Hi everyone,

First of all I would like to say welcome to all the new guests. As of late this blog seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. We have multiplied by 10x the viewership in the last two weeks. So thank you for visiting, and I’m glad we’re keeping you entertained. I wanted to start off by apologising for some confusion regarding my last entry. Apparently due to technical difficulties you never were able to read it, and when posted it just repeated my previous entry with the new title (let’s hope it doesn’t happen again) confusing many of you, myself included. So I will do my best to remember highlights from it and include them in this weeks entry.

I want to say that I have been shocked and overwhelmed with the movement that you all have created on behalf of LB2 going theatrical….it’s amazing how dedicated you guy’s are to the cause. Apparently there are several on-line petitions going on created by you the fans and they are really gathering momentum. I would like to thank each and every one of you who has taken the initiative to do this. It has been so overwhelming that last week we received phone calls from the studio asking if I was behind this. Seemingly several web sites (a few I have seen and some I haven’t) such as and actually started their own petitions and the craziest of all is on IMDB’s site someone actually posted an address on my board for a direct contact to an actual person at Warner Bros. filed under LB2 petition. I want to state for the record I never asked these people to do this………but I think it’s really awesome that so many people care. I am 100 percent in favor of doing anything I can to help encourage WB to bring this film to you on the big screen, and I believe your voices will be heard (I’m hearin ya loud and clear). In related news I did my ADR for the film a couple of days ago and it looks really good all cut together. Rumor is circulating that we may be doing some additional photography for the film, assuming pick ups or scenes from the script that we didn’t initially get around to. Which to me is a very good sign, because the studio usually doesn’t bother if they don’t really likea film. So it seems your positive energy is working.  I also got a chance to see some of the treatments for the comic book series and I can promise you it will help fill the gaps between films in a very cool way… will not be disappointed!!

Now for tonight’s main event……..10 rounds of Corey squared.  The moment of truth is upon us……literally. Here is some hot off the presses facts about season 2. We are beginning production this week on season 2 of The Two Corey’s (I have to say it’s really weird writing in third person)!! Anyway we start back this week. Haim and I have not seen each other at all since the end of last season. We were together briefly during the press tours in July last year and have not seen each other since.  The show will have a very different look and feel this year as we have brought on a new production team called Tijuana prods. as our producing partners/show runners. These are the same people who brought you such shows as Breaking Bonaduce, Shooting Sizemore, and Supergroup.  So I’m sure you can imagine the intense turn that this season could take. It will be a very tolling next couple of months for all of us and who knows where it will go. I am still hopeful that we can have a positive outcome, and keep it humorous and enlightening, even with the impeding dark  undertones. We will actually be shooting in LA this time, and although I spoke to Haim very briefly on New Years (he called to wish condolences for Jake which was very much appreciated)and it was awkward to say the least, I am quite uncertain to how this first meeting will go…. he will not be living with us, so how bad could it be? Wish us luck, and hope for the best.

Finally I would like to say thanx to all the people out there who have been going out and voting for Hillary. She is kicking ass so far and I believe with our support she could really pull this thing off. Obviously there’s a long road to go. But with some of the key states around the corner (including mine) She needs our positive energy now more than ever.  So don’t forget to vote Clinton!

I will keep you posted with more as it happens ( or until I get into trouble for saying too much)………….. until then.

Peace, Love, Happiness



~ by coreyfeldman on January 20, 2008.


  1. Hi Corey and Susie,
    I can’t tell you how much I look forward to news from you guys and the news about Lost Boys 2 is fantastic!! I think I can speak for us all in here when I say we all moved pretty quickly to sign petitions and write to the powers that be in hope of getting a theatrical release for Lost Boys 2! We all want the “full impact” you get when you see a film at the cinema and a sequel to The Lost Boys deserves nothing less!
    I myself check every day to see if a trailer or new photos have been released, I am that excited about this film! Can’t wait to see the comics too!
    Even though I only saw clips of the two Coreys (we never did get the series in the U.K.) I got the jist of the show and your relationship with Haim. All I can say about the second season is “best of luck my friend”!!!
    Think happy thoughts!!
    Good Luck for what looks like a busy time for you and your family over the next few months.
    Lots of love
    Jo from the U.K.

