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  1. Hey Corey,

    I’ve seen you in concert a couple years ago and hope to see you again. Please tour again, and if you do I hope you will be in or around Washington DC

    • Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Corey.

      • wanted to say i saw the lost boys2 the tribe on Tv last night it was great to see you and haim together again too bad his rold in it wasnt longer and cant wait to see what the third one has to offer

      • corey: joined the club. love the photos u shared!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for giving me this chance to get to know you more. karen

    • Hi Corey,

      Big Fan of both you and Corey Haim.

      Old new but Just checked out the two Corey’s episode where the filming for the lost boys two was beginning. Was real upset that no one honestly seemed to give a damn that Corey Haim was having a breakdown.

      It was truly sad to watch Corey going through that. It just would have been nice to see someone take him out and away from that situation regardless of the consequences etc contract, money blah blah.

      You seemed to be a great friend to him and helped him out immensely which was good to see.

      Later tan

    • Corey, great news! SEANCE has finally been ressurected from the dead. All you Feldman fans, be sure to watch “SEANCE” starring Corey, Adam West, Mikki Padilla, and Shannon Malone on DISH NETWORK PPV starting October 13th. Corey did a great job as Jon, the lead. This movie is filled with thrills, chills, scream queens, and bad dreams as the ghost of Michael Miller rises from the dead, mad as hell… and out for revenge! If you don’t have dish SEANCE will be making its rounds through TV and cable or you can own it and watch it now at http://www.newfilmmakersonline.com of http://www.simplyme.tv/seance

      Corey, I sincerely hope SEANCE will summon something new and exciting for your career and fans.

      You may also find SEANCE on MySpace – SEANCE (The Movie) view pics, the new poster, read about it and watch the trailer.

    • Hi Corey just wanted to say that i agree with you i was also outraged thaT OSCARS did not remember our friend and beloved actor corey haim to me that was just sad after all he has done to contribute to the movie industry .i hope i get to meet you one day

  2. Corey!!

    you’re so hot I love you.


  3. Corey feldman , watched you on the tom green show , i spoke to Mr Green many times. he even checked out my site http://www.infinityshows.com, and asked me for a free pass LOL , I do alot of things , even write screen plays , I was working on one called seven pills that I ran by a old agent of yours , because I wanted to make you the lead actor in the movie, The movie that is not yet finshed , heh but the agent asked me , what the idea was about , he said it was good just depends how well written it is . This was about a year ago I have not worked on it . in awhile .. but maybe I should finish it , what do you think ?

  4. corey you’re so effin sexy all the time it’s not even funny!!

  5. Hi,

    This site is fantastic. Are there any plans for you to come to England esp the North East as I have a 2 children and dont like to leave them…..hope so.

  6. Hi guys

    Just wanted to post a message with a review i wrote of Corey’s album, Still Searching for Soul, on amazon.com:

    1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
    An informed review by someone who has a brain!!, October 5, 2006
    By L. E. Smith (UK) – See all my reviews
    Upon reading the reviews some sad people have wrote, it is clear that these reviews are mostly written by imbeciles who do not have any creative vision.

    As an intelligent person who actually keeps an open mind when listening to music and takes into account all elements before judging, i believe this album, and Corey’s music in general is very much misunderstood.

    Technically speaking, his voice is not great, but i think people are missing the point here!! if he wanted to make people appreciate his singing voice, he would join a boyband (cos then he could just mime and people would think he sounded great when in actual fact he couldn’t carry a note in a bucket like all the other boyband members!!) however, the purpose of his music runs much deeper. it is, in fact, his own personal creative expression and that needs to be considered when rating this album.

    The fact is, the music needs to be judged, not on his singing ability, or his ability to put together pleasant sounding tunes, but the lyrics and meanings. plus, some tracks have some great guitar work in them, for which you have to listen to the whole song and not just the first few bars!! for people who have a soul and intellect, this album is a must have, lyrically superb and very personal to Corey, which is its charm. for those people who are determined to hate and have no intention of judging the music based on its meaning but simply to criticise the sound, i suggest you steer well clear and resist the temptation to pass judgement and make petty criticisms that totally miss the point. trust me, the world would be a better place without the negativity a lack of education and intellect can instill in some people!!

    Just to show people a) my opinion on Corey’s music and b) how much i try my best to stop haters in their tracks.


    • I think that you r crazy and don’t know wat u r talking about because I love corey’s voice it is awesome…maybe you should join a boy band ass hole

  7. Hey Mr. Feldman! It’s an honor, sir, to leave a message for you. Thank you for this opportunity. It is really appreciated, especially since my fiance and I have been eager to ask you a few things for the longest time.

    1) We’ve heard of you and Corey Haim doing Convention appearances out West…but, would you guys possibly consider doing one closer to us, so us East Coast fans can meet the great Coreys too?😉 We live in Virginia, so the closest Convention for us would probably be Chiller Theatre (www.chillertheatre.com). Their next show is this october 5-7th. I realize you both are very busy, but if you have the time to do so, it would mean so much to us both. Andrea (my fiance) and I have been longtime fans of your’s and Mr. haim’s…and it would mean the world to us if we got our chance to meet you both…even if only briefly. No pressure…just a humble request.😉

    2) Keeping with that same line of thought, when you tour again…could you maybe make a stop in Virginia? Either at http://www.jaxxroxx.com (Jaxx Niteclub in W. Springfield) or at http://www.birchmere.com (The Birchmere in Alexandria)? We would love to see you sing again. And, if you do come to either club (i.e.: The Birchmere is much nicer)…could you maybe let Andrea and I come backstage afterwards?😉

    3) We’re both really looking forward to your new show on A&E. Cant wait to see it! That’s so cool. By the way, congratulations on your marriage to Susie! We think that’s wonderful! Saw it happen on The Surreal Life. Couldnt be happier for you both.

    4) Do you and Corey Haim have a myspace page, by chance? We’ve searched for both your names, and found so many matches for both of you, that it became impossible to figure out what was really you and what were “posers.”

    Your loyal fans,
    Nick Knight (& Andrea Harris)

  8. Hello, Nick & Andrea — Thanks for visiting The Feldman Journal!!

    I don’t have anything on the schedule for Corey’s next public appearance or concert, but you can be sure that I’ll be posting the news about any such event so fans can make plans to attend.

    Also, neither of the Coreys have MySpace profiles — so you can be assured that those claiming to be Feldman or Haim are definitely posers.

    Hope that helps!:-)

    The Jen-meister

    • well yeah of couse the people who claim to be corey haim are posers cause corey haim passed away 3-4 month ago anyways just was woncering if corey read these mails cause never really get a message from him to know if he know s that we are writing .anyways if he does read his fan mails please have him send me a email missjen325@gmail.com.i love to hear from him..

  9. Hey Corey,

    Just gotta say, i totally luv ya, both u & Corey Haim are awsome! Totally luv your movies, i fink your amazing!

    Also gotta say, this website rocks!

    Luv Toni xxx

  10. I have a little Corey Story I would like to share with you all, to show you how nice this man really is.

    I met Corey in 2002 when he was in MK here in England. He and Susie were so friendly.
    but my story is from last year, in MK again, for the lost boys “reunion”, when the Coreys headlined collectormania.
    I would love to thank Corey and Susie for this.

    I was one of the first to see the two Coreys and susie on their first day in MK last year. They were all so nice and friendly. i had tickets to the lost boys talk, so i had to hang around all day as the talk was at 5.30 ( i think).

    about 4.30 i kept saying to the people with me how i’d love a photo with both coreys together. so i headed down Corey Fs queue, very nervously, and just went up and asked him outright, telling him it would make my day if i could take a picture with them both. To be honest, i thought he’d say he couldn’t, because there were so many people there.

    He looked a bit surprised, but both he and susie said that if I hung around, they’d be done around 5.20 and they’d grab corey h and do it then.

    i still thought they’d forget, but sat by near the signing area. When they got up and walked out – susie looked at me, patted corey on the arm and pointed at me. corey smiled at me and went and called Corey h over and let me stand in the middle with them for a photo. i was so pleased!!!

    it’s so nice because there were thousands of people to see them that day and they remembered a tiny request from someone like me…… i always wanted to say thanks again to corey and susie for that.

  11. ^ aww herrachness, i just read what you said & thought it was very beautiful. i never even knew bout that. if there was anyway i could have got up there, i would have gone coz i would really love to meet both corey’s, i think their soooo awsome. that was sooo sweet of them all to do that😀

    Toni xxx

  12. Hi Tonidepp16. It was a great day, made very memorable by their kindness. I think they all were so down to earth and so damn friendly. No one there had a bad word to say for any of them.
    Corey F ot really excited about this lost boys t-shirt i was wearing and i remember him calling excitedly to Corey H “stop signing and look at this!!!”

    The talk they did was great, really funny. Corey had some really interesting things to say. There was a lot of joking between the coreys. I remember corey haim announcing in perfect character, “DEATH BY STEREO!!!” as he was leaving the theatre.

    great talk.

    on another topic, i’d love to know Coreys thoughts on the london attacks this weekend – i know he’s very passionate about this issue altogether, and i think we are showing a lot of spirit here and all the crews did a fantastic job, since no lives have been lost. I’d love to know what coreys feelings are about this.

  13. Santa Cruz is getting excited about a special outdoor showing of Lost Boys at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk during the park’s 100th Anniversary celebration. Everyone is hoping that “The Coreys” are going to be here.

    The Boardwalk has been the location for hundreds of movies, but Lost Boys is the most popular movie ever made there.

    Is there any chance Corey will be able to make it to Santa Cruz on July 25 to introduce the movie? That would be awesome!

  14. Hey ,Santacruzer!

    I’m afraid that it won’t be possible for Corey to attend the Santa Cruz screening. The Two Coreys’ TV show premieres on July 29 & they’ll be doing press coverage that weekend. I hope you have a great time all the same — it’s a fantastic movie & Santa Cruz is a beautiful city to spend time in!

    The Jen-meister

  15. Happy birthday Corey!!

    Love Vicky x

  16. Happy 36th birthday hope you have a lovely day

    vicky UK

  17. Hi Corey!
    You probably wont really read this:( But MAYBE you will!
    I just wanted to say that I really love you, and I wish I could meet you so much! Probably more then anything in the world. There is a Stand By Me tour in Oregon I really wanted to go there, even though I know you wouldnt be there, I still wanted to go. I can’t go because we dont have enough money, but when I found out I couldnt go, I cried for two days.
    I know, I must seem crazy..But I guess I am, over you and Stand By Me. Its more then a movie to me, and you are so special to me.
    If you EVER got this, please email me at redheadedhonni89@yahoo.com
    I just signed up for this Worldpress thing, I dont really even know how to work it, so if you EVER had the chance, i’d die to hear from you so please, write back!:)
    I understand if you don’t.
    God bless you, your wife and Zen!
    I love you!

  18. Hi Corey,
    how are you? My name is katy, and i wanted to tell you that i think your a great actor, and that Stand By Me is the best movie in the world. I have always wanted to meet you, and maybe someday i will get to, i hope. but im from england. i met my friend hollie on myspace when i was looking for stand by me fans and i didnt find anyone else who loves stand by me as much as i do besides hollie and thanks to the best movie in the world we met:)
    I would really like to hear from you, so if you could can you write back on here or email me at katy_101@msn.com ?
    if not i understand completely.
    I hope you are doing well and good luck with everything in life.

  19. Do you think that you would ever have a sequel to Goonies?
    Maybe get the old cast together and have the characters as they are now with families, etc and they get together for another treasure hunt?
    I think it would be cool to see Chunk living with Sloth and Mouth married to Stef. Mikey finds another map and gets the old gang together. As adults, it could be funnier than ever.
    …And maybe Corey Haim could have a part this time?:)

    Buffy Wilson

  20. Do you think that you would ever write a biography about your life as a child star, teen idol and adult actor? Maybe you and Corey Haim could do a book together. One half your life and the other half, his life. I think it would be a super best seller. A lot like Drew Barrymore’s – Little Girl Lost.

    Buffy Wilson

  21. What up there bro…. I just saw an ad for you and corey h, on tv and was wondering if one of you were a cancer like me seeming that we have the same names and all. Found your site and I was right. I live in hawaii in a dome house off the grid on an acre part time and in portland oregon the other. I also was wondering if you are concerned with what we are doing to the enviornment, and if so, what are you doing to help with your ultra supa ginormous movie stardom?
    Thanx buddy and the best of luck to ya
    Corey sampson

  22. What do you say in a message that a man you admire, respect, and lust after might actually read? Since most say honesty is the best policy, I guess I will just write from the heart. My name is Marie and I currently live in Lexington, KY. (I know it sounds lame, but I am a tried and true Jersey girl, so at leat I have my root to be prod of right?)Anyway, you have long since been on “My Baby’s Daddy” List….the mental one I have that allows me to fantasize being the mother of your child. (scary sounding, but all in good fun Feld-dog). I just wanted to say hello in the hopes that you read this and let you know what a huge fan I am of your films and of you in general.(I am slowly becoming a fan of your wife too; although extremely envious, she is hot and you are a lucky man. Guess that means I kind of envy you too. Lucky man and lucky lady.)I have all your friends, including those classics but hard to find ones (like “Rock And Roll High School Forever” and “Blown Away”). You are fabulous and the sound of your voice makes me melt. (Donotello was by far the sexist turtle). You are doing so well and I can’t wait until your show premires. I will be an avid fan and will be watching to see you and your hottie wife! Congratulations! Overlooked as a child star for way too long. It’s about time you got recognition for all your hard work. Good Luck with the show! Looking forward to it:)

  23. yo! come back to santa cruz!
    Im totally gonna go see the 20th anniversary showing of The Lost Boys tonight. You are a god.
    Why Waltz When You Can Rock & Roll?
    *high five*

    XOXO ~Roxy

  24. Hey corey I love your movie ROCK N ROLL HIGH SCHOOL FOREVER. you are so cute. well got to go watch the lost boys now bye.

  25. hay corey you are so hot some time its not even funny.you should come to las vages sum time.you will have so much fun.you are the best actor I’ve seen so far.I love rock n’ roll high school forever.I love your band to.love:gia

  26. To Corey’s fans,
    I learned about this website by searching for information on the new “Two Coreys” show. I read the interview written by Paulington James Christensen, III. It’s a really interesting & informative interview. You can read it at http://www.movieweb.com/tv/news/70/21270.php
    You will enjoy it I’m sure.
    To Corey,
    I obviously don’t know you …(duh) but I have seen you on a variety of programs, shows, movies, etc. over the years & I must say that I had no idea what kind of person you were until I read the interview & then checked out your website. If one of your goals was to show more of the real side of you I think mision accomplished! Unfortunately I knew that the image portrayed of you wasn’t accurate but wasn’t able to see any other side of you, since that’s all the media focused on, so I was some what forming my opinion on what “they” showed me. I will admit I was always mostly on board with the “Oh my God he’s hot!” crowd & pretty much left it at that… now I see there is much more of you to discover. I don’t really care that you’re a celebrity since, I mean, what good does that do me? But I do care that you are a passionate person & I think you should be recognized for that! You have had an amazing career & still going strong! Congratulations on the success!
    One last thing … I know this is long… you made a comment in your interview about comic con. You said about your fans…
    quote:”We were quite pleased to see all the people that still cared. From our perspective, it’s like, “Does anyone still even give a s***?” You know? If five people showed up, we would have been pleased.” -end quote.
    I think you should feel quite assured that you still have quite the fan base, and not just the Corey F/Corey H lovers, but the fans that respect your unique, passionate style. … Well, anyways, I hope you read this, maybe the webmaster could pass it along to you, might not be the greatest compliment coming from some stranger. But I just felt like saying it & since you created this website I got the chance!!!
    PS. Where are all these conventions you people keep talking about? I live in Florida & have never heard of anything around here with any of the Coreys!!! Guess I live in the wrong country for cool stuff like that!!
    Keep up the great work Corey!!

  27. Hi, Corey

    I wonder whether you read the comments, if not, too bad. I hope you do because otherwise this has no sense. You’re really great, you’re wonderful, you’re absolutely perfect. I have noticed you since the first time i saw you, the first film and I was amazed by you, your appearance, your voice, your acting. It was mostly because you looked so familiar to me;you are my imagination. Thus, I am not just an ordinary fan of you but I have some special feelings. Since then my greatest wish is to meet you. Is my wish possible? Could you make it happen and let it come true? I am so far away from you, somewhere in Europe. Unfortunately,you are much less famous and popular here then you are in USA,I wonder why?! I am also a kind of performer, so we have something in common. In order to tell you more and to share something with you I’ll be happy if you write me back to my email mariels63@yahoo.com. Would you be so nice? It would be great.
    I am eager to hear from you, I can’t wait.
    Love, Myriana

  28. Best wishes on the new show. I saw the preview and it looks so good I can’t even begin to think of a good enough adjective to describe it. Best wishes to you and Haim. I’ll be watching this Sunday.

  29. Hi Corey, I was at your party and I had a blast!!! I was with Gary(hayes)Perez, He is my best friend. I enjoyed you music alot and met some great people, including your wife who is a very nice person and your sister who I realy enjoyed talking to. Thanks for the good time!!!

  30. I just watched the show. Great show and great idea for a show. You should go on the view, get out there a help young Hollywood. I remember you back in the day hope you have success on this new journey

    • Hey Corey Just wanted to wish you a happy new year i know this holiday must have been especially hard cause of the loss of corey haim..to honor corey for his birthday .me and my friends picked 4 corey movies and watched all night so he still in our hearts..we have decided to make it a annual event cause we miss him and love him so much..love jennifer

  31. Saw your show last night and was deeply moved by how you stood by Corey.

    You exemplified John 15:13 …

    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

    … and Proverbs 18:24 …

    A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

    … and Proverbs 17:17 …

    A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

    Hope to meet you in the future.

    Ephesians 1:19,

  32. Dear Corey,
    I watched your new show and I really enjoyed seeing you and Corey together again. You seem to have your life together that is wonderful. You and your wife seem so in love. I am very happy for you both.
    But, I thought that your wife was really tacky when she put her name on the poster of “Lost Boys”. She knew that it was one of the most important things in Corey Haims’ life. It seems she enjoys hurting him. His way of dealing with it is to say things to hurt her back. Hopefully, Corey and your wife can some how work things out and stop trying to hurt one another.
    I can tell this is driving you crazy.


  33. Hi

    I just read the interview corey and susie did together. these two are really amazing people, they are so supportive of each other. Susie mentioned that alot of people assume Corey will be a “giant a-hole” (in her words) when they meet him, directors, fans, etc alike.
    I admit I even wondered when I was due to meet him. All I can say is susie doesn’t have to embellish one nice thing she said about him (nor the nice things he says about her). they are truly remarkable people, so comfortable with each other and so down to earth.
    Their faces lit up when we asked about Zen and they were so genuinely happy to meet everyone.

    I have’t seen the show, because it’s not airing here yet but I’m praying it does really well! because I know everyone, particularly corey, has worked so hard and they deserve it.

  34. Hello Corey,
    Haven’t seen you perform here in AZ since 2000 wondered if you considered coming back here again. Had a good turnout. Thecrowd loved you. Also are you and the Haimster gonna come around the west coast for appearences-if you did i probably missed it😦 Saw The 2 Corey’s last night and couldn’t stop laughing at you 2-3.It reminded me of me and my friends driving each other nuts, but love each other regardless flaws and all. Can’t wait to see more. Hope you guys drop by here in Az soon. L8R

  35. Loved the show. You and Susie look amazing (vegetarian diets will do that!) and you are doing a wonderful thing by spreading the compassionate message of kindness to animals. If you are ever in Toronto and want a good home-cooked vegan meal during your travels, do some friendly visiting at a local animal shelter (where I volunteer), or if you want to help muck out the barn at Ontario’s mini-version of Farm Sanctuary (Cedar Row Sanctuary – where my husband and I volunteer -they are amazing there), drop us a line at at tonyandmichaela@rogers.com
    Susie and I can wear matching “fur-is-dead” T’s.

