R.I.P. COREY IAN HAIM 1971-2010

I was awakened at 8:30 this morning by my brother and sister knocking on my bedroom door. They informed me of the loss of my brother Corey Haim. My eyes weren’t even open all the way when the tears started streaming down my face. I am so sorry for Corey, his mother Judy, his family, my family, all of our fans, and of course my son who I will have to find a way to explain this to when he gets home from school. This is a tragic loss of a wonderful,beautiful,tormented soul, who will always be my brother,family, and best friend. We must all take this as a lesson in how we treat the people we share this world with while they are still here to make a difference. Please respect our families as we struggle and grieve through this difficult time. I hope the art Corey has left behind will be remembered as the passion of that for which he truly lived. ~ Corey

~ by coreyfeldman on March 10, 2010.

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  1. Corey, I heard it on the news this morning, and my heart goes out to his family and yours. You are in my prayers.

    • Corey,
      I have been walking around denying that he is really gone. Corey Haim was my vary first big crush when I was just 10 years old. I have loved him every since….I am so upset right now, I have been praying for all who are affected by his death,and I will continue to keep you all in my Heart, and Prayers.. Be strong I am sure your son will be fine after he has time to grieve. I also LOVE you as well you were my second big crush. LOVE YOU your FAN Cassandra Bolyard…….

    • Mr. Feldman,
      Why don’t you write the script based on Mr. Haim’s life?
      It would really give the world a chance to love and understand the person you loved and called your best friend and brother for so many years. It would also shed some light on him as a person and not a former child star trying to get back on the saddle. I personally would like to see what he was doing for all those years he wasn’t behind the camera. It could also give the world a chance to understand what a great guy he was and how powerful addiction is. But mostly how easy it is to get these drugs because of his celebrity. I’m personally confused how he was broke if he was shooting films and had recently wrapped films + with all the royalty money from past acheivements WHERE DID IT GO SO QUICKLY? Was he paying for his mothers treatment? Just thought the film is probly already in the works and that it would be best if Mr. Feldman could tell the story from his and Judy’s P.O.V.

      • Hey Yeah that would be a great i dea and who better to play him then his best friend and there are so many corey fans out there that want to see his legacy live on and also i like to know when and where i can purchase the two coreys on dvd i went to the A&E site but u have to purchase individual episodes i think u should put out season 1 and season 2 ..anywys just wanted to say i was happy that i knew him and am trying to sign a petition to get corey on the canadas walk a fame hope it comes true

    • Corey, the Feldog, Haimster, is finally at PEACE & HARMONY…I saw your Larry King interview, it had to be hard to hold back emotions with the loss of your brother… Corey Haim… So true your words that how sad it is only now do we really see his amazing GIFT & TALENT he truly had when inspired. My thoughts & prayers are with u & Zen. And when the time is right u can explain to him that uncle Corey is in HEAVEN… Hopefully getting to see u and the band in Oregon this summer? WOW, A GOONIES REUNION!!! Sean, Josh,Kerri,Martha,Jeff,KeHuy-Quan…Hope they are all there? Regretably Sloth wont be there, how about Chunk?

    • Corey:
      I just wanted to extend my condolences for Corey. He was my favorite actor for many years and was looking forward to seeing him do new film projects. I still have some Corey Haim memorbillia from my younger days:) Although I didn’t know him his passing has really upset me and I have cried many times over the past week over it. Just as I was approching a dry eyes day I read the letter you wrote on the day of his funeral and cried. Very touching, very loving and I believe it was you not giving up on him which did keep him going. My thoughts are with you and Corey’s family as your healing begins.
      As for all the negative BS regarding you not going to his funeral you did it in the best interest of his family and it angered me to still see that the media and people were outside the funeral home on that day when Corey’s mom made it clear PRIVATE. I think what you did was smart and honorable and as for the media coverage very disrespectful to Corey and his family. If they had any respect for Corey people would have honored his family’s request.
      p.s. I think a movie honoring him is a great idea and if it does happen I hope you do help write it…bring Corey to justice and tell his story…you would be the best person for it!
      Keep Strong you are in my thoughts

    • I just wanted to share a poem I wrote in the days after his passing. Any girl who grew up loving Corey Haim in the 80s I’m sure can relate

      A fan’s poem

      Although you did not know me
      You didn’t even know my name
      It never really mattered
      I adored you just the same
      I watched you as you grew up
      I was growing up too
      Not an inch of my bedroom wall was visible
      It was covered in pictures of you
      You had a mischievous smile
      And a dimple on your cheek
      Blue eyes that sparkled brightly
      When your smile it did peek.
      I knew your roles by heart
      I could say them word by word
      One day I had hoped to marry you
      I know that sounds absurd
      You starred in many movies
      None of which I would miss
      I was a young girl then
      In my adolescent bliss
      As time passed by
      You seemed to have all but disappeared
      Your roles were few
      You had some problems I had heard
      Mistakes were made
      I’m sure a few
      You admitted them we know
      I was waiting for your comeback
      And very excited when I heard of your new show
      Your life was laid out before us
      all the world to see
      We saw your struggles
      and all your demons that be
      My heart briefly stopped
      when the sad news I did hear
      I find it hard to look at your pictures
      now without shedding a single tear
      For on that day
      When the angels came for you
      A small part of my heart got broken
      And it died too!

      Corey you will be missed by all who loved you!

      • I just have to tell you that that poem was beautiful. You expressed SO many girls feelings in such an eloquent way. It made me cry, but not in a bad way, sad yes, but happy that he lived among us & we have so many moments, memories visuals to hold in our hearts…..along with that smile =)

    • RIP My first crush. Growing up, I always thought I’d marry a New Kid or a Corey. So sad. Love you always and miss you forever.

  2. Completely heartbroken by the news Corey, I can only imagine how you must be feeling right now. I’m just glad that your friendship was put right again towards the end….that alone I take alot of comfort in.

    I’m just really really sorry Corey, its just too hard to find the right words!

    Take care of yourself!

  3. My heart goes out to you kid, I left you a message on facebook, you did good with trying to help him for a long time, it is a very sad day, you’ve had a difficult year, Jackson, etc, keep your head up.


    • as addiction runs rampid in my fam. i will do all i can now to pressure them to seek IMMIDIATE HELP! Its sad its taken his loss to say this, but if something pos. needs to come out bout his death, its that we all raise awareness and help our loved ones!!

  5. I will always remember him in a positive way. Sorry for your loss.

    • Sorry to hear that you’ve lost a brother/friend. I met him a long time ago at Comic Con, he seemed to have a good soul. I hope he rest in peace. He won’t ever be forgotten.

      “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”

      • Corey; I wish that I could have posted this a month ago. My prayers are with you and yours. I cannot tell you how heartbroken I am that Corey has left us. I wish I could have told him how I felt about him. My five year old son Loves The Lost Boys, but cannot understand why Mom can’t watch it without crying. I love you both, and hope that he is finally at peace.

    • I grew up watching you guys and while you were always my favorite, I’ll certainly miss Haim, too. Such a sad situation, my condolences are with you and your families in this most difficult time. …Emily

    • I will always think of Corey in the brightest ways. Even at 33 I still dreamed of meeting you both and marring one of you. Taught my kids all about your movies. Pretty sad when a 9 yrold and an 11 yr old felt our pain yesterday. I know its nothing more then a dream, and meeting Corey will remain a dream. I love you both and sorry for your loss. Warm HUGGS and Much LOVE sent your way. Maybe my childhood dream will come half true sometime.

    • I wanted to leave my condolences here for your loss. I watched Larry King last night, normally I do not, after I had heard about Corey’s passing yesterday I wanted, crazy as it may seem, to know you were OK. I do not usually leave letters or blogs, because I know everyone needs their personal space, but this death has impacted me. I know of the two Corey’s I was a child of the 80’s, and I don’t know I just cried for his “tormented sole”, and the loss that I know you must be dealing with at this time. Know that you and Corey are in my thoughts and prayers. RIP Corey Him…

    • Dear Corey, I am truley sorry for your loss and that of the World. He had a Smile that made him shine and those around him feel the light. I hope this poem helps with all the loss you have had in the past year. As you Soar throw the sky we ask why, As you fly home we cant help but feel alone, We know your pain is gone as ours lingers on. I know we will meet again and until then I feel you have not gone your presents lingers on.

    • So so sorry for your loss. I know myself, like many, have been a fan for years. I may not have known him personally, but I don’t judge people based on what I hear. I believe in my heart, that he was a great person with a kind heart. He will truly be missed everyone. I’m truly saddened by his loss. God Bless him and you.

    • Child Star * I too have a best friend that abuses prescription drugs & I worry about his life everyday! Corey Haim & Corey Feldman have always been much more than “CHILD STARS” to me! They were apart of my childhood and I still love them all now at 32! I truly was waiting and expecting Corey Haim to at the very least accidentally land that HUGE role to reclaim his fame like Mickey Rourke did with “The Wrestler” So sad it never happened! I even wrote a couple of screenplays sending them to Feldmans manager Scott Carlson and Haims former agent Debi Mcguin with the high hopes they would attach their selves to my work.

    • Dear Corey F.,Coreys mom Judy and family..i am so sorry for your tragic loss. This morning when i woke up and heard of this, i was in shock. I watched your interview on Larry King, and you are absolutely right…. where were all the people who have come forward now, then… I was soo upset to look in todays daily breeze and not see anything about corey haim. To you, im a nobody, except and HUGE,HUGE, fan of corey haim. When your show “The Two Corey’s” came out, i was soo excited. I ordered Tivo just so that i wouldnnt miss the show. I have pictures of myself when i was 14years old, holding pictures and posters of corey haim and kissing them. I never stopped loving him. I wanted sooo badly for corey to get that second chance he so deserved. Im just soo sad that he didnt get it. I am beside myself. here i am a mother of three, 34 yrs old, im a deputy sheriff and i am weaping of this man. corey i am sooo happy that you didnt let your marriage ruin your relationship with corey. He loved you like no other.I didnt know him on a personal level, but being a outsider, i saw how much he loved you, and thank god he passed with you deep in his heart. God bless you all . and Corey Haim- you will always be the best! You will never be forgotten!

    • So sorry about your loss. You were a great friend to Mr. Haim. I saw the last video of you and Corey on TMZ today and it was very touching how you continued to embrace your friend’s legacy. He is definitely an icon and he will forever be missed. May God bless you and Corey’s family. RIP Corey Haim.

    • I will always remember Corey in a positive light. I remember seeing Lost Boys in the movie theater over 60 times. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact he is gone. It sad media is saying it’s a drug overdose when no one will know for awhile. Just because he had a drug problem doesn’t mean that is what he died from. It is sad we can’t just remember Corey for what he did in the movies not his down falls! I hope that his family and friends find peace in this time of negativity. The media needs to remember he has family and friends who are morning and this is not the time to be going half-cocked and reporting something they don’t know yet! RIP Corey!

    • Hey Corey~
      So Sorry For Your Loss.. I Grew Up Watching You Guys And My Heart Aches.. I Was Wondering What Happened To Your Reality Series The Two Coreys And Was Sad To See It Was Cancelled. I’m Grateful To Have Had The Opportunity To See Corey Back On The Screen (tv) One Last Time. You Were A True Friend & Brother!

      Question~I Went On Corey’s Website And There Is A Post Office In Canada To Send Money.. Is This Legit?? I would Like to Send Money To His Mother & A Card… Please Let Me Know If You Could.

      Love & Hugs~Your Fan Heather

      • I would like to do the same ( donate money ). I wanted so badly to meet Corey in person someday. But like another replier said … it will remain a dream. Corey will forever be in my heart, there’s always a special place for him.

        Stacey McGowan

    • I am from Istanbul Turkey.

      I am 37. When I think about my teen years, among many great moments, I always remember your movie Lost Boys and remember how many times I had wathced it over and over. I can not even tell the reason now why it captured my heart that time and became a part of my teenhood life and adulthood past. I cant explain it now, however it really did when I was a growing up and left a great impact on me.

      Whenever I come across your names or Lost Boys poster, I found myself smiling. I think when I was growing up, I have seen in you guys, the boy that I would like to be one day.

      When I heard about Haim, I was so suprised and felt like I had lost a piece from my own past, from my childhood and teen years. I just would like to say all the ones that loved Haim that he is and was a greater actor than anybody imagines. He had touched my young hearts in this part of the world.

      My Condolences,

  6. Just wanted to add my sincere condolences. Corey Haim will be missed by all who knew him on screen and off. Your freindship together has been legendary as has your impact on thousands of eighties teens – myself included. Keep your chin up and know he is finally at peace.

  7. My prayers are with you all. What a great actor and wonderful person Corey was. He will be missed greatly. Such a sad day.

  8. Thank you so much for posting. I actually posted a comment to you on your previous blog when I heard the news this morning. I was hoping you would write something. Anyway, I will keep this one short, but I hope you will read the post I left on the other blog. Your fans are thinking of you and praying for you during this difficult time.

  9. My condolescences Corey. As a fellow survivor of abuse, I was compelled to write a bit about this tragic news. Hang in there.


    Chris de Serres

    • I read the link that you posted in your comment, and I only have one question…..how exactly is it supposed to make Corey (Feldman) feel any better about the loss of such a significant part of his life when he reads a story about how he wasn’t liked but he know his anyway because he was a lost child star from the 80’s……not the type of story I would want to read after such a loss…

  10. Corey, I feel your pain, and grief of the terrible loss you have faced today, I watched your show on A&E (the 2 Coreys), and saw the struggles and trials you both have endured in your life together. I have such a sadness for your loss, and his family’s loss today. I had lost a best friend in a similar circumstance about 20 yrs ago, so I can relate. It was hard to watch him on screen go through the motions, and you struggling to help him, and feeling the pain and frustrations that a true friend would feel, and sometimes feeling powerless to stop. I had went through that myself with my old friend, and it tore me apart inside, never knowing what to expect next. I wish the best for you and your family, and Corey’s family, and will pray for you all. God Bless you all in your time of need. I wish I could say or do more to help, I really do. Sincerely, George Aber

  11. I could not believe it when I heard the news this morning. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Esther from Winnipeg

  12. Corey I am sorry to hear about your lifelong friend. People said they saw it coming with Haim. I did`not. I think that`s disrespectful. I know you tried to help Haim. Sometimes people have to help themselves. It will be tough to explain it to your son Zen about Corey passing. You are in my prayers Corey. Kristi

  13. my thoughts and prayers are with and Corey’s family. I watched you both my whole life and know that he is a better. Hope you’re doing ok

  14. You know man, I am 5 years younger than you guys, but I want you to know that both of you are talented. I have had a hard life myself, and well I know what it is to feel unloved at times, and I feel that this was a tragic event. Corey unfortunately has died before his prime, so do yourself and the world, as if not only for, Corey Ian Haim, and don’t let the talent you guys have and have had always die with him. I think if I had been lucky enough to meet Mr. Haim I probably would have been his best friend right along with you, simply because you 2 seemed a lot like I am. You were just 2 ordinary guys who got put in a position and felt like you had to keep that postition. Someday the world will know the art that Corey left behind, because it will shine through in his best friend and brother Corey Scott Feldman!

    Dave “Mindstrange” Ryan

  15. Deepest condolences to you Corey. I know you loved this guy like a brother, you both loved and fought like brothers. We ALL saw you try to help him out time and time again. He just had to many demons to deal with I guess. I can only hope that he has found the peace he so longed for, and that you can at some time find peace knowing that your best friend is now in a better and safe place.

    Peace be with you and your family Corey.


  16. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you, your family, his family and friends. He will truly be missed.
    He brought joy and smiles to every life he touched. He is soaring above with all of the stars that fell out of the sky too soon.

  17. I am so sorry to hear of your loss Corey. My best friend Marsha died of an overdose in 2004. Mary

  18. Corey, I am extremely sorry for your loss, your family’s loss, Corey’s family’s loss. Today the world lost a wonderful young talented man. He has suffered for so long. May he R.I.P. I am sorry you lost your brother.

  19. Please know that you and your family and Corey’s family are in the thoughts and prayers of all of your fans. There are no words to express the sadness I feel for you all.

  20. corey

    Im so sad right now. I have always loved and stayed loyal to him.
    The times i met him he was so nice and cool.. He even made a painting for me and i’m going to miss so much.

    I will always remember him like you say for his amazing passion that came through in his art…

    Im soo sad right now.. An my thoughts are with his fmaily and friends.

    Thanks for the nice tribute and the kind words corey..
    love Dru & Nic

  21. I was so sorry to hear the news this morning about Corey’s passing. It was something I hoped not to hear of for a long time.
    My thoughts go out to you & your family, as well as the Haim family. This is truly a sad day. I wish it weren’t true, as I’m sure you do as well.
    Unfortunately, I know exactly what the pain of such a loss feels like & my only hope is that somehow people start to pay closer attention to the message & stop living so dangerously.
    May Corey finally rest in peace….his smile & his passion will be missed.

  22. I can’t even imagine the amount of pain you must be feeling right now. You are the first person I thought of when I heard the news. Take care, he will always be remembered fondly in my heart.

  23. I’m so sorry Corey. I have friends that are as close as you were with Corey and I can’t imagine losing them. I am praying for you and Corey’s mother. He was so young and seemed like such a nice guy. I wish I could have known him like you did. You’re very lucky.

  24. Not for nothing, but I’m proud of you guys. What you’ve both accomplished professionally and overcome privately speaks volumes about “The Coreys”. The depth of our (fans) grief will shallow over time, but Corey and his work will never be forgotten or unappreciated. Please accept my condolences and most heartfelt sympathy as my heart breaks too. God Bless. ~Bud

  25. Sorry bro.

  26. I am so sorry for your loss. I grew up watching you and Corey, I feel so very sad. I feel like I lost a childhood friend. Again, so sorry for your loss. This has to be a very terrible time.
    Love, Formernewt

  27. I’m so very sorry for your lose.. He will be missed by all… my heart and prayers are with you and your family..

  28. I just wanted to give my condolences to you, Corey’s family and all that loved him. He (and you also)was/were a HUGE part of my life, and I am truly saddened by the lose of such a great person… again, I am very sorry for your loss of a true, great friend.😦

  29. Thank you for posting… I know it was hard. My prayers are with you, Corey, and yours/his family. You guys were a LEGENDARY duo. He will be missed, you guys will be missed. Stay strong! I am really sad about your loss.

    Jacob from Texas

  30. Corey-

    I think I might have written you a letter back in the late 80’s/early 90’s as a fan. As Corey’s go, you were “my favorite”. At that point, I wasn’t quite aware of the drug use that either you or Haim were entangled in, I was simply a teenage girl with a crush.
    I had “loved” you since seeing you as Mouth in Goonies. I’ve always had a thing for the smart-ass of the group.

    Anywho… Many years past and you seemed to disappear, yet you popped up on Surreal Life. It was definitely a window into YOU, as a person, versus you, as the actor. As I was married myself, I was happy to see you clean and with something that cared about you and that was keeping you on the straight and narrow.

    Fast forward 5 or so years from there, and I happened to see “The Two Coreys” on Comcast on Demand. My husband thought I was crazy for watching, but as he’d never been a teenaged girl, he couldn’t possibly understand how invested mt life was in both of you THEN, that I needed to watch and see you NOW.

    Honestly? That series about broke my heart. I was happy to see you happy (enough) and clean. Your wife was, well, difficult. But at the same time, I could see her point. Corey Haim was definitely a challenge, as any recovering drug addict would be.

    Some days I asked myself why in hell I watched when I winced and wanted to cover my eyes, seeing the challenges and arguments that ensued. You see, I grew up in a “normal” family. We shoveled everything under a rug and occasionally would have a blow up, but we were never really honest with our feelings. I continued to watch the A&E series because as painful as it was to see, there was no BS. There were problems. There were issues. But, like a family would, you regrouped and tried to work through them together.

    I know you and Haim weren’t blood brothers. I realize that media marketing only grouped you that way because you were marketable as the “Two Coreys” back in the day and it worked for the studios. But I have NO DOUBT in the world that the friendship and bond between you both was real.

    You have had such a hard year, Corey. I can imagine it would be easy for you to turn back to the very things that have destroyed those you loved so dearly. I don’t normally respond to blogs, but my hope is that you are strong enough to live through this instead of burying yourself.

    As a fan of well over 20 years, I have the utmost respect for you. Please know you are not alone in your grief. Please know that you’ve touched our heart so deeply that 30-something women step outside of their norms to try and comfort you in what would obviously be one of your most darkest moments.

    Much love to you.

  31. The world has lost a truly great actor. I grew up watching the both of you (meaning both Coreys) You both were my age and I always love to see the both of you rising as successful stars in Hollywood. (Your both always made me laugh) My condolences to Corey Haim’s Family in this their time of need. Our prayers are with them, and you too my friend, as I know he was a close friend of yours. I know that you have been trying for many years to get Corey to get the help he needed so you could have your friend back from the drugs. I’m sorry that the drugs took him. I can relate to both of you as I had a friend whom I never thought was going to get off of drugs while I didn’t do them. I had to watch him ruin his life, not wanting help. It’s a very hard thing to watch a great person full of potential waste it. But he is in a happier place now. God Bless.

  32. I was deeply saddened to hear about the death of Corey Haim.
    My deepest condolences to you and your families.

    “Greatness is when anything before your impact is obsolete and everything afterward has a imprint of your presence”

    R.I.P. COREY HAIM 1971-2009

  33. I just wanted to let you know, from someone who has been in your same terrible situation… You did the right thing by ending the 2 Coreys TV show. Watching a loved friend suffer from the effects of drug addiction is a horrible experience. You did all you could do, and all a true friend would. These demons seem to be bigger then us, and our love for our friends and family. Turning a blind eye to the problem and not drawing a clear boundry would have only made things worse for everyone.

    God bless, Stay strong.

  34. A true friend is someone who knows everything about us yet loves us anyway. Deepest sympathy on the loss of your friend.

  35. I can’t imagine what it must be like losing such a close friend. Keep strong..

  36. The art Corey has left for his fans will always show his true talent as an actor. He’s left all his fans with so many amazing performances and you were right there with him all the way. I am sorry for the lose of your brother I know your heart is broken right now but I hope all those amazing times you spent together will give you some sort of comfort. You were both such a big part of my childhood and he will always be remembered with the warmest thoughts when i think of him. I pray Hollywood remembers him the same way. Thank you for your kind words Corey we should all be lucky to have a friend like you were to Corey in his life. God bless.

  37. WOW! I was really rooting for both of you to make a comeback together. I grew up watching you. I always thought that it was cool that you were so close. Stay strong Feldman. Have no regrets. We can only control our own destiny. Not others. And even then life can throw you curve balls. Be great for yourself and him.

  38. Corey, I as well wanted to leave my deepest of condolences to you, your family and of course Corey Haim’s family and loved ones. When I heard the news this morning I was saddened by this tragic loss of a talented young man and my thoughts immediately went to you and his mother. I was one of those who grew up in the 80’s being very entertained by the work you two shared together as well as alone throughout the years. Take care, hold close to your heart all you and Corey have shared and be at peace knowing he is no longer suffering.


  39. My deepest sympathy to you, your family and to Corey Haim’s family. I will always remember he had the kindest smile. My prayers are with you all.

    Deepest Sympathy, Joyce

  40. Corey, I am so sorry for your loss. I know it must have been very difficult for you to see someone you loved so much struggle with their personal demons and addictions. I saw your show “The Two Corey’s” and know that you were hurt in many ways seeing your best friend and brother in pain. My heartfelt condolences go out to you, your family, and ofcourse Corey’s family as well. I pray for peace and comfort for you all as you deal with this loss. Know that Corey is no longer in pain, and is finally free…

  41. I am not sure anything we say on here will make you feel better or comfort you. I am not sure if we will ever get over this tragedy. The truth is, death is right around the corner from us. I will always love Corey Haim for who he was and what he done for others. We all do things that we regret or that we would change. I believe and know he was a beautiful soul. His smile could light up a room and even when he was acting cocky he was kinda cute and you couldn’t stay mad at him long. He knew his problems, but I believe he also knew he loved people and he died knowing he was loved. Corey F. thank you so much for being his brother, bestfriend and confidant! I thank God that he did have you in his life. When you two were together even through the fighting you could tell that you loved eachother and you had eachother’s backs no matter what. I hope you and your family find the peace you deserve during this difficult time of losing a family/friend. God bless you and give you the strength and guidance you need to tell your little boy that uncle core is no long with us. We all care about you Corey F. and will miss C. Haim! Much love always! Embrace life, forgive a little more than usual and love alittle harder each day!

  42. I have always been a fan of both you and Corey H. When I was younger I had posters of you guys all over my room. I do send my prayers to your family and that of Corey H. Just remember he will always be with you where ever you go, and he will be greatly missed and he is very much appreciated. I never got the opportunity to meet him, but I am sure he was a very awesome person all around!

  43. corey haim!!! u just sent me an email 2 days ago!! we were talking and u were ok….

    corey feldman, hi its charity(rons jeremys x) I went to ur birthday party at house of blues a couple yrs ago. I am so sorry and saddened by this..corey & I spoke a few days ago and he was ok.he said was sick but other than that, he was ok. I hope that you 2 had mended before all this. Please tell ur Dad Bob & Francesca hello. My heart & prayers go out to coreys family and urs…god bless

  44. My sincerest condolences Corey.

    I am at a total loss for words….such a tragedy, especially when there were signs that the Haimster was getting his life back on track.

    It’s been a heavy year for you too Corey; the loss of Michael Jackson, divorce and now the passing of a lifelong friend. Make sure you take the time and do what you have to in order to keep your head up. Your fans, Haim’s fans are have you both in their prayers.

    RIP Corey Haim

  45. When I heard the news this morning, in addition to my shock and disbelief, I instantly thought of you and the bond that you and him had. I grew up watching both of you and have always been a huge fan. Corey has millions of fans and I really hope he knew that. I know he is looking down on us and seeing the hurt and sadness that his passing has brought to the many fans he has around this world. You and Corey had a bond that exceeded time, distance, and life itself. You and him and his family are forever in our hearts and prayers.

  46. Words can’t describe how I feel. My heart and prayers goes out to his family and friends. I loved the two Corey’s films, they were the Cats we all wanted to be or hang-out with. My thoughts are also with Corey Feldman, for God to give him strength for all that he’s going through. C. Feldman, stay encouraged, I’m praying for you brother. Don’t let the Devil steal you joy, you’re a Good Man, and God has favor in you and for you. “Lord, give them comfort, Amen”.

    With heavy heart,
    James M. Johson III

  47. Corey, I cannot find, what I believe to be, the “right words”,… I KNOW firsthand how much it hurts to lose your BEST FRIEND.. especially when it happens at such a young age (only 1 year younger than I am now). I grew up with you guys.. you were plastered all over my bedroom walls, I grew as you grew.
    I must say, I give you much respect for sticking by the Haimster for so long, and after so many hurtful things happened between you both. But you stuck by him. you were with him just weeks ago, and he was saying he was doing “really good”, and he looked good too!. Had put on some weight, and was fuller and healthier in the face.. I am shocked and saddened. I know he fought with drugs for a good portion of his life, but it is scary to me because I suffer from Chronic Pain, and MY docs just keep shoveling the pills at me…. the very same pills that are killing my idols. I KNOW how you loved him, YOU were the first person that crossed my mind when I heard the news when I woke this morning. I know you are grieving, but you should know that you are not grieving alone… WE ARE ALL WITH YOU.
    Signed, with much love and support: Mrs. Nancy Bray, 39, Massachusetts.

  48. Hi Corey, My dear,

    I woke up WAY before 8am this morning and felt “something” just didn’t feel right. When I saw the news on Facebook. I to was in tears and I am still in tears. Through my tears and heavy heart, the first person I was worried about was you.

    I watched a little of “The Two Corey’s” and hoped the best for him. My heart and tears goes out to you, and both of your guys families and friends. Even though we don’t know each other and may never will. I felt I lost a friend with you too.

    I am crying with you all and wish I am able to give you all hugs in this sad time! I will be lighting a candle in his name tonight and let the candle burn out on its own.

    My deepest sadness and heartfelt to you all!
    Shels Honeysuckle (PixiShels)

  49. Corey,

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I know you loved him so much! Please take care of yourself. This will surely not be easy for you or your family or your loved ones. My heart and prayers are with you and all the rest who loved him so.

    With many love and blessings,

    Evie ( Hershey PA)

  50. corey i pray for your familys and im so sorry to hear about corey i have been a fan of you guys both since i was 7 years old i am 28 now today is a very sad day you were the first person i thought about and wonderd how u were doing god bless you and your familys rest in piece corey haim we will always love you thank you for all you left behind =)

  51. Corey,
    I have been sittin here trying to come up with the words to say I am sorry for your loss but they just do not seem like enough. I understand the pain, the frustration, the laughter and tears that will be shared. The pain, frustration, tears knowing that he had such talent and that you will miss him because he died so young…The laughter and tears of joy remembering the time you spent together and knowing that there was days that you had a bad day and he would do something that only he could do that would make you turn your head and say oh great thanks and smile.

    I can tell you that you both by saying “we had a problem.” made me see that I wasn’t alone in mine. He left behind a lot but I will be grateful for him showing that I wasn’t alone in my problems.

    May he rest in peace and may you and your family find peace and remember the good times.

  52. All too sad. I’ve lost a piece of my childhood today, and am truly cut to the core. He was a wonderful actor, talented artist, a beautiful man. You’ll be missed….so missed….

  53. I am truly sorry for the pain you (and all of us) are feeling today. I’ve been huge fans of you both since I was a kid and I am sincerely crushed by this news of Haims death. A lot of us feel like we knew you both because a lot of us grew up with you. Just try to focus on the great memories you guys shared and once you’ve had time to heal, try to spread awareness about addiction. Let this be a wake-up call to everybody about abusing yourselves because you only hurt the ones you love. We love you Corey and thank you both for all the great memories!!! Stay up!!!

  54. RIP Corey Haim!
    He made millions of us smile (as did YOU, Corey F.)
    I never knew him but I send my prayers and love to him, his family, fans, and YOU and your family.
    Peace and love.
    (Two Coreys forever!@!)

  55. Corey, you have my sincere sympathy. I am so sorry for the loss of your best friend and brother.

  56. My condolences to all of family, friends and fans like me. He will live on within his movies and will be missed. May the memories carry you through this dark and difficult time.

    Truly Sorry for Your loss,


  57. Dude, this sucks. Haimster was legend, I loved seeing him in ANYTHING he did and was so looking forward to seeing you guys working together again.

    You guys are the same age as me and I have had similar experiences with friends who I have known over 20 years, the rocky relationships, etc. But today I am alone without them. I feel your pain, really do.

    See ya Corey Haim, give em hell in your afterlife!

  58. Corey,

    We are deeply saddened by this tragic news. Corey Haim was an icon and an amazing talent. He will be truley missed by all that knew him or knew of his wonderful work. I am so sorry for you Corey,and your family, we will always be here for you as fans and friends and send you all the love and support in the world.

    Lots of Love,
    Nic and Dru xxx

  59. You guys rock. Sorry to hear the bad news.

  60. The world has lost a great person and great actor a talent that cannot be redone. His talent is in a class alone he was one of the greats. Cory Haim you will be missed. My prayers are with his family and friends.

  61. I have seen the movies and watched the “Two Corey’s” religiously…I felt so much that Corey felt. His drive and his passion were always shining. Even in the hard times he always had a smile. May he rest in peace and know that he is finally worry and care free.

  62. I just wanted to wish you and all your family my deepest condolences for your lost. I have been a fan of both of you since I was around 6 years old..(I’m 28 now). Corey Haim was a very talented person and he will always be remembered for that. His life was cut too short but he will always be remembered for the great person he was. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Kirenia from Miami

  63. Sorry for the loss of your Best Friend. RIP Corey!! God Bless!!

  64. I’m very sorry for your loss. I hope that when you explain this to your son that the words will be carefully thought out. I woke up at 6 am this morning & got on yahoo to check my email like always but seeing the words *Corey Haim Dies At 38* I almost fell out of my chair…I cried. I’m still in disbelief. My thoughts & prayers are with you, your family as well as Corey Haim’s family. ♥R.I.P. Corey Haim U will be missed dearly & forever loved! ♥

  65. RIP COREY HAIM…..You struggled with addiction like many of us have, and did not win the war, but you death gives those of us who still fight the battle a reason to continue fighting as hard as we can. Addiction IS a diease and has claimed another victim. Your death will give meaning to others fighting with addiction!

  66. Corey..thinking of you in this time of sadness.You guys were BBF’s through the thick and thin.

  67. Corey,
    I know you don’t know me from adam but I just had to let you know that you have a fan in Louisiana that is thinking of you in this terrible time. I grew up watching the movies you and your dear friend Corey Haim were in. I have followed your careers and have always been a fan.
    I couldn’t help but root for Corey as he battled his addiction. My heart just aches and I am so angry that his addiction won the battle. Please know that you have so many people, that are thinking of you during this trying time.
    I hope you can find some comfort in the fact that Corey doesn’t have to battle his demons anymore, and that he is a peace now.

    Just a fan,

  68. R.I.P. Corey you will be missed. Corey F. I am sorry for the loss of your family, brother & best friend. It is hard I know I lost someone close like that.

  69. I am so sorry for your loss and the Haim family’s loss. I saw an interview that you both gave on ABC a couple of years ago regarding stars (particularly Lindsay Lohan) and addiction. I was wondering if you had considered doing some more speaking out about stars and addiction. I found some of the things you said very poignant and important for others to hear in light of the numerous daily revelations of stars and their addictions. Placing them in the spotlight when attempting to recover is really the last thing they need and sadly that is exactly what happens. Please consider providing some additional insight into this ongoing problem, perhaps as a tribute to your dear friend.

  70. Corey,

    I’ve been to your blog before today but although I was shocked since I first heard this morning, it was you, his best friend that my heart went out too. I know the shock and how it feels. I came home from work one day and found my fiance hanging from my childrens bunkbeds. He committed suicide and I was so stupid. I didn’t even realize pills were involved.

    Anyway, my thoughts have been with you all day. I’m sorry my friend. Stay strong and talk to him. He is there with you and listening and I PROMISE he will let you know he’s with you.

    Best Regards,


  71. What a tragic tale. I remember posters all over my pre-teen room of both Corey’s. Eager to meet my imaginary boyfriend…watching movie after movie as if you were my friends. Very sad, how Hollywood welcomes you in and sucks away your youth and you are spit out to endure such an unnatural adulthood at such a young age. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers with be with you and your family. God bless. Lori

  72. I am so sorry for your loss. Please be strong and I will remember him for all that he was in life

  73. Terribly sorry for your loss. I hope he is at peace and he will live in his many fans’ memories. And I hope you as well can find peace that passes all understanding and allow time to heal you.

  74. Not really sure what to say… I don’t even know if you actually read these. Either way, I’m sorry for the loss of your great friend and brother. I’m not famous, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be famous. I used to want to be an actor and famous, but I don’t think so anymore. All I know is there is definitely a dark side to the industry and unfortunately you both were exposed to it at a young age. I live in Houston Texas and work for a professional sports team. I’m just a normal guy. One of the first things I thought about when I heard of Corey was that it would be so great to help young actors in today’s world so they wouldn’t have to go through the same things you did. I don’t know if you’d ever be interested in creating some sort of mentoring program for young actors, but I’d love to be on the ground floor if something like that would be of interest for you? Even if you could help one young up and comer, it’d be worth it. If you’d ever like to speak, my email is chanceandbailey@yahoo.com. My prayers are with you and your family and for Corey Haim’s family. May he finally rest in peace.

