Hi Everyone,

I want to start off by humbly saying THANK YOU!!!!     To all of you!      To each and every one of you who has taken the time to reach out in one form or another. To all of the people who have made donations. To all of those who have called, written, texted, twittered, facebooked, myspaced, blogged, and prayed. But especially I want to THANK YOU!! The people who have written passages on this blog. I have never seen such a tremendous outpouring of LOVE! You have touched me in such an incredible way with your comments.

In the last month we have had an all time record of both views and comments to this board. You have done your very best to let Corey, his family, and myself know how much you care. We have received almost half a million views on this site since Corey’s passing. We have received thousands of comments on this blog. The last of which were just finally finished being moderated and posted today. If you have looked for your comment and not seen it until now, we do apologise. Please understand it is only Robin and myself who read each and every one of them. So with the intense volume of comments it is literally a full time job to get them all posted……but somehow we have managed. This is not meant in any way to discourage you from continuing to comment because your words have been quite cathartic and therapeutic for me. I will admit that shockingly there have been some terrible, awful, and heartless messages which you will not find posted here. It’s amazing to me how people could be so cruel during a time of such great grief for so many. But rest assured those were few and far between in contrast to the LOVE that you have shown!!!

Now I must be the bearer of some very disappointing news to many of you out there. After weeks of consideration and planning, the ultimate decision has been made by Corey’s mother Judy Haim to not go forward with a public memorial service. Instead we will have a very small private dinner with just a few close friends in LA. Her reasoning for this is that she is in tremendous grief and feels that to create an event celebrating Corey’s life would be too much for her to bear at this time. She did ask me to convey to you that she has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of your support and wants you to keep Corey alive by visiting his website at www.coreyhaim.us  If there are any statements to be made, or events planned, or any other Corey Haim related news it will be posted there at his site.

Although I am very sad I am not able to plan the memorial I had envisioned, which would have given both his friends and fans an opportunity to grieve together as one, I must respect the wishes of his mother, and help her in any way I can through this difficult time. Ultimately that is what Corey would have wanted more than anything. To know that his mother is at peace as much as possible in his absence.

 I too understand her not wanting to face the barrage of negative press that comes from the public spectacle. This has been very difficult for me. I am trying very hard to stay positive after losing so much in the last 9 months. I have lost many who were very close to me in a very short time. However that does not stop the press from attacking me. It seems they will not be happy until I’m dead too.

Well I’ve got news for you. I am still standing. I am not going to let them get to me. I stayed indoors crying every day for 2 weeks. The second I leave my house they follow me, then make a spectacle, and then berate me for trying to get out of the house and live my life. Would they rather I hid in a cave waiting for depression to fully encompass my soul? I’m sorry but I choose to live my life and move forward as best as possible. I have a child, therefore I must work. I cannot dwell in misery. Instead I have been planning my future. Which leads me to some better news…….

I have decided that Truth Movement will tour this year. I do not know all of the details yet as we are still working on the schedule but here’s what I can tell you so far……

Truth Movement will be doing at the very least an extensive United States tour. We have no definite plans for any International dates as of yet. The tour will be starting rather quickly, with some possible surprise dates that will go on sale almost immediately. Officially we will start at the end of May going in separate legs throughout the summer and playing through most of the fall. We are planning the greatest number of shows we have done on any previous tour. We will be playing some of the biggest venues and audiences we have played before.

We will be playing a few special events such as The Goonies 25th anniversary celebration in Astoria Oregon on June 6th. Which could very well be the biggest show of the tour. We will have many special things planned for that show in particular, including special guests, more theatrics than usual, and a very special encore.

Every stop on the tour will find us playing Technology Analogy (our latest album) in its entirety. To get a sneak peak at what the show is like check out the sneak peak on youtube of the OK song from the keyclub show last year. However our set list will vary quite often, some nights we may play an hour some nights 2, some nights maybe even 3…..depends which show you catch. All of that said I still cannot tell you a definitive schedule for another week or two, but keep checking back for updates as news may be breaking often.

In other news we are currently under construction building a brand new website just in time for the full announcement of the tour. The new site which can still be found here at www.coreyfeldman.net will be much more user friendly with a ton more content. I am even thinking of having a private member section for my closest fans with a ton of never before seen pictures and video clips and even music I have never released. Either way keep your eyes peeled because the new site is coming soon…..and Truth Movement may be coming to your town even sooner!!!   

Peace, Love , Hapiness, God Bless


Corey (22)

~ by coreyfeldman on April 8, 2010.

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  1. Hi corey

    I’m so happy your able to move on slowly but surely… I think alot of corey Haim fans like myself have shed a tear. But i can now celabrate his work.. I live in England and still make it my ambition to see the TM live.. so i might start saving on for a summer holiday to the states..

    By the way i just bought Lucky fritz in germany on blu ray and loved it… Your acting is awesome.. I would put it next to the birthday as one my faverite films of your’s in the past 10 years..

    Please keep strong cause i beleieve in you and i will back you up anyway i can.

    DRU (Licence to drive tattoo) & Nic

    • Hi Corey,
      I would just like to share a few words to others out there in regards to the passing of Corey Haim….Corey was a person that we could all relate to on some level.wether it was a negative or positive one,but the one thing is this…regardless of how the media portrayed him,we all loved him an in our own way supported him through his troubles….but he was human he made mistakes….an alot of ppl can judge others for that,but we shouldnt as we did not live in his shoes….Corey Haim left a legacy behind and that was his movies,his smile,his persona,more importantly Corey Haim as a whole,i think deep down Corey knew he wasnt alone he had many around him who loved him…i personally will never forget Corey H…and what he brought to my growing up years with his movies an his ways….all i can say is this the media need to take a step back an stop crucifying those ppl who brought happiness and laughter into houses an talk an print of the good times….last but not least Corey Feldman…i wish i had a friend like you in my life…even through it all u got tough an stood your ground..but only for the love you had for your brother….i applaude you an all the family who stood by Corey H…..take care all and just a saying we have in the maori language…KIA KAHA=BE STRONG…..xoxoxoxo ranni from australia

  2. Too bad Corey – it would have been great to express our grief and share what a wonderful person Haim truly was with others who felt the same way. Hopefully when the press interest has subsided you can plan another.

  3. You rock! Good luck, dude!


  4. I am glad that you are moving forward, which is hard to do, and not letting the press get to you. It is terrible the scrutiny you are under, and the articles that are written to make money rather than include the truth. I hope your band plays in West Virginia!!

  5. Thanks again for making the movies that shaped my childhood (and by extension my adulthood). Don’t give up.
    I hope that the vultures of the press find something else to pick at. Keep on rockin in the free world, man.

    Let me know if you need any help programming😉

  6. Thank you Corey. I am so proud of you for moving forward and leaving the “ugly” to the “ugly”. And God knows how much of that there is. I pray for Corey’s mother and also for you and your family. Take care and smile brightly with each new day. You are loved as was Corey. Laurie ~

  7. your a good man corey feldman never forget that keep your chin up don’t let the press get to you be the best you can for zen wishing you the best time heals all wounds may take awhile but you learn to cope with it besides i don’t think corey haim you want that you to be depressed keep yourself busy bless you

  8. Corey,
    Today a new leaf is turned. Again, as I said in my previous comment to your last post, we stand beside you and walk with you from this horrible day. Corey Haim will live forever through us and we will walk on knowing he is with us.
    I am so excited to hear about the TRUTH MOVEMENT tour. Your music is not only enlightening but it brings a certain energy to my life as well. I look forward to seeing you guys on stage.
    On an ending note, I want to tell you that we as fans support you. The media is nothing to take seriously these days and we know the Corey Feldman we know is not the person they are betraying in the media. You my friend are an amazing soul. Know that, believe that. Take care and GOD BLESS,

  9. Corey, I’m proud of you for pushing forward in light of your pain. The Haimster is not really gone anyway, he never will be. You are truly an inspiration to me and many others. Thanks, Feldog❤ Much love.

  10. Corey, don’t let the negative press get you down or the negative people on the net. I, too, have seen them just crawl out of the woodwork with all the bad comments. They seem to do that with everyone, though. What other people think does not matter. I know it sounds weird because your career kind of depends on it, but what really matters are the real fans who do love you and Corey Haim. Just ignore the others.

    I understand having to respect Judy’s wishes and not do the memorial. I disagree with her, though. I think people need closure. Corey did have alot of fans who loved him, even though it may not have seemed that way. Alot of people would like to celebrate his life together and he deserved that. But I do understand that you have to respect her wishes in this matter.

    Good luck with your tour and I look forward to seeing all your future projects. I am sorry this has been such a sad year for you. Just know that things will get better.

  11. Hi Corey~ I’m so happy to see you moving forward in some way. I appreciate the update and respect Ms Judy’s wishes. I can’t imagine how she is feeling for I know I to feel like I lost a dear friend and I never met him. I also care about you as a friend for I also have never met you but respect you highly. Congrads on your tour! Don’t ever let the media get you down. Just smile and show them something they don’t want to see. HAHA I hate the media! I hope one day we can all get together and celebrate a life that was so good. It took me until monday to watch anything having to do with him but i finally came around and I smile every night because I know he is at peace now. Take Care of yourself and your son. God Bless and Love you

  12. Corey,
    Feldog thanks for getting BACK to us fans…and keeping it REAL! I TOTALLY RESPECT ur feelings in honoring Judys pain. I rented “Silver Bullet” the other nite of which I had never seen and it is there along with “Lucas” do we begin to see the tip/verge of his amazing raw tallent.. Thank-you for all those great movies with & w/o Corey H and mostly for being there for him, and his family. YES get out and LIVE ur LIFE!!! Take Zen to the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Disneyland, be his Daddy like the awesome father we know u are! Take care bro..hope to someday meet U…..Fan for Life…

  13. Corey, thank you for the kind words and for letting all of us fans know that our words meant something to you and helped you even in the smallest of ways. I am very sorry that not only do you have to deal with losing your loved ones but also the press always being there, I can’t really imagine that and it would make things so much harder because you are judged on your every move. I live in Vancouver, WA and we had seen the Goonies reunion coming up and we are going to try to attend. We will just be getting home from another beach trip on Friday the 4th but are going to try to make it work. I would love to help celebrate and maybe actually get to meet you. I wish I could have met both Coreys but I guess that wasn’t meant to be! Take care of yourself and your son and as long as you know you are a good person, no one can get to you if they tell you any different. You know that Corey would want you to continue with your life and succeed in life, so be happy knowing that you would make him proud. It is crazy how just by having Corey on my walls and my TV growing up made me feel like I really knew him in some way, he was so great and is so missed by me and many fans. Thanks again to you and please take care. Erin

  14. Definitely understandable that she doesn’t want a big thing right now. She is devastated. A dinner sounds nice. Good luck with everything Corey. I’ll come see your band if you ever hit New Orleans.

  15. You have my sympathies, Corey. I have seen what you’re describing… people judging you for your behavior. Please know that there are people who are not judging you in this time of grief. Keep your head up and don’t let the bastards get you down.