  36. I have been a member of PETA for 20 yrs. I was thrilled to see you and your wife’s passion for animals. I wish there were more people like you two. What a better world this would be. We must be a voice for the voiceless. I visited the PETA headquarters in Norfolk a few months ago. It was amazing . If you have not been ,I would recommend it. Thanks again, you two keep up the good work. Keep wearing those PETA shirts !

  37. Hey Brother!!!!! I’ve been trying to get a hold of you forever. Life has changed so much for the better. I stopped by the house before I moved and saw Suz. I tried to catch you before I left but missed each time. I’d REALLY like to speak to you. Your webmaster has my email address, shoot me an email. I miss you old friend.
    Kevin “Korey” Galbraith

  38. Hi guys, This is Kelly (ManCow show 10/00)
    I know you had a guy friend at the show who was video taping it. I know this is a long shot but is there any way you still have it? I would love to have a copy of it. I did try to get a recording from the ManCow show but they did not have one from that far back.
    I would love for you to do a concert in Chicago again. Susie I love watching you on the new show. Looks like you do some good vegetarian cooking. Can’t wait to see more. Thanks Guys! Kelly Rein

  39. Hi Mr. Corey Feldman,
    i have been in love with you ever since i was 2 years old and i watched the Goonies for the first time. i’m only 15 but i really like you. at first when i heard that you got married i was kind of upset because i use to dream about meeting you but now that i’ve seen you and your wife, Susie, i like her. she’s really pretty and i hope that y’allare happy. i hope that your having a wonderful 36th birthday! so are you going to be doing any new movies so i can watch them and put some more money in your pocket, for you and your wife. when i was 7 i use to sleep with the movie the goonies in my arms just so i could feel closer to you. i know that i’m young but i have the biggest crush on you and i would love to see you in person before i die. i’m in the hospital right now because i have 2 kidney stones and when i went there they had the movie the Goonies and i would watch it over and over and over until i fell asleep. if you ever come to San Antonio, Texas i would love to show you around my home town. you know we do have the river walk, we have great restaurants, it’s a really nice city and if you ever want to talk to me you can email me to tell you the truth if i got an email from you i would probably faint. so when you were younger was it hard to become an actor because i really want to be an actress but i’m scared that there are too many snobs in hollywood and i know that you’ve had first hand experience and i would love to have a wonderful life like you have. and if it’s not too much to ask for can i please have a picture of you signed from you that would be the best birthday present for me. well i don’t want to take anymore of your time because i know you have things to do. Thank you for reading my email Mr. Corey Feldman. Thank you once again.

    Love always,
    Chelsea Hines

    p.s. you can email me back if you would like at sexyassshortie@yahoo.com thank you Mr. Feldman

  40. Oh yeah I just learned that you and your wife support animals and love them!!
    I have 2 cats a dog who i love a bunch!!! It’s really good to know you care about those good needs in life its really sweet and admirable!!!

  41. by now u must think im a stalker but i read all these messeges…and i think…ppl must think im stupid 4 not mentioning any other of your good doings…
    Well I think Susie is VERY LUCKY i wonder if she ever dreamed about being with you if she ever saw any of your movies be4 she met you…
    I would like to send a message 2 her please:
    hi susie…i think your the luckiest, prettiest, woman ever!
    I mean you practicaly have everything you want…an awesome husband, an adorable child, and a wonderful job…I always serch on google stand by me and go to this geocities website or w.e and see Teddy pictures and admirable him him as a teenager…If only i could meet your husband…i dont know you but id love to be a nother fan on your list of fans…!!
    Sorry if i sound weird, stupid, or just plain corny:)

  42. I am loving the show… even though i have only seen small clips and agree with lucy (above) that the work you do for PETA and the support you and Susie give to the cause is highly admirable.

    I admit i do eat the odd meat item but i try to avoid it where possible as i really disagree with animals being poorly treated and try to promote animal rights when i can.

    I wanted to stress something for any of the fans reading the comments on here as i am aware that on some sites, people are taking the way you all come across in the show way to seriously, is that the majority of the situations are set up to give the show entertainment value and should not be taken as being major character flaws on the part of the show’s participants. I don’t necessarily think people here need to know this as they seem to be taking it the way it is meant but i wanted to say it anyway, just in case xx

  43. I am really enjoying the new show. I was surprised to find that you and susie have a son. Where is he during the filming? I wish I could watch the first 2 episodes again to see if I missed any mention of Zen

  44. Hey Corey,
    Been watching you since I can’t remember, then my life became busy (as lives sometimes do) and I just recently caught myself up on your life. Much of that is due to the new series on A&E, which brought your life back to my attention. After seeing the show, I decided to check out your Web site and learn about what’s going on in your life. Last I had seen, it wasn’t going well at all! Apparently, all that has changed for you. Congrats on your renewed life, your beautiful wife and your most adorable son! I am very impressed with your convictions against war, animal rights, and wanting there to be harmony for everyone. I am just thrilled that your life has so much meaning and that technology has finally allowed me to keep in touch with your life. I look forward to watching your career(s) develop and look forward to seeing your face return to the screen occasionally.

  45. Hey Corey
    I watched the show and liked it but, I am concerned that the other Corey might drag you down.
    He doesn’t seem to me anyways that he has over come his addiction as you have and having this taste of fame may return him to his old ways. Having myself experinced a similar situationn with addiction I think the warning signs are there so be cautious.

    On a happier note I’m glad to see you have a great family and a good life.
    Hope to see you in some up coming movies.
    Talk to you later.

  46. Hi Corey, Hi Sussie. I just wanted to ask if you were going to hold anymore contests? I missed the last one. I also wanted to comment on the 2 shows of “The Two Coreys” that have been aired so far. Even though it was a little scripted, it was so real and you guys just touch me so much. I see so much love there between you and Corey haim and I can see how much you have improved in your life Corey and its hard for him to understand certain things and still like a a kid inside him. Which is great! But there is so much unspoken words that are not shared between you. I wonder if you guys just sat down recently and had a real heart to heart because I think it is needed. I am not a theropist but for some reason Corey I want to meet “Corey Haim” I have SO much love for him and I dont even know him. I can see so much pain and it makes me just want to grab him kiss and hug him! I dont know if hes single but I would love to meet Corey. I am an actress thats moving into NYC in Dec. so maybe I will meet you guys one day. But how does one actually meet Corey haim without being a celebrity?? Do things like that happen? Are you planning on making any appearances out East anytime soon? Anyhow, I love him hes such a Character and you both are AMAZING ACTORS. and wish you both all the best. And Sussie God Bless you : ) I want to meet Corey!! Tell him I said so!! Ok Guys, thanks for reading…hope to hear back from you soon… hope Corey is feeling better, we missed him on the Tom greene Show.

  47. Love your new show and your wife is so
    adorable! I know in real life you have
    a son…so how does she stay in great
    Much Love

  48. Corey and Susie-
    Hi! Just wanted to say hi and that the show is great! Everyone is so funny, its very entertaining to see you three together! I wish you both lots of happiness. I have to admitt i’m a huge Corey Haim fan! The show shows him as being single.. How is that?! Hes adoroable and seems to have such a fun loving heart! Good luck with the show and the band!!

    Much love,
    Natalie -nmarcinkowski0807@gmail.com

    PS: Zen is such a cutie!!

  49. Wow…I have to let you know how amazing the show is! I laugh, I come to tears, I love it! The dynamic the two of you have is so natural and great to watch. And the three of you is perfection.

    Thank you for letting us in to see how amazing you guys are!

  50. you guys are amazing. I grew up with the corey’s and I absolutely love you both. I’m so glad you’re doing this show because I’ve never forgotten about either of you, and it’s great to see you both after all these years. Still hot and still got-it!
    keep it up guys, and be nice to each other!!!!
    love ya guys.

    Ps. I’d never watch a “Lost Boys 2” without you guys in it. No way.

  51. I just want to wish Zen a happy 3rd birthday for tomorrow!!

    Big hugs,
    Laura xx

  52. I just left a comment about Susie
    being in great shape and having
    a child but didn’t leave my email.

  53. Tell Susie a chick out there says thanks for being an inspiration. There was a comment she made that really struck a chord with me and I haven’t eaten an animal since. I just signed up so I could tell her so hopefully she will hear that she is making a difference! Love the show! You guys are all great!

  54. Hi, my name is Crystal. I’m married and just turned 31. You were my favorite actor growing up and I had a huge crush on you! Join the club, right? Though I enjoyed Corey Haim as well, I never thought of you as the Two Coreys, you were THE Corey. You still look exactly the same to me and I think you’re aging really well.

    I just wanted to give some words of encouragement and say I’m so glad you held it together, or at least put it back together! My guilty pleasure is watching your show, unfortunately I missed the Surreal Life with you on it-I don’t have much time for TV, and didn’t hear of it until too late, but I have to say your wife is beautiful! It sounds as if she has a really healthy influence on you. I never knew you had a son until visiting this website, but congratulations on your 2 year old!

    It sounds like you’re doing really well and I hope you find some good roles for yourself. I never knew you were into music, I’ll have to check it out. That said, good luck, you’ll always rock in my book!

  55. I love the show!!!!!!!!! I truly like you and your wife alot. Both of you are sooooo normal and I find that refreshing knowing you grew up in hollywood land. I hope the shows lasts for many seasons and it gets Corey Haim back on the map. You are both so talented and I know your stars will rise again like never before. I hope Corey Haim is sober he does look alittle off on the show. Keep us smiling and laughing you guys are great. Anna

  56. Hi Jen (Corey, Susie or anyone else how might know…)

    Do you know (or could you find out) if Susie has her own web site. I’ve tried to look it up but can only find sites of her ever lovely husband and surrogate brother-in-law.

    After seeing the Two Corys show I can only concur with what so many others have said before me …”Susie looks amazing”. I don’t mean the expensive clothes, work out body and sculpted hairstyle. She seems to glow with a natural positive energy.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not some crazed Corey fan (Johnny Depp took center stage on my bedroom wall – no hate mail please ;o) )I’m not a tree hugger, a veggie or particularly spiritual however I do believe that Susie would make a wonderful female role model. She seems to be pushing for a healthy lifestyle and have a number of real organisations that she actively works with and promotes. She also appears to have a wonderful family and home live.

    Good for you Susie, may you continue to be a positive influence on many women for years to come.


  57. I have to say I love the show! I realize that some of it seems a little scripted but it is funny. I can’t believe how good you guys look–I mean Corey H looks great considering the hard times he went through. You both still pretty much look like you did 20 years ago! I would love to see you both make a movie or do some more acting (I don’t mean necessarily together). I hope Corey H gets a shot after people see him in the spotlight now. I can’t imagine how rough it must have been to be so young and have the fame/fortune thrown at you and then have nothing. It seems like you both survived and I would love to see you come out on top again. Keep up the good work!

  58. Corey and Susie-

    I remembered that it was Zens Bday today( well now yesturday) and wanted to say I hope he had a great day! I remembered his birthday because it was the same as mine!! I wish you all very much happiness! Tell Corey Haim Hi.. haha I had to throw that in there.. I adore and admire him soo much!


  59. I see that a lot of people leave their email addresses. Does anyone hear from anybody? I left a comment way back, didn’t leave my email address, never even ocurred to me, now I wonder if I should. If anyone has heard from either Corey, Susie, or the webmaster on their personal email please leave a comment about it. I would like to know if they have time to respond at all. That would be nice huh? I don’t imagine they would that’s why I didn’t think to leave my email address. Thanks

    To the Coreys:
    Keep up the GREAT WORK! (Susie too!) I love the show & stay up hrs past my bed time to watch it on Sunday! I am enjoying it very much! You opened up the poster for “The Birthday” & that movie came out a while back. How long ago was this footage shot? Just curious if maybe that’s why there’s no mention of Zen. I think it already came out, It did right? Well anyways, I would like to know how long ago the show was filmed.

    Thanks for this site & the added entertainment.

  60. I just want to say how impressed I am with Corey and his wife Susie. It was really nice to see Corey sticking with his wife and showing that he genuinely cares about her and loves her. I am referring to the episode of The Two Corey’s where Susie does a photo shoot for Stuff magazine and Corey stays with her to support her which is really important. It reminds me of me and my husband who really is my best friend. I am so glad to see a positive showing of marriage on television for once. Thanks!

  61. hey corey, man i hope you read this, i think its total crap that the lost boys sequel will not feature neither you or mr haim. you guys are the reason the original was so good,not trying to not trying to include the other actors because their performances as well were amazing,i really hope to see you in a sequel to the goonies though, that would be amazing, i also want to let you know that your acting in the various 80s films such as the lost boys, the goonies, stand by me and friday the 13th part 4,you did has inspired me to get into making my own films, and basing some characters witht he various personas you portrayed.one currently that im making is called the great adventure it is a somewhat homage to the goonies and the adventure genre, thats all i have to say for now brother you can also contact me at rhyno_rhino@yahoo.com , peace and love


  62. okay, first of all, i love the show. it is amazing. second of all, i wanted to say happy belated birthday to Zen. Zen Scott Feldman, you rule! i love you baby!!!!

  63. Dear Corey,
    A few years ago I had the opportunity of a lifetime and screwed it up-a little-it was my first time ever as a waitress and your band just happened to be my first ever customers. When I was told about you my uncle-who owned the sports bar was so mean he told me you were from my town-Gainesville Fl- so I walk in and reconizing you I stupidly said-(oh I know you)later he laughed and told me how stupid I was. I really did feel like a total idiot. But I have to say even though I was never tipped (HA HA) I did however get to bowl with you and your friends for the rest of the night and still to this day I tell people my most embarrassing moment was when I got to meet such a famous person as yourself and went away knowing what a fool I made of myself.Thank you for that night and the memory of of it all.
    Christina Ownbey

  64. Hi Corey & Suzie:)

    I just thought I’d drop by and say hello! I’ve seen every movie you’ve been in and have them all in my collection:) I’ve been watching since I was a kid!

    Most importantly…Kudos to all that the both of you do for animal rights. I run a chinchilla rescue and have been active in trying to get an anti-fur law passed for quite some time now. I believe in my heart that some day it will happen as it did in the UK. Thousands of chinchillas are bred for their fur only and it needs to be stopped, they make such wonderful pets:)

    A friend of mine, Jamie Glaser (also a well known guitarist) is also active in the crusade to stop this practice in the US….maybe it will take voices such as yours to make a difference!

    Once again, thank you and I wish your family well…by the way, your son is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!

    Carise-ForCHINate Chins Chinchilla Rescue

  65. The very first time that I saw Mouth, and his annoying and outspoken ways, I knew I was in love!! STAY SEXY!!

    Megan <33

  66. What up Corey?

    Cool to read the news that you and Haim are going to be back in Lost Boys territory. I do hope that you guys have a much larger part of the sequel and not just reduced to quick cameo’s. At least this gives the sequel more credibility that both of you guys are in it. Also on your show when you broke the news to Corey that Warner Bros. was making a sequel and that you were asked back and he was not, you stood tall and said NO unless he was in it with you. That proves that acting in movies for you is not just about the money. Now only if the people behind Friday the 13th can bring you back as Tommy Jarvis???

    Later Dude……

  67. I am in heaven with the A&E series. To say that I love the movie Dream A Little Dream is an understatement. Anyway…

    It was wonderful to read that Zen is doing great. My son spent 9 days in a NICU. I know a small part of that nightmare and the overwhelming joy and happiness that follows when you get to take your little man home. Congratulations on a beautiful, happy, healthy son.

    All the best!

  68. Hi Corey!

    Just wanted to say that you and your wife Suzie really opened my eyes on vegetarianism (veganism). I have since researched the true facts on cruelty to animals, and had made a concious decision to no longer make my stomach into a graveyard for a poor defenseless animal. That being said, I thank both you and Suzie once again for telling the truth on what meat really does to our bodies. Thanks again!!



  69. I think it’s great to see how you (we’ve) all grown up. I think the show is great and five or six years ago at Tops Burger on Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake you asked me for a cigarette and I was aww struck but didn’t show it because I’m an adult and well you were my childhood crush but when you and Susie left I told my friend “The cigarette I touched, well, touched Corey Feldmans lips” too funny how that happens. My husband thinks it’s funny I watch the Two Coreys but just know there are a lot of us 80’s gals with families and who have grown up that watch to see our Corey Feldman (: Keep up the good work in all you do. Yeah on not smoking now, I quit too…I didn’t want my child knowing I smoked and well, it’s not good for you. Take care!

  70. I just wanted to post a quick message (yeah right!!) to say i received my prize from the set list contest this morning so a big thank you to Corey and Jennifer. you guys rock!!

    Peace n love,
    Laura x

  71. Hello Corey Feldman,

    I am one of your biggest fans. The first movie I ever saw you in was Gremlins and I thought you were too cute. My favorite movie you were in was Dream A Little Dream. I felt that was a movie that best defined the real Corey Feldman. Sweet, loving and considerate. Susie is a blessed woman. From the moment I knew you exsisted I just knew I was going to meet you and we were going to get married LOL. You are a great actor but I liked that I was able to see past that and look at the real Corey Feldman. Corey Haim is blessed to have you as a friend. I am watching your show on A&E and I have never seen a guy have so much love for their friend like you have. I almost cried it is so beautiful. I could go on and on about how wonderful you are so I am going to stop right here. I love you much and I hope you are blessed all the days of your life. Never change.

  72. your a great entertainer and i am a big fan of both you and corey haim and your beautiful wife is very lucky to have found the love and respect that me and my husband found. the supporting of friends and family and fans god bless you and yours love pammyfurr

  73. Hi Corey,
    My name is Wayne and I live in Perth,Western Australia.I downloaded the first 2 episodes of the two coreys but I cant get any others in avi format.Any chance of posting it. I thought that it was good and enjoyed seeing both of you again on screen.It brought back a lot of memories.Im 32 now and I look back and really miss the good times watching movies with both or either of you in it.You were both big movie stars and I often talk with my wife that there arent many big movie stars out there anymore that dont make heaps of movies ie Arnie,Bruce and Sylvester.But its made me happy to see you again. All the best.
    Ps-Are you both going to be in lost boys 2.
    Pss- Just watched dream a little dream and you danced alot like Michael Jackson.I dont know any singers out there that can dance like that.

  74. I just wanted to say that I love your new show on A&E! I would like you and Susie to consider putting together your own Vegan Cook book for all of your fans that are Vegan wanna bee’s! It is something I considered but did not commit to until I saw the show. And then the PETA home page horrified me on the “Top 3 reasons to not eat fish.” Thank you Susie for being so passionate about the issue, it has opened many fans eyes.

    Can’t wait to see this Sunday’s episode!


    I hope to see more of you!

  75. Hi Corey:) This is a nice way to connect with you. You have been my biggest fan for the longest time. Guess what? You and I share the same birthday! Yes, July 16th! Smile..

    Got a question.. how come the Lost Boys 2 decided to let you and Haim in, was it because of what happened in your A&E show where you told Haim the bad news about the Lost Boys 2 doing the movie without him in it? Was it what made a difference and made them change their minds about letting you both in?

    I am so glad they decided to let both you guys back in, it wouldn’t have been right to make it without you guys. They made the right decision!:)

  76. Hey –

    Thanks heaps for the picture AND the cd.
    Amazing. Wonderfully amazing.

    and the cd aint that bad either (kidding)

    Zachary Black Maccani

  77. I’ve watched you in movies for some time. Your good corey! great!
    Hollywood needs to issue respect for actors that have contributedto film in the capacity you and others like yourself have given. I think the knew reality show “The Two Corey’s” has given me a little look as to the person off camera. You apear to me to be a good hearted family man of incredible respect and genuine nature;too bad I cant say the same for your co-star Mr. Haim. He to is a great guy and I respect the movies he has done but he needs to show more graditude to a guy that is doing stuff for him.

