Hi everyone,

I come to you today with great sadness, acknowledging the loss of the greatest entertainer in the history of mankind. For me he was more than that, he was my idol, he was a role model, he was someone to cry to when my childhood was unbearable, he was a brother, he was a dear friend.

Unfortunately Michael and I had a falling out on Septenmber 10th 2001 and that broken friendship had never been repaired. I have stayed close with his family through the years. As a matter of fact my wife and I attended LaToyas birthday thrown by Janet 3 weeks ago on Susie’s actual birthday. Michael was supposed to be there and we were supposed to try and talk things out. Michael didn’t show because he was stuck in rehearsals for his upcoming tour.

I am trembling and shaking at the moment and it is very hard to type. I am filled with tremendous sadness and remorse. All I choose to remember from this point is the good times we shared and what an inspiration he was to me and the rest of the world. Nobody will ever be able to do what Michael Jackson has done in this industry, and he was so close to doing it all again. I would like to extend my condolences to the Jackson Family, particularily to Katherine and Joseph Jackson, who cared so much for their beloved son.  I am truly, and deeply sorry for all of the heartbroken fans and supporters worldwide. I think I am still in shock. So I must end this now.

I also want to offer my regrets and sympathies to Farrah Fawcetts families, I met her only once but she was lovely when I met her, and I am sad for her passing. 

As far as our concert on Saturday at Universal goes. I will not cancel this show it is a very positive first step in implementing a better standard for the touring world and music industry. As Michael taught me a long time ago……the show must go on. It will be a hard one to get through. But I will brave it and do the only thing I know how to do………perform. 

I will see you out there Saturday night.



~ by coreyfeldman on June 25, 2009.


  1. I’m sorry for your loss.😦
    And for his family and for the great loss to the world as well.
    It’s very surreal, feels like a dream.
    Be strong.

    • Corey…
      Don’t be worried that you and Michael never had the chance to work things out… he can definitely hear your thoughts now, I promise you this. Things are good between you two now. The things we say to each other in spirit are just as good as if we said them to each other in the flesh.
      Sending thoughts of comfort, love, and strength your way as you deal with the loss of a friend.
      {{{Hugs from a stranger in Syracuse, NY}}}

    • Hello,

      I am sorry to hear of your loss from downunder at the bottom of the world.

      Being so far away I didn’t know any of the past dramas you experienced.

      On a completely different subject….Lost Boys was watched by many over and over and over.

      Peace love and happiness.

    • After hearing the news of Michael Jakcsons death and our thought for his children and family, you were the first person my wife and family, and I considered. as I watched you grow in my generation, you were so MJ oriented, I am not a huge follower of your life. I check in now and then. but I wanted you to know that you are considered in our thoughts and prayers for your friendship and loss at this time as well. Love and peace be with you and your family, and may you reconcile your feelings for and about MJ now so that he and you may be at peace. Much Luv from vegas…………….. Regards Kevin

    • I am 40 years old and this will be my first blog ever in my life!
      I am compelled to move forward, at this time in my life, with being real. I too was a victim of a tragic childhood and have come to realize that those of us who have been through trauma really only come out of the experience in one of two ways: either a bitter, selfish, and broken wreck OR a deeply emotional, altruistic, philanthropic, insightful soul who innately recognizes the pain in others and seeks to make their lives better, thereby, (possibly unknowingly) making their own pain more bearable. For whatever it is worth, I think Michael Jackson was the 2nd type of individual. In his core I think there was a person who was, to be basic, “good.” He reached out to you, as he saw in you, a tortured soul. (a mirror of himself) By helping you, he was helping himself. He did care, he was genuine and good. HOWEVER, I feel so strongly about this, much to the dismay of other people, but I feel it so over-whelmingly that he was also a man who could not relate to adults, who genuinely loved children, related to them, had friendships with them in a way that he could not do with adults, and, tragically, this turned to adult-love of children. For all the good that he did, he was flawed. This created such a polar effect in the lives of those children that he was a part of. On the one hand, an adult who TRULY understood and deeply cared about them, in a way that, many of the children involved in his life did not have with their own parents or any other adults. This created a loyalty and a bond in the children, an expectation of “forever.” However, as the flawed man, and not this god-like diety the media portrays, he could only use you until your emotional maturity surpassed his. When that happened, he could no longer see himself in you and his pain could not be lessened by continuing in the friendship, and he broke the bond…. As in all things, the victim must understand that they were part of HIS healing, this does not lessen the genuine love he had for you- it just reaffirms that we human beings can be both….a giving, empathetic, and insightful being who tries to make the world a better place…..AND a self-absorbed, saddened, tortured-soul who, unfortunately, leaves trauma in our wake.

  2. Corey, I am so so so sorry. You were the first person I thought of when I heard the news.

    Michael Jackson will be missed, and I hope that the world remembers him for his immeasurable contribution to music.

    I know you don’t know me from Eve, but I’d like to give you *hugs* anyway (online hugs, that is).

    R.I.P. Mr. Jackson

  3. As soon as I heard the word, my first thought was to check to see if you had a blog and to see what your thoughts were. What a strange day, and what a loss. It’s sad that you two did not have an opportunity to mend your relationship before his passing – but it serves as a reminder to all of us to live each day the best we can with love, and respect, and without judgment – to try to remember that life is so very precious and we never know when it will be taken from us.

