Corman, Dante, Feldman: Together again….for the first time.

Hey Friends,

Well it was a very exciting week, and I have some very fun and exciting news to announce today. So let’s get on with it. As some of you know I hosted the Chiller Eyegore awards at Universal studios Hollywood on Friday. In case you missed it the awards will be televised this year for the first time on the new Chiller Network. Look for the show through the month of October. As usual it was a great event and my family and friends all had an amazing time. The awards ceremony was fun. The highlights for me were…..Jamison Newlander (Alan Frog) escorting me down the red carpet, and then appearing with me live on stage. Jamison dressed in character and interrupted me during my opening speech with a stake in hand. What a great way to make the news of Lost Boys 3 official. The other highlights included watching Danielle Harris (who is a sweetheart) presenting Rob Zombie with the director of the year award, and the special award that was given to special effects make up legend Rick Baker. I was fortunate enough to be asked to present Rick with his award. Shockingly Rick stopped in the middle of his acceptance speech and said ” wow I can’t believe the little kid from Gremlins is now giving me an award”  he then turned from the podium and said to me “I want to do a mold of your face, I want to do a Bella Lugosi mask on you”. Wow what an honor coming from the man who created the effects and Make up for (Thriller, An American Werewolf in London, The Howling, The Grinch, and Gremlins 2).

Speaking of Gremlins… comes the announcement part….after 18 years the legendary director Joe Dante (Gremlins, Twilight Zone, The Burbs,  Pirannah,  , and The Howling) and I are reteaming once again. This will mark the 3rd project I have done with Joe, the first since 1989’s The Burbs. It came as a shock to me when I received a call from Roger Cormans (Little shop of Horrors, Rock n Roll High School,Pirannah and hundreds more)office telling me that  they were producing a new project that Joe would be directing and they both wanted me to head up the cast as the lead character. Now  this will prove to be  my 4th project together with Roger, previously we have done (Rock and Roll High School Forever, Stepmonster, and Born Bad) . Apparently this will be Joe’s 7th project with Roger. So the point is we have all worked together individually, but we have never teamed up together.

So the project we are doing is a very scary exciting one. This has all been top secret for some time now, and I am finally able to leak out some information. I cannot tell you everything as there are still some restrictions until next week. But heres what I can tell you. We are joined together by the power of Netflix. The project is titled “Splatter” and is being created for Netflix. This will be their first ever live streaming web series. Splatter will be a multi episode web series that will go live on the web on Halloween weekend. My characters name is Jonny Splatter. That is pretty much all I am allowed to say for now. There is one other very exciting piece of information though… light of Friday’s Chiller Eyegore awards ceremony, the folks at Netflix were kind enough to launch a teaser site of the new webseries as the show began.  I will give you the website address so you can catch the first glimpse for yourself…..but before I do that I must give you a warning…….this is not for little kids. The material is graphic in nature, and parental discretion is strongly advised….this is a pretty shocking 30 second clip you will see. Please make sure you remove small children before reviewing this teaser. OK now that, that has been said, the address is …….. and remember it’s just  a little Halloween fun!

In other news I did want to also mention that next weekend I will be making an appearance in Eerie Pennsylvania for the annual Eerie horror fest. I will be there on Saturday and Sunday. So if you live in the area come out and say hello. Now someone mentioned in the last comments that they were happy I was returning to the convention scene. Thank you. However please let me make it perfectly clear….since I put a self proclaimed ban on autograph shows and conventions of that nature I have not accepted a single offer to participate in a collector show for money. I still stand by that vow. I am appearing in Eerie for 3 reasons. 1. They asked me to come and be the guest of honor at the film festival where they will be doing a retrospective of my career, where I will do a Q and A with the audience. 2. I will be presenting a rare U.S. screening of  “The Birthday” on the final day of the festival.   3. I will be signing autographs for a short period of time both days, but only in an effort to raise money for charity. I will not be paid or making a single cent for doing this signing. Any money spent by the fans to purchase an autograph will be given 100% to the Make a Wish foundation. There will be a regional Make a Wish representative there who will directly collect all monies received and deliver them to the charity which is aimed at making terminally ill children’s final wishes come true. I have worked with this organization since the mid 1980’s, and will always do whatever I can to help children, animals, and the environment. I hope to see some of you there.  

Well I think that wraps it up for now. Keep checking back as there are lots more announcements and updates that will be coming on a regular basis for the remainder of this year as I am working on a lot of projects at the moment….and I love to keep you all posted on their developement. Enjoy Splatter! Until next time…..



~ by coreyfeldman on October 4, 2009.

17 Responses to “Corman, Dante, Feldman: Together again….for the first time.”

  1. Hi Corey!

    WOW Feldman and Dante re-united again! We just checked out the clip for Splatter, it looks great! We love The Burbs and Gremlins, so it will be so exciting to see what you have come up with this time round! cant wait to see the whole thing! WHAT AMAZING NEWS!

