A LETTER FOR THE GRAVE… (an open letter to Corey Haim)

Dear Corey.,

This is for you on the day of your funeral. First off I am so sorry I am not there with you today. By that I mean my physical body is not with your physical body. However you know that my heart is right at your side. You also know the only reason I am truly not there is out of respect for your mother and her wishes to minimize the media attention as much as possible. I want your family to have a calm peaceful day. Hopefully we will not see one shot of the funeral on the news. Just know I am at home today projecting positive energy for you  and your passing.

I miss you so much already. When I think of something funny I don’t know who to tell it to. I find myself trying to call you but then remember your not there. I think about the new movies we will soon be doing together and then suddenly realise that the dream is over. I always feared this day would come, and often rehearsed how to face it. But once confronted with the reality of it, it’s so much more painful than I could have ever imagined. Nobody will ever understand the brotherhood we shared. Nobody will ever get the inside jokes we told. Nobody will understand the magic of 22/222 . Nobody will ever know how to do the secret Corey handshake. Nobody will ever make me laugh as hard as you did. Nobody will ever make me fight as hard as you did. Nobody will ever challenge me the way you did. Nobody will ever need me the way you did.

My mission in life became saving yours. I never gave up, I tried …I walked away, but I always came back, to let you know I was there. In a dark and lonely world with spiteful angry people we always understood each others pain. I have been so hounded by the media and barraged with condolences since your death that I have not been given my own time to grief. I was still in shock while cameras were chasing me down the street looking for my feelings on the matter. When I did Larry King I could barely form sentences, but knew I had to be strong to send a message.

I never knew your death would have such a huge impact on the world. I learned something Corey, there are a lot of people out there who really love you, and appreciate the joy you have brough tho their hearts. I only wish you could see the way the world is mourning over your absence. I wish you could see how big the story is. I wish you could see your face finally filling the cover of People magazine and Entertainment Weekly! That would have meant so much to you. It is such a shame they all had to wait until you were gone to give you the respect you were due as an actor which is what you truly were. The great Canadian actor Corey Haim! I love you and I will forever keep that ring close to my heart. I will do my very best to help give you a memorial that is a celebration of your life the way you would have wanted it…..with everybody laughing and rocking out!

My heart is so broken and I know there are so many who feel the same way I do. We will remember your spirit and your fans will help me keep your legacy alive.

I pray that you are safe and warm and finally filled with peace.

I love you

CF Core Feldog DAWG  C-DOG  KID and every other name you used to call me…..dine!

~ by coreyfeldman on March 16, 2010.

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  1. *Tears* RIP Corey.

    What a beautiful letter. Thinking of you always and forever.

    • corey,

      now I’ve read your letter now…it’s so sad…:/ Corey was my teenieidol ever, my dreamboy earlier…;) And I want meet him one day, but I can’t…one week before his death I dreamed of him and next morning, I asked me, what is he doing now? And one week later I’ve heard from his death and I was shocked…why??
      I can’t believe it…he was so a lovely guy..now I’m 33 years old…and I think, why he in the age of 38?? It’s sooo young to die…james dean said: dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today,,and he did it…

    • Corey

      I have watched you and Corey it seems my whole life. I grew up with you guys and I can say that honestly because I am the same age. Corey died on my birthday, and I just found out today. My heart is breaking right now because of the loss of such a wonderful actor and friend. Then you immediately popped in my head, and my heart broke again, this time for you. I know how much it upset me to hear he was gone, but he was more than a friend, or brother to you. The Corey’s were part of each other, closer than any actors I have ever seen, closer than brothers or friends even could be. I watched the reality show every week and saw your struggle as you tried to be there for him. I saw the burden it put on you and my heart was heavy for you. Its difficult when we make it our job to make sure someone else’s life is okay, But what else could you have done. He was your brother and your other half. We can never realize how close you two really were, I am sorry you have lost someone who was so close to you. Just know that you were there for him at all times even in the most difficult of time. You were a good friend, and brother to Corey till the very in. I was dreading the day he died, and I felt all last year that it was coming sooner than I wanted. But always in the back of my mind, was how this would affect you. I am sorry Corey, that so many of your friends you did films with have gone. I am thankful that your fans and those of Corey’s and River’s still have you with us. Thank you for trying to save your friend and brother, and just know there is nothing else you could have done. Peace be with you, and know your fans love you and are with you in spirit and also have a heavy heart about his loss.

    • Corey, any news on when the memorial is going to be?

    • Hey corey read your open letter and just wanted to say touch me in many ways cause i knew him also not as much as you did but i met the beautiful person we all known as the haimster and just wanted to say he wil forever live in our hearts

  2. Gonna miss you HAIMSTER………..

    C-DOG, you don’t have to be strong today… Just let the emotion go bro……..

  3. Corey,

    I don’t know what to say. It’s ironic how you mentioned that you often rehearsed Corey’s passing because I myself have been in that position. Your so right in saying you are never truly ready for it. It’s all too permanent, and that’s what hurts most. As much as I know you want to be there today and you are hurting inside not to be, it takes an even greater person to respect his mother’s wishes.

    I first met Corey at MM in Cherry Hill NJ in August of 2008.That was also the first time I met you(I was the one with the chocolate,lol). This past weekend was another MM convention and the owner put together a wonderful tribute for him out in NJ. Same place you guys were back in 2008! It had always been a dream of mine to meet two of my personal favorites. You both have bought so much joy into my life over the years. I don’t know if anyone would agree with me on this but, it is almost like you guys became part of our family for many years ( as weird as that may seem) . I’m not sure if you ever heard it like that before , but through the performances you sort of form this bond. I hope that makes sense. And for the record, my kids are even amazed with you guys too:) So both you and Corey will be in homes and filling hearts for many many years to come!

    I am very sad today, as I have been the past few days since we all heard the news. I know you are hurting and you may very well not even come to true terms with this for a long while to come because it may all seem like a bad dream, but know that he is safe, he is at peace and he is more alive and well than any of us could ever imagine. This may not be something that you feel in your heart now, but know that Gods purpose for him is far greater than we can phantom. He has led Corey down paths of the unimaginable and he has conquered them..Somehow or another, one way or another, whether on his watch or Gods watch, he conquered them. So believe me when I tell you he is surely in paradise.

    You were and still are an amazing brother and friend to him. Be at peace with knowing you meant so very much to him and this is not the end of your journey together.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you and his family and friends.

    Love and Blessings,

    Evie ( Hershey, PA)

    • This is sort of off topic, but it’s to the OP above (espec). I too reherse a death in my head, and I’m terrified of the day it happens. I’m middle aged, and my Mom is pretty elderly and in failing health. I know it will happen in a year or two, and I tend to think that by rehersing it beforehand somewhat it might take away the shock of it, etc, but it wont. I guess that’s a common thing that people do when we expect a death of someone we love.

      Just A Mom

  4. I know you have gotten a billion condolences the past few days but I just wanted to add mine and say that I hope that you can find peace thru this huge loss and are able to move forward.
    It’s a terrible thing to lose someone so close to you and being in the limelight everyone wants to see your reactions. It took me 7 years to move forward from a huge loss I suffered and I did some terrible things in the meantime (and I’m in no way important)…I pray that you have the strength to continue on. My thoughts are with you and Corey Haim’s family thru all this.

  5. That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Not necessarily the words, those were great in their own right, but the emotion and feeling BETWEEN those words.

    I will never know what it’s like to be put in the position to have to mourn so publicly, or to not be able to attend my own brothers funeral because to do so would create a fiasco unworthy of the solemn honor the occasion merits, but I will tell you that you have my respect for going through this with all the grace and honor that you are exhibiting. Corey Haim loved you, man. Everybody can see that. But, and perhaps more importantly, you can feel that. Corey has not left you, and never will. Because he lives inside you and will be with you forever.

    RIP Corey Haim. You are and will be missed so much by so many. I just wish you could have known…

  6. This is a beautiful letter Corey. I too hope that the media will be respectful & stay away from the funeral.

  7. Corey,
    Thank you so very much for the heart touching journal entry. You had me crying by the end of the first paragraph.

    .. and you hit the nail right on the head, when you said, there’s alot of people out there who really love you, and appreciate you.

    I will never forget the joy and happiness that Corey gave to me whenever I seen his face. Me and him shared some of the same demons ( drug abuse ). I knew some of the stuff that he had to go through.

    Thanks again Corey for the journal / blog entry.

    All my love,

    Stacey McGowan / Age : 37 / Danville, Ohio

    • I just came across the perfect song for my video tribute to Corey ( and you, Corey ). The song is called ” He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother ” by The Hollies. I absolutely love that song.

  8. Corey,

    I’m not sure what to say, but I wanted you to know that I am thinking about you today. I was a child of the ’80s and without the Goonies or Stand By Me, I wouldn’t have had a childhood. I know that sounds strange,but those movies, especially Stand By Me, forever changed my life. In some small way, you have been a part of my life for over 20 years, and with the passing of Corey, I feel that a small part of my childhood was stolen. I call all of you my “Bop boys” because I lived for getting those magazines when I was 11 and 12 years old.

    River Phoenix has been a huge part of my life since I first laid eyes on him while watching Stand By Me in 1988. It’s been 17 years since he left us, and my heart still aches for him daily. Although he is gone forever, I know a tiny part of him lives on in me. It’s impossible to comprehend at the time of the loss of a loved one, but somehow we go on. I never knew River personally, but I know I will remember him to the end.

    I wanted to say thanks for being such a good friend to River, and for reaching out to him when it was apparent he needed help. After watching “The Two Coreys,” I could see that you were always there for your brother when he needed you as well. You are a great actor and friend. Corey isn’t gone – his spirit is all around you now. Keep talking to him because I know he can hear you. Take comfort in the fact that River is with him now.:) I hope this helped in some small way. Thanks for the memories and please stay strong. All of your fans love you and are here to support you.


  9. I cried my eyes out when I read this letter. I also wished Corey H knew how many fans he still had out there, including me, all the way over in Auatralia. I have been upset every day since he passed away and still cant actually believe it has happened. Even though I never met or knew Corey H personally I can see by what so many other fans have said, he was just the sweetest guy. RIP Corey we’ll all miss you so very much xx

  10. I appreciate you being open during this difficult time by sharing this open letter to Corey Haim. It has been a horrible week with the passing of Corey, but I thank you Corey Feldman, for standing by his fans in the way you have. I admire all the things you spoke of on Larry King by standing up to the media world that always pushed Corey Haim down. Wether you know it or not, you gave Corey Haim’s fans a voice and I cant tell you how much we thank you. As a life long fan of you and Corey Haim, I take refuge in knowing that you are standing along side us in mourning. I pray for you that you may have peace today and the days following. Like you are standing beside us, we are standing beside you, supporting you through this time.
    The openness of your heart is the sole reason why I felt a connection to both you and Haim. You both know that every human soul is important and respecting all others, and encouraging others to do the same. May peace and love always be with you my friend.

  11. I wanted to add that you wrote a beautiful letter to a beautiful soul. Rest in peace, sweet Corey.❤

  12. Corey –

    There is nothing I can say or anyone else can say to lesson your pain nor should they try. Sometimes I wonder why everything in my life goes so awry but then I remember that I am the lucky few that found a true bestfriend in someone, someone to share all of the tears with, all of the stupid little funny things, someone that laughs at everything and anything with like we are the only 2 people in the world that just get each other. And I know you had that with Corey Haim.

    I want to tell you that you should never stop telling your funny stuff, or your feelings to your best friend. He is still there by your side even if you can’t see him or hear his voice. Someday he will be able to talk to you about everything you missed out on together. So please don’t with hold those things from him.

    Thanks for sharing your letter, I felt bad for reading it in a way like I am invading your privacy however it is very sweet and from the heart!

    So please Mr. Feldman keep on making beautiful music and films and know that you are you and that is all that matters in life!

    Peace & Love


  13. Beautiful Corey, I couldn’t have said it better.
    I wish I could have been there for both of you. I know deep down in my heart that though I wasn’t in the entertainment industry had we met we would have been fast friends and my kids would have grown up with the most wonderful uncles in the world replacing the real uncles and aunts they had never met and who don’t even know their names.

    Because my own immediate family was so cold and distant I raised my children that if they befriend someone then that person instantly earns the status of family. Several of my children’s friends call me dad and I love that. My children are grown now, but their friends still maintain and are proud of their family status and so will you both. Our doors and our hearts are always open to you.

    Honestly I was going to watch the news very carefully for anything I could find on the funeral, but since your brother has said he hopes it isn’t covered in the media, the TV will remain off all day and I will let my heard recover, but I will not mourn. I will celebrate the life of Corey Haim by finding something else to do.

    My mother has a doctor’s appointment and I will take her to it and then out to lunch just as I know you would have done, but after that I don’t know.

    With Love
    Dave and family

  14. Dear Corey,

    My heart goes out to you Corey. This must be such a tough time for you, Corey’s family and close friends.

    There is nothing worse in life than losing someone that you care for so deeply. Although it gets a bit easier as tme goes on as you can remember the times you shared and laugh about those times instead of cry, but the immediate time after a loved one has passed on is the worst feeling that life throws at us. Be strong and you will get through it as Corey would have wanted you to.

    I am writing this in my lunch break at work as it is the only place I know I won’t cry as don’t want my colleagues to see a 31 year old in tears! I have never cried over someone dying who I didn’t know – not even when Princess Diana died when I was 18, but I have shed many tears for Corey. Corey Haim was my first crush when I was 10 years old (probably like a few girls) and I remember putting all of his posters on my wall.

    Last year I wondered what had happened to you guys and looked you up on the net and You Tube. I started to watch a few clips of your show ‘The Two Corey’s’, as we didn’t get this show in the UK. He seemed like such a real genuine and kind guy. It is just such a shame that this beautful guy has been taken from us at such a young age.

    I am sure he will get a great send off from you all, and he will be at peace whereever he now is. I am certain he will be looking over you and although you can’t see him, I am sure he will be there in spirit supporting you.

    R.I.P dear Corey Haim. You will be missed so greatly! I am very sad I never got to meet you and see your cheeky smile in real life!

    Big hugs to you Corey Feldman and take care,

    Kelly x

  15. Amen. God bless.

  16. Hang in there, Feldman. I know there was a small group of fans who stood by Corey Haim, some expressing their concern and love [albeit it was often more like tough love], not wishing that this day would come either. It has, and I feel terrible. Corey reminds me of an easier time. He was my childhood. He’s at peace now and will always live on in the movies he helped become classics. Remember, we are thinking of you and his family.

  17. May Corey rest in peace, smiling cheekily down upon us all as he always used to. RIP

  18. I can only imagine the loss you feel right now Corey and my heart goes out to you and his family and friends. I just wish Corey would have known howbeautiful and amazing many of his fans thought he was. He is a legacy, no matter what the naysayers say. I just hope he finds peace in death that he was never given in life.

  19. That was beautiful.

    Man’s feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell. ~Jean Paul Richter

  20. Corey,

    Thanks for being there for the Haimster. We all Love u and want to personally “THANK-YOU” for being there for him and all the fans. Yes u held ur head high on LK-and did ur best to puts ur thoughts together about ur “Lost-Boy”, brother and BFF. Yes he truly deserved to be on the cover of People and Et-Weekly. Maybe now will they ALL truly seeing his greatness and realize what they are missing? All this negativity in the press is harsh, mean, rude, and even cruel!!! How DARE they judge him or you without evening beginning to know what u guys have been through, and what u truly meant to each other. When u are on that stage with “TM” u look so at peace, happy, like its truly one of your passions. This summer when u are on that stage rockin in Oregon during the Gooniens reunion-look up at the stars and there u will see ur brother and best friend smiling down at you. Though I never have had the opportunity to meet u or CH, I am the same age as u guys, and I grew up with all ur movies, (Goonies, and Lost Boys being my faves) I wished I could have reached out to CH to have helped him with all of his demons? Elvis Presleys bodyguards quoted this in there book, Evlis-What Happened-“How can u save a man from himself”? Do u think that quote fits CH? U did the best U could have done, and most of all u were there for him and his mom. I am from a one-horse, cat and dog town in Arkansas. CH would have Loved the peace here. Now he has found his own PEACE & HARMONY. I hope they record every ounce of the Goonies 25 year (WOW)!! And the whole TM concert? You guys really give it ur all and are true artists.. All fans need to checkout the full-length video on You-tube. Keep us up to date on what former cast-mates will be attending? My thoughts and prayers are with u & Zen ( I hope in his little heart he is able to understand all of this and be shielded away from any negative press that he see or hears) I know u are a great guy so I bet u are an Awesome Dad!!! Maybe someday if u ever this way, u can stop and say “Hi”? I know u are very busy, and at last have time to grief. GOD BLESS U FELDOG-CF, and thanks for all ur great work acting, producing, singing, voice-overs, etc…I hope u find time to eventually read this but like so many others I just discovered ur cool website after CHs passing. Take care & ROCK ON!!!

  21. Oh honey, that must have been so hard for you to write, but also so very healing. I’m proud that you did that, and I think that will be something that you can look back on and feel complete about.

    You said you tried to save him, and maybe you did save him, in the way he needed to be saved. We cannot control the outcome, but remember your impact on the boy’s life please. You gave him something he probably didn’t get anywhere else. Something special. Because it didn’t turn out the way anyone wanted it to is no reason to discount it.

    You threw out the life preserver, and he knew it was there. That is so much more than many people have. I’m so very sure that gave him comfort, even when he didn’t want the gesture. You showed him love, and that is something that many people live their whole lives without.

    You are a very brave young man to post this private letter to your best friend online, but it’s also very fitting to post it here. “The Two Coreys” (and I don’t mean the show) were a very big part of some of our culture when we were younger. It takes a very big person, and a confident person, to be this open with his feelings.

    I’m sure you have private thoughts that you want to express, and of course those should be respected, and kept private. This letter gives others a glimpse into the pain you feel and also the deep and abiding love you have for Corey Haim.

    His fans join you in the mourning, however, our grief is only a pale reflection of yours, as we didn’t know him.

    I for one, wish I had written him that fan letter during the past couple of years. Just to give a little lift into his day, even though I think (and hope) he was covered up with fan mail.

    You did what you could do, and it was enough. Fate is fate, and we can’t change anothers fate, we can only hold out our hand in friendship, and hope that it is clasped back with the same love we feel. From what I have seen in the media, it looks like your’s was.

    You did enough honey. You can’t change destiny. Be proud of what you did, and remember him the way he would want to be remembered. Be proud of what he did too, because he did touch people and change lives, as crazy as that may sound.

    Please take care of yourself, you truly did the right things.

    Never think you didn’t do enough.

    Just a Mom

  22. I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling. Those of us who are fans of Haim, but never knew him grieve and weep at the loss of wonderful actor. He was blessed to have a friend and brother like you. I remember checking Haim’s website and imdb frequently to see what projects he was working on. Knowing that you were both involved in projects together makes that unfulfilled dream even sadder. My heart and prayers go out to you and Haim’s family.

  23. I feel sorry that I never got the chance to meet Haim. Much like you have said, I really hope he realises how much he meant to the fans and the many people who were fortunate enough to have been a part of his life.

    I just hope he is at peace and I’m sure he will be in good company! No doubt he’s watching over you all and willing you the strength to make it through today.

    Take care of yourself Corey, our thoughts are with you all!

  24. It`s heartbreaking to read about how much you miss him. I`m from Norway, and grew up watching your movies, they were everything a teenager wanted:) I`ve been thinking of Corey H, many times a day, every day since the day he died, it`s almost like a part of my chilhood got ripped away. I`m surprised that I react this way, by the death of someone I didn`t even know.
    I hope you will remember the good times you had together, and remember you did what you could to help him. The last days have been so filled up with media attention for you, that I think it`s know you first realize that he`s gone(as you said). Take care Corey F

  25. i wrote “know” but it`s supposed to be “now”😦

  26. What a beautiful letter. Thank you for sharing it with the world. I’m so sorry for your loss and hope that he, yourself, and both of your families can find some peace.

  27. Corey, so well said and very heartfelt. Your pain and sadness is truly felt in your letter. My heart aches as I read the tremendous sorrow you are feeling. I can’t imagine how hard this is for you. We mourn as fans, remembering how Corey Haim impacted most of all through his movies and interviews. We felt we knew him through the years of following his career and interviews. I smile as I recall such happy memories of my teenage years, watching you guys in movies over and over and plastering your posters to my bedroom wall. It is hard to imagine you without him by your side. Ever poster I had was of the two of you together. As fans, we will stand beside you to help keep Corey’s legacy alive. I get to do that in a tiny way through my son Corey. I smile when I get to tell people how I knew watching Lost Boys one night while pregnant and telling my husband how crazy I was about you guys growing up, it then hit us that Corey was the perfect name for our son. Today, as Corey is laid to rest, in rememberance of him I plan to rewatch a few movies that have the two of you in them. Lost Boys will be first! I hope you get to celebrate, mourn and grieve your friend and brother today in peace without any media bothering you, or Haim’s family.

  28. Oh Corey F. this letter is beautiful. keep your brothers memory alive, he was an amazing person. I’m so glad you were there for him till the end. I know it will be hard for you to get used to not having him but, him from heaven will give you the strainght to keep going. When my mom passed away thats exacly how I felt, still making plans as if she still was here, is hard I can’t lie to you but knowing that he will always be there for you in spirit gives you somewhat of a relif. Stay strong and keep his memory alive!
    Love you both,

  29. I mean’t to say Celebrate Corey’s life

  30. Dearest Corey.
    I know your sick of hearing this but I’m sorry for your loss. When my Dad passed in 2007, i didn’t know what to do with myself, i still don’t. losing someone so close is such a shock to the system, your body, energy, everything is just drained. you had 2 big loses in such a short period of time, i wish i could reach out and hug you! i hope the media realises that this is a personal issue not a celebrity issue and they leave you alone so you can grieve properly. i’ve followed you since i was little, you’ve always been my favorite Corey. Back in the days of growing up, my cousin and i being the same age, you were my *husband* and haim was hers. With the loss of Michael Jackson and Corey Haim, I feel like my childhood just died. I send you all the love in the world. Just know your fans are behind you.
    Buffalo, NY.

  31. dearest Corey,

    Just wanted to say what a heartfelt letter to your friend Corey Haim. I live in Toronto and had been honored to have met C.H. I along with thousands of fans are in shock over His to soon a passing. I guess it all seems so not real at times. I send my prayers to you as I know how close you were with C.H. He will never be lost in our hearts! I never met you, but mabey one day I will be so lucky? God Bless! xo

    Karen ( Toronto)

  32. Thinking of you xXx

  33. Dear Corey,

    you found the right words to express your feelings for your “brother in crime”. I am sure he will always shine above you until you meet again one day.
    Respect to you and how you managed it to survive the cruel media.
    I found a way to honour Corey personally. When it is finished I will tell you about it, because you are his one and only best friend.

    Right now my thoughts are with the 2 Coreys.

    God bless you.


  34. 😦 Beautiful Corey, Greatly written. My thoughts and prayers are with u on this very tough day for us all. Much Love ~Debbie R.I.P C-Major!! <3333

  35. OMG!! Corey that was a wonderful letter… I am in tears. I obviously didn’t know Corey but I grew up watching him and yourself. And did not miss an episode of The Two Coreys which I belong to a facebook site “Bring back the Coreys”. I am so sad it won’t be happening. Well I am sure you will always be the two Coreys. I am also feeling your pain because my mother died 4 months ago to cancer and everything you said in your Blog is exactly how I feel.. Like wanting to pick up the phone and call her for any little thing that comes up.. It is really horrible to lose someone so close! But we have to know they are in a better place although in Coreys situation the world really needs him here! I believe he could have gotten better with you back in his life! Anyway take care and all the best! I hope to see the Memorial in LA I hope it will be televised here in Canada. I live just outside of Toronto!

    Anna Aylward

  36. Very Nice letter. I feel your pain, as do all his true Fans:)

  37. Me and my best friend of 20 years are going through the same thing. And I’ve always feared the phone call or hearing she’s gone…

  38. Corey,

    I am thinking of you through this troubled time. I sincerely wish you all the best and think the way you have handled Haim’s passing is truly beautiful. The above letter is expertly written and without a doubt heartfelt. I hope your message to the media is heard loud and clear.

    2010 was shaping up to be the beginning stages of comeback for Haim and I know your involvement was of great assistance. I hope you find peace this year and also, I hope you are recognized for the brilliant actor you have the potential to be. I am rooting for you.


  39. Like i was saying in an earlier post. Corey Haim would love to see the attention he is finally being given in the media, by fans, magazines. It just would have been nice if he were given it while he was here…though I do think he is watching from above and Smiling. I hope you will go one with Making License to Fly. It sounded like an awesome idea of his! I’m a screenwriter myself, and doing three movies for that series sounds cool! I was writing a movie I was hoping he would be in.

  40. Beautifully written Corey. Corey Haim had the best laugh I have ever seen on scene, you can count on the fans to keep his legacy going.

  41. Corey –
    Your words are so eloquent and heartfelt. Like true best friends, you two went through your ups and downs, but you were always there for him in the end.
    I am SO sorry for your loss and commend you for how you’ve handled the media and press.
    Although I never had the privilege of meeting Corey, I have followed his career from afar for over 20 years. From the teenage girl with his pictures plastered on my walls to the 30-something mom I am today, I have always been a supporter and fan.
    You were his rock and a constant presence in his life. I am so sorry you have to go through this, along your little boy. I can’t imagine explaining to my son that his “uncle” is gone.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers, along with the rest of his family.
    Thank you for being the best friend he could have ever asked for, Corey Feldman. You are a class act.

  42. I know you and his fans will help his legacy live on! There is no way that someone as amazing as Corey will end now! He is so lucky to have you Corey and I sure wish I could do something to ease your pain! I know this is not the end and only the beginning! There will be a day where you two will meet again with open arms and what a reunion that will be! Know you are in my thoughts and prayers and so is Corey and his family.

  43. Beautiful! R.I.P. Corey, You will be missed! Love and Peace.

  44. That Made Me Cry.. I’m So Sorry For The Loss Of Your Brother. I’m Sending You Positive Thoughts And Love.

  45. Corey I so agree with you now they take notice in Corey Haim in death in all the paper’s and media of what kind of person he was.I don’t know him personaly but I feel like I do I grew up right along with you two and I have alway’s loved you guy’s.He will not be forgotten with me or his fan’s.He will alway’s be a part of us and alway’s will.He will be dearly missed we will miss his smile his laugh and his wonderful acting.Yes in time our pain will go away but never him.Now he is in the best of hand’s he is home.And I so do wish that the media would stop makeing him out to be a bad guy and we know he wasn’t.Yes he had his problem’s don’t we all and we all put our pant’s on one leg at a time but it doesn’t make him a bad person at all.My prayers are with you and your family and the Haim family too.We Love you both and may God be with at this time in your life.

  46. thats a lovely letter corey. you had me in tears. I cant beleive he’s gone😦

  47. beautifully written C….. I still have you all in my prayers and thoughts.

  48. Beautiful letter. I know how hard it must be to lose a friend of 20+ years. I never had the honor to meet the great Corey Haim. I know that I did not know him Personally, but I am truly hurt and broken by his loss. I feel like I have known him my whole life. If Corey Feldman ever has the time to actually read this reply, I just want to say to you that ” I would give anyhting to have a true friend who cared for me as much as you did for Corey” Thank you for helping to keep him around as long as you did. Your movies such as Lost Boys and Stand By Me has always took me to my own special place. I just want to say sorry for your loss, and thank you for the effect that both of you have had on my life. James Conley

  49. Hi Corey… I hope you’re doing okay today. I also hope you find some quiet time to grieve for your loss. The hundreds of messages you’ve been receiving must be overwhelming but they’re solid proof that the level of support – from people near and far, from friends, fans, and complete strangers – is immense. Our thoughts are with you and the Haims today and in the coming weeks.

  50. i am still waiting for someone to tell me that this is all a bad dream and that none of this is really happening.😦 I will always be a “corey”.. seeing that i married a Corey and that is my last name now so in a crazy wierd kinda way and now that i have that tattooed on my body i am FOREVER a corey ….And i hope corey feldman if you see this post you can reply so i know that you do see ppls posts. i didnt know if you had “other” ppl comment for you or what? so with all that said.. thanks for the memories.. my heart still skips a beat when i think of “the two coreys”. i am so crushed..devastated… i can only imagine what you must be feeling.. my heart goes out to corey haim’s family.
    Much love,
    M. Corey

  51. Absolutely beautiful Corey.. He knew you loved him and he loved you also.. A bond like the one you two have will never be broken..I to hope he is finally at peace.. I hope he knows he was and IS loved.. He is greatly missed.. Much love and respect, Tonya

  52. Good vibes your way Cory.
    Peace,Love, and Happiness.❤

  53. When I read this letter, it made me cry. I had always dreamed of meeting Corey Haim someday, now that dream is gone. He was too young to go but I do hope that he is in peace! He will be missed by so many people!! I still remember all of the one-liners he used in his movies and they make me smile. Corey (Feldman), you wrote a beautiful letter and I am sure that Corey would appreciate every word of it. Take care and always remember the good times the two of you shared!!


    ~ a fan that cares ~

  54. corey although we (the fans) don’t know you personally or corey haim .. we all feel your pain .. not the pain you are feeling but a deep sadness for your loss. take the time you have to grieve . . the media can wait until you are ready to talk. you need the time to think and reflect on your friend and what he really meant to you. Cherish the memories whether good or bad. Peace be with you and the strength you will need to get through this somehow in one piece. Corey H loved you and you loved him.
    He is with you in your heart whether you are at his funeral or not .. he is beside you every step of the way. you will know he is there you will feel his presence whether you are religious or not .. Be strong, cry if you have to .. his arms are around you and he will hold you up when you start to come down. : )

  55. I read this sitting in my office, trying to work; it brings me to tears. I’ve been consumed with this for days, though I never knew him, the personality we did see seemed to me to be a very real person who was as vulnerable as the rest of us, always looking for genuine love that he could never quite hold on to.

    I really do hope he is at peace and knows how loved he was and still is.

    You remain a good friend – I love you both, and I will never forget him.


  56. I love you always and forever && I think of you each day. But now you can rest peacefully, spread your wings and fly away.. R.I.P❤

    • Corey,

      Thank you for sharing this letter. My heart is broken as well over his death. There are many people who loved Corey and will always remember him for who he truely was. Regardless of his troubles, I am sure he was a great guy. My heart goes out to you and his family in this difficult time.

      Corey, I hope you are finally at peace. I love you always and you will forever be in my heart!

    • Corey,
      First let me tell you what an amazing friend you are to your brother. I know how hard it is to loose a close family member. When I was 21 my brother, whom I loved more than anything got killed in a car wreck. He was bright, funny, loving, hateful, stubborn, brilliant and he was an addict. So many times I saved him before when he would call and say come get me sissy I need a ride home or come get me Im hungry and I cant drive. No matter where I was, I would stop what I was doing, or what time it was I would be there. I often wonder what would have happened if he just would have called me. I know that I cant ponder on that now. I couldnt be his savior that time as much as it hurts to say it. My point is that you couldnt be Corey’s savior. You can love him, hate him, laugh at him or cry for him and Im sure he would tell you that youve done enough and he loves you just the same. My heart breaks for you even though I dont know you. I hope that one day your greiving will end. It does happen. Once it does you can remember him with a smile on your face and laughter in your heart instead of tears in your eyes and a shallow empty ache in your chest. Corey’s energy is still among you, ever present in all things you do. Keep his memory positive and his tru life’s legacy will follow. You are now his keeper. I give you my sincerest regrets for your tragedy and Im wishes for brighter days for you and your family.

    • Wow man what a beautiful letter…Sorry for the loss of your best friend…my heart goes out to u and his family in this difficult time…RIP Corey Ian…u will be forever LOVED and MISSED…

      one of your many fans th
      suffolk va

    • CF: I am at a loss for words..I am sure you have herd everything from I am sorry to is there anything you need…So for me to only say that would be redundant my heart goes out to you..CH:All I have to give is my gratitude for your up beat personality..your wonderful Art in acting you shared with the world..I think of you always and I so badly wish you could have seen how much this world loves you..I will see you in my dreams..may you find your peace and happiness…you will always be missed and always be loved!!


    • I would like to give my deepest condolensces to the Haim family and the Feldman family! I just wanna share my moments that were just through a tv however what i learned and what Corey Haim meant to me. The first thing i would like to say is whenever you put on a Corey movie it always made you feel good . It always puts me in a comfort zone. Growing up in the 80’s with a large family and a generation of older siblings we were always around the tube watching a “Corey movie” From Lucas to Blown Away. Putting on a Corey movie to me as a youngster made me want to be old, older than i was. It always made me fantasize about getting older and wow.. I cant wait to get my “License to Drive”. yet when the day came you were driving all of your friends around who didnt have cars just like the movie ! Corey was an excellent actor! I think when you define the 80’s all that you have to do is throw in “Lost Boys” or anyone of his great movies and you will understand what being around in the 80’s meant. It was such a great time. Also when you think about Corey you will automatically put Corey Haim and Corey Feldaman together. why? Ill tell you. first of all there was such a connection with the both of them that you actually felt a good presence on and off the set. In alot of there work they were each others right hand mans and best friends. I can say that growing up accustom to one another that made you believe in there chemistry which made the acting so damn good. Growing up every person wants say they had a right hand person. One that shared great times, One to say we had our first of this together, we shared girls, WE Had A Great time as friends. Things change. When i first heard of the reality show the two coreys i was stoked. As i later watched the show i can honestly say it made me cry of such heart that Corey was going through. Not every two people are the same. Some do things different ways. While some friends grow some friends realize it was so damn good at a young age. We had such an awesome time. And i know what Corey F was going through. It was a different part of his life for him as maturing. It made me cry and realize how precious our lives are and what our friends do for us is for the best interest for us. I felt his pain because I grew up with a friend of mine from a kid, we also shared the same name which is ironic. I ended up being diagnosed with bi polar and there is nothing my friend wouldnt do for me during time of healing. Such a great friend just like Corey Feldman. As years gone by we have grown apart. This doesnt mean we are not friends. it just means we have to re live certain parts of our lives alone for a bit to rekindle our friendships. But i felt such sorrow from the tv show. i understood where he was coming from. And wanting to go back to the wild times we shared . But it is now time to move forward to reinvent ourselves to the next chapter.
      R.I.P Corey Ian Haim. god bless you always and thank you for your great work!