  16. Dear Corey, Thank You for sharing how your days are going and your future plans. I support your future projects. Please don’t give up. Tabloid news can be so ugly and invading. I am so sorry to hear that they are not giving you peace. However on the other hand I hope they will favor you with your new concerts as you move forward. I will share with you that I saw Corey Haim’s precious little face and when he was older acting in photos on the tv the other night and he was bright and shining and handsome and very cute and I caught myself saying OH Corey Haim, not realizing for a moment that he is with us in spirit and not in person right now. He has brought such true pleasure as you have and you continue to do in my life and the two of you have been the bonding of my daughter with me as she was growing up it was the Two Coreys. She would say I love Corey Haim and I would say I love Corey Feldman and that is how she grew up. Now she is in collage and I am older and we will always love both Corey Haim and you Corey Feildman. Please feel my love of your gift of talent and the humaness and humble charector that I receive from you and all that you create. Please continue to reach for strength to go on. I know I have lost my parents and it has been years for me to get it together. I know the bond you and Corey Haim have shared on screen and off from watching and supporting you both. We bought everything you two did. I still have it on her walls in her bedroom. I won’t give up on you so please don’t give up on you. I send you tons and tons of love and caring from my heart for you. I say again I am so sorry the tabloids are dogging you. Hopefully they will begin to write about your tour and the dates and good things. When I think of you and of Corey Haim, The Corey Haim I remember is not what the media says about him. I remember the Corey Haim from Lost Boys and Lucas, and all of the sweet things he did to keep me laughing and raising that lip like Elvis, Oh and learning to drive with the cane and the drunk girl in the trunk of the car. I even remember the dialog.
    Death by sterio. as all of your lines. I LOVE DREAM A LITTLE DREAM. I just love it. You have the coolest clothes. I am a fan.
    Edgar it doesn’t mean warp spead. So many dialogs and one liners that make The Two Coreys, The Two Coreys. and the comic book scene and the dialog in Lost Boys. They did a mind freak and woke up. ah…I just remember so much the treasure of your work and Corey Haims work. Him walking with a cane. So many quality times and many joyious laughs. My child’s whole childhood was built on The Two Coreys. I know this email is fragmented but each thought the comes to me is a memory of my life with you and your movies and music. I love your dance moves and your costumes. I am sad for a moment, in disbelief for a few moments, but Never with any bad feelings. Always with happy feelings of you two.
    I have prayed for you so much and Corey Haim. with tears. I have heald you up in prayer for strength. I know the pain of loss. When it is your best friend and brother in life. It is so difficult. Please try to ignore the tabloids and they will hopefully go away and give you peace until your tour starts.
    I just wanted to share some appreciation to you and peace for you in your life and love for you also. You really deserve it. You have given us so much and always continue to do so. Bless You Corey and the ones you love. Especially take the love I mean to send you to help fill the hole of emptiness you have been passing through. love love love love love and peace be with you. I stand with you by your side in all that you will do with your future projects. Be very blessed and at peace and yes move forward. Make a beautiful life for yourself. In Corey Haim’s heart of hearts he would want that for you. He loved you so and you loved him so. I miss you both. So be sure and let us your fans hear about what you are doing so we can support you in your future projects. we are here just waiting to comfort you with our presence at your tours. be blessed love vachronne xo

  17. I think I’ve got a pretty unique take on Haim’s death. Haim was much more important than our love-them-then-forget-them culture tends to give him credit for. Love him, hate him, be indifferent to him, Corey Haim was a FORCE.

    Anyway, my humble thoughts on this matter: Corey Haim Was A FORCE

  18. Corey~
    Thanks for writing and keeping us up to date. Although I’m very dissapointed that there will be no mermorial, I understand Judy’s wishes are to be respected.

    ~COREY~ I think you need to visit the gravesite. It WOULD ONLY HELP YOU **PRESS**.. And, I think it would be a very respectable gesture.

    I have good moral judgement and character and say this to you only from my heart.

    Good luck on your tour. Perhaps I’ll get a chance to check you out should you come to Northern CA. (Sacramento)


  19. Hi Corey:

    I am glad that you are moving forward, and in such a positive way. Do you have a facabook page? There is someone on there claiming to be you, and I just wanted to make sure it was you.

    I am sorry for what you have been through. You have a strong fan base who love you very much! Especially me! :)


  20. Corey,
    Im so sorry for your loss. I was fortunate enough to meet both of you at the monster mania convention in cherry hill two years ago. I was so excited to meet you and haim that day. I stood in line for two hours to see Haim and for two and a half to see you. Haim was so nice and talked to me. He autographed a picture for me and i framed it. He was nice enough to pose for pics with me even though when i sat down next to him i was nervous i stepped on his foot lol. When i got to meet you your pen wasnt working when you were trying to sign my card instead of being a jerk you talked to me for a few minutes until it worked. I was so impressed how down to earth you and Haim were and how much you both appreciate your fans. I will never forget that day.

  21. Corey Haim may be gone but he is not forgotten. He had such a great talent and a great way to get us smiling. Lets all remember all that he’s done for us through movies, talk shows etc. I will never forget him….he’s a part of my past…a past that I hold close to my heart. I will miss him greatly and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all his friends. Some day we’ll all meet up in the great sky but until then we must always remember life is short and we must live life to the fullest…that is what Corey Haim would want. RIP Corey….see you someday on the other side.

    Love Treena

    • Hi corey, firstly may I say that my heart goes out to u and all corey haims family n friends. I lost a friend about a week before the world lost corey. we still dont know the truth. any way i guess what im trying to say is, you and corey were best friends, you both knew each other inside out. please dont let the press try and bully u into living ur life any way other than u please. all i can do is try to imagine what ur going through as I myself can cry, laugh and cry some more without the world copin an eye full. Corey haim was a legend, all the girls wanted to date him and all the guys wanted to be him. No one can ever hurt him again, but what a good place heaven must be, because only the best ones ever get to go there. im sure that ur friend corey is keeping a close eye on u. im also sure if he could take ur hurt away he would. i send u all things good and truely hope everything goes great for the tour. just remember we are all still here and we have got a lot of living to do. sweet dreams corey haim and god bless to u corey feldman, hope u can feel all the hugs i have just sent u xx

  22. Corey, I stand with you. You need to live your life. I loved Haim like so many millions of people, but sadly, I didn’t know him personally. I grew up watching you two, and I loved the chemistry you all had together. I was on the phone with my husband when I saw that Corey had passed away, and I started bawling uncontrollably. He had to rush home and console me, but he had no clue why I was mourning over a man I never met. I couldn’t explain either.

    I would have loved to have gone to a memorial service in LA, but you are right, his mother needs time. No one should EVER have to deal with the loss of their own child. And Judy is no exception. I applaud your strength, and your courage to move on and live your life to its fullest. In the end, all we have are memories, so I think Corey would agree… Make the most of the time you have left. And hold on tight to your precious family… I know he wanted so desperately to have that connection to another person, and it kills me to think he never got that chance.

    Fame, fortune… at the end of the day, that’s not what makes us happy. Love and memories, those are the treasure we can’t live without. God bless you in all your future endeavors, and I hope you tour close to my home so I can see ya!

  23. Hey man, you are right, you can’t just sit there. The more recluse you are the more the vampires will want you. Live life that is what you have to do. I know that it is hard because so many people are looking right at you. But you have to get up, you have to make things go on, and you have to breath. I to have lost a few people recently that where and still are very close to me. Sometimes it is hard to just breath at all and people are wanting everything from you. You can do this and life will go on, forever changed, bu forever moving forward none the less. I will see you for sure in Astoria, which was the first place I ever saw you. Play music, if that is what makes you happy…just never give up, and never let them get the better of you. All my love

  24. I understand why it would be difficult for Judy to see a public memorial for Corey…I can’t imagine the pain she feels, while she’s trying to fight for her life. I think of him everyday, pray for his mom and always will remember him…I form my own opinions and aren’t interested in what the press reports. Good luck with your tour..can’t wait to see you when you come to Phoenix.

  25. Corey it is not a problem we love Corey and alway’s have he was a part of us for year’s with all the up’s and down’s.We will alway’s be his #1 fan’s and alway’s will.I understand how his mom feel’s about all the media being in her face I know god for bid it was my son I wouldn’t want them in mine.So we understand it very well.I hope everything work’s out for you and your concert’s too best of wishes to you.ANd may god bless you and your family and Corey’s too.Love love and alway’s will and keep your head up and it will get a little easier in time I know from my life I have gone through alot in my life and I just keep on putting one step at a time and that’s all you can do.God bless

  26. I know how hard it is to lose someone so dear and close to you. I lost a dear friend the new year’s. There is a song I listen to that helps me get through it. It is called Faith by a band called Padlock. You should listen to it sometime, it is uplifting, and I think it will speak to you. Go to http://www.myspace.com/padlocks to hear it.
    P.S. I was getting ready to take my Feldman Haim 2008 bumper sticker off my car, because it is way past 2008, but now I will never take it off.

  27. Corey:

    God bless you and Ms.Haim. I can imagine that her grief is still raw enough that a public memorial would be difficult to handle right now. In any case, don’t let the comments of people who don’t know you and didn’t know Corey or his family get you down. Even though you’re still grieving, it’s important to get back out there and breathe the air to remember that life continues. I’m sure your brother is looking down on you and supporting you in all you do, and I hope that gives you some modicum of strength. Take good care Corey, and I’m praying for you and the Haim family.

  28. Kudos to you, Corey. We know how much you love CH, and none of us want to see you spiral down into a pit of despair. That’s the last thing CH would want for you as well.
    So sad to hear that there won’t be a public memorial, but I can understand it 100%. I have a son myself – and I cannot imagine what Judy is going through. Not wanting a public spectacle is so understandable. The press is heartless.
    Grieving for someone I’ve never met has been a crazy experience. So many of us have cried along with you. To pretend to know what you’re going through is asinine. To lose your brother and partner in crime must be devistating.
    Sooo glad you’re looking onward and upward. Trust me – your true fans don’t expect you to hide. We want you to move on and celebrate Corey’s life in your own way. Just a thought – even though I probably can’t make it to one of your shows (I’m in western Canada), maybe you have a song you could dedicate to CH at your concerts. I know the fans would love love love it.
    Stay strong, mi amigo. We love you, and we’re still here. xoxoxoxox

  29. Dear Corey,
    I was following the whole Haim/feldman story since the 80ies, as I was a child of 12 when your biggest success happened. And I was in love with Corey – the Haim one, sorry;-) As I heard of his death – and the press was much smaller here in Germany about that – I startet to cry and to grieve for my first really big love. I startet to look up everything I could get on him, his drug suffering, his non-success and everything we didn’t get much of here in Germany. Now that I saw “The Two Coreys” every episode in two nights, I kept asking myself, why nobody was able to save him. I even asked myself why I didn’t get over in the late ninetees, in the time of my adventurous life, and got to know him and got married to him… I am very sad!
    To you I’d like to say: I am with you. Everybody has to see, how much you loved and needed eachother, how much you were like brothers. And I can’t understand the people who think they can judge you now. Everybody grieves differently and the small moments they can see from you in the press and on TV can’t obviously show, how it looks inside you and what kind of person you are for real! You do right and I wish you all the strength and self confidence, you need in these hard times!
    Big big hugs to you, loving prayers to Corey Haim, who I think of everynight before going to sleep…

    P.S. You should come and play here in Germany with your band…

  30. I am so sorry for the loss of Corey Haim, he was a great actor and will be deeply missed!!

  31. Corey, I am very glad to hear that you are moving forward with your life. Corey Haim’s passing is something that you will never get over. The media should understand that you have a life to live despite your tragic loss. All of us, have experienced sadness over Corey’s death and it is not something that should be taken lightly or something to be made fun of. In a lot of ways I hate the media for what they say about Corey. I understand the reasoning behind not having a public memorial for Corey, we will all remember him in our own way. I have been a fan of you both for as long as I can remember, and I hope that your pain lessens over time and that you ALWAYS cherish the memories you and Corey Haim shared.
    Jennifer Etchegary
    Torrington, CT

  32. hey mr f,
    dont let the bastards knock you down! its a shame about the memorial, but if thats what ms haim wants then so be it. i hope you are ok, you seem like a nice guy, dont know you personally! my husband and i are thinking of moving to canada in the coming years… i can pop over thye border and say hi! anyway, try and move forward, and be good!
    kate. xx

  33. You tried to help him, and that’s all anyone can do. I don’t know why it had to end up with him the way it did. I think there should be a computerized system where if you go to a doctor and get a prescription, he/she can find out what else you’re taking via the computer because it might conflict with what he/she is going to give you. You can’t always trust the patient to tell you what meds he/she is taking.

