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Well it has been another busy week for us, with the show at The Key club, and then the show at The Whisky, and then we went to Coachella to see Sir Paul McCartney thats what I call 8 days a week. So first off a bit more on the Green carpet event…….

I would like to say thank you to all of the amazingly positive reviews that we have received, it seems the thunder storm of positive energy just keeps rolling in. We have posted a few of these on our news page. The most exciting one was from the number one Pink Floyd fan site in the world Brain Damage. They have been very supportive of the TM album, so much so, that they sent a journalist out to cover the Green Carpet event. Their comments are so flattering that I got the chills just reading them. They even went as far as to compare the Technology Analogy album and live show to the likes of PF’s Division Bell and Momentary Lapse of Reason albums. That is an overwhelming compliment from the very heart of the PF fan base. Thank you to Brain Damage and all of their staff and readers. Your acknowledgement and recognition proves to us that we are definitely on the right musical path. The article can be found at .

In further news about the event you will notice in our photo section some pics from the evening have started making their way to the site …many more to come. we will be posting a slew of exclusive pics right here on our site. You can also find many pics by searching around on our myspace page at Some pics are posted there as well as on some of the band members own private pages. Check out Rob Heskins page for a ton of great pics. And as I predicted some “bootleg footage has ended up on youtube for those who can’t wait to get a glimpse of the pro DVD that we are working on. Also Michael who is one of the student filmmakers at the Brooks Institute called me today and told me he is working away on editing the 6 camera shoot. He has assured me I will be able to get a glimpse within the next couple of weeks. I am currently planning on putting a great DVD package together which I will seek distribution for, and hopefully figure out a way to sell it with a portion of the proceeds going to Global Green USA. I will keep you posted on that.

As far as The Whisky show is concerned, thank you to all who participated, all who showed up, and all involved with putting the event together. It was definitely the most intimate show TM has ever done as we didn’t go on until 12:30 AM and played until 1:30AM which is very late for a Thursday night. So needless to say it was a much smaller crowd than previous events. However the message of the night was equally as powerful with excellent performances and presentations from all involved. I would like to thank my wife Susie for a job well done as the eveningsco-host. I would also like to thank Amber Lake for dedicating her time. I do believe they raised a good deal of money for the Animals who are stuck in Labs and for Last Chance for Animals investigative research into the inhumane treatment of these animals. I was proud to be asked to be a part of the event and TM was happy to rock the place. We will be posting some pics from that event on our home page as well.

In regards to all of your comments about wanting to see TM perform in different places around the world such as England, Germany, Australia, and across the US and elsewhere, please trust that we are doing everything we can to make that dream a reality. We would love nothing more than to bring the show all over the world, we just need to talk to the right promoters who can put it all together so if you are such a promoter or know those who can help please contact the bands management at as we are now fielding offers for a world tour. Oh yeah, we would love to play the Glastonbury festival by the way, and we are working on it.

A quick word about Coachella (we would love to play there next year as well) all I can say is that Paul rocked that place. He was AMAZING!! For a man to be an innovator of music for as long as he has to still put the intensity into a performance as he did was truly inspiring to watch. He is Truly today’s King of Rock and Roll. What a performance!! He played for almost 3 hours, ending his perfect set at almost 1AM and just think he is only 66 years old, as a vegetarian, he looked and sounded so great, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has another 20 years of performances left in him. That is what inspires me the most, the idea of never letting age get the best of you and remaining youthfully energetic well into your years. I can only hope and dream to be standing in front of a sold out crowd rocking it at 66.

Now on to the VERY EXCITING NEWS of the day! The Goonies cast together with Director Richard Donner and Executive Producer and Story writer Steven Spielberg have reunited for a very special photo shoot as an exclusive for the 20th anniversary of England’s Premier Film Magazine EMPIRE! The Birthday issue which is being guest edited by Mr. Spielberg himself  will hit stands in the UK this Thursday. I believe they are also launching a US version of the magazine as part of this special celebration. Along witha group photo of the cast , and Producers, there are exclusive one on one photos and interviews with each member of the cast. In addition there was also a lot of video shot that day. We even did a group interview on camera exclusively for Empire, where we all reminisced about the amazing times we shared together making the film, a few unheard Goonie secrets,  and reflected on our collective love for the film and hopes for its future. This was a very special day for all of us. I will go more into detail about the events of the day in my next blog, but for now I would like to thank EMPIRE for giving me the right to announce this exclusively at and want to inform you that to see it all for yourselves please go to Don’t miss this one, who knows if it will ever happen again. Hopefully it is just the start of more good Goonie things to come. Either way I would like to thank Steven Spielberg for orchestrating this whole thing, as I know how special it is for all of us. It was great to catch up with Steven, and Dick, and the cast, and I’m sure your gonna love it.