    God bless

  75. I am truly heartbroken to hear about corey I have loved him since I was a teenager. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the family. The world has lost a great man

  76. Corey Haim was a terrific entertainer, and while drugs often overshadowed his career, the memorable experiences his films provide will live on long after the stench of the disease that killed him has faded.

    Today I feel nothing but sadness for your loss, Mr. Feldman. You’ve lost a dear friend and brother — part of your soul, and your character. I can’t even begin to imagine how this is affecting you, your wife and young son. My thoughts and prayers are with you and with Haim’s family. Forever a lost boy, hopefully now, he is found.

  77. corey, i’m so sorry. i know how hard the past couple of months have been on you. i had the chance to talk to corey a couple of years ago. he was so sweet to me, but i knew that he needed help & true friends around him and i can’t imagine what you’re feeling like now at all. all i know is i have nothing but sympathy for you, your family, corey’s family (esp. his mom), and the people who truly cared about him. i respect you, i respect your family and corey’s. peace be with corey haim & peace be with you all.

  78. I was blind sided hearing about corey’s death. But my first thought was of you and how you were doing hearing this awful news. My heart is out to his family and yours as well. Too young too soon.

  79. Dear Corey,

    I am so sad to hear about the loss of your “brother” Corey Haim. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and the Haim family during this trying time.

    Teaneck, NJ

  80. Love to you and your family…so very sad to hear of this tragic news.

  81. I had the pleasure of meeting Corey Haim once. He was a polite and very sweet guy. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

  82. Greetings from Canada, heard about Corey today and thought of you right away and searched a site where I could leave my thoughts and prayers for you and I found this site and it is so thoughtful of you to stay in touch with peeps this way. Keep your chin up, you are a very strong person and enjoy your wee one, they grow up so fast.

  83. Corey, I am sorry about your brother in life Corey Haim’s passing. He seemed like such a good guy with a bad problem that it seemed he had finally beaten. I can only imagine how hard it was for you to lose Michael Jackson last summer and now to lose Corey as well. My condolences to you and your family as well as to Corey’s family. I grew up watching you and Corey and License to Drive is still one of my favorite movies.

  84. I am so sorry you lost your brother and friend. My prayers go out to you and your family and his. With love

  85. I was deeply sadden this morning by the news of Corey’s passing. He was a wonderful soul and full of life. I grew up watching him and look forward to see more of him. My prayers are with his family and to Corey Feldman’s family.

  86. our deepest sympathy, and condolences go out to you all, at this very difficult time. we are deeply saddened, and so very sorry for your loss. we are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers, and very close within our hearts. The friendship, and brotherhood that you and Corey shared, is a bond that will last forever. the memories, the times you all shared, will always and forever live on within your hearts. i always believe, that people come into our lives, for a very special reason. Corey, you and Corey were brought into eachother’s lives, to experience one of life’s most wonderful gifts, treasures, and blessings, and that being, friendship that lasts forever. You all have a very special guardian angel looking over you all now, and he will always and forever be right there with you all in spirit. When you all cry, he cries, when you all laugh, and smile, he will laugh and smile too. some people ride off into the sunset, and some people become a part of that sunset, and i will always and truly believe, that the moments, times, and great memories you all shared together, is sunshine in very special garden in your heart, where the love you all shared, will continue to grow. Wishing you all comfort, and peace within your hearts, at this very difficult time. god bless.

  87. I live in Scotland and my brother contacted me from Dubai when he heard the sad news. The Edinburgh Evening News even reported today. It just shows the impact Corey had half a world away! The Haimster was my big teenage crush:D At 13 I was convinced I would marry him! But even as I grew up and married and settled down I still followed his antics. I will remember him as a hugely entertaining and loveable rogue. Someone who clearly wore his heart on his sleeve. I’m so saddened and I can’t even imagine what his family are going through. Corey F, I doubt any words can console you at this terribly sad time but your brother had a huge impact on many people. Who can forget the singing in the bath whilst Nanook kept guard? BEST movie ever:D Take care, you are in my thoughts. There is a very bright star shining in the sky tonight xxxxxx

  88. I’m so sorry for your loss. As a child of the 80s, my favourite memory of Corey was in The Lost Boys, both you guys were so good. He will definitely be remembered.

  89. hey corey,my heart goes out to you today..he was lucky to have a friend like you..the love you had for each other will live on forever!don’t give up on your dreams..he would have wanted the best for you..take care and god bless!

  90. Our thoughts are with you at this time.

    You made a great point when you said :

    “We must all take this as a lesson in how we treat the people we share this world with while they are still here to make a difference. ”

    That is so true. I lost someone last year who I was close to, except for the months leading up to his death. What you stated hit home and I came up with my own way of looking at life’s relationships now which is :

    “during the low times of a relationship with a friend / relative think of how you would act if you were at their funeral. Think of what you would think of what you would of done to make the relationship good again, and then put that thought into action because life is too short”

    Again our thoughts are with you and your family as well as his.

  91. My heart-felt condolences go out to you. I grew up with Corey, spending my allowance buying all the Bop and Big Boppers I could get my hands on. Even though I’m 35 now it was still a dream to have been able to meet him and say what an impact he had on me growing up. I wish you and both families the best and please remember that he’ll always be there with you. Stay strong, Corey.

  92. I am so sorry to hear about this. I know had played a big part in your life. It is such a sad thing to lose someone in the prime of their life. I send my love to both your families.

  93. My heart goes out to you and your cute family at this time Corey! I feel so bad for what he must have been going through and I feel so sad for his family! Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers and here if you need ANYTHING!

  94. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this hard time. May Corey finally be in peace!!!! He will be missed.

  95. Mr. Feldman I hope your handling this ok… I cryed when I heard the sad news, I always thought the world of you 2 and thought that he was a great actor that was side tracked as many of us become. The Love you had for your brother was imense and I’m sure he was aware of this. I pray that he went thru no pain as this happened and may he finaly be at peace. As I cry right now, More people loved him then he was aware of. God Bless You, His Family, And Mr. Haim Himself… He will be missed by many. And Was Loved by All….

  96. I just can’t get over this. My heart is broken from this news. I am so sorry for everyones loss.
    I adore Corey Haim he was such a beautiful person. May he rest in peace.


  97. R.I.P Corey Haim. you will always be remembered you were such a great actor. I cried when i found out the news.

  98. This was a terrible loss, I hope now he finds the peace he was looking for.

  99. Ugh…Only the good die young. Sorry for your loss. I’ve always been a big fan of the both of you and this is very tragic news. xoxoxoox

  100. The loss of Corey has caused me to take some time and reflect on how much you both shaped my childhood and how I choose a similiar path during my teens and all through my twenties…I struggled through addiction after addiction until finally doors were opened and my path took a well needed turn…Corey Haim i always hoped would do the same…My heart and my prayers go out to you and yours…I know that he meet alot to you…I have lost friends to unexpected circumstances too…Take Care…

  101. I am sorry for your loss. I feel so sick to my stomach. He was such a part of my childhood.

  102. Corey, my heart breaks at this news. You two Coreys were my teenage heros and idols. After I finished crying this morning my thoughts went toward you. I knew this must be so hard for you. I’m so sorry for this huge tragedy in your life. I’m so sorry Haim is gone. There just aren’t words. I really hope you see this because it makes me feel better to think you got my words of sympathy.

  103. So sorry for your families loss, there’s not alot you can say at times like this, everyone will mourn in their own way…..Just know in your heart they he is in a better place now, and he will always be with you in spirit,as I’m sure he was in life when you were apart…..God Bless your family as well as the Haim family…Take Care:-)

  104. Hi Corey, well i don’t know what i can say to express my feelings, all i can say is that corey was a great soul no matter what anyone says, my memories of both of you is watching license to drive, i would make my mom go to the video store all the time to rent it when i was younger, I don’t what it was but you two were special to me and always will be

    Hang in there!

  105. I still cant believe it..I keep checking the websites thinking their going to say something different. I’m very sorry for your loss and his families loss. I hope the good times/memories that you shared will put a smile on your face and replace the sad times. Lisa

  106. I’m so sorry to hear the news. Corey Haim was such a troubled soul by all appearances, and like many troubled souls, a very talented artist as well. I cried when I heard the news, because I feel a lot of empathy for him,. he is a part of our generation that I will never forget… this world can be very cruel, and sometimes the harshness of it can be more than a person can handle. I hope you have people around you honey that will be there for you to help you cope with the grief… I know you have lost a friend and a brother, and so many of us feel for you. prayers and thoughts to Corey Haims family as well, especially his mum. xo

  107. Corey,

    Wow…. I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother, your best friend. I grew up with the both of you and love you both. My heart truly aches because Corey was a wonderful person. I will forever cherish your movies. As a mom of a 6 year old I know it is going to be hard to tell your lil guy. God will guide you. Corey will be missed. I know in my heart he is at peace. Tonight I will be watching your movies in honor of the Haimster. Hang in there my friend…..My prayers are with you, your family and Coreys family too…..I’m in recovery from an eating disorder and its a constant battle everyday. I will keep fighting. This has truly hit home for me. Much love and respect to you darlin…..Rest In Peacful Sleep Corey Ian Haim….you will be missed…you may be gone but you will never be forgotten….xoxo

  108. I am very sorry for your loss. As we do not know you or Corey Haim in person you all have been in our hearts as we “grew up” together through movies. Corey Haim will always be remembered in a good light. He touched the hearts of many. Stay Strong.

  109. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and Corey’s. I literally grew (I am 39 years old) up watching you guys as you both came to life on the screen. Lost boys is still one of my favorite movies. What a tragedy, I hope that he only knew while he was still here what an effect he had on so many.
    Let his life not be in vain and cherish life to the fullest, hug your baby as I do mine everyday and make sure they know how much they are loved.

  110. My thoughts and prayers are with you and his family today. As a teen in the eighties, I was a fan of yours and Corey Haim. I watched you two on A&E and became a new fan all over again. I truly hoped for Corey Haims comeback. I feel so sad over this. It is another reminder of how short life can be. You were a good friend to Corey; always remember that. This just reminds me to be loving and patient with my friends and family while I still have them. Be strong.
    A renewed fan.

  111. I have been a fan of both for as long as I can remember. I am so sad to hear of the loss. Both went through so much. I wish he loved himself more to clean up, I pray that you will stay strong for you and your baby boy. Lots of love Cathy

  112. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. He will never be forgotten by his fans.

  113. Corey, my name is Zork, i worked with your twin Kinky F. a long time ago on a low-budget Lloyd K. shoot [before i was a touring/teaching slam poet].  It was a true treat to work with you, BUT, it was the OTHER Corey who starred in my 4th favorite Film of all time.  “Lucas” was a film that had an immense impact on me as a kid and still effects me today.  It was a masterwork.  And despite the fact that reports have shown that Corey Haim was already a social stud and managed to fit in quite well at age 14, i completely identified with the far more naive  Lucas character.  Much of Corey’s work will always be remembered, but for me, Lucas lives forever, even though Corey may be lost for us now. I am so, so sorry for your loss. It’s a great loss for us all, but unimaginable for you.
    — Eric ZORK Alan
    — National Slam Poet

  114. Corey,
    I sent you a message on myspace. I think that will say it all.
    My thoughts and prayers to all of you on this sad, sad day.

    Kat from Surrey, BC

  115. My prayers go out too you, your family and Haim’s family….a loss like this is never easy. Remember the best things about him.

    His death can have a greater meaning. You are in a position to speak to other addict’s and their families. The Salvation Army helps lost souls be found again every day. Try to focus your grief on helping others when the time is right for you.

    I have always love you both.

    Things will get better in time, I promise.

  116. I want to say how very sorry I am for your loss. He was in the public eye and we watched him for as many years. Please take good care of yourself and your family for they need your strength to carry them through. You have an angel sitting on your shoulder now and he is with you forever.

  117. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and Corey’s family.I am so sorry for your loss.I know you tried to help him and i can relate my bio father was addicted to prescription drugs and was also an alcoholic and sadly I lost him last yr from cancer and we hadnt spoken in like 13yrs before that.Its going to be rough but you will make it through.God bless you and take care.


  118. My thoughts and prayers are with you and both families. I feel a terrible sense of loss as I kind of “grew up” with both of you. I know how horrible this is, for everyone involved- I lost my step-son almost exactly one year ago, apparently to the same thing. He will truly be missed. Rest in peace, Corey. We all loved you. Once again- your family and Corey’s will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  119. Corey,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. My fondest thoughts and deepest condolences for you, your family and Corey’s family. He is safe in the arms of the angels.


  120. to corey feldman i’am so sorry for your lost i have seen all c haim movies there is one i just can’t rember the name but it was shot hear in salt like city my home town i realy liked it and hopeing to see it agen M y friend worked at a video store and told me he just go the lost boys and for me to get the chips dip we saw it for the first time you and haims was so cool and funny no i have it on DVD , I lost my best friend 14 years with cancer i no what you are felling bless you and corey haims family your fan troy gulley slc ut.

  121. I couldn’t imagine losing my bestfriend whom means more than anything to me in this world. So I send my prayers and thoughts to you and Corey’s family at this time. I am positive that Corey is relieved of any pain he endured. And his movies will always be remembered as a great work of art!

    Hope you find the strength to take it one breath at a time.

    ~ Jess

  122. I came on here to specifically offer my sympathy to you for the loss of your best friend. I hope you find the strength through this difficult period, in the memories that you will hold of him. It may seem impossible to deal with at the moment but your family, friends and fans will offer all the support you need. I am deeply sorry for your loss.


  123. Corey my thoughts are prayers are with you and Haim’s family. I have been of fan of both you and Corey my whole life. It is a sad story. I recently lossed my mother drom a drug overdose. and it is a hard thing to grasp in you mind. My the life you shared with your dear friend shed light on your pain, and remember the good times you shared. God Bless!!

  124. I am so saddened by this news. I remember him as just a kid that, along with you, performing in movies back in the ’80s. Feels like only yesterday. It’s also very sad that there seems to be an increase in the number of deaths from accidental overdose…Heath, Brittany, and now Corey. Each time I hear about such avoidable and tragic deaths of young people from taking a dangerous mixture of drugs to avoid their pain, it pains me. The public needs to be aware of the risk factors and signs of depression, so that they can recognize when a loved one is in need of help, and then know how to help. With public acknowledgement and awareness, the stigma and ignorance of depression (and I believe substance abuse is tied to depression), we can then hope to see a decline in such tragic deaths (and suicides like Andrew Koenig’s and Marie Osmond’s son). Rest in peace, Corey. You’ll be missed.

  125. I’m so sorry, what a loss. What a shame. My thoughts are with you, Corey.

  126. Hi,

    Feldman, I am terribly sorry to hear of the news of your best friend. I’m so sad. I watched you guys in film after film, and recently in The Two Coreys. If there was any news about you guys, my interest was piqued. Not much more I can say except that I am terribly saddened. However, I cannot imagine what you are going through. In such a short period of time, you’ve lost your old friend, Michael. Then, just a few months ago divorc. And, now, your best friend? I heard you two were leaning on one another more recently (with your divorce), and of course with his ongoing battle with addiction. I cannot imagine what you are going though. What a blessing you have Zen. I should hope Suzie allows you far more time with your son, especially at this time. Please hang in there, Feldman. Hugs.

  127. Corey,

    So sorry for your loss. I have been a huge fan for years. Corey will be missed.

    Aara Feldman

    (yes, that is my real name)

  128. i still cant believe it.. i have been so upset.. ever since you guys took center stage in the 80s i have been a huge fan. I cant even imagine what you must be feeling right now because i didnt even know him personally and i am completely distraught about it. Hang in there corey!!! Corey will always be remembered for the person he was not the problems he had!! i sincerly send my condolences to his family and yours…

  129. Such sad news…I know how easy it is to spiral out of control, and how hard it is to stop spinning. Really tho, it’s friends like you who help us turn it around…if we’re open to it. He was so fortunate to have a friend like you, my heart goes out to you..

    PS:I think you mean 1971-2010 not 2009

  130. My heart goes out to you, your family, and Corey’s friends and family. You two were everything to us valley kids during the mid 80’s-early 90’s. I am so sorry for your personal loss and wish you peace and healing during this tough time. I still have my “Bop” and “Teen Beats” with the Two Corey’s which plastered my Woodland Hills walls growing up. Such a sad day.

  131. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. My adolescence was completely shaped by your and Corey’s movies. Memorized most of the Lost Boys, and got grounded after sneaking out of the house to see License to Drive. lol! Corey will be missed.

  132. I am truly so sorry that this happened. I will always fondly remember the movies that you & he played in……

    praying for the whole family.

  133. My sympathies for your loss, Corey. I’m 35 years old so I grew up enjoying both of your many works and contributions to the art of film, thank you both for entertaining us, what a team you guys always made. We look forward to more works from you, as well, in the future… if that is what you so choose to do.

    The reason I felt compelled to write something is that, I too, had a dear friend of about 17 years pass away under similar circumstances. He was a brother (“my brotha from anotha motha” we used to say) to me as well and it is still very hard to really believe he is no longer with us in this world. But as you assuredly know, our brothers are no longer suffering with the issues and/or problems that plagued them relentlessly everyday, they are now at rest and wonderful peace.

    It is truly a sad thing to see someone “self-medicate” themselves into a state of mind where for just a few hours, they attempt to find some refuge from their own reality and the incessant battle of thoughts raging on inside their minds. And what sucks is that you can only do so much and tell them so many times that they are on a one-way path to self destruction…

    The bottom line is that we can only control ourselves and we are all responsible for own selves and lives we live. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” comes to mind… I would love to say that, “Yes, you better well damn believe it!”, but alas, one cannot always be there for their brother 24/7 day in and day out. He has to stand on his own two feet and build strength from within and get well, emotionally and mentally.

    I am sure you gave Corey 1000% of your brotherly love, care and righteous truthful guidance but that alone can’t and never would be enough, unfortunately…

    Just know, as I am sure ya do, that he loves ya man and that is undying and eternal. The bond that you guys formed when sharing your life experiences together while being alive on this ball of dirt we call home for now will always echo throughout the heavens. One day, he will be there to greet you with open arms and all will be forgiven.

    Just try and hang in there for him, your wife, your family and especially Corey’s family, they need you the most in this time. Be with them and mourn with them. After that process, it will be time to celebrate COREY IAN HAIM’s life and the wonderful spirit he is and will always remain to be. The spirit that you were all blessed and gifted to grow together and to know and love together.

    I know you most likely have your wife, family, friends and professionals to talk and confide in and that’s truly wonderful, please do seek their advice in dealing with this, it is very difficult for all involved… But I do hope that, through these words from some guy across the US, that I was able to give you a glimpse of the peace that I now have and feel for my lost brother and hopefully provide you with some, if any, form of comfort on this day of sorrow.

    Stay strong and of clear mind and you will see that your life will become more enriched and the wisdom that you will have gained from this experience (temporary loss of a brother) will enable you and perhaps inspire you to the next phase in your life.

    Make Corey proud, live your life to the fullest and know that he is finally at ease.

    – Stephen in Richmond, VA

  134. Hi Corey. When I found out about Corey’s loss at 7:45 this morning, I was devastated. You two were a symbol of my life and it is hard to see that change. I know I never met either of you, but you’re both in my heart and prayers right now.
    Today, I will begin choreography for a ballet to Yiruma’s “River Flows in You” and Corey’s legacy will be my inspiration. I will dedicate the final work to you both.
    Be strong…

  135. I’ve been a huge fan of both of you since ’87 and I admit to crying this morning when I heard the news. It’s so hard to see someone struggle with things in life when all you want for them is the best. I’m so sorry for your loss and I hope you and everyone who loved him find the healing you need.

  136. RIP,He will truley be missed, and U both are wonderful and I’m 38 years old , my birthday is Aug 7th 1971!So I’ve grown up watching u guys. Please response to me and Hope your son is fine with this situation!!!

  137. Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your friend.

  138. I am so saddened to learn of Corey Haims death today. My prayers are with his family, friends on screen and off scree. I will keep you all and Corey in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.

  139. Wow. I cant even express how heart broken I am to hear this tragic news. Corey was an amazing soul and this is just… wow. My heart is with you, feldman, and with the rest of Haims friends and family. He will forever be in my heart.

  140. I am so sorry for all of your loss. I am the same age as you guys as een a fan since we were all kids. Hopefully he is finally at peace.

  141. I was so shocked and saddened to hear of Corey’s passing this morning. I feel for you and your family and the loss of a dear friend. Know that he is not in pain but in the arms of a loving God and will be your angel watching over you and your son. I have enjoyed watching the two of you throughout the years and especially on your show “The Two Coreys” which really showed the pain that Corey suffered and the addictions he was trying to overcome. I myself have been there, and felt for him in all of his trials. May God bless you and yours.

  142. My daughter grew up in the 80’s and just loved watching you and Corey Haim in the movies you made; she had a real crush on Mr. Haim. God bless his soul and all of the friends and family that will miss him so much. It’s clear you had a non-breakable bond and love that will never be lost between you. Sending my prayers and thoughts (as is my daughter – who was so sad to hear about this) to you, and all those who loved him. Let the thoughts come, let the tears flow, there is an end to that. You (will) however always miss him and will always carry his memory and your time together in your heart; as we do all those who go on before us. Life is so bitter-sweet; hold onto the good times, Corey. God bless you!

  143. My heart breaks for everyone who loved him as a person an actor and artist, I can’t remember a time in my teenage years where the two of you weren’t ever present. You are all in my prayers. May he finally have the peace he was unable to find in life.

  144. i know your not going to be quiet with it but as a fan in my youth of corey i think only the correct information should be shown i dont want to point this out but he passed today and on the title it says 2009 sorry i feel fo your loss and hope your memories provide you with the love forever in your hearts xx

  145. I am very saddened at the loss of Corey. I cant imagine what you are going thru right now. I grew up watching the both of you and feel like I have lost a piece of my childhood. My oldest son is a big fan also of you both. My heart goes out to you!

  146. Corey F. I would first like to say how very sry i am to here that you’re Brother and friend Corey Haim has passed away. i know what you are going through i’ve been there and all i can say is be strong for you’re family and his thay will need you Cory. i will always think of the time i ment you both in L.A back in the late 90’s you were both very nice to me whin i talked to you. so long ago and i will think of you both that way together and having fun to you’re Brother Cory Haim GOD SPEED will miss you and thank you for all the great thing you gave us you will nevr forget you .

  147. I’m 37 years old, I grew up watching Corey Haim in movies like Lucas, The Lost Boys, License to Drive, etc. Both you, Corey Feldman, and your dear friend, Corey Haim, were part of my youth and today I feel so very sad. I can not even begin to imagine the pain you are going through, but if I am feeling so sad and I didn’t even know him, then I know how much pain you must be feeling. When the Two Coreys was on, I watched it and was so happy to see the two of you together. It was great to see you doing so well although I did feel concerned for Corey Haim’s well-being. I’m so very sorry that things had to end like this for him. He deserved so much more time on earth than to have things end so quickly with all the speculation around it. Corey Haim deserves to be remembered not for the challenges in his life, but for his many accomplishments. My prayers and deepest condolences go out to the Haim family and to you and your family. I hope your son is OK after hearing this news. God bless you all…

  148. It is a sad thing that he passed. He will be missed. I wish the press and other people would stop talking about an O.D until they know for sure . yes he made bad choices in the past. Let it go . He suffered for it. Think of his mother. Maybe he really was sick .Let him R.I.P thoughts go out to his family

  149. Corey, I am so very sorry for your loss. I have followed you and Corey my whole life. I immediately thought of you this morning when I heard the news. I know that the both of you have had struggles in the past and I was extremely hopeful that you guys would both find the right path.

    I will always remember the two of you and the joy you both gave me i.e. The Lost Boys, License to Drive, Dream a Little Dream. Please know that you and your family and the Haim family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Thank you Corey’s for all that you have done for me. Love you both!

  150. Please give my condolescences to Corey’s family. As a lifetime fan I was completely shocked. I kept praying that he would overcome his demons. You did all you could and we know this, even though we only saw a fragment of both your struggles. May you find strength during this tough time and know he is at peace now. Many blessings to you and both your families.

  151. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I grew up watching your wonderful movies and loved seeing you reunite in “The Two Coreys”. It was obvious you cared for him like a brother, so I can’t even imagine what you must be feeling. Hang in there!

  152. Man, this just sucks. I’m sorry for your loss and I hope your kid understands. Nostalgia hits me every once in a while and I start thinking back to those things in my life that used to matter so much and when shit like this happens, it’s just kind of devastating. I feel like our generation is cursed in a lot of ways. I don’t want to start quoting Fight Club, but I think a lot of us grew up thinking we’d be more than what we ended up being. Maybe that is why I take things like this so hard, because I see someone with tons of potential die and it just feels like fate has left us all behind.

    I hope you stay strong for your family and I hope that coping isn’t too tough. I’ve felt that cliched bond that people feel towards celebrities towards you guys and, even though my coworkers will never know, today is one of the most depressing days in months. I really hope your family is okay.

    Thanks for the good times,


  153. Corey, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I know the weeks and months to come will be very difficult but may you find comfort in knowing that Corey is no longer suffering and he will be at peace for all eternity now.

  154. I,m Sorry for your lost Corey i t so sad…Sorry my english i m from montreal quebec and here we do not have all movies in french and i did not have all american channel but you were my first favorite actor when i was like 8 years lol(noe 30 ) and my older sister like Corey Haim we had one each:)

    Last week i saw a show talking about you and him and i miss you in movies guys and to know this today it s hard to believe and i can imagine how hard it can be for you you were friend since ever and we saw that true friendship and care for each other in everything you done together.

    I never forget you and him.

    Now take car of you and your family

    I pray for you.

    Syby xxxxxxxx

  155. Corey and family:
    Both of you fellows brightened my life and the lives of many others. I sincerely hope you do well moving ahead in life after this. And I know you are able to turn this tragedy into something that will help other young stars and troubled souls.
    Please feel free to contact me and my family if you need anything –
    Jim Gentile
    Valley Forge PA

  156. my thoughts are with you, your family and Corey’s family in this difficult time. I grew up with both of you and had you and Corey’s posters ALL over my wall. I grew up thinking that I would marry Corey Haim one day. I’m so sad his life ended so soon. Even though I never met either of you in person, I will deeply miss him! He will always be my first love crush.
    God Bless you Corey for always being the best friend and brother you were to him!
    God Bless

  157. Corey,

    I am so sorry for your loss. Corey Haim was a beautiful sensitive soul. I was shocked to hear of his passing. I wanted to come here and tell you that you have my deepest sympathies. I know that you two were extremely close. He was a funny and brilliant guy who will be greatly missed. I wanted to applaud you for sticking by his side and trying to help him. I will miss him greatly and I believe in my heart of hearts that he passed away knowing that you loved him so much and being sick it is eerie how this is like Brittany Murphy. I just pray that you and Corey’s family find a peace and a glue that bonds all of you together not in grief but in the joy and celebration of this special guy’s life that you loved and lost way before his time to leave. Please send my condolences to Judy and his family. I pray that the words come to you when you need to tell your son. Make sure he knows not to listen to the naysayers but to the loved ones and his own memories of corey that far outweight the ugliness of vultures out there. Hugs to you and Judy. Corey Haim was truly a beautiful man who is now gone home to be one of God’s angels. He will always watch over you Corey and your son and those that he loved. Much love and peace to you Corey. Love Kelly

  158. This is truly a sad day for Corey’s family and your family! My thoughts and prayers are with you all!


  159. I feel so bad for you/him but you did more than most people would have for a friend. I hope he finds peace in his afterlife but I also hope you feel a kind of peace too knowing you did all you could have.

  160. I was just devastated when I heard the news of Corey’s death this morning. I can’t imagine how you and his family must feel! I really hope that everyone remembers all the positive memories of Corey and how he has touched their lives-as you always have:)
    I will always remember that beautiful boyish smile he had. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am so sorry Corey.

  161. Hi I met Corey Haim in a shopping center where he is from Montreal ,Canada and he was the sweetest guy you can ever think of meeting even if he was from La La Land it never got to his head one bit . I got to speak with him while he was in a store shopping and he gave me his autograph . I didn’t freak out when seeing him in the store as I didn’t even know it was him until the sales lady told me this is Corey Haim and he showed me his Drivers ID Corey Ian Haim . I will always remember how nice he was to me R. I . P buddy .

  162. I am so sorry for your loss. Looks like a double feature weekend, Lost Boys/Lucas. Rest in Peace Corey Haim.

  163. Corey:
    I hope you remember me. I was your Father’s Recetionsit at the Talent Agency at the time you were filming “Lost Boys”. My name is Jeri, and my son Brian was running around Hollywood with you, Corey, Christoff, and River on skateboards. As I remember, you gave Brina his first Skateboard. At any rate, we heard the news of Coreys death this morning, and my whole family is saddened, both for the sadness of the situation, but for you, who has been such a good friend to him. I feel you loss and your pain, and if you need to talk, please drop me a line at LadyJerboo@msn.com. I too work a 12 step program, and us 12 steppers need to stick together at these difficult times in our lives. I know your life has not been easylately either, but I hope that your program is strong enough to pull you through. If not, reach put to any of us……Hugs to you in your grief.

  164. I was and still am so saddened by your loss… Corey was a great actor… My htoughts and prayers are with you ans your family and with Corey’s family also. He will live on in his movies and in our hearts…

  165. dearest corey,

    i am sorry for your loss, judy’s loss, and the world’s loss of a wonderful soul.

    i miss knowing he’s not in this world – may his soul find peace.

    love, peace, light, and prayers for all who are grieving.
    ❤ diane m

  166. I grew up watching you both on screen, and it saddens me and many other fans to hear of the loss of such a memorable person. I can only offer you one piece of advice in this time of sorrow, be strong and make the most of the memories he left behind; for in our memories, his light will shine forever.

  167. I grew up in the 80s and Cory was my heart throb :)We use to fight over witch one of the lost boys we was going to marry:) I just want to tell you that I am thinking of you and Cory will always be remembered as he was full of life.You could tell how much he loved you and he will always be that wild angel looking over your shoulder…I myself have had a little run in with addiction.

    Big Big Hugs

  168. My heart goes out to his family an friends:( I grew up watching his movies ( over an over ) just to see him…had the biggest crush on him. I hope he has finally found the peace that he could’nt get here on earth….R.I.P Corey.. you will be missed:(

  169. Corey, My best friend and I spent our teenage years watching yours and Corey’s movies over and over and over……so much so we could quote an entire movie! We still watch them today and discuss them even though we live hours apart from each other. So of course we thought of you when we heard the news. We are both very saddened by Corey’s death and just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you during this time! Shannon and Holly

  170. Dear Corey,
    Firstly thank you for making a blog. When I heard the news the first thing I actually thought of was you.
    I know youre a wonderfully empathetic soul and to experience the losses you have had over the last year are just so devastating.
    So my heart goes out to you especially this day, friend.
    Rest well if you can.
    – Christine

  171. I love you Feldman. Stay strong.

  172. Corey,

    I am so sorry. I’ve followed both of you since Stand By Me was made. I’ve since saw both of you on talk shows, Larry King and your reality series. I saw the bond that both of you shared and I honor that in people. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, your son and both families. Susan

  173. Oh God Corey, I am so sorry. There are no words. You did everything you could for him and he knew it. We are all so grateful we didn’t lose you too. Biggest love and hugs. Louise xx

  174. I’m really sad to see him go. My thoughts are with your family.

  175. im so sorry corey! Rip corey haim. i freaking love you. i wish i could have met you!❤ i love you. im gonna go watch the lost boys now!

  176. when i was growing up..you guys were on tv, in the magazines..i basically grew up with you both.
    these past 10-15 years i have been shocked and saddend by the way his life has tunred into addiction. i hope that didnt contribute to his passing….however i hope that others who have been in this situation will realize that drugs arent worth antything!
    it must have been really hard for him. he was thrown into adulthood to early. everything he went through shows that his situation was bad..because it started so young, he didnt have a chance to not live that lifestyle.

    i admire you for being there when no one else would!

  177. Corey I am so sad for your loss, and our loss. He was truly a great person. I met him about a year ago at a signing and he was just beautiful. I’ve been watching your movies and the Two Coreys all day. Just finished watching Blown Away. I keep crying like a baby and I just wish he could of had more strength.
    Love always, Rachel.

  178. Today has absolutely sucked. I had 5 calls this morning from people calling to tell me because they know that i’m a big fan of his. I can’t imagine what your going through Corey. It just flat sucks. Anyway, you know your friends/fans are always here for you to vent or whatever you need to do. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and everyone affected by this. What a talent he was.

  179. So sorry Corey, i’m a big fan of your films and Haim film’s too from Spain. You and your brother Corey have been part of my youth.
    A part of my heart is broken in this sad day, i wish the best for you and i will always remember Corey with his best smile. Hugs

  180. I truly am sorry for your loss, R.I.P Corey Haim.

  181. Hey, man… I’ve been a huge fan of yours for about 27 years and basically grew up with you and Corey. I’m so very sorry for your loss, and was looking forward to meeting him when I visit the Los Angeles area in 2 weeks. I’m glad the you and Corey reconciled your differences and made amends before this happened. Though, I know that just makes it that much more painful. My best wishes to you and your family, and Haim’s. I will never forget the joy you two brought to my life as a kid, and as a teenager. I hope to see you in Astoria this summer if it’s still in your plans. You take care of yourself, Corey… Don’t forget that there are more people than you can imagine feeling your pain and willing to lend a helping hand in this sad time.

    • Thanks for accepting this comment. It feels a little better to get it out in the air and off my chest… Corey don’t listen to the jerks, I know he was doing better than ever in the end, and that to me is what will always shine on. Not to mention the amazing work, and legend he left behind! You keep yourself in the positive realm, and maybe take some time out for yourself to sit back and unplug…

  182. “Lucas” remains one of my favorite movies. Corey Haim was excellent in it.

  183. Corey…I wont try to act like I know you or know Corey Haim. I will just say that you guys were part of my childhood growing up. I saw the “Lost Boys ” 5 times in the theater alone. I was beyond shocked when I heard the news. And although I can do nothing to ease your pain, just remember that Corey is with Jesus now, and he is in the best hands he could be in. May he rest in peace and dwell in the house of the lord forever!

    My god bless you & your whole family!!!

  184. We will mourn the loss of a beautiful person and together take his art with us. I have prayed for Corey and will continue to pray through this difficult time.
    Corey Feldman-I will pray for your peace and strength during this untimely loss of your brother.

  185. I’m sorry for your loss. I know how shocking it is right now and how strong your emotion are. My sister died the same way four yeat ago. I remember thinking… Does she know that she’s dead. Anyway, I wanted to say: please, don’t blame youself for anything; even for the little things, there’s nothing that would have changed anything.

  186. Corey,
    I am so sorry for your loss, may it ease your heart to know that Corey is no longer a tormented soul, he is at peace now.

  187. Heard about Corey, I am so devasted, I can’t even begin to understand how you must be feeling Corey F. I have loved Corey Haim since I was 12 years old, I am now 32! When I was younger I had 132 posters on my wall of Corey. I loved watching ‘The 2 Coreys’. I was lucky enough to meet him in 2006 at a photo signing in Milton Keynes, England, He was so sweet to me, I will cherish the picture of me with him. All I can say is RIP you beautiful man. I will always remember and Love you forever. Bev xx (Bedford, England).