    All in all Corey you rock,and so does your family.

    Hollywood might have power but guys like me will always support you in whatever venture you choose. Mr. Haim too!


    Mike Tiessen

  78. Hi Corey!I don’t even know where to start to tell you how you have inspired me.I became a vegetarian about 6
    months ago…you and Susie are to thank for that.So thanks to you both for the information!You are a wonderful actor and a great and inspirational person!I can’t tell you how much you have taught me just by talking about overcoming your own problems.I wanted you and Susie to know that I think yall are wonderful people and that your incredibly adorable son(Whom I hope enjoyed his birthday!)is very blessed to have parents who will teach him the values that you want to teach…such as animal rights,etc.
    I also wanted to tell you that I love the show.I go crazy all week though waiting for Sunday nights!And I’m so happy for you and Corey Haim on being in The lost Boys 2!I can’t wait to see it!!It is so great to have you guys back and I wish you all the best!
    I was wondering,What do you love most about your work?
    Thanks for all you do and I am looking forward to more of “The Two Coreys”!
    Love and best wishes from a huge fan,

  79. Corey-

    Please help me. I have been watching you and Corey for most of my life now. You two are really amazing actors. I know you probably get sick of people saying that but it is very true. There is such an honest chemistry between the two of you. Anyway I really want to say that your buddy Corey really touches my heart. He is such a sweet, loving, funny guy. You can tell that he has been through so much and that he still has a sense of himself. You have been giving him really good relationship advice by telling him to pick someone that is going to love him and stick by him through everything. I would really like to meet Corey. As your wife is your number one fan. I am Corey’s number one fan. I always used to dream that some day I would marry Corey Haim. I never thought it could be a reality. You figure that movie stars will be full of themselves or are unattainable but I don’t see Corey that way at all. Not saying that you know we would get married. I can’t predict the future. I am a cute girl though that thinks a lot of your buddy and I would like to tell him so in person. Let me know if you can help me out.



  80. corey-

    1st off i am glad to see you and haim back together. you guys are great together. also glad they let you in to lost boys 2 can’t wait to see it. stay cool.

    i hate to bother you but do you know of a good school i could go to to be a screenwriter and producer. i am looking into going to school to do these 2 things , but don’t know what school is the best choice. i have been thinking about the university of san fransisco art academy , but don’t know if that’s the right choice. maybe you can give some advice.

    thanks ,

  81. Corey,
    You are soo sexy!..I’m really in love with the new show “The Two Coreys” I really hope and prey you guys continue with that. It’s great, and sexy! You and susie are hott together..and she is very beautiful and sexy.
    I’m from Jacksonville, Florida. So,if you ever decide to stop by here..that would be awesome!
    I love you and Haim!!! :-*

  82. Hi Corey and Suzie,
    Corey I just want to say I have been a fan forever since the McDonald’s Commercial…you are so cute…
    Anyway WOOHOO to the Lost boys 2 I am glad for whatever happened to have some of the original cast back together.. Cant wait for it to come out I will be out to see it with bells on.
    I love the 2 Corey’s glad to see you and Corey Haim back together…. I hope there will be a season 2. If your band ever makes it to Las Vegas NV let me know I would love to see the band. Take Care,Dawn

  83. Hi Corey! I really want to say I think that you are an amazing husband, man, friend, and entertainer, but I really was wanting to write to your wife. She has really strucken a nerve in my soul. I can’t lie I watch your show but it wasn’t until I started watching that I realized what the hell I have been doing the last 31 yrs of my life…well 14 really, seeing’s that I should have known better. I am truely wanting to change my whole way of living, and my childrens. I have gone through all that you and Corey went through, and I have been clean and sober for 14 yrs, and now I am really ready for another way of life. I have heard of Peta, but I really never paid it no mind or concern. I checked out the site 3 days ago and I was sick afterwards. SERIOUSLY!!!!! I got sick. I never knew.All I did was cry, and the more sad part of it is that my daughter Lilly was watching it with me and she said “momma why are they doing that to the animals?” At that time we were watching theses F***S skin a F****** animal alive, and I told her to go in the other room and I had to make myself watch it. And then I realized that 2 christmas’s ago my father bought me a 2000.00 mink. So I am sitting there thinking what if this animal was the one that I wore. I could’nt believe what I was seeing literally before my eyes, this animal was still alive even after the fact. OMG how heart breaking. 2000.00 for the torture of this poor thing. Bottom line is that I think that what Susie is putting out there about this organization is AMAZING!!!! I was once yours and Corey Haims biggest fan and I still do love you 2 but I have to say that Mrs. Feldman has a new NO.1 fan. I would really like some info on how to start living cruelty free and if I could get a little info on it I would be so so very greatful. Thank You so much. All my love to you and your family, Trenna McD

  84. Hi Corey, Well I just turned 34 yesterday!!! Woohoo!!! Can’t hardly believe I am that age. I grew up watching The Goonies, The Burbs, The Lost Boys, and of coarse Stand By Me will always remind me of my own youth. I just wanted to say that I started watching your reality show the other day. The Two Corey’s is absolutely great!!! It really gives your fans a chance to see what you stand for, and it really shows what a great guy you are!!! I love it!!! I just wanted to say that your fans are here for you. I have been a fan forever and will continue to be. I think you have a wonderful body of films already; but your best work is most definitely to come!!! Good luck to you , Susie , and Zen!! You are the best!!! Sending much love and blessings to you and your family.

  85. Jen, I was wondering if you knew where the lost boys sequel is being filmed? And do both Coreys have big parts? Thanks, Holly-Omaha, NE

  86. I love the new show! Congratulations on your marriage–you seem very happy!Susie is beautiful.Can’t wait for Lost Boys 2. You need a my space page!

  87. Hi, i’m 31yrs old and i live in Scotland. i have been a fan since i first saw the Goonies. i love all your movies and i am so happy to see you and Corey back together. hopefully we will get your show in the UK. hope you read this. take care lynda

  88. Dear Feldmans just checking out your web site and came across zens pictures he looks just like his daddy r we going 2 c any of him appearing on the 2 coreys or is haim not mature enough 2 behave around him bless his little soul in everything he has 2 overcome and as 4 haim its like having a child and i pray that this reality series doesnt ruin your marriage like it has done 4 all the other celebs and please dont let haim be the reason core i no u love him like a bro but bros need 2 no their place in life and his place is not b tween u susie and zen god bless you feldman faimly o by the way core i own a large majority of your flicks im a few years older but i have watched u grow up and what a wonderful job u have done congrats dude be safe and love your faimly sincerely Dawn Marcoux Cocoa Beach, Fla.

  89. Corey, Do you have a REAL MySpace act? There are tons that say they are you but I can tell when they are fake.
    Thanks! XOXO Kelly Rein Chicago,IL

  90. Susie,
    Hi, Do you have any favorite vegetarian cook books or recipes you recommend? I am trying very hard to become a vegetarian & to find meals that my family will eat. Picky Picky LOL. Like when you make tacos what is in the taco taking the place of the beef? When I first started to try to not eat meat I lost 15lbs in like 2 weeks. It pretty much cut out any & all kind of fast food. I went to TGI Fridays & I had to spend 10min looking for a non meat dish. The weightier’s response to me was well we do have this one roasted veggie dish. Nice choices. I ended up with salad & mashed potato LOL. On your show I saw you eating some strange looking fruits? Just looking for any tips on yummy options to replace all of my old unhealthy ones. Thank You Susie any help would be appreciated.
    Kelly Rein Chicago,IL
    FYI-(Chick interviewing you guys on the Man Cow show Chicago 10/00) (also saw you guys @ Corey’s concert @ a bar in Chicago gave him a star frame on stage with the photo of all of us @ Man Cow show)

  91. How come we never see your son on the show? Hes cute!

  92. I have always been a fan of you. I am happy to see you are doing well, and I wish you well. I also want to mention that I think you are extremely gorgeous.

  93. Wow ur amazing and one of the best horror actors of all time congrats to you and Corey Haim for geting Lost Boys 2 ,also loved you in puppet master 3 keep up the good work,and stop smoking

  94. Can i just randomly say i love Corey, Susie and Jen loads and think Jen does a great job making this site fantastic.

    Glad to hear “The Two Coreys” success so far may have secured a theatrical release for LB2 – excellent news which i hope is true.

    Love, peace, hugs and stuff,
    Laura xx

  95. Hey Corey, i just love all your shows, i grew up watching you and still own the lost boy’s, it’s my all time favorite, i was suprised when i saw you in the last puppet master movie, and even more shocked you played a dad, what was it like, playing a more adult role like that with responsibility, by the way, i am starting my own internet radio station, i would love to play your music, i will be a frequent visitor to ur website, your music is awsome. Many good lucks to you corey, you deserve all the goodness and blessing this world has to offer….
    Belita Loe

  96. I am so pleased that both of you are on TV and have been thoroughly enjoying:) It is wonderful to see the two of you together and even more cool is to see that Corey F is passionate about some wonderful things… animal rights activism etc. Kudos… now for a bit of advice for Corey H…. you may find a cute little piece of arm baggage in a night club… (no offense Susie, you are obviously the exception to the rule) but you need to be looking for a partner that will balance you.. find someone passionate about something because passion and integrity are a must in this world… thanks for listening to my two cents all though its current marked value is somewhere in the range of a half a cent… :) at any rate I hope that we are blessed with the ability to enjoy you for many seasons to come… you provide the world with something so very needed a little psychoimmunology…. (healing through laughter) thanks for everything:)

  97. Hello,
    My radio name is Brandy Lee and I’m 25. I’m a big buff of the 80’s and grow up watching you and Haim. I have a Saturday night show called ‘REAL 80’S ON REAL OLDIES.’ I’ve been following your show and have alot of respect for you and your wife. We all know that Haim has struggled with his career. So here is some advise that is good for him.
    “You have asked for forgiveness and been forgivin. Take the bag of guilt off your back, because dragging it around will not let you move on. You have paid the price, and showing that you have put it behind you will show you don’t need to explain yourself any more.”
    With Love,

  98. Hey corey and susie, i have made a choice to well, follow your cause with (peta) and also as a former broadcaster and personality in the portland oregon area, i’m hoping to help you both. i could not help but feel for susie when corey ordered pizza and didnt understand. you both are a shing light for others in this world… and corey if your band comes up this way let’s hold a fundraiser for ( peta ) to go with the concert??

    be blessed, hubert

  99. Hello, i would just like to start by saying it is great to see you guys on T.V again. I have been a fan since the 80’s and Corey you were my first celebrity crush… i couldn’t get enough of you in dream a little dream (hahaha)!! Anyways i think it would be great if you guys could make a comeback and start making films together again, you guys have come along way since your teenage years and i think the world is ready for you guys to comeback. I know how Hollywood is and how they chew you up and spit you out,you guys just need to market yourself the right way, your way, and make sure you guys are portrayed in a positive light. In which i am sure you guys already know all of this.I wish you all the best of luck and can’t wait to see you guys in the movies again!! Oh yeah Corey you and your band should make it up to Buffalo, NY we would love to see you guys perform up here and we are close to Toronto too!! Peace, love, and soul train!!!! ~Amber

  100. Hey Corey and Susie! I just want to say how beautiful of a couple you are together. Your son is beautiful as well! Ya know being a fan is sometimes hard. I live in Lexington, Kentucky and would love to meet you all sometime, but for me I guess that would be impossible. I am a stay at home mom and I am extremely busy with the kids. And being on a limited income, it does make it hard. It has always been a dream to meet you Corey. I have been a huge fan for years. But now that you have such a supportive wife, I would also love to meet her. You all have made a huge impact to alot of people. With your strong issues and standing up for those issues, makes it easier on alot of us. Especailly for us fans who agree with alot of your passions. It gives us the strength that when we see you take a stand, we will follow and show not only our support, but our love and cause for the same. God Bless you and your family each and every day. For every day is a blessing!!!

  101. Hey Corey and Suzie! I have been following the show and I just wanted to say that I admire the way you appear to live your life together. I also commend your decision to keep Zen out of the spotlight, and I believe in the future he (and any future siblings) will be thankful for your choice. I am not vegetarian myself but I do believe in much of what it represents, and I was wondering if you ever knew of anyone who was VERY pro meat who converted (and if so HOW!). I would love to see some of what you have done with PETA, and I really admire your choice not to glamorize or advertise your involvement. I was unaware of your musical background Corey, but I will check it out very soon. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your world, and may the future continue to bless you all.

    Warm Regards from Canada,

  102. Hey Corey & Susie,

    It has been great to see the new TV show, even though it hss not yet been shown on television yet here in UK. There is some talk that one of our channels which deals in US imports (ER, Friends, etc) may get it, but that might be just rumours at this point.

    I’ve enjoyed watching the episodes a lot, they have been laugh-out-loud funny & I don’t think I’ve enjoyed myself before so much seeing you and Susie with Corey Haim too. You guys still very much have the chemistry needed like the both of you did in Dream A Little Dream. I wish you all the best with the series and will certainly buy a copy when it gets released to DVD, even if that is Region 1 only.

    Ideally if possible, maybe you guys should get some of your ex-costars from Dream A Little Dream and your other back catalogue to appear in the series with you. Maybe Meredith would be up for an appearance at some point ? I know Dinger & Lainey didn’t get on in Dream A Little Dream, but maybe they could in real life ?:)

    Myself and my fiancee (Paula) saw both of you guys at the Collectormania show at Milton Keynes, UK, last year. I know you guys saw a lot of fans there – thanks once again for coming over & hope to see you there again in the future. There are some pics from the Collectormania show on my blog at http://www.myspace.con/felicemaggie. Let me know if you want copies of the pics as that’ll be no problem.

    We’re getting married in October and have chosen to wed in NYC with our honeymoon being in Anaheim, CA – which we’re looking forward to a lot. Things are almost there now but as you and Susie will appreciate, organising a wedding is a very busy time.

    Leave us a private message if you get a chance:)

    Cheers & good luck,

    Rich – Cambridge, UK

  103. Feldman.

    Loved seeing you and Haim working together again, scripted or not, love the show (The Two Coreys). Missed your appearance on Tom Green The Channel, so hopefully you’ll read this.

    Bottomline, when can we expect to see a boxset, will there be multiple commentaries, extras, top notch packaging (single sided DVDs, slim line plastic cases, interactive DVD menus, great cover art). Will there be a second season?

    Lost Boys 2 aside, when can we expect to see another Two Coreys feature film? Comedy preferably.

    I’ve never been to any signings or conventions because I live in TX and not alot makes it’s way out here. Just wanted to say, you’ve got great style.


    Steve – Shithole, TX

  104. Corey, I’ve watched your career for years and have been a big fan. I’ve watched you marry Susie on Surreal Life, and watched the Two Coreys. I just watched your Biography on tv and am even more impressed by what you had to overcome to be where you are now. I wish you and Susie all the happiness you’ve worked so hard for.

  105. Hi Corey and Susie, A question for you both. Corey, at the LBoys talk in Miltn Keynes in April last year, all of you agreed there would never ever be a sequel to this movie. I am so grateful you all changed your minds. What shifted to make the movie a reality?
    Susie, you had the most gorgeous bag with you, can you remember? I have a photo of it and meant to ask you but forgot!
    Thank you both for making the day so memorable and being so much fun and friendly, both of you, and allowing me to have a photo with both Coreys together.

    And also, I was wondering, both times I’ve seen you both in milton keynes at a con, you’ve had a camera and filmed the crowds. What do you use the film for?

    Thank you both for being such lovely pro vegetarian pro animal people.



  106. Also just wanted to say, I wish I had been able to see the show! a friend in america will help me out with this very soon, and i cannot say enough hw i hope it comes to the UK. I have heard time and again how the success of this show is paramount to the decision to release LB2 theatrically.
    Susie and the Coreys have saved the sequel. And keep up the great work on the show, the reviews are great.

  107. Hi Corey F, I thought your new show The Coreys was so funny. You are really sending a meassage out to everyone loud and clear. I can’t wait to see The Lost Boys 2. I grew up with you guys even tho I am a few years older. I can’t wait till Sunday nights your my farovite show on TV. How many shows will there be till the seson ends ? I hope that you guys do another season. I was wondering the house that you tape the show in, is that really you house or the set house ? I was watching your shoe and Susie made a comment to you ” I feel that I have 2 kids here”. Was she talking about you and Cory H , Or was she talking about Zen and Cory H. Cory H can be a stubborn guy. But you both have this chemistry together. I hope it does not Ruin things between you and Susie. Well I a very happy that you Guys and Susie are doing very well. I keep watching your Show. Take care, Dawn1762

  108. Hey Corey & Susie,

    Just wanted to say I really enjoy watching “The 2 Coreys.” Y’all are so funny! Corey Haim is so clueless, bless his heart, but so sweet too! He’s like a little Dennins the Menace! But I know he loves you a lot.:)

    My husband said that y’all are just doing 1 season & that’s it. Surely not? Is there going to be another season? You, Susie & Haim say the funniest things. I know it’s not funny when he’s painting a picture in your kitchen, but still…

    It’s nice to see celebrities not being snobby or pretentious. I like seeing you guys being real about work, making a living, life, just everything. I can tell you are all very down to Earth. I truly love & respect that fact that y’all love & care for animals so much – me too!

    One last thing, I saw License to Drive on cable the other day. Since we’re the same age, I grew up watching your movies, Haim’s too – but it had been a while since I saw this one. You were so funny when Heather Graham was passed out in the back seat, you’re stuck back there too & she wakes up saying I’m gonna be sick. You’re screaming get me outta here! – dude all I can say is that was so hilarious. Of course, to me, Stand By Me was your best! Well, Lost Boys is also one of my favorites. I don’t know, I can’t decide…you’re awesome in any movie you do – they’re all great!!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your Birhtday movie. Is there any way you can do more movies?? Who do we need to talk to to get this going?

    Love you guys!
    ~ Candace ~

  109. i cannot believe i am doing this…those days of tiger beat and childhood crushes were so much fun, you are a favorite part of my teenage memories. corey…i am 37 years old and i used to watch you in The Goonies, The Lost Boys, and other feature films when i was a young teenager. i dreamed of moving to hollywood and marrying you or kirk cameron..ha ha! of course, when we got a little older we all went our own ways and created our own lives. i was bummed out that you went through such a rough time awhile back…but i am really happy for you that you made it through in such a positive way! it is so nice to see a couple that works hard to make the world a better place! thank you! i appreciate it really…as do others i am sure! they NEED you to be their inspiration so they know they can make it out of that hell called drugs/alcohol!

    who cares if we are rich or poor, famous or un-noticed, ugly or beautiful, ethically different…we CAN all work together. we can make a change for the better. we have to love one another and help each other. life is hard…some have the ability to make drastic changes for us through money and their voices…and some have the ability to make changes in their backyards and neighborhoods…even if you are only able to help a few people take pride in it and just do it.
    thank you for your encouraging work and the show is great. even though i am a “grown up” i still appreciate a little corey now and then! thanks again…!

  110. Corey and/or Susie,
    First, has anyone ever told Susie she looks like a young Diane Lane? Sooo many similarities in the face…*whispers* but you’re much prettier Susie!

    Second, about Zen, where was while The Two Coreys was being filmed? Why was he not included?

  111. If you have seen childhood favorite/all- around classic The Goonies, you surely have heard the hauntingly- beautiful film score composed by Dave Grusin.

    For years, fans have been clamoring for a legitimate release with all of the rollicking action themes,gentle, refelective themes, and tender love motifs they have relished since childhood.

    Are you with The Goonies ? Do you want to see The Goonies complete filmscore released to the eager hands of fans for the very first time ?

    You can sign the petition here :

    We have opened a website, you can check here :

    And you can send some words to Varese :

    Thank you very much, best regards.

    Goonies never say die!

  112. Hey Corey and Susie,
    My husband and I LOVE watching the Two Coreys on A & E. Great show! Just one question, my husband LOVES the glasses that Corey is always wearing in the show and really wants a pair. Can you tell me what kind they are? I have no idea where to get them or even where to start.