    Take good care,

  4. Corey,
    I am shocked because I had actually made up I guess, that Michael Jackson had molested you and or the other Corey. So reading your blog I am sad about this misconception.

  5. What devastating news. When I heard, only within the last hour, I thought I’ve the lives he had touched and I remembered how much you admired the man. My thoughts are with your family and his too xoxox

  6. I am so sorry for your loss.

  7. I just can’t believe that the King Of Pop is gone from our lives!
    this is just so sudden and I’m crying hysterically

    ♥♥♥ Rest in Everlasting Peace sweet Michael Jackson ♥♥♥

  8. Corey, when I first heard about the Michael Jackson news , the first thing that came to me was your name. I have been a fan of yours since I was 12. I am now 33. I quickly went to your site ( my first time here ) to see how you are taking the news. I remember seeing you in BOP magazines dressed like Michael or always stating to the press that he was your idol. I watched your show “The Two Coreys” and I have to say that I am so proud of who you’ve become. Very few take that second chance and actually make that change for the better. May you and your family have many more years of positive energy surround you.

  9. R.I.P. Michael

  10. I am sincerely sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you. You were the first person I thought of when I heard the news. Be well.

    In love and support,
    ~ D Marie

  11. Hey Corey,

    As I sit here reading your blog a tear runs down my face I am sadden by the news of the passing of two icons, Farrah and Michael..sad day in entertainment history and for there family’s. Still cannot believe the Michael Jackson news! I know of your history with Michael and it’s clear how much he meant to you. I am sorry to hear you were not able to patch things up. I am sure deep down he knew.

    As for Saturday the show must go on!!! I do believe that Michael would want that.. Just know he will be cheering you on from the heavens above.

    See you Saturday for a very positive night!

    Love & Peace

  12. sorry corey for your loss with mj he was a great singer he is and will be a great icon forever

  13. (((COREY))) ~ You were the first person I thought of when I found out this tragic news today. I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time (since we were both teenagers), so I knew how much you admired and loved him. I’m truly sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of his friends and family during this difficult time. *HUGS*

  14. I’m in total shock! I was supposed to go to his concert in London on July 22nd…I had bought tickets. I’ve been a fan since I was little. I feel so bad for his children and his family.I think he was very close to his mom. He was so talented.People tried to hurt him financially nad spiritually,but they could never take away his talent.That was one thing no one could ever take away from him. What really saddends besides his children losing their fther and his family losing a son and brother is that I read Michael has so many more things he wanted to do. I hope he can be at peace and I know he is nowan angel looking over his children and all the children of the world….I love you Michael.THank you for being you.
    p.s. Corey,I know you didn’t get to talk with him and patch up yoiur friendship,but he knows how you feel. Don’t worry about that for a second. It was good of you to say such nice things about him here on your site.Thank you for that.

    Jennifer Scoyni

  15. Sorry,if I misspelled a lot of words…I’m in shock and deeply upset. Jennifer

  16. I just wanted to say sorry for you loss seeing that you and him were once friends and you admit that you’ve been trying to talk to him. This must really hurt you cause you looked up to him so much. remember that he is in a better place now and is most likely looking over everyone and can see that you still cared even though you haven’t talked in a while.

  17. Hey Mate,

    Sorry to hear about MJ. Hope you are doing well and that my thoughts are with all the people that have been affected by this sad event. Yes, even someone who lives as far as Western Australia cares about how this effects you.

    Michael Jackson might have been American, but he belonged to the world. I hope the world pays him the respect that he truly deserved, that of a musical genius.

    Take Care

  18. Corey,
    I remember growing up you stating how much of an influence Michael was in your life. I thought in this sad time I would share a happy story too. When I was in 6th grade (in elementary school, back in 1993), my school had a talent show. I decided to get over my shyness and sing my first solo (since my friends also told me I had a great voice). I decided to sing Heal The World. I was so nervous but I performed it and got a standing ovation and made some of my teachers cry. Only Michael could write such a beautiful song that means so much to us. I wish I could go to your show Sat but I am on the east coast. Please sing one of his songs for me. I am sure Michael will hear it in heaven!! G-d bless you!!


  19. Corey,

    I told my husband today after I heard about MJ, that I was going to be worried about you the Most. Even though you may have had a fallen out, you have to know you were brothers of the heart and I’m sure he never stopped loving you, like you never did him.

    I don’t believe death is the final chapter- I believe our loved ones stay with us- so just talk to him and tell him you love him and I promise he’ll hear.

    My thoughts are with you, the other Corey and his family … Janet, LaToya, etc …

    God Bless from Houston, Texas

    Karyn Abercrombie Hopkins

  20. Corey,

    I can not believe the news about Michael Jackson either. I am watching Fox News since I got home. The first thing I thought f was his children and family and then you.
    I have had tears in my eyes since I saw the news. I don’t want to believe it myself. I wanted to see him make a huge comeback like Thriller !

    I know for me he will always live on with him music and videos. He is the greatest entertainer of all time I agree.