      My deepest sympathetic sorrows to Corey Feldman and his family and to all of his Fans worldwide.

      Corey Feldman keep doing your thing, you were a good friend and are A Great Artist. God bless
      Anthony Cee from Long Island

    • Hey Corey-

      This is my first visit to your site, so if I make a mistake (which I’ve been known to do!), I apologize in advance. I think the tribute you paid to your best friend was awesome. I’ve always loved watching you guys onscreen and I feel the tremendous loss, even though I’ve never personally met either of you. I’m two years older than you guys, so I grew up with you, I suppose you could say. Sadly, I too, have lost friends to tragedy. It’s something that just leaves this void in your life. I pray that you and Corey’s family will find peace and I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s a loss for his fans, but that doesn’t come anywhere even in the vicinity of what all of you are going through. But I know his memory will live on through his movies, his family and his friends. I read an article today and I thought you made a very good observation…When someone dies, people come out of the woodwork talking about what a “great person” they were or what a “great guy” they were, etc., etc. But where were they when he needed them most? The stupid paparazzi brings up the bad things about his life. They “speculate” and judge someone when they really don’t have a clue about the situation. One thing I have NEVER envied for anyone who is famous is the fact that the spotlight is always on you. You have no privacy and it’s like you don’t even have any rights as a person. I just can’t imagine how that affects any of you. And believe me when I tell you that I would be one of those gals that punches a photographer when they got too close to me or my family! LOL No one has the right to meddle in one’s personal business. I know, I digress! But the point I am making is simply this…whatever “faults” Corey had, I believe he was a good guy. And even if he weren’t, it’s just plain “tacky” to bring up one’s past when they are no longer here to defend themselves. I’m sure I will think about him for the rest of my life and always wonder “what if”…You were a good friend to him and he knew that. That’s the greatest gift a person can ever give to another person. Don’t forget that. And I hope that you won’t have any guilt over this. None of us really knows what happened and we may never know…Maybe his history with substance abuse had a hand in it somehow, but I think it’s simply irresponsible that people assume the cause without the facts. And until they get all of the tests back, it should not even be talked about, in my opinion. Anyway, I wish you the very best. Sorry for the ranting…I just don’t think much of the media…LOL

      God bless! And R.I.P. C.H.

    • All I can say is “Consider yourself huggggged”! I am sooooo sorry for your loss…

    • HI COREY

    • Thank you for sharing that. You and Corey inspired me at such a young age…my heart goes out to you and Corey’s family/friends. He meant so much to me and I will certainly never forget him. I am still in disbelief so I can’t imagine how much so you might be. I’ll always remember him for his spirit and genuine soul. He never stopped doing what he loved most and pushed to give himself to film no matter what people said about him. I am so sorry that he had to live with the most challenging disease ever, so sorry that it ran him down.

      When I was young I would address to my diary as “Dear Coreys…”. Ha. Thank you for creating a partnership that brought me so much excitement. You still interest me very much to this day. Thank you both for being a big part of my life. I’m so glad that Corey left so many ways to remember him by. I have always wanted so badly to meet him, I’m sad that the chance is now taken away. I also wish that I could give you a hug; hopefully you are getting plenty of that from those who love you.

      Forever – Brooke C., St. Louis

    • I just wanted to commend you on sharing this letter with everyone since it is so personal and it is never easy expressing ones self to the world. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother Corey Haim he was an amazingly talented person with so much more to offer the world just so sad he was taken way to soon. I never knew him personally like you and I can’t even imagine the hurt in your heart right now I just want you to know that he will always be with you and that will never change. you two showed everyone what a true friendship is and should be I love both of you for that and if everyone was to stop and look around every once in awhile maybe they could see that no one is ever to busy to have a friend. Corey will forever live in my heart and memories I’m just glad I got to grow up in the world of Corey Haim and you. your an amazing person and an amazing friend I only wish more of us had friends like you a true friend no matter what. God Bless you Corey keep strong I love you and God Bless Corey Haim who I hope has finally found peace.

  57. Corey, thank you for writing this. It wasnt easy to read, as i am sure it wasnt easy to write. I couldnt stop crying. I know of this emptiness you feel. Wanting to pick up the phone and share a moment with someone close. Time will heal. It wont be easy, but trust me when i say it will get easier.
    He will forever be my Haim man, even though i never met him. I stayed home today and lit a candle in front of a picture of him, instead of standing outside the funeral home as i really wanted to. I respect Corey H too much to to invade his families privacy. I cannot imagine how his parents must feel. Noone should ever have to attend their childs funeral.
    Hugs to you. and please send my love to Corey’s family for me.

  58. No words, just big big hugs ((((Corey)))) xxxx

  59. Corey,

    Your letter made me burst out into tears.
    I honestly have no words to say, because
    I know I am not even close to feeling half of the loss of Corey
    Haim, the way you are at this time, because I am just a fan.

    Your words are beautiful, your friendship was beautiful,
    and Corey will always be with you. He is able to see
    the whole picture now. He knows how much love people have for him,
    and he can see the world mourning over him. I’m sure he wouldn’t want it that way.
    He wouldn’t want you to be sad. You are such a strong person, but you do need your time to grieve. Writing that letter, I’m sure, was a beautiful way of giving yourself closure, and comfort. The Media is a Disgusting game. It really is unfortunate that Corey is now acknowledged….now that it’s too late. It’s such a shame.

    Well, as I’m wiping the tears away from my face, I just want to say that
    all of my love, my positive vibes, and prayers are with you today, on this somber
    day of Goodbye….and always.

    -Your Friend,

  60. Dear Corey,

    This is such a touching yet heartbreaking letter. All our love goes out to the amazing Corey Haim on this sad day. We can’t believe he has gone. He will be in our hearts and minds forever, and I’m positive he will be looking down and protecting you forever more.

    We love you,

    Nic and Dru xxxxx

  61. Well said Corey. My heart to yours. Thank you for sharing with us, so much of you.

  62. Corey Haim – Always, always you will be in our hearts!

  63. Corey, I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend. I never met you, and the Corey Haim I knew was from childhood, before he was famous to the world. You would have been pleased at the simplicity of the service as it was quiet, and for the most part the media kept their distance at the fence line. Thank-you for being so humble during what is obviously a very difficult time for the family. I am sure that you are aware that there is a new bundle of joy at the end of this seemingly tragic time. It surely is meant to bring peace to all.

    • Thank you for your post. I’m sorry for your loss.. Its nice to hear from people who knew him. When you say bundle of Joy, I certainly hope he may have a child…

  64. My heart weeps with you, and my greatest sympathies in this time of sorry. Like you had said this is now time to be a celebration of life and remembrance – oh yah and rock out too.

    RIP Corey Haim you will be missed.

  65. I am so sorry you are hurting so much, Corey. There really is nothing any of us can say to make it better. Many of us have lost people close to us and we know. A spirit like Corey Haim’s could never really die. And I am sure he will always look out for you and try to help you from the other side. The people we love and lose, they never really go away.

  66. Very warm letter. But truth be told, you really should have been there to give Corey Haim’s mother and father support.

    • True he should’ve been there, but it’s understandable why he couldn’t cause the stupid press would’ve been there. They have no respect for ppl in their time of grief sometimes.

  67. Corey: What a beautiful letter to your friend. I grew up watching both of you. I know he is in a better place and is now watching over you. Please take comfort that both of you have millions of fans that love you and are mourning with you.

  68. I am intensely touched by your sincere words to your friend. We are sorry for his passing and loved him too! He was such a fond memory of our youth. Why didn’t he know?
    I am sure that beautiful Corey Haim has found the peace he was seeking.
    Corey Feldman, he was very lucky to have you as a best friend.
    Our prayers are with all of CH’s loved ones.

    Forever, an 80’s girl

  69. Corey,
    I must admit I almost felt like I was intruding on a very personal and intimate moment, when I was reading that. That was the most beautiful and heartfelt message I have read in my entire life. I am honored to have been able to read that, and catch a tiny glimpse of the internal bond that the 2 of you shared not only as friends, but as family. I agree that it would have been awesome if the amount of people that are posting and voicing their feelings for him would have been there for him in his life. Granted there were quite a few of us that have been their by his side, but the amount there are now is astronomical. I hate the way the media is not only treating him and his memory, but you, his Mom, and everyone else that might have spent any amount of time with him. They are trying to make it into a Three Ring Circus, without remembering that he was not just an actor, but also a person,son,brother,uncle and friend. Why is it that people in general believe that once someone becomes famous, that the person is automatically fair game for any and all ridicule. That it is okay to say and do anything they want, to celebrities. I just don’t get it. Why is the world so determined to celebrate when people fall, esp. celebrities?? Instead of embracing our brother/sister and helping them get back on their feet. I applaud you for being a decent human and doing what you could to help him. I have to believe that you knew your limits and stepped away, only when it started to jeopardize your own well being. I think the best thing you can do for Corey and his memory is to keep on living and being the best man you can.
    I know that you will do your best to Honor him at the memorial you plan for him. I truly wish I could be there in person. Not only to join with the other people that loved and adored him, but also to stand by your side in support.
    My heart truly aches for you, your family, The Haim Family, all of his friends, and the thousands of Fans you both have who’s hearts are broken by this tragic event.
    Please know My prayers are with you and I honestly hope that you rise above all of this and truly shine as the awesome talent you are again.
    All my Love,
    Carla G.

  70. Your letter has me bawling. Corey is loved and will continued to be loved. Please keep us informed on his memorial. Many hugs to you!

  71. Mr. Feldman you seem like a true friend of Corey Haim. I am sorry that your friend has passed. When my mother passed away it didn’t fully sink in what happened to her until about 6 months after she was gone and then it hit me. My mother died of something related to prescription drugs. We don’t know if Corey died due to prescription drugs or not but it is something he had a problem with and may have been connected to his passing. Many drugs prescribed by doctors are killing lots of people. I dislike all drugs and think all drug use is bad but I especially am disgusted with many of these painkillers and psychiatric drugs prescribed to people because they are prescribed by people we are told to trust and then those drugs end up killing people.

    One of the things I advise people to do is to get into physical activity. I’m not talking about being fanatic athletes or anything but if people got daily exercise and fresh air maybe they would feel less inclined to use drugs. When people exercise their body produces chemicals that create a natural high and the chemcals produced by the body also reduce physical pain. Painkiller drugs people buy are very dangerous and I advise people to not use them.

  72. Hi Corey,

    This is a very beautiful letter to your Brother, stay strong. I can’t even imagine how you feel, I am the same age and have been best friends with my BFF for as long as you and Corey and I can’t even imagine how I would feel if I lost her. I am from Toronto like Haim and loved you guys back in the day, I’m just in total shock. I know you don’t know me but my heart is broken for you and my thoughts are with you alongside Corey’s family.

    R.I.P Corey Haim.

  73. OMG! Nicely written. I am sitting here reading your letter to you best friend crying like a fool. So many people did love him. I remember my BF and I in 8th grade just being SO TOTALLY in love with him. So sad how things turned out. I just hope Corey is at peace now watching over his mother from heaven.

  74. Corey,
    That was a beautiful letter that you wrote. It got me a bit tears. I am sure that Corey appreciated that you reach your heart out to him, even you didn’t attend to his funeral. He understands how difficult it is since you two are extremilly close. Just remember good times you guys had and he is watching you from heaven every moment. He was very very lucky to have someone who is always by his side, esp with the same name! =) Take care of yourself! Aloha!

  75. I too felt like I was intruding on a perfectly private conversation between you and your friend. I am so sorry Corey is gone. He will not be forgotten by those who truly loved him.

    Mr. Feldmen, you owe no appologies. You celebrate your friend’s life and mourn his passing the way YOU need to. Throughout your lives, you were there when he needed you, however you could be. Change nothing with his passing, love him like always. Hold him dear and remember everything.

    I don’t know you, and likely never will. I am a fan. Like many of your readers. I mourn Corey Haim the actor, and you mourn him your brother from another mother. My heart breaks for you.

    I wish you peace and light. Never forget.

  76. Beautifully said…

  77. Mr. Feldman, I have to agree with the other’s your letter is so touching. I too grew up watching the two of you. My heart breaks to think there is no longer the two Corey’s. May God Bless you and Corey’s family during this time, and I hope that Corey has peace now. You were/are such a great friend to Corey and I hope you get your chance to grieve. Love and sympathy.

  78. The 11 yr old girl in me is crushed at the loss of Corey Haim….the mother in me is heartbroken for the pain his mother is in…and the best friend in me, knows the pain of loosing a best friend to addiction. I hope his friends and family find peace…but I know its a horrible hard road!

  79. Corey, that is the best letter that anyone can write to a dear and close friend. If I knew him personally and was his friend since childhood, I would have said the same thing.

  80. I just have to say your letter rocked. It was beutiful. It said so much about your best buddy Corey and the kind of love you both shared. I watched “the two corey’s” and soon realized you were a very special friend trying to help your bud find his way. Sometimes you may have felt Corey was not winning the battle and had to walked away, but even still you would have been there had he called. Its so hard watching someone you love fall again and again. Corey was at the best place in his life making movies and taking care of his Mom. Corey was a good guy. He will always be remembered as a great Canadian actor. I know the memorial you plan will be an awesome celebration of Corey’s life. Since thats what friends do. Keep your chin up.

  81. All i can say is i was a big fan of Corey Haim and even though i didn’t know him on a personal level other than being a famous actor, entertainer i truly always just loved him so and my heart was brocken the moment i heard onto now, I don’t know if Corey Haim believed in GOD or what his religion prefrence was but i aM A TRUE BELIEVER IN CHRIST JESUS and i will pray tonight on my bend and knee for the lord to open up the gates to heaven and let u in Corey..I Luv U always and forever n will never forget you n will always cherish my movie collections of you (Liscence to drive, lost boys, many more, GOD is a forgiving GOD n knows what u went through n how hard it is to break bad habits for me for you for everyone (who ever gave them the right to cast stones on u or name is beyond me) but we all fall short in the glory of GOD PERIOD. I will b praying n i know with faith im not alone..Rest peacefully my Angel, ur legacy will live on forever n ever..Hey give Micheal Jackson a hug for me n Farrah F

  82. Corey,
    So sad a day this must be for you. I know many people have said, “sorry for your loss”. Those words must be little comfort for the pain you must feel and how your heart must be breaking. I know you must have wanted to go to Corey’s funeral and you are so right that the media would have made a circus out of it. In time, hopefully your heart be able to accept the loss. Now that he had been laid to rest you will be mourn in peace. I hope what comes from his death is that people learn to not accept a society in which we kick people when they are down, allowing them to kill someone’s spirit.
    I am a 36 year old teacher and have always been a fan of the two of you. When I watched the two of you a couple years ago in “The Two Corey’s” is was nice to see the way you two interacted. The two of you were so funny together and really best of friends. A real friend you were to him, not always accepting what he did, but always trying to help improve his life and make him happy. In the end I believe that we all meet our maker, the people that go through life treating people the right way must find happiness in eternity. May you have time to mourn and Thank God you have love from your beautiful wife and son.
    Corey Haim will live forever in the hearts.

  83. beautiful letter. you’re a true friend

  84. My prayers and condolences to you Corey.
    I have been a fan of both of you for over 20 years.
    It all seems sur-real.
    Corey is in a better place now, no more pain and heartache.
    WE will all see him again on the other side.
    Take care Feldawg.
    Yours truly

  85. I lost my Mom this time last year…your letter to your friend exactly expressed the way I felt and still feel to the letter. There are no words to console…I am only sending warmest wishes that you can be strong and maybe go on and have the kind of life that you both wanted…in his memory. Take Care.

  86. Hey Corey,

    Hang in there. I speak from experience when I say that as time passes and your grief changes form that you will come out of this on the other side. It’s hard to believe. Now you’re not even used to the reality that his physical body is no longer here. I myself lost my mother suddenly and tragically last year after she’d fought her own addictions. Even today I still pick up the phone to call my mom because for a brief moment I’ve forgotten that she was gone. My heart has healed such that I can breathe better now.

    There will be a day when that is true for you too.

    Until then, keep breathing and putting one foot in front of the other. Eat when you can even though you’re not hungry. Sleep when you can even though all you do is see him. Corey would want you to take care of yourself.

    Peace and blessings. I’ve asked my mom to meet him at the gates of heaven so he’ll have a friend.

    Let me know if I can be of any help.

  87. I wish there was something profound that I could say that would help ease the pain, but there isn’t. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I am sending strength and prayers to you and CH’s family.
    Thank you for sharing your letter – it is beautiful. There was a bond that the 2 of you shared that was pure and joyful. May the memories of your dear friend help you, support you and guide you through the tough times. You were both very lucky to have each other…

  88. corey feledman thank you for being corey haims friend=Ijustfirstoffwould like to say, that I was quite surprised atthecommentsthat camefrom celebrities , like melissa gilbert, andothers.I’mamazed thatthey made comments. Where were they when corywasintrouble and notsuccessful and lost all his money. I didn’tseeoneof them helpinghim or even being his friend. you allsteppedawayfrom him when hewas really bad and needed a friend and notoneofyou reached out tohim, except for corey feldman who washistruefriend. I just want youall to know that you celebritiesthinkyouhave it made with makingmoney and your movies and youthinkyou’rebetter than everyone. butyou’re not in God’s eyes and onedayyouwill have to face Him alone,and you won’t be able to takeyourmoneyand your fancy cars with you.Hollywood celebrities you oughttobeashamed of yourselves for notbeing there for one of yourfellowactors. well any ways god blessyou corey feldman —– I seeyour smile of the past You would always make us laugh Life was forever free And you were all you could be Then came time There were burdens to shareSadly those you could not bearDeep within your mind you wentYou became not who you truly were Life became darkThe the drugd and drinking and partying took over youYour eyes filled with tearsThe pain was foreverThe memories of the past are clearAnd when we see tomorrowYou will be nowhere nearWhen we look for your smileAll we see is the sorrow But what has happened has brought fans and friends closer to youThe memories of your life will always live onWith the sparkle in your eyes And a smile on your faceIn our hearts you have filled a special placeSo when we think of you We will forever reflect backTo who you once were a fine actor. =warner= wb635@hotmail.com

  89. Hi Corey
    Hope your doing okay, I know how it feels when the phone stops ringing because they have gone. I have a web page where I blog on Hollywood, and wrote a piece on you on Monday.
    Here is the story:
    Corey Feldman had already made over 100 TV commercials and starred in over 50 TV shows before he was cast in his first major film role at age 13, the first film of 15 number ones in a row, each one grossing more than $50 million.
    These included The Goonies, Gremlins and Stand By Me with River Phoenix. But his most famous teaming came with Corey Haim, they made three films together The Lost Boys, License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream. They became known as The Two Corey’s and for a short time had their own reality TV show, but there was more to their friendship than what we saw in their movies.

    Corey Feldman was a star before Corey Haim, his face was on the cover of every heartthrob magazine in the 80’s the girls were crazy for him.
    One day Feldman noticed he was sharing magazine space with some kid also named Corey and this new Corey was also taking jobs that Feldman was certain he had in the bag.
    Naturally Hollywood could see that taking these two pinup boys and teaming them in a movie would bring in the cash, what they didn’t realise was that these two boys, these two teens would form a bond that would make them as thick as thieves, best friends, soul mates.

    Corey Feldman has had his fair share of drug problems. After the two Corey’s careers ended in the late 1980’s Feldman managed to
    get clean and stay clean but the same could not be said of his friend Corey Haim, who was a slave to his dependency, but still Feldman’s friendship and support never wavered.

    Feldman spoke to Larry King the day Corey Haim died.
    “We all are aware of the fact that Corey Haim has had a long and detailed drug history and — and battled addiction for many, many years. I know it better than anybody because I’ve been the guy stuffing charcoal down his throat when he was O.D.ing. I’ve been the guy trying to make him, you know, stand up or — or say a complete sentence. I’ve been there with him through it many, many times. And it — it’s happened very badly and very intensely through the years on many occasions.

    Feldman spoke of Haim’s loyalty to him as well: “– he’s the only person in my life that could really make me laugh — laugh to the point of tears. And we would just get into it. I mean, just three weeks ago — just three weeks ago, I sat at his apartment with him and we were talking about my divorce, of all things.
    And — and he was talking about my ex-wife and I was talking about her. And we started talking about, hey, wouldn’t this be a great idea to have a third season “The Two Coreys?” We can have you move back in with me and, you know, and now my wife is out and you’re in and this is what everybody wanted to see, was the two of us living together in a house. And we riffed on it for probably an hour, to the point where we were both on the floor rolling around laughing.”

    Corey Feldman spoke beautifully of his friend, I got the impression that Feldman is an old, kind soul, a caring understanding guy, who does not judge others but loves them for who they are. I also thought how hard this must be, he has lost Corey Haim and only last year lost good friend Michael Jackson and then he said it.
    “ I went through a very hard year last year. I lost Michael. I lost my grandfather. I lost like seven people that were close to me in my life.”

    All in all Corey Feldman is a very classy guy, a humanitarian, a vegetarian, who speaks the truth and it seems would give you the shirt off his back. Feldman has been able to escape his demons he has a five year old son Zen from his second marriage and is working regularly.
    Now with the death of his friend, Feldman will get on with his life as the only Corey, but there is no doubt in my mind that Corey Haim will be watching him from somewhere.
    I don’t know a whole lot about death but I do know a bond like this is not easily broken, and Corey will always feel the presence of a friend he never gave up on. Feldman is a classic example of the type of friend we all hope for in life, a friend who will be there no matter what the circumstances, no matter if he has to abandon his own life for a while.
    I wish you everything beautiful Corey, so sorry I have to write this under these circumstances, but you impressed me in a way that compels me to share it with the world. Always remember, no matter what happens, they cant take any of it away from you, its history now and history cannot be changed.

    This is the truth as I see it, your a really classy guy, you deserve everything wonderful in life. I live in Australia, and even from all the way down here I send you love.
    Brooke Kelly

  90. corey feledman im home with god,
    while you’re still here…
    Know that I live on,
    vibrating to a different measure
    –behind a thin veil you cannot see through.
    You will not see me,
    so you must have faith.
    I wait for the time when we can soar together again,
    –both aware of each other.
    Until then, live your life to its fullest.
    And when you need me,
    Just whisper my name in your heart,
    …I will be there. god bless you dude your friend warner —my e mail is wb635@hotmail.com if you ever need a friend

  91. corey Do not stand at my grave and weep;
    I am not there, I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow.
    I am the diamond glints on snow.
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
    I am the gentle autumn rain.

    When you awaken in the morning’s hush
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circled flight.
    I am the soft stars that shine at night.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry;
    I am not there, I did not die i live forever.

  92. I was very saddened at the news of his passing. Words can never express the sorrow and pain in the loss of a close friend or family member. My heart goes out to you Mr. Feldman. He will never be forgotten as his memory lives on, on the big and the small screen.

  93. Hey Corey – I am also a summer 1971 birthday & always felt a connection to both you & Haim. You guys always put a smile on my face when I saw you guys together. I would always think how you two would be so fun to be around & laugh with. You guys remind me of the friends I had in school. I feel as if I’ve lost an old school friend & reading your letter, that just backs it up. I am sad for your loss & I am mad that this had to happen to such a nice guy. He truly seemed like a nice, funny and good guy!!! I just hate that this happend & hate that these things happen to so many good people. Again, I am sorry for your loss and sorry for all the crap you are going to have to deal with. We all wish we could be movie stars when we are younger – but there is such a price to pay & so much to deal with. You seem to handle everything as best as you can & do the right thing. Stay strong & remember that there are normal people out there pulling for you guys!!! Peace Out Corey Feldman!!! =)

  94. This is long overdue.

    Corey, you wouldn’t know me from Adam, but you were an integral part of my youth. Of course, you have heard all this before…As I grew into an adult, attended college, etc…I ran headlong into life. I always remained a fan of your work, as well as Corey Haim’s.

    I am sitting here fumbling over this response because I feel lost…numb. I don’t know you or Corey Haim, but years of my life was consumed with photos, movies, etc…I am 34 now. I admit that I stopped wallpapering my room with your photos when I started college, but I still followed your work and Corey’s as well.

    I remember watching the Lost Boys 2 last year, when I was living in England, and feeling so happy that you were still making movies that I could enjoy. Thank you for that. Many others were lost along the bunny trail, but, thankfully, you still have that kick-ass spark you always had!

    I am fumbling here because a part of me thinks that I shouldn’t write anything at all. I don’t have the right to intrude.

    I am sad and angry that I, as well as the rest of the world, have lost that possibility with Corey Haim.

    It’s more than just movies and admiration for me right now though. You worked so hard to give Corey the guidance and stability that he needed.

    You never stopped caring. It’s hard to always be there…It’s a lot easier to walk away and shut down, even if for mere purposes of self preservation. That wasn’t your style though. Be proud of yourself, Corey.

    Corey, you have handled this horrendous situation with complete grace and respect.

    Thank you.

  95. Hello there. I’m writing to express my deepest condolences to you at this very sad time in your life. You were both a part of my childhood and therefore a part of my life. When I heard the news I cried so very much and still am. I’ve spent my time over the last few days watching films, clips, reading and thinking a whole lot. We didn’t have the two corey’s show over here in the UK that I was aware of, so I watched some on the tube. The episode where you both went to a hypnotherapy session had me in stitches, and also when Corey ordered a pizza and made a comment about the Queen Vegetarian, he was incredibly funny and he offered a great remedy to the status quo and sameness in most folks you see. The episode where you sang a song was very moving and so full of beauty:) I lit a candle for him today and I prayed for him, just keep sending out your beautiful energy to him Corey — he will receive it:) It’s so clear to me you both loved each other so very dearly, I watched one clip – a recent one where you were both out for an evening and the guy commented about you being friends..you said Always and Corey said Forever — those words together always forever made me smile, it’s rare to have a friend who knows you this way. God Bless you Corey x 2:) God love you, God give you strength…..sending you my love at this time. ((((((HUGS YOU))))))))))))))))))))

  96. Corey haim , you will be missed dearly . I’m so heartbroken that your gone , but your in a better place . i love love love you so much❤ and corey feldman i know it mustve been so hard to get down your feelings but your man enough to do so , so i send my condolences to you as well .❤ R.i.p corey ian haim

  97. Wow!!! I started reading your letter thinking what a jackass to try to get some attention from his friends death. I have been glued to the tv and internet reading about Corey and I was thinking you were trying to get camera time by going on Larry King Live. But as I read your words I couldn’t help but think my god the love this man had for another is tremendous. I now see why you went on Larry King and I now understand why you are not at his funeral. My heart aches for you and each and everyone of the people who so deeply cared for Corey. I am just a fan. I am 33 years old now, I watched all of your movies growing up, I still tried to keep up with what you two were doing in life. I may have never met you or Corey in real life but I feel like I know you two. Please continue your loyalty and give him a memorial he would be proud of. Just a heart sick fan,Jamie Williams

    P.S. I bet he would just love the attention he is getting now, all of the magazine covers and Newspapers. I hate that he couldn’t achieve in life what he has in death; To be relevant again

  98. Beautiful letter and most everyone I know here in Toronto are so glad he is home where he belongs here in Toronto and finally at peace. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family today and the many friends who did attend his service.

  99. Wow, I nearly cried.
    I am a strong 42 year old man, but this whole thing has made me so sad.
    My baby daughter is named ‘Corey’ after both of you.
    Corey F., your pain is palpable to the whole world.
    I am so sorry.
    Vinny (and family)

  100. Rest in Peace until the last day Corey Haim. My hope is that you will stand in the judgment. And Corey Feldman, may you find the One true God while you are still among the living. God bless you for you letter to CH. rss

  101. feldman, that was so beautiful. corey would be so filled with love to see what you wrote.. it brought a chill through me to read your words of a broken heart.. i grew up watching you guys from your first movies.. to the show.. ” the 2 coreys” and as i loved watching you guys when i was young, i was so saddened to see corey and how he struggled so much. i could also see the pain in you trying so hard to help him .. i hope you have some peace in your heart as you try to rest tonight. corey will truely be missed and im sure youll do a wonderfu job on keeping his memory alive.

  102. Corey, you need a man of God in your life. desperados77777@aol

  103. Corey, this is a beautiful letter. You are in my prayers. I know how it is to love someone so much you don’t want to let go no matter how taxing it may be. You were a soldier for Corey, and there is no greater love than that. Know that your brother is safe at rest now and will always be with you. Take good care, Corey.

  104. Corey,
    What a touching letter to your dear brother and friend. Everyone has said everything I feel in my heart too. Just want to say that you are loved and my prayers are with u and all who are mourning Corey’s loss.

    Corey Haim, to say that you will forever be remembered and loved is an understatement. Rest in peace forever.

  105. I’m at a loss for words right now, there’s so much i want to say but can’t find a way to say all of it. I have never been more touched in my life than i was from reading your letter. If only everyone had someone in their lives like you’ll had eachother than this world would be a much better place. I can only say to stay strong. And no matter what anybody else says about anything thats going on or about the decisions you’re makeing; you know in your heart whats right and the people who truely care about you (even people like me who have never met you) will support you no matter what. And the rest of them have no business even shareing their opinion! I never met him but He reminded me a little of my mom. She had many issues but I didn’t realize something untill it was too late-she was stronger than I thought she was and out of everything, she never once asked anybody for help. She new what her problem was but she was determined to deal with it on her own. Sometimes it’s kinda bad cuz they could use it but I learned to respect her more because of how independent she was. He seemed to have so much love inside of him and I never saw him once ask for a handout and I can only say that from my experience when she died it kept me a little stronger because I held that piece of her with me. Same when my dad died. Just know you are in my thoughts along with his family and I will keep a piece of his strong spirit with me so I can try to be just a little bit stronger and wiser in life. Love and hugs to you and you should really take a trip to somewhere small, like I live in San Antonio, TX. I’m not suggesting here but a small place where you can get away for a bit and not have to worry about the stupid media. *Rest in Peace dear Corey Haim*

  106. I know how it can feei to loose a great friend to substance abuse (prescription or not) and depression. I feel so sad thinking about how you could possibly feeling right now, when there is nothing you can do to stop it. I had watched and tried to help my ex boyfriend in a similar circumstance, and still grieve to this very day after 6 years I still think about how I could have helped him, but it was impossible. It haunts me to this day. I could not do it alone, and friends and family were in denial of his downward spiral. I feel for you and my heart goes out to you. Do Not Weep For Me I am the birds that fly, I am the windflowers that blow in the gentle breeze. I am the stars that twinkle at night. I am free.
    At least Corey is in peace now. R.I.P

  107. Well said Corey. That had to be the best letter I ever read to a friend that had passed. My heart is with you and all the fans mourning this tragic loss of a wonderful soul. Corey Haim, I wish you were here. I know that you are in a better place. May you finally rest brother.

  108. Corey,

    I, along with all of your fans, am so, so proud of you and are here to stand by you. I cannot express how deeply saddened I am by the loss of Corey Haim, and therefore, I cannot even begin to imagine how you feel, but your strength has been inspiring and I know you will continue to inspire me in all your future endeavors, and I look forward to them greatly. Please know that you are loved. Sending so many positive thoughts and so much love
    your way.

    “All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses,
    And to die is different from what any one supposed, and luckier.”~ Walt Whitman


  109. Corey thank you for sharing your heart with us. My heart aches for you for I know what it is like to lose someone with many titles, best friend, brother, split apart is what our other friends called us. We on the other hand called ourselves whole when we together, and broken when we were apart. So believe me when I say, that in time the pain will lessen and instead of tears at the thought of your missing piece, a smile will come instead.

    I know that it may make you angry that “the world” is only now giving the attention to Corey that he has so deserved for so many years. But try to ignore the Media and look instead at all the other broken hearts that are pouring out their love for both of you. I was so excited to learn that he was making new films, and that you guys were going to be doing films together again. You say the dream is over. I don’t think so. Corey would want you to continue with your part of the dream, and play to that stand in for him, as you would if it were him in front of you on the set. Because even if his physical body isn’t on that set with you, his heart and soul will be there at your back just like he always has been. Make those movies, toss a frisbee around the set during breaks, hell smoke a cigarette if you want, but don’t stop now, just like you never stopped before.

    My love to you both forever, I will miss him too. If you want to know what helps get through this time, or at least what helped me, don’t hesitate for a second to reply.

    I too lit a candle at the news of Corey’s passing to help light his way home. It has burned since that tragic morning, tonight at sunset I will blow it out for by then his journey will have been completed and he will be home at peace and glowing with the love we all send to him forever. May God Bless and embrace and comfort you during this painful time.

    with love and understanding,

  110. Corey,

    Words cannot explain how I felt when I heard the news that morning…. I am so terribly sorry for the family’s loss and your loss of a best friend and brother… I myself lost my best friend/brother 6 months ago…. Its so very hard… I have been a major fan of Corey’s for many years… I never gave up on him at all… I always hoped one day that I would have met him… Such a fantastic actor and great guy… I hope hes looking down on us right now and seeing how many people do love and care about him…My heart goes out to you and his family…xoxo

    Ashley A.