    Stay strong and remember you tried to open his eyes and you are now respecting his mother’s wishes.

    God Bless,


  34. Dear Corey,

    Thank you for another blog. It pleases me so much that you are feeling more positive and moving forward with your life. Corey would want that.

    I feel sad that the public memorial will not take place, however, like you said, you have to respect Judy’s wishes.

    As for all the negative comments from people and the press…screw them…you’re better than that, and we all know the TRUTH!

    Great news about the Truth Movement Tour….its good to get out on the road.I know a lot of people who have been lucky enough to see you guys live, and they always say you sure put on a show! Fingers crossed it will be our turn soon..:)

    Looking forward to seeing the new updated site…even though we love it already! its always nice to have a spring clean, keeps things fresh!

    As always,

    We love you and support everything you do…

    Rock n Roll

    Nic and Dru xxx

  35. Corey,
    I am so sorry you have endured so much in such a short time.
    I pray things only go positive for you from here on out. I am super excited about the tours. I ‘m loving the creativity of the music this album has. Keep your head held high and stay strong!
    Van –

  36. Time and time again you manage to prove how strong of an individual you are Corey and I sincerly respect you for that. I can only imagine how hard it has been for you to let go, especially with the strong bond that the two of you had shared. Just take comfort in the fact that your bond will never go away and you carry that with you for strength whenever times are tough. I pray Haim is at peace now, and am sure that he will be forever watching of you and your son.

    On a lighter note [moving forward as you say], it’s great to hear that you’re pushing ahead with a big TM tour Corey. Alot of hard work will no doubt be ahead of you to get your stage show assembled, but I’m sure you’ll manage ;]

    Oh and I’ll be keeping an eye out for some UK dates someday in the future…I’m you won’t let us crazy Brits down =]

    Anyway, take care dude! Will eagerly await your next update… hopefully containing a little somethin-somethin on LB3 lol.

    Rabba =]

  37. Though this news is a bit disappointing, we’re all in this together anyway. I definitely know I’m not alone in saying Corey and his family/friends have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly for the past few weeks. And they will continue to be for a very long time. I will happily continue to keep Corey’s memory alive, as well as pass it onto my children some day.

    I wish you luck with the tour, Corey, and hope to see you possibly somewhere in the midwest.

    God Bless you & much love to Corey’s family! ♥♥

  38. I know what I want to say, I hope I can say it right. I have been so disappointed and disheartened since Coreys sad death of the way he has been treated and objectified since March 10. It has been so disrepectful of the media and some very awful people to have portrayed this very situation the way it has been. It seems to me that it has been forgotten widely that Corey Haim was actually a real person, real feelings, a kind, loving person who did not want to hurt anyone. Why is it ok to bring up all of this horrible, terrible media being printed now simply because he cannot fight back, why aren’t they talking about all the good things he has done? Why should his poor grieving friends, family, father and mother and sister be subjected to this?
    The media thrive on the negativity of any situation and twist everything, it’s a terrible state of affairs that things like TMZ and National Enquirer hold more power than God.
    The national enquirer can take photos of a dying man collapsing, apparently doing nothing to help the collapsed man, other than to widely publicize the incident, and that’s ok. That’s hurting another being, another persons family and friends. That is not helping the person, or the world, spreading this image it’s ok to bully and hurt people without reprecussions. Yet Corey Haim and yourself are being portrayed by the those same media outlets in sadly negative ways while they behave shockingly and convey a much more destructive message to the whole world. It’s just so wrong and the hypocrisy of it makes me so sad.
    “would they rather I live in a cave waiting for depression”
    They fail to see the situation for what it is, when this happened all I could think about was getting to work, out with my friends, anything to not be alone, to be distracted as much as I can. I hope by this, Corey (Feldman) you see that there are some people like me who do understand and do not follow the negativity and nastiness that is in the media/world right now. I know how hard it is to carry on but what else cam you do? Why should someone be punished for that? Besides, If I were you I’d just about relish the opportunity to be an actor and get a chance to be someone else for a while.
    Corey Haim was a good person, that’s all they should be focusing on. He was an amazing actor, people only have to watch Oh, What a Night or Blown Away (which I thought you were unbelievably amazing in also) to see his great talent.

    I personally am going to remember Corey for all the happiness I have found in the past, for the Two Coreys for carrying me through a difficult youth and I am glad I have had the opportunity to tell you both in the past what a positive influence you guys have had in my life.

    You said on Larry King, where were all the people the last 15 years, saying “Corey, you’re a legend.”
    That made me smile, and I want you to know, because I said those very words him to a few years ago and he seemed surprised but very grateful to hear it.

    Take Care, Corey, stay strong

    ~ You give me the things that I will miss…. I still love you.~
    Corey Haim – you give me everything

  39. Corey,
    First of all THANK YOU for taking the time to respond and keep us up dated as to what is going on. I hope you have found some time to grieve by yourself. I cried when i heard the news of NO MEMORIAL. I was soo looking forward to it and not for myself but, for Corey. I guess like his one last party to celebrate his life not his death and all the joy and laughter he brought to so many over his life time. I wanted the world to finally give him the credit he deserved despite any bad choices he may have made because we all have made some of them. I believe he punished his self enough for them.
    The press and all the people who want to talk trash can go to h#%@. Don’t let the negativity hold you back. People to weak to follow their own dreams, will always find a way to discourage yours.
    I understand Corey’s mom is sick and i am sorry for her pain at this time and i can understand some of her reasoning not to want a publized memorial and how grief can over come all of us in the event of a death never the less a death of a child. I pray she gets the strength she needs to get through this difficult time the best she can. But, i hope in time the tears that are cried now can be dried away with the out pouring of love and respect and good memories that the family, friends and fans have for Corey. He needs to be remembered for who he was not for any wrongs he may have encountered.
    I’m excited to hear you will be moving forward with the Truth Movement Tour. Are you going to try to visit some of our communities that are not so big in size as L.A.? I know Paducah, Ky. would love to see you! The Carson Center has been host to many celebrities and would be one of a few places here you could play. Would love the chance to see and hear you live as would my teenage sons. I am 37 so i grew up watching and following the careers of the two Corey’s and my kids have been watching your movies for many years, i think they believe they were the boys in Stand by Me and License to Drive and couldn’t believe i watched them as a young teen. Please keep us little people in mind we love you too and the things you do and stand for.
    All i can say now is stay strong, don’t let the media get you down but, also keep in mind that because you and Corey are so loved people just want to be apart of your life and memories and are waiting to hear from you and know how you are doing. I really don’t think your fans want to purposely intrude on your life or grief but, instead look up to you for encouragement and to hear you be the voice they lost.

    Stay up, Peace out!

  40. Again Corey, your words make everything better. I understand where Judy is coming from. This is her son, his memory lives on regardless of whether there is a public memorial right now. I do hope that someday that will be possible. I want his family to know that he was loved for his amazing talent, heart and soul.

    You need to live your life, you need to surround yourself with the people and things you love. All of your fans, want that for you. Please keep us updated with your band. I am PR Specialist in the music industry- so I know how important it is for an artist to use music as their outlet. Your voice was heard on LKL, you have made a tremendous difference- you can continue to do that as an actor and a musician.

    Thank you, for these letters. It makes me feel special that our words of love have helped you.

    Till next time…


  41. It’s good to see your post Corey. I often think of you and wonder how you’re doing…..it’s so hard to walk through the death of a friend. I know it’s difficult and frustrating when there are all these people who think they have the right to tell you how to grieve, and even harder in that you’re such a public figure, but the truth is that NO ONE can tell anyone else how to grieve. It’s an intensely personal and individual process and you’ll get through it. All you can do is to keep putting one foot in front of the other and walk through whatever comes at you. It’s good to see you moving forward and I wish you peace, joy, and love.

  42. The day it was announced that Corey had passed, I woke up to the sound of my partner crying next to me, something I had not seen him do.
    I asked him what was wrong and he told me what had happened. He is also an Actor and had high hopes of working alongside your bro one day.
    Even though we didn’t know Corey we felt like we did. He was so sweet and personable. He was an amazing talent, as are you, and I know that people remember that and ignore all the lies that have been told by the media.
    I hate the press and the way they portray people and I adore how open and honest you have been about this whole thing. Don’t let those evil people drag you down, keep fighting the good fight and know that your friend will always be with you.
    I lost my mother 5 years ago, I can’t imagine how it must feel to lose a child. Our hearts and thoughts are with you all. xoxoxoox

  43. Hi Corey,

    I’ll try & keep it short & sweet in the hope you’ll get time to read this!
    Just want to say keep your chin up, I can’t imagine how hard it must be just to get outa bed in the morning right now (they say the bad things in life all come at once).
    As me mom keeps telling me, just try to remind yourself there’s always someone worse off (doesn’t really help does it?!) but she’s alot wiser than me.

    Don’t let the press crap get to you, their purpose is purely to make money, not to report the truth so dont take it personally!

    Im 21, from England & me & my brother love you!!! I remember seeing stand by me for the first time when I was about 8 & on holiday in a crappy caravan. Your film came on the telly so me & my bro sat up & watched it… it’s been my fave film ever since!!
    Also love Goonies (i was talking to a friend about it the other day & she wants me to lend my dvd to her now – damn it!), Dream a little Dream (I’m meant to be working on my uni work but got bored so bought Dream… & it cheered me up!), Gremlins, the Burbs “WE GOT THE PIZZA DUDE COMING!”
    you’re so so funny!!
    Anyway, I think you should come to England, they’d friggin love yo here! come to Bewdley – no ones ever heard of it, people who live 20 miles away have never heard of it but you should come!

    I hope you find happiness with someone who’ll love you unconditionally – Suzie seemed lovely, I guess things just didnt work out, sorry!! But there is someone for you, I believe there’s someone for everyone, you just gotta find em. At least you have a son out of it, he’ll always love you unconditionally!

    well, i said id keep it short but clearly havent… oh well, there’s so much id like to say but i doubt you’ll ever get chance to read this.
    I think ur ace!!


  44. Hey Corey, first of all I just wanted to say ur amazing. I’ve been a fan for years. I truely am sorry for all the grief that has come your way in the past year. My condolences to you on ur friend and brother Corey Haim. It was so traggicslly sudden in my book. U two were amazing together on film. I can only imagine how you guys were together in normal every day life. To have someone like that in your life that you are so close to is one of the most amazing things to have. Family is number one!!! I can only begin to imagine all the saddness and grief that you are experiencing right now. Everyone grieves in there own way, I mean if you don’t its enough to make someone crazy. So I say forget all the tabloids, and all those crazy people that talk crap about everyone. It’s totally not worth stressing over when you already have so much to handle. Be strong, and be there for your son. (I too know how that is, I’m a single mother of a 3 year old boy that is sooo amazing:) I’m so happy to hear that your there for Judy through these rough times. You are so kind hearted.