    We’re glad that you’re doing the Eeire Horror Festival on behalf of the Make a Wish foundation. I (Nic) personally have been involved with a number of Make a Wish foundation appointments before. I have provided VIP personal shopping/styling appointments for many terminally ill girls who just want to experience shopping like a celebrity. These apointments mean so much to the girls and their families. So it really touches me that you’re donating all your proceeds to such a deserving charity.

    We’ve just been looking at some photos from the Chiller Eyegore Awards, it looked like a fun event with some deserving winners and a great host!!

    Looking forward to hearing about more of your projects soon,

    wishing you and the family a brilliant weekend!

    Peace, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll

    Nic and Dru xxx

  2. Hey Corey =]

    I caught the clip of “Splatter” last night after reading the article about you on shocktillyoudrop. The clip was pretty errr… graphic lol. Brilliant ha! It’s great that you’re teaming up with Joe Dante again, will be awesome to see what he’s got conjured up for you!

    Your experience at the awards with Rick Baker sounded real fun too! American Werewolf in London and The Howling are two of my all time favorites. The dream sequence in AWIL with the nazi werewolves = genius lol.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing the coverage, even more so for Jamison and yourself reunited in force! Already feeling a build in momentum for Lost Boys 3! The shocktillyoudrop article is a bit of teaser but it’ll tide me over…for now lol. Keep the awesome projects coming, I’m sure all of us are looking forward to the next installment of your career!

    Eagerly await your next update! Take care =]


  3. Wow,You’re a busy guy! That’s good though. [:
    Going to check out Splatter preview right now!
    Glad you had an awesome time at Eyegore Awards.
    Nice to see you donating $$$ to Make A Wish Foundation. One of MJ’s favoriet chariities too. Will you be seeing “This Is It?”
    I already have tickets since I wasn’t able to see him in concert in London.Had tickets though.
    What is your son going tobe for Halloween? My 3 yr old is going to be Mater from Disney Cars. He loooooves that movie!

    Take care! Love to your family. Jennifer Bakersfield,CA

  4. O.K. Just watched the Splatter clip and I don’t know what to think. Your acting’s GREAT,but I really don’t like seeing you shoot yourself in the head..I’d be devestated if that really happened,so I don’t really like seeing you like that…as a Halloween joke or not.
    But again great acting job. [: Jennifer Bakersfield,CA

  5. Thanks for responding to my comment about coming back to the convention scene , I was glad and mad at the same time when I seen that you was announced for Eerie Fest cause it gave me hope that you would eventually come to a convention close to me granted that you never come to this part of the country which you should do more of and sooner or later I hope you will.You seem like a awesome person and it would be awesome just to even meet you at a horror con which prob won’t happen because most these convention promoters are sharks.This past Fright Night Film Fest here in Louisville,Ky Danny Lloyd “The Shining” did his first convention with a portion of his money going toward “Make A Wish” maybe if anywhere I’ll see you there ,I think its great that you donate that money to such a great cause more people should follow your lead.Couldn’t you donate your money just the same by doing any convention ? Incase you want more info on The Fright Night Film Fest just go to Thanks Bro …
    One more question is Haim going to be in LB3 ?

  6. Hey Corey one last thing I might be wrong but don’t you mail people autographed pictures or autograph stuff people send you ? That would be cool since you don’t do very many appearances you know say my way lol … Thanks brother

  7. Dear Corey:

    There is a lot of exciting news! I’m glad to hear about it all. I hope that I get my chance to meet ya in Erie, PA. I am looking forward to meeting you and seeing you. I think it’s very very very very nice of you to give 100% of your earnings at the Fest to the Make A Wish Foundation. That’s very nice of you to do that! I know you are doing it because that you really care the children that are dying. You want to make sure that families have there last wish with there child. I just think it’s very sweet of you. If I get an autograph that would be awesome, but, I may still make a donation even if I don’t get an autograph photo of you. Looking forward to seeing ya soon! Smiles!😀
    Have a very good day! Loretta as Tweetielovesme

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  9. NICE!!! It’s Lance J., your old ‘bodyguard’ from way back in the Castlebay Lane / Apple Jacks days!!!!

    BRING THE GORE, CORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. I’m so glad you got the part in Lost Boys 3. Do you know when it is going to be in theaters? Any thoughts about remaking CHIPS? You would be great as John and I think George Lopez would be a good Ponch.