  188. We have never met but I feel like I grew up with you guys. I just wanted to say I feel your pain in a different way obviously. It’s hard to find a good friend and even harder to lose him. Keeping a glimmer of faith is what matters kiddo. He is living in you now.

  189. So sorry to hear of this loss My heart goes out to you and Coreys family at this time I will always remember him by the Lost boys RIP Corey…
    Sincerely , Tina

  190. I am restoring a house in the old Goonie neighborhood, we look forward to your visit as we hang out of our old houses and wave. Please God the weather will hold out.

  191. Corey, I am one of those aging ex-teenage fans of yours. And honestly, my favorite movie that The Two Coreys made is ‘Dream a Little Dream’…although no one ever seems to want to mention its existence!

    I also watched the A&E show you did a couple years back. I was so saddened to learn of Haim’s passing this morning, and instantly I thought of you.

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I just finished reading about the previous struggles you have faced in the past year. I have gone through divorce, and it is the most difficult thing I have ever faced or been through. I have two sons, and I know exactly what you mean about putting Zen first, even with all the hurt, heartbreak and anger divorce brings with it.

    Your first post of the year was so full of optimism and hope! It is my prayer for you that this latest tragedy doesn’t derail that for you…I pray for strength for you, and wisdom to make sense of this and put it into perspective. Oh…and no amount of money is too much to pay a great therapist.

    Take care, Corey…don’t be a stranger.:-)

  192. Godspeed Corey and good luck to you on the next leg of your journey.

  193. Planted by God…in a Field without Worth…We are but seeds in His Eyes.So he nutures with Grace,as His Hands work the Earth,so His Fruit made be Sanctified…Come Harvest Time…Come Harvest Time ,OH What Joy will be known,when The Plow Man Reaps Souls,from the Seeds He Has Sown..So when Doubt dries the Land,or The Cold War Winds Blow,or the Floods of indifference Rise..The Roots that Faith Grew,will keep us Strong,until our last Sunset Leaves The Sky…Come Harvest Time…

    I am on the other side of the US (Jersey) but my Heart is with you Corey.Haveing lost close friends myself, I felt compelled to write you in your time of grief.I grew up watching you guys and will always be a silent fan.Thankyou for sharing the World your Talents…Sil

  194. I simply have no words, so I’ll just share some *hugs*😦

  195. Today is a very, very sad day in Hollywood. You guys grew up with me, I grew up with you guys, you guys as the coolest kids on that giant silver screen, from beta max to vhs to dvd to todays bluray… growing up from child to man is beautiful and you guys where there for me, you as charismatic artists, myself as another fan.

    Today I am a 38 year old man and stil fighting those demons… As I write this sad words… I am sure God is already hanging out with C H.


  196. Corey,
    My deepest sympathies go out to you and everyone in Corey Haim’s life. I still can’t get over the fact that he’s no longer with us. I’ve been in total shock since I read the news. And I haven’t stopped crying ever since. May Corey rest in peace, I’m going to miss him alot ..😦

    Stacey McGowan

    • I just came back from outside. I picked 2 special stars representing Corey. One is the brightest stars in the sky ( next to Orion ), and the other is close by ( it had a different color to it ). Now when I go outside, I can look for the 2 special stars, and talk to Corey. It gives me some comfort.

  197. I am very truly for your loss and I am sorry that during all this you have to deal with the media & all the crap that goes along with it. You appear to be a strong person with a good family and group of friends.
    Losing family/friends is tough, especially when you have done everything within your means to either help or assist them. I guess accepting that you have done everything you possibly could do to help them is the hardest thing. Right now, I am taking care of my Mother who is terminal with Multiple Myeloma (a bone blood cancer)but I still have that feeling that there is something I could or should be doing. I gave up my home, personal life to be able to be here & take care of her. As she slips away from me more and more everyday (mentally), I still have that nagging feeling that I could be doing more. That’s where the acceptance come in.
    Sorry, I didn’t know any other way to explain it. The positive things (and or people) around you, plus the memories of good and meaningful times will get you through this.
    Again, I am sorry for your loss.

    J K Brown

  198. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. As a fellow recovering addict I can relate to the pain of losing someone to drugs. It happens way to often.

    I was taught in early recovery that when I was going through difficult times and really wanted to use, I should think about all those unfortunate souls who were not as lucky as me, all those who lost their battle with addiction. It is always sad to add to that list. Over the years (16 clean and counting)I have lost many friends and loved ones to this horrible disease. Now I add to it a person that I never met, but respected nontheless – Mr. Corey Haim.

    If his death can help even one addict get clean, help one addict not to pick up and use again then it has not been in vain.

    Thank you for being so open about your issues. As little comfort as this may be, hearing of Corey’s struggles has reminded me of my own and has helped me to stay clean today.

    Sorry if this sounds corny. If you are an addict you will know what I’m talking about.

    Again, my prayers and thoughts and love are with you in this time of grief.

  199. I am so sorry for your loss Corey. You’re in my prayers.

  200. I am learning to live close to the lives of my friends without ever seeing them. No miles of any measurement can separate your soul from mine.
    -John Muir

    My deepest condolences to you, Corey’s family and other friends. May his journey be a blessed one, filled with the light and love he, so rightfully, deserves.


  201. I couldn’t help but cry this morning hearing the news. What a terrible, tragic and sudden way to end his story. I hoped throughout the whole “Coreys” final season that he would get things figured out for himself and maybe be able to find the happiness he desperatly sought in sobriety. My heart broke for him as he battled his demons in the public eye. Corey, I know you must be heartbroken to lose him on top of everything else that is going on. Please be strong for your little boy, and try to take solace in the fact that his struggle is over, he is at peace now. Love to you, your family and Corey’s family as well.

    xoxo – Kristen

  202. I was stunned to hear of Corey’s death this morning when I got online today…it is such an immense loss as I always viewed him as someone that had so much love to give. He appeared to have such a childlike innocence about him; something so incredibly pure, yet so troubled all at once. I will always remember with great fondness the joy that the two of you gave to me and my peers through your films during the 80’s…I am 38 as well.

    I extend my deepest sympathies to his family as well as yours during this incredibly diffcult time. May he at last be at peace.

    God Bless – your fans adore you.

  203. I am very sorry for your loss, I lost someone recently and I know the pain you must be going through. I like most grew up watching you two, and really hoped things would go differently. But who am I, My prayers are with you and hope you and Corey’s family recieve the privacy you need.

  204. Thoughts and prayers to both Corey’s and family. I know what it’s like to lose someone you love. God Bless.

  205. I am so sorry for your loss. I had hoped that Corey would be here a long time to enjoy a return to the profession he obviously loved. I think you were such a good friend to him – the way you made sure that people acknowledged him when you were out in public speaks volumes for your character and the respect you had for him. True friendships like yours are very rare.
    Take care & keeping you in my prayers –

  206. Darling boy – I am so incredibly sad for the loss of your friend. The world has lost a bright, beautiful soul.

  207. i know it must be hard losing a friend so my heart and thoughts are with you and his family.you guys are definately responsible for some of the greatest movies ever made and with that corey haim,rest in peice knowing you have definately left a mark on this world and to you corey feldman you have done the same.you guys rock and to you mr feldman stay strong.

  208. I cannot even comprehend how much pain you are in, Corey. I actually cried a little bit this morning when I heard. I am the same age as both of you and I grew up watching you. Every magazine, movie, TV show…we were all there together. A piece of my younger self is now gone along with Haim. Please stay strong and know in your heart that your fans LOVE you and support you through anything. I know this is of no consequence, but Corey will not have to fight any more emotional demons. His soul is at peace. We love you Feldman.


  209. Oh Corey. I know you’ll miss him, and we all will too. I am put in mind of that aweful day when the news of River’s passing came out…and now Corey is gone as well. You are all thats left of my teenage years hearthrobs..please dont go anywhere for a long time.

    My thoughts go out to your family, to Corey’s family who must be just devistated. I cant imagine your pain.

    Be well my stranger friend. Be well.

    Linda – Edmonton, AB, Canada

  210. I am so sorry for your loss. I also feel somewhat cheated, as I do believe he was to return to the big screen. I have been trying to think of the past roles he played, which are integral in my childhood. The two of you shared so much together, and I know you will cherish those memories. While most of us never knew him personally, we feel connected to him. Keep on living as a tribute to him!
    Alyce A.

  211. Corey, I am so, so sorry. May your brother now find the peace he couldn’t find in life. And may his memory live on – through his family, his fans – through you. xxx

  212. i am sorry for your loss . my pray’sare with you and his family. he well be missed

  213. I am so,so sorry Corey.My heart hurts for you.

    I couldn’t get home from work fast enough to blog (teachers can’t use their school’s computers)I know he was like a brother to you and that he was special to Zen as well.
    He seemed like a good kid who just had a lot of demons.I know you tried to help him many of times,but I also know that you can’t help a person who doesn’t want help.I felt sad for him a lot because I don’t think he was very happy.May he be an angel looking over you and Zen always.

    My condolences to his mother(I feel so bad for her)and family.

    I hope you’re gonna be o.k. Corey.I know you’ve been through a lot lately. PLEASE,if you need to talk to someone,make sure you do. We fans don’t want to lose you as well.Even though I don’t really know you (met you twice though and have been a fan for over 20 years),I’m worried about you.I care.

    I’m going to miss it being the two Coreys.So,so sorry. ]:
    Jennifer S

  214. Corey,

    I’m so very sorry for the loss of your best friend, Corey Haim. He was a beautiful soul and will be sincerely missed. I prayed for him when I watched The Two Corey’s. He was a fantastic actor who loved his craft. The two of you together were magic. I admire the way you stuck by him and tried so very hard to help him get his life together. You were a true friend to him and I’m sure he appreciated all that you did to help him. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Corey’s family. May you find peace. May Corey Haim rest in peace.

  215. “R.I.P. COREY IAN HAIM 1971-2009”

  216. Corey, my deepest condolences in the terrible loss of your best friend you felt was like a brother. I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling at this time. Take comfort in knowing that no one can take away the memories that you have of Corey and remember the good times you shared together that brought the two of you so close. God bless.

  217. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of Corey. His family and friends, including you and yours are in my thougts and prayer. Peace.

  218. Man what a loss. You guys were the best of friends back in the day and it showed in your movies. I loved everything about the work you too did. License to drive, Lost Boys, dream alittle dream… and Haim in watchers some of the best moives we all had the privledge to watch. And when I saw the 2 Coreys MAN I felt for you seeing the joy you had working with Haim again but then seeing the addiction side come out. I could see both of you had high hopes the 2 Coreys would rise to the top again, possibly with Lost Boys 2 but only to see Haim’s addiction hold him back again. MAN it must have been a crushing blow this morning at 8:30. Its so hard for me to realize that there is no more Haim but for you it must be beyond hard. I’ve seen you lose your best friend so many times and have him back with in your grasp somemany times only to lose him again. If there is ANYTHING that you can take from this is you wont have to see him lost again to the desease of addiction…RIP Cory Haim we Love you Man!

  219. Sorry for the sorrow ol’ friend, the shock just never lessens …

  220. Being of the same age and a fan of the cult classics you two brought us, I’ll remember the Corey I saw on your tv show. Despite fighting addiction, Corey came across as genuine; a guy with a lot of heart. He was a person you root for to overcome demons. You don’t want to see bad things happen to a person like this “kid.” Sorry for your loss, Feldman.

  221. Corey,

    I was told the news this morning at work by a coworker. I thought it was a joke or rumor. She assured me it was not. I had to jump online to see it was true. It ripped my heart out. I felt so bad for Haim that after all his battles and how he has fought so hard to accomplish his dreams that he lost his life this morning. I wanted to see him make a great comeback, I wanted that for him.

    I am sorry for his and your families. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    I watched The Two Coreys on A&E and it broke my heart to see how he was.I hoped for him to get better. Remember you did everything you could to help. You did nothing wrong. You were a wonderful friend to him. He loved you and if he didn’t show it well at times, it wasn’t that he didn’t, he was sick. Addiction is a sickness but i don’t have to tell you that.

    I am glad you overcame your demons. I eagerly await for your future projects.

    This has been a horrible year for you as you said when Michael Jackson Died. You were the first person I thought of today when I saw the story was true. I am so so sorry for your losses and remember so many people love and wish you happiness.

    Corey Haim will be kept alive in his art, and films by his fans. We will not forget the Haimster. I will always remember him smiling and joking around in the 80’s. Some of my most treasured films to this day are the ones the two Coreys did together. I will always treasure them. Especially Lost Boys.

    Be strong. Have faith Haim is with you always. You knew him better then alot of people, and those memories will be with you forever.

    Your family friends and fans are here for you. and we all morn the loss of Corey Haim.

    RIP Corey Haim 1971-2010

  222. I’ve been trying all day to find the words to post here, but I don’t think I can at the moment.

    So until I can, I will just send you warm, comforting *hugs*

  223. Corey, I’m so sorry for your loss. I awoke this morning to hear this on the news, I saw corey haims face flash on the screen and I never even read the words I just knew something had happened to him.

    I can’t begin to tell you how much this impacted me. I spent my early teens watching you both in the movies. You are both a part of my growing up.

    Sometimes I think people feel that because a person has never met a person in person, that they would not be effected by something like this. It’s quite the opposite, I have been a wreck today, barely able to get anything done. I have cried tears and wished life was different. Both your work and his are a deeply ingrained part of my childhood and means a lot to me.

    I know we all die one day and so loss is a part of life. Yet when i saw you guys back on screen together in the 2 coreys. I was in the cheering section. I wanted to see Haim beat the dark part of life which effects so many people not just haim. Its a slippery slope that is so hard to get up from.

    When I saw he was making movies again, I smiled, I hoped I would meet him in person one day and shake his hand and congratulate him on managing to get over those hurdles.

    I wanted to meet you and thank you for the help and friendship you gave him. You never gave up on him and that speaks volumes about you corey.

    I feel deep pain for both haim, his mum and family and your family, as there are no words to express what you must be going through.

    If I had never met him and I felt torn up, I cant begin to imagine the emotions you must be going through. After losing him and jackson in such a short time apart.

    Sometimes we seem so removed from people with celebrity status but at the end of the day, we are all human, we are all family under the open sky and ones loss is everyones loss.

    I just don’t understand what this Life is about. I wish I could make sense of it and maybe then it would make death seem a little bit more bearable.

    My thoughts, tears and prayers are with you.

    I leave you with this quote from The Sheltering Sky

    “Because we do not know when we will die,
    we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well,
    and yet everything happens only a certain number of times .

    How many more times will you remember
    a certain afternoon of your childhood
    that is so deeply a part of your being
    you can’t even conceive of your life without it?

    Perhaps four or five times more?
    Perhaps not even that.
    How many more times will you watch the full moon rise?
    Perhaps, twenty. And yet it all seems limitless.”

  224. I am so sorry for your loss. I spent my childhood watching the two of you in some of very favourite movies. I will remember him fondly.

  225. My condolences on both your loss of MJ and your “other half” Corey Haim. I am around your age, grew up loving you both as a team & individually; my heart goes out to you. I am a recovering addict as well, and lost several people last year to questionable or unfathomable situations. I do not know the circumstances surrounding Corey’s life, and I am not here to judge or speculate on the reason for his passing. I simply want you to know that there are strangers out there who have you in their hearts right now, as I can relate to the feelings you are experiencing. You are not alone. RIP Corey.

    (FYI: It is easy to overlook details when we are grieving as we tend to see life in generalities and analogies. Given this fact, I believe it would not be inappropriate to point out that you may want to adjust Corey’s year of passing from 2009 to 2010.)

  226. Corey, first of all I am so sorry for your loss. I think you did everything you possibly could to reach out to your friend. That is all you could ask of yourself. I hate that he could not reach the place to accept help. I hope that you will not think that there was more you could have done. Just from watching rhe show, it was very obvious that you loved him and were open to helping. I don’t think I’ve ever reached out to a “celebrity”, but I feel like I grew up with you guys. Even if you never act agin, you will always hold a very respectable place in acting. I hope that you know you are loved by many strangers across the world. Always find something you love in acting, for us and for yourself. You gotta keep living. Prayers to you and your family.


  227. I was in shock when I found out the news this morning. My sincerest condolences to Corey Haim’s Mom, his family and friends, you and your family at this very sad time. May beautiful memories of Corey give you strength. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I was lucky to have met Corey Haim twice and he was a beautiful soul. Thank you to Haim for bringing so many fans together and for all the laughs you gave us.

    R.I.P. COREY IAN HAIM 1971-2009

    “If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you’ve made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.” – Unknown

    Peace & Love,

    Team Feldman

  228. My deepest condolences.

  229. Corey,

    I couldn’t help but succumb to emotion at the news today. I met him in Massachusettes in October of ’08 and had a conversation about recovery with him.

    Addiction is a terrible disease, which leads its victims to jails, institutions and death. I will pray for his family and yours as well.

    May no other addict have to suffer this fate.

  230. I was stunned by the very sad news this morning. You guys were like PB & J. (Sometimes the PB is a pain and sticks to the roof of your mouth but everyone STILL loves PB & J.) No one loved him more in life or will miss him more in the years to come than you. Honor his short life and your long memories, stay strong. Strangers everywhere are thinking of you today and hoping that you’ll be okay. Just wanted you to know..

  231. You know? I really am at a loss for words. I never even knew the guy, except vicariously through his films and the media, and Corey’s death really pulls at my heartstrings. It seemed easy to see how deeply and emotionally scarred he was, even before the nightmarish media machine started chewing at him. I am a year younger than Corey, and remember his films, from Lucas onward. You two were a fantastic inspiration to those of us who could read the sense of brotherhood you wore with one and other. When the guilt and pain pass, I hope you’ll recover, C.F. I hope you and Corey’s survivors will put his artwork on display, and that you won’t be tempted to cheapen the experience in the name of money.
    Its such a tragedy that the truth must have seemed so painful for him. I imagine it was hard to share without feeling like a victim.

    Again…I apologize, should I be fount out of line for posting this here. I sincerely hope I am read with the sympathy I offer for him. As a kid, watching you guys on screen helped inspire me to leave the Midwest for California.
    I learned, lived, and loved so much of it out there, and, in some very odd and metaphysical way, I have the two of you, if only partially, to thank for helping me get that much needed nudge to grow the Cojones to get there in the first place. In some very profound way, I can see by reading many of the comments around him, that he touched people’s souls with the tempest of what it meant to be Corey Haim. The people his star has gathered around him seem an eclectic and eccentric bunch, and G-d bless the rest of you who remain. I hope you will do him the honor of showing the world what the paparazzi and other media whores always fail to grasp: One’s good qualities.
    I don’t know much about him, but there is obviously no doubt that he struggled hard, both on the inside, and the outside worlds. May you rest in peace, Corey. We love you and will miss you.
    Me and the Fam

  232. I want to say I was as a child a huge fan of you both, as a 33 year old women now, I always looked forward to seeing both of you in movies, watch you grow in your art. The struggles Corey had were obvious and the love he had for you and his family was also.

    I also cried today.

    Corey I am so sorry honey for your loss. I saw the love you had for Corey, I saw the love he had for you, You always tried to help him, what a friend you are. As a recovering addict myself, I know those demons, I know there roots, I know how hard they hold on. Know he is in peace now. Know he loved you so.

  233. Just like the 80’s he came and went. Its a very sad day. He will live alive in many hearts forever and will always be loved and missed. We will cherish his memories always. R.I.P Thoughts go out to all of his family and friends and so sorry for your loss. Corey you were his friend for life. But that will still continue. God is holding him.

  234. Such an emotional overflow throughout the day…to wake up to this news was a horrible thing. I was a huge supporter in Haim’s return to a clean, successful life. Since I can remember, I’ve been a huge fan of him, and of you. I’ve lost friends who were very close to me; friends that I had deemed family. My thoughts are with you, Judy and his other family and friends, while my prayers are with Corey.

  235. I am so sorry for your loss. I watched the show you two were on and it really hit home because my spouse has struggled through addiction most of our marriage. He has been sober for 3 years now which I am very grateful. I am 37 years old and grew up with both of you and I seen how much you loved your friend I can’t imagine your pain. I am praying for you and know that you will get through this difficult time. I hope you find comfort in knowing your friend does not have to fight the addiction anymore because although I have heard he was sober it would have continued to be a life long battle for him. Although I didn’t personally know him he seemed like a very good man. Your family and Corey’s family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  236. Beautiful sentiment, Corey. You guys were such a dynamic duo and I cannot imagine one of you without the other. Peace and strength to your family and Corey’s in this trying time.

  237. Hey feldman, This is a bad day!! Haim was a great person, and it sucks to know how hard you tried to help him…Sometimes we can do everything we have to do and never get anywhere but atleast you tried. He knew you loved him and he just couldnt get past the weaknesses…but he will still be remembered as an awesome dude!!! Help to keep his name and memory a great one!!!

  238. I am deeply saddened to learn of the loss of your good friend Corey Haim.
    I grew up watching you guys on the small screen and iam still a big fan today.
    My heart goes out to you all.

  239. Corey sorry for your loss, I will remember him as your brother. I grew up watching you guys in various movies so I feel a certain loss as well. It’s funny how people don’t take the time to tell how much someone means to them until after their gone. To everyone reading this- Our time on this planet is short so make the most of it. Make your mark, let your light shine brighter than the sun, keep you true friends at heart, and keep your faith in God. Be strong Corey…Corey is atop a cloud watching over you bro.

    Brian A.

  240. I’m very sorry for you loss. Together you two chronicled some very iconic movies and your past with him is something that will be with you forever. Thank you both for your contributions to the screen. Take care and all the best.

  241. Corey,

    I just wanted to send my Love,Prayers, and Condolences for your loss. You and Corey were a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. I will miss his voice, smile, and those beautiful blue eyes. However he is now at peace and can rest and will not have to fight the inner deamons that he fought for son long. Keep your head up and be glad that you had him as a great friend for so long. Love and Prayers to his family too.

    love always,


  242. I am so sorry for your loss. I always believed that Corey would someday beat his addictions. He will always be remembered. The two of you are such great icons of generation X. You will be in my prayers…

  243. As a long time fan, I realize we never know the ‘real’ you, only a small piece to the complexity that is Corey Feldman. That small piece that we see in interviews, performances and through your work and music allows us to connect to you in some way and I think that I speak for all fans everywhere when I tell you that we feel your heartbreak and loss, at least to some degree, at this time. I know your relationship with Corey was strained due to his battle with addiction. Ultimately though, I believe, he knew how much you loved him and how much you honored his spirit and you know you were the light in the darkness of his world. Take time to grieve and be kind to yourself during this healing time. Many blessings of love and light and harmony to you. Namaste.

  244. hey corey, I as a 40 yr old , I am soo upset . take care my friend. dave

  245. Corey, such sad news. Stay strong, brother, we all love you. I was a fan of the two Corey’s (definitely crush material) and at 41 I still remember with fondness my favourite movies with you guy’s lighting up the screen.
    Lots of love coming to you from Western Australia xxx

  246. I’m so sorry for your loss. I was devastated when I heard the news. I fell in love with the movies you both starred in and your friendship. You both are loved by many. He will be forever missed and appreciated.

  247. Short and to the point your movies together bring good memories to me like I hope the times you had making them will bring them to you. Good friends are hard to come by glad to see through out all the problems you two were able still mend things. Sorry for your hurt and pain. Marty G. Kenosha wi.

  248. Our daughter had posters of both of you Coreys on her wall as a teenager. She was such a fan that I’ve considered both of you part of our family at that time. My sincere symapthy goes to you on the passing of your friend. As you said, I hope we learn to be kind to dear ones throughout our lives. Again, our deepest sympathy.

  249. Corey, Its “2010” not “2009”… We all understand how you feel going thru with the lost of your best friend. Believe me it is hard to lost love one! My thought and prayers are with you and your family including to Haim’s family. Hope you all stay strong and trust the Lord. ~Carrie

  250. Love and prayers from my family to yours.

  251. Corey…watching you on Larry…Well said brother…well said…. Corey will never be forgotten…. Im so heartbroken…. Keep your brothers memory alive….xoxo

  252. As a devout Roman Catholic, I see a tremendous gift in God’s grace, that earlier today Corey should be called Home, where his life truly begins at a St. Joseph Hospital, that this morning before my return to my apt, I had prayed the Rosary & Divine Chaplet in front of a St. Joseph statue & tomorrow begins the St. Joseph Novena prayer with the St. Joseph Feast Day on March 19th. I shall certainly pray for the repose of Corey’s soul during this special time. We can never say enough rosaries for the deceased souls or have enough masses said in their name. May Corey’s passing be a time of grace for those of the Roman Catholic Faith. May our prayers continue for Corey, his family & friends.

  253. Both of your families will be in my prayers. This loss must seem unimaginable no matter the situation. You were a true blue friend in the deepest sense and Corey was blessed to have you in his life. In fact, I would imagine you were a huge part in keeping him with us as long as he was. In this time of incredible sorrow I would urge you to remember that. Your unconditional giving will come back to you one day and you will be at peace with this.
    Please keep an eye on Corey’s mother. I don’t know the level of her diasease but she was already in a place where she had to rally for a reason to live. This tragedy could be a huge blow at a time where her will to live and heal is essential. I pray that she will triumph even the face of this adversity.
    God bless you Corey…you’ll be in the hearts and minds of many.

  254. Wow, when I saw the news this morning I was stunned. You both are only a few years older than me, as a young girl I had pics of you both on my bedroom walls, my childhood crushes. You’ll forever be brothers… you, your family and his family are all in my thoughts. Have peace in knowing he is still there with you, in your heart, watching over you. Much love!

  255. I extend my deepest sympathies, you both have a sincere place in my childhood. Corey will always be remembered.

  256. Corey,

    My thoughts are with you and your families.

    I’m about the same age as you and CH and I too lost a very close friend a couple years ago. I know it sounds trite, but it will get easier. Not next month or even next year, but at some point, it will. Make sure he has the best send off ever. He will be missed.

    Take care my friend.

    Paul Roberts

  257. I just wanted to say that I am very sorry for your loss. I am a huge fan of Corey H. and absolutely loved all the movies you both did together, as well as THE TWO COREYS. He was a great actor, and inspired many people along his journey. He never gave up and always seemed to be true to himself. He was an icon and he will never be forgotten. Anytime I reflect on my childhood he will always cross my mind because he was a big part of it. May he rest in peace, and may God bless you, your family, and his family during this time.

  258. I joined wordpress today to tell you that you did a stand up job on Larry King tonight. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  259. Hi Corey…my heart feels for you. I too am a survivor of child abuse AND I also lost a very close friend 3 years ago.
    It sounds like you have had one hell of a year with all the loss and emotional pain.
    Life can certainly be a trip at times and we need to try and hold on for the ride.
    You are a strong man with a very kind soul. You are a survivor of so many things and still hold strong morals and values close to your heart.
    I was just in Chatsworth a few weeks ago visiting a friend and had I known you were going through so much pain, we could have possibly gotten together just so you could talk to someone out of your immediate circle of friends and family, just to vent out or whatever. I am an excellent listener. Sometimes just talking to someone new puts a new spin on things.
    Please take good care of yourself and hang in there.
    Hugs to you.
    Lori Morris
    Cheers from beautiful Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada

  260. Hi Corey,

    First I want to say that I am watching you on Larry King as I write this. You are saying what I have said ALL day. I find it absolutely disgusting that anyone has the audacity to say that your brother, your best friend died of an overdose. They DON’T KNOW, they won’t know for weeks. I find it absolutely ridiculous that because of these “people” (trying to be nice) that have nothing better to do not only did his demons chase him in life, they are going to chase him in death? When did we stop acting like human beings and start acting like animals? People obviously forget we are human, we make mistakes, it’s what we learn from our past and how we put what we’ve learned into giving ourselves a better future that matters. I grew up watching you both, granted you guys are a couple of years older than me ;o) your movies bring back such fond memories of my childhood. Corey, they can’t chase him anymore, he doesn’t have to live down his past anymore, Haim is finally at peace. Your appearance was amazing, well spoken and I am certain Corey is smiling down now, you made him proud, I’m sure of it! And I am 100% sure you will continue to do so. You, Corey’s family and your group of friends are all in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry for your loss.

  261. corey, you were being a stand up person on larry king. regardless of what anybody else says. xx

  262. my heart is broken…

  263. I am really sorry for the loss of your friend. I will be praying for you and your family and for Corey’s family. And I will be praying for people suffering from addiction.

    I am watching from outside. My wife and I watched Dr. Drew’s show and became emotionally involved in the problems of sufferers of addiction. I have no personal knowledge of the dangers of celebrity, or money, or any of that. Nor would I ever want it. But somehow watching from outside my heart has become involved.

    Perhaps in all this horror, the closer it gets to all of our hearts, and the more we feel involved in the story (Since we all paid to see “Lucas” 25 years ago anyway, and were always somehow involved), maybe this other horrific side of things…the devastating bi-product of child celebrity, should be as much on our minds as an entertaining performance.

    I genuinely feel for you. May God protect us all from the thing that took your good friend’s life. And may God bless him too.

  264. My condolences bro. I lost my brother-in-arms July 31st of last year and my heart truly breaks for you, your family and all of those close to him. Just remember to stay strong, talk about his life every chance you get and trust in the fact that the daily reminders of Corey that now bring tears, will eventually bring a smile and little chuckles of good times past…..

  265. Corey,
    I am so sorry for your loss. Corey was a wonderful actor and great person. We (us fans) will miss him . I know their realy is not many words to say to comfort a person in a time of loss.The best I can say is cherrish every moment you havd with him, write them down in a journal.Hold them close and dear to your heart.Share the memories with your loved ones and espeically your son. Make each and every day some thing speical.We never know when it’s our time to go.
    May you have along and wonderful life full of great opptoruinties and adventures and love and peace!
    Hang in there!
    and Here’s to Corey Haim, May your lite always shine and may you find happniess and peace.cheers
    lori monninger

  266. Corey… I am so sorry for your loss. I know the grief and bewilderment and total “lost” feeling that goes with losing a best friend and family member. I am numb. I can’t even wrap my mind around this. I can only tell you that time will eventually help. Lots of time. It has been almost 3 years since I lost a best friend/sister and to lose this person at such a young age (she was only 35, 4 months younger than me). I still have trouble accepting it. I know what it is to have your world rocked to it’s very foundations. I know you are a strong strong man and that you will be okay. But I will still keep you and Corey’s family in my blessings. I wish you and yours only the sweetest of blessings. I am so sorry…..

  267. I just watched you on LKL, and I can’t even imagine how tough that must have been. Your words were so wise. Thank you for giving us a picture of the man he had become. May he be at peace, and may you find peace as well.

  268. My deepest sorrows to you and the Haim family. I grew up in the 80s so I have always loved both you and Corey for years. I just watched you on Larry King and am very proud of you for what is probably the most difficult thing you have ever done. You spoke so eloquently, honestly, and from the heart. Your strength is amazing and I’m sure your friend appreciates how you honored him. Again, my condolences. All the best, S~

  269. My heart and prayers are with you. Terrible loss of someone who was loved but will be remembered by all that he accomplished. I am shocked and saddened.


  270. You and yours have my most heartfelt sympathy and condolences. I know all too well how difficult it is for those left behind. My brother in law died of an overdose several years ago. Corey was only a few years older than I am and my walls as a teen were plastered with posters of the two of you. I have followed to a certain extent both of your lives and have watched in dread Corey’s self destructiveness spiralling and kept hoping and praying for his sake that he would get it together and clean up his act. I was saddened to hear that he lost the battle with himself. Cling to your family and take comfort in them. That is where you will find your best and most healing solace during this difficult time. Take care and God bless.

  271. Corey, I am deeply saddened and Distraught from the news. I was watching you talk about your friend and his life on Larry King tonight and feeling the loss and pain. I literally had tears rolling down my face the whole time and felt compelled to find a way to express my deepest sympathy and sorrow for you… I have been where you are right now back in 2007 when I lost my nephew, then my cousin, then my grandmother all within months of each other. I cannot stop crying thinking about Corey’s mother and how she must feel right now… I too am helping my mother through her battle with cancer and cannot imagine what her life would be like if I were suddenly gone… I am in Texas with my mother so I will not be able to attend Corey’s memorial. However, if there is ANYTHING I can do for you or Corey’s family to help you through this, just let me know… I know Corey’s mother has no clue who I am, but Please give her a big hug and express my sorrow to her. Please be strong for Corey’s family and remember you have All of Us standing behind you… Take care… Blessed Be…

  272. Corey,

    I am SO sorry to hear of your loss. Just know that Brittney and I have always loved both of you. I cannot even begin to understand how you must feel. You are in our thoughts and prayers. You have my most sincere condolences…. Corey will be missed and will ALWAYS be loved. We are devestated and heart broken to lose him. What an awesome man he was and will always be remembered as…. Take care and be blessed, Corey. Tatia & Brittney

  273. Our prayers and love are with you during this difficult time. My son went through a very similar loss last January, when his lifelong “brother” passed (we were totally shocked and did not see it coming, tho’ many said we should have). Surround yourself with those that care about you, and talk to someone that you can trust. Someone that won’t judge, but will truly listen and support you during this difficult time. The pain will ease through time, but you will never stop missing him and wishing that he was there to share life’s wonderful moments with you. Hang in there Corey, we are all pulling for you! becca

  274. I feel terrible. More people should have helped him. The movie industry should be accountable for actors getting sick as in any other industry in north america. It’s just not right, I will miss him and wish his family my respects and also Corey Feldman and his family my respects.

  275. My thoughts and prayers are with your families. I know you truly loved Corey. I loved him in the sense that he was light in my childhood. I was hopeful that Corey would blaze once again. So sad. I respect what you wrote about taking this as a lesson considering others’ concerns with personal image on “The Two Coreys.” I’m sure that [editing] left him in a hurt & dark place yet you are the one he reached out to; his brother. I felt so sad for both of you. I was looking forward to those projects that he was recently working on. Although he will be missed, he leaves behind a legacy & his demons are now at rest. He is pure light now.

  276. i am so incredibly sorry for your loss. i heard this morning from my aunt and i was thinking about it all day. i watched larry king live and i think everything you said is amazing, especially the part about how people should stop jumping to conclusions. just another reason i admire you. Rest In Peace Corey Haim. he will be remembered by many.

  277. Wow could not believe it this morning just as so many of us awoke and heard the news that a hero, an icon, a guy that every girl wanted and every guy wanted to be, was taken from us. So sad I give my deepest sympaties to you Corey Feldman, for everything you guys went threw. I know you loved him with all your heart. My thoughts and prayers with you family and Haim’s Family. Still in shock and cant believe this. Corey Haim is gone but will never be FORGOTTEN. Rest is PEace Haim you deserve your PEACE and I hope you get it may your soul rest eternaly Forever. Feldman Peace be with you in this time. if you need anything Corey we are here for you my Brother

  278. SO sorry for your loss, Stay strong

  279. Some of my favorite movies have you and Corey in them. My sincere condolences to you Corey on the loss of your best friend. I am very sorry for your loss.