    **The angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God**

    So on a light note. Congrats on the music fame and the tour. I’ve never had the chance to see you in person. I live in a little town Elkhart, Indiana so not to many famous peoples head this way. The only really big venue is the Verizon Wireless Center in Indianapolis, IN. So ya know if you could head this direction that would be totally amazing:) hint! hint! So I really wish you the best of Luck Corey. Keep that beautiful head of yours held high and just keep on moving FORWARD!!

    Peace and Great Love ♥♥

  45. You are a good man with a very big heart. I’m sure his fans will understand about the memorial. My husband and I have been watching Feldman/Haim movies like crazy the last couple of weeks because he had never seen them. It’s good to hear that the band will be touring. I bet the Goonies Celebration will be awesome! If you guys make it to Florida I’ll definitely make it out to see you guys. Tootles!

  46. Hello Mr. Feldman….

    It’s me again LOL…The one that ‘would call you Corey…but I don’t know you that well….celeb or not’ lady. First off…we will never met as I am in WI and celeb’s come here?? I don’t THINK so. Cept for Johnny Depp in the John Dillinger movie. So you need not worry about me. I’ll never have pics to post..or even know if you read anything I leave actually LOL….At the risk of making me sound silly here it goes: Very nicely put your new blog post about no public memorial. I haven’t seen goonies movie in forever…will have to rewatch it to see if ok for my child to watch LOL….It is a shame that the pap’s can’t leave you be. I know being a ‘celeb’ comes with alot…but for the ‘public’ to have the expectation of ‘seeing as they are a celeb their life should be dissected and we should know all they do’ is WRONG. You guys are people to. Anyways….just know that even though there are some fans of yours out there whom you will never meet…know that you are thought of. and NOT by the ‘bad’ things either! I prolly make no sense…but I have thoughts and sometimes can’t articulate them well…should get back to writing to do it…but no time LOL…Anyways….hope life gives you a smoother road in the upcoming months and as they say in ‘Charlotte’s Web’ “Chin up”

    mary from WI

  47. Hi Corey,
    Good to hear from you, as always.
    Oh my god, I have to be added to the private fans site,if you do end up having one! I’ve been a fan for over 20 yrs. and I’ve met you in person twice….at Turth Movement’s concert last summer at City walk and this last Feb at The Hollywood Show in Burbank. I am planning on attending the Goonies 25th anniversary event…already have a hotel room reserved (like 2 months ago) because you told me about the event at The Hollywood Show (Thanks!)
    Yes, the media can be very hurtful at times,but I don’t care what they say about you. I have met you and I KNOW you’re a nice guy…really down to earth AND the coolest!!!Well…and HOT!
    I will always be a fan…of Corey…not the actor/musician/director,but the person.
    My god,how much can one man take?!
    Hang in there Corey…things can’t possibly get any worse,right?!
    Jennifer S.

  48. p.s. I do understand Judy’s decision not to have a public memorial,even though I am saddened. Just hope she’ll be o.k.
    Jennifer S.

  49. Dear Corey,
    I to am sadded by Coreys untimely death but I could not possible experience the pain and grief you must be suffering at this time, as well as tthe whole Haim family. You appear through your blog to be very positive in these trying circumstances. I know how hard it is to get through depression and one thing I can say is you have to take each day as it comes. You appeared to be an extremely good friend to Corey. You have postivity and strenght to pull you through. And of course all your fans. Excuse my language but screw the press they are going to continue to do the same whatever you do. Yours and Coreys fans know you have to get on with your life and you shouldn´t be made to feel bad when you go out.Your already suffering. I wish you and the Haim family my best wishes. Corey shouldn´t be forgotten but another time and place when you all feel you can cope with it.

    Take care and stay positive-

  50. He needs something public!! I totally understand what you are saying but he deserves something more. I have really had a hard time with this, which just strikes me as odd. Just how hard I have taken this, ( not knowing him and all). There needs to be closure, for everyone. Love you Corey RIP

  51. ❤ Haimster❤ Many saw his face, and some of us saw the precious soul behind it.

  52. Sad,but if his mom’s best interest is at heart, then you need to listen.

  53. WOW…so INCREDIBLY shocked to hear that anyone would even think to send you any nasty emails! You were such a good friend to Corey, so don’t listen to ANYTHING negative people are saying! Some people are so heartless! I feel bad you”re dealing with media issues as well, but you have always proved to be a strong individual, you will get through! Life can really be bumpy at times…yours right now may seem to be that way. But you WILL get through it…and you WILL come out stronger from all of this! I will pray for you to stay strong through this very difficult time in your life…and please know that there are sooooo many people who care for you! Stay positive…you have a wonderful son who needs you to be that way!

  54. Hi Corey, I dont know how you manage to word everything so prefectly! Perhaps its time you wrote a book! I dont blame Judy one bit for not wanting to give anyone another chance to slate her son & hope that she will soon find peace. It must be the most unbearable pain for her to have lost him at all let alone to keep seeing bad press too. I hate that side of the media, I never even buy newspapers or watch the news as it is ALL exagerated or falsified in some way. Anything I do hear about is taken with a pinch of salt!! The sort of “Sheep” that follow everything they are told in the media and go around slating people who arent in a position to defend themselves arent worth spitting on! And i’m sorry that you had to read anything like that at this time!
    I’m glad to hear you are going to be keeping yourself busy and if you do go international…Bristol, England should be your first stop:-)

    Love to you all


  55. I was very sad to hear the news of Coreys death. I can more than understand why his Mom would not want a public memorial. My son Matt who was 22 just recently passed away. He had been diagnosed with Leukemia 2 years ago. I am still in complete shock and disbelief. It is hard to deal with people in general. They don’t know what to say….and I don’t know what to say to them. The only way to function everyday is to “pretend” that it isn’t real. We had a private memorial dinner for Matt and I didn’t even want to go because I knew that I had to face it if only for a little while. I don’t know anything worse then losing your child. I have been going through my own cancer treatments while he was sick as well. They say that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle…..maybe he makes some mistakes??

  56. Yeah, it boggles my mind why ppl feel the need to be nastier w/ their comments after someone they don’t like dies than they were when that person was alive. I mean just cause THEY don’t like them doesn’t mean that no one did. It’s been almost 10 months since MJ died & the haters are still posting nasty stuff on the comments section of his YT page. It seems like the majority of ppl’s parents don’t teach their kids respect for another person’s feelings any more. And the stupid media seriously needs to STFU! What do they expect you to do? Crawl into a hole & die? The Hell with them! You just do what you need to do to get through this & whatever they say &/or write just ignore it. Cause like you said, you’ve got a kid to support & he’s what’s important, not them.:)

  57. Jay-marie from Oz, I’m a high school teacher and 37.
    I’m sitting here wonderring what to write. We have only just had aired this week in australia on foxtel (our version of pay tv) the series of The Two Corey’s (we’re a bit behind here in Australia LOL). The shows have brought me laughter as i watch you smirking at each other, delight in seeing how you both had retained your youthful sense of humor and of course tears, as I cried watching you tell Corey about he not being asked to even do a cameo in lost boys 2. You have probably been his most authentic friend he ever did have.

    My thoughts, “a life spent is a life worth”…
    Perhaps this ever changing life experience you are having now can drive you to ensure Corey’s life purpose, the sacred experience of childhood and adolescence. I watched your interview on larry king on youtube and your fierce opinion regarding childhood stars and treating people with respect and dignity, you should be very proud of yourself.

    If I had a million dollars what would I do with it???? Create the “Haim High Management”. Provide a management service for kids working collegially with their parents, who enter the entertainment industry and protect them wholistically and prepare them for anything.

    Thats my dream, to ensure not only Corey Haim lives on physically in film, but his caring, beautiful nature captured in a management business truely caring for other kids.

    Your in my dreams Corey F and will always be Corey H.

  58. Could you please post an address or paypal link that is legitimate if Judy still needs financial assistance? There are those of us who would like to help.

  59. Hey Core, I’m happy to hear from you again and to hear you have plans to go on tour, distraction and work is the soul’s best friend when you are down…
    I can imagine Judy’s grief, I hope she gets better and decide to share with us Corey’s life and not to be sad, but proud of his son. We love him and remember him regardless what happens, hope you have a nice dinner.
    Well, if you decide to come to Mexico City, I will be happy to see you play! And don’t let bad presss hit you, we know who you and Corey H are and the press will not change the way we feel about you 2.
    If you feel like talking with new friends, you know you have one in me.
    Sony H

  60. Hi Corey,
    Thank you for respecting Judy’s wishes. I’ll be heading up to Toronto this September ( on my 38th birthday, September 11th ) to pay my respects to Corey. I’ll be bringing along a friend I met through one of the facebook Corey Haim groups.

    ((((((((((((( hugs ))))))))))))))))



  61. I feel so bad for CH’s Mom this has to be so hard on her. I heard her and Corey were really close which makes it even harder for her. I hope and pray she will be able to get past this and remember all the good memories with her son. I hope she will also be able to beat her cancer. I can’t imagine how hard this is for her to have to not only endure cancer but lose her precious son. I hope she knows he was loved by alot of people and we will miss him too.
    I’m sorry too for all of CH’s friends like Feldman it is hard to lose someone so close to you.
    “Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a some kind of battle”~John Watson
    Corey, you are sadly gone but will NEVER be forgotten. RIP

    Do any Corey fans on here know where to get Corey’s movie “License to Drive” on DVD, I love that movie but can’t find it anywhere. Thanks Fellow Corey Fans

  62. Hey Corey, it is sad that there won’t be a public memorial for Corey Haim right now. This all must be very difficult for his mom right now. Especially what she is going through with her health. I just remember watching all of The Two Corey’s episodes and CH seemed to have an unbelievable passion for his fans. It would be nice to see something big done for him, he deserves it. Maybe later down the line.

    It’s good to hear that you are trying to get through the grief. It’s hard to get through times like these. I lost my mom very suddenly and it is really hard dealing with the lose. You will make it through this. I wish you success in all that you do. BTW, screw the press!!! They love to twist things their way and that is so sad that they try to capitalize on these sort of situations.

    Stay strong!

  63. Corey, I am so sorry for your loss. By now you know there are many who share your grief…regardless of our being just “fans”. I could tell by Corey’s eyes that he had a very caring heart and a tortured, but beautiful soul. Always felt the urge to reach through wherever I was watching him from and give him a huuuge hug.❤

    I have read countless times about how this tragedy has/is affected people. I think the reason it is affecting me so greatly is not only because I loved you both as actors growing up (you reminded me of my favourite cousin, Mike LOL), but because I was thinking about you and he two days before he died. Was remembering the ad he took out in Variety (and the episode about it on your show)…kept seeing that picture in my head, and I wondered how he was doing now. Hoped that he was well. Hoped he was going to make it.

    Something inside told me he wouldn't.

    Two days later, I was in front of my computer with my daughter on my lap…and that picture was before me again. Only this time, for real, and with a headline that announced his passing. I was stunned. I couldn't talk…I couldn't breathe. I got up and went into another room away from my daughter to try to get it together…but fell to the floor and lost it. I have thought of Haim every day since everything went down. I did not know him personally. But I see his face, and think about the impact this has had on so many lives. On those who knew him, and those who did not. But overall, those who loved him unconditionally.

    As much as it would be a wonderful gesture to have a public memorial for him, it is more important that his mother, and even you, have time to grieve and heal in whatever way you need. If and when the time is right, it will all fall into place. And we will be there to celebrate his life with you. If not physically, than in spirit.