    Thanks so much!
    Susie B


  113. Dear Corey & Susie:

    I watched the arguement with Corey Haim with the 2 of you. It was awful! I love The Two Corey’s and I hope that you all kiss and make up soon. It’s too bad that Corey Haim doesn’t get what you and Susie have.

    I am looking for a relationship that you and Susie have. It’s hard to find true love out there. I love Corey Haim, I think he’s a talented actor (so are you, by the way.) I was angry to hear that WB’s want to make “The Lost Boy’s 2 and NOT include Corey Haim!

    What is WB’s thinking? The Lost Boy’s without some of the orginal cast involved isn’t The Lost Boy’s it’s some other movie with the same title. Today I watched License to Drive and I decided to look up info on my 2 Corey’s. I would love to get an auto’d photo of the cast of the 2 Corey’s and e-mail me and tell me where I can write to get a photo by mail, not e-mail. Thanks!

    Well, I hope you two and maybe perhaps Corey Haim himself is reading my post, well on that note, You made the 80’s and 90’s great with your movies. I am looking forward to your future projects together.

    Please COREY and Susie, I love the TWO Corey’s please allow Corey Haim to come back and work it out. I want to see more of you (all of you). I love how you support animal rights. I am not a vegetarian, but I love animals. I have 2 guinea pigs: Pooky(male) and Piggy-short for Piglet(female) and I hate animal testing and puppy mills or any other type of animal torture.

    I love my precious guinea pigs! You all have a groovy day and I will be watching ya on A&E.

    Loretta Mc

  114. Corey & Susie:

    You can e-mail me at: crazyover73@comcast.net

  115. When you and Haim doing Comic Con again?!

  116. hey feldman you are my favorite actor forever.. and even my bad english becuase im from spain i want to tell you that im very happy for you .. becuase you found your true love .. and this is for your wife . susie i know that mean when you found your true love i wish 100 years of happiness with your husnabd and your pretty boy // love you both …

    Rose Mack ..

    pd ; how you do for look so hot even when you are a mom ? because im a mom but i dont have so nice body like you .. tell me your secret //

  117. Dear Corey,

    I had the opportunity to watch your reality show. I was saddened by the animosity between Corey and your wife. Those two resented each other, you could feel all the negativity surrounding the both of them when they were in each others company, or just talking about each other. I felt neither one of them really had any respect for each other. I am not bashing your wife, nor Corey, just expressing what I saw from the outside looking in. I couldn’t imagine myself being a celebrity, and from what you hear on T.V. I think I’m pretty grateful that I am not. I could also see that Mr. Haim resented you to. I could see why. You have your life back on track, you are raising a family, and enjoying life to its fullest. Haim, I get the impression that he feels the world owes him something. And I could see the jealousy that he has of you. Mr. Haim did show signs of issues that he might not be able to deal with on his own. Maybe he needs some professional insight, or he just needs his best friend to see him through his tough times. I know that you are there for him, and I know you have probably done great things for him as well. But I felt you both were missing something that he was stressing to you maybe more so in emotions than words. I am proud of the both of you, and your wife because it seems like y’all have come very far in your careers, and life its self. I hope that you are blessed with great things to come, and you find everything that is love!

  118. Corey,
    Crazy that of all people you were in Boston Pizza, Squamish.BC tonight.
    I was you’re hostess. Steph.
    I didn’t want to hound you, concidering you are a celebrity….must get kind of irretating sometimes when people are non-stop asking for autographs and what not while you’re at dinner with your family, even though it must be very cool to have so many fans. We were all pretty excited to see you and your family in there, thats for sure !
    But i thought i would just let you know, you’re an amazing actor and your new reality show is just halarious !! i love it. ! You’re sons also really really cute.
    Hopfully the troubles with the flatt turned out alright. The highway is a messs !!

  119. Hi Corey,

    Big fan of your’s dude, i met you at collectormaina in milton keyenes in the UK and you signed my Goonies poster and had a photo with you, but the photo didnt come out, are you coming to the UK again for autograph signing so i can get another photo with you?


  120. Hi ya C.F Susie & Cutie Pie Zen
    Great news about the lost boys 2 but mostly that you’re coming down under to see me I have waited 29 years to meet you and i can’t wait so look me up.Email ryan_rosemarie3@yahoo.com.au.luv rose my number 1 fan.

  121. Corey & Susie,
    You are doing so well together, and your son is beautiful.
    Don’t ruin your life with Corey #2. I could tell immediately on “The 2 Coreys” that he’s still on something.
    Corey Feldman, you look amazing and have a wonderful life ahead of you, due to your own choices!!!!! (And Susie)! That’s something you should be very proud of; because life is hard, but life is what you make of it!!
    Best of luck to you!!!

  122. Hello!

    I am so happy to see you have a site!

    I have been an EXTREMELY HUGE fan of both you and Corey Haim…

    I watched the “Two Coreys”…..I have to say to Suzi that I understand her frusteration with Corey Haim. I mean if I was in your situation I would completely feel the same as you did towards Corey Haim. Everyone can give their opinions and bottom line is, in reality it is your home, everyone should respect it. To Corey Feldman, in the last episode you and Corey did have a fight, all I have to say to you is I am very very impressed and have a huge amount of respect for you for standing up and defending Suzi the way you did. I can only imagine it was tough because Corey is/was a very very close friend of yours. I was previously married and my ex-husband never stood up for me EVER.

    Even though I could see the tension between your family and Corey Haim, I think it’s just the fact that Corey is having to “start over”. Trying to “comeback” after such a long and rough absence. I still am a huge fan of his and wish him luck in all his endeavors.

    I want to thank take this time to THANK the both of you for allowing us (your fans) into your lives and for including Corey Haim as well. It was a long time since we’ve seen you together last, and it was nice to see you together again.



    you can also e-mail me at: a_latin_angel@yahoo.com

  123. Hey Corey,
    I just want you to know that I love your show on A&E, you guys will always be ICONS and your movies will live on FOREVER! You and Suzie make a wonderful couple and I wish you both the best of luck in life:)

  124. Hello Cory, I am hoping that you will remember my son Chris. I have been meaning to try to say thank you for quite some time and then when I saw The two corys I was sure I needed to. My son was sick in Childrens hospital LA in 1990-91 with Leukemia and you came to visit him. You spent alot of time with him and he thought you were the greatest. You even gave him a very special jacket of yours. I just wanted to tell you how special that was to him and how he told everyone who would listen that Cory Feldman was his friend. You are a very special man and I thank you for your kindness. Best wishes to you and your beautiful wife.

  125. production sure wrapped up pretty quick, is this going to be a quality sequal? one that hardcore fans of the original are going to like?

  126. Hey Corey,
    I grew up in the 80’s and watched all the movies you made. My favorite one has to be “The Lost Boys”. I always thought you were a great actor and i still do. I’ve never heared any of your music yet though. Do you still live in California? Im from San Diego, but live in Las Vegas now. I work behind the scenes at shows I do makeup and im a hairdresser. Not the most exciting, but anyways enough about me. It would be really cool to meet you one day, i’ve always wanted to. I have most of your movies. Send me a message if you can to let me know if you read my comment. My email is danielguy2793@yahoo.com. If you cant then I understand totally. Anyways, hope everything goes well for you now and in the future. Good luck to you sir.

  127. How bout, id like to say “omg, corey feldman youre a sexy beast,” but that would be kinda disturbing since
    1) youre only 2 years younger than my mom and 21 years older than me
    2) youre married (to a vegan!! way to go corey!) and
    3) you have a three year old- which is really cool cuz we share the same b-day!! =]

    me!! (even though you dont really know who i am!)

  128. your website is great,but what i really like to know it sadness me to see you and corey haim not friends any more.

  129. Wow, I was definately hooked on your show but was not surprised to see you and Susie finally get fed up, I mean the guy just didn’t respect your home, privacy or morals. Some of us learn that we have to eventually move on and leave others behind. I used to think Corey Haim was so cute but that was years ago and now its crystal clear you are the better man by a long shot!!! I was also interested to read that Susie was not originally a vegetarian and became one through meeting you. I’m also switching over and signed for a start up kit with PETA heard about on your show. My sister-in-law is vegetarian and I’m hoping she can help me get started because I have a lot working against me including hypothyroid. Sucks! P.S. Your munchkin is adorable congrats!!!

  130. Hey Corey,
    Chris Franklin here mate. Can you contact me if you get this? Thanks mate. thebloke@chrisfranklin.net
    Its in relation to our film and I’ve lost your cell number.

  131. Hey Corey, I can’t find anything about that Heinz57 with bull’s blood stuff.

  132. Wow, I am having 80’s flashbacks… LOL… I remember sitting in the quad at school arguing with my girlfriends as to which corey was hotter… Guess who got my vote??? Now we are all grown up with kids and careers, geez are we really that old and responsible??? Scary thought, lol…
    I am happy too see that Corey has a lovely family and is doing well… I was disappointed with the A&E program… I made me sad… Seeing two lives that were so promising and to watch one self destruct… So sad… Hopefully the Corey H will find some peace and serenity…

  133. Corey,

    I have always been a fan of yours since the 80’s. I am so glad that you’re living a happy fulfilling sober life now. Your wife and son are beautiful. It is amazing how dedicated to your causes that your young family is – congratulations. I was extremely excited to hear that there will be a LOST BOYS 2 movie – I will definitely be in line at the theater for that one!

    A Big Fan.


  134. Dear Corey,
    My name is Kristina. I am a hugh fan! I watched your show, The Two Corey’s, its my favorite. My favorite movie is, Stand By Me. I love them both very much! They are both really good! I really want to meet you sometime or watch your band. I am 13 and my Mom is typing this for me. I live in Northern CA. Do you have anything coming to my area. I hope we can be friends, forever. I am going to see your new movie when it comes out. Your wife, Suzie, shes pretty. Your son, Zen, hes cute. I think you are so cute and a very good actor. When my parents were in high school, they went on a date and watched The Lost Boys and really liked it. Thank you, Kristina

    P. S. This is Kristinas Mom, Tricia. She has left the room. I have to tell you. She is totally into you right now. She has been for about a year. She got hooked on Stand By Me, and your were her favorite. I remember when I found some dog tags for her, like in the movie. What a great day! Kristina has special needs, She is very high functioning Autistic. She looks up your images daily on the internet and watches videos. When I found this site, I was so happy to share everything I found out about you, but guess what, she new it all already. She new about your siblings, your son, The Tom Green Show, etc. This morning she called me and said she wanted to go to L.A. because she thinks she can just drive up to your house and meet you. Its so cute. She has the best crush on you, but loves your family as well. I just needed to share this with you. Thank you for your time.

  135. I really wanna know after all the rumours, IS THERE GOING TO BE A GOONIES 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, please if anyone knows please email me at natassiamackintosh@hotmail.com

  136. Your son is absolutly beautiful. Where was he while you guys were filming, “The Two Coreys”?

  137. Corey,
    I love all your movies. You were my TV crush,Your music is great,I love everything. I just wanted to leave a little note. wishing you and your family the best.oh will you ever come to Maine?

  138. hey corey you probably dont remember me i was the security guard that asked you not to smoke in the field @the rolling stones concert in L.A
    well i still have your autogragph on my shirt as a matter of fact i have not used that shirt since you signed it,you are one of my favorite actors thanks for your attention love nancy veal p.s please send pix or cd

  139. Corey,

    I was on-line yesterday and stumbled across an interview with Josh Brolin( Brand in Goonies) and he said production on a Goonies sequel starts next summer and all of the original cast is returning which would mean you are returning as Mouth. Is this true because I thought many attempts at this had fallen through. So, basically what’s the deal. Also, I saw P.J. Pesce From Dusk Til Dawn 3 and I thought it was not half bad and it gives me hope that the Lost Boys 2 will be able to stand on it’s own.

    The Lost Frog Brother 1976

    P.S. Congratulations on your recent successes and the ability to keep a level head in the crazy film industry. Hope all is well and hope you can convince your bud “The Haimster” to return for a second Two Corey’s Season maybe in a Guest House for the wife’s sanity. I saw his MTV interview and to an outsider it made no sense, but then I read an article from someone who was with him that evening and it sounded like he was doing good and trying to get things in order in his life. I hope he is well because I grew up watching both of you in films such as, “Goonies”, “License To Drive”, “The Burbs”,”Dream A Little Dream”(The 2nd of which did not compare to the complexity of the first story),”Bordello of Blood”, and many more. Those films got me through junior high and Highschool. They made me laugh and not let the b.s. of that time get me down. Thanks for the good times. I just turned 31 on Oct.22 and I am still in college, but really close to finishing and wanted to use my degree to work in the industry( I am a Digital Media Major and the University of Central Florida. May be some day. Anything is possible in this crazy world. Well all the best.

  140. Ok, so I have been keeping quiet so far but I am really upset about something and I needed to get it off my chest so apologies in advance for “ranting”.

    I have been browsing the internet, sites such as imdb etc and all I have seen is people consistently making negative judgements on you, Corey over the recent issues with the Haimster. Although, technically this does not affect me as I am neither you, nor am I related to you, I have been extremely saddened by the negative, bitter attitudes some people have towards you and Susie and I really just wanted to let you know that I will defend you as much as I can and you have 110% of my support.

    I am only hoping that you, as a person who looks at the imdb, either does not read the negativity and general nastiness people are directing towards you, or if you do read it, you know that some people really do support you and that not everyone is negative towards you and your beautiful family. As for the Haim stuff, I (and my friends on the haimsters website would kill me for saying this) I agree with you that he still has a lot of issues to sort out, particularly emotionally and intellectually and I, along with you, hope that he realises this and gets the help we all know deep down he still needs.

    I love you, your family and that darn Haimster and I hope that someday balance and peace is restored.

    All my love always, Laura xxxx

  141. By the way, I forgot to mention yesterday:

    I think there is a very naughty habit that you and Susie were meant to have quit…. don’t think I haven’t noticed you doing it you naughty kids!!😉 xx

  142. Hey guys….I grew up w/ the 2 Corey’s and I watched the show every week. I want to know what happened when it was all over? I was also wondering about your son, where he was during it all…but I have since seen your response about that. Are there any plans to do another season, I thought it was great!!!

  143. So we leave comments, and dont hear a thing in return? My daughter left a message Oct. 22nd, and here we are Nov 13th. still no reply. For the first week after we posted she was so giddy! So happy! Couldn’t wait to get a reply. Everyday, every morning she asks, Mom did Corey Feldman write back? I have to see the sadness in her face daily.

    Kristinas Proud Mom, Tricia

  144. Hey Corey,

    Always been a huge fan of your work, you may say I grew up with you (and Haim)as we are all around the same age.

    Anyway it turns out my wife worked with you on the Lip Stick Camera and had many of funny stories.

    Keep up the great work. Best of luck to the family and your lovely child.


  145. Why is haimster selling the snow board u gave him for his birthday on the 2 coreys show on ebay?

  146. Hi! I am new to this site…..and I love it. I also wanted to say that I just listened to Corey’s song Take a Stand (4 times)…. it absolutely rocks!! This song definately needs alot of radio play! Corey, you and Susie both seem like really great people and you stand up for some great causes. Just yesterday I was browsing on the web and came across the video of Hayden P. and others who swam out on their surfboards to try to help the dolphins who are being slayed. It was absolutely horrific! I couldn’t believe that was actually happening. Something needs to be done to stop this right now. Hopefully with the word of this getting out, something can be. If you & Susie want to get involved in something to protest this or anything….I will back you 100 percent!! Take care & God Bless!

    Jill @ Fort Knox

  147. Hello Kristina & Tricia!

    I’m afraid Corey has been very busy lately with family life… he just had his 5-year wedding anniversary, has been spending a lot of time with little Zen, and his dog, Jake, has been very ill.

    He wanted me to tell you that he deeply appreciates that you and your daughter enjoy his work & visiting his website. He’ll definitely be posting here more personally when he is able to!:-)


  148. For all of you who have been asking about where Corey’s adorable son, Zen, was during the filming:

    Corey felt it was best to not expose his son to the stress of filming at such a young age. Corey, himself, was forced into acting at a young age and he didn’t want his son to go through the same thing. It should be a personal choice & Zen isn’t old enough yet to make that kind of decision for himself.

    Zen was very close by during the filming & he and Susie spent as much time with him in between takes as possible!


  149. Hey, Laura!!

    Glad to see that you’re still around! It’s a pleasure to see someone with such a positive outlook. I, too, believe that some things just take a little time to work themselves out.:-)


  150. corey im listening to howard sterns show with you on, in 93, and i think it is funny he can slander you, but he’s onluy big for his show and one movie about his show…

    You’ve done multiple movies, you are performing music, and you are healthy. Great job!

    Goodbye man, and great work on Donatello(sic?) which I’ve seen all of them since I was two years of age.

    I’m also a vivid fan of Tom Green live, and the video you put up there is hilarious, stay up!


  151. Hey! Jusy purchased the “Corey Feldman for President” t shirt and wanted to say that I’ma wear it around proudly! Keep up the good work Corey & Willow!

  152. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, Webmistress, Feldman Family!!

  153. Hello !!!!


  155. Hey Corey! I cant wait for the release of The Lost Boys 2! Are you going to come back to the UK anytime soon?! I would just love to meet you. Hope your well. xxxx

  156. Love you Susie and Corey!!! Just wondering if there is going to be “The Two Coreys” season 2 and when is the dvd for season 1 coming out?

  157. I have a problem, in that I love the movie “Round Trip to Heaven” but as it was a long time ago, it has never been and will never be released on DVD. Unfortunately, I have the VHS but I no longer have a VCR and didn’t much fancy buying one just to watch one movie. I am hoping that (and i know this is probably illegal but drastic times etc!!) someone who perhaps has the movie could possibly copy it to DVD and send it to me. I know not many people would have the equipment to convert from VHS to DVD so it’s a long shot and I hope I don’t get into trouble for suggesting illegal activity but I thought I may as well ask, as I have nothing to lose.
    On a general note, I wanna say hey to everyone reading, especially Willow and anyone from the house of Feldman and hope you all have a great year in 2008… hopefully I will make it to your birthday next year Corey:)
    Love and hugs, Laura xxx

  158. ooh, probably helps if I leave contact details for anyone who can help; my email is lu_adrienne@hotmail.com or you could try lookin me up on facebook or myspace:) x

  159. Hi Corey and Sussie,
    I would like to know if there will be another Goonies Reunion? I love that movie. I am new with this I have never E-mailed or have been interested with an actor before, but you seem like you are down to earth. My husband was in the military when the war first started and alot of men and women feel like they are fighting for our freedom that is why we are the USA, I am glad he is out and safe. I hope we can meet you and Sussie one day. PEACE AND LOVE MISS

  160. hi corey
    i didnt know that you were in the gremlins and then my dad bought me the dvd and when i noticed you were in it i was really excited. Wow you look so cute in it awwwww!!! you are quite cheeky in the goonies when you played mouth, but i guess thats just asking but if you reply to this i will be amazed. I would always think to myself that celebrities dont really have time to go on a computer and reply to stupis messages like this. Well byt for now.. xxxx sophie

  161. please if you get a chance reply to xxsophie2k7-2k8xx@Hotmail.co.uk thanx it will be really cool if you did. xxsophie bye

  162. Hello Corey!

    this is my first time here so im sorry if i seem a little out of touch with everything….

    It would be great to see the two coreys on tv over here in England, would be even greater if you came over here to tour with your band, and plans for that in the future?…i would certainly pay to come and see you over here and im sure im not the only one…actually i know that for a fact!!!