  111. A very warm and touching letter. Thank you for sharing. I understand why you did not go to the funeral. His parents probably had enough media “attention” already, and so did you, as a matter of fact. Larry King must have been a hard thing to do. This kind of attention is not necessarily welcome when you lose a close friend or relative. Glad you are coping. Writing about it is a good way to cope.

    I am very sorry for your loss.
    Best from Fred

  112. R.I.P. Corey Haim!!! Great words he will be missed, i grew up watching you an haim and when i heard in the last few days have had to watch, dream a little dream, license to drive, lost boys and a solo of each with meatballs 4 an fast getaway… Thanks for all the memories of growing up watching you 2… an i have never no matter what missed one of either of your guys movies and will always love watching them

  113. Reading your letter made me feel sad. I feel bad for you because I know that you both were such great friends. I can’t begin to imagine how you must feel or for that matter what Corey Haim’s mother must feel losing her baby boy. He was my pre-teenage first major crush and I watched License to Drive a hundred times. (I use to wish I was Merecedes in that movie) I grew up watching both of you and you both are part of and always be part of my childhood. Corey, I really thought you should’ve been at CH’s funeral/memorial service. Who cares about the media/paparazzi! He was your best friend. You guys have so much history together. The media has won again because it was them who stopped you from attending your friend for life’s memorial service. I guess I was a little dissapointed that you would let them stop you from going and saying your good-bye’s in person. Corey, take care of yourself and stay strong… —One of your many fans—tc

  114. Wow Corey, you just made me cry. Again I am really sorry for your major loss. I did see a picture of his casket and it does not even seem real. I was pulling for this sweet guy for years. He was always one of my favorite people. Take care C-Dog

  115. Hello Corey,

    I’m only a fan from afar; the two of you are imprinted on my childhood—crush at first sight. Thank you for that. And thank you for the wonderful, lighthearted memories I can lay my hands on in an instant whenever I come across your images.

    Your pain is exquisite, authentic, contagious. Corey was clearly a sweet and sensitive soul who was trying to make it in this broken and cruel world; there’s nothing any of us wants more than to go back in time and fix everything for him. But know this, in your solitude: His soul is perfected…and he knows everything. He knows the depth and breadth of your love, he knows his life did matter to the thousands who’ve posted and the many thousands more who only linger in the darkness soaking up the sorrow of others. We’re a flawed bunch, all of us. Corey was broken, but no more broken than any of us. The most we can do is only love each other the best we can and forgive—each other and ourselves. You did that for him a thousand times over. Corey’s basking in the light of a million stars now; you will see him again, whole, healed, and at peace. I wish we could repair the hurt you and his family now feel; at the very least perhaps these messages from the world around you will serve as a salve.

    I believe in you. We all believe in you. Carry on; be kind; be well; love that little boy of yours like it’s all that matters in the world (it is, after all). Teach him to be kind to others and to love unconditionally. There’s no better homage to a true and worthy friend.

    You have taught us, too, to cherish the people around us, to be kinder, and to act as a positive—rather than negative—force in this world. Thank you.

    “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” (Rev 21:4)

    All the best,

  116. Eloquently and truly stated, Corey. The public needs you to help us deal with the grief over the loss of Corey and I hope you will be given the time to grieve as well. We are all holding our breath as the weight of reality falls on your shoulders to soothe the public as we grieve.

    This shows how loved Corey was and we never truly know how much we love someone until they are gone. I hope he’s looking down from heaven seeing all this love we have for him.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve for your best bud. ~ Cari

  117. When I heard the news of Corey Haim’s passing I just broke down. I am still crying to this day. He was a tremendous actor. I absolutely loved him I was hoping you guys would bring back the 2 Corey’s and see him in other things. Well He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you and his mom always.

    Hugs to you
    Erin S

  118. Corey, I just wanted to tell you what a great job you did on Larry King Live. I had no idea you were so well spoken. Especially in such a time of tradgedy you handles yourself so well. I’m so sorry for your loss. =( I grew up reading the teen magazines and watching the movies that you and Corey were always in and had crushes on both of you. It’s so sad, I feel like it’s the end of an era. Try and stay strong and remember your fans love you! Hang in there.

  119. Corey,

    Most importantly, my most sincere and deepest sympathies to you over the loss of your best friend. Never has there been words written or spoken to convey one’s empathy for another when a loved one passes or to express the level of sincerity intended. I shall not try for fear of sounding contrived.

    I want you to know that your rhetoric on Larry King was most likely the single most powerful set of words in your career. Of course, I’m talking about the segment where you posed the question regarding where were the people when Corey needed them the most. I can say with clear conscience that I DID attempt to reach out to him through a mutual friend, Bernie Robichaud. All I wanted to do was be a friend. The 3 of us are the same age and I am from Canada as well. I saw the pain and loneliness he was going through a long time ago. I thought that maybe someone from the outside looking in could prove to be beneficial. Sadly, communication was never established. This places a feeling of guilt deep within. I keep thinking there is SOMETHING I should do…but what could I do? I’m not a Hollywood celebrity with legions of fans and long arms of influence. Although I have been in the entertainment industry for most of my life, it has never been to the “A” list status. I’m a musician (drummer), voice talent, producer & DJ with 20 years of experience. If I knew I could contribute to your planned celebration of Corey’s life in LA, I would.

    In closing, all I can suggest to you is not to beat yourself up over Corey’s passing. We know he was troubled, he had his demons to fight and some may say that it was inevitable that he go out this way, this soon. Maybe nothing could have been done to prevent this. We’ll never know. At the very least, you have your memories of you and your best friend. No one can take that away. When you’re too far down, force one of those memories up. And you know what? You’ll find yourself smiling. That’s the spirit of Corey that will follow you forever.

    Your Canadian friend,
    Dr Talk

  120. Hey Corey,

    Great letter to your friend man! Thanks for sharing it. I’m sorry for your loss and you’re probably feeling that you have a huge deep hole all around you. It’s gonna be a tough time for you but you will see that the passing of time truly helps you to heal and things will seem better as each day passes. I don’t know what ended Corey’s life but I was glad to read that he was getting help with his addiction.

    Corey, You did everything possible to help your friend and I admire you for that. You stood by him when many people wouldn’t or couldn’t.

    It’s not easy to see someone you love have a drug addiction. I watched “The Two Coreys” and I could see that there was a real problem there and I’m actually glad the show was taken off the air because it was really painful to watch.

    I watched you on Larry King Live and you said that you were angry because more people should have stood by Corey and helped him etc. You’re probably right to feel that way. Some people just are so wrapped up in their own little world that they fail to show enough compassion for those around them. Others just don’t know how to handle problems like that.

    I’ve rambled on too much as it is. Try to cheer up and smile. I believe Corey is in a better place now and you guys will see each other again. God Bless you.


  121. Corey, Your blog brings me to tears as i can bearly keep myself together! :,(((, corey you and him had a special bond that nobody can take away thats what makes it so beautiful. And it is ashame that many came out after his death now…222 was a special meaning…as i hear…from certain people….enough said about that…(loving said way)

    I miss him dearly so so much corey :,( and i wana share something with you i dont know if your ever knew or maybe u might have had a clue.. my nick name i have (Ms.true Corey love) was in representation for both of u!

    *TRUE- As to my love for you guys would always be true no matter what the situation was. true to the fact that as i quote/part my best from you that said “Never give up on someone until…” well u know… and its to show i have never nor did i ever or will ever give up on both of u.

    *Corey- as obvious to both your names included but only making it obvious to both of u that…my love it true

    Last but not least *LOVE- A greater love i had for you guys that words cannot describe, that maybe no other human being can exactly understand every reason as to why my love was so true for u guys.. in representation of, faith, love, beauty, understanding, blessings, thankfulness.. just to name a few..

    I had many chances to meet corey the last time i saw him was in november and my moms passing was 3 days later he kept me sane… because my mom was still in the hospital at the time cor….But that night was beautiful i kid u not…the movie AMERICAN SUNSET was beautiful…he did great so great corey u must get the chance to see the movie when u can.

    Corey i wrote this for haim and id like to share it with u..ITS ALL MENT IN A POSITIVE WAY HONEY.. K… JUST LETTING U KNOW…

    ***You truly blessed, you gave and fought no matter were you ended up. Your heart and soul i viewed in your eyes and saw the truth you suffered inside. I prayed and prayed for god to bless the angel i knew was heaven sent. Not perfection or always right, but normal and learning one day at a time. The battles you fought, the paths that you walked, you were never alone, you had all of my love. I wanted to share, i wanted to tell that your beautiful soul was held in gods hands. An artistic soul with blessings to show, i knew god would cherish and never let go. You were one in a million, a child of god, that my faith grew for as time went on. I cherish the moments, i saw you over time, because god let me see the angel inside. Without you aware for the reasons i cared. I asked god to show you, i asked god to share. Will all miss your smile, will all miss your love, it was your time to bless heaven above. We havent lost you, we gained an angel, your memory and love will live forever. Your in our hearts, your in our souls, your beautiful spirit is free to go. Good bye for now, will see you again, will always remember the blessings you left.****

    Sweets please stay strong as i am trying to also… Hes with u ….and i respect the decision u made today…And remember that no matter what he loves u despite it all. God aloud u to make your peace before it was time. Im so proud of you and no matter what your friendship could never be torn despite it all. I knew god would not alow it maybe differences in opinions but i knew you would have never left him 100% your heart stayed with him despite how much it hurt you to see what was going on.. But you know that he was doing better then he had in a long time and i know it he had many things to look forward too. And now hes happy more then ever because his fear, pain and worries are gone. He is blessing us..i know it..so smile as hes right by you…you were his best friend, brother, partner in all. Your special connection will live on forever. And no matter whats coming hes by your side. Hes with u and zen. He would be proud after all you had accomplished stay strong honey


  122. I was such a huge fan a friend called me and woke me up before i saw it on the news. My sister and I always joked we were gonna marry you guys someday. All I can do now is tell you that we love you. We love you like we love him. MAKE MORE MOVIES, do it for both of you. The legacy is not over……

    Its been rough for you Corey. First Micheal and now Corey. Strangers hearts are breaking for you. Im sure it feels shallow, nobody can imagine your pain, but you are still one half of a legacy. Push all the pain deep down inside and turn into art that will make him proud.

    I am planning a trip to Los Angeles from the 25th to the 10th in hopes to attend his services. My first love, I wish we treated you better kid.Coreyfeldman, please hear me….. The media attention will go away… they will throw you guys away again but we, the fans, will ALWAYS love you.

  123. {{{{{{{Corey********}}}}}}} I just wanted to send you the love today to let you know that you are in my thoughts. Its always so very hard to lose someone so close. Corey was a radiant star and I think we as fans always hoped life would take a turn for the better and he would shine on us again. I am sorry that he did not feel or know the love his fans had for him, that breaks my heart. Because it was there..

    Corey Haim is the first celebrity death that has truly saddened me. I grew up with him, he wasnt much younger than myself. He brightened our lives in so many ways. Its a shame we were unable to realize how very much he needed us to brighten his life back. I sincerely think we the fans would have stepped up had we known.

    I think most of us fans respect a celebrity’s need for their private lives so dont always come forward to share the love, which is a shame…because clearly in this case, it could have made a huge difference in brightening the darkness in Corey’s life. I am so sorry we werent there for him when he needed us the most. Mostly, I am sorry the world appeared so cruel and unkind to Corey while he alive. That truly breaks my heart.

    I spent an entire night watching a marathon of episodes of “The 2 Coreys” on youtube in order to try to understand his addictions and demons. What I discovered, however, was how truly genuine he was. He had a lot of love to share and needed lots of love back. He was a good soul, who just lost his way for awhile. I really think he would have eventually found his way again. I am glad that he has finally found the peace that so escaped him most of his adult life.

    I have no idea why..but I seem to keep listening to Barbara Streisand’s “The Way we were” and think back on how much he touched our lives. Of course, I tear up remembering my youth, watching his movies and remembering him.

    Take care and just know we the fans do really care. RIP Corey Haim and more hugs to you Corey Feldman, my thoughts are definitely with you right now and I hope we the fans can make dealing with your grief a lil bit easier.

  124. I first saw Dream a Little Dream around 1989. I was looking for friends and searching for companionship. I would get depressed over my own best friend who left me back in high school and I was seeking my own out in the world. Dream a Little Dream is not a major production but who cares? When you have strong actors it doesn’t matter how bad production is. I found a real connection with the 2 Corey’s. Not the reality series, but the entity of friendship. They had the friendship I was always seeking in my own life. Haim and Feldman both had it. The magic.

    Rock on Feldman “KID”! You will forever be KID to me. I am so much like Haim, and you. I wish I could talk to you or email you to connect with you. There is so much that needs to be discovered. I will forever be curious to see, to know you and Haim to finally hit the big movies and see how your friendship would grow from there. He said, “We were cowboys.” You truly are a person I will always relate to real friendship in this world. How are you doing Feldman?
    How are you feeling?
    What do you do with all of this?
    Where is you’re wife? I heard she left you. Sorry to hear that!

  125. I grew up watching you and Haim. When I found out about Corey’s death, my first words were “Oh,no Corey…” with a sad, deep, long breath. I’m a sensitive soul so I tend to linger for days on this sadness. I began watching The Two Coreys and Googling various articles and info on Corey Haim. Everything about him began to unravel on me. Through watching and reading about Corey, I witnessed a beautiful man so full of pain and heartache. A man who barely had a chance to have peace with himself. What I also realized was that Corey Haim was a caring and soft hearted human being. He seemed to care so deeply for others that he also cared so much about what they thought of him. This part of his conscience would only end up hindering him along the way, yet he still persevered.

    I’ve been through drug addiction and I still struggle with everyday choices as we all do. I understand how hard it is to break the cycle of dependency. When you have lived as long as Corey had, after 20 years of hard partying, you have got to give yourself some credit. Not to mention he had the balls to step back into Hollywood after a long hiatus and still continue to work steadily! WOW! I have to say, GOOD FOR MR. HAIM!

    I don’t think any of us in this world give ouselves or each other enough credit! We are all beautiful and amazing beings! We are great just the way we are and we don’t have to be anyone else but ourselves. This is what I saw in Corey. He was great the way he was, but he was trying so hard to be something that simply did not exist. I wish he could have seen how wonderful he was. If anything Corey Haim deserves a SAG award for creating a honest, raw and sorrowful life story.

    My heart goes out to you Feldman! Take it easy and keep your head up! Haim loved ya too!


  126. In the words of Jack Lemmon, “Death ends a life, not a relationship.” Your friendship with Corey will always be, even in death.

  127. I’m sorry for your loss. As a huge fan of Haim’s I will work my magic and keep his legacy alive. I am getting a tattoo in his remembrance. I am very sorry.

  128. Like a lot of people, I woke up to a picture of Corey Haim taped to my wall just next to my pillow at the age of 14 . As a teenager I couldn’t imagine a better way to wake up each morning to his mouth opening smile grinning as I rubbed my eyes, with his piercing blue eyes looking at me as I woke, it made my day, a better day. As adults, it’s easily forgotten what challenges are upon us a teenager and the slightest wrong decision could effect the rest of our lives. At this age I could have quite easily ended up pregnant at the age of 16 or involved in criminal activities, however I didn’t because Corey Haim inspired me in many ways that he’d ever know. And I am so thankful for this as I have a beautiful daughter aged 7. I’m disappointed to read that he struggled and was tormented with drugs, but I understand why….as I believe that some of us are just born with addictive personalities and we spend the rest of our lives fighting the ongoing addictions. It’s easy for someone that doesn’t smoke, drink or take drugs to pass judgement on anyone who has done either. But with Corey Haim, what needs to be remembered is that he managed to get to rehab and he also managed to get his career back on track. Even though each day was a challenge he still carried on, moving in the right direction, making his mum proud. Please do not under estimate how much effort would have been involved in doing so. Be proud of him, not only of his achievements in the 80’s but his battle with each day. I’m glad he and corey feldman made the ‘two coreys’ as this gave ‘his fans’ (supporters) an insight to what he was like and not how the media decided to portray him. Deep down, I’m sure he was as lost as the rest of us. I was as devastated as the rest of you to hear the news and on Tuesday March 16th 2010 I was unable to think of anyone else whilst his burial commenced, Corey Haim will be missed by so many dearing family members, friends and fans. Its not about the headlines, he never needed it…He never needed a front page, many of us will remember him without it! He’s in our hearts, that’s all that matters… love always x

  129. As I read this, the tears came so hard and fast. At this time, I am watching my father dying. I have had the opportunity to say all the things I wanted, to share letters and let him know how much I love him. It made me realize how truly fortunate I am for this time — and how horrific your pain must be.

    I’m so sorry that your lifelong friend is gone. I found your Larry King appearance courageous and brilliant. I know that there are no words that can comfort you — but I do know that you have your very own guardian angel around you.

    Thank you for sharing yourself with us — and know that as we pray for Corey Haim and his family, you are also in those prayers and thoughts. Grief comes in its own time, in its own way. I hope you have someone will be there with you when that time comes.

    Keep your chin up and your heart will follow. And when the tears come, let them flow for all that you had with him, for all that he meant to you, for all the joy you and he shared. And when the anger comes, let it come out and do not let it turn inward.

    And always remember that you will always have him with you — because you carry him in your heart.

  130. I am dearly sorry for the loss of your friend. Fingerprints won’t fade from the lives you have touched Corey. I hope that you will be able to continue to spread the message of family, friendship, and love. It’s up to you now! God Bless!

  131. Thank You Corey Feldman for sharing your heart felt A LETTER FOR THE GRAVE with me. Realize we have seen you two grow up as children and you two had the most unique inseperable brother/best friend relationship on this planet. With so many lonely people in the world looking for what you and Corey Haim were able to find.
    I just love the two of you so much and really wanted it to work.
    I too am filled with tears. Corey Feldman you tried in every way and everything to help Corey Haim but some beautiful flowers just die way too soon. Please celebrate Corey Haim’s life and do that for him and for yourself and his and your friends. Be at peace my friend. Things will change but Corey Haim with live in your heart and in all that you do and the way you do it. For he was and still is a part of you. I pray for you everyday that you will stay strong and continue to move forward and know Corey Haim is watching over you like an angel walking in your steps. Be Comforted at this time. I have watched everything you two have done and my daughter and I have been die hard fans of you two all of your lives. My heart bleeds for the loss of Corey Haim.
    I wish things could have been different but just know you NEVER FAILED COREY HAIM. YOU WERE ALWAYS THERE FOR HIM. and he knew it.
    So much love to you and to the spitit of Corey Haim, Vachronne

  132. Corey,
    I left you a message earlier about Corey. At the end of it I wrote “thank god you have the love from your beautiful wife and son”. I am so sorry! I did not realize that you and her were not together anymore. If I would have read what you wrote before hand on the site, I would have known. I am not big into digging into these types of issues. I am sorry. I did not want you to think it was a stab at you, I would never do that.
    May you be able to mourn in peace. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. This past year has not been easy, has it?

  133. Corey,

    Life is not forever, Love is. Wise words once told to me by someone who also left this world too soon. He also told me that we have to dry our eyes because the living have to keep on living. I have found strength in his words and they have kept me going.

    I am two years older than you, I grew up watching the two Coreys. I had your posters all over my bedroom walls. Lots of good memories and smiles.

    Lots of people go through life not knowing what it is like to have a “best” friend. Someone you love like a brother or sister. Someone that you may get along with better than a sibling. Feel blessed to have had such a good friend. Your paths crossed for a reason so that with this loss all that you gained.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you and Corey’s family. God Bless you, and thanks for being you.

  134. take care kid😦 and i hope that corey haim have found peace, and that his kind , warm soul is resting now. Thinking about you…

  135. Dear Corey,
    I just wanted to pass on my sincere condolences to you and Corey’s family on the loss of Corey.
    I have been a huge fan for many years, of you both, and I will miss the future movies that could have been made.
    I know you will be feeling the loss for a long time to come, but all I can say is, enjoy all the memories you had, and try really hard to smile when you think of him instead of feel sad, and before you know it, the smiles will come easier.
    You will always be the two Coreys. No one can take that away from you.
    All the best Corey. From Melbourne, Australia, we will miss Corey too.
    Sue xx

  136. Thank you for posting this and letting your fans…of both Coreys… Respond and express our deepest sympathy without being invasive.When I heard… a piece of my past died with him and my heart breaks for you…memories always seem to help…I can recall a Halloween where me and ny friend dressed as the Frog brothers…I can never thank you enough for being a part of what I have become and who I will always be…I wrote this when I heard the news.

    He forgot how…
    There is a song in the wind tonight
    Slamming the storm door
    Disturbing my bones
    Confusing chimes
    …and my memories…

    Years once stretched his smile
    And bleached his hair
    He was a freckled beach
    To me.
    I sunk my toes and fingers
    …into pebbled sand.y skin
    There was much more there
    Then what I saw
    What I felt…
    But I stretched my back over his
    Scalloped, fragile
    …broken shell…
    It never mattered to me
    He was still beautiful
    Until his smile slipped…
    Was it lost to the ocean
    Or just from me?

    The storm door slammed again
    And the beach is gone
    … he left me
    A lyric or two
    And a misplaced melody

    We are all music
    And this, his last note
    Will pinch my dry eyes
    Till I forget
    How to smile too…

    …I’ll think of him
    When I remember me…

    Thank you for everything Corey….

  137. Sad to hear about this!

  138. Sweet Corey Feldmen, I am so sorry for your loss and heart ache! I hope that you can get past this with the most ease that you can! God bless you and your family and Corey Haims family!

  139. Corey, I just felt like I needed to write something and I hope that you get the chance to read it. I can’t imagine what you are going through right now with losing your best friend. Thank you so much for sharing your letter, I cried all the way through reading it. You both had such an amazing bond between you and you were such a great friend and stuck by him through everything in his life which proves what an awesome person you are, he was so lucky to have you in his life. I like many others loved you guys and had you hung all over my walls when I was growing up. It is funny how I didn’t know him at all but somehow feel like I did and like I just lost a friend also. I really wish I could have been blessed with a chance to meet him and am so sad that it can never happen now. Thank you for being so great to Corey and for trying so many times to save him, I am so glad that he had been doing better and just wish that he would have been giving a longer life to enjoy some more good times. I really look up to you and my thoughts and prayers are with you, Corey and his family at this time. He passed away on my daughter’s birthday which I am so sad about but at least have a happy thing that happened in my life on that day too. Thank you and your awesome sidekick for bringing joy and one of the biggest “crushes” in my life .. great memories.

  140. I have been a lifelong fan of the both the Corey’s. I’m still in such shock over his death. Feldman you wrote a beautiful and touching tribute to a great friend. Just know that his legacy will live on in my heart forever. I hope that the media gives him just due. Hope they recognize him for the work he did and the person he was, instead of focusing on his problems. RIP Corey you will be greatly missed.

  141. Thank you for the letter and the raw emotion. I, like you, wish Corey could see for himself how many people truly loved him. Every month since the Two Coreys, I would check for any news I could find on both of you. I had rooted for his aspirations to make his comeback. I now feel guilty I did not write to tell him that myself.

    However, I am certain he has now found peace and solitude. I truly hope during this time you can find the same. Sorry for your loss. Take Care ….Jalyn

  142. Beautiful letter. I know he’s listening and will be by your side always. He will give his fans like me so many memories to watch over and over. His loss is tremendous and great. I wish he could have felt just how loved he was while he was here. I have to believe he is seeing this love now and is finally at peace. Blessings to his Mother and his friends and family always..

  143. Corey I hope that you are doing ok with your grieving for Haim. He was lucky to have a friend like you threw his life. Someone that would not give up on him and made Haim see the light in life. I’ve always been a fan of the two of you and even sent you both fan letters long long ago and never received anything, yet that didn’t bother me since I will always be a fan of Haim and your no matter what. I have and will always pray for the Haim and Feldman families. I pray that Judy doesn’t give up and that she will keep fighting her cancer since she still will have a happy life. If I recall her daughter had a baby today and Judy should be there for her daughter. Corey will be in his families heart no matter what and to be honest yes it’s sad to see Haim go, but you know he is in a WAY better place then us. We will see him soon. Corey be there for Judy and helper to not give up.

    Many times I have always wanted to get together with you two and be there for you guys threw the good, bad, and awesome times. Some of us fans would love to be there to help both of you out in the past, yet we do not have away to contact you guys and even with some people claiming to be either one of you its hard to get threw all that junk.

    Thanks Corey Haim for all the laughs on many many many of your movies. You were awesome and your passing has really affected me as well. R.I.P. my brother in God.

    Feldman keep the chin up bro and hang in there..
    If I can help ya or what have you let me know.

  144. My heart breaks for you, his friends and his family. You guys and River Phoenix (RIP) were my wallpaper as a kid. I was so excited to see Corey in Crank High Voltage and then to read he had upcoming projects. I pray the media leaves you alone and his family to let you all grieve your loss. I pray that you all and Corey find peace in this world and beyond.

    Much Love

  145. I am thinking of what to say as a statement to add to your heartfelt, beautiful letter. I cannot say that I feel the pain you are going through since Corey was your best friend, I am and always have been a big fan but I cannot pretend to comprehend how you are feeling.
    I wish to say something to you Mr Feldman, I respect you so much for who you are and how you are coping. My heart feels that little lighter in the world with the loss of one of my favourite, first known actors. The two Coreys, such an amazing friendship that will survive forever in all of our hearts, a love that will spread through.
    I may be rambling slightly and I apologise, what I would like to do, if you don’t mind…Is to write a small tribute to Corey Haim now myself, as a fan….

    Dear Corey,

    The days that have passed since you left us for another world has weighed heavy on many a heart around us. You would not know me but I knew of you and everything you accomplished. Dream a little dream sits comfortably on my shelf from many years ago when I first watched yourself and Mr Feldman, I was around 12 at this time and I used to rent the movie so often from the video store that in the end the owner gave me the VHS to keep, since this day I have always treasured it and many more, I still smile whilst I watch you both do what you do best.

    I have no doubt that the world will be a sadder, more lonely place now that you have left it but I believe there is a purpose for you in the afterlife, your cheeky smile and bright eyes cheering up everyone you meet in the land of dreams.

    Speaking as a fan, I will miss what I have come to know through media and my own heartfelt love for a wonderful person. For your family, friends and particularly Corey they will have to comprehend missing your smile and kindness on a daily basis.
    I hope you rest in peace and find some comfort where you are now, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for all of the memories you have provided, I never had the fortune to meet you but you will always have a special place in my heart.

    With all my love,

    Rachel -x-

  146. Corey,

    I am so sorry for the loss of your brother and dearest friend. I really pray that you are able to find peace and grieve in your way. It is hard to find peace and grieve in your own way when you lose someone, but I can’t imagine how much harder it must be with the media wanting a piece of your feelings.

    Ever since I was a little girl you two were always my favorite actors. You two were a wonderful team and nobody could ever compare. Thank you so much for letting your fans and Corey’s fans in to your heart like you have. I wish you nothing but the best.

  147. Very heart felt and beautiful letter to Corey. Very well put and genuine at the same time. He will be remembered for the great work he did and the smiles he brought to people’s faces. He deserved to have more work handed his way. Horrible how hollywood turned their backs to someone with potential. He deserved so much more than what was given to him.
    I think everyone lost a bit of their childhood the day he passed. I felt a piece of mine disappeared forever. I am thankful we have his movies to remember him by. It was a pleasure to meet him at Comic Con, always be a fond memory of mine.
    I hope he has found peace and is watching over those that love and miss him so dearly. I say we do something for him at Comic Con 2010. Another way to remember him by, since he always seemed to make appearances at conventions across the US. Keep his memory alive, do something at the Con for him.

  148. You have my deepest sympathy Corey. There are few things worse than the death of your best friend. My heart is heavy and my thoughts are sad. I regret that I wasn’t shocked at the news of Corey’s passing. At first I was angry…then I cried. For the talented actor who chose a dark and lonely path, for the hurt in his eyes, the burden of guilt he carried, the denial, the pain of addiction that took hold of his life and blew the candle out on his dreams. I can only imagine the pain in your heart and I’m so sorry.

  149. I am sitting here in the coffee shop at my college and tears fill my eyes. A very poignant letter for your beautiful friend. I hate that you have to feel such pain. I wish that 911 call was not release! I do not plan to listen to it. I know you will give him a wonderful memorial . My condolences to you and corey family.

  150. My thoughts are with you…
    This world is crap!
    Most grew up with you guys
    and then they turn their backs

    Until the dreadful day comes
    when one goes to the other side
    then they shout from the heavens
    oh why oh why oh why

    Where were they when it mattered?
    Why didn’t they say something before?
    There were too busy forgetting
    and running for the door

    But don’t let the jokers fool you
    Don’t let them steer you wrong
    Just keep on keeping on
    Keep on being strong!

  151. Corey, while you were never my Corey of choice – my heart is with you and I offer you very sincere condolences. My heart broke a little when I heard the news, so I imagine you are devastated on a level where words fail you. I am so sad today, on the day of Corey’s burial, to know that his story has come to an end and his biggest comeback story is the sad story of his passing.

    I’ve been rooting for your best mate for years now, and I’m so sad to know that his story has come to an end. If there is any light to be found in these dark days it is knowing that Corey is finally at rest, his mind is at ease and he now knows peace in a way he couldn’t know when he was alive.

    I am not sure of much in this life but I know that your connection to him lives on…it will persist and hold steady for ever more. Fame is a cruel mistress, but it guarantees Gorey’s memory will live forever and your friendship with him will be one for the ages.

    I wish you peace, love and harmony – may the memory, laughter and love you shared with your friend sustain you during this time of grief.

    Every girl who ever had to face the tough question of, “which Corey would YOU choose?!” has got your back right now. We’re crying too, probably because a part of our youth and collective history has died.

    So long as we remember, so long as we remember swooning in our younger years and crying for the lost boy Corey became your friend lives on.

    Blessings to you.

  152. “No greater honor can come to any man, then the respect of his collegues” ~ Cary Grant

    • It is one of the severest tests of friendship to tell your friend his faults. So to love a man that you cannot bear to see a stain upon him, and to speak painful truth through loving words, that is friendship ~ Henry Ward Beecher

  153. Very touching indeed,so much so that it opened up my past pain & losses,I lost over 3 ppl in similar way’s inc my son’s father not long ago,I know how hard it is to want to help but knowing I wasn’t qualified for the job,trying tough Love and how I felt when these ppl lost there fight & how in my head I would think what else if anything I could have done to help,the pain and loss hurt so much.
    When I’d hear Cory talk about his struggles I felt for him,wished I could reach out & HUG him & You knowing how hard it can be,I’m So Very sorry you lost your Brother,it will get better & I try to think that if nothing else these ppl are in a better place,free of whatever tormented them so much they couldn’t outrun or felt they couldn’t talk about for fear of judgment,again I’m so sorry to you & Corey’s family…

  154. My heart is broken as well. Both Corey’s filled my screen with laughter growing up. Heck I am 36 so I grew up with both of you. The Lost Boy is now home in peace and pain free. I am sorry for your stuggles but proud of your successes. My you never be forgotten

  155. It is very sad for what has happened to Corey H. Your letter is touching and heart felt. As one Canadian grieving for another, this is a sad day. Wish you well in the grieving process, be wise my friend.

  156. Thank you for sharing your beautiful letter (I’m crying) Thank you for trying so hard to save his life. He was my first love (at thirteen).

    As I tuck my kids into bed tonight, I will be thinking of his mom, and of all the parents who have tragically lost their kids.

    I will pray for your healing honey. And for your family.

  157. Corey,
    I want to say thank you for sharing your letter to the world and you didn’t have to. Your letter was so touching that it brought me to tears.

    I have been a big fan back in the 80’s, Haim was my biggest idol, posters all over my bedroom wall, he was one of my first celebrity crushes:-). You guys have always made great movies.

    As years went on by i had pretty much thought the two of you had been done with acting because i didn’t hear of you guys after the 80’s, since most 80’s actors and actresses are done with acting anyway. I did see glimpse however that Haim had issues through the media and we all know how the media can get and i was actually hoping that he’d get better. I was so shocked to hear about his death last week still am, it is so unreal.

    I wish you and everyone in Haim’s circle the best and i do hope the media leaves you alone, most of all giving Haim’s mother the privacy she needs. It looks like they have already caught up to Haim’s funeral, and the 911 call. Pretty sick.

    I hope Corey Haim is resting in peace now and i wish you well.