    I am sorry you never had the chance to clear things up with him. I am sure you meant alot to him as well and that he knows you cared. Always remember your good times together. Remember the friendship you have had been able to have with him, and he will always be with you. In your memories, in his music and videos as well.

    Be strong Corey, Keep doing what you love, and remember your fans are here for you !

    I have to admit some of my fav pics and clips of you are you dressed and dancing like Michael. I am smiling right now thinking of it.

    Peace and happieness

  21. I too was in shock with the rest of the world as news broke about the passing of Michael Jackson.
    When I read your blog I could sense the sadness you were feeling. I wanted to send my condolences to you as I know you and Michael were friends and had a strong relationship at one point. I am sorry that you did not have a chance to reconcile your relationship with him as planned. It is very awakening for everyone thinking we have time, when in reality we don’t. It is apparent how much you admired him and I am sure that was something very special for him.
    It is a sad day in America and throughout the world this evening. Michael was a legend and will be greatly missed by many. I have never met him but it seems like a part of my childhood died with the news.
    May peace be with him and with you.

  22. You were the first person I thought about when I heard the news here in Dallas. It was 5 minutes to 5:00pm and our entire office got quiet and YOU popped into my thoughts. May God Bless you as you deal with the loss of such a very very important person in your life. Please dont dwell on Not getting to speak with him three weeks ago; you were very important to him. As a non-celebrity, I bet you; he just hit a point that he didnt know who would accept him and love him as always. Im not the type to try to contact celebrities but this is one time that its good for both you and your fans to have this outlet. Thank you for being reachable to the public. I have such fond memories of you and your movie friends too. We all grew up together and Im so glad to see you succeed in adulthood and have such a wonderful wife to stand with you. May you be so blessed with a peace that Michael loved you very much and never thought he wouldnt have the chance to tell you himself.

  23. Are tickets still available for the show on Saturday?

  24. Jesus Corey we are all shocked and saddened. Michael had a complicated life but he will always be the Scarecrow to me. My regret rests with those who love him most and I know you and he were the best of friends … he was a world away from everything when things in your life went crazy. There are no words in any language to touch the emotions involved. You have to be strong, though, because the family is going through hell at the moment … you have to be strong and pay attention in every way to find some little way you can help them … they won’t ask for it, you have to find what they need and provide it with the same friendship you showed this dear man. Remember, the heart is a muscle, and it has to break so it can grow stronger … Remember to take care of yourself, too, Michael wouldn’t want it any other way.

  25. oh … and one more thing, dude. Ease on down the road ….

  26. Stay strong Corey i just heard the news of Michaels passing and the first thing that came to me was i wander if Corey and Michael had made there peace and it’s a tragedy that it was’nt to be i feel as if you were on the brink of rekindling your friendship although i really think you were still in his heart and thoughts. If we can all learn something from this is if you have any regrets to do something about it today don’t leave it till tomorrow. God bless to you and your family in this time of sadness and remember the times when michael was at his happiest… when you were by his side…
    Peace (=

  27. first of all. my heart is broken. corey if you read this… you and michael and a few others really stand out to me when i think of my childhood. the 80s were such an amazing time, and you living the life you did , well you are one of the lucky ones. im just a 26 yo guy from miami. i grew up in hialeah fl. but there is a special place for michael and all the wonderful memories that he and others like yourself provided. i looked up to you and in a way still do. you were lucky enough to have known michael and so i know you grieve harder than most of us. i wish you the best. tomorow morning i will wake up and it might just start to sink in. michael … you will be missed.

  28. Sorry for your loss, bro. And good luck with the concert.

    RIP MJ


  29. Hi corey, sweetheart i can only say how truly heartbroken and saddened i am to hear what u and the family are feeling, michael was a great singer and seeing u, in ur eyes growing up as i watched u i saw just how much he was ur idol, i am sorry to hear about what has happend….But i know his memory will live on forever…in you… and in his music…sadly everything happens for a reason.. But i know he would be proud of what u have done and are becoming…stay strong hun…i believe in you more then ever right now and i know what he taught u will shine out of you everytime u do a show…i truly will give u a big hug when i see u sweetness….From the bottom of my heart, leaving u all my love n support threw this difficult time for u..

    My heart truly goes out to all of michaels family as well as the fans.. michael will be missed but he was to much of a great entertainer to be forgotten, forgotten he will not be… no matter what has happend! in conclusion corey, i will see u saturday.. love ya hun!

  30. Hey Corey, good work on Larry King tonight. That was cool of you to share the sunglasses, etc. I dont know you nor MJ and found your blog through wiki (looked you up after seeing King Live.) I’ve got nothing to say that hasn’t been said about today. I do have an interesting question for you though…any chance your paternal side came from Romania? I did some genealogy last Summer and dug up some cool stuff on Feldmann’s from Bucharest (where MJ had a playground built, coinkydink or what?) Check out the photo of this 1930’s Bucharest phone book listing I took. http://www.flickr.com/photos/1adam12/833387309
    If no relation, I thought you’d dig it anyhow. Best wishes on your tour.