  280. Corey Feldman
    I know it hurts bad but you did the best you could for Corey Haim, You were such a true and genuine friend to your brother, You could always see and tell that you had nothing but Love for him. If only the rest of us could be so lucky to have such a caring friend and brother as Corey Haim had with you! Stay strong Corey and Family. TJ

  281. I just want to say, I never met Corey Haim, I only talked to him with my mom once on the phone when I wanted him to be in my film last year. Unfortunately I couldn’t get him in my film because of the stupid “ego-trip” I was on, with me being a “fresh out of film school” filmmaker who thought she just knew everything and that no one could tell her anything, I got him irritated about the whole deal and I’ve never been able to forgive myself for that whole situation and now that he’s gone, all I feel is guilt. There I was meeting my FAVORITE actor whom I had a huge crush on for years and I’m got him irritated because I couldn’t understand him and how the film business worked and how much of a brilliant actor he was. So, I guess I decided to post this on here to somehow ask for forgiveness to him for being on such an ego-trip with him and that I really did think he was such a beautiful talented man and I hope that somehow, his spirit can accept my forgiveness for that. I never really understood just who Corey Haim was until I listened to you Corey Feldman, talk about who he was on Larry King tonight. My heart truly goes out to you and all of his true friends and family and I only wish I could go back and change time, because if I could, I’d be the most understanding person to Corey and maybe he would’ve been in my film and I could have had the chance to say I once worked with a brilliant, intelligent man–named Corey Haim. Anyway, hearing his passing today fills me with sadness and guilt because I can never have a chance to meet him and tell him how sorry I am and that I’d give everything I own to re-do the night that I talked to him on the phone–trying to get him in my film. Today the world–WE lost Corey Haim but I just believe that some second world and/or life somewhere has gained an angel named Corey Haim.

  282. I am nearly shattered over this tragic loss. I grew up on you two guys.. even were my first childhood crushes at age five. I live near Wilmington NC and have been to the sites that dream a little dream was filmed at 100s of times in my last 28 years. I woke up this morning and heard the news and just fell to pieces , I didn’t even realize how important you guys were to my life until the loss of his amazing presence seemed so real to me. I even had friends checking in on me, which is what blew my mind that it was apparent to everyone around me I felt as though I had a personal loss. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain you are feeling, My love, prayers and thoughts are with you and your loved ones

  283. know that he will be missed, that there are people out there who are thinking of him, and the loved ones he left behind. I’v used before, and my first thought after hearing about Corey was i never want to use again. My prayers are with you all.

  284. First, I want to express my condolences to both you and Corey’s family. I was completely heartbroken over the news this morning.

    Secondly, I want to thank you for everything you said on Larry King Live tonight about the harsh realities of Hollywood and smutty media outlets like TMZ. It’s all very true. 99% of people didn’t care yesterday. Now that he’s gone and its too late to step in, people suddenly care. At any rate, thank you for saying the things you did, because these very thoughts crossed my mind as well, not just this morning, but also last year when MJ died last year.

    At any rate, I am very sorry for your loss. I am praying for Corey’s peaceful passage to the other side.

  285. Dear Cory,Hi my name is Adrianamarie,I just want to say,Im so sorry for your lost,I want you to know you are in my prayers,many blessing,Adrianamarie

  286. I was crushed to hear the news about Corey’s passing today. When I heard it on my way to work, I had to pull over to burst out into tears of suprising grief. Many of us grew up with the two of you, enjoying your movies and undying friendship, truly amazing. Lost Boys my all time favorite,wow he will be missed and always was. I wish you, Corey’s family and yours peace during ths heartbreaking time. If he could have only seen the outpouring of love and shock the world has shown today, and if he could have only seen how special he was, and how talented he was….. He will be missed for what he could have been, we are blessed to have the movies you both created. You now have the most beautiful and special angel to comfort protect and love you for the rest of your life, he will always be with you until you meet again. Paige

  287. Corey I just wanted to say sorry about your loss of a good friend. I followed both of you growing up and enjoyed your movies. You both shared the same birth year as myself with the same name Corey. So of course I really indentified with both of you. I am very sad that this happened to such a young person. My thoughts are with you Corey and the Haim family.
    Corey Scanlon

  288. I waqant to first to say I’m sorry for your loss an send my condolence to. The Haim family an you I loved watching the movies you all did together. You 2 was my favorie actors from the 80s I will remember corey Haim for his work.

  289. im sooooo sorry for your loss. i grew up watching corey haim in movies along with you. the lost boys still is my fave movie of all time. my 1st crushes were corey haim and and you. i myself am a recovering addict and i know how hard it is to struggle with addiction and ive prayed for coreys recovery. im still shocked about his sudden passing. where ever he is now i know that he is not in pain anymore and not suffering. he will always be loved and remembered. he was an extremely talented actor since he was a lil kid in silver bullet. he was a sweet caring loving soul and yes he had demons but we all have some kind of demons. corey haim was so strong and he never gave up on himself. he knew he had a problem and he saught help time after time . i love you corey god bless your beautiful soul and may u finally find peace.

  290. I had the privilege to meet Corey and i remember how he lit the room with his amazing smile … He was genuine and funny… And had the biggest heart… The world lost an amazing soul … So many of us were rooting for him…
    i hope the media remembers his accomplishments ….
    your friendship has touched sooo many ……Corey was blessed to have a true friend like u by his side…
    My deepest condolences to u and your family!!

  291. I’m watching you two in Lost Boys on dvd right now because it seems surreal that Corey H has died. I am so sorry for your loss and the pain your families are going through right now.

  292. Corey, I sadly missed you on Larry King tonight, but managed to catch several clips on YouTube. You were eloquent, honest and your anger fueled by the love and admiration of your friend clearly came through.

    I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to blog about your reaction tomorrow and include a link to your blog again as well. I will revisit this area again tomorrow with the link should your fans care to read it.

    I know I’m just a kid from the ’80s who adored you growing up, but you and Haim were such an important part of my childhood and part of that died today along with your good friend. Your fans are hurting with you.

    Warm thoughts to you and the Haim family.

    PS I am not a paid blogger, I am just a child of the ’80s purely entertaining other children of the ’80s:)

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  293. Corey

    What can i say? I have been shattered all day by this news..i had such a busy day ahead of me and my boyfriend didn’t even want to tell me the new because he know how i would react..I’m completely devastated because of his loss. I wish you and your family, as well as his, to get through this completely with ease. My heart is so torn on the fact hes not care. Always my love and support..RIP Corey we love you! Thanks for the incredible years of entertainment and wonderful laughs.


  294. Dear Mr. Feldman,

    as an admirer of your work and from Mr. Haim, I am very sorry for this loss…

    Have the best wishes and confort on this hard moment in your life…

    Regards from Brazil

    Mauricio Santos – Campinas – Brazil

  295. excuse me..im so upset im hardly making sense in my previous post😥

  296. My heart is heavy with sadness today and my eyes are red from the tears. I have had the great privilege of meeting you both twice and meeting you both far exceeded my expectations. Corey Haim was such a genuine, talented and all out cool person ! My condolences to you and your family , aswell as Corey’s family . I am praying for Judy’s fast recovery and i hope that one day when i too have gone from this earth i can meet Corey once again in heaven and tell him once again how much of an amazing person he is and how much of a fan of his i am and will always be.

  297. I meant to say “old boyfriend” sorry.

    • Corey, my heart goes out for you during this time.
      I grew up watching both you and Corey Haim and I feel like, another piece of my childhood has been taken. Michael Jackson being another piece.
      Corey was an amazing person, as you are. I watched The Two Corey’s and I saw the struggles both of you went through. I saw how, you were there for him, how, you did your best to help him overcome the odds.
      As a recovering addict myself, I know how hard it is, to let it go, to even decide to get help and want to stop and it always breaks my heart, when, someone as talented as Corey was, loses that battle. Corey will always be remembered for the amazing and talented actor he was and he will always be sadly missed.
      My deepest condolences to you, your family and Corey Haim’s family. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

  298. Sorry for your loss Corey. Our condolences go out to his family and loved ones.

    Brian Corder

  299. The world lost an angel today … Corey was an icon and will be dearly missed … my condolences go out to everyone who was close to him your family is in my prayers

  300. Thank you, Corey. Very loving words for a troubled soul. I never met him or knew him, but I miss him. My prayes are with his mother and family and with your’s as well.

  301. my mom is big fan of yours and corey haim. She got me to watch Lost Boys 1 and ever since ive been a big fan. ive watch lucus,lostboys 1 and 2, dream a little dream 1 and 2 and license to drive. they are all good movies and im very sorry for your lost.i had a baseball game tonight and i said a prayer before i went to bat i asked god to let me get on base and i asked to help you and your family thru this hard hit.when i woke up this morning my mom told me the news and i started crying.

  302. Dear Corey I just watched you on Larry King, and I must say Well Said.
    My heart goes out to you, the family and all at this devastating moment. We never know when it’s our time, so it’s so important to stay true to each other and be most humanly kind to all. You are awesome brother/mentor and I know Corey H is smiling down on you.Godspeed to you and yours.

  303. OMG he died that’s so sad aww noo i just watched him in a movie last night he cant have whyy…. my condolences to you corey your family and his .i give you my thoughts for haim as we remember him as a great person for the rest of our lives

  304. Hi Corey, just wanted to send my sincerest condolences to you and Corey Haim’s family and loved ones. I am a long-time fan of both of you (being a girl of the 80s) always admiring such incredible talent. I hope messages of support will bring a little comfort and help you get through this very difficult time.
    Hugs from Vancouver Island,

  305. Hang in there, Corey. Know there are lots of people holding you in our hearts. Stay strong and lean on those who love you.

  306. First off, I am sorry for your loss. I watched your reality series and could see the genuine friendship you both shared. I was so impressed tonight, watching you on LKL. You brought great dignity to Corey even though so many are trying to drag him down in the press. You nailed it when you asked where everyone was these last years of his life. I am glad he was able to do what he loved, that you and he were able to reunite and that he was experiencing a life w/out drugs before he passed. I don’t know where he stood religiously but I know that God knew his heart, knew the struggles and I believe that now he is in peace. Thanks for sharing your memoried and life with us. Again..much love to you and Corey’s family. May God be with you all during this terribly difficult time.

  307. So sorry for your loss. Grew up watching the two of you. Great time in my childhood.

  308. I forgot to add your Larry King appearance was well spoken. Where were they? I am married to someone with adictions and society tells you to eaither bail or you stay and if you stay you are an enabler just for staying which is not true. I would of never bailed if I had known him and I believe in helping one till the bitter end as much as you can. Good luck to you.

  309. Ive always been a huge fan of you guys during your years as MOVIE STARS.. and reality T.V STARS.. Ive been having really high blood pressure latley with my dad having a heart attack, my work and my grandma”s declining health which havent been putting me in a happy mood so i got my ipod and put on the 2coreys at 3oclock this morning to make me laugh and i feel asleep shortly after.. my girlfriend and friends have been texting me all day about this news that i couldnt believe.. im soooo sad that you lost your best friend.. Its kind of weird but true but when im not feeling good at work all i have to do is think of your movies or your show and its makes me laugh.. you guys brought so much to everybody hearts. Again sorry about this loss.. my prayers go to your family and his as well as his friends

  310. Hi Corey, so sorry about your good friend. I really wish Corey was still with us. So sad what happened to him. Just last year I would watch clips from youtube of you guys. So sad. Such a good guy.

    P.S. I am an Adventist – we encourage becoming vegan and believe the Bible doesn’t teach in an eternal heck – please anyone email me if interested derrickmn2010@yahoo.com. God really loves us all endlessly.

  311. hi corey,
    when i heard the news this morning, i instantly tougth of you,
    i was really touched and it did stop me for a good one minute,
    i know i cant even imagine the impact it had on you and your families, so
    please accept my sincerest condoleances,this is such a sad ending man…
    i dont know why but i always tougth he would pull through, you know, this thing in his eyes that said ” i can do this ” when he was finding hope again…
    when it comes to fixing what’s deeply broken inside, and when it comes to figthing inner demons, no one knows why some wins and so many loose…but there’s something all of us know,all of us still on the winning streak, all of us still working at it and still hoping to win another day, still hoping to finally know durable inner peace,
    we know that they didn’t loose, sometime the broken can’t be unbroken, we know they just finally got over-powered, corey haim didn’t loose his figth, he just didn’t win it…and the fact that he almost saw his forties is a testament to the enormous strength he possessed…another great warrior fell on the battlefield yesterday, another brother is gone, another son wont be coming home anymore…
    but for all of us still winning that war, it is a great comfort to believe that his unimaginable sufferings are now over and that he will finally meet inner peace…
    highly emotionnal events, like the passing of corey haim, can bring the strongest man to his knee,if its your case its ok corey, and its ok to stay down for a while to regain balance, but you better get back on your feet soldier,sooner or later,cause we are counting on you, and you can count on us too, even doe you dont know us, to continue to keep believing in you, continue to be inspired by you,
    no matter what may come…you are the best brother in arm anyone could have, you prouved it trougth thick and thin,
    and corey was a lucky man, you did the impossible when it came to him,so do me a favor please corey, stay at peace in these times of sorrow and sadness,your loyalty is proven, you did everything you could, and try to smile when these great moments with him comes back to you, dont keep it inside and talk with your loved ones,
    and when you’re ready, talk with us too,
    we love you man,
    we are with you,

    Jean-Guy, MOntreal

  312. My heart goes out to all who’s life has been affected by Corey’s passing.
    I watched hm on the t.v. show with you, Corey, and could see his inner child running and prancing around your home; leaving mayhem with each muddied footstep!
    I understand his struggle from personal experience. I KNOW of those inner demons and how they eat away at the soul and spirituality of even the most good and kind hearted human being. This was my take of Corey H from whatever I saw of him on tv. or on the big screen.
    May all your families know of no such other pain and heartache.
    G*d Bless all of you.

    in peace

  313. I watched you on Larry King tonight and was extremely moved by your words. I have battled drug abuse for 20 years and every time I set out to get well I meant it with every ounce of my being, thankfully it’s been nearly 8 years clean. I’m happy to know Corey was getting well himself and your right about “societies” idea that judging and finger pointing in some way is o.k. I hate that aspect of people, you know the saying, if your pointing your finger at someone else remember three fingers are pointing back at you. You mentioned all the people who now say all these wonderful things now, where were they when he needed people to love and support him? I experienced the exact same crap but at the end of the day the few friends who remained by my side are my true friends and I would rather have them than a bunch of people who really don’t care. You are a wonderful friend and person and Corey is very lucky to have you in his life, he will always be your angel, he is more alive than any of us here on this earth. God bless you and your words really did move me to tears, your a true friend and that is one of the most important things you could do for someone. You and Corey’s family will be in my prayers……..

  314. Corey – my heart just breaks at this news today. When I first heard, I thought it was a joke. Thank you for so many years ago allowing me to say hello to him while you were filming at the house I nannied in in Malibu. It really was one of the most pivotal experiences of my life. I remember being a 13 year old girl and knowing that one day he would be my husband (in my 13 year old girl mind), but alas, that was not meant to be. I hope he is at peace, wherever he is, and that one day we will all realize why so many are taken so young. I ache for the sadness his mom must feel to bury her child, the loss is immeasurable. And for you as well. God bless you and everyone. Too young too soon…. much love.

  315. Corey,
    I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I lost someone close to me a short time ago, who also battled with addiction. I struggle daily with the sadness, and often think of things I could have, or should have done to try to “save” him. What I have come to realize is that I did what I was supposed to do for him, and came to understand that I walked a fine line between trying to save him and losing myself while trying to do so. I am sure you understand what this means. Tonight on Larry King, you put into words things that I have felt about my situation. I listened to people pay their “respects” when the end came. But all of the words were just empty sentiments because I was there during the struggle. I didn’t turn my back on him. I accepted that the addiction was what he had, and not who he was. He often said to me, “nobody knows you when you’re down and out.” Isn’t that the truth?

    Only you & Haim know the truth about the bond you shared. It need not be explained or justified. One day you will look back and find comfort in the fact that you accepted your friend for who he was and didn’t abandon him because of a disease. For people who say that they saw this day coming, well this day comes for everyone. We all die. It’s not our jobs to judge others. To those people who “saw this coming” I ask, in their infinite wisdom, if they knew this was coming, why did they sit back and watch it happen?

    At the end of the day, the fact is that Haim’s journey is over. How it ended is irrelevant. What matters is that you were with him for the duration and all of the opinions being voiced at this time are just that…opinions. You are the keeper of the truth and although the physical being of your friend is gone, his spirit will remain with you forever.

  316. I’m so sorry for your loss. This is so sad. My friends and I are so upset. We were all big corey and corey fans growing up. I wish there was something that I could say to make you feel better but I know from experience that only time can heal your pain now. Stay strong.

  317. I am so sorry that you have lost your friend. I know this must be a terrible time for you and his family. Please know that people every where are thinking of you. And, people every where are also thinking of Corey. He will be missed by many. I feel like that today, part of the ’80’s has died. Take care of yourself, and keep doing what you do best. Remember that Corey now lives on in his movies, but also lives on through you.

  318. I just watched you on Larry King tonight and it made me really happy the way you stood up for Corey.I actually started clapping during the show when you said ,”Yah it’s nice all of these other stars are sending condolences,ect,but where were they when he was here with us?!”
    I was really saddened to hear that he was really down on his luck and didn’t even have a car.

    Thanks Corey from us fans for honoring Corey.I know he was watching,saying,”Thanks bro”.[:

    • I agree with you 100% even through the hard times Feldman was always there, even when the two of them had their differences on national television they found a way to put it all behind them and thats because both Knew how much they needed each other. if I had one friend like either one of these brillant men I would consider myself the luckiest woman ever.

  319. I was stunned today of coreys passing and my thoughts and prayers go out to you and coreys family and coreys mother.I have followed both of your careers as im a 39 yr old wm.Your movies together were great and i could see the bond you both had was as brothers in real life would be.
    This is a truly sad day for me and i will remember corey with the utmost respect as a kind and endearing person.I watched Larry king tonight and i agree with what you said where were the people in his life when he needed them most and agree with you.In todays world making jokes at people instead of helping is sad and shameful.I will continue to pray for his family and yours on your great loss of a kind and spirited friend.My heartfelt condolences to you.As with other people on blogs here i wish there was more i could say or do to help in some small way.
    Sincerely, Randy van

  320. Hey Corey, You were a good friend to Corey Haim. As an actor I can relate to Haim in the sense of how the business turns it’s back on you. I think most of us can. I saw Haim always chasing after the dream and never giving up. Even when people gave up on him I could see he wasn’t going to quit.

    Anyway….I’m very sorry. Rest in peace Corey.

  321. I was absolutely shocked this morning when I read the news online. Corey Haim was definitely my teen idol! I have seen ALL of his movies multiple times and have wondered about him over the years. It is so tragic that his life ended and I hope that he is resting peacefully now without all of the addictions and baggage that life can hand out sometimes. I pray for you Corey, that you will be able to make it through this tough loss. I remember when I heard about The Two Corey’s, I tivo’d ever show and was so happy to see the two of you again! So many of my friends on Facebook were posting about how sad they were over the news. I hope that you continue to tell the world about what an awesome person Corey truly was. I am grieving for his mother, you, his friends, and everyone in his life❤ RIP Corey Haim, your light burned out to soon but you will NEVER be forgotten!

  322. My condolences to you Corey on the passing of your lifelong friend Corey Haim. He was truly talented and s gifted actor who had a successful career as actor. He will be remembered for his various roles in movies from the 80’s and 90’s. Also he will be remembered for his handsome good looks that he had in the in the 80’s and throughout his career.

  323. Corey…first and formost, my heart goes out to you and your family, Corey Haims family, and to the fans.
    I woke up this morning to hear the news. My heart sank in more ways then one.
    My grandfather, Robert Waters always talked about how much he enjoyed working with the both of you on National Lampoons Last resort. And for me, it was a true honer to be able to have the chance to work with you guys on the set.
    The last time I saw Corey Haim was in Woodland Hills. He walked by my ex-wife’s work and I saw him. I bet her twenty bucks that I know Corey because she didn’t believe me. So I went out and flagged him down. At first he didn’t recognize me. But I told him that I was Robert Waters’ grandson. I introduced him to my ex-wife, and we sat in Starbucks just talking. He hung out with us for an hour and a half. Just talking. And that day made me realize that not only did I win the twenty dollar bet, but it also made me realize how humble he really was. That is my last memory of Corey. The one thing that got me though is that he didn’t know that my grandfather passed away. That tore him up a little and that made me feel bad because for months and months my grandfather would talk about you guys as if you were his own kids.
    And it’s much more then Corey as the actor. It is Corey as the a human being. And for getting to know him as a person was awesome. He will be missed.

  324. As a recovered addict, and someone who struggles with addiction every day and also as a fan of Corey’s I can empathize with his struggles. I was rooting for him, of all the people we’ve seen come and go by way of addiction, he was one the one I wanted to see come through the other side. It was the innocence of spirit that leads most of us to that dark place, an inability to look at our own reflections and face the demons in the mirror. Perhaps we are born without emotional shock absorbers, or maybe we are just too sensitive, too creative…or as some would tell you, perhaps we are simply too weak. You only have to look at the crooked smile, and the awkward gesturing of that 14 year old boy in Lucas to know it was 20 percent act and 80 percent method. His portrayal of Lucas is what made me decide to become an actor, it was watching the two of you on the screen that inspired me to dream my self upon it. It was that passion, and that light that inspired me, not the dark shadows that lurked beneath it. You were his best friend, few people leave this world being able to say they were loved as unconditionally as he was by you. You did your best for him, you gave him the strength to get himself sorted, you helped him see past the demons in the mirror. You loved Corey for who he was to you. Only YOU and he know who that is, don’t let conjecture paint a dark picture around him. It is not about how he left this life, it is how he lived it. I know he found the answer to the question. I know there is something better. I have to believe, because if there wasn’t some great reward for all of this at the end, than all the suffering would have been for nothing.

    I look at that face upon the screen, and I know there is no way, that boy’s life was for nothing.

    May the Gods keep you and yours, and may the Angels speed your brother home.

  325. I can’t imagine how you feel, I’ve lost a lot of love ones in my life so I know what it’s like to hurt. But no one will ever know what you’re going through. I can only say that my heart is very sad right now and you along with his family are in my thoughts. What you said on Larry King really hit me and I’m glad someone said it on national tv finally. I stopped reading magizines and watching certain shows a long time ago for the fact that all they do is judge and lie. I have to say I didn’t keep up with you’ll and all the activities (one reason is I haven’t had cable for 3yrs) but i honestly did think about both of you’ll every so often and wondered how you were and if you’ll still were close and I missed seeing you’ll on the big screen. The last time I heard about you, you was at MJ’s funeral and I’m so glad you were there. I know that made him happy! My love to you Corey Haim. Now you have no worries and can watch over your family.

  326. You were a true friend have no regrets, Corey could only help himself at the point he was at, it is tragic and my heart goes out to both the Corey’s families! I got very involved in your lives when I watched the reality show was saddened by it’s ending and knew in my heart I would read this tragic ending to his life one day! God Bless you Corey Feldman and the families and know Corey is finally at peace with himself!I lost a 26 year old nephew to an accidental overdose so I know where you are at!

  327. There are no words… This is soooo sad. I hate it for you and his family and friends.

  328. Corey,

    I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend. I still can’t believe it myself. The two of you were all over my bedroom walls and “The Lost Boys” is still my favorite movie. Corey was lucky to have a friend like you and I hope you will get through all the pain that you are experiencing right now. I am sending you many hugs as my way of helping you through this difficult time. Take care.

  329. My prayers to his family as well as yours. I am sorry for your loss of a friend/brother.

  330. Corey, I just want you to know that my heart goes out to you right now. Also with Zen and Coreys family and loved ones. So much love and respect. I cant even find the words.

    -some girl in sacramento who loves you both-

  331. OK, I promise this is my last comment … Dedicated this blog post to you. Hope you like it:)

  332. Corey,
    I’m very sorry to have heard about this. Yet another tragedy in your life. It has been a horrible several months for you. I myself was born in 1971. So, I kind off grew up with you guys, and a part of me in some sort of way has passed also.

    Stay strong man,

  333. Corey,
    my heart hurts for you and for the Haim family. I am very sad and can’t even imagine what u all are going through. I will pray for peace for all of you. And I am also sorry for your divorce and now having to deal with the loss of ur brother/best friend.
    Take care and God Bless you all !!!
    a huge fan,
    Stephanie W.
    Watsonville, CA

  334. I was devistated when I heard the news and I only loved him from the movies I’d seen…Lost Boys is my all time favorite. I can’t imagine how you feel being as close as a brother. I am so sorry for your loss. Through the good and the bad, the two of you together was magic. I hope you, your son and family, and Corey’s family can be comforted knowing he is now at peace.

  335. Corey, I am SO so sorry for yours and the Haim Family’s loss. It’s devastating when such horrible things happen. I’ve been a fan of yours and Corey’s since The Lost boys. My 5 year old daughter knows who you and Corey are after becoming obsessed with The Goonies and The Lost Boys (She got a thing for Vampires at the moment?!?!) Anyway, I amd truely gutted and saddened to her whats happened and just wish you all love and support for the coming days/weeks/months/years without Mr Haim. He will be missed. Take care ;O) x x x

  336. Corey, I am so sorry. Words can hardly express how sad this all is. He was so young, but he must have lived and worked so hard – I think we forget just how delicate our minds and bodies are.

    Peace to you and your family.
    And peace to Corey Haim.


  337. Truly saddened by the news
    thoughts are with your families

  338. From Finland,Hello.Just caught Your beautifully(and hollywood-upwaking)-phrased news-flick from CNN,on LarryKing.Made me think of Kris Kristofferson,and how He stood-up for Peckinpah after His death.Gladly You were given such a wide exposure on the topic.On my opinion,an IMPORTANT subject.Keep the Spirit,and All The Best to You on this close-home matter.p.s.Corey was also a Part of our youth

  339. Hi Corey~

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend Corey. My heart is with you, his family and yours. No words will convey the loss.

    When we spoke (on set of Splatter) about your friendship, I felt this tremendous sadness for both of you–the friendship with so much love and so much heartbreak. Though I didn’t get the honor of knowing him, I still hoped to see him find his way to peace and remind us all of his capabilities. And, I could feel that was 20-fold for you.

    Please remember how strong you are, you have had a horribly tragic year. So much loss, but you have so much to give. Your son will learn from all your challenges and the love you give unconditionally.

    Stay True~

    Stacy (scripty)

  340. I wasn’t quite awake when I heard the news either and I looked at the television, expecting to see you on, being hounded by the press, but you weren’t and I was happy. I’m so sorry for your loss! I watched your show, your struggles and saw the pain. He’s not in any pain any more and that’s the best we can wish for your son to understand. I’m sure you had a terrible day and hope life gets easier as each moment passes. My love, my prayers to both of your families. May Corey know peace now.

  341. Hi Corey…

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend/brother. I followed you and Corey through the 80s films (we’re all of that generation) and it deeply saddens me that someone so young, talented and loved by others has departed from us so soon. I lost my beloved mom 4 years ago and so I feel more even more sensitive now to others when they lose someone they love..
    My sincere sympathies to you, Corey’s family and friends.

    I know that once someone we love leaves us, it changes us forever.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you …

  342. Dear Corey, I am so very sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. You should find some comfort in the mere fact that he is now at peace. I did watch your interview with Larry King and I could not agree with you more. I commend you on your courage to make a public appearance on the day of your best friends’s death and to do it with such class. This is such a tragedy and a huge loss. I would like to say that as a fan I wish there was more that could have been done for him when he was alive. I feel very confident that you will ensure Corey receives the respect and honor that he fought so hard to restore.
    For the record my childhoood crush for the two of you never died. I grew up with posters and pictures of the two you in my room, in my locker and in my diary. I was sure one day I would marry one of you! lol I can remember watching “The Two Coreys” with my daughter and trying to explain to her that you guys were bigger than Zack Efron and that 20 years later you guys were still around! Once again I am so sorry for your loss! Rest in peace sweet Corey!
    Warm Regards,
    Forever a Fan
    Excited to see and hear more from you!

  343. Corey words can not express how I feel. It is so heartbreaking I loved Corey since I was a kid. I had posters of him everywhere and I continued to follow him and was afraid for him. Your interview on Larry King tonight really got me thinking about what u said and where was everyone when he was down. I know everyone is jumping at saying it was an overdose w/o knowing the facts. My thoughts r w/ u and Corey will be dearly missed.

  344. My heart grieves with yours with the passing of Corey. He is the reason that I bought my very first teen magazine in 1988. Although I never knew him, he always had and will have a special place in my heart. Prayers and blessings to you, your family, Corey’s family, and Corey. Much love and respect, Tanya….(my screen name is just for my blog)

  345. I understand that this past year has been very hard on you and just wanted to say…please don’t let this break you. I’m sorry for your loss and hope you pull through it.

  346. I am so sorry to hear of Corey’s passing. I was shocked, such a wonderful talent and a life cut so short. My prayers are with the family and all his friends at this sad and hard time. To Corey Feldman who lost his best friend and brother…. I lost my best friend in 2002 of Brain cancer, no one will ever replace the ones we loved so much. Hang in there sweetie. You loved him always, and he knew that….. Take care.

  347. Hi Corey,

    I have always followed your career and Corey Haim’s career. The two of you are authentic and genuine. I am so sorry that you have to go through this. You are currently dealing with some extremely difficult circumstances. It is my sincere hope that you find peace soon. You have my sympathy and my support. My prayers come your way from San Carlos.

    Take Care, my friend.

  348. im sorry for your loss as well as the world loss,he was and will always be remember in our hearts as that duo of the two coreys,he made his mark and his good will be what i think of.everyone has issues in life to overcome,you cant judge someone for theirs or think of those after they are gone,remember the good times you both had and live life from what you learned for helping make your friendship last thru so long.
    crystal from tennessee

  349. When I heard the news this morning I just stopped. This is so sad. I loved Corey’s kind smile. I would have loved to have met Corey Haim. I grew up watching the coreys. Am so sorry for your loss.
    Corey Haim will be remembered foreva in my heart.

    God bless

    Peace Christina

  350. My sincerest condolences to both you and Corey’s family during this most sad time.

    He will be missed.

    Ana from Canada.

  351. Corey,

    I grew up watching you guys do these films together I know that you have had a great commradery with corey H and i heard your commentary on Larry King and I would first, of like to pay my respects and condolences to you corey’s family your family I am sadden that a teen heart throb that i grew up watching is now no longer among us. Second you are right in the end where were we those supposed fans that loved him so much where were we when he needed us the most?? I apologize as a young adult that loved watching you both in movies that I haven’t given the support that push that as human beings we all need. No one person is perfect not even celebrities we all have our demons but in the face of all that it is most appreciated that we being so human seem to never get the one thing that is so denied us at times love support someone to lean on. Well at least he had you his friend his brother and although tragic as it may be know that he was loved and he was cherished through his art and work and to me he will always be my fav Les Anderson in Liscence to drive and you my fav mouth in goonies. again my apologies and my condolences

    From Evelyn Gomez

    Assistant Manager

    Cobb Theatres

    6711 Mainstreet
    Miami Lakes fl

  352. I’m sorry for what happened to Corey Haim. My prayers are with his family, you and all his friends.

  353. Oh Corey, we are all devasted by this news but I can’t imagine how you and the families must be feeling at this time. He was your brother and I loved watching you both throughout my life, especially in License to Drive!

    We are all thinking of you and praying for you at this terribly awful time.

    (((hugs))) xxxxx

  354. Dear Corey,

    I am sure that no words can help you and both families at this terrible time. I grew up watching Corey on screen during the 80’s and in some small way he was a part of my life. A truly talented actor and a very sad loss to the world.
    My thoughts are with his family and close friends at this time and I totally agree with every you said on David Letterman with regards to the verdict.

    With Love Sam – Kent, England x

  355. I am so very sorry for the loss of your best friend. Please know that we are all crying with you. Corey had such a sweet spirit and I will miss that smile more than I can say. I had the chance to meet you both years ago and to this day that is still one of my favorite memories. You both showed such compassion to this shy girl who hid behind her husband. My husband has since spent time with you, and as much as we all look up to you, you are as down to Earth as someone can be. Thank you. I can’t imagine how hard this past year has been for you. Please know that I will be praying for you and your families as we all say goodbye to Corey. I also know that no one is feeling this more than you right now. One day at a time. We all love you, Corey.

  356. Corey, living in Australia, i dont get Larry King but i read what you said on his show about fans not telling Corey what he meant to them over the past 10-15 years.
    I am guilty of not doing this and I completely agree with what you said. It is important to tell the people you love or who change your life what they mean to you.
    I am too late to do this for Corey but not for you. As a teenager of the 80s and 90s, my bedroom walls were covered in the Coreys. I could never decide which of you I planned to someday marry because i loved all your films (both together and independantly). Lisence to Drive and Dream a Little Dream are still two of my all time favourite films which I spent many years rewatching on VCR before replacing them with DVD.
    Thank you for making films together for my generation. You gave us all a voice and made those of us who felt like outsiders feel like insiders.
    I am so sorry for the loss of Corey but am also greatful for the legacy of films we can remember him for.
    So thankyou Corey for making so many great memories and great films

  357. As a fan, I only have happy memories of Corey. When I heard the new yesterday, I was so sad. I feel like a small part of my teenage years have also died – god only knows how you and the rest of Corey’s family are feeling…..

    Take heart in the fact that Corey’s true fans will remember him as a truly talented actor who grew up with all us 80’s kids!!

    Too much, too young….

  358. Corey I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I know this is a hard time for you and both of your families, but if you need a friend to talk to please don’t hesitate to let me know. I have recently suffered a loss myself, so I know what you’re going through.

  359. I am so sorry for your loss as well as all of Corey’s family and friends. I have watched you guys in every movie you have done together and ‘The Two Corey’s’. My thoughts are with you and Corey’s family at this incredibly sad time. Take care of one another. xx

  360. Corey,

    I am very sorry for your loss and my prayers are with you and your family. I hope you find strength and peace of mind during this time.

    In the midst of this sad moment, I want you to know that it was very admirable and noble of you, to take a stand on Larry King tonight. To express – how everybody, especially the media is too busy cutting people down instead of building people up and how we should start examining our own selves. What you said was one of the most profound statements I have heard in a long, long time and for it to be said over airwaves for the world to hear was music. I really hope every soul was listening. If any good comes from this tragedy – I share my hope with you – that we as a people will learn to respect one another and make a difference while we are still here. I know Corey is looking down, smiling, because you made him proud tonight. Find your strength and march on. Godspeed, brother.


  361. Corey,

    Well, what can I say other than my wife and I feel your pain and are totally gutted by what has happened. We remembered meeting both of you at the Collectormania event at Milton Keynes, England, a couple of years or so ago and both of you welcomed us well – in fact, you remembered me from having seen you before at an earlier Collectormania event too. Our thoughts and prayers are with you & your family, also for Haim’s family too. You can rest assured that a number of people here in UK raised a glass to both himself and you, as we certainly did.

    The crucial thing is that you shouldn’t blame yourself for what has happened. You officially tried your hardest and damndest to make him see sense and the error of his ways along with the way that life was leading him, compared to yours. I saw the crucial episode of ‘The Two Coreys’ where you were trying to help him, alongside Pauly Shore and Todd Bridges, together with Susie. YOU TRIED YOUR BEST AND I STRESS ONCE AGAIN – PLEASE DON’T BLAME YOURSELF. (apologies for the caps but I want to make that clear).

    My wife and I would like to give something towards the purchase of flowers at his funeral, whenever that is, via yourself and / or Meredith, if that is possible.

    Cheers & take care,

    Rich & Paula (Cambridge, UK)

  362. […] Corey Feldman, on his personal blog released this statement about his one-time acting partner and best friend: I was awakened at 8:30 […]

  363. […] Feldman has placed his own moving thoughts on his blog which I’ve embedded below. You can head over to Feldman’s website to leave comments and […]

  364. Corey, I’m so sorry that you have lost such a dear friend. You guys were always with me growing up and I thank you both for the laughs and fun your brought to us all.

