Hi Everyone,

Well the time has finally arrived for you to get your first reel  peek at the sequel to The  Lost Boys…….21 years in the making, and the endless night finally sees it’s dawn. So dramatic. Can I get a drum-roll please?

As previously mentioned MTV and MTV.com will be getting the exclusive world premier of the new trailer for LB2 otherwise known as (officially titled) Lost Boys The Tribe.  Warner Brothers has graced me with the honor of breaking this news to you first before anybody else even get’s the chance,  and I have to say I am honored and thrilled to be able to present the trailer directly to you via MTV. The trailer will be available to own for yourself when it is released on 5 million copies of the Wil Smith film I am Legend, which ships nation wide next Tuesday. But for now, it will premier presented by myself, on MTV.com Wednesday March 12th (tomorrow for those without a calendar) at 8 A.M. Eastern Standard time. 

   Accompanying the trailer will be a new interview , I did just  last week talking more in depth about the film. I would like to acknowledge and thank MTV for their amazing support of this project from the start. As MTV was such a huge part of the success of the original film it is only fitting that they would be on the front lines of the sequels release. MTV network will also be running the interview in their news segments along with a condensed version of the trailer. Also bear in mind the trailer that MTV will premier will be a tad different than the version that will be released next week. I really hope you like it, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Please don’t be afraid to come back here and post your thoughts after you’ve had the chance to view it. Don’t worry your thoughts are always welcome,  good , bad,  or vampire ugly (hope you like it though). By the way if you do like it spread the word as nothing will ensure a theatrical release like a positive response to the trailer.

Obviously………there’s a lot at STAKE!!!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, as always

Edgar Frog 

~ by coreyfeldman on March 11, 2008.


  1. Words can’t describe how much I am looking forward to seeing this!! As Corey says…..21 years in the making (my lifetime thus far lol)

    Oh the excitement =]

  2. Hell yeah Corey lets do this thing! Tomorrow morning is going to be like a dream come true good luck man!!!

  3. Oh wow Corey! That’s so exciting! I can hardly wait. Thanks so much for letting everyone one.:)

  4. […] than Edgar Frog aka Corey Feldman! Here’s what Feldman had to enthusiastically say on his official blog The Feldman Journal… The trailer will be available to own for yourself when it is released on […]

  5. Greetings Feldog! Can’t wait to see the trailer for LB2! Is that buff sax player also in the sequel..he better be! Diggin’ your blogs bro. I like it when you mention Jake, your handsome assistant. He sounds like a real character!! Happy Blessings!! xoxo

  6. Can’t wait to see this f#^@er! Been long enough! lol. But yeah, obviously love to see it go theatrical! No idea what WB is thinking! Just boggles my mind!

  7. Hey Corey is there any way that we can get the trailer for the guys here in Iraq? We can’t download streaming video but we can receive anything in an email. I really enjoy your blog and we have been behind you in your quest to get your new movie off the ground since we heard about it. Most of my guys here in Tikrit are your age and we grew up watching you and think you are good guy and a good father. Looking forward to seeing your movie when we get access to it over here. Thanks Corey.

    SFC Fred Ballard
    C 601st ASB, CAB, 1st ID
    COB Speicher, Iarq


  8. Wow Corey all I can say is Wow!! The trailer is absolutely sick, i’m so excited for the movie this thing better go theatrical. If they released that same mtv trailer at the theatres I guarantee you this movie would blow up! haha I love your first line, “Your sister’s a suck monkey!” lol that a boy. Anyway just thought I would stop by and say thank you for not letting us down I knew you wouldn’t sign on to LB2 if it wasn’t right and from the looks of it your dead on. Sweet interviews as well.