    Just wanted to say i think your great, have done since i was seven and saw the goonies for the first time, you were always my favourite corey!!!……and i still like you to this day, we dont see anywhere near enough of you these days…well not over this side of the pond anyway!!!

    well would love to hear of any future british plans, love to you, susie and Zen ( what a cool name for a boy!!!)

    speak to u soon

    Sarah xxx

  163. This is my first time to your website, Mr.Feldman, and it’s just after seeing all of the negativity on the IMDB that I decided to come to your site and see what all of the fuss is about.
    After having visited, I can say with all honesty, that it’s never been more obvious what a kind, sincere and genuine individual you are. Your wife is lovely, and the relationship you share is inspirational and beautiful. You’re creating a very meaningful existance for yourself with the causes you support and the messages you’re sending out. I think it’s very rare, because unfortunately people who CAN make a difference often don’t take the time to really do so, and being an avid animal rights supporter myself, I just want to say thank you for what you’ve done and what you continue to do…to both Susie and yourself, your efforts and your loyalty to the cause make such a difference.
    And for all the innocent animals out there, who were born with a heart and not a voice with which to defend themselves…from the bottom of my own, thank you for taking a stand.
    As for Corey, I love him and always will, and I am sorry that things are difficult right now. I hope the two of you find your way back to eachother because a friendship like yours is truly something to cherish and hold on to. Friends are the family we choose in life, Mr. Feldman..and I have never seen any brothers closer than the two of you…he may have his faults, but we all do, and maybe he’s just a little lost right now, the bigger the heart the harder they fall…none of my business, I suppose.
    I hope that you and your family had a beautiful holiday season…and that 2008 holds nothing but health, love and happiness for you and yours:) Tell Scott I said hello! Without a doubt, he is one of the kindest people you could ever know!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  164. hey corey.
    whats up,i love your movies my favorite movie of yours is stand by me.i also love the goonies and the lost boys. you are an awsome actor.i was wondering if maybe you can send me an autograph of you.that would be cool.it would mean alot to me.if you can please contact me,thanks.

    henry cousineau

  165. Dear Corey,
    This is Tricia, Kristinas Mom. To Kristinas delight you posted a message for her on your blog. Thank you so much it really made her feel good and we are all happy for her. I do want to share with you that for Christmas, Kristina asked for a Stand By Me movie poster. Well, of course we had to get it for her. It looks very nice framed in her room. The other day, her sister noticed all of the kiss marks on your face. She loves to fall asleep and wake up to see you. I read the entire blog to her. She is wishing for more of The Two Corey’s. She really enjoys seeing you weekly on TV. She and I finally watched License To Drive. Cute movie. We both enjoyed it. Her Dad and I had been telling her how good The Lost Boys movie is, and she finally agreed to watch it. Guess what Corey Feldman movie she loves now?! Kristina would like to write to you directly and send you pictures. I can’t find and address on your site. Also, we have heard from lots of people that you were on Deal of No Deal. Kristina missed it. How can we keep up with current events. Also, We live in Northern Ca, we plan on visiting LA, Hollywood again in June. She would love to see your band? Any dates planned. Please keep us posted. Thank you so much, Tricia, Kristinas proud Mom

  166. I am really doubtful that Corey or Sussie are ever gonna see this. However, I am thankful for their presence in the media, and wanted to say so!
    First, I am very thankful that you show viewers that you can come from utter chaos , and come out a healthy, well adjusted individual. Also, thank you for showing the strong bond between you and Corey Haim. True friendship seems fleeting these days, you give me hope.
    You are awesome! You and Corey seem to have a strong relationship. That is just another bonus to you two being on t.v. You show other couple that you can work out your issues in a calm and healthy manner.
    I was wondering if you could give me some information about different environmental groups that I could volunteer for. I am as poor as poor can come, but I still strive to do everything I can for our earth and society. Any information would be appreciated.
    With great respect,

  167. Corey and Susie Hello,
    As insignificant as it may seem right now, my name is Tanya and I am the oldest and only sibling of my brother David. Whew, mouthful. Now onto the significant stuff.
    April 4, 2007 you and your family were on vacation at Blizzard Beach in Orlando. On that same day, my brother and his family, wife and three little boys, were there as well. My brother David couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted who he thought looked a dead ringer for Corey Feldman. David NEVER approaches anyone and is actually quite shy. I think in this case he felt like it’s one of those “once in a lifetime” kind of things. I’m so glad he approached you.
    You so graciously took a photo with him. I’m not at all unaware of how many people you must cross paths with that want to have a photo taken with you. In the possibility might recall, he at the time was a very tanned, dark haired, 6’3″ dude. Dave’s just one of those guys that once you get over his size, you realize has that he is just such a genuinely nice guy.
    He sent me the picture, of the two of you, that day. I would never have guessed it would be a picture I would end up looking at everyday.
    Almost five months later to the day, Dave was riding his motorcycle home from visiting our Dad in the hospital. Our Dad had just recently found out he had colon cancer and subsequently had surgery to remove it. Dave was there for him everyday. This was going to be one of Dave’s last rides, since he decided for his kids sake to sell the bike. About 4 miles from being home, on a stretch of road with a speed limit of 55, a pizza delivery guy made a decision that changed our lives and his forever. The delivery guy thought he had time to turn into the customers driveway before Dave got to him. Only to find out that, he had in fact not turned into the driveway, but a smaller drive meant for the residence’s mail box. With nowhere to go, he simply stopped and Dave ended up hitting the side of his car full force.
    What you may not expect me to say next is, miraculously, he survived! As a person who stood next to him when he finally arrived at the hospital, I can say with full confidence, there was no hope. He had severe trauma to the head, broken left femur, dislocated neck, broken clavicle and broken left hand, ankle and foot. Not to mention the road rash. This is the stuff that only happens to other people and all that blah blah blah. Well here we are, 4 craniotomy’s later and a hell of a lot of time, healing and patience for everything else. Dave is still considered coma, even though to everyone else he seems quite awake. He fights everyday and has come so far already.
    I spent an hour with my brother three times a day for eight weeks, before he was transferred. I wrapped myself in research on everything that had to do with making him better. I had tried so many things to get responses out of him. Unbelievably, he had no paralysis, but he had such limited movement in his appendages. He also had no real way of expressing himself, until one day. I was sitting at work waiting for the visiting hour to come. I was racking my brain for things I could show him or music that might interest him, anything to get a response. Suddenly I thought back to the last time I heard him sound so happy. It was then I remembered his vacation to Orlando and running into Corey. I immediately went to my old e-mails and pulled up the photo. I printed it out and took it with me. When I went into his room I told him I had something special to show him that should bring back some good memories. I pulled the picture out and as soon as he saw it, I could tell he knew exactly what it was. His heart rate started going up as did his right hand. I was absolutely blown away to the point of tears. Next thing I knew, he was trying to reach for the photo. You could see in his face the gears began to turn. I think even though as abnormal as it was to run into a celebrity and have your photo taken with them, he saw himself as normal for the first time in so long. Not only normal, but happy. This was such a turning point for us and that picture has traveled with him, from the hospital, to acute care and now St. Joe’s Rehabiliton Center. Now he can easily grab the photo and actually smile when he looks at it. We have a long way to go, but we are so grateful for the opportunity.
    For something that may have seemed so insignificant, and perhaps a nucense at the time, has made such an impact on my family. On behave of my brother Dave and my family, I would like to say thank you so much for taking the time and being a good human. God bless you and your family.

  168. Hey Corey have to say im looking forward to the new film LB2. I have to say one of my favorite movie is Rock and Roll high school forever. I wanted to get my hands on the soundtrack. Love the songs man, I was wondering if it was ever released or you are ever going to release it?

    Thanks: eaglebauer

  169. Hello Corey

    how are things??….told a few of my pals from work n stuff about LB2 and potential Goonies 2…….well are all quite excited bout the prospect of these films!!!

    well just wanted to say hello, hope things are going good for you, please let us know when you will be over in the u.k next, would love to come and see you what ever it is your come over here to do!!….

    love to u and the family

    Sarah xx

    P.S: just read the message tanya left about her brother…..would like to extend my best wishes to her, dave and the rest of the family, sounds like a really tough time.makes me realise how trivial the problems i have really are…….i hope Dave continues his recovery well

  170. Thank You. Thank you for going through the horrid childhood childstars endure, for the repeated enjoyment of faceless viewers like myself. Thank you for being my first crush/love/obsession. And thank you for not giving up. And forgive me for falling in love with Geddy Lee and not checking in on you like a good fan should. And now I must ask you a stupid question. It’s stupid because of all the things I dreamed of saying or asking, this is the last I ever thought of. I’m at my wit’s end. I just want to buy the soundtrack to Rock ‘n Roll High School Forever, and all I ever find is the ramones. I don’t want them I want you, and that french song I can’t spell. Please, if you know where to go to get a copy of that soundtrack, please tell me. If you can’t it’s okay, i’ll still love you forever and buy your films. I don’t think anything will ever change that. And again, Thank you, for everything.

  171. Hey Corey I have not left a coment in a while, anyway I just wanted to ask if you ever go on tour if you could come to Cedar Rapids Iowa! alot of my friends said they would come to see you! you and Suzie butter come. I can’t wait for lost boys 2

  172. Hi
    i Absolutley love Corey fedlman he Is sooooooooooo HOT hehehe

    Very good actor


  173. Corey,
    you were awesome in Stand By Me and the Goonies. You are so talented! My dream is to one day be an actress, so if you have any suggestions for me and others that have the same dream, can you please post it on your website or something, because i would really like some tips. anyways you are one of my favorite actors my other favorite is River Phoenix (R.I.P. River). my fave actress is Audrey Hepburn. you are great at your job! thank you!

  174. mr feldman,
    you should really read Tanyas comment about her brother. it makes me realize how grateful i am, also please put in thought about the acting tips because i would really like to know, or at least have Willow do it, because i have to go to this thing at the embassy suites hotel, they scout you and i am a little nervous its on Feb 10, and i really really need those tips. Im so sorry about Jake, that is so sad. at least he didn’t die on Christmas, my cat died on Christmas a few years ago. Thank you Mr. Feldman!

  175. Hey Corey,

    My BF is 1/2 of an awesome online comedy duo. Thought you might get a kick out of this!

    We❤ you!

  176. hey corey feldman ur sooooooooo cool

    have u ever been to new-zealand christchurch???

    if u havent could you???
    or if u have did u like it???

    well ummm anyways ur soo hot…

    love ya

  177. hey forgot to ask umm how do u think i should save up to go to u.c.l.a when im older and move to america???

  178. First LOVE all of your movies and the Two Coreys. Just wondering why wasn’t your sun featured in the show?

  179. SON* oops

  180. I am a huge fan of all your movies and the tv series the two coreys But I think that it is time to part ways with Haim. I think that you have grown up and become a responsible good person and Haim will just hold you back from your true potential



  182. Greetings & Salutations,
    Is there any chance in the near future that Corey may be heading down under to the land of OZ. Corey mate you have thousands of fans and supporters in Australia. Cheers Ben.

  183. Hey Corey!
    I`ve heard that Corey Haim will play his part as Sam Emerson in LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE.

    Is that true?

    That would be just awesome! I`m relly looking forward to see you two guys together in a movie again. That would make the sequel complete!

    Lets slay some vampires!!

    Greetings from Switzerland


  184. Hello again Corey and Susie,

    Thank you both so much, as well as everyone else on the blog, for reading my post and responding so thoughtfully. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone for your kind words, thoughts and wishes of support. My family and I are truly and happily overwhelmed.
    I cannot say enough about the amount of progress my brother has made, not only since the accident, but since my post. He is now a 6 out 8 on the Rancho Los Amigos Coma scale. To compare, in the beginning he was a one. He is so much more aware of his surroundings and the “scheme” of things. Which now introduces options and choices to him. This has propelled him to want to speak and declare his involvement. Therefore, while the traech is still in, he has recently adapted and uses the air he pushes out of his mouth to make sounds. This has taken so much of the guesswork out of knowing what he wants, needs, and most importantly what would make him most comfortable. If you are next to him and watch his lips move you can understand him pretty clearly. Thanks to this new ability and Bluetooth, he now wants to call everyone on the phone, it’s not quite as easy to understand him that way, but what a thrill it is to get a call!
    Many other developments have occurred such as, eating puréed foods and drinking fluids, in small amounts of course. His mobility has increased to the point he is now a “fall hazard” in bed and requires a tent like mechanism that can be zipped up if no one is in the room. As you may guess, it is rarely zipped.
    His spirits run high all the time and he eagerly wants to go home. We are also eager for him to be home, but we still remain patient as we know this care is what’s best for him right now. His progress has been extremely consistent and swift in the past month and a half and I do not look for it to wane. David has more determination than ever and we could not be more thankful for what he has overcome. We just know he’ll be home before too long.
    Our mom chose to tell David about my post, about a week ago. Honestly, when I wrote it, we were all unsure how he would interpret the information and when to tell him. He called me three days ago and with the help of his wife, asked me about the post. I gave him a synopsis, then told him about the unbelievable responses. I tried to give as much detail as I could, but just kept feeling like I was failing at getting the real sentiment across. The phone went silent and I could hear the faintest weeping in the background. I then heard his wife Mary ask, “What’s wrong Dave?” then she comforted him by saying, “It’s o.k., I cried the first time she told me about it too”. Even with my light version of commentary recollection he was still moved by how much you all have supported him. Thank you so much!
    I would like post the photo of Dave and Corey in Orlando. However, this is actually only my second blog and I am not suave at it yet. If there is a way to do that, great, if not that’s o.k. too.
    Dave just called to ensure I have posted again, I am supposed to tell Corey, “Hi”! Well put I think.
    Alright, I am ending yet another epic. I just have to say thanks to Corey and Susie again. The “Post from the Heart” meant more to us than you’ll ever know. We would love to have you up to see Dave any time. Continued blessings and success to you and your family.

  185. When was The Two Coreys filmed? It had to be filmed before Susie was pregnant right? If not, where was their little boy during the whole thing?

  186. sorry to step in but I just wanted to respond to tweetyfan and say that Zen (Corey and Susie’s son) is soon to turn 4 years old and the two coreys was filmed in 2006/07. If you want to find out more about where Zen was, I am sure Corey can direct you to the post where he explains what happened to Zen whilst the show was being filmed:)

    P.S: I’m back😉 xx

  187. I can not imagine the hard ship young actors must go through. The public and the press seem to take all the things that made them strong human beings and mock the crust thats left. I believe that Mr. Feldman is one of them that landed on their feet after many hardships. True he had money, but he also had a baren existence when it came to true friends ( i would assume). Mr.Feldman I believe deserves a pat on the back for not giving up on his beliefs and climbing over the mountains thrown at him. Congrats

  188. Oh and one more question for everyone if we have the chance to talk to our favorite celebs or roll models or whatever u deem correct why doesn’t the press use this method and stop stalking them……i don’t want to know about their personal lives just when i can check out their perfect a–es on my television….lol

  189. [URL=http://img442.imageshack.us/my.php?image=lostboyswallpaper01cq2xx5.jpg][IMG]http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/7218/lostboyswallpaper01cq2xx5.th.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

  190. Im a big fan of ‘The Lost Boys’ and Corey Feldman.

    So i decided to create two wallpapers of The Frog Brothers.

    Copy and paste the links below, theyre completely safe (note imageshack)

    So Please if you could show corey that would be cool and if he could reply that would be cooler.

    If you ever need anything designing my email is..



    shaun . uk.

    p.s also corey was awesome in another of my fave ever movies ‘The Burbs’.

  191. hey guys, does anyone know what the convention will be like in Cherryhill? will Corey be signing audographs and taking pictures with fans??

  192. Corey,
    I just wanted to tell you that (as a fellow Christian and fan) I am so very proud of how far you’ve come! I am praying for you daily–that you continue on this path of caring what pleases Him and not–and that you stay away from those people who would lead you astray from this in any way. You need have no fear of death when He is your Savior! Good luck in all you’re doing–and I will continue to lift up you and your family in prayer. 😀

  193. Just can’t wait till Season One of The Two Coreys come out on dvd. Do you know when that will happen?


  194. Just to respond to Ashya, I know you could get hold of the episodes through the a&e website but there are other websites you could try. If you need help tracking it down, feel free to email me at lu_adrienne@hotmail.com and I am happy to help:)

  195. Corey,
    I been a fan for lost boys since about 1992. I was very iffy on Lost Boys 2. I have followed the news on this thing for the last like ten years? Ha. But anyway, the Lost Boys: The Tribe looks amazing. I heard everyone complaining about this and that but overall I think its come out awesome. I never thought they could re-do or extend a storyline as Lost Boys so perfectly and it looks like they have. They still have the same vibe and same feel. I almost didnt want to look at the trailer because its so weird thinking that an actual sequel is comming out but after I did I was amazed. I cant believe how good it looks. Now I have posted a link to it possibly everywhere I can. I am trying to get that theatre release. BECAUSE IT DESERVES IT. Last time I checked the only dvds that go straight to dvd are things as Lake Placid 2 or 8mm 2. Those are garbage movie. When you have Lost Boys 2, its gotta be treated the right way. Now I usually just check your blog, but as a fan, I felt like I wanted to post some feelings, as an original fan of the Lost Boys.
    I hope your still going this Saturday to Cherry Hill. Because I simply cannot wait to meet you. Great work with LB:TB!

  196. Hi Corey
    I have been massive fan of yours over the past 25 years over in the UK and it’s an honor to be able to leave this message for you. I now have 6 kids of my own (all of which are fans). I just wanted to say a big thanks for making Lost Boys The Tribe. I have just seen the trailer an it looks fantastic. After 21 years of waiting it’s finaly here and I can’t wait to see the movie in full. It will be a great shame if the film misses out on a cinema release. Keep up the great work and I wish you all the very best for the future.

    Thanks again for bringing my family and I so much joy.


    Steve Cooper and family
    United kingdom

  197. Hey corey. U R so hot!!!! I luved U in dream a little dream! it was awesome. i luv your band too! U R my favorite actor in the world!! i luv the two coreys 2! stay hot!!!!!

  198. hi corey i think u and susie make a great couple. i am pretty sure voodoo is a good movie 2 i havent seen it yet but i saw the trailer! talk to you later

  199. hay corey I am the same girl as gia7.I loved u in lost boys.you where hot in dream a little dream.I loved you in the goonies.I am your best fan ever.so I think the two coreys is a masterpeace. I think lost boys2 will be grate.I love corey feldman.com was A good idea.it olmost 1:00am I gotta go by hotty.

  200. hi. i hope lb2 will be a sucsess. it sounds like a great movie. i most likley will watch it over and over again.

  201. hi corey. how r u? i am a big fan of yours. i heard that lb2 is finished! i am so excited t see it. every one at my house thinks it is going to be scary. but i am not sure. when it comes out on dvd i am imediatly going to buy it.there is some videos for it on youtube.com i watched them all to get any info on the movie. i gotta go by.

  202. Hey Corey, your film The Birthday was excellent as your great performance. I can confirm the dvd contains an English audio track as well as German so in other words, if you cant wait pick up the dvd off the german amazon site as its exactly the same as picking up a US copy. its a great great film! cant wait for Terror Inside and of course the return of Mr Frog!

  203. hiiiiiiiii Corey!!! i just discovered this site like…10 mins. ago! i wonder if you still check your site??? hhmmm such a mystery. but you GOTTA check your myspace friend requests cause i sent it like a month agoooo! still waten! : ) but take your time. nooo rush. nope nope. well i must go, havta explore more on here!❤ Sarah
    P.S. expect more comments from me!!!! ; )

  204. I just want to (as a lovely person and devoted Corey fan) respond to Sarah in saying that Corey isn’t on myspace so anybody claiming to be Corey that you may have requested to add as a friend, they are not Corey. Also, welcome:) xx

  205. sup corey feldman i love all of your move i love stand by me i seen all of the time tell me after makeing the move did you keep talk 2 wil wheaton, jerry o’connell be 4 river phoenix died did you talk 2 hem 2? lit me know ok e-mail me ok at johnnygarciacool@yahoo.com

  206. I was wondering what is with the weird collection of video’s that talks nothing but kind words about you with a bs tone for you at coreyhaim.us. It is a little weird since from all of heard from interviews lately that you friendship is imploding. Also, you know he posted the full trailer for LB2 on his website right. Though you’d like to know. I saw the trailer and it does not look half bad. I wish though the stuck with the subtle vampire change like in the original. But the way they introduce Keifer’s brother was cool(in the other trailer). Also, why were you the only one in the trailer from the original cast, didn’t see “the haimster” and Jaimson.