    You, and Corey’s family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  365. My condolences to the Haim and Feldman families. I was so sad to hear about the passing of Corey this morning I couldn’t believe it. I grew up watching The Lost Boys, and Licence to Drive ( my fave movie). I enjoyed The Two Coreys reality show as well. Please accept my deepest sympathies for your loss.

  366. I’m sorry for your loss Corey,
    My deepest sympathies for you, and the family😦

    A part of my childhood has disappeared with him..


  367. I just read a few of the things that you said on Larry King about Corey’s passing. Yes, you are right, where were all these people for the last 10 years of his life. I personally have been working with a producer/director friend of mine on a screenplay written specifically with you and Haim in mind. I spent the last few months re-writing it and it was finally getting to a place where we could get the funding to make it. My friend has been in continual contact with your agent about the project, which has been floating around for a few years, to be shot in Australia. Of course I am upset that the project will never be made as originally visualised, but that is nothing compared to the devastating loss of Corey Haim, the human being, the son, brother, friend, cousin. I really wish there was something I could do. I couldn’t bear it if I could no longer hug my son (also named Corey) whenever I wanted. I can’t imagine what Corey’s mother is feeling right now. His image and films (as well as yours) will always remind me of the fun times, when life was about sneakers, hair and stonewash jeans. He always struck me as a boy that was crying out for love, like he could never get enough. I wish I could have told him that not everyone laughed at him, that there were genuine fans out there (and quite a few I might add) that wanted him to get better and get back on top. We wanted to see him in films again because we love(d) him, not because we wanted to laugh at him. I cried when I saw him on The Two Coreys ssn2. I wanted to tell him he was loved. I had so much faith in him that he would bounce back better than ever. The world is a duller place without him. Much love, Louise xx

  368. Corey,
    So sorry to hear about your dear friend. Not even a year after losing another one. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Just like Michael, everyone are coming out in record numbers to say how great he was but when he was alive he couldn’t count anyone as a supporter. You are right people need to grow up and look at themselves before sending out hurtful comments about others. Stay strong

  369. I remember flipping through the channels one night a while ago and I ran across a crazy show called “The Two Corey’s” and was instantly hooked. I didn’t know much about him, other then he was an actor, but there was something about him that made you just want to TALK to the guy. Offer him a soapbox and just let him go. He was hard to figure out, as figuring out goes for someone you don’t know personally and just see on a tv screen for 22 minutes an episode. I never even thought to ask why. I never knew him. Nor anything about him, really. But after I heard he passed away it came to me out of the blue: He was a lot like me. He was one of the rare ones who just about EVERYONE can identify with to some extent. He was who he was, he did things his way, saw life in his own self determined way. He was an individual, yet at the same time he was a piece of everyone. I know that doesn’t make sense, but if you think about it, it really does. Haim had what we in the wrestling business call “angel”. That intangible something that strikes everyone as a beacon coming off a tremendously gifted person. That is the greatest compliment that I can give to anybody.

    Feldman, my prayers go out to you in this difficult time, as they also go out to everyone who knew and loved Corey Haim. He loved you, man, and if he didn’t he was the greatest actor who ever lived. RIP, Haimster, and thank you for the memories you provided on screen. You are missed my friend.

    ~Chris Hawk

  370. I was shocked to hear about Corey’s death, my deepest condolences to all of you. I feel like I have lost a close friend. I was rooting for him to make a come back and to find peace. I am very sorry for the loss of a wonderful man, at such a young age. I am the same age as him and have been through alot of the same things you two have been through. I think that was why I was rooting so hard for him to overcome this disease and stigma as much as anyone! My deepest sympathy’s go out to his family and friends.

  371. Hiya Corey, I just watched your interview on the website and have to say I agree with you 100%. I said the same thing when MJ died, where were all those grieving people when he was fighting the world? I think you deserve a medal for saying it on tv. People are really narrow minded and fickle! You ever want any help fighting the world give me a shout😉 I’ve had a lot of practice lol

    I dont even watch the news because its all exagerated or even blatently false so wasnt aware he was struggling with drugs. To me it doesnt matter how he died, its a tragedy. Lost boys has and probably always will be my favourite movie, I have forced both my kids to watch it! Theres a big part of my life gone & has left a big hole! My heart goes out to you, your family and Corey’s family too.

    • again I have to say I agree 100% I mean its sweet and all for people to speak up and say something … now int he aftermath but where were they when Corey needed them, where were they when feldman was saving haims life? I think nobody can understand the great loss feldman is having, Haim was a beautiful, tragic sould as feldman put it and it hink was always struggling to be free… I think he is finally free of all his demons and can now rest peacefully.

  372. Just noticed the dates are wrong ^^😦

  373. you know i saw what you said on Larry last night and i just want to say one thing. There were a lot of us out there for Corey and some of us PRAYED everyday for him. That man was a gifted actor and he deserved a lot of freaking respect. We cared for him even tho we did not get a chance to show it or he see it. I just want you to know that we did Care and he was loved.

    RIP Corey you are now one with the angels

  374. He was called away ..way too soon.May he now have found the peace he so desbertly wanted! That is so good that the two of you were talking again,take care.

  375. I grew up with your films as a child in London, Dream a little dream was one of the first. Corey Haim was one of my first celebrity crushes and I always admired everything he achieved. He was truly an amazing talent and will be sorely missed by everyone.

    I send you all my deepest sympathy for the passing of a true great, someone who I believe made the world a better place.

    RIP Corey Haim, we will forever have your memories in our hearts xx

  376. Corey,

    Though I cant imagine how you must feel right now, I do know that you are a pretty strong person. I have followed your career over the years and I must say I am impressed with anyone who can pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and say “Is that all you’ve got?” I am very sorry for the loss of your friend Mr. Haim as I am a fan of his as well. I spent a while yesterday picking through video clips of the two of you and it is quite apparent that you meant much to each other. I indeed hope to see and hear more of your work. Continue on sir, you have many people behind you and I am proud to count myself among them.
    Kenneth J
    Ps. I enjoyed the song

  377. Corey- you have given us all words of wisdom, thank you for sharing your feelings with the world on LKL. Corey Haim was a passionate man, full of life. I was the 12 year old girl who taped up hearts all over my bedroom wall with his name. I wrote that “I am going to marry Corey Haim” and I meant it. Years later when the “Two Coreys” made it to A&E I watched every episode. The chemistry the two of you had was inviting, it wasn’t just that…it was contagious. You two reminded others to love your friends like no other, it reminded me that you can come through a long journey and still come out whole. Haim admitted to his struggles, at times it seemed like he embraced them because they were a part of him. Our daily obstacles and the passion to overcome them make us who we are. I knew when I saw him on The Coreys, he had a loving soul. He is a legend, his talent will live through his movies, and his smile remains forever in my heart. His love for you was amazing, I really think you helped him grow into the man he was when he left our world. A love like that can do wonders for a person. He will not be forgotten, I just wish that I could have had the opportunity to see his smile in person.

  378. It will be alright..He’s with his career now.

    • I hope you are removed from this site jsingr. That is a horrible thing to say. Shame on you.

      • That was absolutely horrible. He was the best of the 2 Corey’s.
        He was an artist, he was kind, sincere, compassionate. He was well
        loved and adored by many❤

      • I second that ..

        But now isn’t the time to argue back and forth with people like that. It’s a time where we can say our last goodbyes to an awesome man, Corey Ian Haim.

  379. My heart broke yesterday for yet another hollywood tragedy. This beautiful young man was thrust into stardom and given the key to the world. Then the rug was pulled out from under him. This world is too messed up for words. How dare we miss him, when “we” turned our backs on him, like we do to most young actors and actresses. We need to be reminded that these are people, they are not a commodity !! I have loved “my” Corey’s my whole life. Have seen everything they have done and smile a warm smile whenever I see them on tv or in a picture. People … PLEASE … stop doing this !! Stop turning your backs on eachother. Despite what is or is not marketable, they are still people. People who love, laugh, cry and need. Let’s stop allowing Hollywood to make the rules of who “is” and who “is not” acceptable.
    My heart goes out to “my” Corey’s and their families ~ Laurie

  380. Just in case anyone is interested, there are two Corey Haim tributes on youtube, and they are really nice, I thought it would be nice for Corey (feldman) to see them, because they were made simply because Haim was such a brilliant man and honestly, I have no idea how the world is going to cope with him being gone. Anyway the link to the videos are below:

  381. Corey,
    what you said on Larry King was right on. I too am guilty of following news stories about celebrity gossip. however in Coreys defense yesterday I posted a comment on TMZ about how they should not jump to conclusions about how Corey died.
    It pisses me off that whenever a young celebrity dies that they assume “drugs” were involved.
    they were wrong about Brittney Murphy and I am positive they will be wrong about Corey as well.
    I am 40 years old and grew up watching the movies the 2 of you made and have been a life long fan of the both of you.
    I wish now that I would have sent a letter of support to Corey to let him know how much I appreciate his art as an actor.
    I am sorry for your loss of both Corey and MJ and just ask that you take care of yourself and pray to G D for strength to get you through this difficult time.
    I would also like to make a donation to flowers for his funeral or whatever donation you deem would be appropriate.
    if you would add a follow-up comment telling his fans where they can make donations, if possible I would appriciate it.
    Please take care.
    Your Friend and Fan,

  382. Hi Corey, I’m sorry to hear of your loss. As much as it doesn’t feel okay to us, I do think there is a better, beautiful place on the other side and that Corey is there now.

    Sending prayers out to Corey, his family, you and your family.

    ~Susan~ AB, Canaada

  383. First of all, I must admit I have never been a fan of Corey Feldman, I have never watched one of his movies and probably will never do so, but I am now a fan of Corey Feldman the human, not the celebrity. I recently saw the clip of Mr. Feldman on Larry King and I cannot believe how grounded this man is. He is 100% right. Where were all these people when Mr. Haim was living his personal hell? Why is it that we buy the sleaze magazines and turn on our televisions to entertain ourselves with the crumbling lives of celebrities and then when they die we jump on the sympathy bandwagon? Why is our society so cruel to these people? In no way am I suggesting that celebrities are gods, in fact I am very anti celebrity, but these people are human beings. The reason people are speculating that Mr. Haim’s demise was a drug overdose, is because they WANT it to be. The more tragic the better right? It’s entertainment for our society to watch these celebrities crash and burn. It is sick that we live in a world of no real sympathy. Does anyone actually feel for what Mr. Haim went through or are they just sad because their 80’s heart throb is gone? Personal struggles, whether they are of celebrities or not, should not be exploited. The entertainment industry is a joke. They find these talented actors and actresses, build them up to be gods all while setting unattainable standards for today’s youth and when they are finished with them they are ridiculed, stalked by the paparazzi and hung out to dry, all for our entertainment, AND WE ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! Stop supporting the paparazzi and stop letting the entertaiment industry tell us who we should be, how we should dress and how thin we should be! Look at the pressures on us to be ‘hollywood’ perfect, imagine what it is like for the celebrities that are on the front lines? Why cant we just appreciate these people for the talent that they provide and leave it at that? Why do we need to know, and exploit, every dirty detail of their lives?
    Back to Mr. Haim, I feel deeply for his friends and family as I would any other human being that struggled so hard in their life. I know first hand how difficult it is to watch a loved one fight through an addiction and I know the toll it takes.
    I would also like to note that I have never kept up with celebrities, let alone writing on a celebritie’s blog but after seeing Mr. Feldman’s passionate statement on Larry king I had to show my respect and support. I am glad that there is someone in Hollywood with some common sense.

  384. I am 38 male and currently live in Milwaukee, WI. I wasnt a fan of Corey until i watched him return to LA on the two Coreys and i instantly was a fan. I could relate to him and his dilemma. I was sad to read the news because i was excited about watching his return and comeback. It was like routing for the underdog. I am sorry for your loss and I have prayed for him and I am sure that he is in a beautiful place and you will be reunited some day. God bless and condolences.

  385. “Ha-Makom yenahem etkhem b’tokh sha ar aveilei Tzion vYerushalayim may the Omnipresent comfort you among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.”
    I am sorry for you and Judy for your loss Corey.
    please take care and pray for strength to get you through this tragic event in your life.

  386. Corey, you two were a part of my teen years. I grew up watching you both, admired both of you so much. I was so mad at Corey Haim yesterday because he passed away on my 40th birthday. Now I am not mad anymore I am just sad….I know you did EVERYTHING you could to help Corey your love for him was evident no doubt. As fans we are only allowed to see what is put on the screen and I think there was much more that went on than we all knew or will ever know. But know this Corey as fans grieve with you and with Corey’s family. I will be forever grateful for the memories that you and Corey have given me, my teen years would not have been worth it without you both in it. God bless you Corey, and God bless you Corey Haim may you now have the peace you could not find here in this world……God speed my friend….

  387. Corey:
    This is the first time I have ever blogged on any website. First of all I would like to say how deeply saddened I am at the passing of your best friend Corey Haim. I am a single mom of 48
    and grew up lovin you guys in the 80’s. You two were the coolest
    and talented child actors of your generation. Every Halloween (and my 3 girls will all tell you this!), it is a tradition in my house to sit around with decorations up, candles lit, watching the Lost Boys. It is in my movie collection. I watched your interview on Larry King and found you to be eloquent, sincere and painfully truthful about the entertainment industry in Hollywood. I read on the internet the tweets from actors and actresses who most likely did not have any form of friendship or real caring for Corey. You were right, where were all those people all those years. You talked about marketability being young and when they feel the marketability is gone, then they don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore. Why are so many people in that town so fake? It seemed you were the only true friend that he really had. He was truly talented and I can’t wait to see the recent work that he has done. You both are real people. Growing up myself in the 70’s you don’t find that caliber of people anymore. It’s funny as soon as you’re not popular with people anymore you’re dropped like a hot potato instead of people seeing the passion of what you do and working with you and being there for you. I know. I live in a good neighborhood, softball mom, outgoing personality and lots of friends and as soon as I got divorced, people didn’t find me good enough anymore, turned there nose up at me and weren’t there for me. It’s a disturbing society we live in, isn’t it. I heard the news of Corey’s passing from my co-worker on my cell on the way to work yesterday. Tears rolled down my cheeks, I was visibly upset when I walked in the door to work. Condolences to you and his family. I know this is the first time I’ve blogged and it’s lengthy but I wanted to be sincere in what I wrote. Thank you both for your talent and the laughter. What a memory. In closing I’d like to say I really like your website song and the words are awesome. Donna

  388. COREY –
    I was so proud of you and want you to know that you are the only person I will ever listen to when it comes to your brother C.Haim.

    I refuse to watch or listen to tabloids and I hope your words are plastered all over CA/Hollywood.

    I have had the pleasures of meeting you twice, briefly at a few punk rock shows once in Portland, OR and the other time in Denver, CO at a little venue called the Raven.(venue closed since :() – I simply said “great show and thank you” both times, but you were a humble cat.

    You were awesome and genuine then and I am glad that you have stayed as true to yourself as you have.

    I watched you on Larry King and really listened, I hope other viewers didnt just hear, I hope they trully listened to the pain and bravery you were able to share.

    I grew up watching you and C. Haim and I only wish I could have had the opportuinty to help in any way, shape or form. I now live in Denver, CO but plan on travelling to CA if a Memorial is organized.

    Please keep us posted, My thoughts, prayers and good vibes are with you, Corey’s family, and the future.
    Stay true and strong –
    One of your many loving far away pals.

  389. This is my frist blog ever! But after yesterday’s shocking news of Haim, I had to say something. I am 35ys old. Corey, you and Haim were my bedrooms wallpaper as a pre-teen and teen. I’ve been following your careers since the begining. And the world has lost something special and unique. But the great thing about Hollywood is a actor never really passes away. Haim’s movies are not going anywhere. His movies will live on and continue to touch all generations to come. Haim will live in our hearts and on screen forever. Thankyou Corey Feldman and Haim for making us all laugh and cry and wow with yor amazing work. Don’t stop working Feldman and we will miss you Haim.

  390. I am at a loss of words for this tragedy. I grew up in the 80’s with all of Corey’s films and he was my favorite actor. I was always pulling for him and always wanted the best for him in life. I wish things could have ended up differently. You are so blessed to have known him. He seemed like such a great person and beyond the good looks and charm, he really seemed lovable and kind. I’m so sorry he struggled so much with so many things inside. And I hate drugs so much. They are pure evil. They destroy so many lives and I wish and pray this stops happening to the young people of the world. I also wish he could have found peace in life instead of having to die to acheive it. I want to send my condolences to his family especially his poor Mom. I can’t even imagine loosing my kids. They are the world to me. Also to his other family and friends. Even though the fans didn’t know him personally we feel a connection someway to him and our hearts are tremendously heavy. I don’t cry often but this makes me shed tears. I really wish he knew just how loved he was from his friends and especially from his fans when he was here with us all. You were totally right last night when you said what you said. People only seem to get it when it’s too late and that is very unfortunate. Even though the two of you had your problems, you always seemed to stay loyal to him and for that you will be rewarded. I can only imagine how painful it is to loose your friend because being someone who didn’t even know him outside the movie roles I feel the pain. He was such a true talent. And I hope now he is resting peacefully and is happy wherever he is. I am so happy we do have the memories of Corey Haim forever in the movies we so enjoy. I will treasure them always. And I will never forget this special person who I grew up watching and who I always just wanted the best for. I am so dissapointed though it didn’t turn out like it should of.

    Rest in peace Corey Haim. You will be truly missed SO much!!! Bless you always!

  391. Hey Corey, I am so sorry, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and Haim’s family. Growing up watching and admiring you guys, if feels as if I have lost a part of what was so great from my childhood. I now have my own son, named COREY, (yes, he is named after the both of you) The unforunate part of this is my son is severly mentally impaired with Autism. He doesn’t comprehend or understand what is going on, and its sad I can’t explain it to him. With all the news on right now about Corey’s death everytime his name is mentioned on TV, my son turns around and stares at the TV almost confused as to why the TV is calling his name.

  392. Corey,

    My heart goes out to you, your family and Haim’s family. May Corey finally rest in peace. You were always such a GREAT friend to him and I know he truly appreciated you for everything that you have done for him. Stay strong, you did a great job at honoring your best friend on Larry King last night and I commend you for your strength!! Lots of love and prayers!!

  393. Corey, I can’t even tell you how sorry I am for your loss,of Corey. Me and my childhood friend are still friends and im 36 years old, i could not imagine if something happened to her.
    God what a loss, So Sad. Im thinking of you corey and your family in this time of the loss of your best friend.

  394. Corey i was so glad to see you spoke up and spoke out for Corey, he needed you to do that and you did, a true friend untill the end. I agree his art needs to be displayed used for the greater good it has special meaning and can provide a special purpose to this world. There must be something we can do about that? Corey has been on my myspace page forever and thats how i got the news, i was so shocked, this is the most awful thing i have ever seen. I would love to see something positive come from Coreys life a foundation something with his art, something to help other specail people like him. I will always remember him for in a positive light, a smile that lights up the darkest room, let me know if i could help with anything ok? Glad to help, i will be praying for you, you are so strong you can bring good things from this i know it. Again i offer any services to you to help you, website etc, all my love to you both, Kim

  395. Dear Corey,
    I’m not really one to comment on blogs very often … if ever, but this is an event that truly warrants it. First, I am unfortunately all too familiar with the pain you are in right now. I know you feel broken at the moment but there is a light in the far, far distance. This isn’t something you get over – you just get used to it. Eventually you will get used to the pain that will live in your heart forever and every day gets a little easier. You can visit it when you need to, cry when you need to, and every time you do – it will be as fresh as it is in these early moments. Embrace it. This is now part of who you are and will be for the rest of your life.

    I won’t insult you with the “everything happens for a reason” BS however, there is a story yet to be written for you in light of this new path you find yourself on. When I first heard the news I kept waiting to see you out in public making a statement. When that didn’t happen right away I started to think you might be too devastated to do so. Then, I saw you on Larry King & I was so proud of you. Not only did you pull yourself together long enough to do an interview … live …, but you did so with such grace & honesty. I know you’re still in shock & it’s sort of like being in a daze. The funeral will break you but that’s part of the process. You have to crumble all the way down to the deepest part of your soul to then wake up & live out the new chapter you’re about to without your dear friend.

    I am so genuinely sorry for your loss & Corey will be always be missed. I’m actually a little pissed off that he’s gone because he just shouldn’t be. It’s as simple as that. I hope you find a few moments of peace as you’re going through this. You know Corey would’ve wanted that for you. He will always be there with you – probably giggling at something only the two of you would find funny. There’s nothing like getting the “church giggles” & it’s rare to find that person you can share it with. You were lucky to have found that & held onto it even if it was taken away too soon. My thoughts are with you, Corey’s friends & family, & even those who should have been there but weren’t. They will have to live with that regret forever. But, maybe when the next person comes along they will reach out instead of walk away. The universe has a funny sense of humor that way. It keeps giving you the same scenario over & over until you make the right decision. Be well Corey.
    Warmest Regards,


  397. […] up to date on their status. Kate: I think they were talking. Feldman released a statement on his blog, and TMZ has some pictures of him outside Haim’s building yesterday. Danielle: When will […]

  398. Hi Corey … I wish I could be talking to both Corey’s .
    I am so sorry for your loss … I woke up to the news yesterday and I still am mourning his passing today . It will take a bit to get over his untimely death .
    I don’t care what anyone says about him .. My daughter and I loved him . She called from work yesterday crying . She didn;t even have to tell me .. I already knew that ‘s what she was crying about . I had heard it on the news minutes before . Poor Corey .
    I watched your interview on Larry King . How courageous of you to go on national tv at a time when you’re mourning !
    You’re absolutely right ! Where were all these people when he needed to hear words of encouragment ? It’s so easy for Hollywood bimbo’s and attention seekers to say all these things now … it will get them in the news . I’m sure some are sincere about their condolences but I guess you would know who they are better than I would . I wrote on several news posts that people should not judge until they heard what the autopsy report says .
    It will be so sad if this is an accidental death and could of been prevented but at least these people will shut the hell up about his drug use .
    You knew Corey better that anyone .. what you say ….then it must be so .
    Our favourite movie of all time is The Lost Boys . My daughter had everything , posters , album etc. still does . We will never stop watching it . My daughter had gotten a hold of Jason Newlanders phone # and called him . She was so in love with Corey and you that she asked for both # but no go .. couldn’t get them . She was a teenager in the 80’s and that would of made her life .
    I can’t even imagine what it would be like for you but please keep your head up and remember that he is looking down on you …probably at peace at last . I know he was tormented for a very long time . Sometimes people can’t even put their finger on it what is wrong but they just know something is not right . Eyes are the mirrors to the soul and you couls tell by his eyes in later years that he was tormented … poor Corey . I so wish that he has found the peace that he couldn’t find here .

    R.I.P. dear Corey Haim and we will always love and remember you
    forever .

    Corey .. please express my heartfelt condolences to Corey’s mother . I can’t imagine her pain but at the very least Corey passed away with her by his side .. he wasn’t alone .
    I thank God for that.
    Peace be with you and take care .
    Godspeed … Corey Haim …..fly with the angels cos you are one of them .

  399. Corey, words seem a weak choice to sum up what you must be feeling right now-but Corey Haim would be proud of all the tender moments you both shared through the years and the ups and downs-as they all helped to build you as human beings through the trials and tribulations. I am proud of you for speaking about Corey in the light of how he lived as a human being and not how he passed. My condolences.

  400. I am so sorry for everything you and Corey Haim’s family are going through. I watched your interview on Larry King last night and was diheartened to watch Larry King’s approach towards you and choice of clips they played. I was amazed at the strength you showed for yourself, Corey Haim, and his family–and the poise you showed. I am sure Corey Haim would be proud and honored with how you stood up so strongly for him yesterday, as you have all along. Please know hearts all over are broken with you all, and we are keeping you all in our prayers.

  401. My condolences to you and your family on the tragic loss of your friend and brother. I, like you, am appalled at the negative and hurtful furor of comments surrounding Corey’s death. While I have only ever been an audience member, I always watched Corey’s struggle to recover with the hope that I would see him healthy and doing what he loved again. The haters, trolls, and bottom-feeding media, while hurtful, can never truly take anything away from Corey’s talent, the love he gave his friends and family, and the audience’s joy in his performances. I only hope that his death, in some way, forces some of those involved in the industry to change their ways and reach out to those struggling. To you, I wish joyful remembrances of your dear friend, to Corey Haim I wish peace.

  402. As a huge fan it saddens me to hear about the trauma in your life. Losing a loved one is a pain that will never go away, you can only try to move foward, living your life as a testament to theirs. Hold on to your memories,they will keep you strong.


  403. I am sorry for you loss Corey was a great man and a great actor.I grew up you two and no it seem’s diffrent.I know he went through alot in his life and we all do.You two were my first true celeb love and alway’s will be.I feel for you and your family and I feel for his family too.He will be miss deeply he will never be forgotten.Now he is in heaven watching over all of us.My prayer’s are with you.I know a part of your family chain is broken but in time it will be a whole again.We love you guy’s

  404. I wanted to comment on your post yesterday, but I couldn’t. The truth of the matter is, I couldn’t stop bawling my eyes out long enough to find any words adequate enough to express the sorrow which we all feel.Corey was more then just an actor or artist, he was human. All of these people who come forward supporting him now, half of them were never there when he really needed them. Funny how that happens, how people you my have never met before, comes crawling out of the wood work like parasites to capitalize on a truly traumatic event.Corey will forever be remembered by myself and my children, and so in a essence his spirit will live on.I can not say that he was perfect because no one is, but what I can say is that he was as honest of a man as I had ever met. He had just faced his inner demons and begun his journey out of hell. It is cruel how life works, but that is why it is considered to be so mysterious.Nothing is forever not even life because we are not promised a tomorrow. The only think that I am certain of at this point is that this hurts like hell. My condolences to his mother and family, you and your family, and all of his true supporters. My heart is with you all.

    I will be posting a memorial poem that I wrote for him later in my blog.

  405. Well, if there’s one silver lining, I’m going through withdrawal like an animal having dumped my PK’s down the toilet after learning of yet another death attributed to them… It’s terrible that it took Corey’s death to save my own, but the news of his demise finally got through to my thick skull that I’m only killing myself.

  406. Corey, I would just like to say that I am soo veryy sorry for your loss. As a fan , when I heard the news my heart stopped. My friend and I are definite corey lovers and always will be to the end. Our dream was to meet you two together someday. I am deeply saddend that won’t happen. You were a great friend for him , gave him chances when people wouldn’t give him the time of day. As my friend and I watched the ” Two Coreys” (both seasons) we saw all that you tried to do for him , you truly are a great person for sticking by him. I have always quoted both your movies and will continue to do so to the end. Corey was memorable in so many im ys and has truly touched the lives of so many . I’ll always remember his smile and the way he laughed . ( haimisms ) = ) The banter between you two was truly remarkable and hilarious to watch. When you think of Corey, remember him as the friend that made you laugh and the way he has made so many of us laugh. Sharing his comedy with the world- that will never be forgotten. Once again I am so sorry for everyone who was close to Corey I am sorry- especially you Corey. Don’t worry he knows he had a great friend . He was truly memorable. Gone but most definitely not forgotten.

    LOve always,
    a fan Meghan

  407. Oh Corey, sorry about your loss. I have a facebook and I put on there…”Poor Corey Haim”. I did a friend request on there too. Anyways, one of my friends said “stop crying he did it to himself”. I think that is farthest from the truth. He had a disease and most of us do. I hate people that can’t understand. I hate people that can’t put themselves in other peoples shoes. I hate people that judge. I grew up with you guys. I loved all 80’s movies. Most of my fav’s were w/ you 2 in them. So I just wanted to say sorry from the bottom of my heart…

  408. Corey,

    I am so sorry for your loss and I offer my sincerest condolences to you, your family and Haim’s family as well. I hope you take the sheer number of comments on here as a testament to how much Corey Haim will be missed.

    Since I was born around the time when “The Lost Boys” was being made, I didn’t get the chance to know much about Haim until the A&E show “The Two Coreys” aired. I saw something in him that was really fascinating and quite charming; and while I know that not everything you see on TV is true, I still couldn’t help but wonder more about you and him, thus I discovered “The Lost Boys,” and it is now one of my favorite movies. I’m glad that I got to know at least that part of him.

    While I can’t even begin to understand what you’re going through right now, I hope you will take comfort in the fact that you and Haim were not at odds when he passed. So often, when a friend dies, we feel as though we didn’t end on the best of terms. But you have that, and it is something that is rare and I hope you take comfort in that.

    I hope that peace will come to you and Haim’s family following this tragedy. Know that the fans are behind you and in our hearts throughout this tough time. Stay strong and keep being positive.



  410. Hi Corey —

    First, my deepest sympathies for you and all your mutal friends and family for the loss of Corey. You and he were cornerstones of my youth in film and I think of all of your work fondly.

    I suppose it sounds harsh to say, but likely true, that this moment was something you foresaw many times over before it was realized. I know this because I am the father of two children who I have been raising alone for close to 5 years now. They are soon to be 11 & 12 and their mother has a serious, serious problem with Rx drugs (Schedule 2 meds). She never returns their calls and sees them maybe 2-3 times a year, despite living about 5 miles away. All efforts by friends and family to reach her have been fruitless.

    She is just a shell of the woman I knew and the children talk about her like she is dead. In many ways she already is. I have imagined getting this same news when her body finally decides to give up.

    I have no idea how I will tell the kids when it happens, but I am braced for it because unless she wakes up and chooses to get better (not likely at all), it’s really just a matter of time.

    In any case, just remember we can only control ourselves and our own fates, as sad and gutwrenching as it is to watch those you love destroy themselves.

    At least Mr. Haim’s demons can haunt him no more. All the best you and yours through this difficult time and beyond.

  411. My condolences from the uk, very sad to hear the news about Corey Haim and my thoughts go out to his family those who were his true friends, Like everyone else i agree with your interview with Larry King, its about time someone said it in public. Its sad that the first time we see or hear about him for a while is on the day of his death, but we should remember his life in the entertainment that he gave us and in the love he had for his friends and family. All the best

    alan in the uk

  412. Corey

    I am so sorry for your loss. Corey and you are legends and benchmarks of my childhood and teen years. It is clear that you were a great friend to Corey, evident not only from your onscreen chemistry as actors, but also on your show ‘The Two Corey’s’.

    Corey was so talented I am heartbroken over the loss of someone I never knew. I truly empathize for the pain you and the Haim family are experiencing.

    I’m not sure if you still live in Vancouver, but if you do and would like to say kaddush for Corey, or if there is a shiva or even just a cause that is excepting donations, please let me know if there is any way that I can help, be there, or support.

  413. You have been on my mind since I heard the news yesterday morning. Being the same age as both you and Haim, I grew up watching your movies and being in love with you guys. I hope God gives you, his Mom, and everyone else that loved him peace.

  414. From one addict to another, I was really rooting for Haim. I saw so much potential in him and I knew he could do anything he wanted to once he became sober. I’m really sorry for your loss. Always remember that you did your part to help him get off the drugs and that you were a great friend. Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. He may be gone but he will never be forgotten and I know you will make sure of that.


  415. Dear Corey, I would have rather written this to you more privately than a blog. I am writing you a sincere and true apology. I just saw your interview and was so moved by what you said on LKL. You are right in asking where we all were when Corey needed us. When I heard the news of COrey’s death, I was filled with regret. Although I don’t know either of you personally, I have loved you both through teenage years and beyond. I caught a few of your first “Two Coreys” episodes years ago before my husband and I decided to disconnect our tv. The episode that really affected me was the one where Corey was reading emails and blogs and he was so hurt by the things people were saying. It made me so sad & angry. I wanted to email him and tell him that he was a beloved legend, and that my childhood and even my life today would not have been the same without him. I don’t know why I didn’t do it. I wrote him countless letters as a child. As an adult, maybe I didn’t think he would actually read it. Maybe I didn’t think I could possibly have an affect on him. I don’t know. But I could have at least tried. Now, I will never know whether I could have made him smile or given him one ounce of confidence or strength. For that, I am so deeply sorry. I apologize to you and your family, and to his mom for not letting Corey know that he was indeed loved and cherished in this world. I apologize for not adding to the few voices that said, “You are not a joke. I’m not laughing. Can I do anything to make things better? I love you.”
    Corey, I hope that you will continue to be a positive force for children and adults who are scorned and tormented by the media. I hope you will be a voice shouting to the media, “This is not the time to propagandize the 80’s and its trail of tossed away youth!” There is an entire generation hurting here. We’ve lost a piece of our childhood, and this will continue to happen for generations as long as we treat people as marketable commodities instead of complex, emotional human beings. Once again, I am so sorry for not trying to be part of the solution. I will not make that mistake again.

  416. Hey Corey,

    I am terribly sorry for your loss of your best friend Corey Haim. These past couple of years have definitely tested you. I hope to see you soon. It has been about 7 years since I have seen you. I would love to see you and catch up with you again. Email me if you have a chance at margot711@gmail.com. Take care and I know you are strong and can get through anything.

    Margot xxxx

  417. My thoughts and prayers of hope go out to you Corey Feldman,you have proudly stood up for your best friend/brother. You are right in what you have told the world about the way people treat one another in life.I too lost a best friend/sister…I was to have her children for her…I feel your pain right now, and all you can do my friend is now be there for Corey’s mother Judy and his siblings and family and friends. I am there for a friend of mine that knew Corey and yourself and his mother right now here in Canada. She is heartbroken as well.Also as far as your comments about telling your son, I will wish for him someday to have the relationship as close as you and Corey did, with one of his friends. Because you have thru your closeness with Corey taught him how do do the same. I think that is precious and beautiful.So in closing be strong and again condolences to your family and Corey’s at this time, take care of yourself and always remember that you were the best friend/brother he had, and he loved you for that.God bless you,Tam

  418. My heart breaks for you. From The Fox and The Hound to The Two Corey’s I have been a fan. Basically grew up along side the both of you, and as a fan I am so saddened by the news of Corey’s passing. I can not imagine how you must feel. He was a tortured soul, but now he is at peace. I am so sorry for your loss, and hope you know your fans mourn with you.

    in the blackness of the sea
    at night
    there you will see him
    shining his light
    the fallen star is not gone you see
    his light burns bright in you and me.

    May you find peace in his peace, and comfort in the fact that tormented he is no more. I wish you well, and send my deepest sympathy. Sam

  419. So sorry for your loss Corey. Corey Haim was a talented actor and since I was a little girl I enjoyed watching the both of you. My son has now been introduced to Dream a Little Dream, The Goonies and the Lost Boys and he loves them all. I had already planned to introduce him to Lucas and License to Drive. Please know that the work Corey did touched many and gave much joy. The work you both did has now spanned to the next generation and he will never be forgotten. Even though many of us didn’t know him he will still be missed. Your families, especially his mother, are in my prayers. God bless you.

  420. I am saddened by the news of his passing. I hope you are holding up well during this terrible time. I can’t imagine how hard it is to grieve, especially when the media just wants to hear your reactions and get your picture. I hope you are able to grieve in private and do whatever it takes to make it through the day to day in such a difficult moment of your life. Corey Haim was such a tortured soul who seemed to really struggle though life. I hope he finally is able to be at peace and that his legacy will live on forever.

  421. Corey –

    My condolences to you & your family as well as Corey’s family and friends. From all reports, Corey was giving a very successful effort to overcome his personal demons, and jump start his career & personal life again.

    It’s just so damn unfair.

