearts of people. I recorded the LKL in which you spoke at, you are an incredible public speaker. Your words are soothing; your wisdom settling. To be able to speak so clearly and hold your emotions after the death of Corey Haim was amazing to watch. Again I appreciated it, because I knew (as a fan) that I was not alone. Thanks for touching my heart and for the updates. You are a wonderful dude:)


  15. WOOT! Just looked up your tour dates and I see you have two in my area- Akron/Cleveland. See ya there!

  16. Corey,
    I saw the report on my local news last night and was like “HA!! take that media junkies, Corey was straight, I knew it!!” Thank you for posting this and letting us in on the true story. Also for being so open and truthful about your own life and feelings. We love you Feldman, never forget that. Hope you have a blast on your tour.

    Love Always, Rachel

  17. Corey, you are the best friend somebody can have…
    I was listening to your interwiew with someone (don’t remenber his name) and I felt that you didn’t want to talk about CH much, but with this letter, now I know that you still care for him and his fans a LOT. I believe that the problem he had with you and Judy’s health problems, got him thinking and put his act together and clean himself, the only thing I think he was missing was love, you know, couple’s love…
    I´m glad to hear that Goonies are coming back! I hope they do it internationally not like LB2 that was until I saw it in cable I knew about its existence…
    Hope you have a great tour, and keep posting ok, don’t get lost for so long, we miss you!!
    Remember, you have a friend anytime you need one…

  18. Another thing! You are involved in all this green things, I know is not the same, but maybe you should organize a national campaign (maybe not national but L.A. campaign) for shots for pneumonia, I can’t believe everybody in L.A. is caching this illness, and in at least 2 cases (Corey and Brittany) was fatal…
    I can recall several artists recently ending up at the hospital with pneumonia, not cool at all….
    Well, just a thought…
    Luv ya!

  19. Corey, thank you for always standing by Corey Haim, I don’t think he would have lived as long as he did without you in his life. I knew in my heart that he did not die of a drug overdose, since his death I have defended him to everyone who said it was drugs. I will ALWAYS be a Corey Haim fan, nothing will ever change that. I hope that as time goes on you are able to heal, never forget your friend, keep his memory alive inside of you everyday of your life.
    Jen Etchegary
    Torrington, CT

  20. I knew it all along, since the day Corey passed. Something in my heart said–watch everyone jumping to conculsions, its going to come out as natural causes. Its horrible that he is gone, but least there are a little “told ya so’s” going out to all the people/media that jumped the gun on his poor soul.
    Hope your doing well Corey.
    May You R.I.P Corey ;(

  21. Thanks for setting the story straight for the fans Corey. Despite Haim tragically passing away, theres a bit of comfort to be taken in the fact that he managed to get clean. At the end of the day, all of the naysayers and ignorant media outlets can’t take that away from him.

    Anyway, best of luck with the extensive touring, about time you take your show on the road!

    Take care dude!


  22. Corey,
    You are an amazing man and a loyal friend. Thank you for opening up in this letter. When the news came out confirming what I already knew, that Corey passed sober, I felt happy and sad. Happy that the truth finally came out in reports people can not dispute, sad all over again that the world has lost such a beautiful soul. I hope that writing this has helped your healing process as much as reading it has helped mine.

  23. Thank you for that. It was good to hear. I am glad that you are doing better. I am so ready for Gooniesfest and TM that I can’t stand it!!!

  24. Corey thank you so much for letting us in on the trials that you & Corey had been thru the past few years. I was so happy when the report showed that he didn’t die of an overdose, even though that doesn’t bring him back, it just gives his fans (and yours) the peace of mind he was fighting the good fight. I know you wouldn’t have allowed him around your son if he wasnt sober. I grew up loving him and will always go on that way, he was a wonderful actor, and maybe now “Hollywood” will learn not to throw people under the bus for their struggles, and wait until they have proof!!!

    On a Happier note, please please please come to Ohio!!!!!


  25. Hi Corey… I can’t thank you enough for the support and friendship that you have given to Corey Haim. I am a 35 year old mother who has been married for 11 years, but I’ve always had a spot in my heart for my teenage idols “the two Coreys”. Since his passing, I have had night after night of dreams about Corey. In one, he came back to life at his own funeral. It was so real… it was hard to remember the reality when I woke back up. But I think there is one thing to remember, Corey DID wake up. He was there when his family and friends needed him the most (Judy’s sickness/your friends’ passing). Through his love and career, he will always remain alive in our hearts. God bless, and thanks for sharing details on his final moments. Love to you and your family!