    The media is going to try to get whatever blood they can suck out of you, considering the circumstances. Stay true to you, and stay strong for Zen.

    Love & Tranquility to you.

    R.I.P. Corey Ian Haim…we love you. xxxooo

    Sharon Lynn (333)
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

  64. my heart goes out to you and corey’s family in this very sad time.. I also lost someone very close last year and understand your pain. The press are only out for one thing so just ignore them and carry on as you have a life to live as well… I have been a massive fan of both of you for such a long time and my heart aches with sadness losing Corey and the magic he brought to all of his films.. he will live on!!!!!!! his fans will keep him alive R.I.P corey

  65. An apology letter to you and Corey:

    I am sorry. Sorry that it took Corey’s death for you and his family to learn how the two of you have had such a positive affect on the world. I’m sorry that you are just now hearing from people like me that have loved and followed you since we were young.

    Back in the day the only option fans had were to mail letters and hope they weren’t just read by an agent or tossed in the garbage. I remember spending all of my allowance on Bop and Big Boppers magazines, sending in 100+ entries for the “Meet your Favorite Celebrity” in hopes my name was picked so I could actually see the two of you in person and learn that you were “real.”

    As people grow up they get involved in their own personal lives. The same thing happens to married people that lose touch with old friends. This happended to me. Putting my bag of Corey posters and clippings in the closet and forgetting about them, and him in the process. The Two Coreys was a god-send for me. It was the first time I truly knew what was going on in your lives since we were young…and it was nice. It reminded me that there were these 2 people out that that were my “best friends” growing up.

    It shouldn’t have taken your show for me to start caring again. Well, not start caring, but at least to start paying attention again. I have always cared for the 2 of you, and always will. You were too big of a part of my imaginary world growing up not to. But this has taught me that caring isn’t always enough…you have to let the person know you care.

    This blog has given your fans the ability to show you how much they care and I thank you for that. But again, I am sorry, so sorry for letting my attention wane. You are cared for and loved by so many people around the world. People that you will never meet and never know. People who’s lives you have impacted without even knowing. People who’s attention may have waned, but never stopped loving you. People like me.

    I only hope Corey knew this before he moved on to his new adventure.

    Please take care of yourself and on a lighter note, I hope you decide to come to Michigan with your band.

  66. I am happy to read you are moving forward. I am also happy to read while it may not be what you would like, you are respecting Corey’s mom. You are a pretty good man, being able to do as she wished. Sadly, not all “families” are like that, and it can cause waves.

  67. Hey Corey I do not usually post as to be honest I am not the best at expressing my feelings and never know what to say on things such as this, but I feel I must this time. I have ben a fan of you guys for as long as I can remember. I am another one who grew up watching your films and loving them all. I did it all had the posters on my walls and so on. My admiration of you guys never wore off. countless times over the years I would pop in a dvd and relive the fond memories. When I heard about the 2 corey’s I was delighted, the thought of being able to get up close with you guys again was amazing. I live in england so had a bit of trouble seeing the show, but thank god for the internet and managed it by hook or by crook. It was great to feel conected somehow with you guys all over again, as here we didnt get to hear to much about you.
    Then after all the years we loose Corey Haim the world lost a shinning star. I as all of his fans, you and his family feel devestated. It seems like us fans here in England are so far away. I never had the pleasure of meeting either of you and that saddens me, Corey was taken away all too soon but I hope and pray he is happy and found some piece, i never met him or knew him personally only through his great work but feel I have lost a friend and a piece of my childhood. I will always treasure my memories that I hold so dear of growing up and having you guys to look up to. I have also introduced my children to you films and they love them. When my daughter was doing a thing about film in college her teacher asked them if anyone had seen the amazing film The Lost Boys she was the only one in her class who knew of it and had seen it many times over that made me proud.
    Anyway considering I never post I have rambled on here for a long time. I would just like to pass on my love to you Corey feldman you are a great great guy and do not listen to the media and the haters, we your loyal fans know how much you loved Corey and he as we do know you have to get out there and live your life as we all know only to well you only get one and have to live it to the fullest. I would also like to send my love to Corey’s mum Judy she must be going through hell and fully understand her reasons for not wanting a public memorial at this very hard time I wish her all the love in the world god bless you Judy and the reat of the Haim family.
    On a lighter note Corey please bring the truth movemnet to England we really would love to see you over here.
    God bless you and your family corey be happy xx

  68. You writing these blogs have had such an outpour of positive thoughts for you and for Corey.. We HIS fans and YOUR fans Know that you will always keep his memory alive. I am so happy that you are having a dinner with his mother and that you are making sure she is well. Corey is watching over all of us with a smile. HE SEES THE LOVE HE COULDNT SEE BEFORE! I cry everyday when i think of his beautiful smile, knowing its no longer on this earth. I hurt for you. your son, and especially for Judy. I hope with time the pain will ease and we all will be able to sit and think of Corey with a huge smile one day soon.PLAY YOUR MUSIC!! PLAY IT FOR COREY! LIVE FOR YOURSELF AND FOR HIM!!!PEACE LOVE UNITY AND MUCH RESPECT, Tonya

  69. In life sometimes the hardest things in life are those which we absolutely have to do, moving forward in the face of adversity is defiantly one of these hard but necessary things in life which we all at one point or another must do. I commend you for having the courage to move forward with your life. It is through our memories and our love that Corey shall life on. If we cease to pick up the pieces of our broken hearts and lives, then we fail not only ourselves but those in which we love as well. Moving forward is the only thing that Corey would have wanted all of us to do. As for the memorial, Judy is right, it would be just another way for the media to harass her. Those people never know when to quit….. One day who knows, maybe they will have the unfortunate displeasure of having a camera pointed in their face every second of every day. It is time that they let Corey rest in peace. Judy has enough to deal with at this time, if the media or the industry had any decency they would help out instead or harassing all of you.
    My heart goes out to you and your family, as well as Judy and the rest of Haim’s family.


  70. Dear Corey: Howdy! I am also glad that you are moving forward in your life and you have a positive spin in life…that’s hard to do at times especially with a lot of loss that surrounds you.

    I hope that you can add me to that list of fans that’s on your new website.:) That’s so very sweet of you helping out Corey’s mom, it’s too bad that I have never met you or Corey…almost did up in Erie, PA in Oct 2009. My heart goes out to his mom and to you, I wish you both well.

    I will miss Corey Haim forever!!! The only memory I have of him that’s personal is when he sang my name on Blog Talk Radio…I will always treasure it forever…:)

    But, I will treasure the time that I spoke to you on the phone also from Blog Talk Radio….I couldn’t think of a question to ask so I asked when are ya coming to Pittsburgh, PA?

    I would love to meet ya one day!!! Just to say, Howdy Corey and I appreciate ya for who you are!!!:)

    Well, Corey, I’m gonna close for now…take care and I wish you great health and happiness.:)

    Loretta as Tweetielovesme

  71. Hey Corey!

    Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I, too, am thinking of you, and I have been every day for the past month. I’m glad to see that you are pushing forward and trying to move on. That’s good, and I honestly think that’s what Corey would want you to be doing right now. I’ve read some very negative comments about you and Corey on various different websites, and it really ticks me off that people are being so cruel! And I really do wish the press would leave you and Judy alone. It all basically comes down to “If ya can’t say something nice. . .Don’t say nothin’ at all!” Unless they are going to have something nice to say about you and Corey’s family, they shouldn’t be sticking their noses where they don’t belong and spreading rumors! It’s like they don’t realize that Corey actually was a human, complete with thoughts, feelings, wants and needs just like everyone else. And yes, he made mistakes and he screwed up, but SURPRISE! So does everybody else! But just like everybody else, he was somebody’s son, somebody’s brother, somebody’s best friend, and-most-importantly-a fellow man. Do they not know how much it’s got to hurt to be reminded every day that someone you love is gone? I just keep thinking that Corey is in a much better place right now and he’s really happy. He’s somewhere where he’s not in pain anymore, and nothing is going to hurt him. He is finally free!

    I also just wanted to let you know that you’re not the only one who’s had a rough time this past year. It literally seems like EVERYONE I know has had some major problems this past year, leaving me sitting here thinking “What the heck’s going on?!” I myself have also had a rough year, but it’s slowly starting to get better little by little. (: Last spring the man I loved more than anything and wanted to be with forever broke up with me. I was devastated. At first I was just really angry and hurt, and then it eventually turned to sadness and hurt. I cried every day for about two months. He was the best thing to happen in my life in a very long time, and it killed me when he said he was ending it with me. He simply said he just didn’t feel like he could give me what I wanted and needed, which was a commitment from him. But it ended up being a good learning experience for me. I learned about what it is that I want and need in a relationship in order to be happy, and I also learned that it is completely possible to love someone so much that you would do anything for them, yet that person will never love you as much as you love them. Otherwise if they did, they wouldn’t break your heart.

    I also lost my job last July all because I was accused of doing something that never happened. I have been really struggling for the past eight months because I live in Michigan, which has the highest unemployment rate in the United States, and there are just no jobs here. When you are lucky enough to find somewhere that is hiring, they only have just a handful of jobs available and like 200 or 300 people applying for them. It’s crazy! It gets really depressing going for interview after interview after interview and being turned down every time, but I’m keeping my head up and not giving up! I know that sooner or later I’ll be back to work, and then I’ll be saying “I can’t wait to get some time off!” LOL One good thing that has come out of me being out of work is now I’m getting the chance to go back to college like I have wanted to do for so long. I’ve been accepted into one of the top universities in the state, where this fall I’ll be studying Nursing. I can’t wait to go back and hit the books!😉

    Anyway, this thing is long enough! I love you, and you are always in my thoughts and prayers! Things will eventually start getting better, I promise! Just hang in there and you’ll be OK!😉

  72. Corey,

    As I’m writing this to you, I’m watching a very touching tribute another fan made – on YouTube called *Farewell Hollywood’s Lost Boy. Corey Haim Tribute – R.I.P.*. I’ve watched this video over and over again and cry every time. Several clips from The Two Coreys and the good times you guys shared! You can view the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCxT8VgEEfg . But then when I get sad, I’ll watch the clip from the time you guys tried to quit smoking together and went to that wacko hypnotist *LOL* – the whole erect spine thing cracked me up. LMAO:) that episode was the best!!! To remember the good times and go back to the “SWEAT LODGE” – you can view that clip here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-1KuOSVEeY&feature=related

    Obviously you were there for all the highs and lows, but the connection you and CH had was truly amazing! I’m glad in the end, you guys rekindled your friendship. My heart goes out to you and your family, as well as Judy and the rest of the Haim family! He is forever in our hearts :)!

  73. Hey Corey, I wish you all the best and for respecting Corey’s mom wishes for her privacy while you guys are dealing with the grief for losing a special person in your life. We will keep his memory alive! He was the best as well as you are! Can’t wait to see your tour, hopefully I will see you in Dallas, Texas soon!
    Love, Crystal Pierce

  74. Hi Corey and Family,
    my heart goes out to you and your family and of course mrs Haim
    you will have a lot of memeories the press can’t take that away it makes me anoyed the way they have carried on about it in Aus im glad you are moving forward thats what corey Haim would of wanted.