    I’ll miss his “sideways” smile, his infectious laughter and his ambition.

    Keep your chin up, there are still people who care.

  422. I saw you on Larry King last night after hearing the news about Corey Haim. I am glad that you spoke up for all of us not to jump to conclusion that he overdosed on drugs even with his past history. You have been thorough a lot these past 12 months with losing Michael Jackson and the others you mentioned last night. Although I am older to have had you as my teen heartthrobs, I have enjoyed your movies. Keep the faith and help Corey’s mom. I cannot imaginie losing one of my children…….

  423. Hi Corey,
    I’m a new follower of your blog but a VERY longtime fan of yours. (That’s not right, I know) My heart truly goes out to you and all of Haim’s family and friends. Unfortunately, I know what it’s like to lose such a best friend. My best friend that I knew since I was 4, died when we were 33. I’m not saying I know exactly what you’re going through, because you have been through so much more, especially over the last year. But please know that I pray for healing and God’s peace for everyone affected by this tragedy. Haim was good and I’m so sad that he couldn’t beat his demons. ='(

    Coco B

  424. God comfort you Corey and Corey Haim’s loved ones. My daughter and I just love you both so much. We have watched your lives as you have grown. I just heart about Corey’s passing and I am crushed. I had to reach out to you because I know this was your very best friend. No matter what he did you never gave up on him.
    I know you are in extremily deep grief at this moment. I too am in extreme grief for the loss of such a huge talent taken away from ous too soon. I was in hope that we would be able to see Heim again with you Corey together again. This will never happen again. Thank you for doing the two Coreys so the fans could see him and remember the two of you together again. God truly bless you and your family and Corey Haim we love you Rest in Peace. We miss you terribly. We have never been able to get enough of you on tv and in the movies. You love you both the two Coreys.

  425. Hello, Corey, im from England. I have been watching,listening and reading everything thats been said about Corey Haim, its all just too sad. I have just watched your interview with Larry King on Youtube, and i totally agree with you. People are always too damn quick to judge other people these days, and their misfortunes. Please accept my condolences to you, your family and of course, Coreys family. It must be a very hard time for you all. I read what you said about what to tell your son when he came home from school, i hope he’s okay. I have an 11 year old daughter, we were watching The Lost Boys last week, and it was on the part when Corey was in the bath singing that song! she turned round and said “wow! he’s fit!” , then i had to tell her yesterday he had died, she was very sad. She knows that he was obviously older now, but she said she would like to remember him as she saw him in the film. And i think thats what everyone should do, remember the happy times, the fun you had together. Why do people always bring up shit when people die? Its like someone else on your blog said, everyone did the same when Michael Jackson died, he was taking this that and the other, just appreciate them as singers, actors or whatever they are, dont darken their memory with the bad things. Jeeeeezzz!! went on a bit there! sorry!
    Anyway, my heart goes out to you all, and trust me, the pain will ease with time. xxx

  426. i do wish for corey to read this,,i hope he does…..
    i cant blog and i cant do this internet stuff but im trying…
    i have no begining for this msg and possibly no end either but it does have meaning,ive tried to write it several times over,but every time i write it i just sound thick or like im crazy or drunk!!
    i guess i just want you to know that i think you are the only person that has spoken the truth in a long lonng time! thats why i have to write this,,
    no one knows what its like to be in the situation you are unless you have been there yourself,my brother died 15 months ago after a troubled 11 years,he was clean when he died at 34,but the comments and speculation were there striaght away with people whispering and believing you have no knowledge of what their saying.the fact that people didnt want to know in the bad times but loved him in the good became apparent to me quite quickly,but to him he thought everyone was as caring as him and couldnt see the harsh reality of life, maybe a bit niave.if most people could do cpr on someone they loved even tho you didnt know how, while they waited for the ambos to arrive just to keep him alive,on several occasions,they would think different.but i doubt they could.if most people saw life for the way it can take people they would have an entirely different out look.but it goes over most peoples haeds! not being nasty they really just dont understand.
    you touched me when you said,,,why didnt people say this when he was alive,it would of made a difference.i agree,,why didnt they?? because it would of done!!!! i also i feel i shouldnt say sorry as i didnt personally know you, but what i can say is i know the hurt you and the family have at the moment will fade,it will never go away,never,but at some point the hurt will numb.the way i describe it is like watching an asprin desolve in a glass of water when you have a banging hangover and the need for it whilst sloowly waiting for the bubbles to pop,then being able to drink it knowing every thing in your head will stop swimmimg soon.it seems to take for ever but at the same time its gone within minutes! im still banging on about my brother,but i just like talking about him and every day i quietly think about him,whereas people,like before forget,remember when their reminded,and will again forget but it dont work like that for you,its every day.the only one thing i know for sure is i was privledged to know my brother..you were privledged to know your best friend,whoever we are,how we knew them in our own right,no one can take that away,and that will remain forever.
    my heart goes out to you and the family.

  427. Hi Corey – I’m worried for you and your pain. You’ve had incredible losses over the past year and my heart and prayers are with you. I loved you guys from my teenage years and will always keep a special place in my heart for both of you. I’ve read that Corey’s mom is bringing him back to T.O. If there’s a public memorial here for him, I will attend to show love and
    support to his family.
    Kindest Regards,
    Kim – From Toronto – Canada.

  428. hmm, thats strange, i already submitted a comment on this last night but i dont see it. anyway, i just wanted you to know that i, and obviously many others are very sorry for your loss. i watched you on larry king livelast night and i think everything you said was amazing. just wanted let you know:) im very sorry😦

  429. As I said yesterday, Corey will be missed, as I grew up watching him as a child of the 80s and same age as you guys as well. At least he died getting his life and career back on track. He showed all of those people who said his career was over that he could do it and that he did have talent.

    I saw you on Larry King last night and I have to say a big “Cheers” about that comment regarding people like the ones who work for TMZ, they make me sick to my stomach.

  430. to me you two are like a legend.

    • The Two Corey’s will always be a legend as long as those of us who are children of the 80’s Keep them Alive. He may be gone from the earth but he is still with us all! That is something that death can not take from us! Our Memories and feelings Will keep corey right here with us! We may not be able to see him but he can see us all now. He knows how much he was loved and admired! May he finally find peace and know happiness without suffering!


  431. ohhh… wow i fel stupid, i just found my comment from last night. i must be blind. oh well i justwanted to make sure i said something.

  432. Corey, I’m sorry for your loss. I grew up watching you two and loved you both. I was so happy a few years ago when you guys did the tv show. I never missed a show. I know Corey Haim is in a better place and i’m glad that he won’t be in anymore pain. You hang in there and my thoughts will be with you and your family.


  433. To make donations to the Corey Haim Memorial Fund, please write to:
    Corey Haim Memorial Fund Set Up
    PO Box 87655
    298 John Street
    Thornhill, Ontario l3t-7r4

    Thank you all Please Donate… Corey Deserves a Memorial. He was beyond Great!!!

    • I sent money to help towards his funeral via Pay Pal. Jen posted it on Corey Ian Haim’s My Space. I was lucky enough to be on that page.

  434. To make donations to the Corey Haim Memorial Fund, please write to:
    Corey Haim Memorial Fund Set Up
    PO Box 87655
    298 John Street
    Thornhill, Ontario l3t-7r4


  435. Ive always been a huge fan of you and Haim. Being 17, not many of my friends know much about the work you guys have done. Ever since I was a kide, Ive wanted to be an actor because of the two of you and I was extremely upset to hear news of his passing. He was a great guy who fought off his demons right until the very end. Im so sorry that he had to go so soon, I was really looking forward to him coming full circle and getting his career back on track. I dont think I’ll ever feel the same whilst watching any of your guys films now. Sending my best.

    -Dan F.

  436. Corey,

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. In a way I think of you both as my friends. I’ve seen all your movies and I feel like you both have been a part of my life. I was shocked to hear about his sudden passing because I believed he would make it and that things would get better. I watched your interview on Larry King last night and was glad to know he was doing better and that he was in a good place. Corey was a talented actor and I think he deserves respect, kudos to you for standing up for him.


  437. Hi Corey,

    I love what you said on Larry King. It was gorgeous and so meaningful. I agree with you 100%, I only wish I could of helped
    him when he needed someone. Not just cause of fame, but who he is.
    All my life, I owe a lot to you all during my youth. Sean, you, Corey … even Cyndi Lauper. Always felt like a “GOONIE” myself.
    Thank You! I wish I could of met him during his life. I was working to get to one of the festivals, but now it’s too late and I’m so saddened. I don’t know your views on being sensitive (Like Ghost Whisperer), but I love you all very much. Look forward to meeting. Contact anytime. Debbie

  438. Hi Corey,
    I’m so sorry for your loss. I was friends with Corey 8 years ago, when he was living in Toronto. Actually, I was one of those girls he “was going to marry.” I never said I would, but he kept asking. Actually, I spoke to you on the phone once… but I’m sure you don’t remember. :) I lost touch with Corey over the years, but it always put a smile on my face when I saw him on TV – when he looked healthy and happy. It’s funny, I was thinking about him a few weeks ago and was going to email him. Last time Canada won gold in Olympic men’s hockey – he was at my apartment. We walked down Yonge street to celebrate… good memories.

    Anyway, I was deeply saddened when I heard the news yesterday. He was a good soul, one of the kindest people I’ve known. Life (and people) were not always kind to him but he was always kind in return. You can’t say that about many people. Again, I’m so sorry your loss. My thoughts are with you and his family.

    ps you were excellent on Larry King yesterday.

  439. I have always supported Corey Haim. Always wanted him to fight what hollywood did to him. I am just a commoner though. What I could or would have said to him probably wouldn’t have mattered. I will always cherish his movies. His talent. And I will pass on his movies to my child. BTW Corey Feldman, I also admire your talent, and the movies you made as well. Remember you have fans out there as well. The first thing I thought of when I heard about Corey was “How is Corey F. handling this?” I hope he’s coping well. Anyways…you have my support. Always have and always will.

  440. I still can’t believe it. I had a cigarette with him at the last Chiller show in NJ. I asked to bum one (Marlboro Smooth)and he insisted I take two. He was telling me he made his first movie in NJ. I was trying to pretend I didnt know who he was cause I wanted to hang out with him and not make him feel uncomfortable. All I can say is without sounding like a cornball he was very…well loving. What I mean is he was friendly, considerate and made you feel comfortable and welcome around him. Before he went back in to the convention he gave me a friendly smack on the stomach and said I think, later. The more I think about it the more I realize how lucky I was to have actually met him and even though it was 5 mins of small talk….I just wish I had told him how much I appreciated him. He was generous and caring enough to give 5 minutes of his life to a total stranger. Im not trying to put him on a pedastal. It could go for anyone in the world. He just happened to be the one that day. We get remembered for things like that more than anything else. Not too many people are aware of that but I think he was.He was a great guy Corey, believe me there are alot of people hurting over it. youre not alone. hang in there…..joe

  441. I just wanted to stop by and let you know how extremely proud of you I was for standing up for your brother Corey Haim on Larry King Live last night! I especially loved the part where you talked about people jumping the gun on things & where have they been the last 15 years. I’m only 21, but I’ve loved every single movie you both have been in & you both seem like amazing people.

    Just because someone has inner demons doesn’t mean they’re necessarily a bad person, I’ve known people that have many inner demons but are still great people:). I feel horrible that people were talking bad about Corey, even though he never did anything to anyone.

    I just wanted to let you know how proud I was that you stood up for your brother, your best friend Corey Haim! That took major guts and it made me so very happy for someone to stand up for him! I hope you can find peace & know that he’s with you every single moment. I hope you find some comfort and realize that things will be okay.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ rip corey haim.

  442. Corey,

    So sorry for your loss and Corey’s Family and friends.I watched the two coreys and it saddened me to see him sad and think of himself less than he was.People enjoyed you both and i love watching all your movies!We grew up with the two Coreys!!!He was loved by many fans!!!We will miss him!!R.i.P. Corey Haim!!!

  443. I am so sorry for your loss. I was deeply saddened when I heard of Corey’s passing. I, of course had never met him, but being and 80’s girl, i grew up watching all of his and your movies. It felt as if I had heard an old school mate had passed away. Keep your fond memories with you.

  444. Dear Corey,

    I have been a fan and still am of both you and Haim, my prayers to you, your family, and to Haim’s family in this dark time.

    My best regaurds,

  445. I know this loss cannot be easy for you. My best friend for years and I have had our ups and downs but I love her like my sister after 25 yrs of friendship, I would never not be there for her through good or bad and I’ve seen that in you with Corey H. and I know this loss must be terrible for you. You are in my prayers!

  446. Thank you Corey F. for speaking the truth! Right ON! No one knows what Corey H. died from until the toxicology reports come back and the autopsy is complete. Everyone needs to STOP assuming anything. I watched several of the movies that both Corey’s were in and watched several episodes of “The Two Corey’s” and had high hopes that Corey H. would be able to beat the addictions in the long run. No matter the outcome of the autopsy, I hope that his family and friends know not everyone automatically “hates” or is rude. I wish Corey Haim, family and friends much peace in the future.

  447. Hello Corey

    I just wanted to check back I wrote last night. I wanted to say I hope you are doing good. I am so sad about Haim. I wanted him to come back and be happy and healthy and it sounds like he was getting back. and was doing good. That makes this even harder Just like Michael Jackson on the verge of his comeback.

    I know Corey Haim is in a good place and doesn’t hurt anymore but we will all miss him. some like you and his friends and family more so. my thoughts and prayers are with you all.


  448. I knew Corey Haim was an incredible person and an actor even tough he had troubles in his life. I wish I could have met him and told him that myself, but i’m only 17. I was very heart broken when I heard it from one of my friends at school. I didn’t believe it at first, so I headed to the library and saw it on the front page of yahoo. I stared at the screen and started to cry. I had a dream that I met both Coreys and talked with the both of them. It seemed real to me but it was only a dream.Yesterday I made a memorial video and added a poem I wrote at the end of it. I hope Corey Feldman reads this. They are both my top favorite actors and forever will be. R.I.P Corey Haim, I will forever miss you and you will always be in my heart.

  449. Here is the memorial video if you wish to watch it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6StYRUQQJ1M

  450. Corey,

    First off, as everyone has said and as cliche’ as it may be. I am sorry for the loss of Corey Haim. No offense, he was my crush as a kid of the two of you, but the fact is you’re right. We as the fans should have reached out to him, should have supported him and said screw Hollywood, we know you’re worth it. It’s too little too late now. In all honesty I thought of writing him letters many times to let him know of my support, but alas, I didn’t. What you can always remember and what always remains true though, is you were always there for him. Even if you two were fighting you cared and I have no doubt he knew that.

    The fans could have and should have done more. Hollywood shouldn’t be allowed to discard child actors the way they do.

    That being said, as well as he was doing, I’m not sure it was even a drug overdose at this point. With all the other health issues it could have been anything. Maybe it was a drug overdose. Maybe his heart gave out from previous use. The point is, no one has the right to judge. He was a troubled soul, and even though I never had the honor of meeting him, I wish I had done more, even if it was just a letter through myspace. Just to be one more fan that let him know he was still thought about.

    I hope Corey Haim, one of my first crushes (Along with Jonathan Brandis who has also passed) finds in the after life what he could not in this. Peace and true happiness.

    I also hope, that you Corey Feldman, find a way to be happy in whatever you do. Love yourself, and remember that no matter what anyone says, you are a talented actor, singer, and (though I’ve never seen you in action) am willing to bet you are a wonderful father. At least with you, I still have the chance to let you know you still have a fan in me.

    Sending healing energy and fan love your way through this hard time.

    As Always,

    A Faithful Fan,


    PS (Sorry this is long, but like you said where were the fans? Well I’m not letting words go unspoken again.)

  451. Dear Corey:

    I am still in SHOCK and I can’t believe he is gone. But, I know its true. 😦 My heart goes out to you and to his family and to everyone who loves him. My favorite movie of both of you together will always be, “Lost Boys!” Take care, Corey and may GOD be with you, Corey’s family and all his dear fans who love him! R.I.P. Corey Ian Haim!

  452. Sorry to hear about Corey. You two were always a favorite of mine growing up. Never forget the great ones.

  453. Corey, I’m so sorry for the loss. Growing up in the 80’s, you both were a huge deal to me. I just loved both of you as a kid and as an adult.
    Waking up to the news stating Corey Haim died, I just was stunned. I never cried over the loss of a celeb, but after watching you on Larry King, you moved me to tears. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and Corey’s family.

  454. I am so sorry for your loss, Corey. This is just heart-breaking, can’t imagine how you must feel. You have always been his true friend. Sorry for some stupid comments on the web, don’t mind heartless people.

    I didn’t realize you’ve lost so many friends and loved ones. Please stay strong and I pray that you never feel guilty over things out of your control.
    You 2 Coreys are true legends, he will be so missed. So tough that nothing could save him. Hope he’s in a better place.
    You take care, cause you’re the only Corey we have now!:)
    Peace and love!

  455. I am so sorry Corey. I was listening to the Lost Boys original soundtrack the day before Corey passed… I didn’t know him but one could see he was a good soul. His spirit will live on for there is more to life than just these vessels we call home. xx Take care Corey. We don’t know you but we love you.

  456. I am at a loss for words……….

  457. Hi Corey,
    My name is LaKeisha Chestnut. I’m 34 years old, and a HUGE fan yours and Corey Haim. No words can express the pain that I am feeling about his loss. He was one of a kind and a very special person, and he will be sorely missed. Especially by me. I remember going to the movies to see “The Lost Boys” and I was so excited to see the both of you in it. Then to see “License to Drive”, the both of you had me in stitches from laughing so hard. I shared part of my childhood and teenage years with you. I would wake up every morning before I went to school and say good morning to my posters. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were side by side. You both were very much apart of my life, and I thank you.

    Corey, you, your family, and especially the Haim family are in my prayers. God Bless You! Peace be with you…

    RIP Corey Ian Haim

    “And I take with me the memories to be my sunshine after the rain..It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday…” Boyz II Men
    “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday”

  458. Corey,

    I know there can’t be any words to express what you must be going through right now. I have always loved watching the two of you together- not only because you’re both great actors, but also because I loved witnessing the unique bond between the two of you. It made you special actors, but it is even more amazing, from a non-celebrity point of view, to see that “ordinary” part of how you unconditionally loved Corey, your soul brother. Whether you were hanging out on the best of terms or whether you were kicking his ass & giving him the tough love he often needed, you always had his back. Corey very much reminds me of my own brother- a wonderful, loving person who has so much to give but has too many times let hard knocks & his own demons get in the way of being the great person he could be. His death truly saddens me. If I could leave any imprint in this, I would want it to be known that I honor his legacy, as a genuinely great actor & a great person. & whether you can get next to this now or not, what an honor it must be to have someone in your life like you have been in his. You are a great person Corey. & I’m sure your brother is echoing that & always will!

    Love & support, Jenny

  459. I just wanted to stop by and say I’m sorry for your loss. Its really hard losing a friend. I’m sure you don’t remember me or even Austin, but I’m hoping that Corey and Austin are having a great time, where ever they are. Just know that no matter what they are people that look up to you and Austin thought that both you and Corey Haim where the best things in the world and you did great things for him and made his day, even at the end. Its those memories that I will keep of Corey.. the joy and happiness he brought not only to me, but to Austin as well.

  460. I’m so sorry Corey. This has been such a hard time for you lately Many hugs from NY!

    RIP Haimster =(


  461. Corey,

    I have been a great fan of the two of you very talented actors. I’m very sorry for the loss of your great friend/brother Corey. I was also in anticipation of seeing the two of you performing together again. He will be greatly missed. May good fortune for you and your family lessen your suffering.

  462. Dearest Corey,

    I can only say, I am sorry for your pain. I had lost my sister 9 years ago. And that pain is overwhelming. And although it will eventually, get a little easier to bare, it will always be painful.

    There will always be a constant reminder,and you will never forget so many things. I still find myself remembering the strangest little things that will make me laugh from time to time.

    I have had a great goup of friends
    They have truly helped me to grieve the last few years. After, I lost my mother 6 yrs. ago, I felt I was gonna go over the edge.
    I found that having a memorial site and place to go to remember my loved ones always helps me. I light memorial candles everytime I am feeling down, every birthday, holidays and angelversary.

    My advice is to rely on all the moral support you can. I can only imagine how hard this past year has been to you. Two major losses.

    Corey Haim will always be remembered in my heart. The both of you were awesome actors. My sister and I watched both of you growing up.

    I am sure she will be thrilled to have a favorite actor in heaven to be angels with.

    Try to remember one loss on earth is another angel gained in heaven.

    And although it is unfair and his death was so young and tragic, he will be remembered for his artistic talent and great work.

    You will both always be Corey and Corey to me. I had the pleasure of explaining to my son who the two of you were.

    I simply said they are both AWESOME actors from my chidhood and you should watch their movies with me.

  463. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and close friends at this time of sorrow. My deepest sympathy to both the Haim and Feldman’s families.

    Still unable to wrap my brain around the news that Corey Haim has passed away early yesterday morning. He will be sorely missed and the earth has alot less talent with his passing. Hope the huge fallout that you guys had on the “2 Corey’s” second season, you where able to make a “true and honest” mense.

    It’s so true what Corey said about “how we treat the people we share this world with while they are still here to make a difference.” As you don’t know if tomorrow will be to late to treat them better at this moment (as we take it for granted that the sun will and a new day begins).

    R.I.P ~ Corey as you’ll be missed by all and loved dearly. Now you’ll be at ease with yourself. Love you

  464. I can’t imagine what it is to lose a best friend…a brother. I hope that you and all that were close to him, and his true heart find consolation in this ugliness. Although I was never a huge fan of his films, I can say that I appreciated the dedication that he had to pursuing what made him happy. There are so many out there that don’t have the courage to do THAT, and you have to respect the hell out of it. He leaves behind him, what appear to be a legion a fans, that I hope can learn that listening to that voice in your heart can take you anywhere, but also to be wary of the pitfalls of success.

  465. i wanted to request to keep this comment private….but i was thinking about it today and it’s bothering me now that i didn’t mention it before…when i met corey, it was around the time the two of you weren’t speaking and i have to tell you, we did talk about you that day, and even in the midst of the problems, he did seem to genuinely miss you and he stood up for you. even when you guys were arguing!! not many people would do that. i know that there have been people i had been friends on and off with through the years…and they would definitely have never done that for me. and i just wanted you to know about that moment. i know you already know how much he loved you like a brother so you don’t need to hear it from me, but maybe just a friendly reminder. as others have said, don’t let this break you. you’re still in my prayers. *hugs*

  466. I posted yesterday, but wanted to say a little more today.
    Just know you are a great person.
    You were a great friend to Corey.
    You are an awesome actor and person.

    I don’t know you or Corey Haim, but same age and grew up watching you guys. Wish I could have told him what I just told you.

    Be Strong!

  467. I couldn’t be more sick to my stomach for you, Corey’s family and your family…because that’s exactly just what he was…your family. I know that you guys have always been 100% independent people but there was nothing like you two together. I’m 36 next month so I remember ever last line from every movie. I can guarantee that my walls couldn’t be seen when I was in middle and high school. I can’t even express to you how sick I have been about the lack of support for both of your careers. In fact, that’s the very first thing that came to my mind (besides you) when I heard of Corey’s tragic end. There have been so many years when I was wishing that you guys would come out swinging and take the whole industry over again as the pair that you once were. Here’s the thing…you have been Corey’s rock for his whole life and there are a big group of us out there that believe in you and what you have to offer. You owe it to yourself and that talented, gorgeous boy that we are going to miss from our very depths. I saw your CNN interview…you are grown, very intelligent, and well spoken man. I hope that whatever you want to come from this tragedy is fully realized. You were right when you said that Hollywood abandons people and makes a mockery of them…just as if human life is expendable…however, we are out there. There are people like me who will never forget the very coolness that we only wish that we had a speck of….when I first saw Dream a Little Dream I thought that I had gone to heaven and I wanted to be right between you two. You had it before and you will have it again. I am not well put together when I am writing this to you because my head is jumbled. I wasn’t even going to bother because with a loss of this magnitude what are you really going to gain from some fan that you have never met…my only hope I guess is that you realize that I want nothing more than you to be happy and successful. I have (since I was 12) wanted to meet you…I won’t be able to if you fade away. Corey…prove the assholes wrong and take back your world…Haim will be smilin with you and helping you all the way…You can bet he’s one of the first people that I want to meet when I am lucky enough to go to Heaven…ROCK ON Corey…much love and respect!

  468. I wish I could find some words that would help. My thoughts are with your families…

    ~Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.~ Dalai Lama

  469. My condolences to your families during this tragic time.

  470. Corey,

    First of all I would like to send my condolences to you and your family as well as Corey Haims family. This is a sad time in a lot of lives right now including mine. I watched you and Haim grow up and I was pretty concerned that the first thing that they announced on the news that he had died of a drug overdose. That was very wrong of them on their part. I know he had a problem in the past but I do not believe that is true. Haim was a beautiful person and like you i am ashamed of fellow actors, actressses that knew him and who were not there for him over the years when he needed them the most. You were his best friend, Brother, a beautiful friendship with ups and downs. And I think that if you hadn’t had been there for him then he wouldn’t have been here at all. So i would like to thank you for helping him live his life the best he could and being there for him. You two were who i grew up with on the screen and will forever remain in my heart just the same. Take Care and again, my condolences. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

  471. I’m so sorry about the loss of your best friend/brother. I know this must be so hard for you. You were a good friend to him.

    I’m so sad over Corey’s death. I’m a huge fan of both of your movies. Seeing either of you makes me flash back to my youth and fun carefree days. I loved lost boys and license to drive. License to drive was the first movie I saw in a movie theater with friends. You two bring back fun memories.

    I had the pleasure of Meeting Corey Haim two years ago at Monster Mania in NJ. Let me tell you Corey Haim was a nice guy who treated his fans with respect. It was a lot of fun meeting him. He was funny and kind and he will be missed. I was able to see your Q&A and it was really great of you to do the Q&A I enjoyed myself…thank you!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Corey’s Family. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman thank you for making all the great movies.
    You are both a huge part of my childhood. I had your posters on my wall as a child lol. You were both the 80’s. The 80’s would have sucked with out you two.

    Corey Feldman please come back to NJ monster Mania. I go every year and I’d love to be able to meet you. Two years ago I didn’t get the chance because I got to the monster mania too late.

    Rest In Peace Corey Haim. You were loved and admired and will be missed by all of your friends and family and fans. You were an Idol and a legend and you will not be forgotten.

  472. Hi I have been a fan of you and corey since the 80’s my walls was cover with the two of you.I’m sorry for all of your loss .I know t’s hard I just lost my father a few months ago to lung cancer and still in a daze from time to time.I hated the way the media is treating this they already know what happen when I feel and want to believe they are futher from the truth.It mite not mean much but you and Haims family I’m sorry is all i can say right now and he will still be one of my favorite actors

  473. I’ve been in a sort of shock since hearing the news. You two were my idols growing up. I can only extend my deepest sympathies to you and his family. He will be greatly missed, I only wish he could have known while he was alive how much he affected people, he was a rare talent and both of you have had a huge impact in my life. I hope that… well I hope a lot of things. My best goes out to you and his mother. Just don’t give up, there are still many people who get excited to see your name in the credit roll at the end of a movie.

  474. Corey, I think you are very brave for speaking out about the way the world treats celebrities. I’m sure it was very hard for you to do the interview with Larry king. But thank you for being brave and strong and saying what needed to be said. I agree with everything you said. We should not tolerate people being treated this way. it’s not right or funny to point and laugh at another human being. I hate tabloids and the garbage they spread around. Stay strong Corey!

  475. Open Letter to Corey Feldman
    This letter comes from my heart and has no hidden agenda attached to it. I write this letter to you in hopes that you will consider my words as nothing more than my feeble attempt to shift a perspective that you may have away from everything that has proven to be a dead end to you in the past. If you look at what is around you or in the understanding which you already posses of this subject you may not get too far into this letter before you cast it aside. However, if you read it in its entirety and with the understanding that it comes from one who has nothing but real concern for you, you may just find the peace that has been so illusive to you. Here we go.
    I was stunned at the passing of Corey Haim. The thing about death is, it is so final. There is no getting another chance among the living once this life ends. After all the (evil) of the media kicking around your dear friend Corey after his passing, I, for some unknown reason, raised my hands in victory when I heard that he died of an enlarged heart and that his lungs filled up with water. I know this is not the scientific explanation of what happened but for one such as he, who found it easier to abide in self medicating, I believe I see it as…Corey Haim died of a heart that was to large and I could write at least 10 metaphors to attach to it. He died of his lungs filling with water, or as I see it he died full of tears that had nowhere to go. May this not happen to you.
    I say respectfully to you sir, you are trapped into the same fate as he unless you heed the following warning. I know One who loves you. Although you do not know the One I speak of, I am convinced that you are loved by Him with a force and a power that is far, far beyond anything you have ever known. Take this advice from a broken, humble man. There is a Jesus Christ who is not the Jesus that you know about nor is He the Jesus that a preacher has told you about. Put all that aside. Put all you preconceived understanding aside and know this, there is One God, and He is the Lord God Almighty and He is far above every other god. And it is He who loves (you). This love you do not know, this love you cannot contain, nor can I and so I write to you in hopes that you will know it. This God you do not know, not really, not within the very fiber of your being. This God says, ‘Corey, after all you have done, after all the pain you have caused and after anything that you may remember from your past or present, I sent (My) Son to die in (your) place’. Just imagine it, ponder it for a moment. Someone paying a debt like that. I know someone like that and it is (He) who is your best friend and no other. There is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it brings only death.
    You pay nothing for this love because it is freely given. You do nothing for this love because, it is freely received. I don’t care what some TV preacher has told you in the past, all they want is your money. You should pity them for what will happen to their souls after this life. Think of it like this, long before your great, great grandparents were ever thought of, the One True God knew every mistake you would ever make, and He still sent His Son to be the perfect sacrifice for you because you were born separated from God. He knew you could not stand on judgment day before Him because you were a good person or that you had a kind heart, which you do, but someone, some sacrifice could, if it was perfect. One drop of blood from Jesus Christ that fell from His perfect, sinless body is far more than enough to (take away) the sins of the entire planet and if no one ever believed in Him from the beginning of time until now, and (you) were the only one who believed in Him, He would have still died, just as He did and just for you. I know. It sounds like a lie but is the purest of truth. God does not want you to be good, God wants to get (glory) from your life. I wish I could say all this to you face to face, man to man. Nothing on this earth and no demon from Hell could ever cause my faith in Christ to diminish, waver or leave, it would be like trying to separate my bone morrow from my bones. Can you imagine you having something you believed in like that? Not that I don’t fall flat on my face often because I do, but I know in whom I have believed and I am persuaded that He is able to keep me until that final day. That is what I want for you. Take this advice from a homeless guy, when you realize Jesus Christ is all you have you will know that Jesus Christ is all you need. I am not saying to walk away from everything I am saying run to the open arms of Christ because He still says to you, ‘I don’t care where you’ve been sleeping, I don’t care who’s made your bed, I already gave My life to set you free and there’s no sin you can imagine that is stronger than My love (and it’s all yours) if you will come home again to me.’ Robert Scott Stiner, worm

  476. When I watched the Two Corey’s, I was saddened by Corey Haim’s comments. I could feel his sadness! I wanted to reach out to him, but didn’t know how!
    My ex-boyfriend of eight years is a crack addict, He is 37yrs old. He has been an addict since age 15! I alway’s thought I could change him. I realized I can’t, and I recently left him!
    Addiction is a very dark & lonely disease. I have cried alone, and I have felt alone while my ex was out getting high, and didn’t come home till days later.
    Corey Feldman, you are absolutely right when you asked “where was every body to help support Corey Haim while he was alive”. I have asked myself that same question about my ex. “Where is everybody, why am I the only one trying to help”?
    Just Know that YOU did what you could do, as I did what I could do for my ex.
    Corey Haim will be missed by me, and I pray I do not lose my ex, my 6 yr olds father, in an early death as well!
    Much love Shannon

  477. We share your loss. You two Coreys were a part of my childhood memories. You were a good friend to him. May he find peace now.

  478. Corey, March 10th will be a sad day to remember. I loved Corey Haim he was an amazing human being. you couldn’t said it better your self “a tormented soul” now he is resting in peace..thank you for asking people to respect his death. I am glad that you guys were friends again, because when you guys weren’t speaking to each other it broke my heart. I knew that your frienship was for real and you would be brothers until the end of time. All we have to think about now is that we have a new Angel in heaven watching over us. Take care of Judy she will need you now and give her my condolences.


  479. Dear Corey,
    Words cannot express the loss I feel over the loss of Corey Haim. Growing up as an 80’s child, I grew up on your movies and watched you guys on “The Two Coreys” every Sunday night religiously. When I heard the news, my first thought was OMG poor Corey. As in Jewish custom, I will be lighting a memorial candle for him. Please stay strong for yourself and for Judy. G-d bless you.

  480. Hi Corey. So sorry for your loss. My thoughts and heart are with you and your family. Both you and Corey Haim adorned my bedroom walls growing up, and now as a mother of two, I am saddened at this tragic ending. Having watched the “Two Coreys” on A&E I got a glimpse into his struggle with life.I want to commend you on your recent interview I watched on Larry King. I totally agree with what you are saying. I said the same thing to my husband when we heard the news of Coreys passing. Every channel we turned to, it was headline news. Everyone wanted to know what happened, how it happened. why it happened. All of a sudden Hollywood cared. It angered and saddened me. I beleive we all choose our paths in life ,but for a small few it seems the path is chosen for us. Through it all, Corey always managed to have a smile on his face. I wish everyone in the world a friend like you atleast once in their life. You were his one constant throught it all. At the end of the day, we are all just people right? Chin up, take care and rock on!

  481. I made this account just to say I am sorry for your loss. I hope that the outpouring of support to you and your family as well as the haim family will help lessen the pain just a little. I know from experience that nothing can ever erase the pain. I am a child of the 80’s I grew up with the Two Coreys. Thank you for what you said on LKL. You truly hit home with it. I loved seeing the 2 of you togehter on A&E. It just shows more so that we are all human! No one is perfect! We all have our problems. I wish I was closer to Cali. I would try my best to be at the service for him. There will always be a very special place in my heart for you, Corey, and your respective families.(Though it was one family between the two of you). The Movies you both did gave me so much joy as a child and as an Adult. Nothing will ever replace that in my life. Take care of yourself Corey. My thoughts and prayers will be with all of you!

  482. Welcome to the Machine
    Dedicated to Corey Haim

    The constant banter around you seems to be never ending, the laughing the gossiping the sorrow. When will it ever end.

    When your attitude is governed by those around you but yet they have no sight to see. Where no life seems substantial to the life your leading. All quick to judge but never a fallen word to ever touch your golden armor incased in ridicule and injustice.

    Enamored ideas quick to die before the pen touches the paper. Oh world ingest me, talk about me and spit me out to die upon the fields of memories that lie with the millions before me.

    Is it me in this world alone. Everyone see’s me but do they really see me Do you know me Do you even care. When the night closes in and I shut my eyes it is only me that knows the real sorrow my soul yearns.

    It feeds off of us till we have nothing left to give, when we have nothing to give it still takes until we are bottomless zombies. Doing day in and day out the same thing to make a living to move one step closer …..

    Untouchable I am not. For no one will ever reveal what my thoughts have crossed, the things that have registered across the mind, for an emblazed sword to die by will never reveal the truth behind the lies. My own battle is always more significant than the kin.