  26. dear mr f,
    hey, i can see the passion in which you have written about your friend. it is clear that it is very important to you for people to know the truth. such a sad loss, but u know that… im excited for you for your up coming projects..on a different note, are you aware of any plans for a book? i know people are very interested inyou and mr h, as friends, as a companions..i dunno, just a thought. perhaps me being nosey!! i truly hope you are well. hey i dont even know if you’ll eversee this, but i do hope so.
    speak to you soon.
    kate, from england!

  27. 1st: It’s really cool that you are doing your concerts off grid! So many people talk the talk but you are walking the walk… ick, that is so cliched!

    2ed: It’s good to finally hear the truth about your friend.

  28. Thanks for this article, Corey. You didn’t need to, but I am glad you did. There are so many BS talkers out there, but only you can personally speak for him because you were there. I also knew in my heart this wasn’t an overdose. It was just very clear in the last interviews I’ve seen, he was becoming a different man. While I am still sad that as he was turning his life around it ended, but I also think you, his friends, family,fans and supporters can be proud he was winning his battle. Corey Haim’s life can now be an inspiration for others. No matter how long you’ve struggled with something, it’s never too late to turn your life around..I hope you are finding comfort moving forward. Just know that there are many others who also hold him close to our hearts and memories ..much love, diana




  30. What do I have to do to convince the A and E network to televise all that other footage of Feldman and Haim? I’d give just about anything so the fans can see it.

  31. Well said Corey, I feel the truth needs to be told. Corey had millions of fans supporting him all the way, and I’m glad he had a best friend like you. And finally, I would like to say Corey was my rock in trying to over come my personal addictions to prescription medications along with my addiction to sleeping pills. I’m still trying to fight my battle. But I know Corey is looking down at me, as a fan, lending his fan support from heaven. Miss you always Corey Haim, xxxxxoooooo

    Going outside now to talk to Corey, and say a special prayer for all those that knew him and all of those who loved him … especially Judy.

    Stacey McGowan / Age : 37 / Danville, Ohio

  32. Corey,

    I just want to thank you for everything you have done in the name of your friend. Every time you post something about your loss I start to cry again. I know that your words are heartfelt. Just reading them allows you to know how strongly you feel. As you know healing starts with time and moving forward and I am so happy that you are. You are an inspiration and your spirit is strong, keep moving forward.

    Love, peace and happiness

  33. Corey- Its Kristina!
    I miss you! I miss you sending me messages!
    I can not believe you didn’t tell me about Santa Cruise! My Mom read it on Facebook! We will be there! My Mom, her friend, and Daughter and I are going to stay the night and watch your show and movie. The Lost Boys Rock! I can not wait! Will I get another kiss on my left check? I am still saving it for you! I hope I get to see you again, its been two years! Do you remember my Sister, Juli? She is going to have a baby girl in September. I am so excited to be an Aunt.

  34. Hey the german press keep on talking about Corey Haim did take druggs…
    You fight for the honour of your brother and you reach many hearts…
    Keep on fighting you give the truth a real chance. Thanks…

    Here is what they wrote…i`m not in your bussiness, but why wrote they sa bullshit?

    Die Drogen in seinem Blut seien zum Teil verschriebene Medikamente gewesen. Haim hatte in den Tagen vor seinem Tod am 10. März unter grippeähnlichen Symptomen gelitten. Die Untersuchung ergab, dass er ein ungewöhnlich großes Herz und verstopfte Blutgefäße hatte. Laut „Star“ hatte er in seinen beiden letzten Lebensmonaten 553 verschriebene Pillen eingenommen.

    Spuren von Marihuana

    Nach Angaben von Carrillo wog das Herz des Stars mit 530 Gramm fast doppelt so viel wie das anderer Menschen seiner Größe und seines Alters. Etliche Blutgefäße waren bis zu 75 Prozent zugesetzt, schrieb die Zeitung unter Berufung auf den gerichtsmedizinischen Befund. Demnach hatte Haim zwar geringe Spuren von Arzneimitteln und Marihuana im Blut. Sie reichten jedoch nicht aus, um ihm zum Verhängnis zu werden. Haim wurde in Toronto beigesetzt.

  35. Thank you, once again, for your eloquent words. Unfortunately, all the media attention immediately after Corey’s passing will leave many people believing many untruths about Corey’s passing. It is sad that because his autopsy results aren’t “sensational”, it won’t get as much press as the “overdose” rumors did.

    Thank you for staying strong through this entire thing. You have had a hell of a year. I hope you and Zen are doing well and moving forward.