    RIP Corey Haim

    ♥ Sam

  75. Hi Corey,it has been very comforting for me to find your post,thanks from Italy! It’s really moving what you’ve written for us,I hope the messages we’ve left to you may give you some kind of relief from your pain… I really know how painful is to love someone who figths against addictions,I’ve tried what it means on my skin for years.Anyone,who haven’t got through,will ever understand…How deep the abyss is… Corey,the love that you and Haimster have given each other is something between you two,so don’t let the press,the media or people unhappy and heartless can hurt you,they can’t! Instead think of all the people,me included,who love you! Love is stronger than wickedness,love makes us better,hatred kills! At the moment I’m writing to you,here in Italy, it’s 5:30 P.M. of 10th April and one month ago I had just known that Corey Angelface Haim had left us…Even I’m sure he’s finally in peace, it still makes me too bad… I’d like to tell Corey’s mom I pray for her.I have made a donation to C.H. Memorial Found by money order,I really hope that it arrived but I haven’t the way to know that.That’s the only thing I can do for Corey’s family,in loving memory of him… Corey,I’m very happy for TM tour even I won’t be there,I’d like very much too see you in concert! Maybe someday…It isn’t very handy to live on the other side of the world! Anyway,I’m proud of you,it means you don’t surrender to the pain.I think you’re a strong man,if you weren’t you wouldn’t be here now… Live your life,Corey,live for Haimster too and,above all,LIVE FOR YOUR SON he’s your angel on earth! I surely have written some nonsense,sorry if I did. With all my love, Francy

  76. In mitten of your own pain you always think of us fans??? In Germany we don`t hear much things about you and Corey Haim. Why?
    I have this days read about your privat family problems.
    How much can a man hold on his shoulder?
    Sometimes that life is so hard…only for one person. I hope you are able to see or feel in mitten of the rain the warm touch of the water on your skin…
    My english is so bad…may be you understand what i`m trying to say bzw. write.
    Stay sa strong…please ceep your warm, fighting heard….there are millions of people they hold you warm.
    You are not only a star – far far away – you show us that you are a human beeing. Please please please don`t give up…
    What for hell can normal people do to give you lit power back, for show you in the rain a beautiful rainbow?
    Keep your eyes open…and see the times you have had together and don`t give up hoping for the sun again…
    Because the sun is shining for you…for all you did…for a hopeful future….it is your sun…take it.

  77. Try to take the time to hear this


  78. Dearest Corey,

    I can hardly believe a month has passed — such a long time, yet the wounds are still fresh. I am sorry you have had to deal with such venomous press while trying to cope with your own pain. But you know how the media machine works. They cannot exist without feeding off someone’s turmoil. You’re a dad, so you know that if you let children see that their bad behavior is getting to you, sometimes they’ll keep doing it just to get a response out of you. These vultures in the press are just the same. Don’t give them something to feed on. Spend your energy where it matters: with your son, your family, your friends, and your fans.

    I am sorry you will not get a chance to put on the memorial service that you wanted to give, but the decision is ultimately that of the family. If this is what Mrs. Haim wants, her request should be respected. If others criticize this decision, ignore them. Nobody has a right to tell anyone how he or she should grieve. I hope that your private dinner with his family can be a time to get closure and to spend time with each other in celebration of his life.

    I’m glad to see that you are moving forward with your life. Although we can pause to honor those who have passed, life is for the living. I’m sure that Corey Haim would want you to honor his life by sharing your talents with the world, just as he wanted to share his own. I also think he would want you to live your life to make a difference in the lives of those who are still on this earth, especially Zen.

    I continue to send you my condolences and (virtual) comforting hugs.

  79. I found a book last night. The cover and the first few pages of the book were missing. It was a 20 year old copy of Different Seasons with a 20 year old poem I wrote bookmarking the short story ‘The Body’. I still can’t decide what was more important to me, the story, the movie, or the friends I made in school. I remember one day while watching Stand By Me on vhs and turning to my best friend I said “Are we going to end up like Chris and Gordie”…She said “not a cold chance in Hell and could we please watch something with Corey Haim in it”…I said “Its my birthday and Im watching my Corey.”…I haven’t seen her since high school. We did end up just like them….and I’m the one writing about it…
    Anyways…We, the fans, will continue to mourn the loss of Corey…and soon, one day, we’ll celebrate him. There is a spot in my new memorial garden waiting for a tree…it’ll be his tree. The one I can go sit under and remember not only my first best friend…but the memories of Corey and his contagious smile.

    Im going to try for Astoria in June…keep us posted.
    Its sad that it took a tragedy to write you…but you need to know…you are still love…Please don’t become just another memory…I want something to look forward to.

  80. Dear Corey,

    not too sure if you had received my post I sent a few days ago.

    My sincere condolences for the loss of your life long friend Corey and my deepest sympathy to his mum, Mrs Haim and sister and family.

    He will never be forgotten, and will be remebered by all the 1980’s
    people as you and Corey Haim are apart of us, we were all growing up at the same time, the same age with similar life experiences.

    I don’t think I will ever forget his beautiful smile.

    Glad to hear your moving forward, hope you come to Australia………. you’ll have alot of people here that would love to hear and see you.



  81. Thank you so much for the insight, my thoughts are with you as you transition into your life without your friend. I’m very excited to hear about the tour, and will be there screaming at the Goondocks show:) Keep your head up, and thanks again for the updates:)

  82. I could not imagine the pain this lose has caused you. I myself cried for over a week after hearing the news. I was in disbelief for awhile. I could not believe that he was gone. Back in the 80’s like most teenage girls I had pictures of you and Corey on my walls. I bought every magazine that featured you and Corey on the cover. It was like part of my childhood was gone. He well both of you were a big part of my early teen years. I wish I had of gotten to meet him. I get said when I think of him. It hurts that he is gone now I’m looking forward to watching his latest movies when they come out. My thoughts and prayers are with you and his family now that you might have some peace that he is at peace now. My love to both of you. I haven’t heard any of your songs yet. But, when I am finished here I am going to check them out. I hope that your tour brings you close to Wichita Falls, TX so that I might be able to attend. Thank you for being such a big part of my young life. XOXOXO…Heather

  83. hey corey,im sorry u keep being hound like that and as a parent i know that you not only need to be strong for coreys family but ur son, u are doing the best that you can and no one knows that as much as ur family and coreys, but at some point u are realy gonna need some private time to mourn, take a brake go away lock the door sit in te dark,we as fans dont just mourn for corey but for u ur family and for coreys blood family to, when i heard the news they i delt with it was to go out anf get his name and date of birth and date of death tattood on my foot so i can now say corey haim is truely apart of me,it didnt help the pain but that was my way, the press just want an angle to make a sad thing in to a bed thing as im sure you know from experiance, anyway take care and good look for the future hope to speak to you soon love caz

  84. Dearest Cory Feldman,
    I want to send my deepest sincere condolences to YOU and to all of Corey Haim’s family and friends. For the last week, my boyfriend and I have been watching your movies and as well as Cory Haim’s movies, last night we watched, LOST BOYS 2, and the alternative endings. I feel a sense of closeness to you guys as I was a BIG fan growing up. I am sending out lots of energy to you and ALL Corey Haim’s family,friends and fans that are hurting. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
    <3, Monica

  85. Corey,
    You are a delicate soul. By that, I do not mean weak, or fragile by any means, but instead, I mean you are heart wrenchingly aware of the significance of life, love, and expression. I have always wished to express my gratitude and admiration of you and Corey Haim. I did not because I didn’t believe you were reachable. I thought you were too high for my tiny voice to reach. I see now that it does not matter. Even if you, or anyone else is beyond the scope of my grasp or the tone of my voice, I should have expressed my feelings for you and your dear brother Corey Haim before it was too late. I am desperately sorry for letting that moment pass, and in honesty, I am haunted by that reality, because even if he or you, being celebrities, never heard my expression, I still would have made it. My life has been a difficult one. One that, although full of love, will continue to be a tough road, but even I have stregnth to lend you. And even if you never read this, or feel the warmth of the embrace I send you, I am sending it. You are a delicate soul, Corey Feldman, a real man. You are not alone. You are loved. And in your quiet moments, remember, not everyone wants something from you, not everyone wants to steal a piece of you, not everyone wants to be your friend for selfish reasons. There are many of us that you can rely on. We have small voices, but we are here.

    • That is such a wonderful post and I agree 100%. I too am haunted by not writing sooner. I bought the movies, posters and pins, called the 900#, but never wrote. You guys are one of a kind. You have a certain something, I’ll never understand what it is or why you both have always made me feel so close to you.

      And that “Cold Turkey” episode of Two Coreys makes me laugh out loud so many times every time I watch it. You guys really seemed to be having fun.

      God Speed Corey Feldman, and there certainly are MILLIONS of us who love you, care for you and want nothing but the best for you. After all the happiness you have given us, it’s the least we can do. Of course, a big, sloppy kiss would be pretty fun too.

  86. Corey, life goes on my friend. Its not easy, but we must all carry on after losing someone close to us. Never feel guilty for doing so.
    I have been thinking about you, Corey H his mom, his dad..his sister and his niece that he never got to meet and hold. I too have a daughter that my father will never be able to hold, but its part of life, and life goes on.
    i will be going to the cemetary where Corey is buried in the next few days. I feel the need to pay my respects. I have seen some pics already and it just made me want to go there more. His death has bothered me so much in the past month…i cant even watch his movies because it will hurt too much.
    anyway, i am sorry about the memorial plans not working out. It doesnt mean that you have failed anyone not even Corey. It means you have respect for his mom. and I RESPECT THAT. you are a very humble man, one i wish i knew personally as respectful people are hard to find.
    Im happy to hear about your future plans, they sound very positive and i wish you and your boy all the best in the world.

    Hugs to you.

    Sheila G
    ONTARIO, Cananda

  87. I am not a girl of many words ,but i am compelled to say a few things-i am a fan of both coreys and it is very sad that corey haim is not with us anymore and its troubling to me that the press and so many individuals would be pushing corey feldman so hard right now!the world has lost some really good talent-and what corey h and corey f had on screen was magical-but in the aftermath of corey h death-it is so important that corey f keeps on keeping on!

  88. Your words, your letters, your love is so inviting. A public memorial would have been incredible, but this is enough. To come here, read your words, and the notes from all your fans, all of Haim’s fans. It is truly breathtaking. Life is full of endless possibilities, we have seen that firsthand. Live every moment as your last. May God continue to bless you. RIP Corey Haim

    Much Love xoxoxox


  89. Hi Corey, I live in Western Australia, and the first season of The Two Coreys has just finished. You are amazing! I am so sad that you have lost your best friend…

    Recently my kids (6 and 9yr old boys) watched Goonies for the first time… They loved it, it is so exciting to see your kids really enjoying the movies that you too grew up watching.

    Like most of your fans I grew up watching yours and Corey’s movies. You guys really contributed to our lives and even though we have never met I feel like I know you and have grown up with you.

    You are a champion and a truly noble being…

    I wish you strength and happiness!!!

    Anita xoxo

  90. Hello Corey,
    First I wanna say that I am sorry for the loss of Corey Haim. For some reason it has bothered me that you, yourself have had no closure on Corey’s passing.Not being able to attend his funeral and now the memorial has been cancelled. I know about loss. Three years ago I lost my sister, five months later, my dad. Time will ease some pain my friend. This is how I explain my loss ….”You never get over it, but you eventually learn to accept it.” You have many friends that love & genuinely care about you. Some of us fans, some fromm afar.Prayers of love & strength are sent to you, Corey. Take care of yourself and much luck in your future endeavors. Love, Danielle T.