  158. May the world NEVER know what 22/222 means! Keep it secret, keep it sacred.

  159. Corey,
    Man…words can’t say enough nor can anything heal your pain right now. Death is one thing i have never been able to deal with myself. Life is truely too short and nomatter how many times we hear that we do take it for granted. Afetr words we all set back with our could of, would of, should of’s and it only makes death harder. Man…there is so much i want to say but, how. Nomatter what is said…I think you are a real stand up kind of guy. I am 36 so, i grew up watching you and Haim and as many others do i feel as if i grew up with you. Going through trials and tribulations, coming from a “not so wealthy family”. I struggled with drugs and alcohol for several years then i became the enabler of others i loved to trying to help and fix everybody i knew who was in trouble. So, i feel your pain and how hard it is to help those you love then get tired and give up on them in the heat of the moment and in the end not being able to. So, you try a little harder because your heart won’t let you walk away. Watching the two Corey’s touched my heart in so many ways because i have been in both situations. I found myself understanding both sides and having the heart he size of the earth I wanted to help. Fame keeps people untouchable but, we are all human regardless and i wish i had the chance to just be friends with you. I think i could of helped Corey or maybe he could of helped me. Besides, “not being famous ” i experienced all the same emotions, feelings, problems and struggles. I am Sooo…happy to know that you were always there for him and that your friendship stood the test of time and all that gets in its way. I think you have a heart of gold with only good intentions. I have been alone alot in my life and only dreamed of having a friendship like the one you two shared. You are truely blessed and lucky to have had that and so was he. I am only saddened that it had to end this way with so, much more ahead in life for both of you.
    As unfair or unjust it may seem right now…the world is counting on you. You knew Corey better than anyone and it is up to you to bring his story to life. I was so happy to hear about your memorial tribute. I believe in you and i know you can do him the justice he deserves. I live too far away to ever be able to share in the tribute like i want to but, i will be looking forward to every positive word, feeling and thought in remembering Corey. Remember there are still good people with good hearts that share in your pain and the loss of Corey.
    I pray that your family and his finds peace in the days, that come to pass. Remember he will always live in you and will be in your heart until the day you meet up with him again.
    With Love and Respect,

    Peace Out Corey…Your Smile will live in my heart forever. I know you are looking down smiling now with the peace and happiness you deserve. Your suffering is over and now we are the ones left behind to suffer the loss of not having another wonderful and talented human being on this earth!
    Until we meet on the other side!
    Forever in my heart

  160. Corey I am not going to sit here and say I know what you are going through cause each person is differant but I do know what it is like to loose someone that is like a brother to you its painful .So I know this beautiful letter that you have writen could not of been easy to write. As I sit here writing to you my eyes are welling up with tears .I too can not believe that he is gone I have cried more since that horrable day then I have in a very long time . I mourn and feel pain for someone I never got the pleasure to meet but its not compaired to the pain you are feeling now.I feel sorrow for his passing and sorrow for those he has left behind .My grandmother { who has passed on herself} told me those who pass on are never really gone for they have touched our hearts and for that they live on in our hearts til we reunite with them in the after life someday.May Corey Haim rest in peace for he truly is an angel now.And may your life go on filled with love and take comfort that you will see your brother again someday


  162. Corey, my condolences for your loss. I think each of us feels like we have lost someone close to us, even though we never knew Corey. I would watch “The Two Coreys” with a friend of mine, and we would always come away laughing, seeing a lot of ourselves in you and Corey. I know I came away with the hopes that he would make a comeback after that – he was a wonderfully talented actor, and he must have been a wonderful friend. I was very distraught upon hearing of his passing. I can only hope that as time goes on, your grief will ease a bit. It will never fully leave, but I hope knowing that the fans loved him, and morn with you, will someday ease your heart. God bless.


  163. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you mourn the loss of your beloved friend.
    He will be forever loved and never forgotten.

    Biddie x

  164. You have ny condolences.I can only empathize with what you are feeling now. I have a best friend who is like a sister, knows me better than family,shares my past, present and about a thousand inside jokes:) to lose that I imagine would feel like losing a piece of yourself..I hope you take comfort in knowing your friend is missed, loved and at peace…and you will always have him and your memories close to your heart…rest well corey haim

  165. Dear Corey,
    I created a wordpress account just to reply to your letter. I knew before even reading it that I would cry. Like millions of other young girls, I had a poster of Corey Haim taped to my wall. He wore ripped jeans, a t-shirt and of course his beautiful smile. As a matter of fact, I was also a big fan of yours and Stand By Me is one of my favorite movies. Corey’s death affected me. I watched your show the Two Coreys because I was curious about the two actors I grew up watching and wanted to get a glimpse of what you both were really like. Your strength and support for him was amazing. Of course, I didn’t know Corey but from what I saw he was a sweet, giving, caring person and I was rooting for him very much. You mention that people weren’t there for him while he was alive, but those who saw his kind soul were pulling for him to succeed wholeheartedly. I wish nothing but the best for you. I will keep you, his mother and family in my prayers.

  166. I have always rooted for Corey Haim. Watched him keep getting up and trying again and again. I remember not very long ago he took out a full page ad that said just said: I’m here. I’m ready to work.
    I don’t think much came of it but he tried so hard. It seemed like everywhere he turned a door slamming in his face.
    I wanted hime to win this one. y heart is so sad.
    Thank you Corey F for being his friend.
    Very eloquent interview on Larry King. You did us proud. Thank you.
    Traci Clemmer

  167. About 6 years ago Corey was volunteering at my work, when I found out he was there I’m afraid I regressed 20 odd years and became a teeny-bopper again. I rushed to meet him, images in my head of being cool and collected and just darn awesome! Instead I found myself just staring at him, open mouthed….It was Corey Haim! COREY HAIM damnit! He saw me staring, cocked his head to the side, grinned that charming, boyish, lopsided grin and said “I’m Corey Haim”….I was an awkward 16 year old schoolgirl again, not a sophisticated (!) 38 (!!) year old woman, I just started to giggle and blush, shifting around like I had to pee. I wanted to blurt out everything that he, and you, had meant to me while I was trying to grow up; how connected we, as a collective 80’s group, had felt to both of you; how the Two Corey’s had been on everyone’s bedroom walls; how the Two Corey’s had been in all of our fantasies. I wanted to thank him, I wanted to tell him how his work had helped lighten and enrich my childhood; how he, Corey Haim, was Canada’s Golden Boy…Local Boy Makes Good! And no matter what else had transpired since, that we still loved him and were so very very proud of him…Instead I think I managed to stammere out some suave reply such as: “I know, oh my God, I know!”. He laughed. A real, honest, warm laugh. He seemed geniuinely pleased that he had that affect on me. Everyone who worked with him there is in shock and mourning.

    I have a friend who lived on the same street as he did when he was a child. She just had her old home movies converted from VHS to DVD and was telling me that he is on many of them. He used to come over and play with her (then) 3 year old son. She remembers him very fondly as a sweet kid, very generous and giving and very very funny, even at 13. She and her husband are angered, shocked and devestated by his loss.

    Even if you never read the replies to your posts, I thought, maybe, you would like to know that all of us 80’s kids, whether we met him or not, are grieving him and thinking of everything that he, and you, gave to us when we were growing up, and my friend remembers everything that he gave to her son.

    I missed my chance to thank him, I will not miss my chance to thank you.

  168. I am very sad to hear about Corey Haim. I just want to let you know that my thoughts are with everyone who is greiving this amazing being and his great work in films. My son who is 11 has now started to watch some of yours and Haim’s films. Creating more fans one generation at a time. My thoughts are with you. Long live the lost boys forever!

  169. Corey, I can feel your heartbreak and pain through your words. I know you loved Corey and did everything you could to help your best friend. You could not have done anything more. Nobody could. I too have someone in my life, my daughter, whom I have nightmares about dying because of the things she has done to her body. To prepare for the possibility of that dreadful day, I went so far as to have written her eulogy and created a DVD collage of my favorite pictures of her during better times. Our loved ones know how much we have done for them and how much we love them, I want you to know, Corey knew how much you loved him and how much you did to help. There is only so much a single human being can do for another. You did your best and that is all Corey would have wanted from you. God Bless you and Corey’s family during this difficult time. All my best.

  170. Corey,

    So, so sorry for the loss of your friend/brother.
    I never met him – but I’ve been in tears for a week.
    That’s how you know an actor has touched your life.
    He was a sensitive soul – we miss him dearly.❤

  171. Thanks Man, your letter is a poignant reminder of the importance of caring for each other. Seems like as we get older we forget how crucial it is to care. It’s a pity that it takes a tragedy like this one to drive that point home… I only hope my old friends care as much as you seem to… All we have is each other.

    Again, thank you.

  172. Dear Corey,
    Your open letter to Corey Haim has really touched my heart. I’m truly so sorry you have lost a best friend, and a brother. I’ve been fans of you both since my teen years. I’m 37yrs old now and I have always wanted to know how you both were doing still. Corey Haim will be sooo missed by me and many others. I just hope you know that he’s in a better place now and he is watching down on the people he truly loved and of course that is YOU!
    I hope and pray for you Corey as days go by you will find peace & knowing that Corey has always loved you as a true best friend and brother! Corey is with you in your heart and soul. Please take good care Corey. We all love you and wish you much peace and my sympthay is with you! Bye for now!
    God Bless! (RIP Corey Haim)❤ 'gone too soon'

  173. Although I know death and dying all to well, I know that forever the pain, and emptiness it can leave when all the sudden someone you love…your mother, father, sister, brother…or best friend can be taken from you in an instance. I can say within my heart I am sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself, know that you aren’t alone in the fight to move on in life, leave a legacy.

  174. Mr. Feldman:

    I have been a longtime fan of yours and Corey Haim’s — you guys were the same age as I, and even though you don’t know me, I feel as though we ‘grew up’ together, in a way. You and Corey were my first crushes as I entered the teenage years, and your works had a profound effect on those formative years, and later as an adult in my work as a writer. I cannot tell you how much The Lost Boys has influenced my writing and in general, my life. It always makes me happy to watch, and when I do I’m the carefree teenager on the boardwalk again.

    It’s so sad, regarding Corey’s passing. I always felt that we would ‘grow old’ together, in the same way we grew up together. It’s so sad his life was cut short, especially when The Lost Boys was a work that helped introduce the world to a concept that’s wildly popular today — teenage vampires. I gave my copy of Lost Boys to my teenage neighbors, so they could see how real vampires did it!

    I do hope Corey knows how much he is missed, though it is a shame that his death had to bring him such publicity. I won’t let the sun go down on his memory or his works, though.

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend, and on a more positive note, I do look forward to your upcoming works

  175. One more thing, don’t listen to all the negative and mean people out there.

  176. Corey:
    I will be honest – I was never a real big fan. As a teenage girl at the height of the “Two Coreys” era, I always gravitated to Haim. However, beginning with the A&E show, and culminating in your actions this past (difficult) week, I have to say, you are a stand up guy.

    It probably doesn’t matter to you right now what people think, particularly during this sorrowful time, and it really shouldn’t. But, for what it’s worth, you seem to be a good guy. Your son is lucky – he will be all set on his journey if this is the example you set.

    – JJ

    RIP & Thanks to Corey Haim
    “no more money. no more fancy dress. this other kingdom seems by far the best.”
    Jim Morrison

  177. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Feldman:
    You have luckily experienced Indeed one of the most unique friendships I’ve ever seen come out of that machine called Hollywood. What a journey to have to be processed in that facade and continue to invent. For any human beings to have lived that many lives, accomplishing that much work, in that short period of time, is profound and amazing in a very good way for both of you. As an artist, I can say that you were both so enriched to have had this experience this together. Something I’m sure you will celebrate in many years of laughter when the time is right. Humour is in every nook there is on the planet, even times like these.

    Corey Feldman, you have shown to at least people in the US, not just LA, that you have an enormous well lit soul gained from transforming yourself from an amazing child into one of the strongest men you might not even think you could have become or had the tools to acquire. You celebrated, conquered and grew. Your friend had some of those same traits and was a soul that has finally has an opportunity to rest so he doesn’t have to be doing the could’a, would’a, should’a’s that eat your soul.

    He’s so happy floating and resting on the water somewhere. But he doesn’t need a raft anymore and he can’t wait to show you how cool it is to not even need one. Remember, It’s not if you believe in love, it’s whether or not love believes in you. It definitely believes in you and Mrs. Feldman. Best wishes for all of the happiness on the planet.

  178. Corey,

    Wow what a letter….cry8ing through most of it, however everything you said holds such truth. It is ashame that it took this event to bring all the love and respect for Corey Haim to come forth.

    I am from Toronto, and it is unfortunate that there is no public service here for Corey Haim. I do understand and respect the wishes of the family wanting a private service today. I would really like to take part of the service you are holding for Corey Haim in L.A.
    If you can please send me the information, at melisi79@myspace.com

    Kind Regards,


  179. Gosh Corey,
    This open letter actually made me burst into tears. This is exactly how I feel losing the loves one. You do really show how much you really love your brother, Corey H. I can really tell the way you write the open letter. Everyone surely do love you guys, there is no words that we all can really share with you. I just wish I could give you one great big hugs and share the silent moment with you.

    Don’t forget that Corey H. is with you 365/24/7 and will always watch over you. Cherish those ring close to your heart!



  180. : (

    So sorry for you and for everybody else who loved Haim. This news tortured me.

    I have faith that he is at peace now. He will never be forgotten. Happy to say that even todays teenagers know who u guys are. Like me and my friends. Huge fans. I will keep you, haim, and his family, friends, and other fans in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.❤

  181. I never expected that I would feel so affected by the death of Corey. I have always considered myself a fan but have never even commented on a blog before but for some reason I have spent much of my time since hearing of his death reading every possible thing I can about him. It really bothers me to think that he was completely unhappy before he died and that he had no one, that surely can’t be true as he had his family and of course you as a friend. I think I am looking for some sort of reassurance that there were good times too, and that he didnt spend every day a complete depressed mess. I’d like to know that there were SOME silver linings in his life I think that would make me feel better. His art was beautiful and I always thought I should find a way to tell him so, but I guess that is not to be..hopefully there are paintings that remain to keep his talent outside the silver screen alive. From what I can tell those that knew him thought he was great (drugs aside), if you can help me in any way to know the other side of him it would be so appreciated.

  182. What a touching letter, Corey. I hope the press leave you alone long enough to have your own time to grieve. I’ll miss Corey so much. He had so much talent and charisma. I can’t imagine what losing him has done to you.

    So many fans have flooded to post their respect, wishes, and condolences … While the press are being disgusting (Did you know they released Judy’s 911 call today? That should be illegal!)

    My thoughts and love is with you, Corey’s family, and his friends.

    R.I.P. Haimster.

  183. Corey,

    Thank you for sharing this note to your brother. He was such an awesome individual. I always felt a special connection because my first name is also Corey. I thought it was so cool.

    Keep your head up. You now have to live for the both of you and make your brother proud. He deserves it.

    Thank you again,


  184. Corey this is such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul. Thank you so much for sharing this, nobody will ever know him the way you knew him and it is very touching to get a brief glimpse into your personal relationship. I am looking forward, although that combination of words doesnt fit the situation properly, to the memorial for Corey; the chance to celebrate his (much too short) life, and all of the wonderful memories he left for us, including those who never had the opportunity to meet him. If anyone could plan a memorial fitting for Mr. Haim, it would be you.
    I live in Washington DC and plan with all of my heart to attend, should it be a public event.

    Thank you again for everything,
    My prayers are with you and Corey’s family,


  185. Dear Corey,

    This letter is incredibly touching. Thank you so much for making this public and sharing this with the fans. I am over whelmed with sadness over the loss of Corey. I can’t imagine what you, or his family must be going through at this terrible time. I have been a fan my entire life practically I grew up watching both of you and I watched the two coreys every week. I wish he could see how much everyone cares right now, and I hope he knew that his fans never stopped caring. I’ve been here from the start and I will forever continue to be a fan. I remember seeing silver bullet as a child and being absolutely scared out of my mind but being able to suck it up, because corey’s presence on screen was something you couldn’t tear your eyes away from, and then when you two started doing movies together the chemistry you guys shared was nothing I had ever seen before. I honestly feel like a piece of my childhood has been taken from me. You two were a very big part of it, but I cherish the art he has left behind, and I always will. The memories of me forcing my entire family to watch dream a little dream and license to drive and all the other ones i’ll remember forever. I am honestly hoping he knows how much he was loved by his fans. Like I have said I will continue to be a fan for the rest of my life. I Thank both of you for all the memories and the art you have shared with the world. RIP Corey Hiaim.

    • oh no I’m on my phone and it misspelled his last name on my last post.😦 RIP COREY HAIM.❤

  186. Mr. Feldman:

    I can’t even imagine having to deal with a loss of a wonderful friend. Add the dimension of being a celebrity and WOW…complicated! I know I don’t know you personally, but I shall include you in my prayers along with Mr. Haim’s family. Prayer in which God is there to aid you in healing and dealing and aid you comfort and peace. I hope, in due time, people close to Mr Haim are able to move forward in positive measures in their lives. I am using “Mr” as a way of respect to you and Mr Haim. Friends earn the right to call you by first name, hence I’m only a fan. I will want you to know that there are people that care. You know this already. Having fans is great I’m sure. I also know that without a support system of true friends and family and God, things are much more harder to ‘take in.’ I’m not going to go on and on. You already know much of what I would finish saying. Just know, celebrity or not, you ARE a PERSON with REAL feelings just like us ‘non-celeb’s’. I’m sorry that you and Mr Haim’s family are dealing with such sorrow and tragedy. Please accept my sincere and and most heartfelt condolences. For you and Mr Haim’s family. God blessings to you and thank you for such a public record of a fraction of your grief. May you all be able to grieve fully and in peace.

    Mary from WI

  187. …. Reading this just about killed me inside. Words can’t even describe how heart broken I am over Corey’s passing. Thank you for this beautiful letter you have wrote Corey. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss.

  188. The bond that two friends share that have been together which seems like a lifetime is everlasting. I have grew up with posters on my wall of you and Corey:) Corey’s passing was a heartache that affected me greatly. It’s amazing how someone you don’t know or never met can impact your life. I grew up watching your movies, being teased by my sisters, and googling your names to view current stories about you. Corey is in a beautiful place looking down on his family, his loved ones, his fans, and he knows how much love that they have for him and always will.
    Corey your very brave, strong, and you were both very lucky for finding each other and sharing the most memorible events that you both share in your hearts forever. You will meet again, and im sure he’s got your placed saved:) Be strong, and keep your head up, my thoughts and prayers to you!

  189. I grew up in Canada watching lame Canadian produced TV shows. I remember watching Corey Haim on the Edison Twins. A few years later I rented Lucas on video and could not believe that was the same kid from the Edison Twins. I still love watching that movie. I continued to follow Haim and Feldman through the years. You will be missed… Keep on, Keeping on Teddy Duchamp.

  190. When I heard of Corey’s passing, I was shocked but like most people not surprised. I was waiting for this day to come for a long time, but its always hard when death takes a loved one. I have to admit I wasn’t a big Corey Haim fan, but I respected him as an actor and a fellow human being. I am sad that he is gone, and pray that he is at peace. Its sad that he didn’t get a chance to see how talented and special he was, especailly to those who loved him, including his friends, family, and even his adoring fans.

    God Bless you Corey Feldman, and my heart is with you in your time of sadness.

    Ann (from NH)

  191. As I sit here in tears after having read your beautiful, heartfelt letter I am not sure I can find the right words to say how heartbroken I am at the loss of your dearest friend Corey Haim. It is so very sad that he is gone after a lifetime of struggles and having finally gotten himself to a good place. I have been Corey’s hugest fan since I was young. I had my walls in my room plastered with posters of Corey Haim and my locker at school too. I always thought he was just the cutest with his blonde hair, blue eyes and that cute little smile. My best friend since we were 12 reminded me that Corey went to our junior high school Zion Heights as he was only 5 years older them us. Boy do I wish he attended when I was there, that would have just made my world. I have The Lost Boys on vhs and between my daughter who is 10 and myself we have watched it so many times it doesn’t play properly anymore so I had to finally upgrade to dvd. The day of Corey’s passing I found the dvd The Lost Boys/Lost Boys:The Tribe and I just had to have it. I went home that day and in Corey’s memory my daughter and I watched it and for the first time a movie I so very much loved for so long brought tears to my eyes. I absolutely loved your show The 2 Corey’s, it really showed me what a strong bond and unbreakable connection the 2 of you had. It’s hard to find true friendship like that. You 2 were so amazing together. I feel so much pain for you and for Corey’s family as I know all too well what it feels like to loose someone so dear to you, someone you love so much. I lost my father back in 97 and my Mother in 99 not even 3 months before I had my daughter and then I lost my grandmother 4 months after my Mom. I know just how much your heart is breaking and how lost you you must be without your other half. I wish you and Corey’s family/friends my deepest condolences in this time of tremendous sadness. You are in my heart and my prayers. The world truly lost a beautiful, wonderful, talented soul. R.I.P. Corey you will always be in my heart and I will always love and miss you!❤

  192. When I heard the horrible news I could not believe it was real and tears were streaming down my face as I read the article online! When I think of my early teens some of the first memories that come to mind are of the 2 Coreys!!! My cousins and I would watch your movies OVER AND OVER again!! Your posters were all over my walls!!! Corey Haim was amazing and there is sadness through out the world as we mourn his passing! But Corey passing had a more personal affect for me and really hit home….my fiance died under the same circumstances 3 1/2 years ago…flu systems for a few days before his death and he died in his sleep of an accidental overdose of prescription meds….which we did not find out til 8 weeks later! That 8 weeks was agonizing! I hope that is not how Corey died…but something in my heart is telling me it is. And when I first heard the news I was right back in the moment of finding out my fiance was gone…these last days have been very sad for me thinking about Corey not being here to show us his talent ever again!!! My heart and prayers are with Corey H and his family..and also with you Corey as I have first hand knowledge of how this feels for you!!

    You are in my thoughts, heart and prayers now and forever


  193. Corey,

    I have been a faithful fan of both of yours over the many years. Both me and my husband were glued to the TV whenever The Two Coreys was on. When I first heard of Corey H’s passing my FIRST thought was of you and how hard you were going to take it. My husband woke me up and I immediatlly started sobbing. I too have a best friend since childhood and we have been through so much together I could phisacally feel your pain. I have thought of you every day and am sending you all my love and support. I only wish that there was something i could say or do to ease your pain but I know that only time will help. Until then remember that you were the BEST friend possible to him and he KNOWS how much you love him.

  194. And this is why I have been a fan of Corey Feldman for over 20 years and will always be!Because of the man,not the actor. Enough said.
    Jennifer S.

  195. Very eloquent and obviously heartfelt, Mr. Feldman. But of course, I would expect it to be coming from the one person most associated with Mr. Haim. Always waited for the next project from Corey and yourself and a little part of my own childhood died with his passing. Godspeed to you and my best to you. Take the time to mourn. . .it will help the sun come back sooner and will let the memories become sweeter.

  196. I know you’ve heard apologies plenty of times already, so I will try not to be redundant. I read this letter and I honestly couldn’t stop the tears. It was beautifully written. I know you meant it all from the heart and you really did care about Corey very much. He was an amazing and tortured soul who made a huge impact on many people’s lives. I have constantly had you guys on my mind lately and it really upsets me to such such a wonderful talent gone. But for fans like me and many others, Corey will definitely live on in our hearts and spirits❤
    Hang in there, Corey. Keep living your life the way you've always wanted to. We all look forward to you doing more movies soon.
    We love both you & Mr. Haim and Best Wishes in all you do!
    Thank you for allowing us to share our thoughts with you on your blog.


  197. Corey,

    I just want to say how deeply sorry I am for the loss of Corey Haim. Ever since I was little, I have been such a fan of you both. The morning that he passed away, I woke up to a whole bunch of text messages from friends who knew how much I love you both.

    Dream a little Dream is my all time favorite movie. I was just a little girl when it came out and just adored the both of you. When “the 2 corey’s” came out, I was beside myself to be able to catch up with the two of you. I was really upset to see how you guys had such a blow-out at the end of the second season. But see now that you worked it out. Watching those last few shows of the series, you can see how much he was hurting and how much he wanted to be loved again. I, like you…really hope that he is up there now seeing JUST how much everyone loved him and will continue to love him always.

    RIP Corey…and thanks for the memories!

  198. You’re such a good friend Corey. I am so sorry for the loss of your close friend. I’ll never stop being a fan to you and Corey Haims. I had loved your films, especially Lucas, and Dream A Little Dream. No matter where you go, Corey will always be with you and no one can’t take that away. Being strong is the only thing you can do right now.

    Thank you for sharing your personal blog with the world. It was very nice of you. When I saw you on Larry King, I just wanted to give you a hug. You were so brave. My thoughts and prayers goes out to you, his family, and friends. Rest in peace.. Corey Haims. May you live on!

    Take care and God bless,

  199. im very touched corey i know this hard for you right now to lose a bestfriend a brother just know he’s your angel now he’s watchin you and everything you doing he never left he’s in your heart keep him close because when ever you are down he’s that angel too pull you up

  200. I’m sorry, I meant Corey Haim.. much respect towards you and him.

  201. Corey H. was such a wonderful performer and I really did love watching you two grow up on the screen together, it was such a joy to see you guys become such close friends, when in the public eye its so hard just to have a normal life you two made it seem effortless. I always tell my kids if you made just one great friend before you leave this world then you have been blessed. My heart and prayers goes out to you and his family. God Bless you Corey F. and RIP Corey H. PEACE! JOY! HAPPINESS!

  202. I am crying. I am sorry. He seemed like a great soul and I would’ve loved to know him Corey. Peace.

  203. Corey,
    Thank you for sharing such a raw moment with us. I must admit, many fans of you and Corey Haim are at a loss because we’ve all lost something in his passing. We did not just lose a childhood star from Hollywood. We lost a childhood friend. Many of us grew with you and Corey. You were both a huge part of forming the identity of our generation. You both were what we discussed at school, what we watched in our friends homes, who we imitated in public. I know I speak for many when I say I just “knew” inside that we would one day see the rise of the Coreys once again. Now it is gone. Please understand, the same outpouring you see all around you about Haim that you wish he could have seen while walking this world is the same bond we have for you. The disconnect between the celebrity world and the non-celebrity world keeps you from seeing the positive impacts you all make to our lives. I know you have pain, but please know our voices are always there and in most cases,mostly for justifiable reasons, we are invisible. I ask if you feel sour towards some of society during times like these because “we weren’t there”, to please know we are indeed here. Maybe, I don’t know…. maybe we have just accepted our social order of leaving the intangibles where they are meant to be to those like me. I am no celebrity. I do not impact lives or form views of those watching the world’s stage and screen. No one will wake up and want to dress like me or repeat a classic one-liner that I have frozen in time. And that’s ok. I say this because you, just as Haim, probably do not know how many people out here truly care and it is because you have given something to us. You have shared something with us. It’s not about ‘wow, that dude’s a celebrity so say somethign to him’ but ‘wow, hey Corey, so many of my timeless memories with family and friends happened with you on the screen in front of us in the same room’. You were there. Haim was there. That’s the bond. We will miss Haim. We will miss the possibilities. But, we still have Corey Feldman shining the light. And maybe while it is a little dimmer for now, you will still find the way. Your life will balance. Your purpose will prosper. And we will continue to see the Corey we’ve considered a friend since childhood. I can not imagine the strength you have had to gather this past year. Anyone watching knows that you have been going through so much recently. Please, keep your head up and never feel alone. We are indeed here.

    Prayers to the Haim family and to you Corey.


  204. Hi,
    I know you’ve got a lot to reply to. And i’m not expecting anything back. But I found this song…it really made me think of Corey after I heard he died. I cried as I listened to it. I’m sure you get that a lot to. If you want to hear it it’s by Shinedown called “What A Shame” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4O_1MdWVo4&feature=related That’s the link to watch it on youtube.com it has the lyrics with it too. It kinda says…”I knew you best” Just something you might like. Sorry for your loss. We will all miss him. And we all loved him. No matter what hard turns he took in life.

  205. Beautiful, honest, thoughtful. Thanks for sharing this. Wishing you random acts of kindness, simple pleasures and small victories to help guide you through grief. Rest in peace, Corey Haim.

  206. Dear Corey,
    I am 33 years old and I don’t understand how people I have not met, have somehow become intertwined so tightly into the fabric of my childhood, or at least, into my memory of my childhood and adolescence. But I sense that you do understand how many of your fans “grew up” with you and with sweet Corey Haim. It was a different time for all of us and the world seems to have changed so much since I was reading about Feldog and Haimster having parties at Ed Debevic’s in L.A. in Bop magazine and letting the stories fuel my imagination about what life was like outside of the boredom and safety of my bedroom in San Diego, just a few hours away. I have watched you and Corey from afar in recent years, my favorite childhood stars, getting older and growing up alongside me. You share so much of your sweet heart Corey and give your fans the opportunity to try and perceive the truth of who you are. Thank you for that. I really appreciate that sincere and true connection you have managed to establish.

    And so, because you allowed us to read your letter to the pure hearted Corey Haim, I wanted to finally, finally, reach out and say something to you. When I say finally, I mean, since I was just a little girl. I have never posted here before or tried to say hello in any other way. Now I’m supposed to be “grown” but I have cried every day since Corey passed and it makes me realize something profound. Just because you don’t know someone personally, you can somehow love and care about them with all the strength a heart can have for someone they do know. The heart is a strange thing. I didn’t know I had so much care for my childhood heros in it. So, I wanted to take the time to tell you, Corey Feldman, that I think you are a strong hearted, resilient, smart, kind, loving, talented, spiritual, funny, sweet man who has survived a crazy childhood and crazy young adult hood and come out a survivor and a kind, good, loving human being. I don’t know how I know this, but I think you must manage to convey these qualities in your writings and your good works for the environment and animals. I perceive intuitively, that this is the kind of person you have grown up to be, having been a fan from afar for all of these hard, growing-up years. I doubt we will ever be done growing up.

    Dear Corey Haim,
    You will always be a part of my life’s memory and my childhood especially. God Bless your sweet soul and your tender heart. May you look down from heaven and see how we cry because you’re not here and because we love you and because we always, always will.

    With all of my sincere affection and appreciation for the both of you,
    Bella Ann
    San Diego

  207. cant sleep tonight. thinking of all the memories I have of “the two coreys”. I cant imagine the memories you have. Yours are real…where ours were fantasy. My BFF was going to marry Haim and I was going to marry you. We talked about this at 13….we talked about this today at 35. No words Corey. You are in our prayers.

  208. Dear Corey,

    Corey Haim made this world a better place, and now this once earth-bound star shines brightly among the heavens.

    Thank you for your words last Wednesday and for sharing this letter with us. When I think about how much you’ve been through this past year, saying how profoundly sorry I am for your loss just doesn’t seem enough. You have handled the loss of your best friend with class and respect. I hope you are soon able to find peace within yourself and that you can draw comfort from the many loved ones around you. Your statement last Wednesday about appreciating those with whom we share the world while we can still make a difference rings true. Your recent reconciliation with Corey surely made a positive difference in his life, and although it may be cold comfort, I hope you find some solace in knowing that you had the chance to reconcile with Corey that you didn’t have with Michael Jackson.

    To me, Corey was inextricably linked with a part of my childhood that I hold so dear. When I was about 12 years old, a close family friend took me to the Fox Studios and we watched them add sound effects to a new movie entitled, “Lucas.” It was an exciting day for me for many reasons, and I recall that treasured memory every time I think of Corey. A couple of years later, I became fascinated with “The Lost Boys.” The music from the film became a soundtrack for my early adolescence and all the times with friends when I began to make new discoveries about my independence and my inner strength (and, of course, my new interest in boys ;)). It almost sounds silly to say that movies or celebrities can have such an important effect on a person, but in a way, Corey (and you are a part of this, as well, Feldman) indirectly helped lay a foundation for the person I’ve become today. Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote that success is: “…to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.” Regardless of whatever else happened in his life, in this small way, Corey Haim succeeded.

    When I was in my early twenties, I lost a dear friend way too soon. I mourned. I cried. I got angry. But a strange thing happened the day he was laid to rest: I laughed. I was so wrapped up in the loss that it wasn’t until I met up with those who also knew him that I really started to celebrate his life. We sat around talking about our mutual friend, telling stories about the crazy things he did and how much he had touched our lives. And I realized that knowing the kind of person he was, he would have wanted us to remember him in celebration. Hearing your stories about Corey and being able to share the way he has affected us has given us a chance to share in this celebration, so thank you for that. I know that you will continue honoring his life, not just with the memorial, but also through the way you live your own life and share your talents with the world.

    Goodnight, sweet Corey, and may you finally rest in peace.

  209. I know that what I write may never reach your eyes. Even if it does it won’t have much of an impact on you because we don’t know each other. But for my own peace of mind, I need to write.

    I could not imagine losing my best friend. All the celebrity stuff aside, you are mourning your best friend and that must be truly heartbreaking. I hope you can find peace as a man, a brother and a best friend, not just as the actor we all know and love.

    I hope Corey has found some kind of peace in his afterlife. I understand that Corey had a tough life. I did not know Corey as you did but I can give you this one bit of information. Haim loved you through everything. You were always the one he came back to. You were one of the few people in his life that he knew he would love forever. You can always have the honor of knowing you were half of the Corey’s. You were half of the pair that made up most of our teen years.

    You two will always be the good memories I had of growing up. I loved my Corey’s in any movie I could find them in:). You have that inside you forever–the fact that you were 1/2 of the two Corey’s that everyone loved. Now we will all love Haim and we will all love you as Feldman. That dream you spoke of may be over, but aren’t you glad you had that dream while it lasted?

    You survived the life that Haim couldn’t. You pulled yourself out of it. You proved how strong you really are. You may have tried to turn away from Haim when you felt that you couldn’t take it but your heart couldn’t let you keep it turned. He KNEW THAT!! He knew you loved him. There may not be many people he can say that about but you are truly one person who was the world to Corey.

    As I said, you may never lay eyes on this message–but I hope you do.—Candi

  210. Hey,
    My best friend…no my sister Jackie died 4 years ago.We were friends since we were 5 years old. She was 34 when she died. We grew up when you guys grew up. We watched your films every day after school. You both brought us a lot of joy to a hard teenage time. I was a BIG Feldman fan and Jackie was a BIG Haimster fan… I like to think they are together now, it eases my mind to think that.
    God Bless Corey. The pain of loosing a friend never goes but it does ease.