  31. Corey

    I’m very sad today, we have lost a true legend and there wont be performer quite like him again.. i watched the events live through the night with tears running down my face.
    i was due to see him live in 3 weeks time at the O2 arena in london so im really upset that i wont get this oppunity again as my memories of his live peformes are nothing but magical.
    I did see him on the Dangerous tour here in england and wow one of my all time childhood moments…

    My thoughts go out to Micheal’s family, friends and his millions and millions of fans. I will be thinking of you all today.


    DREW & NIC

  32. Corey as a fan of yours I am truly Sorry about Mikcel Jackson! I lost my mom from cancer so i know how hard it is to lose someone close and the I work 2 shift and tonight at work somene told me that Jackson died! the first person that came to mind was you! i wonderd how you where coping and doing! im truly sorry about this i almost cried! im 42 right now and in high school i tryied out for pom poms and the song we tred out for was beat it! i still remaember the dance! no i didnt make it LOL oh well but i remeber the dance still so thats cool! I guess i dont know what else to say cause im still shocked! he was sooo good at everything he did! anyway my thoghts and prayrs go out to u and your family! Love you Corey and Peace and I wish I could go to your concert! take care of your self!! Kerbear7009!!

  33. Corey,
    As Soon as I heard about Michael’s death, you were the first person I thought of. I think your post is the high road to take. I am unlike most other responders though, going to say, I am glad you are going to do your show on Saturday, if it is what YOU want, not if it is what Michael would have wanted. I know he was at one time a great friend, and I am not trying to minimize this, but I am trying to maximize your empowerment of thriving and overcoming “his” control of you based on your experiences with him. Not saying you can’t wish him peace and remember him for all he offered the world in his talent, but to not overlook the impact he has had on your life in other ways and to remember to always, Claim and reclaim that which is yours, Your Right to Live Your life, with YOUR Wishes and Direction, not what someone else dictated or dictates for you.
    His death, doesn’t change what happened, and your wish to have reconciled still doesn’t change your right to have empowerment, What it is, is a tragedy all around.

    I send you love and light and healing through all of this loss and sad time. Please be kind and gentle with yourself and let yourself grieve not only the loss of the reconcilation, but the losses you experienced because the abuse.


  34. Corey,

    I’m saddened to hear the news. I too thought of yourself and the friendship you shared with him over the years. Dealing with loss is never easy, especially when it’s someone who has had such a great impact on your life.

    Sadly I too am trying to deal with the loss of someone close to me. I’ve to attend my granddad’s funeral this afternoon and with that I can understand how you must be feeling right now. All I can say is, take hold of the lighter times you shared together and have faith that you will see him again.

    I’m sorry for your loss.

    My prayers go out to his family and friends.

  35. Corey,

    It has been so long since I have written you and I am sorry, but my heart and mind are with you everyday, especially during this tough time. I just finished watching the today show and I seem you speaking to Meredith. I know you loved Michael dearly and I know you are going to go through some rough emotions ahead. But as you stated remember the good things. I am so sad. Yesterday when I heard the news I was picking my little girl up from dance and I also ( as you stated) began to receive text messages)from friends and family. I have recently been through 2 loses in my family, and one I was never quite able to get to them on time to mend things together before their passing. It hurts and I am still feeling lost with it all today, but what keeps me going is when I truly think bout the inner core of the person I’ve lost and I think back on our good times , I realize that they would not want me ( truly in their heart) to sit with so much regret and pain. I am sure Michael thought of you so much throughout the years after you falling out. Time mends broken bridges and I know he will be watching over you with ever step you make and in some way guide you as he has in the past. Please do not live with hurt and pain Corey( as hard as it is) you know as well as the rest of the world that Michael is an incredible and genuine soul, and I am sure whatever the problem was between the both of you all things are clear now. Be at peace in knowing that he truly is a son and soldier of God and he will live on FOREVER. I heard one of Michael’s songs ironically on the radio just minutes before they had announced he had passed, and this was even before they started playing his music on the radio( in tribute) This song will forever remind me of the day I heard the news- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N02y_9n6TRE&feature=related

    God Bless you Michael, and may God comfort you and your family through this tough time.

    All my love Corey, to you and your family,

    Evie ( Hersey PA)

  36. Corey,

    You were the first person I thought of when I heard the tragic news of Michael’s passing, and I see I was not the only person who felt that way. I sat here watching MTV play Michael Jackson videos (I don’t know how long it’s been since they played videos), reading your blog, and having tears stream down my face. The first concert I ever went to was a Michael Jackson concert. You have been my favorite actor from the first time I saw you, I was probably 7 or 8. As you grew up with Michael in your life, you adopted a lot of his style. It was a huge part of what I loved about you. One of my favorite Corey moments is the scene in Dream a Little Dream where you rock it out, all michael-esque. He is a legend. I am sorry for your loss, sorry that you were unable to mend your ties before his passing. Remember all of the good times, and may it help you find peace in your time of need.

    God bless you, Michael’s family, friends, and fans.
    Good luck with your show on Saturday, I’m sure he will be with you.

    love, jena

  37. Corey,

    Many thanks for your wise words today. Like everyone else here I am shocked at Michael Jackson’s untimely and unexpected death.

    Our prayers here go out to MJ’s family, not forgetting you and Susie either. MJ himself is certainly a true legend, people don’t realise that his music is the soundtrack to most of our lives, mine included, despite the fact that I was not a big fan of him. I think if I’d had the chance to see him in concert I would have done though.