  91. Corey~
    First of all, if you give in to the vultures that feed off the pain, sadness & suffering of everyday people (or who they call “public figures”), that would be the worst thing you could do for not only yourself or Corey, but most importantly to Zen! Live your life! You have the right & responsibility to do so, regardless of what disgusting celebrity obsessed freaks have to say about it!
    Yes, you’re a celebrity, a word I don’t embrace or accept, because to me, all of those in the arts & entertainment industry are just expressing their talents, it’s their job, their passion. People don’t stand outside my house & follow me around with cameras, luckily for them (well, and for my clean police record).
    It’s funny, as a photographer myself, I am TERRIBLY offended by paparazzi & have confronted several of these embarrassments to a beautiful art form on multiple occasions by getting in their faces with m camera & shooting away, asking them what they’re doing, blocking shots I KNOW would have brought in thousands of dollars for them & will continue to do so. I do feel that they should see what it’s like, but it should be done by the general public, not celebrities, as it would only be used against them & make these pigs even more money.
    I have also, mostly in Coreys’ honor, but also for the over 15 loved ones I have personally lost in the past 5 years, began a blog of my own to call even more attention to not only drug abuse, but the obsession with celebrity, gossip rags, the way these people, such as Harvey Levin seem to get off of tearing people down & attempting to destroy their lives & memory. Have you ever watched TMZ? I did twice, for research & was disgusted by the way they were making peoples lives a joke to them!
    I am so sorry to hear that the memorial you envisioned for Corey had to be cancelled, as I was planning to attend, somehow, for a reason I can’t even explain or understand. I felt a strong need to be there. I do believe you are right though in what you said about having to respect his mothers feelings & wishes, because that is what would be most important to him. But, you have to admit, as I say with a silly smile on my face, that he would have LOVED a big, loving, happy, rocking party celebrating the beautiful soul that he was & will always be.
    Lastly, I want you to know that I am attempting at this time to contact California Attorney General Jerry Brown in regards to his constant character assassination of Corey since his passing. I want the point to be made that that was cruel & in my eyes unforgivable, unless he can find a way to turn it into something positive to help save others, as Corey would have wished for. I don’t how far I’ll get with this, but I have a big, loud mouth, lots of friends & an attitude & drive that won’t be broken. Corey WILL be honored in a way that he deserves! If you have any interest in getting involved or have any ideas regarding this crusade I am starting, feel free to contact me. I believe my Twitter & Facebook links are on my blog page.
    Stay strong & full of love Corey!

    • I just read all of the comments to this blog & it got me to thinking about the non-profit idea I mentioned in my email to Scott that I believe he forwarded to you.
      I would like you to consider the idea of not only being involved in a non-profit in Corey’s honor, but an annual celebration of his life. What I said about understanding & respecting his mothers wishes stands true, but after all the outpouring & sadness over people not being able to memorialize him in a way they feel he deserved, this may be a way to satisfy everyones needs, his family as well as all the people of the world who he never even realized adored him the way they do.
      This could help so many people in Corey’s name, something that I believe he would appreciate, given his enormous heart & beautifully loving soul.

  92. Hi Corey,
    We are so very sad not to have a memorial for Corey Haim. I do understand why his Mother can not face that now. You are such a great person for respecting her wishes during this time. We all know how much he loved you. Do not let the press get to you.
    I can not understand why the death of someone I never knew has effected me so much. I guess a part of my childhood died with Corey. I will think of him often and always with a smile.

  93. ~Corey~
    Thought of you today and wondered how your doing. I’m Sending love and positivity your way..


  94. That’s sad that you weren’t able to hold the memorial you wanted and that Corey deserved but I guess you are obligated to respect Judy’s wishes even if it’s hard to understand for some why she wouldn’t want a memorial in honour of her son for his friends,family and fans to have a chance to properly say goodbye…since his funeral was “private.” On that subject it did make me ill to see the pics and know that even for that one day,people could not leave him alone! With the stalkers there I can’t see that it would have made much of a difference for you to be there…I mean,they were there taking pictures anyway!In my opinion,his funeral was anything but private! Anyway,I guess for Judy it was simply too soon for a public memorial. Perhaps you can plan something for his birthday or on his death anniversary for next year. The wounds won’t be so fresh and maybe she’ll be more open to the idea. There really should be something planned at some point. Corey loved his fans so very much-those of us that loved and admired him through it all.
    Stay strong Corey!No one can take you down unless you let them! I think your fans need you to keep going now more than ever! You and Zen are both in my heart-I pray that you will be given strength,health and patience(to deal with all the crap)and that you will have the peace and happiness you both deserve so much!
    You are admired and loved so much Corey!!!!!

  95. i really had wished there would have been something in corey h honor-…i watched all the movies again and again!..i would fly anywhere if there ever was going to be a memorial nomatter if its near or very far in the future-..i just feel very close to them-there is just something “real”about the coreys..i have never felt that to be as true to any other actor in my life!

  96. OMG Corey I’m so excited! my boyfriend and I may be going to your last tour show witch is on October 2! I’m in Iowa and you are gonna be in Debuqe IA! and I have to work that night darn it! but we are gonna drive 10 hours just so we can see your show and i hope my dream can come true to fuanly meet you! I have wanted to meet you sence you where in Goonie’s! Then i was like in High school im Kerri Green’s age! and my name is Kerry how wered is that? So I hope i can see your show and meet you my mom met David C from the partridge family Kieth! for me when i was in 5th grade! and she died of cancer bless her heart! So she knew even before she died that i loved you and wanted to meet you! so there you go! had to share that with you! I hope my dream will come true Corey!

  97. Hey Corey,
    So stoked to see Truth Movement will be in Santa Cruz for The Lost Boys! You’re killing me…I don’t know now whether to go to The Lost Boys thing or The Goonies Anniversary or even better both! $$$ is the only issue…with this economy!I will defiantely try to go to one or both.
    Have an awesome time touring!!! I think this is just what you need…
    Jennifer S

  98. Thank you for updating us, Corey. Although I am sad about the memorial service, I respect the decision and all involved, particularly if this is what his mom wants. It seemed what was done privately was perfect.

    Please don’t even think about the negative messages sent to you and what the media says. You have to live your life. You have to go on, just like anyone does when they lose a loved one. I’m not sure what they all want you to do exactly.

    Would Corey want you to sit at home and do nothing and continue to be depressed? No! He would not! And just because you are out somewhere for the evening or trying to get back to work doesn’t mean you don’t still feel the terrible loss and the emptiness inside. How could you not? But sometimes keeping busy is the best way to move on.

    And I am glad you are moving forward. When we lose someone, we really have no choice but to keep going. And although your son is young yet, I’m sure Corey would want you to continue to set an example for Zen how to be strong, which we have all seen that you are many, many times.

    I would like to add that you have a way with words. Your most recent message to us here was again beautifully written. So many of the fans are still so heartbroken, and we feel good to hear from you. It is also nice to hear that our words to you were of some small comfort at this time.

    I look forward to your upcoming projects, and I know you will keep Corey’s memory alive in the best possible way…as will the fans.

    Thanks again for all the wonderful memories. I heart Gremlins and Goonies! Hope to see you on the road, Corey. Keep on keepin’ on…

  99. Corey,

    I am so glad you are moving forward in a positive way. So many people aren’t able to after such a trying year. I once had a calendar year where 15 people I knew, very well, passed. I almost didn’t want to answer the phone anymore when it was a number I didn’t recognize. Depression can take over and I am glad you are strong enough to pull yourself up for your son and for Corey’s mom. Maybe instead of a memorial of his passing when she is ready she could do something to celebrate his birthday instead. I think that would be a way to celebrate his life positively.

    Hopefully your band will make a stop in Southern NJ or Philadelphia. If you do I will do my best to be there to support your band.

    Love, Peace and Happiness to you and yours.


  100. Hooray! I’m STOKED to hear TM will be touring. My fingers are crossed that I’ll finally get to come see a show.
    Much love and luck to you Corey.

  101. Good evening all. I just wanted to give my deepest sympathy to Corey Feldman, Corey Haim’s family, friends and fans. I can’t seem to get over it myself and I never even met the wonderful man. I’ve cried nearly every day since that fateful day. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for you. I cannot believe how some people in the media and some people in blogs talk, I do not understand the point in smearing someone who has passed or their loved ones. Everytime I see a nasty comment I respond because it is infuriating to me that some people have nothing better to do. Just like Corey Haim said on season 2 when he ran his Variety ad. Why say something bad or mean? Why not just not say anything? It was heartbreaking seeing him get so upset over these thoughtless people.

    Anyway, I just wanted to write and say we love you Corey. We the fans still love you both and always will. We’ve loved you guys all our lives and aren’t about to stop now. I clean the house with your movies on because they’re so uplifting and fun. Dream A Little Dream being my current favorite. The opening scenes are so funny I nearly spit up. I’ve always wondered if you two had a part in making up those lines. I can’t hear about a junkyard dog without hearing something about “sic balls” in my head.

    Don’t you listen to those “rotten, little butt-wads” (tee hee, Dream A Little Dream) that act like you can’t go out and try to continue some sense of a normal life. They’re not in your shoes, they don’t know you and frankly don’t deserve to. This world would be a much better place if people learned to mind their own business.

    Hang in there Corey. I pray for you and Corey’s family every night.

  102. Hey Corey,

    Listen I understand that the press is part of being a celebrity, but I also realize that the press can be a bunch of blood sucking leaches who have no compassion and are only out to write whatever they can to make a buck or a name for themselves. So screw em. Like you said you’re not going to let them get you down. You’re real friends have stood by you, your real fans have responded to you (even if they were out of touch for while, sometimes it takes a tragedy for people to realize their mistakes, sad, but true), and your family will always love you. I don’t know you or Corey H, but even after his death I believe he’s watching over you.
    Move on, like your planning. I think it would make Corey H. happy.
    Take care of yourself. Later Gator!

  103. Going forward and moving on is I think what anyone we have lost would want but also to know that our lives will never be the same without them. People in our lives make us who we are and we must be thankfull for that. I’m sure Corey will always be close in your mind and heart. He will never leave you again. Live!❤

  104. Hi Corey,
    Like alot of other teenage girls, I grew up with posters of the two Coreys on my wall, and as a 13 year old, I had a massive crush on the pair of you!! I want to extend my hand of friendship all the way from Australia to send you my most deepest sympathy for the loss of your bestfriend and for the loss of a beautiful man who was lost on this earth. I wish you and your family the best for now and the future.
    Kindest Regards..Vicki xx

  105. I have been wishing that there was something I could have done to help Corey!! However, I do not have a time machine so I cannot rescue him. I have never personally known either of the Corey’s, (Although they shared most of my teen years with me scattered all over my walls and heart, I was supposed to marry Haim) so I guess I had no chance of giving love to either one of them. But, if there was anything I could do now to help I would. I know CH’s top priority was his mom and if there was anything I could do for her, I would feel like I have helped Haim feel love. I have a beautiful vacation rental house on the beach of Sanibel Island, FL and if she could get away for some fresh beach air I would gladly reserve her some time. I have no way of contacting either of you so I thought I would send a note this way. If you or her are interested drop me an email and I will send you website to check it out. I am assuming you have access to emails of members.

  106. Hi Corey, thanks for getting back to us; it’s great to know that our messages are helping in some way.

    The sort of negative press and horrible comments you’ve received are directed towards a lot of people in the public arena, so they’re not even personal. Besides, you can’t control what other people say/do/think/print, so just freeze them out. They have nothing to do with you, or your work, or your personal life, or your family. Good press is important in showbiz but as you can see, fans and supporters are a loyal bunch and they don’t budge an inch when they read that nonsense. And neither should you!