    Corey Haim – “A gift from heaven, lent, not given, for a short while”

    All my love D XX

  211. Hello Corey, just wanted to say how sorry I am for the loss of your Brother Corey Haim. I like everyone else realize how close the two of you were given the fact that you basically grew up together and were best friends. My heart goes out to you & all of Corey’s loved ones. Please keep in mind how fortunate you were to be blessed by his friendship and how many ppl in this world would’ve loved to been as fortunate in knowing him as you were! I grew up,like soooo many other ppl in this world, watching the both of you and falling in-love with the “two Coreys”. I will miss not seeing you both together anymore and hope that you stay strong> Corey was my “dream husband” when I was growing up and as we have all gotten older, I always wished that I still could’ve meet him & given him the moral aupport that he seemed to so desperatly need. We all know that you did everything in your power to help him & never gave up on him. I pray that you know this and find some peace in it. You are in my prayers as well as your family and Corey’s family & friends.

  212. I stumbled across a link to your blog. My heart breaks for your loss. I pray that his memory lives on and hopefully helps someone else to conquer their battles. God Bless and I pray for peace that surpasses all understanding over you and his family.

  213. I was heartbroken too to hear of Corey Haim passing as was my family.Corey Feldman just wanted to let u know that i feel for u and u family at this time. Both u and Haim have touched my childhood as a remember all the movies u guys did together. Corey i also saw how much u both cared for each other and u Corey Feldman are a amazing friend. When i heard u both where doing The Two Coreys I was so happy and then when it cancelled my heart broke. I saw how u tryed to help Haim both u and your beautiful wife and believe me i know for sure Corey Haim was so sorry when he fought with u and u wife. He really did love you guys even if he was messy and messed up.We will always miss him cause deep down i know he was a good heart and spirit with a great smile. Your friend Sinisha from Toronto (Rest in peace Corey Haim).

  214. Just wanted to add that my favorite moment on The Two Coreys was when your wife caught both of u teo smoking outside. That made me laugh for a few hours and showed me how much both u and Haim had fun as friends.

  215. You just broke my heart – all over again. So sorry for your loss Corey. My love goes out to you and his family x x x

  216. It is 5:01 an EDT and I was awakened with thoughts of you Corey Haim. I know you don’t understand all of this and you want to be back with us. Just Rest in Peace and know that
    THE TWO COREYS, are eternal in our thoughts, in our hearts, in our celebrations, in our stories that we tell our children and grandchildren as the years pass. THE TWO COREYS WILL ALWAYS BE!
    My heart goes out to Corey Feldman. He has a huge heart and has not been able to process any of this yet. We are standing by you Corey Feldman and bands of angels are surrounding you where you rest Corey Haim until you can be with us again. Watching over Corey Feldman to come to terms with this great loss and to watch over all the love we are sending to you in spirit. Let bands of angels raise you to fly high than you have never flown and take in all of the love we are sending you. My heart is crushed and bleeding for you Corey Feldman and your family and friends of yours and Corey Haims. THE TWO COREYS FOREVER AND ALWAYS INTO ETERNIT. BLESS BE YOU ALL.With Eternal love and and compassion for the Great Corey Haim & the Great Corey Feldmen, The TWO COREYS

  217. I remember going to see The Lost Boys in New Zealand where I am from when I was a 12 year old girl and it was rated R13. My friend and I were so pleased to have gotten in, and then we saw Corey Haim-and fell in teen love! He was our first teen crush (my first crush) and really the only major one. My room was covered in Tigerbeat posters of the Haimster from then on. I loved his crooked smile and beautiful blue eyes.

    The movies you two Coreys did together were fantastic and I had hoped to see many more. Now we will all wait for your movies and know that he is with you.

    I was at at work when I found out he had died and was so upset I had to go to toilets to have a cry. With his passing I feel a little like part of my own childhood has passed as well.

    I was always rooting for Corey-I hoped he would end up like Robert Downey Jr and make it out the other side to a successful career. He had the talent( and the looks )to do so and it seems so sad he passed away just as things were looking up for him.

    I know what its like to deal with a friend (in my case a partner) with drug issues. You can’t help them until they want your help. It is heart-breaking and draining and you were such a good friend to stand by him. I am sure there were times you didnt want to but I think it says a lot for your friendship that nothing could break your bond. I have however chosen to believe Coreys death was not a relapse but his body giving up after years of abuse. I have chosen to believe his mothers explanation.

    It is sad that he did not realise the impact he had on so many peoples lives while he wa alive. Of course there are always some haters out there that love to see the famous fall from grace, but by far I believe most people were behind Corey. People speak with such affection of him. He seemed to be a beautiful soul and it breaks my heart he never got to experience marriage with someone he truly loved and children.

    I had not realised Corey had been abused and it breaks my heart to think that that was allowed to happen. It makes his subsequent substance abuse problems all the more understandable. I would have done the same to escape the pain. I hope his abuser feels partly responsible for his death.

    I am not a religious person and am not sure what I believe happens when you pass, but I just hope Corey is at peace now and is able to understand the huge impact he had on so many peoples lives. His movies form a part of the landscape of my teen years and I had hoped his new movies would form part of my adult one.

    We will never forget you Corey. Much love to your family and to you Mr Feldman for always being there as his friend.

  218. Corey, I just wanted you to know I was praying for another out come to all of this. I have loved Corey for years and really hoped he could make the come back he dreamed of. I will miss him and he will for ever be in my heart. He was so lucky to have a friend like you.

  219. Dear Corey
    I know you are feeling overwhelmed. You probably feel tired too. I really want you to take this outpouring of emotion from all over the world, and use the energy to heal. There are nasty mean spirited people out there who will drag you into their vortex of despair if you stay around them for too long. Please focus on the real and deep love that good hearted fans everwhere send you. I cannot articulate the despair I feel on the passing of the precious and beautiful Corey Haim. I have no place in his world, but like so many who loved his work, we ended up really caring about him, and you. So your pain must be horrific, and I am so sorry…Something about you two resonates in everyone who shared the journey. The world all of a sudden seems a much smaller place. I am a nurse, and I have seen many people pass away. I know your dear friend is a bright light burning in your heart. He is at peace..be comforted by those who care, and feel the love that envelops you now.
    warmest and heart felt regards

  220. That was a beautiful letter Feldman…no truer words could have been spoken. Haim will live forever because his body of work will never disappear and we will ALWAYS have that to remember him by.

    Pain is temporary, film is FOREVER…

    Haim, may you rest in peace, you were a brother to many of us, even those who never knew you personally. And Feldman, you’re still a brother, and a direct reflection of Haim’s memory.


  221. I got to the second paragraph and couldn’t read anymore….I’m not ready for it… What I have read broke my heart..yours and Coreys friendship was amazing regardless of your ups and downs.
    Watching the 2 Coreys seeing them together still after all these years was fantastic.
    When I found out he passed last week I was devastated so I really cannot imagine how you feel losing another friend within a year of losing MJ aswell.
    It was a complete shock to learn of his passing as he was so young, and he was just getting back on track with his career so sad….
    May Haimster Rest In Peace.. Least he has escaped his demons
    Stay Strong Feldog


  222. Your Blog is very touching and very sad. I am very sorry for the lost of your best friend, I also lost my best friend 5 yrs ago so I feel your loss. I grew up watching you two in your movies together and loved both of you. RIP Corey Haim

  223. Hi Corey! I am a fan of you from Holland. You are not famous around here but I like you as an actor since I was 12. I’m now 27😉
    I now Corey Haim from the movies you do together. When my brother called me to say he died I was shocked. Your good friend is gone. A great person is gone. I wish you lots of strenght!
    God bless you.


  224. Dear Corey,

    You letter to Corey had me in tears before I could finish reading it. You are truly a bestfriend anyone could ever have. I’m sure that he knows you will do everything possible to keep his memory alive. I hope that the memorial that you plan will be televised for the world to see just how loved Corey was.
    I watched the Two Coreys the other night and it was hard to imagine he is gone. As a fan of you both, you can see how close you both were. I am glad he had you in his life through the good and bad. I want to leave this poem for you.

    “When Tomorrow Starts Without Me”

    When Tomorrow starts without me and I am not there to see,
    If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me,
    I wish so much you wouldn’t cry the way you did that day, while thinking of the many things we didn’t get to say
    I know how much you loved me as much as I loved you, and each time that you think of me I know you’ll miss me too
    But when Tomorrow starts without me, Please try to understand that an angel came and called my name and took me by the hand
    She said my place was ready in heaven far above, and that I’d have to leave behind all those I dearly loved
    But as I turned to walk away a tear fell from my eye For all my life I’d always thought I didn’t have to die
    I had so much to live for, and so much left to do, It almost seemed inpossible that I was leaving you.
    I thought of all the yesterdays the good ones and the bad, I thought of all the Love we shared and all the fun we had
    If I could relive yesterday just even for a while, I’d say goodbye and kiss you so I could see you smile.
    But then I fully realized that this could never be for emptiness and memories would take the place of me
    and when I thought of worldly things that I might miss come Tomorrow, I thought of you and when I did my heart was filled with sorrow,
    But when I walked through Haaven’s gates, I felt so much at home,when God look down and smiled at me, from his golden throne
    He said “This is Eternity an all I’ve promised you, Today your life on Earth has passed and here it starts anew, I pormise no Tomorrows, but Today will always last, and since each day is the same day there’s no longing for the past.
    But you have been so faithful ,so trusting , and so true, though there were somethings you knew you shouldn’t do, You have been forgiven and now at last your free, so won’t you take my hand my hand and share my life with me”
    So, when Tomorrow starts without me, Please don’t think were far apart
    For everytime you think of me , I’m right there in your heart
    So nomore tears I want to see, just a fleeting grin,
    when you remember how we were and the happiness we lived in
    So go on with your life now and keep smiling all the way
    For there is more to your life , just live it day to day
    So when Tomorrow starts without me, just remember I am near, to guide you and love you like I always did and take will away your fear.

    I am truly sorry for your loss Corey, the hardest part in life is losing someone close to you..May God Bless you, Coreys Family and the fans around the world….

  225. I grew up watching both of you in movies and in the teen magazines. When I read the news of Corey’s passing I called my BFF and told her and at first she thought it was a bad joke – we cried on the phone (there we were at our respective workplaces, crying into headsets over a boy we never actually met). I went to my mom’s house to go through the magazine clippings I’d cut out of both of you back in the day, and to remember the silly daydreams of a teenaged girl.

    My heart hurts to think of it; I can’t imagine your loss. Hope and healing are heading your way.

  226. Corey,
    Your letter was well said. I grew up watching you guys grow up, and you two were inseparable. I’m so sorry for the loss. My heart goes out to the family and you. You guys were a part of my life. Just stay strong, bro and find your time to grieve and regroup. I wish you nothing but the best and I’m sure Corey is now in a peaceful place. Just keep his memory close to your heart and always celebrate him.

  227. Corey F – your letter was amazing – I’m sure it was the hardest thing u had ever had to write but I know how much it helps to put words onto the paper – I can only imagine how much you are grieving but be strong & just think how much joy he brought into our lives, even those of us who are just fans. I really hope u r ok – I spent ages setting this up just so I could leave you this message xx Take care, love Georgina xxxx

  228. Your true friendship is encouraging and heart warming I am so sad for your loss and wish you the best. I was very touched by your letter and I know he was not perfect but he was an interesting person and a good person. RIP….

    Daniel ……… Toronto, CANADA

  229. Thankyou for writing this Corey, I know the bond between the two of you was indescribable. As I read it I imagined how much you must have gone through together over the years, becoming best friends at 15 and then growing up in the spotlight together.
    Corey’s death has saddened me so much. The thing that struck me most about Corey from watching him was that he was such a gracious and kind person, always polite to people. You could tell there was so much love inside him, waiting for the right person to give it to. He reminded me of a child, seeking approval and just wanting to be loved and accepted. It was heartbreaking that this happened at a time when he was looking better than he had in a long time, and you could tell that he was “fighting the good fight” as you said on Larry king.
    My thoughts and prayers are with yourself, Corey’s family and friends right now.

    R.I.P Corey Haim, you are at peace at last ♥

  230. Mr. Feldman,

    I’m sorry so much of the media attention regarding both you and Corey Haim has been negative. I am familiar with grief, and your decision to write Corey a letter was actually very healthy. I hope that it is a step toward healing for you. Your life will never be the same without your brother. This is not to say that you will never be happy again, or that your own life is over; it is just an acknowledgment that you will always miss that piece of your heart. When all of the media attention fades, and you are alone with your grief, please remember that my thoughts are with you.


  231. I was so heartbroken with the news of Haim’s passing. I know that my hurt can’t begin to compare to yours because you’ve known him personally for so long. I cried upon reading your letter to him, as I’ve been crying since his passing. I’ve had a crush on him for over 20yrs & waited on him to make his come back that he had promised us. I have remained a fan even through the dark days & loved his low-budget straight to video work as well as his blockbusters. It is sad to think that he’ll never be able to make something new or have us waiting on something he’s working on. He truly was something special on the screen & no one can ever take that from him. He will live on forever in our hearts & memories as well as his many cherished movies. I just wish he had that chance to show the world that he was back & better than ever. He will truly be missed by all that knew him, loved him or admired him from afar such as I did.

    My heart goes out to you & his family as well because though fans my be hurting those that were close to him are hurting more. You guys were lucky to have found each other & had the life long friendship that you had, you will always be known as “The Two Coreys” or “The Coreys”. I would like to attend the memorial to keep his memory & legacy alive. I hope to know the details in time since I live so far away (Columbus, OH).

    Just know that there are fans out there who have always been fans but just aren’t one’s who have ever had the nerve to write a fan letter without seeming like a stalker or an obsessed person, ’cause if I had a restraining order would have been issued. But I’ve always admired Corey from afar & will still have that feeling in my heart for him. Celebrities pass all the time but he was special to me without ever meeting him. Watching all his movies & “The Two Coreys” I felt I knew him, but I wanted to know him personally & never got the chance. I always dreamed as a little girl & I’ll admit as an adult that I would marry him, knowing I wouldn’t have a chance but it was nice to dream. He was that guy that so many could relate to. He will live forever in my heart as well as the hearts of many others.

    You’re a great friend to him. You both were lucky to have each other.

  232. Corey, That was a wonderful letter to your best friend, Corey Haim. I am a big fan of yours and I am so sorry for your loss. The Lost Boys is my favorite movie. My thought and prayers go out to you and your family. Please take care of yourself.

  233. Believe it or not I really cried with the news of Corey’s passing.I remember watching all of his movie while growing up,and admiring him because he kinda reminded me of myself at times.When the show The Two Corey’s came on a few years ago I watched religiously without shame or embarrassment.I felt I could relate to their relationship with each other.Life will not be the same without Corey Haim!

  234. I feel your pain……………Corey is now at peace finally……….no more anguish, no more houndings, no more grief…….a sweet soul home at last……….

  235. Corey,

    I lost my best friend in 2008, but I didn’t know it until a month later. We’d grown out of touch and news of her death was shocking to say the least. Not making more of an effort to contact her again is one of my biggest regrets. I’d even been thinking of reconnecting with her when I’d heard the news, and now it’s too late. All you can do is cherish the memories you have and know you were made a better person because Corey was in your life.

    I hope to see you in Astoria this summer.:) Thank you (and Corey) for making the 80’s awesome. {{HUGS}}


  236. Dear Corey,

    It is with a heavy heart I write this to you, it has taken me a couple of days to finish because I’m truly upset over this tragedy, I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling. I am deeply sorry for your loss, I extend my deepest condolences to you, your family and Corey Haim’s family in this devastating time. I grew up with both of you in my life, and want to thank you for sharing this beautiful letter with us. I hope all of the wonderful sentiments from fans and others have somehow helped console you.

    It is shocking to me that Corey didn’t see how many people outside of Hollywood still cared, I don’t have the opportunity anymore to tell him that people did, but I can still tell you, thank you for such wonderful memories I have of the two of you from my childhood and beyond. The memories you and Corey have given to so many is something to proud of, and it saddens me to think Corey left this world not realizing how loved he truly was, or what he gave to the people of our generation. I know he knows now. I never had the pleasure to meet him, I always thought there would be plenty of time for that, but from what I have observed through the years Corey seemed to have a heart of gold, he seemed to love unconditionally, and the kind of person who would stand by you no matter what.

    I went through similar situations with people I care for deeply, and watching this disease of addiction take a hold of someone you love leaves you helpless and with a broken heart. I’m a very strong person, but going through my situations made me even stronger, which I didn’t think was possible. It will be difficult, but you will get through this, and even though you physically can’t talk or see him, he can still hear and see you. You are an incredible friend and I know you will continue to be there for his family because they will need you now more then ever, and you will need them too.

    My prayers will be with you during this time, please for yourself and his fans keep Corey’s memory alive if you can, he deserves that. You were there for him in life, and I know you will continue to be there now, and thank you for planning a memorial the way he would want to celebrate his life. If any help is needed to keep his legacy going, I would do my best to help, and I’m sure many of his other fans feel the same. Fans have unconditional love, they are not there to make a profit, and could care less if you have any faults, who doesn’t? At this time in need you should try and lean on his fans and yours for strength. I know he is safe and probably playing Frisbee, painting and hanging out with John Ritter (who I know was one of his favorite actors). I know he is finally at peace.

    All my Best,


  237. Corey Feldman:

    I was very sorry to hear about the death of your friend, Corey Haim. He was a gifted actor with a lot to offer, and it’s too bad that he wasn’t able to restart his career.

    Don’t let the angry and spiteful people get to you, it isn’t worth it. Keep on your path, and do what you think is the best thing for your life, because when you come right down to it, it is your life and nobody else’s.

    Take care of yourself- I hope to see you on the screen often in the future. Peace, man.

    Good luck and Best wishes,
    A Fan in Boston, MA

  238. Feldman, you were always my favorite, and now I know why. This had me crying from the first paragraph on. It felt intensely personal, and showed so much, almost more than action could, how much you truly loved Haim. You did the right thing, letting his family have their desire for a private moment, and I’m incredibly sorry that you haven’t had your chance to grieve. I hope your letter helped you with that, because sharing grief is the best way to deal with it, and I’m honored you chose to share it with us.

  239. hey there corey im thinking off you at this hard time corey haim was the best im from lisburn in northern ireland so i have to go on the net just to hear news about the two of you. it near killed me myself when i happened to put on sky news and the headline was flashing that lost boys corey haim died age 38 i totally screamed the house down i was and still am in shocked. corey was the best ino all the lines out of lost boys “you sniffing news print” i would be glad to hear from you when and only if you can and was just wondering but will out corey be in the lost boys 3 and wen is it going to be release.

    you take care now and ill be on line to get news on the service that you are doing in l.a i bet hes partying with tthem angels already and wishing you were with him

    god bless and take care lots of love from

    louise Eskins xx

  240. I am so sorry that your heart is breaking, Im sorry his mothers can never heal and I’m sorry our backs were turned until now. I cant begin to tell you that I understand your pain, what it feels like to grieve with the whole world watching and to offer words that will never be the right thing to say.

    I never knew Corey, but Im thankful that you always came back. You held onto him and for that you gave him peace. You will always have a friend in him, you will always have someone to talk to even if he never answers back and a dream is never lost. A dream is that of whats in your heart, it just sometimes needs to be made through other ways.

    We in society are so quick to judge and selfishly close our eyes to what doesn’t suit us, and for that I am sorry he felt it because we allowed it to happen. I pray that you find strength in this difficult time and uphold the honour you have respectfully shown.

    I know what I am saying is just words, but I hope you find comfort in his own peace, and warmth knowing the love he had for you goes on forever because you both allow it to.

    May you rest in peace Corey.

  241. Corey,
    Your letter to Corey Haim was beautiful. I could NOT STOP crying as I read it. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. I grew up watching your movies and have SO MUCH admiration and respect for the both of you. I have loved and adored Corey Haim since I was 11 years old and still can not believe he is gone. I am shocked and can’t even think about it without crying. He was just getting his life back, he was set to work on so many films, and now, he’s gone. It’s so unfair.

    I was fortunate enough to have met him. I met him at Chiller Theater in Parsippany, NJ in October 2008. I considered that my dream come true. He was so beautiful, inside and out. You only had to look into his eyes to see the kind and gentle soul he was. He was always so sweet to his fans and very appreciative. Hopefully, I will meet you too one day, so I can give you a hug and personally thank you for being such an amazing friend/brother to Corey. You two have been through so much together. You were both blessed to have each other.

    Stay strong during this horribly difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of his family and friends. I know as time goes by, it will start getting easier.

  242. The only person I would call right now is Paul Hewson.

  243. Hello….I just wanted to say what a great letter. I am so sorry for your lose. It is very hard losing a best friend that you shared so much……I loved you guys from the first Lost boys…I always watch the Two Coreys…it was a great show and was sad to see it end, only to see you two together. I know it did not end that great but I know you went back to him, true friends do that. I think you two were two peas in a pod…..

    I lost my best friend from high school and her mother did not want me there either, which just killed me. I only wish I would have thought of writting a letter to her. I did have my own funneral with my family and friends, later. But I still think of her and even have dreams, so I know she is watching over me. And I know he will be too…..God Bless you, you are in my thought and prayers.

  244. Wow. Thank you for sharing this letter. I am so sorry for all the both of you have had to go through. Growing up, the both of you were icons of my childhood. Both of you had impact on my life. While I am happy for the success you both had, I am sad that your success was also a burden to you. I don’t know why it is so hard to see our entertainers as people.

    This Canadian girl’s heart is with you as you grieve and with Corey’s family as they try to get through this hard day. Love to all of you.

  245. Corey,

    I cried when the news over Corey Haim. So you know, there was always a special place in my heart for him. I grew up in the 80s, and he was my first crush. He Always made my heart race, seeing him in movies, and seeing him in magazines. I would beg my mom to buy me magazines and posters with his pictures. I feel so sorry that he was so lost. His journey through life was so tough, and so unforgiving. I really feel a sense of loss right now, more than I thought I would. I can’t stop thinking of him, and I hope he knows that there are a lot of people in this world that loved him their whole life. Us kids, growing up with him, and you, will always remember that crooked smile, and those beautiful eyes.

    Take care Corey, and I hope with time, you will be able to get over this sense of grief you feel. He was truely a great actor, a great wonderful friendly. His life ended way to short. But now, at least, he may have some peace. Corey Haim, I love you!!!


  246. I met you and Corey a couple of years ago at Milton Keynes Collectormania. I remember you both as being warm and friendly- You didn’t treat us fans like ‘fans’ as so many other guests tend to, Corey even came over to chat to me when he’d gone out for a cig, remembering that I’d had a bad case of fan fright and teasing me about babbling, despite his security man trying to move him away. I was very sad to hear about his death, and will treasure the memory of my chat with him. I hope you’ve got people around you to support you now, sending kind thoughts.

  247. Corey ,

    First off I want to say I am so sorry for your loss . As tired as you get hearing it there are no other words . I Loved watching the 2 of you together through the years . As for your letter to Corey … it made so much sense to me . I lost my mother this past July very suddenly and I to had thought about how I would handle her death many times because we thought we were gonna lose her but when it happened it was devastating . But the pain does ease with time but its always there to remind us of what we miss . Just always keep his memory alive in your heart , thats the best thing you could do for him now . Best wishes with the future and live on for yourself and him .

  248. I’ve got the pics I took of you together still (I think I gave one to you of the group of lost boys but I’m not sure) If you want them let me know and I’ll send them on

  249. Dear Corey,

    Thank you for sharing this. I read your letter last night and it so deeply moved me. It made me feel tremendously sad for the loss of Corey Haim. As a pre-teen and teenager I was one of the many who was “in love” with Corey Haim. I was so crazy about him. He was my first crush. Watching the two of you in the Lost Boys, Dream a Little Dream, and License to Drive are some of my fondest memories growing up.

    In recent years I watched the Two Corey’s. It was hard for me to watch as it showed how much things had changed since I was a young girl. However, it was great to see that you two had stayed friends for so long. Of course I was sad to see the ending…

    When I heard the news this week of Corey’s death, I was heartbroken. However, as I’ve read so much this week about how he was trying to change his life, it became even harder to take. He wanted to live and to live life to the fullest. He wanted another chance…but I guess it was too late. It just makes me tear up when I see his pictures.

    I only wish that he was here to see how much all of the fans still cared about and supported him. Maybe he is.

  250. This weekend, I watched: “License to Drive”, “Lost Boys 1 & 2”, “Lucas”, “Silver Bullet” and “Prayer of The Rollerboys”. As of the early 90’s, I was one of the many who lost sight of Haim’s natural charming talent. I sincerely regret that now. All the best to Corey Feldman during this very trying time for him.

  251. Dear Corey,

    Like most of the other replies-the letter was heartbreaking and beautifully composed. While I don’t have much to add except my condolenses to you and prayers that God will be with you and give you strength. I do want to add, furthermore, that I have always and will always be a fan of both you and Haim..

    P.S. My 11 year old son is named Corey as well after you and Corey Haim.. Love you!!! Can’t wait to see your next project. Be strong!!

  252. Corey,
    I’m so glad that Corey Haim had such a great friend in you. He really was a lost soul that just didnt know how much his fans loved him. I’ve seen the Lost Boys, Dream, Lucas, and Lisence to drive each about a million times. Well, Lost Boys came on the other night so now its a Million and one. When I logged on Yahoo that morning the news broke of Haim. My jaw dropped and I just sat there thinking this has to be wrong. TMZ sucks and this is wrong…Someone has to be playing a horrible joke. Then my phone started going crazy. How could this happen?? If it does come back being illegal presc. drugs then the person in charge of it better be brought to justice. Ok, I wont jump to conclusions…just venting. Corey Thanks so much for keeping haims legacy alive!! I know i’m not the only fan still in shock and disbelief over this. I know Cor is up there watching all of this with his iconic sly corner smaile. Take care of yourself Feldman! You did everything you could do and Haim loves you for it. Looking forward to the Public honor for him that you’re preparing. Love you guys so much…

    • Sorry my keyboard jumps sometimes, but that is supposed to read SMILE. you guys get it…:(

  253. Dear Corey ,
    First off please accept my deepest sympathies on the passing of your dear friend Corey. I know he was more than your friend and I am terribly heartbroken. I grew up in the 80’s like many others . I loved to watch you and Corey in the movies together. I was 9 when The Lost Boys came out and I remember watching it over and over many times. To this day it is still my favorite movie . Sadly I never had a chance to meet Corey . But I will always have the wonderful memories he gave us. That adorable smile and wonderful laughter. And to you Corey, you are a wonderful friend and I admire you for sharing your pain with all of us. You will be in my thoughts and prayers . Corey Haim, you will be missed by many you were a wonderful person you will forever and always be missed. xox
    Take care Corey
    Eve in Canada

  254. Beautifully written. God Bless you both.

  255. It’s so sad.. I just don’t know what to say.. Stay strong Corey..

  256. Such a beautiful tribute to a very special friendship. Corey was blessed to have you in his life and you were blessed to have him. Take care and remember that you are never alone he is always with you.
    Don’t cry because it’s over…smile because it happened!
    A forever fan of the two Corey’s!

  257. Corey,

    I am thinking of you through this troubled time. I sincerely wish you all the best and think the way you have handled Haim’s passing is truly beautiful. The above letter is expertly written and without a doubt heartfelt. I hope your message to the media is heard loud and clear.

    2010 was shaping up to be the beginning stages of comeback for Haim and I know your involvement was of great assistance. I hope you find peace this year and also, I hope you are recognized for the brilliant actor you have the potential to be. I am rooting for you.


  258. good entry hun… i like the valid points you made… while paying tribute…

  259. corey, thanks for sharing corey with us…nothing but tears

  260. I know you have gotten a billion condolences the past few days but I just wanted to add mine and say that I hope that you can find peace thru this huge loss and are able to move forward.
    It’s a terrible thing to lose someone so close to you and being in the limelight everyone wants to see your reactions. It took me 7 years to move forward from a similar huge loss I suffered and I did some terrible things in the meantime…I pray that you have the strength to continue on. My thoughts are with you and Corey Haim’s family thru all this.

  261. Ordinarily I wouldn’t send a note to a total stranger, but your open letter brought me right back to my best friend’s unexpected death two years ago. What you wrote about having that urge to call when you have something you want to share… I understand your loss. I also understand how no words could ever ease that ache. Time to heal is what you need. I can promise you this: there will come a point where you think of him and you won’t automatically hurt or tear up. You’ll be able to relax in the memories you shared with him and thinking of him will make you laugh and smile instead of hurt. I won’t lie – it is weird and difficult to just keep moving forward when your best friend’s life abruptly stopped. But you will, and he’ll live on in your heart and mind. Take care.

  262. that was really sad and really beautiful. Rest peacefully, sweet Corey…

  263. Ive just been emailed a comment someone left that was horrific glad to see its been removed as I was about to explode…

    Stay Strong Feldog :)xxx

  264. I appreciate you being open during this difficult time by sharing this open letter to Corey Haim. It has been a horrible week with the passing of Corey, but I thank you Corey Feldman, for standing by his fans in the way you have. I admire all the things you spoke of on Larry King by standing up to the media world that always pushed Corey Haim down. Wether you know it or not, you gave Corey Haim’s fans a voice and I cant tell you how much we thank you. As a life long fan of you and Corey Haim, I take refuge in knowing that you are standing along side us in mourning. I pray for you that you may have peace today and the days following. Like you are standing beside us, we are standing beside you, supporting you through this time.
    The openness of your heart is the sole reason why I felt a connection to both you and Haim. You both know that every human soul is important and respecting all others, and encouraging others to do the same. May peace and love always be with you my friend.

  265. Dear Corey,

    you found the words I wasn’t able to find when my mom committed suicide some time ago. Your words fit so well (and remind me painfully that life will never be the same without the people we lost).

    I watched “The two Coreys” on youtube once and I thought Corey was that kind of guy you want to hug and protect from all the evil.
    I have never seen one of his movies but I saw some of his paintings but when I read about his death I was devastated.

    There is only one thing I can say:

    Anyone, anywhere, no matter who you are
    You’ll never lose the ones you keep inside your heart
    A consequence of love

    Lots of love

  266. I really did not realize that I could be effected so deeply. I still can not believe he is gone I was a fan of both yours. I want to share on a personal level the things i have done in my life, so similar as Haim, but its very hard to put myself out there like that. I have been a struggleing, recovering addict now for 8 yrs, a repeat relapser of 1 thing or another. Things that I have put ppl through and still sometimes continue to do. Things that I struggle to forgive myself for. I see now through your pain what those things can do. I dont even know what else I can say. I want to just say that I hope you are okay. I know that there will always be a void in your heart, and your soul from him being gone. One that feels like it can never be replaced. All my thoughts & prayers!

  267. Although I did not know Corey, I feel like a piece of my childhood has died with him.

    I can not begin to imagine how you feel.

    Please take care of yourself Corey Feldman.


  268. Hi Corey, thank you for posting your letter to our beloved Corey Haim, it is so honest and brave and my heart goes out to you. I will miss him forever. The thought that his death came before his comeback is so heartbreaking to me, he deserved so much more. I have cried every day since I heard the news, I still can’t believe it. He had a special quality that both girls and boys connected with and that is really rare. I’m so glad he had a friend and brother like you in the world, maybe we would have lost him earlier if it wasn’t for that. My love and my thoughts are with you both, always.

  269. Hey there Corey,

    Both of you brought so much joy to my life as a teen, and the funny thing is not realizing then, what I know now-is we (the two of you and I) were less than two year apart in age. You both, back then, were so iconic to me…pics of you both showered my bedroom walls, school locker and binders! As I grew up so did the both of you….unfortunately Haim may have never known the great influence he placed on my life as well as thousands of teens from my day!

    I was so saddened to learn of Haim’s passing and equally as frustrated by the sudden outpour of media attention, wondering as you-where were they when it mattered most?

    Your letter is heartfelt and resonates the world over Mr. Feldman. It’s the voice of so many that otherwise feel they wouldn’t be heard. You carry our pain for us.

    I wish I could have known Corey Haim. More than the celebrity-because celebrities are people too-just society tends to forget to remove that pedestal. I am truly apologetic for my part in contributing to the fan-frenzy that lessened the value of a celebrity’s private life.

    Once again, great letter and heartfelt condolences for your loss.

    Lisa T.

  270. Dear Cory,
    Your letter touched my heart in a way that I can not discribe.
    I am in tears as I write this as It must be so hard to bury your best freind, to wake up one morning and find that a very big part of your life will now be missing while you walk the rest of your life without him.

    Cory, I am a 56 years old woman and I have to say that Cory’s passing has touched me in a way that I can’t really discribe.

    There have been many loses in my life over the years and some of them great talents but Cory’s passing haunts me in a way like no other. I only knew him as an actor, watched every one of his movies and loved them all, so why does his passing still haunt me?

    I remember a few of Cory”s commercials way back when and knew then that those blue eyes an that crocked smile would bring him fame but back then, what I didn’t know was the tremendous talent one little boy could have and bring to this world.

    It is so sad that drugs and alcohol have such a big part in so many lives and the enormous pull it has on one’s soul.
    This world brings us so many hurts and struggles and there are many just lurking in the darkness waiting to prey on that hurt and the struggle of so many.
    We all at some time or another look for comfort in alcohol, drugs, sex, eating or anything else to help us deal with our demons and our everyday struggles. For some, if we are lucky enough are fortunate to comeo out of addiction unscathed, for some, like Cory, the demon has it way with us and it defeats us and this is so sad.
    I have read and heard that 75% of the people in this world are addicted to one thing or another, the other 25% are in love with those who are addicted.