Well thats it for now, so until next time……………



~ by coreyfeldman on April 22, 2009.


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  4. YAY so you actually listened to me when I said you needed more exclusive pics added to this site… see I do make valid points occasionally Mr Feldman!!! Not sure what you would do without me ya know!! haha!!

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about the Glastonbury thing… I was looking up how to go about arranging that the other day and was going to post here about it until I realised I wouldn’t get any recognition for trying to help (as usual!!!) so I figured I’d let you work it out on your own. I am therefore glad you are working on it as, to quote one of your songs “It’s so simple”!!! lol!!

    All ya need to do is send your info, some tracks and a pic to the international booker peeps through the Glastonbury website and the job is done… all you gotta do is hope they contact you. I personally would have recommended you consider very carefully which tracks to offer them as showcases for your work… Green Is The Colour would be great to fit in with the Eco-Friendly vibe of the festival (which I believe supports Greenpeace) plus a bit of the rock stuff to showcase your band’s instrumental talents! I am sure you know what you’re doing however and as I said, you never listen to my ideas anyway so I’ll leave that with you!!

    Very happy about the Goonies reunion thing, it is a particular fave 80s film of our Great Nation here in the UK so it will certainly be well received (it doesn’t hurt that it will remind people over here who you actually are for those who may not remember you by name!) so here’s hoping it may spread the word that you’re still out there!! Yay!!

    On a separate note, I wanted to say a big hey to all the regular posters here as I don’t post myself that often these days so hey to the amazing Anna, the lovely Lisa, Rabba, Evie (never said hey to you before so hey!!!), Kristin, Jayde over in Oz and anyone else I forgot to mention – hope you are all good and enjoying life right now!!

    Love, hugs and kisses to all,
    Laura xoxo

  5. ooh, under anyone else I forgot to mention, can I please file Nic and Drew!!! Fancy forgetting my fellow Brits – how embarrassing?! xxx

  6. hey corey..

    wow cause i live in london i’ll be buying empire to read on the tube tomorrow.. ill come back an give you all a recap tomorrow…

    corey didnt i tell you touring is where it’s at!!!!!

    oh great plug for glastonbury, im glad that idea stuck with you.. i’ll try an speak to micheal eavis ( organizer & owner of site).. let him sample some technology anology.(LOL).. would be great open for neil young.. dream line up for me..

    any back tomorrow for thoughts on the empire spread

  7. Hey Corey,

    Goonies reunite that’s awesome to get the whole gang back! Goonies is truly one of the best 80s movies of all time. Who could ask for any thing more than crooks, bats, skeletons, a lovable monster and a treasure. Not to mention the truffle shuffle, One Eyed Willy and of course Mouth.. Can’t wait to read the great articles and hear all the fun stories.

    Glad you had fun at Coachella. I heard that Sir Paul McCartney was amazing! I hope all works out for Truth Movement to play at the Glastonbury festival and tour all around the world. Just make back to LA for another show (LOL)…

    As far as The Whisky show you guys did great!! The night was for a good cause that we need to focus more on. We need to end unnecessary suffering of animals and STOP animal testing!!!! LCA is a great foundation and with there help anything is possible. Susie was a beautiful co-host alongside Amber. Great job ladies!!!

    I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for Empire’s 20th Anniversary issue.

    I wanted to say Happy Earth Day to all!!! May we treat are earth with love and kindness not only today but everyday. Also hello to all the regular posters and welcome to all the new posters.

    Green is the Colour!!

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  9. Cool News Goonies 2 Maybe ? I Left A Comment On Your Main Blog Page About You Possibly Attending The Scarefest Or Fright Night Film Fest In Kentucky This Aug & September.Do You Think You Would Be Interested In It.It Would Be Awesome To Meet You And Your Wife If She Came.I’m A Fan From Way Back Lost Boys,The Goonies,The Burbs’,License To Drive,Gremlins,TMNT,Stand Buy Me,Friday The 13th’s,Tales From The Crypt,Dream A Little Dream,Stepmonster All Great Movies..You Don’t Know What It Would Mean If You Would Decide To Do This,It Would Be Big.I Gave Both Your Agents E-mail So I Guess I’ll Have To Wait And See.I Know You Was Done Dirty Before By Some Promoters These Guys I Promise Are As Good As They Come Some Of The Nicest People You Will Ever Meet. Write Me Back At If You Get A Min.