  207. Oh. By the way tell Warner Brothers to release it in theatres. It is worthy. Also, they did a good job updating “Cry Little Sister”. It sounds more modern than 80’s and still gives that cool feeling when you here it. It was my favorite theme song for a film when I was growing up.

  208. Hey Corey A.K.A. The Famous Frog Brother,
    I met you this weekend at Monster mania, actually right after you had your lunch break. My name was Adam. I know you had crazy amounts of fans but I was the one who asked you about your blog, and if you check it, and asked if you could do the frog brother pose with me. I thought it was classic when you busted out laughing in the middle of the pose, but I really appreciate you doing it. I waited all day to meet you and it was totally worth every second of it. Alls I wanted out of this weekend is to know that you’re a good guy off the camera. Man, was I right. You are amazing. I don’t usually attend conventions but I drove eight hours just to get to meet you. Every minute was worth the trip. Not only you are an actor, but you are a good person, and those are hard to come by these days. As soon as I noticed that you stopped signing my photos to ask me a question I said “What actor asks his fan a question?” That’s when I knew you were a good person. You were interested in what I had to say and you talked about Lost Boys: The Tribe, which was awesome. It seemed you wanted the original fans to be happy with the continuing adventure, which really shows your dedication to your work. I really do appreciate every minute you gave me because it was an amazing time. I have followed your work since I first saw Lost Boys when I was about 6, up until The Two Coreys show. I think your art is great, so when you and Susie seemed enthused to meet a dedicated fan, it really did feel good.
    I went to your questions and answer session after I got done from meeting you. Just to see you enter the room and be cheerful the way you were made the trip for me. Thanks for giving me the head nod during the Q & A when I got spoken over for my question, theres always next time and your face reaction was classic. There was a part during the Q & A where one of your fans complimented your presence and how nice you were, and then you took off your sunglasses and thanked her. At that moment it seemed that you were speechless at the good criticism you were given, when we saw your reaction [the fans] it hit us that you really do care and you are a nice person. It really sent a positive vibe to everyone who was in the room, just by us seeing the reaction on your face.

    I understood all of the problems you went through and the sacrifices you made to make it to this trip. I heard about your flight conflicts and surgery and I truly thank you for making all those sacrifices. All to just come sit down, sign stuff and take pictures all day long. The amazing thing was that you signed autographs for all your fans. That is a lot of dedication.

    I am a true Lost Boys fan. I have followed you through the whole process and looked for news on it everyday. I realize you have been fighting in everyway possible to make sure its just as good as the original, for the fans. I thank you because with today’s movies, you never know what your going to get. Seeing the return of the frog brothers is going to be like seeing the return of Indiana Jones. That’s how amazing it is.

    I have met a lot of actors, mostly from being on set with them, not by being a fan, and I see how they treat there fans and it must be awful for those fans to be turned down like they are by there idols. You’re an inspirational guy. I got into acting a couple of years ago when I said to myself “I wonder what its like to say I kill vampires, or search for treasure for a living.” So I took a chance and got a couple of bites. I have been in seven films, like Underdog, 27 dresses, Dan In Real life, in two years. Its nothing big, just a couple of featured roles and a couple lines here and there but it’s a start. Hopefully one day it’ll lead to something good.
    Sorry my letter was so long. I have only posted 1 comment on your blog before so I needed to cover a lot of ground. As a fan I only ask one thing, and that is for yourself to remain true to yourself like you were at the convention. I never met an actor who cared so much about his dedicated fans. Thanks for an amazing time and for the bad-ass pose in the picture. I am looking forward to meeting you again, I’ll continue to follow your blogs and my fight to make lost boys theatrical. I hope your surgery healing goes well.
    Peace and Much Thanks for everything you have done
    Let the Reign on the frog bros continue
    Adam M

    P.S. You said you were starting a new film soon. You ever need a Rhode Island actor for anything, don’t be afraid to give me a chance.

  209. hey whats sup hot stuff. this is msgoth07 sister, k.k.. my sister is making me watch THE LOST BOYS i am sure i am going to like it! u were soo hot in DREAM A LITTLE DREAM!

  210. corey and susie, i went to the new jersey convention. unfortunately, i didn’t get to see you guys b/c i was very sick & couldn’t wait in that long line. i justed wanted to say i’m a huge!!! fan & that you i was disappointed that i couldn’t stay & meet you two. are you ever coming back to the east coast, phila., nj again. can’t wait for the new season!!!! love you guys!!! jen

  211. Hey, Corey. I was just watching an episode of The Two Coreys. I think it was a recap episode. So, I got to see you get angry with Haim again. The first time I saw that I was shocked, then the second time I am like that’s a reasonable response to the situation. Besides The Two Coreys I have only seen you in Stand By Me and The Lost Boys. I didn’t even exist when The Lost Boys came out. But when I did exist, grew up, and finally saw it I loved it. I can’t watch it though because I have a VHS copy, so when I get a DVD copy I’ll watch it quite a few times. Anyways, hope you and your family have a great day.

  212. Hey Corey!
    How have you been I am fine thanx for askin. I just wanted to say that I am your biggest fan and I love your show and your movies! I dont care what anybody says you are number 2 in my book. I think I have the best login name ever. I hope to be a vampire splayer as soon as I get me training done. I was thinking of buying one of your t-shirt off of your webpage. Does the money go towards your you running for president? If you became president could I be you official vampire slayer? I have +4 mana and +7 stake skills and a wiked tornado kick. Thanx for listening

  213. Hey Corey and Susie! My name is Kristal and I live in Cortland, Ny. I was wondering if you would ever consider coming to the New York State Fair and do a concert? Your response would be welcoming! Thanks so much!

  214. Thank you so much for coming out to Castro Valley for the screening of Goonies, you and your family truly made the night special. Unfortunaly me and my son were unable to get you to autograph our posters but we understood (okay, I understood) that you needed to get Zen to bed. Any chance you’ll be back in Northern Ca. soon? By chance to screen that film that has yet to have U.S. dist?
    Again, thank you so much for hanging out in our small town.

  215. Hi Corey and Susie, I wanted to thank you guys for coming out to Castro Valley last night! You and your family are truly genuine and are the sweetest people! As for Zen what a doll! You and your family truly made a lot of people happy that night by taking time away from your busy schedules to hang with us! I wish you and your family all the best! Much love….Michelle :)

  216. FYI if you guys are on myspace would love to have you all as a friend:)

    Take care and much love….


  217. Corey,
    Its good to see you keeping post with us. I still enjoy reading what you have to say. Im counting down days until the next Monster Mania. I just got my pic developed and it came out amazing. Thanks so much for doing the Frog Brother Pose with me. Its the most badass pic I have ever taken. My friends are amazed. Hopefully you go to another Monster Mania. I got into them because of you and it’d be great to see you again. The vibe was just crazy. Keep rocking
    Adam M

  218. Castro Valley disappointment.

    Hi Corey.

    I hope this e-mail sounds OK, but I was just very disappointed about not meeting you the other night in Castro Valley. (In e-mail I know sometimes things sound wrong.) Our row went all the way down to meet you, and then was turned away right when we got up to your desk. There were only about 6 or 7 rows left to finish. The evening started off an hour late as well. We were told that the show was to start at 10 pm. I’m about the same age as you, and have been a fan of yours for that long.

    I had a t-shirt made when I was 13 of you when you were in the Goonies. Is there any chance of getting that signed if I pay for shipping? I’d still love to meet you, and was wondering if you will ever be in the Bay Area again sometime soon. We Bay Area fans love you too! Again, hope the e-mail sounds OK. I was just very excited to meet you, and to be that close in meeting you was a huge disappointment.


  219. HI Corey and Susie!!!

    Corey, I have been a fan for years. I am so pleased with your life choices… You have a gorgeous wife and son! I am so proud to learn that you and your family are veggies!!!! I am a HUGE convert as of Oct 17th- 2007 and am making big changes in the lives of my family too. EDUCATION!!! That is the key.
    I wanted to also say as part of my post that we are still enjoying your movies. My son will be 13 in may and loves Stand by me and Goonies. Is this not a great way to relive our youth? … through our children. so fun… thx Corey!

  220. Hi Corey!
    Just wanted to say I live in Castro Valley and I was sooo bummed I couldn’t make it to see you guys @ the Chabot Theater on 3/28/08! I’ve always been a huge fan so it was quite lame that I couldn’t get it, apparently u have a loooot more fans in CV so it sold out pretty fast…bastereds! haha But I was planning on bringing License to Drive and a The Burbs poster 4 u to sign 4 me…Funny thing is a lot of my friends didn’t really know much about you, and me being the “80’s Movie buff” that I am threw a Coreys night at my place so they could all know who u r and go with me to see you, since i was THAT excited. So there were like 10 of my friends there that night @ ur show and i missed it =( So i just wanted to write you and tell u…u pretty much rock and i am 1 bummed person 4 missing the opertunity to meet you. (and as you can tell i reallly cant spell).

    Your fan,
    Michi C. =)

  221. Hey Corey,
    I love you in the Lost Boys and look forward to seeing you in the sequel. I’ve been listening to the music on your site and hope that you tour. If you do, please try to come by either Enterprise, Al. or Dothan, Al. I’ll be looking for ya.

    I wish that you had a music MySpace so I could put one of your songs on my profile. That would be awesome.

    Toshia White

  222. Corey,
    I hate to post twice in one day and bother you, but I must tell you that I have a fan MySpace up and running. I hope you don’t mind. I told them that I was NOT you and that it was a fan ran page.

    Hope you don’t mind too much.
    -Toshia White

  223. I had an idea for the sequel to “The Lost Boys”. “Lost Boys-Live In Daylight”. Like the bond movie “The Living Daylights” but applied to the vampire story it would be that vampires in the second movie can go out during the day.

  224. Hey Corey,
    I just listened to some of your music. My friend picked up your CD when we met you at Cherry Hill, I listened to it and, while I am the most pickest music listener, I really enjoyed your music. I cant wait to see how the musical aspect goes in your life this summer. Hopefully I can get to one of your concerts or somthing. Well enjoy your vacation man.

  225. LOL…I am too old to like you but love especiall Dream A Little Dream. I have the DVD and the Music CD. Love the music also. I am a great grandmother. Love seeing all your pics of your family and your life. If you ever get to Phoenix stop and see me….love moonsblu

  226. Hey Corey,
    Its Adam again. I got some great news. There are some movie theatres in my state that show like old classic movies and stuff. I noticed they were doing Lost Boys (they havent done it since about 9 months ago). The theatre they did it at, I happened to be friends with one of the managers. So before the showing I got a hold of him and told him to go before the movie and make a speech about Lost Boys: The Tribe and how they can get on that pettition to get the sequel to the big screen. The theatre was pretty much filled and my friend did the speech. It was great to see the reaction on all the fans. Hoepfully it was a good promotion. I wanna see those Frog Brothers back up on the big screen. Hope Susie, Zen and yourself are enjoying your vacation.
    Much peace

  227. Well where do i start,,, I’ve been a fan for awhile now, but i must say that i did give up on you and Haim after all the stuff about getting in trouble with drugs and such, and i couldn’t understand how and why,, back then that is. so time went on and then somehow i got into drugs as well, meth is a monster and it had me in it’s grips, i lost my marriage (which was a blessing in disguise) and a few other things, after about five or six years of this i was diagnosed with cancer (non-hopskins lymphoma) and i must say that was what made me stop using for good, but thats when i lost everything, my girlfriend of three years at the time left me for she couldn’t handle me having cancer, my friends (if thats what you can call them) also abondend me, i was alone and fighting for my life, and all i could think about was my daughter and that she’s not losing her father, so i finally beat it after chemo, and then things got even worst, i was still alone and now out of the hospital was homeless,, a year later salvation fell upon me and i met the women that is now my new wife,, but at the same time my cancer had came back but this time i wasn’t alone and i beat that again after more chemo,, following that i was awarded custody of my daughter, about a year later again my cancer returned and chemo was done again but this time it wasn’t enough so i did radiation treatments as well, i beat it once again,, but it had taken it’s toll upon me and the anti-depresants didn’t do as they were told they would and drinking followed with this,, two or three years of this had gone on and i had no idea how to stop,,, then by some miracle (i call it this cause i truly believe it) you and Haim was thrown into my life after i had given up on you both for doing what i was currently doing and that got me to thinking and doing some research on you two and had found out that you both where at a better place in your lives, that gave me hope on my situation,, but not quick enough, for my wife left me and i was not sure if she was ever coming back,, i needed help and out of everyone i knew and now know and have from my marriage to my wife (that gave me a family i never knew or had with my own for they all removed themselfs from my life.) couldn’t help me in this,, but there was for some strange reason your new show The Two Coreys on T.V. between that show and all the work i did on finding as much info i could on you two and for this web site of yours i put myself threw rehab,, i went to groups to help me but in the end i came always back here to find my strength to fight this addiction, i must say that you were and are my hero Corey Feldman + Corey Haim,,, if not for you both i would not be in the place i am now,,, my wifes back i’ve been drug free for 6 years, 7 months clean from drinking and have my life back and it was due in large part by you guys.
    There is not enough words to say how much i appreciate and respect you guys and will forever be grateful for your hand in my life, i might be fighting for it again from cancer but not sure until the resent results are back, but i wanted to atleast tell you what you have done and meant to me and my life and that your family is and was a big help upon this journey of mine, i must say that if i never meet you, or see you in concert, or in movies etc. that i think that is alright, for what you’ve done for me and the way you have touched me inside is enough for me to keep living and fighting always..

    So in parting thank you my friend for everything.
    and thank you for your time.

    P.S. I’ll be voting Hillary:)
    Jamie Moseley

  228. Dear Actor Corey Feldman,
    First let me introduce to myself. My name is Uuganbayar I study in the 10A class in the first school. I live in Dundgovi which is in Mongolia. Do you know Mongolia? I live with my father and mum and two sisters. Do you have any sisters?
    I think you are best American actor. My school English teacher Luke showed us movie “Goonies.” Teacher Luke teached us the word super-rad. In my opinion movie “Goonies” was super-rad. Now my class’s children have project. We are making “Dundgovi Actor Corey Feldman Respect Club.” We are watching movies and learning English by “Stand By Me.”
    We wishing to invite you to come to our Dundgovi. When are you free? If you have new movie would might you send us new movie? We are very happy when you come.
    Your love fan,

  229. Hey Corey-much love from my family here in Ohio to yours. I’m guessing you have plenty of things to keep you busy these days with work and family and life in general, but have you ever given any thought to pursuing a future career in politics? If not now, then maybe in the next 10 to 20 years? I’m convinced that if you put your mind and talent to such an endeavor you would succeed. We need good people in office who are willing to lend their voices and their compassion to enhancing and uplifting the lives of their fellow citizens. 535 seats in the U.S. Congress, all I’m saying is, keep your options open!

    p.s. I’m in my 20’s now but someday I plan to look into running for office. Perhaps someday if we are both politically active our paths will cross. In the meantime, best wishes and good health.

  230. Hi Corey,

    FINALLY The 2 Coreys has started on my TV:) Im in Ireland and have been waiting for aaaaaaages for it to start. We’re only on season 1 episode 5, and already Haim is doing my head in ! He pure takes advantage !!!

    The Trailer for Lost Boys 2 is brilliant, cant wait to see the movie – please please please God they release it to cinema over here.

    Can I just say – I LOVE The Burbs – especially your character “Red sky at night, neighbour take flight LOL ” so funny !!!!

    Hope you come to Ireland sometime – I’ll have to find out when your next in the UK – I’ll defo be there:) xxx

  231. Ah, the Burbs… “we got the pizza dude comin!!” – love it!!😀

  232. Corey,
    Cant wait to hear about your trip. I heard we lost the battle against bringing lost boys to theatres. Its so disappointing, but we gave it one hell of a kick. The IMDB boards for you, The Tribe, and Lost Boys is kicking. We got tons of fans going on about it. We all cant wait. I am still gonna promote lost boys, and give it the treatment it deserves. Cant wait for the two coreys to return.
    I saw the dvd art for the Lost Boys: The Tribe, so sickkkk. I cannot wait, finally they put the frog bro on the cover. I would’ve loved to seen Alan (Jamison) up there too. That means I gotta buy another Feldman poster hahah, but that means you gotta do another monster mania so you can sign it for me. I cherish that Tribe photo still you had at Cherry Hill. That was such an awesome time. You definetly got to go back again, I believe it’ll be back in August. You should take it into consideration. We [your fans] really enjoyed seeing you. Cant wait to hear about your trip. Hope susie, zen and yourself had a great time. Update us soon
    Adam M

  233. Hi Corey! Listen, I know it’s odd for someone my age to even know who you are, but, here I am. I’m a BIG fan! Being 11 going on 12 you can imagine, I’m in love with your 11-13 year old self. Oh! Who am I kidding! I’m in love with your adult self too!

    I’d like to compliment you if you don’t mind. I think the way your lips aren’t quite as, well, big as most peoples’ makes you cute. I also saw some pictures of you as an adult with blond hair. You’re deffinatly (sorry if that was spelled wrong) hotter with blond hair.

    Alright well, I don’t want to completely bore you to death so, stay beautiful!

    Alyssa H.

  234. Sorry to bug ya twice in a day, but wow! I left a comment like an hour ago, and now I can’t find it! A lot of girls like you Corey! Of course, I should probably tell you something you don’t know.

    Anyway, I was trying to find dog tags that I could personally engrave, and I found one! Imagine that. So, since I love Teddy So much I engraved the words, Teddy Duchamp on the dog tag and I am buying it for $26.

    I really hope your wife isn’t the jealous type with all of these women calling you sexy and stuff. anyway, (not to be an ordinary fan or anything, remember, I’m 11yrs old) if you DO respond to peoples e-mail, bigsis1@bresnsan.net.

    Stay Beautifull,
    Alyssa H.

  235. Hi Corey,

    Have to say you were definitely one of my favourite Pin ups as a hormonal teenage girl!
    Have you ever heard of the two Ronnie’s or Ant &Dec from the uk?
    I’m a bit of a fan of them two, they just had this wonderful chemistry on stage and charisma that remind me of you and Corey! Hope that a complement and not an insult to you?
    I have a vast collection of lots of DVDs and most I watch once and never watch again but Goonies has to be one of those films you can watch over and over which is so rare!
    Can not wait for lost boys Two ! But I say no to DVD and yes to the big screen it should be on the big screen it a cult classic! don’t want to be cheeky but I love the granddad in it love his line at the end of the film he knew all along his so funny.
    I hope that it has that same comic feel to it?

    Only just heard a bit of your music love your sound think you would like my boyfriends band Jukebox vandals check out http://www.jukeboxvandals.co.uk.

  236. hi corey

    I am so pleased that you are back in lost boys two.
    The original is my all time best film i’ve watched the most off. I have been your number one fan since you were little and have always checked online to check how your doing. Pleased that you have how settled down. Still not changed over the years. If you ever have time to reply to this, would be great. masonl20@myway.com ,,

    catch you later love laura-jayne…england,uk

  237. Castro Valley Disappointment Cont’d:

    Dear Corey,

    I was one of the fans who unfortunately got turned away, right when we went up to your table to meet you. You mentioned in one of your posts that we were still going to receive something from you, and was wondering when. I know you are busy, but just wanted to make sure we fans are still going to get something. Hopefully you can come out to the Bay Area again soon. I’m glad you had a great vacation. Take care.