    I don’t want to make blog about drugs, I want to let you know that I am morning the loss of one very talented actor and I know you are morning the loss of your very best friend in the world and I am so sorry for your loss.

    I have a request and I hope you will be able to do this for me. If you can use your clout to have one of the stations rerun “The 2 Cory’s” that would help me and so many of us who need closure. To see Cory one more time or maybe several more times, just to see his face and watch his talent unfold all over again…that would be so nice to see. In the meantime, I will rent his movie all over again and have a Cory Haim movie reunion party in honor of our Cory a man who in my opinion left this world to soon!

    I also wish you the best my friend, you are another incredible talent and the 2 Cory’s will long be remembered as very dear friends to us all…We all know what you have lost although if one never had a friend as close as Cory was to you, it would be hard to explain your loss to that person.

    I am so sorry for your loss Cory and I hope you can stay strong. we are all here for you and if you ever feel the need to reach out to us…we will be here to hold out our hands to you.
    Thank you for such incredible friendship and talent, thank you for letting us read your “Letter to the Grave”.
    Thinking of you and hoping you are ok,

  271. God, those are tough words to read, Corey – and perfectly expressed. I lost two great people from my family less than a year ago, and I know what it’s like to lose lifelong friends. Nothing could suck the spirit out of you more.
    You and Corey left us with some fantastic memories, and I’m sure you’ll carry his friendship forever, and in due time smile at the memories. The pain subsides somewhat more quickly than the void, but eventually you’ll take joy again in your friendship and share the stories of it with your boy.
    Take care, Corey Feldman. You’re a terrific entertainer, a great friend to Corey, and a respectful, respected man. From looking at all the wonderful comments on this blog, I see that many hearts are with you right now!

  272. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m so happy that you two were together again at the end. I tried to look for you on the other MySpace that Corey Haim has, but couldn’t find you. So, I had to register for this one to leave a msg. I went to Hollywood in October hoping to meet Haim, but, had no luck. Now, I’ll never have the chance. I’d love to visit his final resting place this summer when I visit Toronto to send my respects. Do you know where it is? Or is it private? Also to send my condolences to his family. Any help would be appreciated. I’d love to give something back as he lifted my life with all his great movies. I miss him dearly. It’s a shame he’s got more attention now than when he was alive. That’s how the world works, unfortunately. But to all his fans who’s written on his MySpace, he never left our hearts even when out of the spotlight. With Love,
    Andrea D

  273. Corey, thank you for sharing this with us. I’m so sad for you and for Corey and his family…and for the world, actually. There was something very special about Corey – so funny, lovable, talented, and I could just go on and on.

    Your words pierced my heart – you’ve lost your best friend and you’re in such pain. I admit I had some doubts about your friendship because of the whole non-reality show factor, but only a person who is truly grieving could have written as you just did. Your true relationship with Corey will always be between the two of you..nobody else’s business. What is very evident to everyone though is that there was love between you and that’s such a precious thing – I’m sure Corey valued it very much. Some people go their whole lives without love or a best friend, sadly.

    Thank you again for sharing. You were Corey’s caretaker (which was beautiful) but now you need to take care of yourself – I really hope you will…you deserve it.

  274. What a beautiful letter…here’s a little bit of what I was able to express from Corey Haim’s films and the impact that they’ve had in my life…

    Thinking of Corey Haim’s family and friends through this difficult time

    • An innocent girl, a harmless drive. What could possibly go wrong?

      ‘Buckle up, son! This is the real world out here!’

      ‘License to drive’, the never talked about 1988 film starring both Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and a then unknown Heather Graham, remains one of the funniest films of all time, whilst also representing the issue that a driver’s license respresents individualism, liberation and freedom. This all may seem like an over exaggeration but when a film has a clear set out idea, that begins with Les Anderson, (before there was Mr Anderson in Matrix, who stands for so much less in comparison to Les) chained to a school bus and his attempt to escape this kind of future for his life, and his dream of getting the girl and the car. Because in life, without a license, you have nothing…

      ‘Les, that license in your wallet, that’s not an ordinary piece of paper, that is a driver’s license, and its not only a driver’s license, it’s an automobile license, and it’s not only an automobile license, it’s a license to live, a license to be free, a license to go wherever, whenever and with whomever you choose.’

      There’s too much for me to say really about ‘License to drive’, for me it is a brilliant film, clear in what it is about, what it is trying to achieve in it’s genre and style, it uses childish techniques at times, empathising certian sounds and edited cleanly with some old fashioned flip cuts in places. Whilst I might make it sound, as if the film takes itself too seriosuly (and maybe the filmmakers did) far from it coming across like that in the film, as the script is direct, funny and of course the performances shine through, with Corey Haim brilliant as the young kid with the American dream…a joy to watch everytime and a film which deserved to be known.

      Of course, one of the most famous films of Haim’s career is ‘the lost boys’ (1987) which displays the idea of being, acting and feeling differently to our parents and siblings, it is at the end of the day, essentially a good old fashioned, fun -vampire-killer-slasher film, made to better standards to ones in the genre today.

      In 1986, ‘Lucas’ showed adolescene in one of the best possible ways as Roger Ebert once described…

      “Haim … does not give one of those cute little boy performances that get on your nerves,” wrote Ebert. “He creates one of the most three-dimensional, complicated, interesting characters of any age in any recent movie. If he can continue to act this well, he will never become a half-forgotten child star, but will continue to grow into an important actor. He is that good.”

      I remember seeing it at a young age, (it was an after midnight fill-up-the schedule screening on ITV) I haven’t seen it since but have never forgotten it, how much I felt for Lucas and what he was trying to acheive and prove, to himself, to the girl he lusted after and the world around him. It was a powerful film for me and I look forward to seeing it again.

      As with many shocking deaths in life, they always leave at a point when there is so much left behind, his mother battling cancer and talk of a career comeback, to name a couple in Mr Haim’s life. Corey Haim once said…

      “I want to be the guy they talk about when they talk about comebacks,” he said three years ago. “I want people to learn from me, see I’m human, and understand that I make mistakes just like they do, but it doesn’t have to consume you. You’ve got to walk through the raindrops, and that’s totally what I am trying to do.”



  275. We were such huge Corey fans. Both of you! I was pulling for Corey to make a complete comeback. I woke up to CNN Breaking News and said sadly, “Noooh.”
    When we see you Feldog we see Corey Haim. You two are forever held together even now.
    I am still sad when I think of the news. Sorry for your loss. He meant so much to us all. Memories. When I think of my youth I can’t help but think of the two Coreys.
    I saw you at a bowling alley in the valley 10 years ago or so. I called out to you and you waved kindly. Thanks.
    I am a fan always to the two Coreys.

    Be blessed.

  276. My eyes are wet..they have been almost every second since Haims passing…I know what its like to loose a best friend I lost a best friend a sister….and with Corey’s passing i lost a little pience of my childhood…U two were my child hood.I love u Feldman and Haim..miss u always xoxo…take solace in knowing he is in Gods graces he is no longer in pain he is no longer his worst enemy and take care we love u

  277. Corey, I just read your letter on AOL actually. It broke my heart and brought me to tears. I really hope you are holding up. I was worried for you when i first heard the news last week. I can’t believe it and am still in shock and saddened about Haim not being here and no more films with him, and with the two of you and a Lost Boys 3 with him in it too….I really was looking forward to it.

    I feel so bad for his mom and family. I think it was great of you to not go to the funeral and let the family have as quiet a day as possible. You can ans seem to have still honored Haim in your own way.

    I can’t wait to see what you do in Haim’s honor.

    Hang in there Corey you have so much love sent your way, you have to know that reading all the letters on here.

    Take care of yourself and trust Susie to be their for you. I hope things went OK telling Zen the news.


  278. I’ll keep this simple. I’m 32 years old. Which means I grew up with both Feldman and Haim on the silver screen for most of my formative years. The movies that touched me most were actually flicks like License to Drive, Lucas and the amazing Silver Bullet. Ya Lost Boys rocked (poster on a wall in my studio) but there were so many other films that both Haim and Feldman brought life to. The list goes on and on.

    As a young kid growing up in Texas, I saw them as teens who represented myself and my generation. And I don’t think they have any idea how incredible that just is. How valuable that is. They made us laugh, dream, and to this day, stop and sit down every time we see one of their films playing on TV. Not every film was great by any means, but was it ever because of the performances from Haim or Feldman? If anything they were the one thing that saved some of the poor written films in those days. And this is so monumental. We can’t forget this. It’s important that they both know that sure, Hollywood left them behind and moved on. It’s Hollywood. But the rest of the world didn’t go anywhere. We are still watching and still being moved by them every day. I just watched License to Drive the other night just before Haim passed away. I’ve seen it 50 times. I didn’t need to watch it. I just wanted to. It takes me back. To a time when things were easy, fun and careless. The work both Coreys brought to us will last forever. That’s all I’m saying.

    I live in Los Angeles now and actually work in film. And I owe my success to the many great artists that inspired me every day and made me love the magic of film more than anything in this world. Feldman and Haim are at the top of that short list.

    So to both Corey’s. You gave all of us in this generation more than you could ever imagine. Ya, they don’t hand out awards for that kind of thing but awards mean nothing. They are just pats on the back for people who already have everything. Remember that. The love and respect of the world is what matters. And you’ve got that. And what’s even better, is it continues to grow every day, each time you pop up on our TV screens on a Sunday afternoon. For that I say, thanks.

    Cheers boys.

  279. Just read about the funeral Rest In Peace Bro xx

    Did u remove ur twitter too Feldog I followed you last year and u disappeared….

    Anyway Hope you are still staying strong xx

  280. Corey, I am so sorry about the loss of your soul brother. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you. Stay strong.

  281. Cory,
    You have shown such strengh of character to share your thoughts like this. I am sure it is hard to be hounded by the public or hear judgements from people who didn’t know the two of you personally and really can’t begin to understand the whole situation. I very much enjoyed the work you two did together in the eightys, and hope it brings you a little piece of mind that the two of you were able to share and leave that legacy:-) I also followed “the two Corys” and give you a lot of credit for the two of you being able to also share that time period in your lives with the public. My honest and true two main hopes from this whole situation is that 1. Cory is finally in peace, and has gone to a place where he can be a angel for you and all his loved ones, & have your back in a way that he was not able to do while here on earth. 2. that YOU have the proper time, space and peace to grieve and come to terms with this in your own way! Don’t know how much value this can hold for you, but know how much it has meant for you to be able to share your thoughts and feelings, and giving people the chance to let you know you are not alone, and there are those who respect and understand what you are going through. Take peace in the fact that he is in a place now where he can look down to see and understand all you have done and are continuing to do for him, and has you said so eliquently, hopefully he feels every bit of that love coming from you, his loved ones, and his fans! Keep doing what your doing and keep those dreams that the two of you shared alive for him & YOURSELF!!!


  282. You two are alot like my best friend and I. I, being the one to help the other. It’s like you shouldn’t be friends but you get him and no one else does. And somehow thats cool that you share something no one else gets! No one but the two of you. Glad you followed your heart and stayed friends this long, unfortunately to an early end for CH. Sometimes we are angels on earth. Otherwise we wouldn’t keep going back to our troubled friends. There is someone for everyone be it friends, lovers or family. You are courageous and fierce, even now you still consider CH’s family over your grief. Wow. What a heart! I wish you blessings of comfort and peace and that the love you gave be returned during your time of mourning.

  283. Corey, I’m so sorry for the loss of your best friend. My sincerest condolences to your family and to Corey H’s family. I too have lost someone dear to my heart this weekend and I find comfort in your words to Corey Haim. God bless you!

  284. Feldman,
    BEAUTIFUL . . . I know Corey is smiling down at you! It is truly a sad day for all those who cared and loved him.
    I followed Corey for years and I was delighted when I saw the advertisement for “The Two Corey’s”! It was such a thrill to see him again – to see you both together again.
    I regained faith when I heard you two mended fences again. I know you tried to help him and he loved you for it. It was just too big for him.
    I know the pain of losing him will always be with you, as it will for us all.
    Please let his Mother and family know how much he was loved by his thousands of fans. They should be proud.

  285. Hello corey
    I have just read your beautiful letter to your best friend hamister. I havent cried so much since michael jackson passed , I have been so touched by your letter your strength for your friend through out his life and i have always loved you both i had a poster of corey haim on my wall when i was younger love the lost boys i watched it the another night to help with my grief …Corey haims long battle has touched me i have suffered some of those things in my life but iam lucky enough to have found strength … i wish he could of been stronger and fought the demons. Better go as it is 1am in london England now.. God bless haimster and you much love and remember corey you will always be best friends forver his words two weeks before he passed JUST TALK TO HIM GO TO THE PLACES YOU HAVE FOND MEMORIES CALL HIM LAUGH OUT LOUD AND I PROMISE YOU HE WILL BE THERE THE BODY DIES NOT THE SPIRIT AND COREY HAD A GREAT SPIRIT SOLE AND HEART AND HE WAS LARGER THAN LIFE ….. WATCH OUT FOR THAT . JANINE LONDON X

  286. Sorry for the typo in your name, Corey:-)
    All my thoughts & prayers!
    Nicole Antonelli~

  287. so sad

  288. A beautiful and very moving letter, Corey…I’m amazed by your courage and very honored that you were able to share it with us. An incredible tribute for an incredible person who will be greatly missed (RIP Corey Haim). Just remember how much you too are cared about and my thoughts are with you as you go through this extremely difficult time. *hugs*

  289. Dear Corey,
    I have been a fan of you both, since the teen magazine craze. I had a ton of posters of you boys on my walls and probably obsessed (like teenage girls do) a little too much. I am a little taken back by the way that Corey’s death has affected me. I can only imagine how you feel. I understand the pain of not having the person there who understood you the most, your “partner in crime”. I know that it is hard for you to be strong in this situation and I admire your strength thus far.
    I never lost faith in Corey either and although I never had the voice to tell him how much I loved him, I always have. Also being from Ontario Canada, Corey means so many different things to me. Having such a Hollywood legend from our own soil is something I have always been proud of (even if the pride is only foolishly mine)
    I don’t want to miss the opportunity to tell you how much of a fan I am, while you’re here to be told, or to tell you how wonderful you are and that you defined a part of the best years of my life. I am grateful to you for your hard work and dedication to your fans. Corey Feldman you rock! Now, go do our boy some justice with a rockin’ memorial.

    Love (and not in a crazy cyber stalking way) Your fan for life

    Liss Burton:)


  290. Corey ~ It sounds strange but I am so proud of you for what you said on Larry King. This letter is a piece of your soul shared with so many. You made me cry reading this. You being a person under a great deal of your own heartache this past year are an amazingly strong man. A man who will make a difference in the world to many even if you can’t see it now. Corey had the best friend, brother and soul mate in you. I wish he could see what he sorely deserved while he was here, recognition of his influence on the world. He influenced me and I am truly saddened by his loss. I hope you take the time to yourself to mourn and plan to do something great in his honor. Thinking of you and Corey’s families wishing you peace and hope.

  291. Corey,
    Sending you Peace, love, and hugs…
    This was so beautiful and very touching. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Be strong.

    RIP Corey Haim. You will be missed by so, so, so many.

  292. Corey – such touching words that brought tears to my eyes. I personally know the struggle of trying to help someone struggling w/ dependency. The sad thing is Corey is gone and while the media has recognized his death they continue to wanna focus on his addiction. Why does any of that matter now? It doesn’t matter to me and it doesn’t matter to those who loved Corey. We know his struggles and where was the media at when he was struggling I never saw them covering the addiction during these times and now suddenly he is gone and they do.(maybe sporadically) When I was 13 I was in a store and picked up a Big Bopper mag. and on the cover was Corey saying he was addicted to drugs. I sat in the aisle and bawled. I didn’t wanna see that happen to him, but I continued to adore him and kept up w/ him over the years.

    I think the best thing anyone could do at this point is stop trying to uncover Corey’s demons we already knew about those. Start educating and speaking about medication addiction.
    The best thing I believe u could do Corey is help others who struggle when trying to help people they love overcome or battle the addiction. They make it out to sound like it is an easy task, which it is not.

    I never met Corey personally, but he was my teenage crush. I had a poster on my ceiling so I could look up at him every night before I went to sleep. My favorite thing about him was his crooked smile. When he smiled the corner of his lip always lifted and made his grin look ornery & sexy.

  293. I am so sorry for your loss. I cried so hard because he died but not until the next day when I saw an episode of the two coreys. I didn’t know him personally of course but I loved you guys. And I was in love with you guys as a teenager and now one of you is gone and the world will never be the same. And Corey I hope you take the time for yourself that you need. And I know the Haimster is looking down smiling upon you. He knows how much you loved him.

  294. Corey – Thank you for your beautiful and touching tribute. Thank you for sharing your heart. There is some kind of spiritual breakthrough going on, I think. We hate that the cost of it was losing Corey Haim but it might be that many hearts have been broken (softened) and that we will be better people as a result. You have spoken to our consciences in recent days. Keep making right choices. I believe you will have a long and successful career that will transcend your current vision.:)

  295. For you, Corey Haim….

    If we could bring you back again,
    For one more hour or day,
    We’d express all our unspoken love;
    We’d have countless things to say.

    If we could bring you back again,
    We’d say we treasured you,
    And that your presence in our lives
    Meant more than we ever knew.

    If we could bring you back again,
    To tell you what we should,
    You’d know how much we miss you now,
    And if we could, we would.

    From a long long time fan!

  296. You were always a great friend to Corey Haim. I hate how the media tries to turn every thing around. You were right to respect his family. I hope you can be there for his family in the future a great loss is always harder when your left alone. I wish Corey could have seen the devastation of the world on his passing. He was loved world wide. Don’t beat your self up. He knows you tried and he knows you cared.

  297. I still can’t stop crying everytime I think about him…
    It’s crazy, considering the fact that I never even met him.
    I followed the Coreys when I was younger – and couldn’t get enough.
    Knowing how badly he was trying to clean up and have a come back is what hurts so much. He seemed so excited to move forward – and you could tell he didn’t want to leave this world yet. I was so looking forward to a Lost Boys 3 with him in a lead role. So, so sad.
    I knew he had a kind heart – and seeing him with the kids in the acting class just convinced me that I was right.
    He seemed to find it really important that he never hurt anyone but himself. What he failed to understand is that when he hurt himself, he hurt everyone who cared about him.
    I’m glad he’s no longer in pain – and I know he’s with you, Corey F.
    I hope A&E or someone does a story of his life. I’d buy it.
    Being the mother of a young son – I can’t imagine what Corey’s Mom is going through right now. I wish I could wrap my arms around her.
    I’m babbling.

  298. im ot gonna tel you what you are or arent, but i am going to say that you inspire me, you really do. i hope the best for you.

  299. A message to both Coreys.

    Corey I heard you on larry King talk about how in Hollywood they use you and then toss you away when they can no longer make any money from you. This is the way of business. BUT when it comes to you and your lost friend Corey Haim you guys stand apart from the pack of other 80s child actors and teen film genre and this is why…. Both you guys and especially you are apart of something that will be worshiped 100,200 yrs from now. 98% of all the other 80’s guys and gals will be long forgotten but you are apart of things that have a CULT following. You killed Jason vorhees, you are a Goonie these two things alone have fan clubs and cult followings to where 100 yrs from now they will still be having fan clubs and conventions talking about you and your films. That is not even mentioning stand by me and the lost boys.

    Tina Luis of gilligans island said once she regretted taking the role of ginger and Jim Buckas told her that while the show did not last long she will be remembered much longer and through out history than 90% of all other tv stars and shows.

    Corry both you and Haims name will live on long after we are all gone. You are a part of History. Can patrick Dempsy, rob lowe, anthony micheal hall, etc..etc say the same? No they can not.

    Just being a goonie and being the man who killed Jason vorhees guarntees your name will be remembered as long as there is a hollywood.

    Corey Haim…we will all miss you. Most of us who nevr even knew you outside of your films. Both of you never acted and behaved as if you shi* did not stink and neither of you seldom if ever was disrespectful and mean spirited towards others when interviewed. You both have clearly been raised properly and well mannered. God Bless you both. RIP Corey H.

    Corey F…keep doing what you are doing and enjoy your life bro.

  300. Hi corey:)
    i needed to say that your letter really got to me…
    ive grew up with you guys…posters all over my walls…the media always talking about you two…
    corey haim`s really was a great actor,he will be missed big time for a lot of people…to bad,as you said,now he`s all over!
    dont forget corey,that you are alive and we love you , try and keep it up,its hard i know…
    take time for yourself!
    i love you!

  301. Hey Corey you may not remember me we hung out in the early 90’s. Now is a time to remember your troubles and not go back to them. Remember that fashion show we went to in Hollywood you dressed all in black doing drugs between shows in the bathroom with your jet black hair. then we went to Capones for drinks. Just always remember those daysd and you will be ok. Sorry for your loss of a friend I never got to know him very well, but we all hung out a few times I liked him…a real down to earth guy, with lots of troubles…but who doesn’t have troubles and who are we to judge just because the media follows your lifes. Keep doing what your doing you turned out just fine.

  302. corey everyword you have said has touched my heart and as i cried reading this i realized all the more how much of a great person he was and the amazing impact he had brought on my life and i will carry his memory till the day i die..R.I.P corey haim! amazing actor and incrediable person the world misses you corey and we send out our love as you head into the bitter sweet after life. sending my love and thoughts to you corey feldman as you grief….


  303. Corey,

    Whether you get a chance to read this or not, I just wanted to say that I applaud you for the way you displayed true friendship. I just found out about Corey’s passing today through my wife and it is sad to say, but the first thing that I asked is if it was overdosed. I have read in the past about problems with prescription drugs, but haven’t followed the reality shows or anything until today. I googled the show, and watched every episode and it was really sad how vividly I can see the path he was headed, but what stood out to me the most was the way you carried yourself through it all. You were there and have always wanted to help your best friend, despite everything that has happened.

    Now I’m not much of an emotional guy being a Marine and all, but reading your letter and watching the shows really got to me. I kept telling myself, how I wish I could have done something… anything to help. Among all the past and recent celebrity deaths, the death of Corey Haims really hit home because there was a strong relationship that was lost. You had the strength to be willing to do what it took to rekindle the relantionship you two use to have when you were younger. You never gave up.

    Corey is now in a better place and rest assured that he is proud of you. He was a great actor and he’ll be missed, but you should be happy knowing that he is with God, he is safe, and nothing is going to hurt him. Know that he is watching over you and proud of his best friend and brother.

    -Rodolfo Camarena

    His dreams lives with you now.

  304. To: Cory Haim,

    I spent a great deal of time watching your movies as a teen and even now being just 3 difference in age that’s why connected with you in a way and with that funny smile and look you made many times during your films. Just recently I watched “Dream a little Dream” now that was a true love story and the best all love stories its my favorite love story “I even use it to “woo’ the girls now its so good”-yup still stuck in the 80’s-lol.

    Silver Bullet was awesome the wheelchair you had in that movie was just sweet. Last and not least The “lost boys” I can still picture the bathroom scene now when you were in the bathroom being chased down by your bother in the film.

    I wish I could have meet you so I could say that you are and will always be my favorite actor and that you are a “Legend” to me and that was very well put by your friend Cory Feldman he was right and Legends never die!!!!! -you will still be alive in my heart and on screen because I can always watch your films.
    PS Cory Feldman was a good actor also but the 2 of you made a Dynamic Team a must watch because you guys clicked-I’m getting teary eyed!

    -Thank you for keeping this open for comments I will check back to see when the memorial is here or elsewhere online. -Ken – crimjctmajor@yahoo.com

  305. Thank you for being there for Corey. I hope you are able too find you way throough this loss. Maybe you could write about your life with Corey,I would enjoy reading about the friendship the two of you shared. These writings could be something just for yourself to help you learn to live without Corey. I can’t immagine what you are going through. Is their anything as fan to actor, person to person we can do to help support you? I feel like we let Corey down and are now showing are support too late. Please take care of yourself their are a lot of people out here that care about you. I hope you are able to find peace.

  306. test

  307. CF- Finally does the Haimster make the cover of People this week? On the cover is reads Corey Haim his tormented life-Did they conact u for a quote? I am rushing out to get it… I hope it not all negative? So sad how sad that only in death does he make it on there///Have a great Spring-Break with ur son…Fan for life….

  308. Corey,

    I am deeply saddened by the loss of Corey. I feel I have lost a part of my childhood. I cry everyday. I can’t even imagine how you feel or what you are going through. Corey loved you and I hope you find peace knowing that he will always be here with you and that you will see him again someday. I only wish Corey knew how much of an impact he had on others. He will be deeply missed.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Corey’s family.


  309. Your letter just made me cry.

    Substance abuse sucks and watching people you love go there sucks. Ah man, been there, done that, way too many times. I gotcha, believe me I do. The rehearsing, it’s just something you can’t help but do, over and over, way to cope, but when it actually happens it’s all for naught.

    There is no preparing for that moment.

    I am so sorry for your loss, but at least he’s finally at peace your dear friend, and no longer suffering and struggling. You need to think of it that way. It’s the only way you’ll ever have peace with it in your heart.

    Some people, they are just not meant for this earth, you know? They try and try but they just can’t cope with it all. They burn out too fast and check out too soon. You try to help but it’s seemingly inevitable.

    I know you tried, many times, but there was nothing you could have done for your friend except be one. He was the only one who could save himself and he just didn’t in the end.

    Don’t beat yourself up over his death, please.

    You were the best friend he could have ever had and don’t think he probably didn’t realize it.

    He just couldn’t save himself.

    That’s it.

    Peace and hugs, from a stranger who’s been there.

  310. Thank you Corey- to know he left this world, but was loved so deeply by you is comforting. You have been taking care of him for more than 20 years, and I greatly appreciate that. You did your best, your are an amazing friend. That is what you’ll be remembered for, how you treated people with kindness. We were all blessed to have known him for the short time that he was here, and we will always have his incredible work. He was a beautiful soul, one that has touched our hearts like few ever could. He was loved and he will be missed. Christy

  311. I wanted to offer my condolenses as well. This is really odd for me, I set up a username just so I could comment. I am also a child of the 80s and was a big fan of you both. I am so saddened at Corey’s passing. I admire the friendship you both had, and am thankful that he had that in you. I watched you both faithfully on The Two Coreys. At times I would be sad for him because it was so obvious that he was troubled. But I loved his spirit. I loved the friendship, and the dedication to one another. I hoped for great things for him. I am sorry that you lost your best friend and hope that you are coping well. I hope that Corey finds the peace that he couldn’t quite seem to obtain here on earth.

    All the best,

    “Earth has no sorrow heaven cannot heal”

  312. Corey,

    Just a little satire written with the hope of putting a smile on your face …

    I woke up today with Corey on my mind. I don’t know why, but my thoughts do have a tendency to be a little intrusive. I happened to have the Biography episode of you & Corey saved so I watched that first. A little too painful to watch … but so be it. I then turned to Netflix which is where this story actually begins.

    I searched “Corey Haim” on the home page & the list of what they had popped up. With nearly everything I clicked on, Netflix felt the need to offer its opinion on whether I would like it or not. I read “our best guess for Laura … 1.9” over & over again. How rude!! SCREW YOU NETFLIX! The nerve of them. I am perfectly capable of deciding what I will & will not like. I have very interesting & sometimes unusual taste when it comes to film. It is art after all, & purely subjective. Granted, there could be at times performances by certain people that might very well stink up the screen. However, that does NOT mean the entire project is crap. I can recognize a good, even exceptional performance within a film that might otherwise be spiraling down the toilet.

    Although the people who work for Netflix have always been extremely nice, I take issue with them on this day. I am in a eulogistic sort of mood & want to remember a wonderful actor today. He was a kind, loving soul & his talent was impeccable. I plan to sit back & enjoy these films while ignoring the snobbish input of an inanimate web site.

    Best wishes & warm thoughts to you Corey. I hope it’s a good day for you. Hope to see you on the silver screen someday soon.


  313. Hey there Cor, my name is AJ and I grew up watching you two on television, in the theater, and all over my room from Teen Beat mags.
    I am 39 and have lost many people along the way (one that was MY Corey her name is Kristen)
    I know the weight of your heavy heart, but believe me when I tell you that the love you shared with Corey he would want you to celebrate his life and not mourne his death.
    You two have been in the spot-lite all your lives (so it seems) and I dont believe it is time for that in your life right now.
    Its time for reflection and deep soul searching. You have always been a beautiful person inside and out and you need to know that.
    Corey too was, and he just never seemed to grasp that idea.
    Its a shame when a life is cut short (no matter what the cause)
    The media is crap and they always has been on all actors and actress’s, its all part of the vicious cycle for the “public”.
    Let me be the first (probably) to tell you that I have never cared what famous people do in their personal lives (as I dont with any of my neighbors or friends in the REAL world)
    If someone wants me to know where they went to dinner or went shopping, or got a DUI they will tell me.
    I dont care to read about it, or see it on Entertainment Tonight or TMZ.
    Ya know?!
    I FEEL for you brother, and no matter what…
    Live in your own spotlight, shine as bright as YOU ARE in your own life.
    Its no wonder why so many famous people do drugs, alcohol, and whatever else takes them to their “happy place”.
    Im a recovering addict 19 years, and believe me when I say that I live EVERY DAY like its my last, but I do it to the FULLEST!:-)
    Take care my friend, and my door is ALWAYS open.

  314. Corey,
    I attended the High School that parts of the movie Lucas was filmed at, here in the Chicago area. (Glenbard West, Glen Ellyn) I’ve always loved that movie and have been a fan since around that time. The crooked grin, the vulnerability, the sweetness, all of it, was how I will remember this gifted actor. This beautiful letter your wrote was not just about a gifted actor, it was about a best friend. I have had a strained relationship with my best friend due to substances as well and a lot of this letter really touched my heart. I sat hear with tears streaming down my cheeks while reading each word you wrote. My heart goes out to you and to Corey Haim and your families right now.

    I have thought about being in the position you’re in right now with my best friend. I can only imagine the total devastation in your heart. Loosing the one person that has understood parts of you that you may not have even have understood at times during childhood, growing up…there is no one else like that. It is something that can never be replaced. I understood this perfectly from your blog. The one thing you have to know is this. Most people in the world don’t have the opportunity to know another person like that. A husband, a wife; that is a different kind of a relationship. I am married to my best friend, we are blissfully happy. Still madly in love after 3 kids and 10 years. But there is a difference. They’re more of a soul mate. You grew up with Corey, you spent so much time together growing up you entered a sort of twin-hood. You understand things about each other that can never be understood by most, or yourselves at points. Talking with out words, all of it. I just wanted you to know, that someone out here does understand, just a little. You are such a strong man, a better man for having had this relationship. He will always be in your heart, but you know that. You and he talked regularly with out words. I’m sure now he’ll find a way to tell you what you need to hear. Listen for the secret hand shake. Most of all, just know he will always have your back, especially now. Much love and respect to your family and Corey’s. I hope that you find peace in your heart as well.


  315. I really felt the need to write something about Corey’s passing somewhere and I figured you were the closest link. Although like most fans of Corey I only knew him from afar I think he had a great soul and a wonderful heart. I really wish he could of seen how many people loved him and were inspired by his work and courage to overcome life’s ups and downs.

    I wish he could of seen what I seen. I wish he never believed the tabloids or any other negative idiocies that people would say. I really don’t understand how anyone could reach any sence of “normal” when you attempt to better yourself and yet you are hunted like a dog for what a “picture on some trashy magazine”. I think people really need a reality check. Society needs to start realizing stars are people first. COREY HAIM was a person, he was a son, brother, a friend to many and I do not feel he would of hurt anyone, but unfortunately himself. I do sincerely hope his legacy lives on for his family and friends and that he is remember with honor and not always seeing his name up in lights with the words “drugs” quickly found after (he was more then that).

    I hope Corey you also find peace in the lose of your best friend I’m sure you take comfort in knowing you were not alone in loving him even though he felt he was forgotten. I do hope all goes well in planning his memorial I would love to be there to honor his memory as one of his big fans.

    all the best

    Moncton, NB Canada

  316. Hi Corey, I read your msg to Haim. It’s so touching. He would’ve loved that. You both were very lucky to have eachother till the end. Too bad you didn’t go to the furneral. You were brothers. I’m sure you would’ve been welcomed with open arms. He has never been forgotten, despite of what people may say. I’m going to miss him not being in LB 4. I love those movies. May he R.I.P. Hook me up on MySpace if you’d like.

  317. I am still in shock. Question! Why did none of his celeb friends donate to the funeral fund? If they did there was no mention. After, everything I was so disappointed that you did nit attend if the roles were reversed he would have been there. There were reports that your cousin was there. I would think your cousin would share the same respect as you. I hope and pray some one comes clean about who may have molested him so that his true fans can feel some relief and justice.

  318. Dear Corey F,

    I know that you probably won’t be able to read all these comments that have bombarded your letter to Corey Haim, however I did want to express to you that I feel your sadness, more like the empty sinking feeling that seems like it will never go away, because my best friend was murdered in 1996 and the grief I felt was so overwhelming (not to mention I was pregnant at the time so the emotion was intensified by like a million it felt)…I really do hope that you read my post because I want you to know that although you will never stop loving & missing him EVER it will eventually get a little easier as time goes on…I’m crying now as I write this cause my heart is breaking for you…I know that you hope Corey has found peace, but I hope that you do too…I’m not an actress or even exist to most people, but I sure know that the press can be very pushy and not very conciderate of your feelings…Personally I wish they would just leave you alone, cause right now (as I know from experience) all you need is to be left alone with your family…I love you as an actor and wish I could get to meet you someday to hug you and to let you kno wthat it will get easier, but I know that it could never happen…If you would like to send me an email please send it to clsanborn19@hotmail.com…I hope to hear from you soon and I wish you all the love and condolences in the world..