    Many Thanks Hope To See You There…

  10. corey WOW

    I have been buzzing all day since i read the empire birthday issue… with the goonie article..

    wow its great to see you all together again and you all seem so tight even after 24 years..

    the wierd thing is i met ke huy quan in birmingham for the colletormania on saturday and
    sunday(WE CHATTED BOTH DAYS)… The goonies came up and he didnt mention this reunion..”he said the last time you where all together was for the DVD commentry” but the empire aticle says it was top secret so that will explane why……

    i have met all you goonie boys and you all seem so great and down to earth..

    loved the story about you anoying martha plimpton by repeating what she said..
    Made me laugh at loud….
    also loved the bit when josh brolin said you where the naughtiest of all your goonie peers…

    having speilberg and donner in the mix made a great article….

    adding this magazine to my collection

    I have entered the chance to win a signed poster by the cast and speilberg & donner.. Fingers crossed.. hope i win….

    I have just opended a FLICKR acct..
    To show you all my pics if your interested in looking..

    Take care now..

    drew ( licence to drive tattoo)

    Hi Laura
    thanks for the shout out
    (Us brits have got to stick togther)

  11. Hey Corey well in response to your blog so much exciting…news to respond to well first off u did have busy weeks didnt ya lol…??Well why wouldent ya lol…but most importantly glad to know u had a good time at the coachella event…haha i went to the movies wednesday in a little mall type street by the movie theature and saw all these pictures of the beatles n i meam they were big!!lol!! haha it made me think of you corey lol…but again glad u had a good time:)
    Why r u so suprised by the articles lol.. you guys are definitly that good:)..corey someting i never mentioned to you is the pink floyd performed at the key club was amaizing! I had never hear of the songs but i of course have heard of pf.. just great job on that also btw:)

    Now moving on i have noticed the pics and there amaizingly great!! ^__^ there all sooo beautiful! and u looked gorgeous in alot of them sweets lol!! tehe… anways looking forward to seeing many more super excited!! ^___^Got some great shots of you cor!! havent quite added them all yet so ill tag them to ya…maybe u could use them on ur site iiiiffff u want sweets no pressure lol!!
    As for the Whiskey show…i know for a fact you guys made it special…for the short time i was there i got pics of susie and amber susie looked gorgeous sweets! and she was a total doll!!!^_^ And always looks beautiful!

    I wish u the best with your upcoming concerts sweets love u guys! But come back to l.a soon lol!! tehehehe! ^__*

    GOONIES CAST TOGETHER COREY!! WOW:) YAY! LOL! i cant wait to hear more sweetness! looking forward to your next blog!!until then!! luv! xoxox,

  12. Hello Corey, Great news about the Goonies Reunion, but not yet…The contest about the signed poster is a great idea for people to tell you what they want to happen in Goonies 2!! Someday I will come to LA!!!!:):)

  13. I’m so excited to see a Goonies reunion is reality! I’m so very excited!! I can’t wait to hear and see more, hopefully soon!

    I have to say as a huge Pink Floyd fan, I love the music and the new pictures. You are so lucky to have met and worked with those guys. And, Technology Analogy is amazing! I’ve been promoting the heck out of it in my own way on Myspace and such things. Just trying to get you out there to an audience who may not have listened before!❤
    As always, I can’t wait until your next blog!

  14. Hey corey.

    Just wanted to let you know. I recently purchased Marko’s(Alex winter) heavily-customized denim jacket from the lost boys.

    I had to get a work loan to purchase it from the prop store of london which they have two store’s london/los angeles. so unfortatly this came from los angeles so i also paid through the roof in import taxes..

    But what i wanted to say is:-

    I was watching the lost boys and This particular jacket can be matched to the scene where you stake Marko in the cave.. The jacket is full of glitter and i noticed your also covered in glitter in the film aswell….

    It’s my favourite item and it may have cost alot of money but it was worth it… As i now own a piece of lost boys history..


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  16. Wow, very cool on the Goonies reunion! I think it is very cool that you sign off with “PEACE LOVE HAPPINESS TRUTH” on your posts. Best of continued good luck to you.

    ~ D Marie

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