  9. Any idea when we get to see the trailer in the U.K.? The trailer on the MTV site isn’t viewable outside the U.S.

  10. Hi!!!
    Well I’ve just seen the trailer and I’m even more excited about seeing this film than I was before (I didn’t think that was possible lol).
    I loved that it seems the comedy/horror element is still there. I love the action scenes and the total wildness of the vamps. Oh and hooray for the new version of Cry Little Sister, it sounds fantastic!
    There looks to be a heck of a lot more blood in it so I may need to take a cushion to hide behind when I go to see it at the cinema (I’m an optimistic about a theatrical release and I will see this at the cinema even if I have to buy it on dvd. I shall simply hot foot it down to the cinema, portable dvd player in hand, pay to go and see something that should have gone straight to dvd, sit down, pop in my headphones and watch it at the cinema that way lol)
    Anyway keep us posted about WB’s decision
    Lovin’ your work Feldman!!
    Love Jo

  11. Hey Corey!

    Just watched the trailer for LB2. It looks fantastic!!
    I really like the part where you show up behind the vampire-girl and hit here in the backhead. Hilarious!

    Also the song “Cry little Sister is back”! thats great!!

    Edgar Frog is back! Congratulation Corey!!

    You made my day!


    PS: I hope that the rumours that Corey Haim will be also in the LB2 is true.

  12. Corey, I have to say – it looks awesome!

    Very impressed, brings a tear to my eye. The fans of Lost Boys waited so long for this and it looks like this sequel will deliver. Great!

  13. God bless you Corey Feldman! The trailer looks amazing and I think I could pass out with the excitement that I am feeling!!


  14. Just watched the trailer and interview… very exciting work! BTW, pls contact me at cadylicious@hotmail.com. (We are old friends from NYC. Fatal attraction crew. I wanted to talk to you guys about LA and making some connections)

  15. Hey

    Can the UK fans who have seen the trailer let me in on how you managed it? I too had a problem viewing it on mtv.com😦 xx

  16. doh, never mind my earlier question – youtube obviously!! I suck!! :p xx

  17. Corey Feldman… I really hope you read this my friend. First of all, I have now seen both trailers for the “Lost Boys: The Tribe” and I must say, WELL DONE!!! I hope the WB not only does right by you and everyone envolved with the project, by giving this film a theatrical release, but also does right by us, the fans, who have waited 20+ years for this!!! I already hear the rumors of “Lost Boys 3” and after seeing previews for “The Tribe”, I’m down for a third and final installment! Making this a trilogy would be great, and 20 years is a long time, I hope they don’t make us wait another 20 for the third, lol! Always wanted a chance to meet you, maybe one day bro! My wife is a big fan as well, we wish you all the best!! Thanks for doing LB2… it would never, and could never be the same without the FROG BROTHERS!

  18. Here is the Trailer No 2:

  19. Hey,
    The trailer looks great and can’t wait to see the movie. Keep Rockin.

  20. I Still Believe!

    I’m 28 now, and I loved “The Lost Boys” … my younger brother and I have probably seen the flick a hundred times over the years while we were growing up. I just actually watched the original again last night after hearing about this sequel, and it’s still a great movie, 21 years later.

    I really hope Feldman & Haim appear in this new one, and from the interview Feldman gave MTV, it sounds like that’s true. I hope Warner Brothers gets this sequel right.

    But, c’mon! How can we have a sequel to The Lost Boys without Tim Capello up on stage playing Saxophone, singing a rock song, and standing next to barrels of fire!?

  21. Hey Corey, I’m glad to see The Two Corey’s are coming back! Will they have a new trailer for Lost Boys 2 showing both of yall in the trailer?

  22. I’m over a month late, but I have to comment on the trailer…what a sexy movie this looks like it’s gonna be! I don’t understand why everyone’s freaking out about how terrible it’s gonna be. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. I mean, naturally, I’m gonna miss the four original bad boys, but the new kids don’t look so bad. And it looks like we’re gonna have you guys to cling to, you know?😀 Nothin’ to worry about!

    You look great in the trailer. You haven’t aged, mate!

    Good luck, and much love!


  23. Ugh…Only the good die young. Sorry for your loss. I’ve always been a big fan of the both of you and this is very tragic news. xoxoxoox

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