    I personally never believed a lot of the silly stories which circulated in the tabloids about MJ – crucially, I also did not believe (without any hard evidence to hand) that he was capable of deliberately abusing or hurting a child. If anything did happen in my opinion, it was either accidental or embellished from other events.

    MJ’s soul is now safely in heaven, although he was taken from us so soon. However, God and / or Allah’s time is not our time.

    BTW, in the midst of all this, you might be advised to give Meredith Salenger a call to check she’s ok – she had a medical problem overnight which required a short hospital stay, which she summarised on Twitter. I won’t repeat it here but see her own words on http://www.twitter.com/meredthsalenger .

    Cheers Corey and our thoughts are with you all.

    Rich & Paula

  38. Hi Corey,

    Like many i have been a fan of yours since i can remember, im now 35.Im on here to say that i am so sorry for the loss of your friend and i hope that you will be ok during this great loss.Michael was such an inspiration to many, including yourself and i would just like to say to all his fans out there and yourself, Susi, and Corey Haim that my heart and sympathy goes out to you all.


    Also i love this site.

    Michelle, from the U.K

  39. Corey,
    May Gods light & love guide you through this difficult time. Michael knew that your friendship would some day recover unfortunately he just ran out of time.
    God Bless you & your family
    God Bless the Jackson family & his children
    God Bless Farrah’s family & children


  40. Corey, (I’m sure you can identify with this post)

    *Michael Jackson was a great talent. He was also a selfish person with a lot of mental problems. Seriously, who does the stuff he did to himself without having a bunch of baggage. Maybe it was because he sold his childhood in order to let his greedy family piggy-back his career. People that sacrifice their adolescence for the gain of others generally do end up flaking out sooner or later. The entertainment world is full of these personal train wrecks. Consider this site alone and how it stays afloat. The point is that we are all voyeurs and/or users in some respect. So by trying to justify our strange obsessions and/or perversions, we cannot help but create a few victims along the way. It’s everywhere… which makes it virtually impossible to spot angels where demons lie.

  41. Corey,

    I just made a new account in order to send you this note…I don’t usually do this.

    After I heard the news yesterday and while watching the tributes on TV and tearing up, I had a flash of you in Dream A Little Dream and it made me smile. Even in my sadness, your shared love of Michael helped give me some relief. I wanted to thank you for that.

    My heart and love goes out to Michael’s family, especially his children, and his dear friends such as you and all the other fans whose lives he touched so dearly. Michael was our Elvis and I feel a part missing from my life now that he is gone.

    I was so hoping that the tour this summer would be the start of a whole new chapter for him and was waiting (im)patiently for it.
    Thank you for your words, Corey, and I know that Michael heard your thoughts.

    Much love to all,


  42. Corey,

    I have always been a fan and loved watching your movies and The Two Coreys. Just wanted to say that I saw you on Larry King and on the Today Show speaking about Michael …. you have shown tremendous class and grace by only focusing on the positive. It is obvious you are grieving and choosing to remember the good times is the best thing you can do. I admire and respect you even more for your choice to focus on the man that you looked up to and called a friend rather than the falling out. KEEP IT POSITIVE.

    I wish you all good things! My thoughts and prayers are with you and all who loved Michael.

    Take Care ~ Lisa

  43. Corey,

    “Happy days –
    do not cry because they are over.
    Smile because they happened.”

    These are the words we’ve chosen for the funeral of my dad last week. He died at June 14th 2009.

    I’m sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with Micheals family, his friends and fans and of course with you Corey.


  44. RIP MJ, grew up emulating u and doing ur moves and listening to ur music, still do! Hey corey caught u last nite on larry king live, cool glasses! I thought that was cool to how u paid tribute to MJ by dressing like him.

  45. I respect and admire you’re focus on the positive during this time. Don’t let negativity or bad taste discourage you. I, like many others, feel a great sense of sorrow over this loss. I never stopped liking Michael, as an entertainer and as a person. Always believed in him. My condolences to you and his family on this terrible loss. It was far, far too soon.

    But the world will continue to enjoy the gifts he gave us for a long time to come.

    So long Mike, RIP.

  46. I am sorry for your loss. I simply can not say any more than that. What a loss to us all.

  47. I immediately thought of you yesterday when all this happened. I can’t imagine the break in your heart right now. I will keep you and all of his family in my prayers. What peace to know that he is no longer suffering, and is now able to experience true joy. Be blessed Corey, and remember all the sweet times you had with your dear friend.

  48. It’s amazing to see that so many others wanted to check on you too. My thoughts are with you as you deal with the loss of a childhood idol.