    What you ask of me may seem menial but it may not be in grasp till the end of time. Let me be a bird not one of sorrow, let my wings be mended and my heart not heavy. Divert me from the beaten path

    Don’t look pity down upon me. For its the machine of the mind that questions, that wonders but will never truly see, for it is destiny that is laid out and in the end it is just another beginning. See you on the other side where the light shines brighter than it ever did.

    Corey(s) – Art has many forms and I am so proud of you two to have expressed yours.

    Peace~Love~God Bless

  483. Corey,

    I am so truly sorry for the loss of your best friend Corey Haim. I grew up watching you both in the 80’s. I never missed a movie either of you were in. Just know that while people in Hollywood put him down, his fans never did. He was a great actor and had many fans who loved and adored him. I know that you did the best you could to be there for him. Just know that you, Corey Haim, and family and friends are all in my thoughts and prayers at this tough time. I hope that this can be a wake up call to many around the world to help people when needed and not to kick them when they are down.

  484. In 1994, when I was 18 years-old, my friend Leigh and I met Corey Haim on Melrose Avenue. We were two starstruck Alabama girls. He was extremely kind and gracious to us. He posed for a picture and offered us a smoke. He was a real sweetheart. I’m 34 now and the memory still makes me smile. And the three of us made a damn fine photo, I must say. I grew up loving the two of you. Your movies spoke to me as a kid and still do. I’m sorry you’ve lost your best friend, Corey. 38 years aren’t near enough on this earth.

  485. I wrote here yesterday. Forgot to add that my 9 year old son’s middle name is Lucas -yes, from Haim’s movie.

    It looks like Judy is moving to Toronto to move closer to family (where Haim will be, along with daughter(?). So, now she will no longer live near you? I’m assuming that is another loss for you. Heartbreaking. My heart is so heavy for you. And his mother. And his family.

    Corey, can you tell us, whenever you are able to (we understand it may take a long time) what you are doing, how you are coping, what your thoughts are?

  486. My condolences to Corey Haim’s family and friends on his death. I grew up with him..he’s actually only two years older than I am. And I had tons of posters of him on my wall back when I was a teen. I kept thinking about him over the years, and was hoping to see a comeback of him in films. I was excited when the Two Corey’s came on, I watched every episode. I always thought he was funny and cute, and I just loved the way he smiled and laughed. I wish I had a chance to meet him. May God Bless Corey’s soul on his passage way to heaven!!!

    To Corey Feldman: You are an amazing friend to Corey Haim, not many people can say they have a friend like you and I know it helped him having someone like you in his life. You always seem to be there for him.

  487. I found it difficult to get up this morning, I can only imagine what you may be going through.

    Please know that you are not alone. Corey’s light shone on us all and he will be dearly missed. It is your time to be close to friends and family right now. As a mother, I know the power of time well spent with your child.


  488. im not sure how many people have seen this but i wanted to get the word out there. Coreys family is asking for donations to pay for his funeral. if anyone wants to help go to his official myspace page http://www.myspace.com/coreyianhaim and on the right hand side you can see all the latest blogs. there is one about how to make donations via paypal or with a check. if you can help that would be awesome!

  489. Corey,
    I don’t know if you’ll read this, and I don’t usually post on blogs at all, but I wanted to send my sympathy to you. Corey is referred to repeatedly in articles as a tortured soul. I had a very similar situation with my friend, Melanie. She, too, lost her life to drugs. I hope God will grant you peace through the memories I know you must cherish… and the comfort that His grace was there for Corey and is still there for those left behind. I will say a prayer for you and your son tonight.

  490. Corey,
    I have so many fond memories of my childhood and teen years, watching you and Corey in the films together, plastering my walls with your posters and wearing out my “Lost Boys” soundtrack cassette tape. As I was also born in ’71, I have always felt as though we all kind of grew up together. I never have had the pleasure of meeting either one of you, but have felt a connection, none the less. In recent years, on “The Two Coreys,” I got to relive some of those memories. I also saw the love you had for your friend and how much you wanted him to succeed. It made me so proud of you and showed that “our” generation was truly compassionate, humble and strong. Now, being dealt this blow of the loss of Corey, you have once again shown your compassion, humbleness and strength. Your words ring loud and true. And somewhere, Corey is so proud and awed at your devotion and love. Please let his family know of all of the love and support being offered from fans around the world. Corey will live on in our hearts always and on the screen forever. And may you and your family find comfort and strength in each other to face the coming days, weeks, months and years.
    The world is a better place having known Corey Haim.
    Much love to you, Corey Feldman, for we are so blessed to have you as a shining example of true love and friendship.

  491. Corey, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your long-time friend and brother. I wish you all peace through this sad and lonely time.

  492. Dearest Corey Feldman,
    I want to offer my sincere condolences, words alone cannot express my well wishes for you (Corey), Corey Haim, & his family…

    I was raised in Hollwood, Ca. So close to tinsletown but yet so far away i grew up with the “2 Corey’s 80’s film Legacy.” Although as i a fan most of us never get to make the acquaintance as the audience we feel as though you are part of the family, when you laugh, we laugh when you triumph we apploud! When you cry we also cry and mourn with you, “you are not alone”.

    What truely can be said…it’s made me feel my own mortality.
    I never had the chance to have meet Corey H. but he was everyone’s beloved little brother. Once upon atime @ the American Music Awards show we exchanged some industry candor backstage Micheal Jackson era. That’s when i formed the opinion that you are a talented and genuine person.

    Cheer’s!!!!!! to you Cory for your truthfulness on The Larry King show. And I tip my hat to Mr. King for honoring Corey Haim. You handled yourself with great poise and can forevermore hold your head high for sticking up for Corey and being a true brother & Best friend. You showed integrity and words that many fans would love to say in open forum to the industry. It is they who is the money making machine that creates a suierstar, they giveth and taketh away…shame on them.

    I watched the Oscar’s and my friends and i thought the 80’s stars during the John Hughes tribute were treated cooly, snubbed by the new A & B List. They would do well to look at themeselves, what happened to Corey H. his story and the other forgotten Lost Boy’s & Girl’s of Hollywood and think were they will be in the future and only hope that they have a brother like you that stayed, thru infinitey.

    I tip my hat to you and yours, hang in their Corey i truely wish and hope that “the twitters” donate to help Corey’s ailing mother and family, to bury him with the dignity that he deserves as a Movie Star.

    Be well & Best always

  493. Btw i have never made a comment on any forum, but i also wanted to say thanks Corey for the blog you have so that we can all share on here. Everyone has such beautiful stories…

  494. I just wanted to stop by and let you know how extremely proud of you I was for standing up for your brother Corey Haim on Larry King Live last night! I especially loved the part where you talked about people jumping the gun on things & where have they been the last 15 years. I’m only 21, but I’ve loved every single movie you both have been in & you both seem like amazing people.
    Just because someone has inner demons doesn’t mean they’re necessarily a bad person, I’ve known people that have many inner demons but are still great people . I feel horrible that people were talking bad about Corey, even though he never did anything to anyone.
    I just wanted to let you know how proud I was that you stood up for your brother, your best friend Corey Haim! That took major guts and it made me so very happy for someone to stand up for him! I hope you can find peace & know that he’s with you every single moment. I hope you find some comfort and realize that things will be okay.
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ rip corey haim.

  495. I am from Toronto and I will be trying to show my respects to Corey Haim.. I am so sad about his death and it’s such an eye opener that people need to think about themselves and if they are in the same type of situation to know that whatever happens in your life you will ALWAYS have someone there who loves you. He was my first teen crush and I remember putting magazine pictures up on my wall from BOP… Oh the days…

    I would SOOOO love if I can get his paintings and create a findraiser and sell them to raise money for active programs on drug rehabilitation for kids out there struggling…. I think that would make Corey Haim proud of what all the accomplishments he’s done in his life. He will NEVER be forgotten…. NEVER. Miss you Corey XOXOXOXO Jody

  496. There is nothing I can say that thousands of people have not already said (as evidenced by this blog and the responses). Never having known him, I cannot comprehend the immense hole that must surely be left by his passing. As a fan, I can only say that I am still in shock. You and he were the “wallpaper” in my bedroom as a tween. It drove my parents nuts. You are certainly in my prayers. I do want to thank you for stating in your interview with Larry King to wait for the autopsy to state a cause of death. To me, that was the ultimate in class. None of us know. It was unprofessional of the reporters and especially the police to put their own thoughts out there as fact. You have my respect for that. May the prayers I know are being lifted for you, for Corey, for his family, bring you peace as you find your way through this difficult time.

  497. I guess what I meant is to put the idea out there to have someone set up a fundraiser and sell his paintings to raise money… I would love to buy one.. He will never be forgotten!! PS: Corey Haim was so lucky to have a friend like you in his life when he was alive…

  498. Words could not have been expressed any better than what you said on Larry King Live. To have an industry be so accepting of you, yet turn their back on you in later years when times are tough, is just incomprehensible. Yes, it’s a beautiful thing that so many people are expressing their love, sadness, compassion, condolences, et al., for Corey. But I can pretty much bet that if more people had his back all along, this blog that I’m commenting on right now wouldn’t even exsist. If anything good can come out of all of this, hopefully the “powers that be” in the industry will open their eyes and become more human. Maybe a future ‘lost boy’ can be prevented then… take care, and best always… Trisha

  499. Corey, Everything I would want to say to you has already been said on here. I do want to say though that you’ve been through a lot lately and to please take care of yourself. It’s going to be like an emotional roller coaster for you for awhile but always remember tomorrow is another day. When you feel at your worst, step outside and look up towards the sun. My heart aches for the pain I know you, the family and everyone who was ever touched by the light of Corey Haim’s smile. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I hope he is finally at peace…

  500. My heart aches for you and Corey’s family. Last week, I bought The Lost Boys and watched it on Tuesday. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed watching the two of you. I grew up buying the teen magazines just to plaster your pictures all over my bedroom.

    I saw you on Larry King and I, too, wish that Corey Haim knew how people felt about him. This is the reason I am writing to you, because you are also a legend. You helped define a decade. From Friday the 13th, the Goonies, and the Lost Boys, I have always enjoyed watching you.

  501. Corey – The truth is that I’ve checked the websites of you and Corey Haim from time to time to see how you were both doing. I’ve never left a note. It seemed a little odd to me that someone old enough to be you mother would be blogging with you kids. Now it is clear that if I have something to say, just say it. You are a really talented young man in a tough business. Anyone who survives in show business as long as you have is an extraordinary person. What a huge talent! Amazing because you are still so young and have so much ahead of you. God be with you and your son. I wish you all the best professionally and personally and look forward to seeing you in the movies and on the credits.:)

  502. God,It’s one of the saddest things I’ve seen…Corey’s personal items of clothing and shoes on EBay to help raise money to fly his body back to Canada and for his burial.I know it’s one way to raise money,but I just can’t own a piece of something of his,knowing the only reason I have it is because he passed.Just too sad for me.His worn UGG boots had me in tears.I could see him wearing them…too,too sad.
    I just want to help…I don’t want anything in return.
    I WILL however, be donating to the Corey Haim Fund his mother, Judy, has set up on his official website. I don’t have very
    much to give,but I hope somehow it will help. It’s the very least I can do,after Corey gave me so many years of great entertainment on film and television.
    God Bless his family…His mother,Judy,who is in my prayers as she deals with this very difficult loss and who is battling Cancer.I pray she recovers quickly.
    And God Bless you Corey for being such a good friend to Corey…prpbably his only true friend.
    May Corey now be a beautiful angel watching over all of you.
    Jennifer S.

  503. i am truly sorry for your loss. i loved corey. he was a good soul and just wanted love… sucks it had to be him.

  504. When I was 9 or so my parents divorced and I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle for a year. I was teased and ostracized, I was completely alone. At least it seem so from the outside. I had just seen Lost Boys and I had seen Lucas. In Lucas I had seen somebody I totally understood. The character Cory portrayed got me though a tuff time. That “don’t give in to their shit” attitude helped me to cope with everything.
    A little while later my affection for both of you was solidified when I saw Dream a Little Dream, I still own the soundtrack and listen to it often.

    I met Cory when I worked at a shop in Toronto. I barely recognized him, even though I memorized his face when I was 9. It broke my heart to realize how much the drug abuse had hurt him and his spirit. But in the last while I saw a spark, in the interviews and small paparazzi encounters I saw on TV. I really hope that he was free of his demons, but mostly I’m sad. I’m sad that his talent will never be fully realized, that he won’t bloom into the actor he should have been. So I hope you keep going, and show your full potential. Do it for yourself, for him, and for your fans.

  505. Hey Corey,

    Long time fan, first time writer. Thought this was the time. I’ve loved you guys since Lost Boys and License to Drive. This is a big loss for us all. I hope you know you have the support of your fans. Corey Haim will be missed dearly and we will always remember him for who he was. This goes out to him and all his loved ones. May peace be with him and with us all.

  506. I am so sorry for your loss. It is always so tragic when someone dies so young. He will be missed my many….. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Remember that Corey will always be alive in your heart and memories. Hugs

  507. Dearest Corey..
    Please know we are all thinking of you- and praying you will get through this sad sad time- missing your brother Cory H….Although we may seem like distant fans wishing you well- please believe that we really do hope that you will keep strong, keep brave, keep going on- and you are a wonderful person that deserves good things- Peace and love to you and to Corey – he is surely still with us all…love ya to bits- Jules from Australia..xxxxxxxxx

  508. It’s always sad when someone is gone too soon but especially Corey Haim. I was really hoping he would get himself together and have a huge “comeback” similar to what Robert Downey Jr did. Ever since i saw the first episode of “The Two Coreys” I wished I could have met with and talked to him about the things that seemed to be bothering him. I have some experience in that area having been an abused child & teenage runaway and just really felt like I knew a little bit about what was going on in his head. Very sad. At least he is at peace now. As for you, Mr. Feldman, keep your head up, stay positive and kick Hollywood’s ass for “The Two Coreys”. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead in your career.

  509. Corey,
    Words seem so useless at times like these. As I sit here writing this to you my heart is breaking for your loss. I know that, like many others, I have not known either you or Corey Haim. For two years of my life I woke every morning to Corey’s face and said a prayer for him each night as I looked at him on my wall. My sister had a school girl crush on you and you were pinned up on her wall for more then 4 years. Not actually knowing you does not mean we do not, did not, care about both of you. As adults we know the hardships of life as both of us were also hurt when we were young. We were blessed to have one of the best Mom’s in the world and she was able to keep us on the right path. With her love and strict guidance we did not go down the path of self destruction. My heart aches for you and Corey not having that same love and protection when you needed it most.
    I know you have had a very difficult year and you may still have some more pain and trials ahead. I just hope you remember how many fans out here still care about you and will pray for you as well. I do not think you are a believer, and I hope my prayers for you and Corey’s family are okay. No matter what God Loves you and given the chance he can bring peace and love into your heart and soul.
    Love, & blessings,

  510. i just wish there was something i could do to make it easier: for you, for me, for everyone to deal with.

  511. this message would want to be only a never ending hug to Corey Haim’s family and friends I’d like to erase all your devastating pain
    maybe I’m not so high to know the truth but he still lives in those sunny days where the wind is tender and everyone who loves him will think about his smile and his energy is still with us,
    and in particular with you Corey,every colour is more scented because he is shining on our lives,I’m italian and his magic is here too, please take good care of you and of everyone
    keep believing in your ideas and to create everything you want

  512. I just wanted to offer my prayers and condolences for you loss. I am just a year older than Corey was and I grew up watching all the movies you guys were in. I can only imagine how you must feel. he will be missed.

  513. I just wanted to offer my prayers and condolences to your family and Corey’s family for your loss. I am just a year older than Corey was and I grew up watching all the movies you guys were in. I can only imagine how you must feel. he will be missed.

  514. It’s sad but so similar to MIchael Jackson in so many ways. So many people turned their backs on MJ for what somebody accused him of doing, nobody knew for sure, but most of the one time fans gave up on MJ called him freak and weird etc. So quick to jump on the bandwagon of what majority said. When MJ died the world and all the followers who once turned their back for some shit they never even knew if it was true or not, started loving MJ again, now look my kids love MJ the radios love MJ the press loves MJ…..Same thing with corey, I was always saddened to see the struggle of Corey Haim. I watched the 2 Coreys both seasons, and he was a mess, it’s unfortunate that he was that far gone, and Corey F. U were lucky and very strong to have beaten your addictions. I was always rotting for Corey Haim and I hope now he can be happy and feel the love that we all have for him but kept silent for so long. So sorry Corey to have not showed my support to u RIP

  515. Corey,I am so sorry for your lose.The news of Corey’s death was devastating.The second I heard I crawled into bed and cried my eyes out.I always hoped and prayed that things would go better for him.I never even meet him and felt a great loss,so I can’t even imagine what you and his family must be feeling.I will always remember him and the amazing movies he gave us all(the both of you).No matter what I will not let the media ruin the way I feel about him or tarnish his name.In my eyes he will always be an amazing actor. He is gone now and I hope and pray the media just lets him rest in peace.Hopefully he has found his.Please take care and live your life the best you can,for the both of you……..

  516. Corey, I am so terribley sorry to hear about the loss of someone so close to you. I grew up watching movies that both of you were part of. Truly, I felt as though a piece of our lives was just lost as it slipped away. I remember my youth and enjoyment where the both of you were involved. I think I must have watched Lost Boys a zillion times! Ahhh, those were the days! Still, it is one of my favorites. I was excited to see you both return a few years ago for your reality series and DVRed it so I would not miss it with my hectic schedule. Though your lives have been in the spotlight, I do not envy the journey you both must have taken. I have the utmost respect for you both as the scrutiny of others is not something I would enjoy. Know that even thouth you may not know me as a woman, I thank you both for such great memories and I hope that you both know, here and beyond that you are amazing and truly appreciated by many. You have touched lives that you could not know you were touching. You both were my escape. (No… not a crazy hermit here, just a woman who loved her Corey’s!) Be gentle, smile, care, and be happy for if you can’t do that, what else is there to do. Hugs and best, Christine!

  517. Hi Corey… you’ve probably never met most of the people on this blog but you’re in our thoughts and we all hope you’re doing okay. Few things are tougher than loss and bereavement – no words can accurately describe that harrowing pain, so if ever you feel like it’s all too much to bear, please come here and soak up the love and support. Last but not least, Haim is in a better place. Where he is there is no pain, no addiction, no financial worries, and no personal struggles. We all miss him, but he’s a free spirit now. Look after yourself ok?

  518. Corey, I think it’s time for Americans to start standing up to these corrupt doctors and politicians who are making it easy for people like Corey Haim who was a known addict various prescriptions all at once. Even if he didn’t die from an overdose he was still getting prescriptions he shouldn’t have gotten. I’m getting tired of it. It would be very simple to have everything in a computer system just like everything else we do these days. Lets get something started before more people die. It’s totally out of control.

  519. So sorry for this loss and what a loss. For me it is a piece of my childhood and it is very sad. We love Corey Haim growing up. For you – I just can’t imagine your pain and we only got to see a glimpse I’m sure of the investment you 2 had in your friendship. Please pass on to his family for us the grief we wish to share with them and you. Again, I’m so sorry for this loss. Thanks for being in the spotlight and sharing pieces of your life with us… thanks for so proactively being a part of everyone else’s life.

  520. I would like to leave a comment, but how can I comment on another person’s life. Corey was put in the hollywood spotlight when he was very young and like everyone who has been in theat small ” California sun” was burned by it’s light, the two of you have struggled with things every day, some big some small and you have been through the lows and the highs, together on rough roads and in the glamour and clammour of friends fans and foes, and now when you need support the most, there are those that would mock Haims memmory with the bad and not the good. The Family of Corey Haim must remember this, Corey was special, and nobody has the right to judge him, we can only remember the very special person that he was and forever will be in our hearts, and that he was your friend and brother, and that with you he will live on and in all of us he will shine. Bless you both for making the world a better place with your presence.

    So with that said here is my comment…

    I am very sorry that you must endure the loss of a loved one, I myself have lost a loved one recently, so my heart goes out to you and you are both in my thoughts and I pray you find relief soon, and that noone traples on Corey’s memmory and good name any more, peace be with you.

    Joseph Timmons

  521. I just read through some of this… thought… instead of hoping to get a Producer to like your work enough to foot the bill why not ask the fans to pitch in. Now I know we do in the end paying for our tickets and such, but for those Artists who struggled to get back into their spot like Corey Haim did for a time, it would’ve been nice for HIM to know firsthand that so many fans were still behind him, expecting from him, hoping for him and not like wolves trying to get piece of him but like people who really just love people. Maybe if we’d all just lent a hand… I’m so sorry life ultimately broke his heart the other day. How very sad.

  522. Coming from someone who can relate to the loss of many close people in recent years, I can understand how you feel. All of these beautiful people I knew passed too soon. Untimely. It’s hard to handle the pain after having so much love for those, but do not be sad if only for one reason. The reason: In all of the lifetimes, despite the odds, you had the honor and privledge of knowing these people. People who were good to you; these people who loved you back. How awesome a feeling to know that. Keep something in mind, your loved ones never die in vain. The positive inspiration of their existance, their purpose, may never be seen by me or you, but it’s out there. Know that. Keep your faith and your memories created by those loved ones who knew ,accepted, and loved you unconditionally. I’m sorry for your loss, Corey. If you’re not already familiar with the song below, please read the lyrics. It says it all…

    Do You Realize (by The Flaming Lips)

    Do You Realize – that you have the most beautiful face
    Do You Realize – we’re floating in space –
    Do You Realize – that happiness makes you cry
    Do You Realize – that everyone you know someday will die

    And instead of saying all of your goodbyes – let them know
    You realize that life goes fast
    It’s hard to make the good things last
    You realize the sun doesn’t go down
    It’s just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

    Do You Realize – Oh – Oh – Oh
    Do You Realize – that everyone you know
    Someday will die –

    And instead of saying all of your goodbyes – let them know
    You realize that life goes fast
    It’s hard to make the good things last
    You realize the sun doesn’t go down
    It’s just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

    Do You Realize – that you have the most beautiful face
    Do You Realize

  523. Sorry this happen,I was hoping to see both of you in a show together again. I would like to say thank you for what you did to stick up for your brother.I will pray for you all,but are memories will be there to keep him alive. take care of your self thanks for all the shows Doug

  524. Dearest Corey
    I’m sitting here in Scotland and still finding it hard to believe what has happened. I am sending you my deepest love for your loss and indeed to Corey’s family. Of all of Hollwood, The Haimster was my star. I’ve been to LA several times and kept hoping to meet you guys..yeh, LA is big and I’m wee town, small country, so was never going to happen….. I just wanted to tell you how much I love you both and what a huge impact you had on my teenage years and of all my friends. The Coreys ROCK. You always will. Brothers never die. There’s a very bright star in our sky.

    Love Lorna Lagerman

  525. I’m so sorry for the loss Corey.

  526. I received a phone call at 8 am on March 10, 2010 from my best friend telling me that Corey Haim had died and he asked me if it was a sick joke? I immediately turned on CNN and there it was…OMG the one thing that I hoped to never watch on the news was finally coming true😦 So sad….It’s been 3 days since I heard that tragic news and It still saddens me to think that we as a nation have lost another great actor so senselessly. My first reaction was of course sadness and grief for his friends, especially you Corey, and his famioy…but then I became outraged that this has happened yet again!! OMFG…why do doctor’s keep doing this?? Do they really believe that the meds they prescribe are ok?? Do they not warn their patients?? That CIV isn’t just a decoration for christ’s sake!! I really hope that someone can bring something postive out of this tragic situation…because that’s exactly what it is, tragic….another beautiful soul lost.
    I know that Haimster was tormented by something that he just couldn’t get passed and I am now hoping that maybe, just maybe he can be free of those demons that kept him awake at night and have a peaceful time in heaven to be the beautiful man/friend/brother/lover etc that we all knew him to be….my condolences go out to all of his fans, friends, family and anyone who ever loved him:) RIP Corey, RIP my friend

  527. Hello Corey. I know this is such a rough time for everyone in Corey’s life. I just wanted you to know that so many of us have remained loyal fans of Corey and yourself even if we haven’t seen any really recent movies lately. I was on my way to work when I heard this news, and it is shocking and so very sad. Anyone who had knowledge of Corey’s passing spoke nothing but kind words and praises about his talents and abilities. You are both people we grew up watching and it is tragic the way that Hollywood can just throw someone aside and even worse is the way in which the media only follows up with these actors’ lives when they are hitting the potholes in their lives. Honestly, I know that I often wondered where is Corey Haim now and why don’t we see him anymore in new movies back in the 90’s. I am 28 and as an adolescent was entranced by the Corey Corey work both of you done. I watched The Two Coreys when it came on and was so glad to see anything that had Corey Haim back on television. I remember thinking throughout the 1st season how he just needed to know that there were people who cared and still wanted him around. He seemed at that time sad, lonely, and confused about what path to take that would lead to happiness for him. I also seen how hard you always tried and can only hope that I have at least one friend who can be brave enough to let me know when I need help or just be there when I’m down as you were for him. It is hard to be the person needed and I have learned this lesson well. But you stood by him and that is what anyone would hope to find in a best friend. There are no words that will make the loss of someone so important to you better, and I am aware of this, but I did want you to know that Corey Haim was still important to many people even if we are the little people and we never gave a crap what the media said or that Hollywood didn’t see the shining star that we all did, because the little people still absolutely adored him and we will notice his absence, even if it is quietly because the media doesn’t care what we think. Everything you said on Larry King Live was so very right and I applaud you for it. I am just so sorry that he is gone, and maybe one day the media jerks will realize that tearing people down is a reflection of their own self-loathing and jealousy that they were for whatever reason not talented enough to do more than take pictures and say nasty things about the talented. I just wish Corey could’ve known how the “common” people felt about him before this happened, so that he would never have doubted that he was still thought of with great fondness. I hope your family and Coreys’ can get through this. Just…. sorry.

  528. Hi, Corey (if you’re reading this, that is, heh heh), When I heard about Mr. Haim’s death, the first thought in my mind was of you and how you devastated you’d be. Let me just say that my heart goes out to you and Corey’s family, words cannot express how truly sorry I am for your loss. It indeed was a tragic loss of someone who went through a lot in his life, and was trying to make a comeback in a big way. He was quite a treasure of a talent, and although I didn’t really get to see all of the movies that you both were in while I was growing up in the 80’s, to this day, The Lost Boys is still one of my favorite vampire films of all time. They just don’t make good vampire films like that anymore. Seriously. When I saw Lost Boys 2, when Sam shows up in the last scene, and he and Edgar talk, there just seemed to be a bit of reality there, like it wasn’t just Sam and Edgar talking, it was the Coreys having that long “overdue” conversation about where things went wrong in both their careers and as best friends. If there was anything remotely memorable about LB2, it was just that scene, not to say that LB2 wasn’t good, but, let’s just say that I think there are some of us who didn’t see that same element of awesomeness in that film that us kids of the 80s saw of the first Lost Boys. I think we just missed seeing David, Michael, Star, and even Sam in the entire film. Or maybe we’re just too old to understand the awesomeness of the sequel to a masterpiece of vampire/horror films. okay, I’ll shut up now. heh heh.
    Anyhow, Corey Haim will surely be missed.

    Take care, and blessed be, Corey. May you find comfort in the days to come.

    RIP Corey Haim

  529. Corey,

    It looks like you have a lot of support out here, we’re all here for you if you need us don’t ever forget that.

  530. .You know…At times like this one has to fight the inclination to try and say something in an attempt to help assuage the feelings of deep loss and profound regrets you are undoubtedly feeling right now, for a few very important reasons. I could say to you that he is in a better place now, but that just really makes one feel guilty for desperately wanting the lost one to still be here. I could say to you that this is God’s will, but who’s to say what God’s will truly is? And that doesn’t make you feel any better because why would God heap so much pain and sadness on those who were left behind? I could say to you that at least he isn’t in any more pain, but then again that still lay’s guilt at your feelings of deep loss.

    So I will say to you that I can see your tears and I will cry with you. Corey was a gift. The two of you had a very personal relationship that played out on a very public stage. That dichotomy alone lends itself to bonds being formed that NO ONE ELSE on this planet could ever relate to. I remember jumping on “The Two Corey’s” bandwagon, and being left with a longing for wanting to be Haims friend, very badly. He looked like he needed a hug. But I didn’t know him, and how weird is it for strangers wanting to be your friend? YOU deal with that everyday, but for the rest of us who live anonymous lives, we don’t understand. So, personally, I feel a loss on a personal level, I lost a friend I never had. That is the greatest compliment I can pay to anybody.

    So, Feldman, I cry with you. Not to the same level, as how could this be so? You lost a brother. But I miss him all the same.

    ~Chris Hawk

  531. As I sit here reading the many posts with so many positive words about CH I can’t but wonder if he had any idea about how many fans he had and how much he truly was loved. If he had, perhaps we wouldn’t be here. I know I wish I had taken 5 minutes out of my life to write to him to let him know he does have fans that still care about him.

    Although it’s too late to tell CH, I now feel compelled to let you know Corey, that you do (obviously) have thousands of fans that think you are an amazing talent and hope for your great comeback someday soon. Goonies is my favorite movie of all time (you made the movie in my opinion). I had always thought CH would have played a great Mikey. I still watch it often and have introduced it to my nephew and stepson. I also was a fan the “The Two Coreys” and never missed an episode.

    My thoughts are with you during this difficult time. I know this past year has been full of heart ache for you but please, stay strong. Take care.

  532. I think that your comments on Larry King were absolutely spot on. First, they build them up, and then, when they are no longer successful, they attack them. Talking about child stars in Hollywood. I am very sorry that you lost your friend.

  533. Awww,Corey,I am so so sorry.Corey’s passing is hitting me very hard.Ever since I heard the news,I have being crying.I feel so bad for you,Corey and both of your families =( I know it’s hard Corey.All of us Fans are hurting to believe me especially me.I know Corey is in a better place and not suffering anymore but it is just very hard.I’ve being a big huge fan of yours and Corey’s for many years.You 2 were part of my childhood and Since Corey passed it feels like some of my childhood went with Corey.I loved your interview on Larry King Live.Lots of love to you xoxoxoxo Love Kristy

  534. ive left a real long lil story on how i feel about you and corey but now cant find it posted on here anywhere …its titled the angelic corey’s…. BUT since it dont seem youre going to be able to read it ..I AGAIN AM AT LOSS FOR WORDS EXCEPT THAT I LOVE YOU AND COREY AND TO KEEP YOUR HEAD UP C. He’ll never be forgotten … EVERYBODY LOVES ANGEL’S ….much love from nashville tn…ANGIE ADAMS

    By anga47
    I am 34 yrs old from Nashville Tn and have watched BOTH Corey’s grow up in good and bad ways. I have truly loved these men all my life whole heartedly and it breaks my heart knowing that 1 has passed AND THAT IN ITSELF HURTS THE OTHER COREY. I feel like I really know these men and I dont. But they have inspired me, entertained me since I was 10 or 11 yrs old so I watched every move they both made = )….in that over these yrs STILL KEEPING UP WITH BOTH OF THEM making me love them both more for the wonderful warm hearted MEN they turned out to be it kills me knowing Haim is gone to soon. I find myself tormented and twisted, plain confused & even at times at loss for words in trying to understand his death and how C. Feldman must be feeling. He was the closet person to Haim as a brother … and now left devasted,lost himself and must be feeling utterly alone and for that I want to say that YOU COREY ARE NOT ALONE AND MY HEART REACHES OUT TO YOU DEEPLY (also more love from my best friend Wendy Larsen sends her condolences and love as well). Corey Haim will NEVER EVER be forgotten …. EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE LOST ” A LOST BOY” WE STILL HAVE ANOTHER COREY HERE WITH US TO KEEP SMILES ON OUR FACES & WHO WILL KEEP US HAPPY FOR MANY YRS TO COME. We still have our 2 Corey’s …. just 1 is now looking down on us and watching over us. COREY, YOU, YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS & COREY HAIM’S FAMILY & FRIENDS ARE IN OUR PRAYER’S AND WE WILL HELP ANY WAY WE CAN. With Love ….Angie Adams

  536. He couldn’t have a better friend or tribute. Thank you for speaking up for Corey as a person who mattered for who he was. Yes, we must never forget to always treat our loved ones as if today is the last time we will ever see them-for they can be gone so quickly…

  537. Fel,
    I’d doubt that you’d remember, but we met at an airshow way back in 87 or 88. It’s too long to remember, but if your boy is even have as strong willed as you were back then I have no doubt that both of you will make it through. It’s hard to lose anyone, but as long as you always remember who they were, they never truly die.
    My prayers to you and your family in this dark time.

  538. the pain of losing someone close to you is one of the most difficult feelings you will ever deal with. the grief over the personal loss is unbearable. find solace in knowing that he is no longer being tormented by his demons. death, even when it is untimely, is inevitable for us all and is the final release. the world has lost one of its brightest stars. no longer will he suffer with the pain, guilt and the confusion that plagued him these final years.

    condolences to his family and those he knew him personally.

    i’ll keep my tiger beat pictures of the 2 coreys safely tucked away…

  539. It’s nice when people (& the media) are there for someone in death and posting nice comments about them and all, but it’s EVEN NICER when they are there for them in Life!! I spent about a year hanging out on Corey Haim’s messageboard with about 20 other of his devoted fans. What an amazing person he was and will always be. I’m sure Corey would have loved all of the attention the media and everyone is bringing to him now. Just wish they would have done that a year ago. I think you and Corey both Deserve Stars in Hollywood & Yours should be ‘Side By Side!’ We should start a petition to get you guys stars. I wrote asking about getting one for Haim like a year back. I think you start with an application and raise some funds for it or something. I need to look back into it I was also writing a comedy movie I wanted Corey Haim to play a Substitute Teacher in. I noticed he was cast in a very similar one to my script called “The Science of Cool,” so that writer had the same type of idea…
    bless you both, mourning our loss….
    Lisa Marie Brenna, Screenwriter.

  540. I am so sorry for your terrible & tragic loss.😦 He was 1 of my favorite actors & IMHO the best work he ever did was when he acted w/ you & I liked Lucas too. I’m gonna miss him so much.

    Edited to add:

    I learned something the other day by watching Ghost Whisperer. I learned that the people we love never truly die as long as we remember them cause they live forever inside every one of our hearts.

  541. I am so sorry for your terrible & tragic loss.😦 He was 1 of my favorite actors & IMHO the best work he ever did was when he acted w/ you & I liked Lucas too. I’m gonna miss him so much.

    Edited to add:

    I learned something the other day by watching Ghost Whisperer. I learned that the people we love never truly die as long as we remember them cause they live forever inside every one of our hearts.:)

  542. Just aching and hurting by the news, it’s sunday morning and I heard about it yestarday, today it finally hit me. Im 31 years old, from MEXICO and you guys dont know how much you mean to me, i grew up with you, and besides the massive crushes I had, I saw you as very cool human beings, I related to you in so many ways.
    Now and the through out my life i knew Corey had some issues with drugs, but I always thought he would surface and succed, and im sure he did. We have a saying here in mexico, God takes the good one’s first. So for me its not a goodbye, its a I’ll see you later Corey.

    Wish you all the success in the world, and hopefully the pain eases. Just wanted to say that u touched many lives, and for that i will be forever be gratefull.