    Erin from Fremont

  238. I freaked out when I saw the add for The Tribe, literally jumped up and down in my living room! I can’t wait til the release! I hope The Tribe has a soundtrack. Im in my 30’s and I can still remember the life size poster of Corey Feldman on my bedroom wall, lol. My kids think Im a dork cause I still have a crush on Corey Feldman.

  239. I just seen your Lost Boys 2 The Tribe trailer. It looks great. I can’t wait to get it. I can’t wait until the Season 2 of the Two Coreys comes on. I will be watching. You two work great together keep up the Wonderful work.

  240. Has anyone seen this interview with jerry o’connell and wil wheatons comments on corey?


  241. Everyone, the Lost boys site has gone live
    Check it out.
    Release date of July 29th. We gave it a hell of a spin for that pettition, and atleast we said we tried. It will still be just as good. Cant wait for July, its too far away.

  242. Being almost a lifelong fan…it would so rock if you came to Dragoncon!!!( http://www.dragoncon.org ) Glad your still around!! : D

  243. Dear Corey: Castro Valley Cont’d

  244. Dear Corey: Castro Valley cont’d

    Please disregard the comment above. I accidentally hit the submit button. :)

    I’m sorry to be a pest, but you said to write back if I hadn’t received your picture yet. What should my next steps be? I still have the bracelet that we were given for that night, which the manager said to keep if we do not receive anything. Please let me know what to do. Thanks again. Hopefully after I get my picture, I won’t bug ya. :)

    I’m Erin from Fremont, so my name should be on the list.

  245. hey Cory my name is Brian Hotchkiss from upstate ny i was born in 68 and have seen all your work i like your personality that you bring to your work, im married with kids and im getting out of army soon i wrote a book called the Takers Moon and got it published at lulu.com when i started writing it 9 years ago i wrote it with you in mind for the lead if it ever went to film well anyway love your work keep it real and stay sober. congrats man one of your biggest fans.

  246. Hi, wow, i cant believe im writing to you. (sorry you probably hear that alot) ok, i love your movies, im on a quest to own them all. your one of my fav. actors, and if you could email, that would make my life complete! cause i have a question, but i think you might not want it out in the open for everyone to read, because it could become an inconvenince to you.
    my email is respectme_andmylord@yahoo.com
    and also(this is really random) i thinks its so cool that you named your son Zen, its really exstrodanary. i love it.

  247. I also want to say that im probably one of you biggest fans (you probably here that alot too) i know so much info about you it could probably take a twenty five inches of this page! Even though i dont care much for corey haim, i am going to watch the new season (i never got to see the first one :.(.. *sniff*
    also, i want to thank you, because of you i am now vegetarian, i will admit that i went astray yesterday, but iv felt terrible about it, it actually kept me from sleeping, so i dont think i’ll be able to eat meat again…
    i also saw you on the tom green show thing, thats how i found out about this site. when you told about the ketchup thing, uh… i almost threw up. i never knew, but please email me! it would mean so much to me.

    one of you biggest fans,
    Becca Noel.

  248. Hi Corey

    RE: Castro Valley

    I hope I’m not posting this twice, sorry if I had.

    I mentioned above that I hadn’t received your picture yet. I wanted to let you know that I received the picture yesterday. Thanks so much. I appreciate it. I still wish I had the chance to meet you, since I’ve been a fan of yours for so long. Take care.


  249. COREY,

    You are the best man. I just wanted to let you know that both you and Haim are my idols. Lost Boys is my favorite movie of all time. Are you guys coming to Texas any time soon? I would imagine it to be a little unrealistic but it would seriously be the COOLEST thing in the world to hang out with you guys ha. Seriously though man any response to this at all would mean the world to me. I dont know how this whole world press thing works but im assuming u have access to my email. If by any chance you could email me or something like i said it would be the coolest thing that ever happened to me. You guys are my heroes man keep up the good work.

  250. PS after reading like the first five messages above i feel retarted because they are asking the same thing basically haha. But i was born in 86 man and am keeping the Corey’s legacy going man. I may not know every little detail about you (sorry bro) haha. Email me though man seriously itd be badasss to be able to talk to the one and only Corey Feldman. Thanks man

  251. Weird Question I know. But when do you think Corey Haims site will be back up and running. It went down a month ago and It is still down.

    Also, just saw the commercial ads for the Two Coreys and others premiering soon on A&E they were really cool with both coreys in a car traveling down the highway. Looks to be an interesting season only 10 days away whoohooo!

  252. Oh and just so i dont look like a complete idiot i didn’t post that at 5 in the morning ha for whatever reason it delayed i guess. But i forgot to mention Im in a fraternity at school and was wondering do you do like appearances at parties or anything and how much would that cost if so?

  253. This little word to tell you that I am listening on A & E soon!
    Bravo and continue.
    Your little guy is very beautiful.

    Give this address to Corey Haim please.
    I wish you a wonderful summer!


    at Montreal

  254. Hey, A and E are selling the Two Coreys on their website on DVD if anyone wants to check it out.

    Corey, was wondering if you’d seen all the promotion on the a and e website, including the corey vs corey version of street fighter, ha ha. Wish i was in america, i think you guys are all over the place there!!

    Hope season two is shown here soon too!
    please come back to milton keynes!


  255. Corey im sure you get movie ideas all the time but in my opinion they should make a movie based on the 80’s just like the Dazed n Confused was based on the 70’s and have u and Corey H in it. They have tried to somewhat do this in random movies but none that have even come close to the success of Dazed N Confused. If there was anyone who could help make this movie happen as far as the scripts and fine details happen itd be you guys. I know you have far more experience than I do in this field but if you guys got the right sponsor for the movie i know it would be a hit especially since there is a huge 80’s craze in the generation of kids today. The part where people have gone totally wrong in attempts to make this before is they will have for example cars or something in the movie that weren’t 1980’s cars at all. If you guys could make everything in the film so realistic that it seemed like it actually was a film of the 80’s you for sure would have a hit. No one has been able to make a movie that realistic in this genre since Dazed N Confused man. I dont know how much influence you might have on this but I can promise you if you did the film right it would for sure be a box office hit because not only would people see it who lived that generation but like I said the generation of teens and young adults today are absoulutely obsessed with the 80’s. Lemme know wht you think

  256. And if you directed it somewhat that would promote and inspire people even more to see it because you lived it.

  257. Don’t miss Corey Feldman tonight on BlogTalkRadio’s Glosslips Radio. Corey will talk about his film career, reality television and more. Tune in, call in or join the chat!


  258. (646) 478-0139

    This is the call in number for the blog radio show. They are still waiting for Corey to call back in.

  259. Corey,

    So, is there going to be a sequel to Goonies. I keep hearing news about this off and on. Also, there are 28 stills from Lost Boys: The Tribe online. I downloaded them to my computer. They really show the makeup and the cast. The link is:


    They are hi-res so everything is very clear.

  260. Mr. Feldman,

    The only reason I keep asking this is because you of course speak with Corey Haim. I was wondering why is site is under construction forever.There is no contact info for his webmaster to explain when it is coming back up Also, can’t wait to the two coreys premiere.

    The Lost Frog Brother 76

  261. Hey Corey,
    I have been a fan of yours since I was 12 years old. I had seen one of your music performances here in Nashville Tennessee at Opryland Theme Park. I have tons of pics from that day. I just want to say at age 32 and a child of my own, still a strong fan of yours. Have been and never stopped. I am proud of you and all the accomplishments you have made. There are fans out there just like myself who still remember all the movies and like myself, still have all of them plus soundtracks to them. You have done great things and as a long time fan, all I can say is thanks. Your still going strong within alot of us.

  262. Yeah, new season of The Two Coreys. Loved last season. Good luck in all you do.
    I will never be a vegetarian, but you are inspiring me to have a cleaner, healthier life.

  263. I just watched a bio on the Coreys on tv and have to say that I didn’t even know you had a son! Congrats on being such great parents and not exploiting him for ratings on your show! Also, I am so glad that this season will be real. Last season did seem contrived like they were trying to remake The Odd Couple, ya know? I’m looking forward to seeing the real you and I’m sure America will emrace you because of it.

  264. Corey man,
    Im watching the two coreys right now. Boy this is different than the other season. A lot has changed and its like harsher. Im diggin seeing ya and I support ya man, so Ill carry on.
    Adam M

  265. Dude, I’ve watched your show on A&E and it’s apperent to me that you’re a good man with a great wife.
    I saw you and him at a party at Henry Winklers back in the late 80’s, neither of you aknowledged me but I saw you as a couple of guys who were just like me and my friends. What i see now as a 40 year old man watching you two on TV, is a grown man making good decisions(YOU) and a grown man in age only(Haim), that cat has more baggage then LAX and he wants to take you back to that pathetic place you dwelled in back in the 80’s.
    You can’t save him from himself. The most offensive thing he’s done on your program was not when he called your wife a bitch but when he calls you “Kid” leave that cat to his own devices and continue on with your good work and your adult life. Good luck and stay positive. Later

  266. hey corey i just wanted to take a moment to tell you how big of a fan ive always been of yours. your movies made a big impact on me as a kid, i basically grew up on your movies, goonies, stand by me, lost boys etc. if it wasnt for mouth goonies woulda sucked!
    imo you made those movies what they were. i dont understand why after the 80’s you disappeared from movies I always thought you were an awesome actor. I heard lost boys 2 is coming out and i keep hearing rumors of goonies 2. i so hope there is a goonies 2 and you and corey haim should make a license to drive 2😛 keep rockin on corey and i hope and pray i start seeing you in the theaters again.

  267. Corey who molested you and Haim? Was it wacko jacko???? I did not like him around you as a fan of yours from the 80’s a girl that is old enough to actually posess a crush on you not susie (I am sorry i went there.) She seems good for you and to you. Anyways I am a pisces so your watersign passive agressive afaid of your own rage avoidance of Haim I understand, rem water can put out any fire….tsunami’s are scary. But as a man who could divorce his own parents do not wash your hands of him yet. Much love for ya,
    total fan

  268. Corey,
    Just wanted you to know that I just finished watching “The Two Coreys” season premiere and I hope for both your sakes, that you and Haim can work things out. I had a falling out with my best friend a few years ago and after some bad events in both our lives we are trying to reconcile. At this stage of my life (I am the same age as you) I have realized that life is too short to let really meaningful relationships just fall away. Sometimes they are hard work, but that just means they are worth more. Best of luck.

  269. So, I guess it’s ok to leave a post about Wacko Jacko (which is rude) but I suggest that Corey’s behavior wasn’t the best for others and my comment is not returned.

    I see how this site really works. I’ve been a fan of Corey’s since I was young and it’s great to see the new season but I promise I will never post on this site again as it’s not ok to post how you really feel. I wasn’t even mean about it I was just stating that it didn’t make him look like a good person talking about someone to others. It’s none of their business.


  270. Hi! Just watched the much buzzed about two episodes that kicked off this season of “The Two Coreys.” Wow. True friendships have a great many ups and downs. If they’re real then they are worth the effort. Sometimes you can repair them and sometimes you can’t – either way at least you’ve tried. Hopefully this is all just a bump in the road. I have always admired your tenacity for life and your strength to overcome whatever life has dealt you. This being said, I hope that you will consider coming forward (out of the public eye) and reporting your abuse as well as Corey’s. By not doing so, and remaining friends with these men, you are condoning the cycle of abuse thus allowing it to continue with other children. I hate to think of the other children abused over the years since your attacks. I ask this not only as a fan but as a survivor of molestation. Mine could have been prevented had one of my abusers prior victims come forward.

  271. Hi Corey

    I have not seen the episode of two coreys yet, it is not available here just yet. I would like to say though that I think that some of the comments I am reading here are very unfair. I think that whatever was on the show was a very small side of what actually happened and all those judging you and Haim should take a look at their own feelings. It was very amazing of you both the reveal these tragic things and I think more so because of the fact that you are both men, which I am sure would be a different story had it been two women stating this.

    I sincerely hope that this will be a milestone in helping other abused men come forward. There is still a massive stigma around men who have been abused by other men and it happens a lot more than people know, becuase they come forward less than women. I just hope the two of you have helped bridge that gap a little. I am sure you understand my meaning.

    I don’t think speculation is right here, (ie all those people – wacko jacko etc) – as you and corey are the only ones who know what really went on.

    take care and be strong x

  272. I apologize for the “Jackson” comment. I guess my anger at what happened to you two boys got the best of me. You see that hits home, especially when it has happened to you, and your kid. I jumped to the wrong conclusion as so many other.
    Guess you would never know I was actually a Jackson suporter through all his trouble.
    Stay strong, try to work things out as best you can. Always know that people out here have your back.
    This will be my last posting.

  273. Hi, Corey. I wanted to let you know that I am loving “The Two Coreys”, so I hope that you guys will both keep doing the series. It is refreshing to see the faces of my generation inching their way back into pop culture. I grew up watching your movies and have a lot of respect for you both as an actor and as a person. I would love to see you cast in more widespread releases or in some really intelligent “B” type films. The project pitched to you and “Haim” (“The Line”) seemed really interesting, and I would have definitely bought a ticket to that one!:) When I watch the show, Corey Haim’s pain is very uncomfortable to watch, but that is life… we all carry pain with us. I appreciate your willingness to expose your lives. I look forward to seeing more of both of you– popularity comes and goes, but greatness is forever… and you guys are great!

  274. I love both Corey’s, and hope you guys can work things out. It seems you both have had some crap sandwiches in yor lives, and that sucks! I also hope you can find it in your heart to cut Corey some slack. You have obviously found your soul mate who is there to help with your demons!Doing a great job, it seems.Just remember what it was like fighting within yourself and to be alone. Just share some of the love you have gotten from Suzie and others! Can’t wait to see more of you guys! God Bless!

  275. I actualy left you a message about a non-for-propit org., mooseintl.org I think you might find it interesting, being that it cares for children and elders in a littled town the all the moose lodges pay for, called Mooheart, Ill. We could use any help with raising money for these children. If you have any ideas or could help in any way, I would really appreciate it. All my love to you and yours!

  276. Corey man,
    Fill us in on how the LA screening of Lost Boys went. I’d love to read a blog about it

  277. I have to say the Two Coreys is an awsome show. I hope you and the other corey can work things out.It would be a shame if you cant.Just be patient and be there for him. I hope it all works out. Kayla


  279. hey corey i just wanted to drop by and say hi from louisiana. and i think you are goin great. you have a beautiful family. don’t take this the wrong way and i know i don’t know you and corey haim except from what i see on tv but i really do think yall can make it as friends again.. yall are great together and i saw a thing on tv about corey haim saying there must be a reason he is still alive from taking all the drugs well my thought to that is he is a good person and people just don’t understand him and he has had a rough life, i know you had a rough life too but some people handle there different then others, so please don’t give up on him cause i know how it feels not to have any friends and i do think they are priceless when you have one even when they dont try to listen to you or take some of your advice but please please don’t give up on him yall just go together like peanut butter and jelly…. and yeah yall are like brothers and he is reaching out to you and a lot of actors have died do to drugs and i don’t want to see him be another one. so please please just love him no matter what… thanks melissa…

  280. OMG, I love your show on A& E! I didn’t see it last season and I regret that but now I am tuning in faithfully. Corey, I really beleive you have alot going for you! You have come along way, and I love watching the way you and your wife interact with each other. There’s obviously alot of love and respect there. It’s very genuine.

    As far as you and Haim, I really hope you guys resolve your issues and become friends again. Unfortuantely, the best way to do so is forgetting about the past and starting from scratch. You have to get to know each other again. You guys aren’t children anymore. You are grown men and that should be your beginning.

    Haim is so hurting still. You can see it in his eyes and for someone who was molested too as a child, I can feel his pain. It’s not good to carry that cross around with you. It has taken me years to recover from what happened to me. Sometimes you just have to face those demons and get rid of them. Thank God I did.

    I wish you all the success in the world! You deserve it! See you in the movies, or tv, or whatever. You just need to be seen! You could be as great as Ed Norton, Jude Law, the late Heath Ledger. We just need to see you!

    Also, just my opinion, you would be great as Kurt Cobain!

    Thanks for your time. xxx

  281. Corey i have watched you on TV since i have been a little girl, i love and respect you and corey haim, you are such a wonderful friend to stand by him through all of his trials and tribulations. I wish the best for you and your family. I hope that corey haim finds the peace within himself to succeed in life to the fullest.

    Love, Carol

  282. Hi Corey! I just wanted to let you know that I am madly in love with you and have been since birth. We have something cool in common….our birthday! I was born on July 16th, 1985. Oh! Also…I watched The Burbs tonight for the 500th time, and I love that movie more and more each time. Bruce Dern’s character cracks me up!!

  283. Hi Corey,

    I grew up with you and Haim on screen, and just like the two of you, I also had an inseparable best friend since the age of 6. I have to admit that I was more like Haim in the relationship with my buddy. Now 36, I found myself watching your show tonight, and it’s difficult for me because of the similarites that I see in your friendship to the one that I lost. I think you both are brave as hell to lay your feelings out there and subject yourselves to the criticism and strain it must put upon you. I see the pain in Haim and in fact know someone who was a temporary sponsor of his at one time. I’m still battling my own demons too, and I just would like you both to know that you guys are inspirational to me and give me hope. I wish you all the best, and I’m behind you all the way.


  284. Hey Corey and family

    I just thought that I would pop in and say hello and that I am a big fan of yours. I love the movie lost boys. I have now started to catch a few of the episodes of the show The Two Corey’s and I think it is a great thing that you are doing this and letting people into your life. I would just like to say that I hope that over time you and Corey Haim can become great friends that you once were. Corey also just wanted to say that you have a beautiful wife and you two look so good togeter. Hope Lost Boys two is as good as the first one.

    May peace and love be foever in your life

  285. Hello from Texas!!

    The Two Coreys just started airing in our small town. I love it!!! Of course, I have been crazy about you since the Goonies! WELCOME BACK!!!!

  286. Love your AE show, My husband’s a big fan of Lost Boys If in the Detroit area would love to meet you and Susie. Take care.

  287. Dude, first of all let me introduce myself. My name is James, my friends call me Jamie. You & myself are less than a year apart. Married for 16 yrs. 3 kids, (16, 14, 10), all boys. We both have a thing for beautiful brunettes. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let me start off by saying I grew up watching you guys. I hate to see what’s going on with Haim, I truly hope he finds whatever it is he’s looking for, I’m no expert/critic, but I’ve always thought Haim was a kick-ass actor, & I’ll throw this in here, if someone had the f’n balls to take another shot with Robert Downey Jr., why not Corey Haim. Dude, the list goes on. Bridges can be burned, but they can also rebuild them. I know we only see a portion of what goes on, they always edit the real good stuff, where’s the reality brother? Only you & Haim can fix your issues, & as bad as even I would want to, I couldn’t bail on a friend, or someone who has been, still was, or up in the air. I would see it through to the end. I’ve been on the receiving end, it wasnt cool, it wasn’t fun, but it’s not like I had a choice or could change the situation, one way or the other. I don’t know the status of your guys relationship at this moment, but if I could say one last thing, it would be what I’ve told/taught my kids, once a friend, always a friend, when you have history, your friend needs you, you don’t bail. I take pride in knowing that I never bailed on a friend, regardless if they were there for me. I’m here, I’m standing on my two feet, thanks to my best friend, my wife, (Angela). If not for her I would be 6 ft. under. I hope all is cool between you guys, I know you have a family at home you need to focus on. Peace to the Feldman clan, give Haim my best. It’s funny, I almost feel obligated to try & help you guys, weird. Anyway my man, I hope it all works out for the best. I’m outta here.