  49. My goodness, I guess I wasn’t the only one who was thinking of you. You have so many wonderful people in your life Corey, wonderful fans. As do I myself, they adore you. The good times are what should be remembered. Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff. Although I’m sure in your eyes it was not small stuff between you & Michael…when you step back & think….isn’t it really all small stuff? Bigger sees that and knows that your bond with him was never broken.
    Much love to you guys. Have an incredible show tomorrow.
    Remember the time…

  50. I was shocked by his passing also.There will never be an entertainer like him!He was excentric and people were so cruel to him because of it.He was a gentle soul who didn’t deserve to be treated the way he did.My brother and I immediatly thought of you when we heard the news.I had to come check and see how your doing.I belive that the departed can hear our thought’s and listen to our prayers.Light a candle and talk to him just as would as if he was alive and he will know how much you’ve missed him.Now to something more lightheared,have you thought of getting a Twitter account?I think it would be a fun and easy way to connect to more fans.Looking forward to hear about how your concert goes tomorrow night.*Hugs*-Liz

  51. The people in England should keep their money for the Michael Jackson tickets. The money should go to his estate and children. Therefore everyone will have a piece of Michael forever. Rock on Corey. We always do not get to resolve bad days or years.
    Please keep rocking on. YOu have the music within you. Your life has been touched by an angel to carry on Gods work, to spread love and peace.

  52. I was flipping around the channels and came across Fox News and saw Corey Haim being interviewd (briefly) by Gretta van Sustren (sp?) about MJ. It looked like he was at one of the sites.. maybe in Hollywood somewhere like his star.. Not sure. Nothing important said, but I took a double take. LOL He was his same self:) Perhaps it will make the rounds on youtube sometime soon.

    But anyways, I thought of you when I saw it. Wish you well.

  53. Good Luck tonight with the concert Corey. I will be thinking of ya and wishing you well. I know it may be tough to get through with all that is going on , but just know that Michale will be there with you. Blessings to you and tons of love.

    Hugs for you with extra big squeezes!!!

    Love and Blessings,

    Evie ( Hersey PA)

  54. Corey, I do not know you, except through your film and television performances I have enjoyed over the years. Surely you and Michael shared wonderful memories which you will reflect on in the weeks to come. When you come again and again to that place where you keep wishing that you had reconciled, why not “write a letter to him” and tell him what your relationship meant to you in detail, how it impacted your life, and release your angst. Share that letter with no one, dispose of it in a creative manner, then move on with only good memories. You’ll be a wonderful father and will continue to be a loving husband. You have a lifetime of memories Corey, but the best is yet to come for you,your career, and your family. Make it happen Champ.

    • This is REALLY something you should do, Corey. Because I seem to recall from psychology that our sub and superconsciousness does not know/cannot tell the difference in whether we write down what we’re feeling, or speak it. Either way, we benefit from the CONSCIOUS EXPRESSION. So I’d highly encourage you to do this, if only for your wife and child-to completely free yourself of as much angst as possible.

      Then, just “torch” whatever you wrote, so that it forever remains strictly between you, Michael, and God.

      I dare say you will actually be able to tell how much of a difference it makes!

      WONDERFUL post, mikelasveags!

      Continuing to lift you up in thought and prayer,
      your sister in Michael


  55. I saw you on Larry King and wanted you to know how impressed I was with you and the things you shared about your relationship with Michael Jackson. We are all mourning the loss of a great person and a one-of-a-kind talent. Remember the good times with Michael, they are what will sustain you. Forget the bad times they can do nothing but make you angry over and over again and that is not healthy for you or anyone who is around you. Remember the love…Bless you Cory.

  56. I too am in shock over the death of Michael Jackson….I loved his music and he was truly an icon and will be missed tremendously. My condolences on the loss of your great friend.
    I am and have always been a huge fan of yours Corey and will continue to be. I also hope that the great friendship you had with Corey Haim will someday be fixed and that he finds the help that he needs. I think you are the best and I wish you nothing but the best in everything you do in the future. Please take care.
    Charlene from PA

  57. Hi Corey,

    Its been quite the week. So many from our childhood gone in such a short amount of time. I, like yourself and others here, was shocked and saddened when I heard…and spent much of my online time being angry and defending him to his naysayers. It’s taken me some time to come see if you had posted anything, I was afraid of what you would have to say…not that it would be bad, but because it would break my heart. We were kids at the same time, you and I, so I almost feel like we grew up together through movies and teen idolship. I immediately thought of you, and Macaulay, when I found out. My thoughts are with you, the Jackson family, Micheal’s kids, and all who were close to him who feel the pain of his loss. Be at peace, knowing he is. My love to you and yours, as always. Linda from Canada.

  58. […] chimp friend Bubbles. Anywho, I just dialed up Corey’s blog, and of course he wrote a post about his ex-BFF the King of Pop. He talks about the beef, but what’s interesting is the date he throws out as the starting […]

  59. Corey,

    Had to take/make the time to find this blog and post to you.

    You showed great love and composure under unbelievable pressure on Larry King right after Michael passed. (Even more than Michael’s dad showed at the BET Awards last night!) And I found the explanation for Michael’s behavior with kids completely understandable for the first time ever, thanks to YOUR firsthand esplanation of it.

    Please realize what a truly PRICELESS gift back to Michael that was/is!:) (((BIG HUG)))

    I honestly believe that a lot of Michael’s problems stemmed from the fact that what he felt in his heart always overruled what he *knew* in his head. (A problem that you, I, and a lot of other “artist types” all seem to share!) And that being the case…you HAVE TO *KNOW* that no matter what may have transpired to separate you, the same forgiveness that had become so important to you had no doubt become just as paramount with Michael.