    Take care! XOXO

  36. im so happy to know that he died sober although he is still greatly missed. corey haim seemed to have a lot of talent and it is very sad that it all had to go to waste in his last few years. in his early years however i hugely enjoyed watching him and i remember hoping that he could overcome his addiction so it is GREAT to know that he finally did. it is so very sad that he had to go so young and that he left behind bad rumors and a bad name after the press jumped to conclusions as did the rest of the world. R.I.P Corey Haim. like i said you are greatly missed. thank you for all you did for me in my teenage years.❤

  37. I had to register on here just to drop you a few lines.

    I’m a 28 year old girl from Finland, and I’ve been following yours and Coreys careers since I was a little girl and watched ‘The Lost Boys’ for the first time when I was like 12 years old. Since then, the both of you have played a big part in my life. Maybe that sounds a bit strange, but it’s true. It’s weird how someone you haven’t even met, can touch your life so much.

    When I heard about Coreys passing, I was devastated. All my friends were like “Huh, who is this Corey Haim??”. The fact that in Finland people don’t seem to know who Corey and you are, sucks.

    I know I never met Corey Haim or anything, but I can tell that he was a truly great person. I wish I could have met him and let him know how much I appreciated him. I regret that I never even sent out any fanmail to him since I thought it would be useless since I figured he got so much of it and mine would not be read by him anyway. Oh well.

    But now I’m taking this opportunity to say all this to you Corey, and I hope you read this although it not might mean anything to you. But like I said, you guys have given me so much joy, that I just have to thank you for it. I love you, both of you Coreys, and I’m so proud of you fighting for the truth!

    I wish you all the best and know that you and Corey have atleast one fan in the cold Finland, santaclauses homeland, haha!

    Love, Johanna from Finland.

    P.S. If you like, you can drop me a few lines, it would mean the world to me!

  38. Corey,

    I had the honor of spending some of my younger years with Corey H. After he left to pursue his Acting Career, I never heard from him again. Several times I tried to contact him but was never a success. As I knew Corey, he was a great friend. Always stuck by each others side. A couple of weeks ago I was able to go and see Corey at his final resting place. Spent about a couple of hours there just catching up on stuff. Since I only live about 1.5 hour drive away, my plans are to visit frequently.

    It is my opinion that you were a close friend to Corey, as well, and you two had more of a friendship then we did. I’m glad. I did find it questionable as to why you did not attend his funeral but can understand. I have had a few friends pass away where I did not attend the funeral(s). In my mind, I’d rather remember someone as they were not as they are now and the last mental picture I want to remember is when they were alive.

    In saying that, I did pass some words to Corey on your behalf even though we never met. Figured it was the least thing I could do. His burial site really is not what I expected from someone of his nature. This sadden me. I don’t know what I really expected but something more than I saw, I guess. Anyhow, he is at peace now amongst all he has missed and with God.

    I hope that time heals your pain and you also give yourself the opportunity to visit his burial site one day. I believe that will help you.

    Brad Fitzakerley

  39. Thank you corey for updating us with the toxolocology report. i’m thrilled and so proud of corey. I hate that he has gone but am pleased they will be no more slurring of him. god bless you corey, RIP.

  40. Thank you so much for your message! Hope one day i’ll meet you in person. Good luck with the upcomming tour! hope you are doing ok.
    Caroline, Holland

  41. Corey I am so glad to see u calling attention to the misguided media attention surrounding his death, its time someone made the press responsible or at least call them out and make it known, We could hold our breath but I doubt the press would ever stand for their part, Alot of people dont understand addiction, I actually spoke to Corey we spoke of our battle and I treasure that moment as I know you treasure every single one you spent together, Remember my friend he is not gone but in our hearts and how we live our joyously torchered lives. He was an amazing man and loved you. And thank you for the joy and strength you have both gave me. You and your brother( yes I said brother as that is what you were in heart) have been inspiring. You are appretiated greatly and maybe some day we will have a chance to meet. Lots of love to you and up high. Autumn Bernier

    • Be safe out there

    • I saw your face in a dream one day and when I touched you you fell away. A tear fell down my check as you stumbled from my reach. Or was it me that stumbled to the blackened deep.When I reach for you ur never there. Sometimes I feel you in the air, I close my eyes and your there a smile upon your golden face. A memory of a long ago place, I saw you in a dream one day and when I touched you you slipped away. Now I know ur golden glow Its so hard to let you go. You stumbled in this tragic place. But I will never forget your face. I saw you in a dream one day You touched me and then Proudly you walked away.