  2. I think it’s all looking really positive for Lost Boys 2 and I’m glad people are all clubbing together to get the movie on the big screen where it belongs.

    On another note, Corey as you are a regular visitor to the IMDB message boards, I think visiting there regularly is a great thing but I would say that you have to be very careful on there not to read too much into things and take people’s comments too literally or to give them any real notice. It is often filled with negative energy and there are a lot of people against you there. Some of us try to defend you but it isn’t easy by any means and a lot of people there would love to see you fall, and they get great pleasure out of throwing insults at people like myself who try to defend you!!

    Anyway, I needed to get that message across to you. Good luck with the show and as always I offer you and your family my love and support xxxx

  3. Corey!!!!! YAY!!!! Congrats…. Congrats! Love the fact that season 2 will be happening and I know I’ve posted on here already saying just about the same thing, but I am super excited about this!! Rock on!


    I know what you mean about IMDB, we’ve both went to bat with some of those goofballs and actually came out in the winners circle for a while there.

    I haven’t been on in quite some time until just recently, but now when I get on I just wish both Corey’s and Susie all the luck I can and just let those fools comments fall by the wayside.

    There’s not much you can do with people who are not quite all there, some people just aren’t dealing with a full deck.

    Lots of love and luck,

  4. Hey Gin, yes you’re totally right, which leads me to the following announcement:

    Just wanted to announce to everyone here that, further to my comment earlier and based on an extremely large amount of personal insults and accusations of mental instability that have been thrown at me for standing up in Corey’s defence, I have deleted my account on the IMDB and will no longer be engaging in any discussions there under my former username.

    The above only really is relevant to a handful of people here but I just felt the need to post it anyway.

    Corey, good luck with everything over the next few months, we are all rooting for you:) xx

  5. My apologies, if it’s ok I would like my earlier comment timed at 7.24pm, about the IMDB to be disregarded as I pressed the submit button in error and was not intending to post the comment (except the last sentence!!)

  6. I’m so excited for the new Lost Boys movie!
    Let’s hope it gets in theaters.

    Good luck with everything!

  7. I’m excited that our positive vibes are having an impact. In related news, I had a dream that involved my attempts to insert Corey Haim into the film via post-production, while you, Corey Feldman, were teaching one of my classes. In the middle of your lecture, you announced that there would be a limited theatrical release for Lost Boys 2. Then of course my dream turned into a survival horror film where creatures were hunting us down.

    – Nicholas

  8. Hey I just wanted to say I am a big fan and along with many others,I am looking forward to LB2! I created a profile on myspace as an unofficial tribute to the movie to try and give people updates and info on the movie. I was hoping Corey had a myspace profile so that I could invite him to this site, if nothing else a Corey Feldman fansite profile maybe? I can’t seem to find anything up to date or “genuine”. Would love to have Corey see all who support the movie. Here’s the link the the LB2 profile on myspace if anyone would like to be added as a friend!

  9. Corey,
    Sounds like things are going very good with the movie and the tv show. Next journal or next update on the site it would be pretty sweet to get some more info pictures/trailer etc. on Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. I know I pretty much speak for all the fans when I say were going nuts for some kind of Trailer or teaser. You would think if Warner Bros. is even considering big screen they would at least test the market with a teaser and see if that draws interest. I’m pretty sure it would do just that.


  10. […] Feldman dropped some foreshadowing, ruby-colored chum in the deep waters on his meta-blog, The Feldman Journal, a few days ago […]

  11. corey,

    this is john

    is corey haim gonna be in this film with you?
    i can’t wait to see how it comes out….

    is there any other films you both will be in?

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