    Good luck with the Truth Movement Tour, it’s going to be great fun!! I watched ‘Stand By Me’ for the billionth time the other week and I still laughed at “I’m gonna rip your head off and s*** down your neck!!”

    I hope today is better than yesterday. If it isn’t, tomorrow’s only a few hours away. Remember, we’re all still here:-)

  107. Hello again, Corey!
    Glad to hear you are in better spirits. And also glad to hear of the upcoming tour, although I don’t see any PA shows listed yet😦
    I have been wearing a tiny Corey Haim pin every day since his passing. Although I did not know him personally, he was a big part of my childhood. Now, he is an angel on my shoulder, and a reminder to embrace life and live it to the fullest– which is playing a role in a big decision… The Goonies 25th Reunion!!! I have recently gotten some not-so-good personal health news, and have decided that even though this will be difficult to pull off financially, I think I am going to go anyway. I don’t know when I will ever get a chance to do something like this again. The Goonies was also a huge part of my youth… I can still recite it word-for-word! The most difficult part of this is that I am most likely going to have to go alone as I can not get any of my friends or family to make the trip with me. The trek from PA to OR will be a long journey by myself, but I am hoping to meet some fellow goonies out there who will be willing to let me share in their fun! And I hope that I am able to meet you personally. You are an inspiration to me, and I continue to follow your messages as I find them enlightening and personally inspiring. Thank you! Keep posting!

    Peace, love, and hugs

  108. the only ones looking down on you are those who could make money off of you, the rest of us still believe in you and wish we could extend the hand that comforts, hold on to your memories tightly they will give you peace, and for those with ill words only pitty them for not having the great experiences that you have. there are still good people out there who wish you only the best, we are many we are strong, we will see your movies and buy your cd’s we will always love you. good or bad true fans never go away.

  109. i thinking moving forward is harder than most people let on. its been almost a year since my mom died (i hate euphamisms, as if sayng ‘passed away’ is gonna make it hurt any less). it has taken me a long time, a lot of steps, but i am finally moving forward. its one of those things where you make a solid effort, and move two steps forward, one step back, for a while. for me, i find myself trying to get lost in certain activities sometimes. i think this is healthy, because we can’t focus on our pain, or even our good memories constantly, or we will miss out on making new ones. i am happy to see you are taking on some things to help you escape at times. i am also happy to see you are giving yourself the necessary time in between, to grieve. grieving is such a weird process. its different for everyone and its different every time you lose someone. i too have a lost a lot of people in the past couple of years. what i really mean to say here, is i am happy for you that you are moving forward, that you are allowing yourself to grieve. make sure you dont let anyone try to tell you how to do it either. its your process. own it. only you know what the best way is for you to deal. as you know, haim will be greatly missed by many people – such as myself- who never had the pleasure of know him. his honesty and openness about his struggle, and his ability to share his inate charm, spunk, and golden heart with the world, will never be forgotten, and will always be greatly appreciated. i gotta say, i really learned a lot from him, and will be forever greatful. i wish you all the best in your future endevours, and pray for comfort and joy to return back into the lives of you, your family, haim’s family, and your friends. may he find peace – whereever he is. and may you find peace – wherever life takes you.

  110. Corey,
    I commend your honesty and your Loyalty to Corey and his Mother.
    If this was Miss Judy’s wish, then I applaud you for respecting it.
    I have never been able to meet you, but am very proud to be a lifelong Fan of yours. People, and Tabloids will say what they will, but you have really stepped up. Moving on, does not mean forgetting, or leaving the ones we love behind. Life doesn’t stop for us, no matter what horrific events happen. Spending time with Kids is such good therapy for the soul. A smile and a laugh, can cure almost anything.
    Thanks for Keeping us updated…
    Carla G. xoxox

  111. FYI-
    I sent you a Friend Request on Face Book, if you get a chance, could you approve me…PLEASE!!

  112. Hey Corey and fans…

    i need lit help og i try now to find answers here. I`m looking every night for fotos, videos etc of Corey Haim, but it is so hard finding new information about him, his life or charakter….and i need it for coming over it.
    Have you any ideas, links etc for me?In Germany you can read about the drugs. I`m sure he was much much more and – may be i`m sa bad – but i feel i have to know lit about the way he was as a human beeing.
    Can you give me some links or any tips where can i find much more?
    Most of the things we are not allowed to watch in our country.
    Please help me with information.
    and for all the people and you Corey i wish you find a way to live with your pain….i know that fans also have sooooo much pain of the lost.
    He is waiting in heaven.
    So long

  113. Corey..
    Thank you. Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you for being honest, real and involved. As you grow, mend and re-evolve, we (at least I am) are all more appreciative and aware. I hope that you find each new day an opportunity to emerge with a strong sense of worth and chance to impact that around you.
    I have read your blogs and am touched by the humanistic nature of your writings. I know we have all, once, twice or more, been in a circumstance that pulls at our heart-strings. And as many of us have posted, you’ll never be alone or should feel afraid to express your inner voice.
    I am very excited to see your tour will lead you to Chicago. I am unaware of the space you’ll be playing at..can you provide us Chicagoans with more details about that? I (being the nerd I am) Googled the locale listed but nothing seemed to turn up??
    I’m sure I’ll return to your blog, so keep writing!:)
    I’d like to leave you with a quote from my favorite poet & my hometown hero Kenneth Patchen:
    It is the artist’s duty to be alive
    To drag people into glittering occupations

    To blush perpetually in gaping innocence
    To drift happily through the ruined race-intelligence
    To burrow beneath the subconscious
    To defend the unreal at the cost of his reason
    To obey each outrageous inpulse
    To commit his company to all enchantments.

  114. So the truth came out. It wasn’t drugs that killed poor Corey. All the people who dogged him and said horrible things can jam that right up their *ss.

  115. ~Hey Corey~
    Heard The News Today That Your Brother/Best Friend Corey Haim Did Die From Natural Causes. Just Wanted To Let You Know I’m Still Thinking Of You Both. Its Still Mind Boggeling That He’s Gone. I Continue To Hope That You Make It To Visit Him In His Final Resting Place. I Think Its What He Would Want IN Fact I Know It IS~!!!

    Peace Be With You,
    Heather Peters

  116. Hey Corey, your blog is very touching and heartfelt. I am a Canadian from Corey’s hometown of Toronto, Canada.
    None of us can change the eventuality of death whether from old age or gone when younger.
    We are left with sadness and grief and eventually that is replaced by the wonderful memories of times shared together.
    Since I don’t live in your shoes it’s hard to fathom anyone watching my every move and following me everywhere I go.
    That comes with the price of fame and Corey’s death has placed more focus on you.
    I do hope that in time they will leave you alone to get on with your life and take care of your family.
    I don’t have advice or words of wisdom to offer.
    Just my heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your friend and keep the courage to move on and live the best life you can

    Colin DeSouza

  117. Sweet Corey, I haven’t said anything until now because I didn’t know if you were ready for a friend from the past to colsole you. I just wanted to say that with all of the stuff out there, I knew you before a lot of it started, and you have stayed true. We dated when we were teenagers. Even then, you were a sensitive, genuine soul. You conducted yourself with class, whether we were at the Berlin concert, Club 33 at Disneyland, the races seeing John Henry, a Gremlins premiere, learning Spanish for the Goonies role, my high school dances, or when you visited me in the hospital. I am proud to see that you have stayed true to yourself, just like you were at 14. A good person, who is sensitive and kind. And you ALWAYS loved music! I am honored to have you as part of my past and have many good memories of you. If I can help, even just as a listening ear, let me know. Love to Mindy, Devon and Eden. XOXO Laura

    • I remember meeting Corey Haim at your 16th Birthday party. You two were lucky to have each other.

  118. Corey,
    I want to tell you that I think you are an awesome person. I am so sorry that the press has to be so negative towards you. Yes, you do have to get on with your life. You were and always will be Corey Haims BFF.
    Also, I was happy to hear the news that drugs were not the reason for Corey’s death. It was so redeeming for Corey. I just feel upset that so many people jumped to conclusions and wanted to believe the worst. I for one never thought it was a drug overdose, i truley believed it was natural causes. I hope all those people and tabloids are eating their words.
    I hope that when you and your band tour you will be somewhere close to where I live.
    Take care Corey, lots of love sent your way!!!
    God bless you always!!!

  119. Look to yourself for happiness, take the road that seems harder and longer, give without expecting to receive and believe that God’s love and mercy is unconditional and you will find inner peace and happiness. In the end Haim knew this and I believe soon God will have him working on something very special.

    Corey your ‘something special’ is here on earth as is seen by the out pouring of heart felt testimonials on this site… through prayer and faith you will always find that courage to stand strong, stay positive and nullify the purpose of the soul-draining press.


  120. I just recently lost the man I called ‘My Dad’. It’s been a rough time. We still have our lives to lead, no matter how hard. It’s great that you’ve been so strong and you’ve shown such love.

    ‘The Goonies 25th anniversary celebration’ <— Love It:)

  121. I am very happy that you have found strength in such immense sorrow. I have been a fan of yours since even “the Fox & the Hound” & “Gremlins” and have loved each and every movie you and also Corey were in. One of my all time favorites remains “License to Drive” which I still watch often. Corey’s life will be celebrated for an eternity. I am so sorry you have had to endure so much grief in the recent months but I hope the best for you and your son in your new endeavors and hope you all the happiness this world can possibly offer.

    Much Love.

    Also, that Goonies reunion in Astoria… Is this something anyone can buy tickets for? I would absolutly LOVE to see that!! The Goonies is one of my top 10 movies of all time. I just showed my little sisters for the first time and they loved it too; you have new generation of fans.

  122. Hi Corey,
    I just wanted to tell you how glad I am that you are finding the strength to deal with such tragedy. Although I did not know or ever had the fortunate opportunity to meet both you and Corey, it was an amazing treat to watch your show and see how you both have been doing after so many years.
    Yesterday, I went to visit Corey at the cemetary and was so pleased to see the sweet notes and flowers that were left for him. His stone was gorgeous as I peeked over the cloth covering it. It was a very emotional visit but was nice to be able to pay my respects. I left him a note under a small rock that I had found which I wrote on reading “RIP”. Although I never met him, I felt as though his spirit was there and that perhaps he could sense the love and appreciation and respect that his friends, family, and fans have for him. Everyone has struggles, everyone goes through something challenging weather big or small, I know you did your best to be there for your friend, your brother and we all saw it no matter how upset or defensive Corey got. I respect you for being there for him even though he may have tried to push you away. I often think of Corey, and how lucky we are to have all the movies he left behind for us. He will forever be missed. Stay strong Corey, god bless.

  123. Last night i had a dream. ohhhh it was an awesome dream. i had finally got to meet Corey Haim. It was funny as most dreams are, but i remember the overwhelmed feeling i had when i got to give him a hug. I woke up thinking…what the heck, im 35 years old dreaming about my old teen idol. Although i was devestated as most were when i woke up March 10.
    Just wanted someone close to him to know that he is still very much thought of and missed dearly.
    Have a great day Corey, i know my day started off great!

  124. i love how you do so much to keep corey’s memory alive, even after he has gone your still a true friend

  125. […] adieux. Décision prise par sa mère mais pour les anglophones allez lire les détails sur le blog de Corey Feldman. Le lendemain de son enterrement sa soeur, Carol, accouchait d’une petite fille. un lourd […]

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