    Take care Corey!!
    xoxo from Monterrey, Mexico

  543. Hey man,

    I think I have only posted here once – I have been a fan since the 80’s. I am 32 years old, I grew up watching your movies (both of you) and yes both of you were my favorite actor. I have been following you guys since the 80’s. I never left, never wavered, and was always a true fan regardless of your personal problems – as it should be.

    I feel like I lost a friend, like something was taken from me, I was waiting patiently for new projects with my favorite actors in it, and alas, the two Corey’s arrived (A & E). Then when the hype about lost boys 2 began – I just knew we were back!!! I thought the two of you were going to bring back the franchise in all of its glory…. alas we had some speed bumps… Oh well I’m patient… Enter lost boys 3 – while I am excited about the film, of course there is an imperative part missing – CH. Well okay – maybe there will be a 4 or maybe I should let go of the 80’s and wait for a new Corey(s) project. Checking the websites every day, I saw that Corey was beginning more and more projects I knew the two of you would reunite sooner or later and I was thrilled to see the separate projects as well.

    I now know there will be no reunion of you two on the silver screen where both of you truly belong… However, I ask only one thing of you Mr. Feldman, it’s up to you now, while you have struggled to have your own identity separate from that of Haim, it is or never was in the cards completely – you guys are united, right or wrong, with that being said the legacy falls on you now.

    Mr. Feldman, for us fans, the only new films we get to see Haim act in is through you – from here on out whenever we see you in a new project, if only for a moment, our thoughts will shift to Haim, and what we lost on March 10, 2010 – and of course back to you as you have grown – in whatever decade we are watching you at the moment… the comparison will commence and we will be able to tell (or imagine) where Haim would be in that point of life – so you must make us proud… I know it’s a big burden for you, but you are a big man – and for me, I already know you have accepted this burden and will make us proud….


    PS. Sorry for everyone’s loss

  544. As someone who nearly lost a best friend over the last year, I really feel for what you must be going through. Although I wasn’t there in your life to know details, from what I can tell, you have been nothing but a good friend. Your son will be very proud of you as he grows older and sees you as a role model.

    I really believe we are all here to live life together, and experience certain life lessons with particular individuals. Your life has placed you in a profession that often makes a person think and focus on “me, me, me.” However, you never sold out and continued to love and support those around you when they were down and out. I think it’s safe to say you have earned the right to focus on yourself a little, because you have proven that you are able to do so without losing sight of what’s important in life. May you find good fortune and success, not only in your job, with with your private life.

    Becca Hale Read

  545. Corey, although I cannot comprehend what you may be going through right now, I wish to express how very sorry I am for the loss of your friend and brother. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the Haim family, and I hope that the enduring and deep love you two had for each other will help to sustain you through this painful time. Take good care, Corey.

  546. I just wanted to say that Corey Haims, was very blessed to have you (Corey Feldman) as a friend/brother, not only in life, but in death as well. You were there for him in the bad times, as well as the good ones. When everyone else turned their backs, and didn’t want the bother that comes along with those that suffer from addictions, you stuck in there, and made many sacrifices! Most people do not really have a clue how much work, commitment, sacrifices, heartaches, frustrations, to name a few, that goes into dealing with those who are addicts, it’s not easy being a true friend to an addict, but they are the ones who really need a true friend, and you were that ONE TRUE FRIEND for Corey Haims, and without you (Mr.Feldman) we would not have had Corey Haims as long as we did, and we all know that! I for one, would like to say on behalf of all the fans and supporters of you both as artists, talents, actors, and most of all great human beings, thank you, thank you for being there for him and for being a great example to us all, of what a true friend really is! I have even more love & respect for you now, than ever! Not only what you have done by showing him love, but also by making sure to be a voice for him in death, making sure he is remembered for the good he did, and the true great talent that he was, and not just for the disease that he struggled with! God Bless You Corey Feldman, your a great man, and a true friend, the world is a better place because of you, Cheers!!!

  547. Hi, Corey – I hope you’re holding up ok. I was in shock myself. You’ve been my favorite for years! Dream A Little Dream is my favorite movie and just won’t be the same with Dinger anymore oh and Santa Cruz (Carla) Whenever I visit I’ll always think of …. You guys have been a big part of our lives! You Corey’s were a great team. It’s hitting closer to home where I’ve been getting teary. That day I posted on my myspace about Corey and commented on my friends’ pg who lives in Toronto – Toronto lost one of their own today. Corey stay strong for your best friend in this life! I know it can be rough but we love ya and be well. My thoughts and heart goes out to Corey and loved ones as well. Hugs, Beky R.

  548. I am truly sorry that you lost your friend. I know what it is like since I lost my mom last year. Corey Haim was my childhood crush and i love all his films….especially Dream a little dream. I was so excited when My 2 corey’s was on tv and then upset because I saw his pain and the editing department made you look like a major a-hole that turned his back on a friend in dire need. I hope this wasn’t true! I really hope that you were there for him. I honestly wish that I could have been his friend and told him how amazing he was as a person and an artist. I hope to meet him someday in heaven. I hope your heart heals and you know that you still have fans that support you.

  549. Hello Corey.

    I can’t imagine what you’re feeling right now. The great loss of
    your dear friend Corey Haim. It was a sad day for me, & all of the fans as well.
    He was a beautiful soul, and to lose him at such a young age. Yes, 38 is too soon.

    When I found out the news March 10th, I began to put a tribute together.
    In Loving Memory of Corey. It took me all of 4 days to put together.
    It was made with a lot of love, and a lot of thought, with both Corey
    & You In mind.

    I really hope you get the chance to see it. I just published it this morning on
    YouTube! I am hoping the fans will see the final product as Beautiful, just
    like Corey Haim was.

    Here is the link if you could spare 4 minutes of time:

    I love you very much Mr. Feldman, and my prayers are with you everyday.

    -Your Friend,

    Thank you.

  550. I am very late coming here to post this but I do not have a personal computer so was unable to do so before. I would like to post the same message as I did on Corey’s official Myspace as I believe the song lyrics I have quoted in that sum up my view of the two coreys friendship:

    I was lucky enough to have met Corey in person, which many others unfortunately were not and he was a really sweet guy. I was deeply saddened by his passing as although I was never really a fan until 2005, I have met a lot of amazing people through a mutual love for him and for that I will be eternally grateful. A beautiful song from the musical Wicked contained some words which I feel may bring some comfort to those he has left behind, including some of my dearest online friends. I would like to share these words here:

    I’ve heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn. And we are led to those who help us most to grow, if we let them
    And we help them in return.
    Well, I don’t know if I believe that’s true.. but I know I’m who I am today because I knew you…
    Like a comet pulled from orbit as it passes a sun
    Like a stream that meets a boulder halfway through the wood
    Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?
    But because I knew you I have been changed for good
    It well may be that we will never meet again in this lifetime, so let me say before we part… So much of me is made of what I learned from you, you’ll be with me
    Like a handprint on my heart. And now whatever way our stories end, I know you have re-written mine by being my friend…
    Like a ship blown from its mooring by a wind off the sea. Like a seed dropped by a skybird in a distant wood…. Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?
    But because I knew you… I have been changed for good.

    Not all of it may be relevant, but certainly some of it go some way to explain how Corey’s short life impacted many people. Rest In Peace, Corey, may you finally find the peace in death that you were forever seeking in life. All my love, Laura xxxooo

    Corey F – I have been guilty myself of losing sight of how special both Haim and you are in my life, as a fan and as a person and so for all those times, I would like to apologize. If Corey’s death has taught me anything it is that we need to remember how important people in our lives are, no matter how big or how small an extent to which they impact us. it also serves as a reminder that you should tell people you love, every day, that you love them as you never know which day will be your last. Corey, I love you with all my heart and I hope that I will continue to be in a position to be your fan for many years to come. if I have ever said anything to hurt you, I am sorry for it and I want you to know that I always hope that you continue to be successful and happy in all elements of your life as our time here is brief, yet precious.

    To all the fans and friends I have met here and through Haim, I love and respect you all and hope that Corey continues to be in our hearts for eternity. Also, any fans here in the UK, if you would like to join me for a meeting in which we can share our experiences and thoughts about Corey and celebrate his life, please contact me either on Facebook (for those who are friends with me there) or via email lu_adrienne@hotmail.com and we can discuss options and ideas about how best to honour him our side of the pond.

    Love and hugs to all, Laura xxxooooxxxoo

  551. I just found out yesterday about Corey H, I was watching lost boys ( believe it or not )lol, and my mum rang me, she told me to sit down and turn the news on ( I don’t watch the news ). why is it when a celebrity dies, every one points to drugs. Call me crazy but I don’t think Corey died of an O-D, I’ve read he was clean for a year, and I would like to keep that memory, I believe his heart gave out, for he did have a heart condition. He will all ways be in our hearts, all my love from all the way over here in New Zealand to you Corey F and your family, and to Corey H’s family.

  552. Dear Mr. Feldman,
    At 33, I feel a little strange writing this, as I’ve never written to a celebrity before. But the death of Corey Haim has compelled to set pen to paper or fingers to keys as it were. Corey Haim was my first big celebrity crush, and the news of his death has devastated me more than I could have imagined. I’m no stranger to loss; I lost my mother in 1998 and my brother in 2001. So I’ve always thought it somewhat bizarre when people get overly emotional over the loss of a celebrity. Yes it’s sad and tragic and a loss, but you didn’t really know them…and so on. It’s not like it’s your mom, or brother, or best friend. But with this loss I think I finally get it. It’s not just the loss of the person or the talent, it’s the “what could have been.” It seemed as though he was always on the verge of getting it together, of making a comeback, of growing up. I hope that wherever he is now, he’s at peace. I hope that the demons that chased him in life have left him to rest. I’m so sorry for your loss. I pray that you will find comfort and peace knowing that your friend is at rest and will be remembered as a talented artist. I’m sure you probably won’t read this letter, that it’s just one of many offers of condolence that will come your way; but please know that it was written with complete and utter sincerity.
    Truly, Amanda

  553. I was just thinking about Corey Haim . There are just some things from our teens we just can’t let go. I am older then both coreys and even though This corey has been my fav haim was a close second.

    I remember how I found out. I had spent the past two days taking photos for my next book ( yes I am a published author among other things) and being out in the New England Vermont cold made me very ill.

    I was forced to bed and to admite I wasnt ten foot tall and bullet proof ,( my children love when I have to do that )

    My future sister in law came to stay so she could take care of me .. more like police me into resting ha ha..And she came running into my room annnouncing that he was gone.

    Things went kinda in slow motion for me after that. I can not discrib the feeling other then numbness.
    Corey Haim was a person who had alot of talent, drive, heart and spirit. and even though some of that got clouded over by hurts form his past and confusion in his life.. even though he sometime got off the beaten path… he always put all of him into the things he believed in.. And thats more then I can say for most people.

    I only met him twice … but from the conversations I did have with him I know he had alot of creativity and wonderful funny warped sense of humor.

    R.I.P Cor…

  554. Wow Corey! I was just reading your blogs from the past few months. I am really sorry for all that you have been through. You are one tough cookie. Everything will work out and remember that one day you will again see all the people you’ve lost. We all will!! If you go to Corey’s funeral Tuesday look for signs from him. I guarantee you will get one. I have had that happen to me so many time.

  555. I read on the internet that you stated on the Larry King show Corey Haim died broke and alone with no car.~or something to that effect forgive me if I am wrong~ That is not all true. Maybe he didnt have a car but it’s a recession so that’s ok:) But alone? NO! He had you! Even if maybe you didnt see him every single day you were his real friend and he had his mom. When it comes down to it, thats all people need. I’m in my 30’s and I got 2 or 3 “real” close friends & my son. Now that I’m older,everybody else gets kept at acquaintance level until you prove you’re down. But for you be proud you were someone’s true friend even if there weas a time he may not of wanted your help or you argued etc. Seems like you had a bad year, you got divorced(dont let that girl take that kid from you either) and noe Corey died. Look to your son to bring you true happiness when you feel pain. Remember the memories you had with your friend and the things you 2 got to do that the rest of us never would.

  556. I read on the internet that you stated on the Larry King show Corey Haim died broke and alone with no car.~or something to that effect forgive me if I am wrong~ That is not all true. Maybe he didnt have a car but it’s a recession so that’s ok:) But alone? NO! He had you! Even if maybe you didnt see him every single day you were his real friend and he had his mom. When it comes down to it, thats all people need. I’m in my 30’s and I got 2 or 3 “real” close friends & my son. Now that I’m older,everybody else gets kept at acquaintance level until you prove you’re down. But for you be proud you were someone’s true friend even if there weas a time he may not of wanted your help or you argued etc. Seems like you had a bad year, you got divorced(dont let that girl take that kid from you either) and now Corey died. Look to your son to bring you true happiness when you feel pain. Remember the memories you had with your friend and the things you 2 got to do that the rest of us never would.

  557. Corey, I am so sorry for you and your families loss. Corey was a beautiful soul and was taken away too soon. May love, warmth and support surround you and the Haim families at your greatest time of need. I always loved you both in the movies and had pictures of you plastered to whatever stood still long enough. Please take comfort in knowing that Corey is with God and in a peaceful and better place eventhough it is so hard to loose him on this earth but know that you all will see him again someday. I know words are such little things and I do hope that they help some. May your heart be filled with love and support. I am sending you all the warm thoughts and love to you and Corey’s families. Be at Peace Corey Haim. May you all be at peace.
    With the warmest wishes and love and hoping that you can feel the love and support I am sending you all,
    Becky S

  558. Dear Corey,

    It’s taken me days to finally sit and write this.

    Corey, my heart hurts. For you, for Judy, for Cari, for Zen…for everyone that Corey had touched, in person or on screen.

    I am so sorry that Zen will have to grow up without knowing Corey.

    I’m so sorry that your dear friend was taken from you so soon.

    I don’t really know why I’m writing this. I only knew I had to.

    Corey’s death has just shattered me…and until today, I couldn’t understand why.

    When I spoke to a friend and told him how utterly sad and lost I felt, his words to me hit home.

    He said, “If there’s one thing I’ve learned about you over the years, it’s that you’re exceptionally empathetic to people who have touched your life in any way.”

    And I realized…that is so true. I FEEL too much.

    I feel pain for myself, for you, for Corey’s family.

    I mourn what was…and what should have been.

    This is going to sound so silly…but I also feel so much guilt over his death.

    About a year ago, I half-heartedly tried to find an address for Corey. Some way I could send him a message…just to let him know someone cared. Someone was here for him. Someone unbiased. Someone he didn’t know, who would never judge him. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone you’ve never even met.

    I gave up after an hour or so, when I couldn’t find anything.

    If I’d only known he had a myspace page…

    Perhaps I could have helped him, in some small way.
    Perhaps just hearing that someone cared. That someone respected him for who he was, flaws and all….

    Corey, I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to help him…to reach out to him when he needed people to.

    Although I know these words I say won’t stop you, please, Corey, please don’t you feel any guilt over what happened.

    I know that you’re replaying so many things in your mind, over and over…”If I’d just said this…” “If I’d just done that…”
    “If I hadn’t done this…”

    And I know you’re wishing you could take so many things back….and say so many things that were unsaid.

    But Corey, in the end, I truly believe you were the best…and probably the only real…friend he had.

    You did all you could. You sat there with him, time and time again, holding his hand while he sweated and shook and vomited.
    You listened again and again when he needed advice about women and work and his problems.
    You gave him your shoulder to cry on countless times.

    And even the best friend in the world sometimes says harsh things. Sometimes needs a break from the constant drama and excitement and instability that was Corey.

    But you always went back. Always, when you knew he needed you.

    You’ve had such a difficult year, Corey, and I’m so sorry for that.

    I pray that you have a wonderful support system to lean on through it all.

    Children are a blessing always…but especially during the worst times. You can’t not smile at your baby when they smile at you.
    You can’t not laugh when your baby does something silly and sweet.

    Take solace in Zen, Corey. Let him be your world away from it all.

    Always remember Corey as he was at his best times.

    Full of life and laughter and fun.

    Corey was a jokester and intelligent. He was fun-loving and wacky and weird. He was hyper and unpredictable and wore his huge, loving heart on his sleeve.

    He fell in love more often than he changed his shorts, and when he did, he loved with everything he had in him…and you wouldn’t have changed him for anything in the world.

    I will extend the same offer to you that I should have given to him, Corey.

    If you ever need an unbiased, open, non-judgmental ear or shoulder, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    I can promise you complete discretion, an open mind and a caring heart.

    I will also tell you now, while I still have the chance, what I should have told him.

    I respect you, Corey. I respect your work and your talent. The world is a better place with you in it. Thank you for everything that you have done, and for everything that you continue to do.

    Be strong.

    Peace and affection,
    Christina Boulard

  559. i just want to send my love and prayers to u and to coreys loved ones corey was a very young and very talented man i still can’t believe he is not here with us anymore he will never be forgotten :(…

  560. I feel sad because it’s like an old boyfriend just slipped out of the world without even saying goodbye. I loved Corey Haim in my own way, for many years… But Corey, let’s face it: most of us don’t really KNOW the actors on the screen. Like many other people, I got caught up in my post-famous-Corey life and focused on real-life boyfriends and adventures. (If I hadn’t done that, I’d have been some kind of freaky stalker fan!) I never once wondered, “Where has Corey Haim been for the past 15 years?” Why would I? He was just a fond, far-off, foggy memory, frozen in time with his cute, puffy lips and sparkling eyes. Once in a while I thought of him when License to Drive came on, and that was about it.

    I don’t think that the fans are to blame for what happened to Corey… nor are you. In some ways the system is probably at fault.. I mean, there are a lot of examples. But mainly, he was an addict, and he apparently self-destructed.

    When I read what had happened to him, I saw a link to “The Two Coreys” on You Tube. I went out and watched all the episodes I could find. It was really good stuff because the feelings seemed so real. You don’t often see that on TV, which is one of the reasons I don’t own one! I could tell that Corey was a truly good-hearted man who had an incredibly hard time loving himself and who struggled with self-sabotage and addictive behavior. The scene after he messed up the Lost Boys 2 shoot was especially moving to me. Not only because of your response, but also because of how he reacted to what you were relecting back at him. It was a deep bond, and I’m glad that, in spite of all your strife, you maintained that level of connection over the years.

    Anyway, I believe that you loved him. And when you watch that show, you can definitely see that he loved you. In the end, that’s truly all that matters.


  561. Corey –

    I’m still in shock at the loss of Corey! When I saw it on CNN website Monday morning at sat and stared at the headlines in shock. My mind could not comprehend what I was see. Then I it began to take form in my mind but I thought which Corey is it even though I saw Corey Haim’s name.

    The world lost a wonderful person even though I never got to meet him in person. It’s weird how you can miss and hurt for someone you never met. I hurt for you also dude. Watching The Two Corey’s I often thought how cool it would be to hang out with you and Corey for a week – one week it could be the Three Corey’s. Life really sux sometimes – trapped inside a world that doesn’t let you decide or control.

    I bought quite of bit of Corey’s stuff on ebay to help out his family. I just wanted to have something of his because that would be as close to him as I would ever get. I wish I could have had access to him and you to be a friend and have good times. It will always be you and Corey H. to me man. Only remember the good times and know he’s free now from the struggle. Keep your head up and smiling that big smile my brother…

    Corey P

  562. I read on the internet that you stated on the Larry King show Corey Haim died broke and alone with no car.~or something to that effect forgive me if I am wrong~ That is not all true. Maybe he didnt have a car but it’s a recession so that’s ok But alone? NO! He had you! Even if maybe you didnt see him every single day you were his real friend and he had his mom. When it comes down to it, thats all people need. I’m in my 30’s and I got 2 or 3 “real” close friends & my son. Now that I’m older,everybody else gets kept at acquaintance level until you prove you’re down. But for you be proud you were someone’s true friend even if there weas a time he may not of wanted your help or you argued etc. Seems like you had a bad year, you got divorced(dont let that girl take that kid from you either) and now Corey died. Look to your son to bring you true happiness when you feel pain. Remember the memories you had with your friend and the things you 2 got to do that the rest of us never would.

  563. {awfully sorry plz delete my first two repeat posts}

  564. Hi Corey, here is my tribute I made….for Corey Haim, his mother, for you and your family. God Bless.

    Rather than linking the video, I realized I could imbed it right here.

    • Thank you for the video Mandy!! It brought back a lot memories that I had seen through the years. Man, I really miss him!! He will always have a place in my heart…..

    • Touching thanks for sharing!!

    • OMG what a great video! I have tears in my eyes trying to type. R.I.P. Corey. You were loved more than you know.

    • For the first time from the moment I heard that Corey was gone,I’m crying for him… Thank you,Mandy… R.I.P. Corey “Angelface” Haim,it’s so sad here without you…I’ll love you forever,sweet boy…

  565. loss is hard…love is harder…

  566. Dear Corey,
    I was shocked and very sad to hear the news on the passing of your brother and my prayers go out to you,your family and coreys..I would like to say that it is so very sad I have growin up watching the two of you and still do to this day and even tho corey was one year younger then me it could happen to anyone of us anytime.However I am very happy to hear that he was getting his life back on track towards the end.

    You did hit the nail right on the head when you had said where were all theses people when he needed it the most it is sad even tho I did not know him personally he was very tallented on the big screen.As for the media I think its a crock you don’t label a person for what he is rather then who he is and what he has accomplished.

    As for the entertainment industry it is just as sad as they find these talented young actors and actresess and is almost like they put and expiration date on them,just looking back through the years on how many child actors and actresses you have growin up to watch and now you don’t hear or see of them.But when they talk about them and you see them again it is about them being on drugs…My heart aches every time I hear of this…

    Just one thing I could never figure out is why!!!Why drugs..they had fame I am sure they had fortune.Just because you got knocked of the horse why not try harder to get back on that horse.I think of all the people just in the us that lost there jobs but I don’t believe they resorted to drugs due to depretion I know I used to be one of them,but i prayed and got back on that horse after 2 years of no work it may not be the most rewarding job but it is a job and thankfull for what I have…..

    It is a short but tough world out but I will always remember corey Haim as the talented person he was and definitly not what he was labeled as…

    Corey Feldman my heart goes out to you and who knows one day our paths when we can sit down and chat..I just wish there was something I could do esspecially rid america of drugs…till then keep your head up you have fans that love ya man and know as well as relate to what you are going through even me because I to have lost a younger brother so I can relate to what you are going through…

    Best wishes always….

    your fan…friend and supporter

  567. **Corey~ **
    My Year Old Grandpa Told Me About Corey Haim.

    One Day He Asked Me If I Had Seen The Move Lucas.

    “Thinking It Was Probably A Movie From “TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES”, I
    said no. Little Did I Know, Grandpa Was Much More Hip And With It Than I Was Back Then..

    Anyhow, We Watched It Together And Laughed And Cried..I Was A Fan Of His Ever Since.. & A Fan Of Yours Also…

    My Grandpa Died However; I’ll Always Hold That Memory Close To My Heart.

    I Send You Love And Warm Thoughts For Your Loss.

  568. I was gutted when i woke last week to hear about the loss of corey haim. To you iam just another fan bt i send my wishes to you, your family, and of course coreys family at this difficult time. I live in in Edinburgh, scotland. I grew up watching you and corey haim in lost boys and lisence to drive. I have always remained a huge fan.I was overjoyed when your show “the two coreys” aired here and recorded every episode. You were a good friend to corey remember that and be proud. my thoughts are with you julie edinburgh xxx

  569. hey there corey,

    imj so very sorry to hear about your friend. i know all too well about his struggle. i had some of my own.. time heals all wounds… i know it sounds like just words but it isnt. hang in there corey. we all love you.

  570. hey there corey,

    im so very sorry to hear about your friend. i know all too well about his struggle. i had some of my own.. time heals all wounds… i know it sounds like just words but it isnt. hang in there corey. we all love you.


  572. Corey,
    Heard that you are planning a memorial in April to
    celebrate Corey’s life with
    his his family,friends and fans.Thank you so much for doing this.
    I am so sorry you won’t be able to attend his funeral.I think everyone totally understands why. It doesn’t matter…Corey already knows how you felt about him and I know you will carry him in your heart forever.
    Please keep us fans updated about when and where the memorial will be and how fans can attend. I and my 2 brothers grew up watching you guys…
    Hope you’re doing o.k. Corey,through all of this. Worry about you.

    Jennifer S.

  573. Dear corey,
    I hope you dont miss your chance to say goodbye to your dear friend corey haim. I hope the press doesnt keep you from your last goodbyes, corey needs your support as he leaves this world and is laid to rest. I am sad to hear of his passing and alway wished I could meet him. I still have every poster that was hung in my room of him and I am 34 years old so that tells you what he ment to me. Life is a stuggle and you make the most of what you have and i pray you find your way to say your goodbye. you only have this 1 chance to be there with him dont miss it. god bless.

  574. Hi Corey, I just want to say my heart goes out to Corey’s family & friends as well as you & your family. I was so shocked when I heard about Corey’s passing. It took me down memory lane though. My bedroom walls had pictures of you & Corey plastered all over. I was so destined that I was gonna marry one of you! Thankfully I have your & Coreys movies to keep Corey’s memory alive. One of my 8 year old’s fave movies of all is ‘The Lost Boys’ (believe me, I’ve gotten tons of lectures for that one!!!). Anyway, I truly understand how you feel. My best friend, who was like a sister to me, passed away suddenly in July 2000, she was only 24…it’s gotten more bearable, but not necessarily easier. What’s sad is that so many DON’T understand. Some people don’t get why I still grieve, she was “just a friend”…she wasn’t “blood”. They just don’t get it. In October 2004, I lost my brother suddenly, he was 26. While I can’t say losing my best friend was harder then losing my brother, it sure wasn’t any easier. Hugs to you Corey, may your wonderful memories with Corey get you thru this sad time.

  575. Corey,
    My deepest sympathy goes out to you, your family and the Haims for your loss of Corey. My heart sank when I heard the news and after composing myself I immediately thought of you and what you must be feeling – I hope you’re doing okay. You were a special friend to Corey and anyone could see that.
    I grew up watching both of you work,individually and collaboratively, and many of those films are still my favorites today. Nothing compared to when you teamed up on-screen though – it was something special between the two of you that I’ve never seen since.
    I was fortunate enough to meet you and Corey Haim at Monster Mania for a Lost Boys reunion in 08. I saw it as a once in a lifetime chance for me to meet the both of you and it was an honor! Although too shy to ever say what I want in person, I wanted to tell the both of you when I met you, Thank you! for bringing joy to my life through your work. It still to this day makes me happy to watch any of your films. You both are really talented, special people and have touched a lot of people’s lives through your work. I hope Corey knew how talented, kind and special he was and that he did make a difference and had an impact……and although cut much too short, he still left a brilliant legacy of film and art.
    Take care

  576. Corey – my heart swells with sorrow at the loss of your friend Corey Haim. Every time I read or hear something about his untimely death tears come to my eyes. I keep hoping it isn’t true. When I was younger, watching the two of you was always a way to make me smile. I didn’t have the worst childhood, but I had quite of few hurdles to overcome. Seeing that you have lost someone that was with you through the thick of it all brings me to tears and I never met him. I am so glad that you were there for him and that the two of you had each other. Please accept my deepest condolences to you, and both of your families.
    I have never blogged, or thought it was right to find my favorite stars online. I always felt it would be an invasion of privacy. Knowing now that some words of kindness to him from even a stranger years ago could have helped him then and made a difference now has prompted me to show my love to the actors like yourself that really made a difference in my life, by just making me smile or to forget things for an hour or two. Keep smiling and stay strong. My thoughts and prayers are with you. My deepest sympathies to his family and yours.

  577. god bless his heart and beautiful soul, i hope he is finally at rest,and that today went well.
    i am utterly heartbroken and at a loss i love you corey haim if only you knew how much.
    i have been on and off crying since wednesday thishole that i feel in my heart will not lose this pain that comes with it, gone to soon my beautiful corey.
    i will love you forever and always. Rhianne, xxx

  578. corey haim was a legend. A part of me has died along with him.
    hugest hugs to you, and the rest of corey’s friends, family and fans.

  579. I miss him as if I knew him my whole life, and truly hope that he is in a better place, even though it is hard to imagine a greater place then here with his family and friends. Sorry for your loss, and hope that you will see brighter days in the future.

  580. if you love somebody tell them. you never know if you’ll see them again😥 x

    those we have loved and lost are waiting for us in a place where we will never have to say good bye again ❤❤❤

  581. Hi Corey,

    My condolences to you over the loss of your friend Corey Haim.

    I was saddened to hear of his passing. He was a good looking guy (loved those dimples) and I enjoyed seeing him in movies.

    Rest in Peace Cory Haim.

  582. I want to first of all give my condolences for your loss. I do remember seeing both of you in the movie “The Lost Boys” and after the death of Corey Haim, I discovered “The Two Coreys” on YouTube. I must say that the second season of that show was the most engrossing television viewing I’ve seen in years. Now I understand that reality television is somewhat contrived, but there was no doubt in my mind that your pain at seeing your friend’s suffering from his addictions was real and honest! Knowing what ultimately happened, makes that second season even more tragic. I hope you decide to write a book about your friend, to solidify your friend’s show business legacy and for your own , and Corey Haim’s fans, own sense of closure.

    May you live long and prosperously!

  583. My condolences to Corey Haims family , your family and the fans around the world… Corey touched hearts in his own special way. It’s good to know he had you in his life through it all. You were his best friend and knew him like no other, cherish the memories you made together, know he has you in his heart as you have him in yours. No matter where you are or what you do, he will always be with you. Losing someone so close is the hardest thing in life to go through, know your fans are supporting you all through this time.. May God Bless you all..



  585. Dear Corey,

    As with everyone else’s comments here, I am saddened by the death of your best friend Corey Haim. It seems such a tragic loss of life to me. My deepest condolences go to his family and yours at this hard time.

  586. My 18 year old daughter called me crying to give me the news about Corey’s death. She was absolutley devastated. I have loved both of the Corey’s since I was a teenager. I have a lot of their movies The Lost Boys being my favorite one and have always sat down with my daughters and watched them. My Girls Love both you Corey Feldman and Corey Haim and we will definately keep his memory alive in our home. We are heartbroken and his passing. I have never batteled any addictions but, I am a survivor or childhood abuse and I know how devastating and haunting it can be. I know all to well the GHOSTS that he was battling because of what he went thru as a child and my heart breaks for him. When I watched the two Coreys episode were he spoke about it I cried for him, I wanted so badly to hug him and tell him I knew exactly what he was going thru. I battled my demons and was able to overcome most of them. My heart breaks for Corey that he struggled so hard. May God cradle him and take away all his pain and sadness. I love you Corey….

  587. Corey I too lost one of my best friends in the world. It at times feels like I lost my right arm. Life’s path is just like the changing of the seasons, at first I would open my eyes and instantly remember she was gone, then I would remember in the shower, then a couple months and I would remember when I got in the elevator at work. Forever is too long to live without my copilot and I understand all too well your grief and pain.

    Corey is a fellow Canadian, and I feel like I knew his good intentions and some days I can relate to your struggles as being a friend to someone who wasn’t helping themselves. I stand by you in keep his memory alive, as copilots I think nothing less is expected. I speak of my copilot daily because to not is to deny myself my past as well. I know you are surrounded by loves ones, but just know those of us who have never met you have shed a tear for your loss.

    One step in front of the other my friend.

    All my prayers to you

  588. i am truly sorry for your loss…. it’s never easy to lose someone you love…. words will never be enough to express the pain… i pray that you move on and be happy… *wink*

  589. Corey
    Sorry to hear about your loss. Taken away so young but will never be forgotten…

  590. Corey:

    I used to watch the Two Coreys and I seen how strong of a bond the two of you had, I can not imagine the sorrow you must be feeling.
    I never had the chance to meet either one of you but I have been a fan of both of you since I was 10.
    My thoughts and prayers are with both Corey Haim’s family, you and your family

  591. Corey for you and any other corey haim friends, family and fans I am creating this message board memorial site so please all feel fre eto join it.

  592. That´s really sad.I was shocked when I hear about this tragedy. I grew up with the movies of Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.
    I hope you are now on a better place!

    Rest in Peace, Corey!

  593. “We must all take this as a lesson in how we treat the people we share this world with while they are still here to make a difference.”

    your wisdom holds truth
    against this world
    of ignorance –

    corey you are love – pure
    and simple

  594. It came as a shock, to us fans. R.I.P. Corey Haim

  595. RIP my first crush. Growing up, I always thought I’d marry a New Kid or a Corey. Love you always, and miss you forever.
    Jess West

  596. Corey I loved Corey Haim and also love you . . Sorry about too your divorce with Susie. Your friend Corey Haim RIP. Hang in there. You too will always be two favorite male teen idols. I watch your movies all the time and your band rocks! Corey my love , the two of you were bought together by destiny. Your letter to him is so beautiful. Again stay strong. You are too much of a gifted soul just like Haim to let negative words affect you and him. Peace out! God Bless!

  597. Nature’s first green is gold
    Her hardest hue to hold
    Her early leaf’s a flower
    But only so an hour
    As leaf subsides to leaf
    So Eden sank to grief
    As dawn goes down to day
    Nothing gold can stay

    Robert Frost


  598. :). hey. This is leaving soon. Take what you want.


  599. Hi Corey–

    I wanted to let you know what a great friend you were to Corey Haim. You were loyal and assisted him with his struggles. His fight to get his life on track was your fight. It’s rare to find “true” friendship such as the one you shared with Haim for 25 years. It’s unfair how the media focused on the negative aspects and not the positive. I saw episodes of the Two Coreys and I can see how much you cared for him despite the arguments. You always came back to be supportive. I was reading the other blogs and a Corey Haim film illustrating his life would be great. This would be your opportunity to show everyone what a unique and down to earth person he was despite his issues. Everyone has problems and I did not like how Haim was depicted in the media. Currently, I am on Facebook and joined the Haim’s law group. The creator of the group was a phone friend of Corey’s. They were introduced by Scott Schwartz. So far she wrote Haim’s Law which details how doctors should be better monitored when prescribing medications to their patients. The group has grown over a 1000 and continues to grow in numbers. Over the weekend, a friend of Corey’s gave the law to an attorney to review. You should see the amount of support, love, hard work and positive energy is in this group. Our goal is to have this law passed in California so others will not become victims of overprescribed medications. I hope that you will get the chance to view this group so you can see it for yourself. I am sorry for your loss and Corey was lucky to have you in his life.

  600. Corey,

    I wrote twice here a short while ago. Just checking in with you to see how you are.

    I’d hug you if I were with you. I wonder how you are doing.

    Please hang in there.

  601. Hey corey am a big fan of both you and haim i never met you but your friendship with haim was amazing to have a friendship with some one for over 20 years and it was what inspired me to reach out to corey haim so i have met him a few times my dream is one day to meet you as well am very sorry for your loss and i wasn sad to see such a great person go and also am sorry for your divorce hope u are coping well anyways hope i get to hear from you and if u ever do come to toronto i hope to hangout with you and reminece bout corey with you ..you can send me a email at missjen325@gmail.com

  602. and i also think that we should do something that get corey nominated in to the hollywood walk of fame and the canada walk of fame so he can have a legacy that can never be forgotten


  603. Still in disbelief about Corey Haim’s death but you were right about everything you said on Larry King Live about the way the film industry is when they decide that child stars are no longer marketable…maybe if they were such cold, evil, soul stealing & heartless human beings we’d still have some of the child stars that were too young when we lost them to death’s touch.

  604. May God comfort your heart and your family and that something good can come of this tragedy.

    Whit all my heart,


  605. May God comfort your heart and your family and that something good can come of this tragedy.

    With my hearth,


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