  319. Last Wednesday my world got a little colder and a little less bright.

    Thank you Corey for putting it all into the right words.

    Corey Haim will never be forgotten, I will never forget him for sure… he could light up my world, now and than, with a single smile… I just wish i could have given him anything in return.

    Keep up your strengh.


  320. Corey,

    I am writing this letter of apology to both of you and ask you to forgive me. I must admit over the years I have looked at both of you and laughed at how silly I thought both of you were. By no means do I feel that Corey’s death is a laughing matter. I guess its easy to pass judgment on others and not feel the remorse. I always viewed you both as “wanna be” actors that just couldn’t make the big time. I was wrong, please let me explain. I saw your Larry King live interview and can honestly say you handled yourself with GRADE A class! In no way did I feel that you were using your friends passing as any sort of a meal ticket. Which is more than I can say for most Hollywood figures in lesser circumstances. I owe you an apology, and I hope you can accept it. I know that we will probably never meet and it may not matter that much to you that some stranger is asking for your forgiveness, I just hope you find the sincerity in my words as I have found in yours.

    I realize now that I will never have to opportunity to tell your friend what I have told you today and for that I am truly sorry.

    Aaron – Atlanta, GA

  321. Well, Corey, all the way in Brazil I share your pain. Corey and yourself were a huge part of my adolescence and made me a happier person every time I watched you guys.
    To us, on the other side of the screen, you guys are very close to perfection, untouchable. So, when I first heard about Corey’s envolvement with drugs I immediately fought them and insisted they were not true. After the denial stage I just prayed that he would recover, that he could be free to shine again. For as many years as I can remember… Every comeback he tried held my hopes up and made me soar. Every fallback, crushed me.
    I know I never knew Corey. I knew sweet “Lucas”, adorable “Les Anderson”, hot “Rich” or irresistible “Chris Calder”… but I believe Corey was part of them. Or maybe they were part of him. And I loved them. I loved HIM. As I love you for being part of him too.
    Thank you for trying to save him. I joined you in prayer every step of the way. Now I join you in pain and in hopes that we’ll see him again. Happy, healthy. Those beautiful blue eyes of his, full of joy, of excitement, of hopes and dreams.

    My teenage crush on him will live on. That I know. The sweet thoughts of what could have been…

    (I wish he’d been a father.)

    Love you.

    Giovana Samara (Brazil)

  322. Mr. Feldman,

    I am so deeply sorry about Mr. Haim. He was wrongfully taken entirely too soon, from all of us. I feel like I need to refer to you both as “Mr,” only because I hold so much respect for you both. Since you two starred in the original Lost Boys, I have been a loyal fan of both of you. However, I feel like I was more than just a fan of Corey Haim’s. Though I was deprived the honor of knowing him personally, I felt that he and I shared a kindred spirit of sorts. I can relate to Mr. Haim in many ways…particularly our earnest struggles to find love and success. I can also relate to you, Mr. Feldman, regarding your unfortunate and current situation with Susie. I am so sorry to learn of her filing for divorce. You are such a wonderful guy, and were so romantic and giving, in your courtship and relationship with her.My heart goes out to you, as you not only have to deal with the tragic loss of your brother, Haim, but also the pain and heartache that come with divorce. Though we are strangers, if only you knew how much the three of us have in common. If circumstances had permitted it, and our paths had crossed, I fully believe that I could have been a good friend to both you and Mr. Haim. I had the pleasure of meeting you a few times, briefly, at different Conventions. I got to meet Haim only once, the last time he did Monster-Mania. I only wish I could have done more, and been there for him, the way you and his family were. I honestly do. Perhaps I couldn’t have helped him, or prevented this horrible tragedy, but I do feel that I could have offered friendship. I can tell, by the way you loved him, and from things I’ve read, that he had a golden heart. people such as you and Haim are a rare breed. I envy you, for having had the privilege of being so close to Haim. When “The Two Coreys” show ended, I feared that you two wouldn’t be able to reconcile. I’m relieved to see that Iw as wrong. I’m glad that you and Haim were able to reconnect before his passing. True friends don’t come along every day, and we all can see that you and Haim were just that. Please know that my prayers are with you, Mr. Feldman. Though you don’t know me, you can rest assured that my thoughts and wishes are with you and Haim, not only during this hard time, but always. God bless you, Mr. Feldman. By the way, if you’re interested, I published a book over a couple years ago, and in one of the poems, I paid tribute to Haim…hinting that I’d like to see him make a comeback. I wish I could have been there, with you, to help him. I wish I could have known him, even a little. I have a feeling that this cruel world has lost a precious angel.
    In Sadness,

  323. Thank you so much for the wonderful letter Corey! I am in the same generation as you guys and have loved you guys since forever. My brother & I always followed you & are both deeply saddened by the loss of Corey Haim. I am also so sad & hurt that he passed on my birthday. I think it was therapeutic that you wrote that letter. Thank you for sharing it with all of us who really loved you guys and were such a big part of Generation X. I just saw an interview with Corey Haim on Extra that was filmed earlier this year & the reporter asked him if you & he were best friends. Corey Haim relied “Yes, best friends forever…………”
    For Corey Haim: “Gone like the wind like a star in the dust
    Well you little toy solider is covered in rust.
    Your beautiful eyes well they look sad to me now but we just can’t save you this time………..”

  324. Haimster,
    For as long back as I remember, I have always had hope you. Whenever I would come across something bad written about you on the internet, I would post a comment and voice my opinion, and when people would put you down, I would raise you up. You never got the true recongnition that you deserved, and now that you are is heart breaking in a way. It angers me that no one gave two sh*ts until it was too late. Your art will be kept precious to me, and I will make sure to never ever let it out of my sight, and you, sweet sweet boy, will live on forever in mine, and everyone elses hearts. You were too big for this world, and you. You were my first movie star crush, and 21 years after the fact, you never lost my heart. When I was a child, whenever someone asked me what I was going to do when I got older, everytime I would reply “I’m gonna marry Corey Haim”. May your beautiful soul rest in peace, and may your friends, family, and fellow fans like I, find strength in your memory. You will be missed dearly.

    Forever a fan,
    Amanda Hotaling

  325. Corey,
    Oh honey, that just took about every tear I had in my body. I stopped several times to grab yet another tissue. It was beautiful and straight from the heart. As much as I cried reading it, I could not imagine writing it. God bless you, your family, and the Haim family. Since I heard the news of his death, I’ve had all of you in my prayers. I too understand the pain of loosing your “soulmate”. It might seem strange to call him that, but when two people come together and become as close as you two were…your souls become one. That is why eventhough he is not here physically; he will always be there spiritually. It is too early to see this now through your pain; but there will be a day far from now where you are in your car, or up late at night, and you will “feel” him there. Just because you can’t see him, don’t stop talking to him. You will see signs of him; showing you that he is there. It’s happen to me.

    I’m not sure if you would believe this, but my best friend and I (as most 80’s girls) felt a connection with you two. Growing up on your movies, we both loved the two of you together. But she was crazy in love with Haim, and I was crazy in love with you, it seems crazy just typing that.

    Corey will be truly missed by his true fans. Eventhough I never had the pleasure of meeting either one of you, both of you have been a huge part of our lives.

    God Bless and take care of you,

    We love you both, RIP Corey.

  326. Hi Corey (CF),

    I never knew either of you personally, but I do recognize you both from movies back in the 80’s, and I certainly watched the Two Corey’s, when it aired in 2008. I am so sorry for your loss, and to CH, I am so sorry that it had to be this way. You were a tall, handsome blue eyed angel, with so much to give.

    You made me laugh and cry both in your movies, during the intervention with Todd Bridges and CF, and of course while watching the TWO COREYS especially when you found out that you were not going to be recasted for the sequel in The Lost Boys. Rejection is not a pretty thing and it is difficult to deal with, but may I say you had much more than most of us did or ever will have in life.

    Whether you believe it or not, you were blessed. You had and always will have a mother that adored you, and one who sacrificed and made the move to LA so that you could become an actor, and you had CF and many more people that truly cared about you, so although I recognize your pain, I still can’t fully understand why you didn’t realize how fortunate you were?. Or perhaps you did realize it, maybe you “got it” and finally had the courage and strenth to make a comeback, but it was too late.

    The problem when taking drugs long term is that it eventually catches up with you, and even though you may have stopped taking them for a short time, the damage to your organs was already done.

    Sleep in restful slumber my beautiful Corey. We all love you and miss you; may you watch over and guide us during our stay on earth, until we meet again.

    And CF, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank you immensely for being a fried to Corey (CH), even when he was not a friend to himself. God bless you.


  327. Thank you Corey- to know he left this world, but was so deeply loved by you is comforting. You have been taking care of him for more than 20 years, and I greatly appreciate that. You did your best, you are an amazing friend. That is what you’ll be remembered for, how you treated people with kindness. We were blessed to have known him for the short time that he was here, and we will always have his incredible work. He was a beautiful soul, one that has touched our hearts like few people ever could.He was loved and will be greatly missed. Christy

  328. Hey Core,

    I was really moved by the letter you wrote. It’s very hard losing a special friend and a special relationship like you guys had. Just bein’ able to talk to him anytime you wanted to, or tell him stuff, or getting his opinion, or to laugh over some dumb/stupid thing or just maybe a look that each of you understood. I thought the secret Corey handshake thing was very cool. :)

    I know what it’s like missing someone and an empty spot you feel on the inside. I read somewhere that the people we meet and know and love, that they become a part of us and we become a part of them. Corey will always be a part of you. I think when we lose someone we love, we never stop thinking about them or remembering them. As time goes by those memories become like a treasure that we hold onto in our heart and it brings back the happy moments we shared with that person. I know this is a really difficult time for you and the other people who loved Corey. I wish I had the perfect words or thoughts that would give you peace, strength and consolation, but words alone can’t do that sort of thing. I do hope you’ll know that there are a lot of people out here who are thinking of you and standing with you and want you to know we’re with you, brother.

    Corey S.

  329. Corey,

    My name is sherry. Im 33. I still to this day cry over his loss cause i was just thinking about when i was gonna start seeing him in movies before the two coreys came on tv, and now hes gone and it hurts my heart too much, I know you too are hurting and you know us fans are with you when u need us, and its gonna be weird not seeing you with corey cause everywhere u went corey was sure to be around somewhere, but in spirit he will be with you always, i love the nicknames he gave u, i remember him saying them on the two coreys,I love you two both and please take care of yourself and remember what corey haim wanted you to do in this life and take that as a lesson. please also check up on his family and his friends as well, im sure corey would be very greatful for that. sherry

  330. Corey – you have been inundated with condolences and thoughts for your best friend Corey. This was a beautiful thing you wrote and throughout all your interviews have been extremely brave but you have said what needed to be said! I have been watching from afar in Australia and like so many other fans, I too am completely heartbroken at the loss of Corey Haim. I grew up watching you guys, I am the same age as you both and I loved you both that I even named my son Corey who is now 16 years. You are right to be angry at all the media and press and the industry that who have not supported you both very well at all, love you when your up and kick you when your down.

    Corey appeared to be a beautiful person I wish I could have met with him. I am so sorry that he didn’t get the chance to experience the love of a soul mate like we both have found and the unconditional love you receive from a child.

    I hope you now have time to mourn the loss of a brother and take time out to reflect with your family.

    Wishing you all love, peace and happiness and may Corey Haim forever be in our hearts forever:)


  331. Beautifully written with love and respect! No one besides Corey’s family knows how your feeling and maybe they don’t even know! You two shared a very special brotherhood and it was always a beautiful one! You both have had your share of ups and downs and somehow life gets away from us sometimes and we get into our own world and leave those we love behind for awhile but we always come back and were really never far away if needed! My heart goes out to you Corey because you must now go on doing movies, talking about Corey, always remebering him and having a saddness inside that never ever goes away! Life does get easier but Corey will never be but a thought away! He was a wonderful loving,beautiful soul, so often lost, but fought hard to always come back. We will eventually know what happen to Corey and most certianly it will probably have to do with what he did in his life or to his life! It is so very sad, a loss of a beautiful person but hopefully someone will one day go out and speak for those who have died in someway of drug abuse, alchohol abuse and just either went to far or did to much before they quit! So many young kids are dying with drugs how do we stop it! You are loved as is Corey Always, I will be thinking of you for a long time and hope to see you one day! I hope you might want to help us with a fundraiser we will be putting on sometime this summer, it is for chidren with severe brain damage and will be called “Simi Valley Idol” and it will kinda work like American Idol and we need Celebrity judges, some studio time to record a CD for the winners and a few other things were still working out with it! Our foundation website is under construction, but we have http://www.prayforseth.com who is one of the children this is all about! Can you please send me an answer when you are up to it? God Bless you Corey and live your life to the fullest. Don’t let anyone stop you or get in your way! Your a Star “Keep Shining” Hugs Always, Peggy Hostetler

  332. Well didn’t I stuff up, my apologies for my comments in regards to sole mates as I didn’t realise you and your wife had split, my sincere apologies, being in Australia I had not heard anything and I am not one for tabloid propaganda. Again my apologies. I hope that you can arise from the tragedy that has occurred and you have suffered in the past! It takes time but you will get there. Best of luck with everything!

  333. *tears*

    Beautiful letter for a beautiful and talented man. Corey may be gracing the cover of magazines now, but he was always part of my life. Through his movies, his smile, his compassion and passion to make a comeback- he meant the world to me. He didn’t need to be in magazines for me to know how special he was, I just knew it- it just was. I wish I was able to tell him, I wish he knew all those loved him and continued to through the years…

    Thank you for sharing his life with us, through your words I feel like maybe I can move past my grief and come to terms with such a talented young man’s loss. He will never be forgotten…

    Love to you all,

    Cheryl (Cleveland, OH)

  334. a beautiful heartfelt letter for a friend every time i think of corey i cry what i’ll miss about him most those facial expressions he used to do you are a good person corey feldman

  335. look feldman i cared when he was alive i care now and i am only 16.
    I hate to see you like this as a fan its like what happened to my dad was when his best friend died.
    Amd hope Mrs. judy haim gets better.
    I would feel that way to though its scary and hope you get better.
    I hope you are happy eventually too.

  336. i also wanna say that i wish i could say something.
    But when i say the brutal truth in my head i feel i will hurt you.
    I am a very honest girl but i can never say what i am thinking to you cause it would hurt.
    I get it, it feels like someone has punched a huge hole in your chest it’ll always hurt a little you’ll always cry.
    But remember i love you an corey as i am a fan please do not stop working.
    chrissa t. sorry forgot to put my name before
    P.S. as i said i cared about him when he was alive too

  337. Hey Corey,

    I’m really sorry for your loss man. I can’t imagine how hard it is to grieve with the media hovering like a bunch of buzzards. Haim was awesome and he was very lucky to have a friend like you. I know there is nothing I can say that will bring you peace in this hard time but know that if there were anything to say, I’d say it in a heartbeat. You’re in my thoughts and I hope you are doing okay. I can’t wait to see what you have planned for a memorial because I know it will be badass!

    On a side (and more amusing note). When I was 3 years old, I saw Grimlins and told my whole family you were my boyfriend. Everyone thought it was hilarious. In fact, you remained my “boyfriend” until I got old enough to realize how creepy it was. Haha. Anyways, stay strong man and I wish you the best and can’t wait to see what’s next in your life. Drop me an email whenev because I have NO idea how to use this word press thingy. I just made one to let you know how sorry I am.

    Lots of love,

    April (norman,ok adayton@live.com)

  338. Corey,

    I have watched over the years how you and Corey Haim fell in and out of your relationship as friends. But always remember that you were always their for each no matter how tough things got. Its hard to run from the media and relentless invasion of your privacy. But you supported Corey and you gave him the most in important thing in his life. Your friendship. The fans will never for get that.
    I am sorry for your loss, but always remember the great memory’s you will always have for the rest of your life.
    Take care of your self.
    Sincerely James

  339. Your thoughts are so beautifully spoken in your letter to Corey. Don’t let your heart get to heavy with the pain of your loss. Remember how full of life he was and try to do something that would make him smile or laugh (like playing frisbee), it will help you heal.

    I hope that you stay strong through this difficult time and my prayers are with you, your son, and his family and friends. May God watch over all of you as you try to understand the loss of Corey. My prayers are with you daily.

    Love and healing to you,

  340. Corey,

    I am so sad. I have not been able to sleep for days. I loved Corey H he was my favorite actor. I always wanted to meet him. What a crappy fan I am. I just sat around waiting for a new movie a show. I should have reached out to him threw his site or something. It makes me so sad to think he thought we that loved him were not here. He was so lucky to have you. I hope you are going well. RIP Corey Haim

  341. Corey,
    I have to apologize for the letter I wrote yesterday. It was inappropriate & the timing definitely was. I regretted it afterwards but didn’t know how to delete it. I am so very sorry. I hope I didn’t upset you.

    I had been going to school to treat the mentally ill. I started out in forensics because I wanted to specialize in treating the darkest of criminals. I then moved into neuropsych, but at a certain point I realized I couldn’t do it anymore. I don’t have the ability to put that wall up that is VITAL to dealing with mentally ill people. I care too much, I connect too much & had I continued it would’ve pulled me under. I still love talking to them though – I really, truly do. They’re some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.

    In a perfect world, I would love to see doctors & people on tv start referring to addiction as what it really is. It’s mental illness but in varying degrees & every case is different. Beating that drum of “you can’t help an addict unless they want to help themselves” is so misleading. It causes people around the addict to throw their hands up, turn their backs & walk away. They actually believe the person wants to be that way & that there’s nothing they can do to help. I see the person as trying to saw their own throat open & a doctor comes along & says “here, let me put a band-aid on that.” It’s absurd. So many people came forward after Corey died & shot their mouths off. Danny Bonaduce for one, sat there & basically blamed Corey for the problems he had … like it was his own fault. Really? Danny is far from sane & should’ve just kept quiet. Anybody who xeroxes their own dick in front of their child shouldn’t be offering opinions about another person’s mental issues.

    Again, I’m so sorry for writing what I did yesterday. I had the best intentions & my heart meant well. The road to hell is paved with good intentions though, so I’m sorry if I made what you’re dealing with any worse.

  342. Dear Corey…
    I know the feeling of such loss…
    Finding my girl dead on the toilet bowl from a heroin OD…
    Her eyes still open, is enough to shock you forever.

    Please know that one day you will actually be able to rest easier knowing that they are still watching over you…
    and also most importantly, out of pain.

    Sending you a big hug brother!


    The Alien Bluez Dude

  343. What a beautiful letter Cory I know you and everyone else is going to miss a great person and actor Cory Haim well that is everyone except your wife I know she will be happy that he is now out of your life and that is so sad that she had to be such a bitch to him on the show.

  344. A truly BEAUTIFUL letter…. I can’t seem to stop crying, therefore I am sure you can’t either. I wish you all the strength in the world and will look forward to what I am sUre will be a truly wonderful memorial…all the best for your future Corey and goodbye Corey Haim…..ALWAYS KNOW, YOU ARE BOTH LOVED VERY MUCH. XXXX

  345. Corey,
    Words really cannot express the deep sadness that I feel right now…that all of us feel right now at the loss of Corey H. But I would like to take this opprotunity to say Thank You. Thank you for all of the work that you’ve done over the years that has brought me such great joy and gotten me through some of the toughest times. Regrettably, it is something that I wish I had the opprotunity to say to Corey H. But I know that his wonderful spirit and talent will forever be a part of our lives.

  346. I’ve never really felt compelled to write anything on these sites before but Corey passing has left an saddest in me that needs to be expressed.

    I have been reading comments by people that knew him – that have been making me even sadder that Corey really didn’t know how many people cared about him out there. Did he reallly believe that no one cared because the Hollywood big wigs didn’t want him for their big money making movies anymore. Did he really only believe the negative engery from the media. How could this be? It’s sad to know that at the worse points in his life that it could have made a difference. I would have loved to see a Mickey Rouke style comeback. I know this wont be a priority for you at the moment but I was thinking that if Corey didn’t know how many people out there wanted good things for him while he was alive maybe there was some way that people could express it now. I know it sounds lame but a twitter or a memorial site, anything that you could set up… If you build it Corey they will come.

    For anyone reading this, let us not forget the joy people bring us even if it’s only for the briefest of time.

  347. Only very very deep greetings from Germany til You 3! I was not thinking about you or Corey Haim since he died…men now i try to find out all about his way of life….
    But i only wanne tell you one thing…you must be an angel…
    Help someone is beautifull but sometimes really hard…but love somebody who hurt a heart because you have to see he hurt himselve and you weren`t be able to do anything it must be hell…
    So thank you 3 to be so strong people and never get up your love to Corey Haim and it is so sure he knows this.
    Thank you…
    I know you belong together and the death it not a posibility to get away from each other.
    I`m only a normal woman – mother – i never had a chance to get to know you… but i`m so sad about all the sadness you had to survive and Corey hard fight not only to the drugs…to himselves and most of all to all the people they don`t give up speaking about “you are ill”
    So once more thank you…that you have been at the side til Corey Haim with all his problemes he had on earth.

  348. I have been in tears since i heard the news. Your letter to Corey was beautiful straight from the heart. Your good friend was loved worldwide and people looked up to him. I regret deeply I never got a chance to meet him. I was hoping to meet him this year and it tears me apart that i will never have the chance. His spirit will live on and will never be forgotten. I truly admire your fighting spirit and such a positive attitude and outlook to life. I wish there were more people in the world with such an outlook. Truly amazing Corey. Always remember the good times, the laughs, the smiles, the secret handshake.
    Take care and god bless.
    Aussie Christina

  349. Corey, this is such a sweet letter and we all miss him very very much. Watching lost boys and the two corey’s you can just tell there was something special with you both. I give my condolences. I wish more people would’ve been there to help him the way you did. He will be dearly missed and thank you for saying such things about him. It’s nice to know some people in this world still care enough to share kind words about someone people loved that has moved on. nobody does that sort of thing anymore so thank you. I know you miss him. You both will always be in our hearts.
    ~much love from a young fan, Lelah G.

  350. I send my deepest condolences to you,your wife and to Corey’s family❤😦 I'm grieving too,I lost an Uncle in december'09 and now a friend I grew up with-I haven't seen her in awhile but still loved her and miss her,(she took her own life)Feb,8,1971-March,2,10😦 Corey and my friend Michelle are laughing it up now and not in pain any more❤ I know you tried your best to save him but he needed to fly with the angels❤ The universe is taking care of him now so don't worry he's not in pain any more❤ He wants the very best for you and he is with you in spirit❤ Do take the time to grieve in your own time and in your way❤ I will be thinking of you and every one who loved Corey-including me❤ I grew up with the 2 Corey's-my heart is with you❤ Love and Peace Rosieveg

  351. Moderator: not for public. Please pass this onto Corey

    Dear Corey

    I would like to be able to say with clarity that Corey Haim was reading that over your shoulder whilst you were writing it, but i cant. I can only tell you that i believe that he will just know that you have written it, and i believe that also he will know how many people cared about him.

    Please do not grieve and please console yourself that he is in a better place and i believe with all my heart that you will see him again, talk with him again and laugh with him again.

    Thank-you for your time, Corey

    In Love and Light

    Birmingham. UK

  352. Hello Mr Feldman
    Please take this time to heal and reflect. No one will complain that you do not have Corey Haims Memorial ready as of yet. You need to heal before you will be any good to anyone including yourself. Please find the solace in knowing the love and deep friendship you both shared, The friendship that was truly unconditional. I am sure he is smiling down on you right now.

    Love and Peace

  353. Corey Haim has left a void in our hearts but he has also left us a lot of memories that will live on forever. I will remember Corey forever for his incredible talents and love he had for his fans, friends and especially family.

    Corey Feldman, thank you for writing your letter. As I write tears are impossible to hold back. Your letter is very heartfelt and touching. It is important for you as a human to be able to mourn your close friend/family just like any other person in the world. As a true fan of The Two Corey’s I will keep The Haimster’s Legacy Alive!!

    I really like to believe that Corey can see how much he is truley missed and has impacted so many people. I never met Corey H. but I know one day I will.

    Rest In Peace Corey Haim!

  354. Corey, I have never met you and I never had the opportunity to meet Corey Haim either but like many who have posted here I grew up a child of 80’s watching your movies and the two of you will always remind me of my childhood days. I cannot say that I understand the personal pain that you are going through from the loss of someone who was so dear to your heart but I can understand the pain of watching someone struggle with and lose the battle with addiction. Addiction is a haunting and merciless disease that takes the lives of many amazing and beautiful people. Corey Haim was one of those people and I grieve today for the loss of such a beautiful soul. It can be so difficult to see a loved one try and try to stay sober and I honor the love you continued to give to your friend as he went through his struggles. I know you have had your own struggles and I have had those struggles myself. Getting sober yourself can make it even harder to watch someone you love not ‘get it.’ Therefore, I hope in these days ahead when you feel sad and possibly angry that your anger is at the disease that took your friend. I hope that through your grief you can see the miracles in your own life that have allowed you to have what you have today and you can use that to help another person who is struggling. It is not wrong to grieve deeply for someone and yet be grateful for the recovery you have found in your life. If anything, it is a way to honor the passing of the people who have lost their battles with addiction. I think that is what they would want us to do. So, in these coming months and years I hope that you can reach out to and get support from the people in your life that love and care about you. We may never understand why some people make it and some people don’t but we can be here to help whoever reaches out their hand find a way out. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    There but for the grace of God we go…

  355. It’s a very strange feeling when someone you have never met (but whom you feel so close to) passes on. Like so many other girls, my first crush was on Corey Haim – I was 12 and still innocent to all the heartbreak men would cause me in the future. It’s like Corey held a little piece of my innocence with him – and it died when he did.

    From an outsider looking in, it always seemed like Corey was searching for something. (And even though it sounds cliche) like he was truly lost. I can’t possibly begin to understand what it’s like to grow up with my face on the cover of every magazine, to be the brightest star in the sky – and then it slowly fade out. Perhaps all this time he was searching for that feeling, that experience again? But I hope he knew that there were those of us who were rooting for him all along (all these 20+ years), who kept track of him, who defended him when others made uneducated, spiteful comments. Did he know we were still there?

    It always seemed like he tried so hard, his heart always shown through whatever pain and deamons were tourmenting him. I wish people could separate the man from the disease – Corey was passionate, loveable, talented, funny and kind-hearted. I see people now posting online, saying what a likeable person he was despite his conflicts. And they are right. His beauty had a way of shining through deep darkness.

    I don’t know where it is we go when we die. I hope Corey was able to stick around of bit, and see the outpouring of appreciation people retained for him all these years, and that is being brought to light in the wake of his death. His early movies defined my youth and I can’t thank him enough for being able to revert back to that place whenever I watch them.

    I’m not sure Corey ever found what he was searching for. But I hope the most amazing kind of peace has found him now.

  356. corey that letter was beautiful. my daughter was born march 16th and died on march 24th no mother is ever ready to let go of there baby and no friend is ever willing to give up but sometimes it comes as a shock when your world comes apart in front of you i realized that being the one having to bury a child after i did i hit the path of drugs and really messed my life up until like you i got my life toghter and know be sober for 8 yrs and it is the happiest ive ever been wiith my self im so sorry about your bestfriend and brother corey haim keep on doing what your doing keep him alive for us he lives in your heart mr feldman he was happy being with you an you could tell it you guys were each others heart and soul

  357. Oops. Haha, I didn’t mean to say Feldman and not call you your name. Sorry, dude. I know where I’m at, I’m just so tired!!!! Lost a lot of sleep over this<3

  358. …And I leave both comments on the 22nd without realizing the date…

  359. Sorry another comment…when I posted that, your site said it was March 22nd. I looked at the clock, it’s still March 21st here. I guess it’s the time zone, but it is still weird, showing up like that.

  360. Hey Corey ~ Just think bout you tonight and hope you are….. hanging in there. *hugz*

  361. Oh dearest Corey, I read the words you typed up there & it brought me tears all over again. I sent a message via the e-mail of your agent the other day…just figured out how to get a login thing here…just when I think I’m computer literate. I really do hope that you’re doing ok, & that you keep that chin of yours up😉 As someone else had commented, when I did finally hear the news, a few days after things happened, you were my 1st thought cause all of us around the world know how close you guys were, even though I, like many others, have only gotten to know you guys through your films & stuff. I’m constantly learning new things w/computers & the internet, didn’t know a thing about surffing on it till a hand full of yrs ago when I was stationed overseas & someone I worked with showed me. Sadly, I only found your & Corey’s sites a few days ago. Again, I’m sooo sorry for your loss of your best friend. I don’t know if you’ll get the chance to read through all these 300+ comments, but if you do, much love to you. If I could, I’d give ya a big hug right now & hope it would help you feel a little better.

    In my world, my on the go life & trying to survive, I didn’t realize some of the things you guys have been through, have been a little “out of the loop” on a good hand full of things going on in the world, don’t get to catch much of the news. I even have some catching up to do on movies. I missed a lot when I was stationed overseas, & still haven’t caught up from that😉. I just wish I could have known what Corey was going through when he was dealing with everything & how to contact/send a message of “hey, I totally think you’re the bomb”. There’s hearts broken around the world since your best bud has passed on to heaven, so much love out there. There’s just as much love & support out here for his family & you & the rest of his friends. R.I.P. Haimster❤ & Bless you Feldman❤ . I'm glad to know you were there for him…I'm here for you too, now that I know to find you here😉❤ Hang in there, keep your chin up, & remember Corey, that Corey is smiling down on you, & you know he's missing you as much as you're missing him😉

    Take care,

  362. Very well said Corey, I was so touched when I read your letter…No matter what ups and downs you two had, it was nice to see that in the end, he was still as close with you as you were with him…God’s blessings Corey.

  363. Corey….I am happy to see you wrote this. And honered that you posted it out here for all of us to read.

    No matter what we all say, NONE of us will ever know the pain you are going through. Because you are the only one that was truly and honestly connected to him. In a way none of us will ever understand. I know the pain runs deep, but please know that there are fans out here that may not have that same connection to him as you. But there is one thing we all have in common with you….the love….we all love him very much at least that is something we can connect with.

  364. Hello Corey I know it’s been almost 3 week’s since we have loss a good guy.It’s still so har to believe it to this day.I hope you and his family are dealing with it good.I have heard so much what the media have said sbout him and it hurt’s me that they can’t let the man rest in peace.We all have our up’s and down’s but we get through them.He is now at peace with our heavenly father.And someday we will be there to see him smile.Hang in there it does get better in time I know I loss my exhusband last year to his own hand’s and we had a son together and it was hard to explain to a 11 year old what happened to his dad but I did and it was hard.But I tell him that his dad is his very own angel so hang in there it will be better.Like the saying it’s alway’s brighter on the other side and it is.Love you two very much and my prayer’s are stil with you.

  365. Hi Corey,

    I am sincerely heartbroken about the loss of Corey Haim. I did not know him personally, but from what I watched on your show, he was a really genuine, warm hearted person. I am sad that just as he was doing films again his life was cut short. I know that no words can really replace the void you must be feeling, but I feel very sad for your loss and my thoughts are with you. Be strong and know that he will never be forgotten. His memory will definitely live on with you, his family and friends, fans and people like me, who have been touched by him not as a celebrity, but as a beautiful human being. Sleep tight Corey haim love, diana xx

  366. Hi Corey,
    Just wanted to leave you a short note to say to you, that I’ve got your back throughout all of the crap the media has been giving you lately. If I had the chance, I’d put them right in their places. Love you Core, stay strong.

    Stacey McGowan

  367. Corey i dont know where to start! I cant belive his mom has cancer i feel so bad thats how i lost my mom! she died of cancer in 2001. st pattys day! but any way and my bday is on march 24 and this i cant beilive he died right before my bday but it sucks cause you guys where like my teen Idole ya know! i feal so bad for you and his mom! i dont realy know what to say but I loved you both! I never passed judgement and well i loved you guys! I will pray for Corey and you and his mom ok! Hang in there your # One fan in Iowa! Kerry!

  368. We got our Entertainment Weekly yesterday and I read the article about Corey Haim. I thought the sidebar they said you wrote was very sad and sweet, kindhearted and thoughtful. Thank you for the brief glimpse into your friendship, it made me sad and smile at the same time. Stay strong, we love you and support you thru this terrible tragedy.

  369. Corey, please know that SO many of us really loved Corey. I HATE the way the world treated him at so many times. As you said on LKL about those “outlets” like TMZ – we should not accept their callous and cruel behavior. But you know what? I don’t blame just them because obviously people watch that crap and the outlets are catering to some sort of demand – so I also blame the INDIVIDUALS who watch, read or contribute to that kind of mean-spirited hatred. And now with the internet being the way it is, where any coward can sit behind a screen anonymously spewing hatred and venom far away from anyone who could fight back, it is that much worse. We have to change that. WE meaning every person. Not “those people” or “society” it’s all up to the individual.

    I refuse to let people speak ill of others – public or private citizens alike. They will allows have the right to speak but I’ll damned well give my two cents too because this kind of ridiculing and hatred is slowly killing us all.

    I realize Corey was an actor and that I really didn’t know him but there are some things you just can’t “fake” – it was clear he had such a dear sweet soul. So in his honor I will fight the good fight with him – just as he did when he was alive – I clearly saw him fight right to the end, although I don’t think a lot of people saw it that way.