  42. What bittersweet news it was to read that Corey Haim died of natural causes. It warms my heart to know that he was making such a turnaround with his life, but although it’s good to know that he died sober, he should have been able to have the chance to live sober. Thank you for sharing what you knew about the final days of his life. I wish the media would be as quick to post the truth about him as they did their false assumptions.

    Thanks for the updates about your exciting upcoming events. I’m going to try to be there at the Detroit show. Hope to see you there!

  43. Corey,
    It’s Casey, your favorite Midwest Truth Movement tour videographer. It’s been awhile since the 2002 tour and I’m up for a few more gigs on this upcoming 2010 tour if you want me. I misplaced your phone number when I moved so please contact me at and we can discuss documenting the upcoming tour.


  44. I’m relieved for you and Corey’s legacy that the truth is out there. I spoke to Mark Heaslip recently on the phone (I work in a casting office, he was pitching an actor) and I could just hear in his voice how positive he was that Corey was sober at the time of his death and it made me so disgusted to think that the media chose to make up its own mind rather than trust the people closest to him. Like you all needed additional pain.

    We spoke too about other things Corey was trying to break into besides acting. I said that I hoped someone told him he didn’t HAVE to act. That he didn’t need to prove anything to anyone and that he could anything he wanted, he didn’t have to be an actor. Mark said he was dabbling in clothing design. I was glad to hear that because I work with child actors and I hate to think that if they never break into the biz as adults and instead become real estate brokers, that they will not feel like failures. I loved just now reading that Jeff Cohen is an entertainment lawyer! Doesn’t mean he wasn’t a hilarious actor when he was a kid.

    Finally, I HAD NO IDEA MARC ROCCO DIED LAST YEAR. I am so saddened by this. “Dream a Little Dream” and “Where the Day Takes You” were too very important movies to me at a very formative time in my life. I loved the way he wrote about friendship and I really believed in his characters. Bobby and Dinger, of course. And King (Dermot Mulroney) and Greg (Sean Astin) and Little J (Balthazar Getty). My heart is broken and just like when I was in high school, I am going to force everyone I know to watch these movies.

    Thanks for the update. So sorry for all the recent loss you’ve faced.

    ~ Kelley

  45. Hi Corey!So good to hear from you again!This blog is really a lift-such great news!I am hoping to catch one of your shows while you’re on tour. I have the cd and I LOVE it so much! It’s nice to have someone who writes and performs real music that means something. You always seem to say what I’m feeling so I relate to your songs a lot. I was so happy when the cause of Corey’s death was reported. I knew in my heart that it wasn’t an overdose. Now maybe people will leave him alone! I still miss him everyday and I know you do too. I have been praying for you and your family and his family and hoping that your sadness will soon be able to laugh and smile at the memories you have of him and all the joy and happiness he brought to the world. I do hope that you and your sweet(and handsome)little boy have been doing well. I am also happy that in the last months of Corey’s life you were able to rebuild your friendship and he was winning his fight with the terrible disease that had taken over. You were always both so inspirational to me-not only as actors and humans but also as friends. It always seemed that no matter what,you were there for each other. I recently heard a song by Leona Lewis that made me think of you and Corey. So I got some pictures and made a slideshow for youtube which I dedicated to you.
    I hope that you like it and that the pictures bring back fun and precious memories. I wish you all the best Corey-now and always! Stay positive and strong! We love you Corey and I hope to see you soon!
    Much love and peace!-Sparkles:)

  46. Corey

    I’m 18 year hungarian actor. I’m sitting here and the thear leaks my eye. Dored because of that partly Corey Haim death hurts so much yet always, partly because of the joy that you care about his memory. I was born 1992. I looked your movie and I decided it in 11 of my year ages that I will be an child actor. You were for me my ideals! Hollywood destroys his stars! Please do not allow it to be forgotten Corey Haim!
    I love you both!

  47. Corey

    I’m 18 years old. I’m a hungarian actor. I’m sitting here and the thear leaks my eye. Dored because of that partly Corey Haim death hurts so much yet always, partly because of the joy that you care about his memory. I was born 1992. I looked your movie and I decided it in 11 of my year ages that I will be an child actor. You were for me my ideals! Hollywood destroys his stars! Please do not allow it to be forgotten Corey Haim!
    I love you both!

  48. I know that Corey didn’t die, of an overdose. I read nothing on that, anyway. I think it’s beautiful that he spent his last days, with those that loved him. It came as a surprise and so it was fate and true friendship, that kept you guys going.

    I thought ‘Keith Walker’ played ‘Mr. Walsh’.

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