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  12. […] There are no concrete details about the series yet, only that which Feldman has posted on his personal blog (via Hacking NetFlix) “This will be their first ever live streaming web series. Splatter will […]

  13. Hi,Cory this is Kim (i was the bows+ roxy whiskeyflower Girl) And Mark was he your room mate? (where is he?) was taking me to AA MEETINGS AND THEN WE WERE WITH YOU CAUSE YOU AND SOME OTHERS WERE STARTING ONE??? I AM THINKING YOU COULD PLAY POOL THERE? Do you remember? me? (iam recovering head injury) no more coke for me now when you feel numbness sober its fricken scary and it isnt fun i cant understand why this is fun why (well maybe company n then not) its like i cant really drink any more either i get really sleepy and i think its kinda creepy why you wanna drink its like i can feel my ligts going out an since a long struggle of getting and putting things back in my mind my self my life memories and memory are hard to remake or find i cant figure out why i liked drinking (loosing my mind) maybe be cause while i was i couldnt see the life and me my self or feel what i missed its hard to know what if you never seee……wow i saw some show tv reality? with you youre house and some guy you let in that was kind of sad he shouldnt of been maybe selfish but he proble was like to inconsiderate or didnt consider you and your wife thats sad i know when i left la went to my home town i had few friends i could find and all were married some you cant really hang out with and some you knew single and because you are and want some like you i guess so you can do things together but they gotta be apropiate you all do together and be comfortable like i have friends they let you borrow there husbands theyll let or send them to help you you can call em up and or even ask (there are some who wholl never and you cant be or become friends with them WHY ITS SO UNCOMFORTABLE OR WHATS COMFORTABLE I LIKED WHEN BOTH ARE MY FRIENDS I HATED MY ONE OFMY BEST FRIENDS WHEN HER BEST FRIEND CREWD ME IT UP FOR ME ANDMY FRIENDS I COULDNT BORROW HIM I NEEDED TO IF THE OTHER HADNT MESSED UP AND WHAT EVER HAPPEND I MIGHT OF MISSED WHHEN I WAS GONE OR ALL IN BETWEEN LA AND HOME ALL I KNOW IS WHY DID WHY DOSE IT OR HER HAD TO COME OR BRAKE MY FRIEND SHE ONE OF FEW GIRLS I HAD BEEN HERS FIRST I ALLWAY S HUNG OUT WITH GUYS AND WHAT FRIEND YOU DONT HAVE IS WHEN THEY GET A GIRL FRIEND AND THEY SAY YOU CANT CALL OR TALK TO THEM BE CAUSE YOUR GOOD FRIENDS THEY CAN TELL ABOUT THERE FUTURE JUST BY HAVING YOU AS A FRIEND AND THERES SOME U BRAKE UP AND SOME YOU KEEP TOGETHER BEING ABLE TO COMUNICATE FRIENDS HUH ,,,TRUE TO HART …..SORRY I VE RAMMBLED JOE DANTY ??HE MADE PRODUCED GREMLINS WITH GIZMO IS A WRITTER OR SOME ONE NAMED JOE ANDRY??”’WHILE IAM THINKING DO YOU KNOW SUSIE A LADY SHE DOSE OR IS ??INTO VAMPIRE MOVIES AND PARMONT STUDIO CORRY IF SOME ONE SAYS COME TO THEM AND THEY GET YOU A 6-7 OR A 12 YEAR CONTRACT WITH PARMOUNT !! WHATS IT MEAN? WHAT HAPPENS? WHAT DO THEY DO? WHAT DOSE IT DO TO YOU? WHATS IT MEAN ?? I MET THIS GUY JOE HE HAD ME TO TRY OUT FOR A MOVIE GIZMO DELIOUS AND SUSIE GAVE ME REAL DIPPED IN GOLD ROSES TO SELL AND SAID WHEN I WAS HAVING PROBLEMS TO GOT TO HER AND SOME PEOPLE WHERE THERE AND I COULDNT DIDNT ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS AND I HAVE AND HAD FEARS AND IAM NOT SURE I KNEW WELL ENOUGH TO TRUST ..I KNOW FOR THE REASON I WOULD BE 2ND CHOICE FOR THE MOVIE I CAN DO THE LEMON THING BUT I LIKE ME AND WOULD BE BETTER AS AND I RE THINK … SUSIE LIVED IN A PROP HOUSE LIKE JOE SAID HE DID THERE WAS A GREMILIN PICTURE UM WELL BLACK OUT PLEASE W/B WHAT WAS WHATS LAST NAME ??// KIM

  14. Many thanks Corey. Now I have to clean my PC screen. Couldn’t you splash the blood in the other direction? *lol* Just saw the splatter clip😉

    Great news, thanks for sharing them with us. I’m very glad about Lost Boys 3. I hope it will be much better then The Tribe.

    Many greetings form germany,

  15. […] Halloween weekend. Although most of the details are still under wraps, Feldman recently revealed on his blog that his character’s name is quite simply… Jonny Splatter! There is also a short teaser […]

  16. Hope you have a safe trip to Eerie and a great time.It’d be cool to be at The Lost Boys Reunion and meet everyone…maybe sometime.

  17. We watched Splatter. Thanks for the warning.

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