    I live close to where he was laid to rest yet I wouldn’t dream of visiting him for fear of invading his family’s privacy – I really believe they want it that way. So, as I said before, I will think of him and smile (right now i’m still crying, though) and always remember to fight the good fight…for dear sweet Corey. RIP.

  370. Dear Corey,

    You words are heartfelt and touching, and I was very moved…moved to tears. You left me speechless, and I thank you for sharing with us. I was at first hesitant to read your letter…because even though I have followed you guys since the beginning, I thought that maybe a letter like that might be too personal. But I am so glad I chose to read it because I found that it has helped me in trying to get through all of this. It’s going to be 2 weeks already, and I have been struggling with it every day as a fan. So I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling.

    And I have been debating to write you for several days now, and since I still find my eyes filling with tears at random times each day and night, I felt that maybe it was time to reach out. And I hope my comments (like the others commented) can give you some small comfort to know that the fans ARE STILL out here and have ALWAYS been here and have ALWAYS loved you guys.

    My heart goes out to you, Corey. It truly does! All of this has been bothering me every day since the morning I woke up to the news. Honestly, I have not come to a place of acceptance yet. I’m taking it harder than I would have ever imagined, especially considering I do not know either of you personally. But I have never been moved by the passing of someone who I don’t know in the way that I have been moved by Corey.

    As I said, I have followed you since the beginning, and I am 38 years old now. I have loved both of you guys separately and together through the years. And I cannot tell you how excited I was the night I turned on Larry King a couple years ago and saw you and Corey sitting there together. I was so happy to find out about your new show at the time “The Two Coreys.” I watched every episode of that show, and it was amusing at times early on, but then became more uncomfortable to watch as time went on. But all I wanted was to see you guys together…that’s all…there was something so magical about it.

    I really wanted to see Corey get married to a nice girl who loved him for him, and not because he was Corey Haim. And I wanted to see him become a dad and see him with his kids…and see you guys out together with your kids. I wanted his comeback to happen…and I believed that it would. And I was really happy and excited to see that he had several things going on recently.

    And when I saw you on Larry King a couple weeks ago saying how you guys did have some projects in the works together, I was so upset that it was no longer a possibility. And I just want you to know that I would have been over the moon to see you guys together again in the movies…or in anything. Just seeing that you guys had been hanging out together recently made me so happy.

    And I also want to thank you…both of you…for all the enjoyment you gave me with your movies when I was growing up…and have continued to give me still watching those same movies as an adult…the same movies I hope to watch with my own kids one day. It’s ironic that your childhoods may not have been anywhere near normal or happy…yet, you guys contributed to the happiness of mine and so many others. I am forever grateful. And like others have commented, it’s almost like a piece of my childhood went with Corey now.

    I want to applaud you for cleaning up your life so long ago and sticking with it…especially being in the town you are in and being around Corey who just could not get to a point that you were at. You must be a strong person.

    None of us know what went on privately between you guys…and we all make mistakes in life. And no matter what anyone says, my impression of what I was able to see was that it was clear that you truly loved him and did everything you could to help him.

    I realize that overcoming something like that is such a difficult thing to do, and that it can be frustrating and hurtful for everyone. And Corey’s struggles and deep issues seemed to be keeping him from getting past everything…

    But no matter what I ever saw or heard about him or about you, I was ALWAYS, ALWAYS pulling for him…and for your friendship. I think it was clear you loved each other deeply…and I loved the fact that you always came back to each other…a true friendship. I am just so devastated to see this happen now.

    But I am glad for you that the two of you seemed to be in a good place with each other recently…and as a fan, I am personally happy to know that. And I admire you for standing by Corey…and for going on TV and defending your friend. As a longtime fan, that was something I needed to see…and I again thank you for that.

    My heart is broken too, but in a different way than yours, of course. I had never even met either of you. And it is a weird feeling to mourn someone you have never met personally…yet, still feel like you know that person so well. It is nice to see that everyone who has met him seems to speak of him as a sweet and genuine person. And his genuineness came across on your show and whenever I saw him in interviews. I feel such sadness to even think that he may not have realized that we were all still out here and still loved him and still wanted to see him. And there truly are so, so many of us here!

    I know you will create a memorial fitting for your friend. I would so love to be there, but I am not in that area. So I hope that you will have a way to share some of it with the fans who are unable to attend because we also desperately need some sort of closure in all of this too.

    I pray for you, and for Corey and for both of your families and friends. I will miss him so much! But it is comforting to know that he is at peace now…and he will always be watching over you. And we will all always be able to watch and enjoy his work and the work you shared together.

    Again, please know that the fans are here and have ALWAYS been here…I really hope you know that…and I hope Corey realized that too. Please keep reaching out to us…

    Corey Haim – I will miss you…and I love you, always and forever…

    Corey Feldman – Much love and positive thoughts to you…


  371. Re: 22/222 —

    from Robin’s News (today, 2010) – “Corey mourned his friend at T-Man Tattoo, a San Fernando Valley ink shop. The art features the numbers, 222. On his blog, in his open letter to Haim, Corey said correctly, “Nobody will understand the magic of 22/222.”

    from ME (2007) – “11:11=22=HEXF=15=TheHornedOne=OMEGA=1.” 11:11=> 2:2 => 22. Nifty! And it makes so much sense. And why is 22 so important? Well, for one thing, it’s the number of letters in the alphabet of the LIVING LANGUAGE OF LIGHT.

    from ME (1980) – At this point, the experience I was having with 111 was very private – I hadn’t told a soul. I approached a woman at the newspaper who was into numerology and astrology and asked her what it meant if someone kept seeing the same number all the time. She said “I don’t know, but I keep seeing 222 all the time and it’s really starting to piss me off!” I thought I was dreaming. How could she be saying this? I hadn’t told anyone about my experience until that moment. I said “You’re not gonna believe this, but I was going to ask you why I keep seeing 111 all the time!” We were both a little scared by this. The probability that we would both be having such a similar strange experience seemed very low. At that moment, I began to think that I was experiencing something paranormal – something that could not be explained with conventional scientific tools.

    Corey – HTH!!!


  372. No one can touch him now. no one can hurt him and he has found harmony where he is. you will get through this you are a strong man and you make them both proud. you will live and smile. have only sweet thoughts.

    truly sorry, Elizabeth.
    remember to continue smiling sweetface.

  373. Corey,

    I can’t believe I’m writing again. I’m so thankful to you, your staff, &/or the moderator for not posting past letters. THANK YOU! It’s SO embarrassing when you write things that you regret later which could end up being publicly viewed. Hence, the reason why I don’t normally comment on blogs.

    This time is a bit personal & I am going to ask for a response. I would like to know if you could PLEASE clear up some of the stories out there. I have tried to contact Startifacts & the agent listed on Corey’s website, Mark Sterling, but neither will answer me. I’m trying to find out how to give money w/o getting scammed. MY FATHER DIED OF CANCER COREY!!! I’m trying to verify that the money I give will go to Corey’s mom. There’s also the guy, Scott I think, who’s selling Corey’s stuff on Ebay. Yes, it would be nice to have something of Corey’s to remember him by, but that feels a little creepy. Buying his stuff now that he’s gone? How would I know it was even his? The guy from Startifacts has now given an interview blasting Corey’s family. The family had made claims against them first. I have enough money that I could actually pay off their expenses … & then some. However, I need somebody to answer me & provide proof that the situation is what they claim it is on both sides. I want to make sure that’s actually Corey’s website, verify who’s in charge of it, & who’s in charge of the money. The same goes for that guy Scott. Plus, I want to see proof that the money is going where they say it is … TO HIS MOM.

    I know this is probably a lot to ask but could you PLEASE clear some of this up? I don’t trust anybody who says anything about Corey right now – including the other agent making rounds, Mark Heaslip. The ONLY people I would believe at this point are you & your wife Susie. I know you’re not together but you both seem to be on the same page. I’m sure you can find my email address since I used it to sign up here. I would really appreciate a response but I won’t be mad if you don’t. I’ll just unfortunately give up.

    Hope all is well & that today is a good day for you. Take care Corey.


  374. p.s i had alot of trouble sleeping when i felt lonely. i went to germany once when i was 17 i was very lonely dont want to go into details really but a few night i would have to sleep in a park and well finally some high school kid thought i was good looking enough to invite me to her party and she said i could sleep there the night so i did. im not into the party scene so i slipped into her parents room and got on the internet….i listened to some boss songs on youtube and stumbled onto a website called rainymood.com and i played it while i was listening to my music i fell asleep. so if you have trouble sleeping you could try it if you want to. it plays the sound of rain falling it sounds beautiful while your listening to music.

    have sweet dreams,liz.

  375. Hey Corey, hoping you are OK.
    I was listening to a Pearl Jam song and reminded me of Sweet Corey H, wanted to share a little pice with u:
    And the ‘SKY BREAKS’ at dawn; shedding light upon this town
    They’ll all come ‘round
    Cause the man of the hour is taking his final bow
    Goodbye for now.

    And the road
    The old man paved
    The broken seams along the way
    The rusted signs, left just for me
    He was guiding me, love, his own way
    Now the man of the hour is taking his final bow
    As the curtain comes down
    I feel that this is just goodbye for now.

    Take care man…
    Luv u

  376. Corey,

    I’m sorry for what has happened. All day i had the words “how ironic it was” that Corey died when I was writing an english paper on how I admired someone positive in my life. I know you were the closest person to him and i know you meant so much to him. I never met you or Corey but i felt like i lost a friend I never knew. I hope there is a public memorial. I would love to be able to attent it. I hope your doing ok and ever need someone to listen i’m good at that.❤ PS you know what made you and Corey so special? I never saw you guys as celebs but as two friends I would of loved to have.

  377. Where should I begin? I went to sleep and woke up to the Corey’s most of my teenage years as they were plastered all over my walls. I slept next to a full life size picture of Haim on my wall. I owned every piece of Lost Boy memorialbilia there was. I was supposed to grow up and marry Haim and my friend was going to marry you and we were going to have the best life, happily ever after. Every thought of the two of you was good and happy. What happened? I guess reality. I married my high school sweetheart, had a perfect daughter and here I sit 34 years old, crying over my first imaginary love. What would my husband say if he knew I was in this mind frame right now? I don’t think anyone can understand so here I sit, venting to you, Corey Feldman.

    I really lost track of him until The Two Corey’s came out, I watched every episode religiously. I kept thinking all I wanted to do was jump into the TV and love Corey. He just seemed like he needed some LOVE and care. I’ve watched his appearances in recent years on you tube and he seemed so easy to talk to, so normal, like I could have just walked up to him and said “Hey, let’s have some dinner and let me tell you how you gave me so many happy dreams when I needed them in my difficult teen years.” I regret I never had the opportunity. I would give so much to go back to March 9 to warn him what was about to happen.

    Maybe this loss has jolted my mid-life crisis. I don’t know why I am feeling so lost or why I wish so bad I could have made a difference in his life. It’s not fair to my family, this mourning I am feeling for someone I never personally knew or really ever could have known. I feel so awful that Corey chose to walk the dark path. He was so beautiful and bright. And now his precious life is gone, forever!

    And, to you Corey Feldman I wish you love and happiness. I hope you find someone true and honest. You deserve to feel loved, I hope that at some point Corey felt it from someone other than his mother. I can’t imagine your pain of not having Corey in your life. I know he was probably one of the only people that really understood you and your life. Please take care of yourself. Be there for these young actors that my 13 year old is dreaming about, and help them to choose the right path. If they, you, only knew the impact you guys have on our children, on us. I mean look at me, I am 34 years old, I never knew you or Haim and I am secretly mourning like he was my long lost love that I will never hold again.

    It really hurts to say, the tears are flowing hard, but I hope Corey is at peace. If he only realised the happiness that he brought to us just by watching him, and you. I only wish I could have reached out and shared some happiness with him. Shared a hug, shared a laugh and a crooked smile from his adorable face. He is deeply missed and my heart will never forget him.

    Rest in Peace my lost boy ,I hope you are now found.

  378. I’m 27 and I know i may not be as old as everyone else. But the first time i saw Haim on the T.V. I fell in love with him. I was 7, if you could believe that. I was always flicking through HBO to see if Lost Boys was coming on or Prayer of a Rollerboy. When I heard he was dead my heart sank, and my jaw dropped. I immediatly got on the computer to find out what was really going on. I cried when i was reading what was happening.
    Now i come across this letter and it was beautifully written and i just feel so bad for you Corey F. I can only imagine what you are going through and i hope that one day peace finds your heart and Corey H. family. You are a good friend for trying all you could do to help him. I know that i will always remember The Two Corey’s till the day i die. Every time I celebrate my sons birthday 12/23/2002 I will celebrate Corey. Love You

  379. Corey, that was a beautiful well written letter. I have been so sad since I found out Corey had passed away. I have been a big fan of you guys since I was 5. My condolences to you and everyone who was close to and loved Corey Haim.
    ❤ ZoG

  380. Dear Corey Feldman
    My deepest condolances to you in this time of grief. I have loved you both since the first time I saw you in License to drive. I was 12, and I remember I couldn’t decide wich one of you I had the biggest crush on…:) I wrote to Haim on Myspace as late as in November 09, and I told him how much he had ment to me. On the day of his death, the letter still was marked as unread, and I am so sorry he never got to read it. I have to admit, over the years you both became kinda ‘forgotten’, but when I watched The two Coreys show, you both became alive imediately, and I remembered how sweet the two of you are together. I am so sad, but I can’t even imagine how you must feel now. Remember that Corey loved you so much, always, even through all the bad stuff. I am crying as I read your letter, and I think about how lonely he was, and how happy he would have been to see how many people who really cared about him, but theese things always comes too late unfortunatly. It seems so unfair that he had to go, why now? When he fought so hard to be a better man…an made it so well. It still feels like his demons won. I pray that Corey Haim is now free of all his burdens, happy and warm, and that he somehow watches over you.
    I donated a little money to his memorial fond, but I didn’t have much.

    I think about, and love you both. Hope you get to read this, Corey.
    Cecilie, Norway.

  381. Dear Corey;

    As you hear a million times, I grew up with you & Mr.Haim! Ok, not physically, but spiritually. I followed your career & plastered my room with your presence. (teenage girl thing lol) I was ecstatic to later find ‘The 2 Coreys’ & hear about a 2nd Lost Boys! We were all in love with the Corey’s. I can only imagine your pain & send my warmest sympathies to you & both of your families. All of your fans, & his, feel a great loss. I only wish Corey knew how much you are BOTH loved. Best of Wishes always for your future & family, & much love from your CANADIAN friends.😉

  382. Energy cannot be created or destroyed – it simply changes form. Corey Haim is still here with all of us. I believe his passing, while horribly sad to those he leaves behind, especially Corey Feldman, has released him from a life that had become more of a prison of struggle than anything else – you can only deal with such sadness one day, one hour, one breath at a time. He, at least, is finally at peace and able to finally see the truth, that he had a HUGE fan-base and thousands who will mourn his passing and wish he were still here. Finally, he may now be able to feel the love that somehow eluded him in life. He will never again be alone; he will forever be linked to every person who keeps his memory alive in theirs. Peace, Corey! It will be a tough year ahead, Corey F, but you have friends EVERYWHERE that surround you! It is my hope and prayer that you may find, in time, that with your brother’s struggle now over you are closer to him than you have been in years. Hugs! :-)

  383. i was so sad to here about coreys death.me and my sister were big fans of the two coreys show. all though me and my sister wernt born until the 90s we were still big fans and always will be.i love lost boys,liscense to drive dream alittle dream and many more.i hope corey is in peace now ill never forget him and i hope no else does my heart still grives over him.

  384. Full fathom five thy father lies;
    Of his bones are coral made;
    Those are pearls that were his eyes:
    Nothing of him that doth fade
    But doth suffer a sea-change
    Into something rich and strange.


  385. hey mr f.
    so sorry for your loss. what a fab guy who was just tormented and lost. im a mahoosive 80’s movie fan and the 2 coreys have always been a part of my life, and im glad for that. you were a true friend to him and its just such a waste of a beautiful talent and a beautiful person. i felt deeply moved by recent events, and its just so incredibly sad. you must know that u tried to save him, and that was visible for all to see. i dont know if you yourself will see or read this, but either way, your a top bloke, and dont ever think you didnt do enough as a friend, you couldnt have done more. he loved you so much and that was plain to see, and what a lovely love it was. xx

  386. Hey Corey,
    I was wondering if you are still planning on a memorial for Corey? I’d like to attend. I haven’t been able to find any info,just that it will be held in LA.

    Hope you are able to enjoy Easter with your son. Thinking of you….

  387. I literally have no words for how beautiful this letter is. I have to say that I feel that he was an extraordinary individual, and the world has lost a person who cared deeply about others. If he knew them only once, or his entire lifetime. He showed them a great deal of respect, as well as compassion. I say this cause I had the privilege of meeting Corey, and he was not shy to speak about anything. He was very open, and gave his attention and time to the conversation. I feel a great deal of sorrow, and pain during this difficult time. I will carry his memory in my heart always. My thoughts, and prayers go out to his family and friends. I also think, and remember you Corey Feldman and hope you find peace. My thoughts, and prayers are with you as well. All my love, Liz.

  388. My dear Corey,I have never blogged,but it’s the first time I feel so bad for the loss of someone I have never met…I can’t ever believe that Haimster is gone,I’m not strong enough to endure it… I’m 32 so I have growed up with your movies and I have loved you both when I was only 12.I saw “the two Coreys” on Youtube (I’m from Italy) and I liked it so much…But now it’s too sad watching you two together knowing that Angelface isn’t here…Sorry,I’m not able to express how deeply hurt I am,it’s too hard.I only want to thank Corey Haim for his humanity,his sweetness,his kindness… My dear Corey,there are no words for make you feel a little better so I will not try.Only I embrace you with all my love and maybe,who knows,I’ll meet you someday…Sorry for my english,I did better than I could.If someone want talk with me,my e-mail address is KIKKA-77@ALICE.IT Love from Italy I’ll miss you forever Corey Ian Haim R.I.P. ANGELFACE

  389. Dear Corey-
    I wanted to wait a little while before I wrote to you. I am so sorry that, you lost your best friend. That pain must hurt so much. It always looked like you guys had a blast together.
    On, Sunday, March 28, 2010 it was the 2nd year anniversary of me, meeting you and your family. I celebrated with my parents by, watching Stand By Me. My favorite movie. I hope I don’t have to wait another two years to see you again. Its been a long time since I’ve heard from you. I am always thinking of you and want you to be healthy and happy. I love you, I miss you. Kristina

  390. Hey Corey,
    I see the press is after you again today,regarding your partying at The Playboy Mansion so soon after Haim’s death. It’s really nobody’s buisness,but everybody handles grief differently… Maybe this is your way of handling everything going on. Haim would want you to go on with your life anyway…He wouldn’t want you sitting around upset.
    So party on,but please do it moderately.Don’t want to lose you.

  391. Loosing anyone this way just sucks. I don’t know you,you don’t know me, and yet I feel affected by your passing. I wrote a song with you in mind and will sing it for you in the nature,and to the people. It touches on loss in general,but was inspired by your passing. I am a fan of your work in general.
    “The lights are gone and the cameras off,theres lots of love but it’s not enough, all the people come and go,.most of them will never know,..who you are” I will post the song somewhere soon for all to see,.not for me,but for everyone. Thanks man, much love.

  392. Hi CF,

    I have to say that I am truly sorry for your loss and extend my sympathies to you and to Corey Haim’s Mom and family. I was very pleased with your statements on Larry King, and agree with you wholeheartedly. I can only imagine the upset you feel to lose your best friend… and of course the media is negligible in it’s level of respect for people and their privacy. Anyway, my point in this post is to reach out to YOU… not to get on a tangent about the media. I definitely feel that Corey can see how big the story is. Reading your letter, and all of the things that you and Corey shared over the years, reminds me so much of me and my best friend. We have so many silly nicknames for each other, lol. It’s strange, it’s still hard to believe that he’s really gone. He was my first crush when I was a kid. I loved seeing you two together. Dream a Little Dream… License to Drive! Dean! Your character, as Dean totally spawned an affinity for that name that I have carried through my whole life. …I know all of this must be so surreal. The friendship you and he shared is something that you both will cherish always… you were and ARE STILL brothers.:) *hugs*

    all the best,

  393. Did you read the bullshit article on foxnews.com?
    I am so pissed off right now I can hardly type this!
    How DARE they make a connection to your mourning for Corey to where you went for a party one night!? Since WHEN do they care what you do or where you go? What do they think – you are supposed to stop living?!? (Corey would have wanted you to get out there and have fun and live your life.)
    I know Fox is a warped bunch of assholes, but this is beyond offensive.
    I am SO sorry you have to deal with trash like this when you are going thru so much personal stuff right now.
    Just know we can see thru the hype to the wonderful person you really are.
    – Cara

  394. What an honor. Keep it going. You my friend, are a good man, a smart man and a hard worker.

    We live with pain, we continue on. We don’t know how we’ll make it. But with reminders like this we can stick together and give purpose to an unfortunate passing. Strength together, a reminder for strength.

    Just checking in on your memorial – lots of love here.

    I see the moderator and I hold the same odd hours.

    Peace and Love,
    la.imagedesign@h .com

  395. Such a painful, and beautiful farewell.

  396. Reading this late, as I just stumbled across your site. I never realized what an amazing writer you are. Secondly, I am so sorry for your loss, the world’s loss. The two Corey’s were part of MY generation. I feel like a huge part of my generation is gone.

    The things you said “no one will ever know”, I too have with my life long, best friend. We’ve been friends for 30+ years now. Your words were extremely touching and I could see my best friend say it to me, or me to her (maybe not the same words exactly).

  397. Hello Corey,

    I’m very sorry for your loss.

    I lost a best friend a few years ago and wasn’t able to participate in any memorials for him because I found out about his death after the ceremony (and another that happened was held without me). But I started a blog and an online group for people that loved him and posted a bunch of things that reminded me of him and made me think of him and it helped me a whole lot. Also, I have considered different ways to honor his memory –creating scholarships or partial scholarships to programs that were things he did or schools he attended. Or giving money to organizations that were important to him. I find action like this can help me mourn. Also, another thing that helped me was I rented the show of a comedian he liked and ate food that he liked. In Allison Dubois’s book (can’t remember which one), she suggests this as a way to remember someone and that’s helped me a lot.

    I wanted to tell you that the letter you wrote to Corey helped me a lot. It’s so hard for me that the person I’d call to talk about his death (because he was the one I called when I was sad, usually) is the one that’s died. It’s very difficult for me to explain to people how well we understood each other and there is all kinds of stuff I know about him that people who knew him well didn’t. I miss calling him more than anything. I related a lot to the inside jokes you posted and have those with my friend.

    I wanted to tell you more than anything that something that has helped me tremendously, if you feel comfortable doing something like it, is participating in a grief group. I found one through my local chapter of Hospice (there’s an interview first) but churches hold them sometimes too. They held a ceremony this week where we could honor a loved one who had passed away. I was able to honor my friend in a ceremony for the first time since his death two years ago and I really needed it. I’m so grateful. It’s important, in my opinion, that we find a way to honor the person who has passed, even if it is alone. I need to honor the wishes of the people affected too and that was a way for me to do so. I wanted to share my experience with you and hope it helps. I”m thiking of ya. hugs.

  398. P.S.

    Hi again Corey,

    I forgot to tell you something. It’s helped me to hear stories about my friend who died and I have one about the two of you so I want to tell it to ya.

    I don’t know if you remember this, but in the late 80s, my town hired you and Corey to do an anti-drug rally for the local junior high/high school on the East Coast.

    It’s a wealthy town, so when there were two wealthy, slightly cocky teenage boys sitting outside the Baskin Robbins (with their cream colored Rolls Royce limos in the parking lot), it really didn’t seem out of place at all. There were lots of boys who lived in the town, but who wouldn’t be familiar because they went to private school far away.

    One of you guys stopped me and talked to me. Goonies had been released, but I don’t think Lost Boys had quite hit yet. I didn’t know who you were. We talked for a while. One of you, I think you asked what kids liked to do for fun in the area. I gave an answer like hang out in the CVS parking lot or the Pickle’s parking lot and I think you took notes. I think too that you introduced him to me as “The Haimster” and he introduced you as “Feldog.” I remembered this reading the comments of this post.

    Then one of you asked if I wanted your autographs. You guys thought you were giving me a favor, and the way I read the situation, not knowing who you are, I said no and asked if you wanted mine. I don’t remember much more of that, but Corey said, “You don’t know who I ammmm?” My cousin who was with my family got both of your autographs on a napkin from the ice cream store.

    The next day (a Saturday) was the anti-drug rally that I didn’t attend. Then the day after, on a Sunday, at cheerleading practice this girl Amy had your autographs on her Jean jacket and this other girl Danielle had your autographs on her jeans. Bummer!

    It was a big weekend in the movie of my life that year. Just thought I’d share.

    hugs. It’s so nice how many memories like this Corey left for people to cherish. He was so generous with his time.

  399. Hi Corey,
    Just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear that your brother and best friend Corey Haim passed away. I have been watching The Two Corey’s and it is so heartbreaking to see him slowly lose what he was trying so hard to achieve. I could not stop thinking about the episode on the Lost Boys 2 set and the way his actions affected both of you in the dr’s clinic. The tears that both of you cried as you realised what was happening to him…again.
    The way Corey spoke about you during that show touched me so much…..he really loved you so much and so wanted to be excepted by people. If only he knew how much he was loved and how much we also wanted him to succeed. And now he has gone. I keep thinking everyone should have told him more how much we loved him and what a difference both of you made to us when we were growing up.
    You were and continue to be a true friend to Corey and I am sure he is somewhere warm and safe watching you saying “Don’t be sad Kid!”
    We will always support you in keeping the memory of Corey Haim alive!!
    Don’t listen to the haters….they will never understand the amazing person Corey was and always will be in our hearts forever.
    Stay strong and know that your fans will always be here for you.
    We love you

  400. This loss is devastating, sad and haunting grief. Unless you have experienced the kind of grief such as losing a good (best) friend, and perhaps having to see them struggle with themselves personally before hand it makes it that much harder. I have been a fan of the “Two Coreys” ever since I can remember. I grew up with you. I guess that pretty much says my age…I’m soooo sad about the loss of Corey. After his death I was in shock!! I had nightmares about it. His potential was there, even while he was struggling with his personal demons (as we all do) some have a stronger hold than others. I can’t even begin to express my sympathy to you and his friends and family. I think it was very honourable of you to abide by Corey’s mum’s wishes to keep things private, that must have been terribly difficult for you. My heart bleeeds for you and I hope that you are able to grieve in your own way, without someone sticking a camera in your face. Time will help. My sympathies!!

  401. Corey Your letter is beautful and so are you. RIP Corey Haim. I love you always.


  403. Some of my first memories were of sneaking into the lost boys when it first came out into the theatres wearing mass amounts of makeup and punk clothes. Corey had such an amazing way about him. He had this joyful open mouth smile and eyes that just lit up with joy and curiousity. That’s how I’ll remember him.

  404. Corey Haim is no longer being tormented as his soul is with our Lord. Corey Haim now has a smile on his face every day and will always be looking down on his family and friends!

  405. Beautiful.

  406. Dear Corey F
    I’m pleased to read your post, and sense a spark of happiness there. Good luck with your tour. Mr Haim will be shining down on you..do him proud!!!
    Much love from a true fan
    Amanda xo

  407. Dear Corey;

    I wish I could have posted before now, but I have simply been too numb. My heart is with you and Corey’s mother. I wish I could have told Corey what he meant to me. You both helped to make it through my mother’s death, and then through years of abuse by my ex husband, when I would sit and wish that it was Corey that I had married, and not my ex. His was truly a beautiful soul, and I will carry this love for him all the days of my life.

  408. Corey, I’m a 40yr old female with a 10yr. ols son named Scotty. I live in Florence, Mississippi.. I want to tell you my prayers are with you, but I cannot say I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL… no one can.. Everyone should leave you alone in your life and let you be you.. People tend to stick their noses where they don’t belong.. Others have enough Garbage to fill up there own lives and 1,000yrs more to boot..I wish I could meet you.. the real you. The guy who puts his pants on just like I do..My prayers r with you…I want to tell others –PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR OWN BACKYARDS, I’M SURE IT NEEDS MOWING….love tammy and son Scotty..

  409. Wondering what to watch tonight, I saw one of my favorite movies, Silver Bullet, was on. A lil bit older than you guys, the 80’s nonetheless was my time as well. A time of great friendships too. Moving away, I lost touch with those great friends of mine. Movies like Silver Bullet and The Lost Boys always brought me back to those great times before responsibility and bills ruled the day. It was with great sadness that I learned that Corey Haim had passed earlier this year. I am extremely sorry for your loss; friends that stand the test of time are extremely hard to find. Corey (may he rest in peace) was fortunate to have a true friend like you.

  410. Hi Corey, I just wanted to offer you something: Sharing a message from beyond, a soul has helped join the Light ..!


    The official link, but it is in French. You can always do the translation of the page.

    This video if you want not to publish it on your blog, I understand and that’s okay.

    Good luck and continued xxx

  411. After reading your letter it made me cry & left me absolutely speechless!I could just feel your hurt,pain,& sadness in all the words.It’s an absolutely beautiful letter Corey!Haim woulda loved it!I am & always have been a HUGE fan of you both!And when I heard the about Haim’s passing I was shocked & very upset.We definetly lost a bright shining star,much too soon!Corey I just wanna say to you that I could only imagine what you felt & what you may be feeling.But I know how very badly it hurts to lose a brother/best friend,I have lost many very close friends myself over the years too.And it hurts more than anything!They say the pain & hurt go away eventually,& that it gets easier day by day.Well there wrong.That pain & hurt never goes away.However,the great memories & close bond you share,do help in dealing with that hurt & pain.I know it’s sooo hard,but you just gotta remember all the great fun,happy memories & times you had together.Cause those great memories & times are what’s gonna keep Haim’s memory alive in your life,& help you to cope with such heartache.Nobody can ever take them memories from you ever!
    Here’s one of my favorite poems to Corey Haim:
    You were so full of life, Always smiling and carefree, Life loved you being a part of it, And I loved you being a part of me. You could make anyone laugh, If they were having a bad day, No matter how sad I was, You could take the hurt away. Nothing could every stop you, Or even make you fall, You were ready to take on the world, Ready to do it all. But God decided he needed you, So from this world you left, But you took a piece of all of us, Our hearts are what you kept. Your seat is now empty, And it’s hard not to see your face, But please always know this, No one will ever take your place. You left without a warning, Not even saying good-bye, And I can’t seem to stop, Asking the question why? Nothing will ever be the same, The halls are empty without your laughter, But I know you’re in Heaven, Watching over us and looking after. I didn’t see this coming, It hit me by surprise, And when you left this world, A small part of me died. Your smile could brighten anyone’s day, No matter what they were going through, And I know everyday for the rest of my life, I’ll be missing you.

    RIP Corey Haim- Luv you & miss you forever!!

  412. Corey,
    I grew up watching you guys , your posters all over my walls , at one point you guys faded from my life but never my heart . Then came The Two Coreys ! I was so excited to see , to watch, and I watched , and I got to know you guys on a whole new level . And you touched my heart all over again. The day before Corey’s passing , I was watching youtube videos , fan made ones of You and of Corey , the movies together, picture and more . The next day when my boyfriend told me Corey had passed , I could NOT believe it . I had to go look it up for myself . And it was true , my heart broke , I didn’t believe it . I was so wanting him to have his big comeback , he was so talented .And such a beautiful person. You were truly blessed to know him so well . You were a amazing friend to him , and he was blessed to have had you in his life as well. I hope the best for you in all you do . And I will always love you both .

  413. Dear corey,
    I wanted to tell you that I did watch your A & E show, the Two Coreys, and saw from that the deep bond you shared. I too have one friend I have known since childhood and we are tight still, 40 years later.

    You were a very good friend. You did your best to help him by maintaining your own sobriety. I am sure there were times that you felt powerless to help him, yet you always cared deeply about him. It is evident what a good person you are, and I am sorry for your loss. I am sure you miss him deeply. Your letter did a great job of expressing the significance of his life, and how he affected others- something he likely lost sight of along the way. I too have lost sight of my own value to others, and this has helped me to remember that I would be missed if I don’t take care of myself. Thanks a lot for this. I wish you healing and future joy to come. God bless. K8ate

  414. hi there corey i no your looking down on us all and i still love you and always will i would of loved you and got you help but you do it together as partners and thats what love is you had so much to live for as you were such a special young boy but then you became a man and i admired that about you everybody makes mistakes you werent the first and you wont be the last and i thank you for the amazing movies that you left us and the pictures and the life you lived you will always be one in a millon babe dido and i hope everythinks going ok for your mum and i thank your mum for letting the world see her beautiful boy through out the years doesnt matter good or bad as no one is perfect in life and who are we to judge corey you will always be remembered as that beautiful talented man you always will be ♥

  415. what can i say , I have watched every one of your films , i felt like i grew up with you 2 , and my favorite actors to this day , you guys made me laugh cry, and even gave me hope when my sister passed , i found solace in your movies , the day my sister passed i went to the video store cuz your new movie came out dream a little dream and it made me believe that my sister is watching over me. look i know it may be a corny story but you 2 are my inspiration and whenever i am depressed i watch one of my all time favorites license to drive , so please remember this thought mrs feldman you have both coreys even though 1 of them is in a lot better of a place.

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