    I wish with all of my heart that you’d had the chance to formally “make peace” at the birthday party Michael didn’t make it to. But PLEASE believe me when I say that when I saw you on Larry King and listened to what you had to say, I swear-in my head, I heard Michael’s voice saying, “Awwww, Corey-I ALWAYS loved you, too!” (God as my witness!)

    That you remain such a devoted friend and supporter “anyway” says more about who you are, and the friendship and love that the two of you shared than…ANYTHING!

    I’m quite a bit older than you. (I’m Michael’s age, actually.) So I can tell YOU firsthand that we learn the most from our hardest lessons in life-which should mean that going forward, you make it a point (in Michael’s memory) to never let ANYTHING come between you and others you love.

    But let’s face it-Michael had an all encompassing love for EVERYONE the world over. Something very rare, and becoming more and more unheard of in this day and age.

    Being a personal friend of his couldn’t have ever been “easy” because of all of the heavy-duty “baggage” that must have came along with it. So don’t be too hard on yourself!


    More than anything in the world, he would want you to hold your head up high and stay focused on the beautiful life ahead that you have the opportunity to build with your wife and baby. (Babies?:) Maybe!) So just keep following your heart, as I saw you doing the other night on Larry King. And-as John Wayne once told Barbara Walters-“Don’t let the bastards get you down!”

    I know Michael is thankful for you sticking up for him and his family at this time, and PROUD of the fine young man you’ve become. Because I’m thankful for you and proud of you-and I’ve never been fortunate enough to be able to call you MY FRIEND. (As he did.)

    Sorry this is so long. BUT ESPECIALLY AT THIS POINT IN TIME, I FELT THIS WAS ALL VERY IMPORTANT! (And Michael would want someone to say all of this to you, I’m certain!:) Oh yes!)

    I wish you and your family all good things now and always!

    With the love that never ends,
    your sister in Michael


  60. Corey,

    I wanetd to leave a post here, as I’m not sure that the Twitter account that I found was actually yours (or that you’d actually see it). When I heard of your dear friend’s passing on Thursday, I was in shock. I was saddened by the news and immediately thought of you. I knew by TV shows and such that you and he had a falling out some time ago, but I hope that you know that friends can still care even when not speaking to one another.

    I’ve been a fan of yours since I was a teenager and will never forget the first time I saw “Dream A Little Dream”. I remember thinking, “Wow, he sure dances like Michael Jackson” not knowing of your friendship and admiration at the time. Years later, I believe I read somewhere that you created that dance routine to honor your friend/idol. It was incredibly touching.

    Forgive me if my facts aren’t straight. I just wanted to post a comment to let you know that you’re in my thoughts. I wish you and your family all the goodness in the world and hope that you are coping ok with this tragedy.


  61. I am saddened over the worlds loss. Michael was such an influential man and could had continued to do great things that would bring a little bit more healing into a torn world. I miss him too. He helped all of us who had hard childhoods cope. He genuinely meant it when he said I love you. I have never scene such a person in the public eye like him and am afraid I will never see it again. I refer to his love. Corey, your love for him and his family makes peace in the spiritual world. God will honor that.
    Much love

  62. In some ways I am glad I’ve not had the net lately and could only just read this blog now… mainly because with so much stress going on in my personal life right now I haven’t even been able to allow myself to think about the great loss we have experienced! Truth is I am saddened by the news and my thoughts did go out to those who truly were personally impacted by his life, in his family, his friends and you. As fans, we cannot begin to feel the true extent of the loss as the art which we appreciated from him will live forever in our culture and our CD collections, although it is heart warming to see so many people saying such sweet words – bless you all!!

    I commend you Corey for having the strength and the humilty to write this blog as I know it can’t have been easy. One thing that is always tough when we lose people so suddenly is dealing with the remorse of not having an opportunity to tell them how we truly feel. However, the truth is that there will always be a spiritual balance around us which ultimately creates a sense of peace and so all we can do in these situations is carry on with our still very active lives and do as much as we can to enrich our emotional and spiritual being in order that the balance may someday be restored.

    As a non religious person, I don’t believe in the after life or that people we lose are watching over us. However, my belief is that when people pass, those who were good release positive energy back into the atmosphere and that is absorbed by everything around us – the trees, the earth and all living creatures and so by continuing to live positive, enriching lives, we help contribute to the redistribution of that energy.

    Not entirely sure if all that made sense, as it was written directly from my heart but I hope that it makes even a small bit of sense to some people:-)

    Love and hugs,
    Laura xxxooo

  63. You ready to “sack up” and admit you and Jacko got naked ?

  64. Feldog, i hate the fact you are kissing ass to don’t know who about this Michael Jackson farce, i would understand if you would choose to leave it in the past and move on , but obviously you don’t , what’s you problem ? why do you go on Larry king dressed like that freak , burn those things.

    Why do you blame your fall down with freako on Sep 10 , obviously if he choose to refuse you access to the bus ( didn’t even have the balls to do it himself ,was it Tito the messenger?) and leave you on your own in NY city there was a reason ,a very good reason,

    Did you forgot that reason? You choose to ? or you were simply to sleepy that day at Neverland and believed it was a nightmare ?

    Well my friend it was a nightmare I’m sure , but it was a real one , so get real and come clean

    Remember who he really was and the damage he caused to Many Many Many people , at this point you are one of the only people who can stop this farce and not turn this freak into a legend


  65. Hey Corey,

    Let me say that I was a bit obsessed with you growing up and own every one of your movies that I know of. Anyway when I heard about M.J the first thing that came to me was the scene of you in the gym dancing in Dream a little Dream. I always noticed how you would bring a bit of Michael into your preformances. Cant really blame anyone but himself for what happened, atleast you were man enough to know you had a problem and fixed it. Dont let this tragedy bring down your career. Speaking of…will you be comming to the bay area again? I saw you when you came to the Dog pound in SFO and really wanted to meet you, but was too chicken to. I hope to get that chance some day.

  66. Don’t listen to any of those dumb ignorant people– I Love you Corey. Let’s remember Michael together. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZlBcBz8SKs what a hell of a performer😥 I know you will miss him Cor!!

    Hugs n Love to you and the family,

    Evie ( Hershey PA)

  67. In reference to the last two comments…Don’t come on here disrespecting Corey or Michael. The man has just passed.One shouldn’t talk about ANYONE who has passed that way.Have some respect! If you don’t have anything positive to say,stay off this blog!

  68. Pure ignorance.

  69. Dear Corey,

    Isnt it amazing the power of the net and the things that are said. Let me start by saying that I am not a “fan” of yours in the obvious way. I am 33 and have enjoyed your movies over the years as most have. However it wasnt until the reality shows came out in the last few years as an adult that made me very much curious and respectful of the live you have lead and the path you have chosen for yourself. You have a beautiful family life and from what I know, you had a hard first half in life and to turn your life into what it is, I give you props. Over and over we see these stories of famous people going donwhill and you could have chosen that path as a child star, but did not. I will not pretend that I know everything about you but I can tell you this, I saw the influence Michael Jackson had in your life growing up into an adult and you are no different than any other young adult want to emuluate their idol. A few days after the tragic news that Michael Jackson is gone, I was thinking about you and Macauly Caulkin and the fact that all of you had something very similar in common by being child stars and that must have been the reason of the inital bond. And I was very curious if either of you would speak out. And you did. For what its worth, I am very proud that you went to Larry King and the Today Show with your emotions. Only you know why you and Michael Jackson had a fallout and that was between 2 friends, not tabloid fable. I am just a girl in Chicago missing the King of Pop so I can only imagine a former friends pain.

    Bless you and your family, stay true to your beliefs and take the crap that is being said on your blog off!!! There is no reason to use your website to disrespect you or Michael Jackson.

    Take care,

  70. Youll be missed Micheal Jackson, say hello to my mother vana for me. She loved you and I miss her.


    Corey be strong.

  71. hello Cory wanted to let you know that you and Mikael had allot of influence over my childhood I am saddened by the tragedy that has occurred people have been saying bad things about mike and forget that he has a family!we will never know what really happened and it dosn’t matter the thing that matter is a special person and father is no longer here.How would the people like it if all everyone talked about is what they may have done in there life especially when it wasn’t proven I don’t think any bad intent was caused by mike he was to special im 38 going on 39 and wishes that i could be like mike he never really grew up per say he will be missed my respect and condolences to you and the jackson family😦 peace Dan Tilton

  72. definately gone too soon but he has shown us the sicknesses in our society and he will live through our actions .

    he has made his mark and his words will never leave us . he was a gift to the world and we didnt even realize it . never know what you have until its gone

  73. Hey Corey,

    No worries cause there one thing for sure, MJ knows now what your thinking and how much he meant to you. How he was there when you needed him during harder times..People tend to grow apart, but he seemed like a person that still felt love and respect from a far…Look up tell him love ya my friend and thank you for all the good times..and he will hear you :-)

    One Love,
    The Helltress

  74. I knew that you were very close with Michael. I did not know that you had not been speaking. Yet, the very fact that you two were PLANNING to talk meant that you had found your peace.

    Even though he is gone (Rest In Peace), you two have remained friends.

  75. Dearest Corey… I have been a fan of both Michael Jackson & you for many years. The day Michael passed away, my cell phone blew up with announcements. Not long after came the disgusting, obnoxious, and ignorant jokes. My own mother in law made a comment on how he stole the thunder out from under Farrah. That was a very heartbreaking day for many many fans, friends, family & followers. No one will ever replace his style, and charm.

    Corey, I watched the jokes that were made when you were shown at the memorial, and I wanted to jump through my t.v. screen & choke the ignorant reporters for saying those things. Your fans love you regardless, and I truly believe Michael & you have and always will have a blessed & special bond. I have recently found several of my friends that I haven’t seen in more than 15 years. The undeniable friendships we had as kids are still there. The lesson I have learned is it only takes a moment to let someone disappear from your life. It takes a lifetime to forgive yourself when it’s too late. Michael is watching over you now & forever. I don’t want to overstep a fine line, but I know you & Corey Haim have had several issues in the past. I love you both, and hope someday things will be the way they were before it’s too late.


    Jennifer “Jade” Presti

    Jennifer Kerko FaceBook

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