  288. How did you like the Weird Al Concert?! It was a trip to actually see you in person at the concert. We were celebrating my son’s 16th birthday. Have a good one!
    sally, ventura…

  289. Corey,
    My friend and I had the pleasure of meeting both you and Susie a few years ago when your band was on tour in Fla. Susie was very sweet, she and her uncle kept us company until your set was complete and even arranged for us to meet you afterwards. Thank you both for doing that for us:)
    The reason for this comment is simple to share some friendly advice. I love your show The Two Corey’s and I know it is scripted, as most reality tv is, however your persona is not entirely positive this season. We all know that you have an extreme dislike to being one of two famous Corey’s and have been trying to break free of that for some time, but face it, that is what catipulted both your careers. Look at Eva Plum from The Brady Bunch..she HATES the Brady Bunch and everything associated with it, this makes her look ungrateful to fans of the show..however, she is who she is because of it. And you and Haim, are who you are because of your history. Forever in time, when someone see’s Feldman, they will also be thinking of Haim. Haim seems like he is in need of a good friend right now, so please..be one to him:)

    Hope to see you at SDCC in 3 weeks, take care

  290. Hey Corey! I’m one of your biggest fans and have been for a very long time. I think that you are a great actor, musician and (from what I’ve seen) father. I’ve always thought of you as an idol of sorts. I studied Audio/Video Production in school and have always been fascinated with the production of movies. I was hoping to get some advice from you personally if it is not too much for you to take some time out of your busy schedule (I know how Hollywood can keep you actors on your toes!) to do so. I live in Ohio and was actually wanted to get into acting. I know it seems like the whole Hollywood dream, but I’m not looking to just strike it rich quick. I have a passion for movies and acting but have not been able to show just how much talent I have. Do you think you can give me some advice on what to do
    Also, I wanted to ask a favor if it is not too much ask… if your ever in the “Buckeye State”, hit me up… I’d love to meet you in person and pick your brain a bit!
    Love ya man and may God be with you, your wife and your son.
    Joe Burris


  292. Hello Corey, Susie, & Zen

    I am 33 and have been a fan since I was very young. I have had my share of problems with drugs and other stuff. I hate that you and Haim aren’t getting along from what I can tell from tabloids the Two Corey’s and such. However, I have been clean for a long time, going to back to college as a Computer Science Major (will have my bachelors in two years and going after my masters) and have my children back. Until Haim can find peace within himself and realize it starts within, to forgive yourself and have faith in God, that everything falls in place as time goes by. Your family and Haim are in my prayers and I hope that you can become friends in the future. I see a lot of anger within himself at himself that I use to have and it is very heartbreaking to see…..
    Just I fan that speaks from experience of my own not to get too personal….
    I have tried to put this on his blog and I am sure that I am one of many fans I just wish people could be less cruel and only hear the good in people out there.

    God Bless you all….
    Just a fan that hope this will touch your family and Haim

  293. Corey & Susie,

    Your out look on life is inspiring. People go through many things in their life but it is refreshing for someone to come out on the other side in much better place. My respect for you and Susie stands strong and I applaud you. Being in college I see a lot of young people taking life for granted. It is important that we live life to the fullest keeping our eye on the greater good. As a Psychology major my goal is to one day help people get to that other side. Thank you for all you do. God Bless, ~Mel!

  294. You might already know this one, however this is something I would like to share with Corey Feldman about Haim

    “Lord, make me a channel of thy peace-that where there is hatred, I may bring love-that where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness-that where there is discord, I may bring harmony-that where there is error, I may bring truth-that where there is doubt, I may bring faith-that where there is despair, I may bring hope-that where there are shadows, I may bring light-that where there is sadness, I may bring joy. Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted-to understand, than to be understood-to love, than to be loved. For it is by self-forgetting that one finds. It is by forgiving that one is forgiven. It is by dying that one awakens to Eternal Life, AMEN.”

    I love this prayer…..

  295. Corey,

    I read your recent post. I thought it was very well put. I myself have a ex best friend, we don’t speak for various reasons. If you took clips of arguments and discussions etc. you would probably get a misleading impression of the overall situation. So, I see were your coming from. By the way your assistant looks so like you did when you did, “Dream a Little Dream”,(I am sure your aware of that) well I guess I have to keep watching to see if he makes the cut. Very compelling show so far and very interesting as well.

    Best Wishes,

  296. Hi Corey,
    I really need to talk to you directly. How can I contact you without giving out my personal information for the world to see? Please let me know. Thanks and Peace and Love to you too!

  297. Hiya Corey, So nice to be able to leave a message. Hugs Susie. I’m a big fan in Canada. I’ve seen some of your movies literally hundreds of times. Love the tv show also. Just recently introduced my fiancee to it LOL he is 51 years old and needs to become a Corey fanatic lol I must tell you I had the biggest crush on you for the longest time. I am actually learning from you and Susie both. Thanks for being so terrific. Loving You from Canada

  298. Hey Mr. Feldman,

    Just wanted to chime in and say that I thought you came in as a total panty waste on the surreal life. I’m not sure if it was bad editing, or what.

    But since watching your show on A&E, I have found a new respect for you. You come off as a totally down-to-earth guy and one I would be proud to call friend. Absolutely relating, supremely forgiving, consummately professional and all around good guy.

    Can’t wait to see, or hear, you again very soon. I haven’t had the chance to buy your music yet, but if what I heard on A&E is a highlight, I can’t wait to experience the rest.

    Stay cool, and most importantly, stay yourself. Just one in a million watching you….


  299. This is Vanessa in Canada. This is my very first visit to your official website. I had the idea after watching a few episodes of The Two Coreys to google you. I am an animal lover myself and I really like that you, Susie and Zen are eating veggie. I grew up watching you and Corey Haim, River Phoenix etc. I am 37 years old myself and I found out that I cannot have any kids due to serious health issues. My 2 cats are “my kids”. Dream A Little Dream was on TV here again recently I really loved that movie. I hope you and Corey H. can work things out. I was an addict once but I quit all that 11 years ago. I also quit smoking 6 years ago. I always had a dream to meet you guys but I don’t think that will happen. If you could respond or even your assistants to me at vbray8@hotmail.com Love From Vanessa in Canada
    ((((((hugs to you all))))))😉

  300. Hello,
    Grew up watching u & CoreyH.. The show the two Coreys was so moving. The bond between u 2 is amazing! My heart so goes out to both of u. What i have a hard time understanding is so many actors today (young) have dona lots of crazy things drugs/alcohol in public stupidity and they havent (seems to be in my opinion) got a back turned on them yet u and Corey H really got thrown under the bus (so to speak). Why do u think it was harder on u guys as apossed 2 the ones constantly in the news 2day? Anyway its sad to me that it happened that way for u 2! But I truly hope things just keep lookin up 4 u both. An hey pass it on 2 Corey H to get his site up and running and have a messenger put on it….. How cool it would be to im back and 4th w/ him…He has such an awesome iner spirit (we all have r down days) but he is such a colorful spirit and it would be neat to have a conversation w/ him. So Peace, luv and happiness back @ ya & God Bless

  301. Dearest Corey,
    First and foremost, thank you for sharing your gifts and passions with the world. It is more appreciated and respected than you realize (even by a conservative girl straight out of The Lost Boys era). I wanted to share a story with you, maybe you’ll read it…..maybe you won’t. But it’ll be here for other’s to ponder as well. By day I’m a paramedic, by night a wife and mother. On August 26,2007 – I watched a girl jump off a 13 story building because she was so lost in her addiction – that somehow THAT was the better alternative. I’m sure that she had no idea that what she did would change a stranger’s life forever. But it did. As I watched her leave this world, her pain found my heart. You are a loving father and husband and have found great success through your talent and hard work. I watch T2C, I am sad for Haim, but the message that the two of you have the ability to deliver to those trapped in their addiction is beyond measure. Not to those in your arena who can afford treatment, but to those like Raina, who was lost in a system that shuffles those looking for a way out back through the door and out on the street, or a rooftop…. alone, afraid, full of guilt and shame. Haim resents you because you story is the ending he wants for his story. You earned your blessings by slaying your demons. The world has to find a better way to reach these people, deliver a message that they can hear. Good hearted people like yourself and Susie use your blessings to help create a better place for all of us. We as a people constantly work to create a better world, by doing our part – be it animal shelters, domestic violence shelters, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, or just by raising our children to understand that you only keep what you have by giving it to others. As a country – we are quite efficient at it – compared to most. Why is it that those battling the disease of addiction…. those truly LOST in this world – seem to be at the bottom of the worthy cause list? I am a nobody from a small town – no money to donate, no name recognition – so I do what I know – care for them when they need me becuase they are withdrawing or have overdosed – let them know they are not alone, and that their story and their existence is worthy of my time. Today, every addict that is placed in my ambulance knows – they matter – there is a way out for them other than death. You and Haim, your stories are what they need – A voice for recovery that can be heard around the world. I’m amazed that there are not more people in the entertainment business publicly active in a movement toward providing safe harbors for the addicts in this world to find their way back home.

    Thanks for all you do!!!

  302. omg i love this web site and i love u corey it is my life goal 2 meet you luv,ya


  304. OK I know I left a few messages but Corey you were too cute in that McDonalds ad back in 1975 even my fiancee loved ya. He remembers you now after watching that ad with me lol I said there’s “our Corey” I guess I’ve always called you that even though you are just 1 year younger than me if that lol I’m a December 13th, 1970 baby. Just had to tell you you have always been too cute for words and that little ad made me grin from ear to ear. Your song on the news page is awesome. I wish that we all would have some peace.

  305. Ummmm sorry wanted to add one more thing. I left a question on the msn ask corey but im not sure if that was an old thing or new…I just wanted to add something very personal and dear to my heart as well. I have to let u know Corey(f) U may never fully b able to feel this (heart felt wise) cuz u dont know me and im just another post among the rest but I want u 2 know that i truly have joy in my heart for u that u were able to free your self from doing heroin. (and I hope that im not out of line but I beleive that was what it was so if that was incorrect im sorry 4 i dont beleive much from media or those mags!!) I lost my brother in 1999 new years nite to a heroin overdose (they called it the coctail a bad mix of things wich at that time several ppl here in S.W FL, sadly, lost their life to at that time)He was 3 weeks from his 22nd B-day(a very good person) Never had a chance to have a (family/wife/child)Unfortunatly I was the one who found him while holding my 2yr old son at the time. I remember it like it just happened.. My world was turned upside down and my heart still cry’s!! The vision is the hardiest. It wont go away. We tried to get him help per his request and sadly the facility told him: you arent sick enough there are others who do more that are sicker. Basiclly they told him to go get sicker then come back and maybe he can get help.(*Sad Sigh*)Well a couple weeks later his life ended!!😦 Its so hard for me to watch any1 anymore ruin there life to drugz I hate them w/ a passion they hurt and they kill::Point blank!! And no when i was younger im not innocent from child hood stupidity and things ive done (heroin was not one of them) but yes as most i have done things im not proud of. So for you and Corey H to get to where u are at always know that that alone is something that u always can be proud of. We are loosing so many young kids 2day to dugz and they are running a lot more harder than back in our day!! They are loosing there lives. Its so sad. I know more than likely you dont read any of this but im banking on the slight chance that maybe just maybe u may and I just wanted u 2 know some of my story and maybe if its on ur heart u can share it w/ Corey H.. I just feel such a connection to Corey H and his pain and I have no idea why. God works in his way and that may b it and i feel he may have wanted me to speak up cuz maybe u 2 needed to hear my storey I dont know i dont question it. Im not a public person or into putting my life on the chalk board for the world to read but its been on my heart to do. Plz share w/ Corey H and let him know 4 some reason he’s been on my heart and I understand him in a strange sorta way. Thanku and plz know u and ur family have all my luv and prayers….



  307. Cory, Myself and my wife would like to wish you and your family all the best. We have enjoyed watching your movies and of course the new season of the 2 coreys. You really seem to have all your stuff together which in your occupation is a lot to say.Keep on entertaining and doing all your best for you and yours. Peace

  308. Hi, Corey.
    I am a HUGE fan of both you and Suzie. Love the new season of “The Two Coreys”. We had a watch party complete with wine and food! LOL
    Where will you be playing? We love your music, too.
    You are so adorable… sexy and well spoken. You two are a great couple. Stay together and dont let Hollyweird break up your marriage.
    PETA 4 EVER!!

  309. Subject: How are things going with iams? Sorry for the long letter. I was watching The Two Corey’s and with there involvement with PETA. What can I do? I have time.
    To: newsmanager@peta.org
    Date: Tuesday, July 1, 2008, 6:18 AM
    Hi Corey, I am sending you and Susie an e-mail that I sent Peta. I Am a Member. I love your movies. I just got a DVD of the movie Dream a Little Dream. I know how you and Corey felt about that time of your life but, I have been there I am 14 years clean and life is great. I got that movie for what it says . For me it has some real life meaning. Just listen. to what it is saying about life. And WAKE UP. Life is great and you and Susie are showing that there can always be a come back and YOU and ONLY YOU can make it better. A Fan of You and Corey Haim and also lets not forget the animals. Thanks Virginia

    Dear PETA, I had collected signatures a few years ago in Utah to, upgrade animal cruelty laws. I still have some of the copes that I found the other day. I was handing out paper on the animal cruelty at iams. I would also leave letter and pamphlets in any store I could, in between the bags of iams. I also sent them a long e-mail about how bad there treatment was. I had information from a friend that told me that a media person had gotten in to one of iams labs and had photo’s. I was sick. I ask iams if this was one of there kids would they take care of them the same way? By my surprise they sent me an e-mail back and said they were moving the animals and getting them “real help” and would be finding them good homes. Come to find out that this did not happen, they just moved them. To think that someone could take out there voice box so they did not have to hear them and, that was without a real vet there for the suffering animals. My Mon who has past away, had donated all year and every year until she past away. the we asked for no flowers but donations for the animals. I am doing my best to continue for her. I can’t always do that with money but I do with my time. as much as I can. I have walked the dogs at the local shelter and donate blankets, bowls, time, and food. I have also spent my dog (Abbie) day care http://www.oldfarmpetresort.com I am on the web site under testimonials Virginia. I did lose my sweet girl last year May 2007. We went through therapy dog training and have her diploma. She was in the care center the last year that my mom was there. Abbie was 15 and had a fatty lump burst. Our Vet of over 40 years was great with her also he (Dr Foster) did talk at my moms funeral. I miss them both. I read The Rainbow Bridge at my moms funeral. I know she is now watching over Abbie and all the other animals. Thank you for your time. Please let me know what I can do with my time to help upgrade the laws on animal cruelty. Virginia Henderson P.S. My spell check has gone down sorry.
    Thanks Corey and Susie for all you do for the animals. God Bless Virginia

  310. Hope everything works out with your personal life, but I am glad to see that you are moving forward with your own endevours. Seperating work and personal life can be difficult, but also very rewarding. Good luck with this challange.

  311. Corey you are friggen awesome. I’ve been a fan of yours forever. I love The Two Corey’s. I think it’s bogus that people are giving you crap for the way you treat Haim. But people will continue to say what they feel no matter what. Either way the show is awesome, it’s interesting to get a slight glimpse at your life. I think it’s awesome how you turned your life around.I commend you greatly for that, it’s not an easy thing to do. I just hope that Haim can do the same.
    I am so stoked for Lost Boys 2. I am practically counting the days. I never thought there would be another one. Can’t wait to see more of your work.
    Best wishes.

  312. hi corey i have been a fan of both you and corey haim from the beginning , but when is all the arguing going to stop nothing is worth loosing a 20 year friendship, but i also think that corey haim should quit blaming you for his problems.i hope that you and corey are both going to be in the lost boys 2. i have waited so long for you guys to come back. i watch the two coreys every sunday. i like the show but lately all it has been is arguing. i have every movie you guys have been in but my favorite one is dream a little dream. i watch that thing a million times.

  313. Corey, you are the best friend Haim could have. I grew up with watching you guys and I love you both. In watching “the corey’s”, I see how frustrating it can be dealing with him. Just remember, there is a good guy inside of him, he’s just gotten lost. I know he can do or say crazy things, but I don’t think he really knows what he’s doing. I think he is messed up from his past. Please be patient with him and try to help him out. He needs you and you guys have been friends too long to lose it now. And Susie, I know Haim can be rude and difficult to deal with keep trying.
    Love ya,
    2 Corey’s Fan

  314. Corey,
    I understand what it’s like to have a volitile relationship with a childhood friend. It’s not easy to walk away from. I have had my best friend for 26 years and wew have been on again off again since we were about 17 (we are now 34 and 35). It just down right sucks! It’s hard to watch someone make poor descions in their own life and not really be able to do anything aobut it. I am sorry you are having to hash out your relationship on national tv but I will tell you it’s kind of comforting to know that there is someone else out there who is going through very similar things. I wish the best of luck to both you and Haim. I am a true 80’s fan, I grew up then. You guys were on my wall and I felt a strange, not crazy, kinship since we are close to the same age. Stay focused and don’t give up. Love is the way!

  315. Hello Corey,

    Been a fan since forever. Being the same age as me, watching you in some of my favorite movies of all time was so cool when i was a teenager. I wen’t and saw The Goonies like 15 times that summer lol. Anyways, i always thought you were a cool dude and great actor, and you still are. Picking up Lost Boys: The tribe july 29th…..Whoo Hoo! The Two Corey’s show also rocks!

    Glad to see things are going well for ya, and Suzie……..Hubba, Hubba lol.

    A fan
    Chris H.

  316. Sorry for the dounle post, butI made a typo. its Susie, not Suzie.

    Sorry Susie.

  317. Hi,
    I flippin through the channels and saw your show. Wow, first off your wife has alot of patience on dealing with Corey H.
    Sorry everyone, I would of knocked Corey H out in my kitchen probably not the best move but he would thought twice before trying to get in a woman’s face again and being disrespectful in someone else’s house towards a woman. Good for you for standing up for your wife!
    I had a friend just like, Corey H and we were friends a long time but you can’t help someone that won’t help himself no matter how long you have been friends. This person that was my friend was very manipulative, moody, unstable because they were on drugs he would blame everyone else for his problems instead of taking responsibility for his own actions. I had to put our friendship to the end because he would make me feel bad about myself and no-one needs that negativity in their life. His drugs use suicide attempts would hurt me more then hurt himself. After while people get sick in tired of being sick and tired! We weren’t on the same page anymore he didn’t grow up and I did. I moved on with my life and grew to become a better person. Even ten years later he is still on the same path of self destruction and we don’t talk at all. He still does drugs and has some mental issues that hasn’t dealt with. Everyone in the world has problems but how we cope says alot about who we are. No matter what happens we have to deal with those problems and move on with our lifes. Single people don’t understand when your married or have a family; you have other priorities. Most single people can be very selfish and insecure around others who do have there life together and when that person see someone else doing better than them the low blow starts. I have always been a fan of your work and think that you have done a remarkable job with your life and you look great! The other corey on the other hand looks like he has been doing alot of drugs and drinking it’s making age faster; He needs to slow down and enjoy life! Sometimes friendships don’t work and over time people change. It’s sad to see Corey H like that but you have to take care of yourself and your family first. He needs to man up and deal with his problems himself! My thought is if a man doesn’t treat his mother with respect he won’t respect you! I think, Corey H has alot of past issues in his life maybe rebuilding his relationship with his mom; he actually might find a good woman! If he learned to accept that even when bad things happen to people it shapes who you’re and you learn what not to become. I wish ya all the best and can’t understand how you could put up with Corey H; just don’t waste your time and energy or lose yourself in the meantime give all your energy for yourself or family. As for everyone else who also wrote in I don’t agree with you guys. Sometimes you have to let be completely fall on their face before they can build themselves back up. You can’t be there to catch them all the time! Keep up the great work with your music! If ya like photography check out myspace profile pg of some of my work, myspace.com/murphymelissaphotographer
    Fillin your day with positivity
    -Melissa Murphy

  318. I have been on the end of a friendship like yourself with Haim and all I can say is be there for your friend for as long as you can and when the time comes, if you need to just walk away. It’s a matter of self preservation.It can take it’s toll on you personaly and everything else in your life.You just need to keep your head up and keep moving forward with all the positive things in your life.Support Haim for as long as you can and just remember you were in his shoes yourself.It takes some poeple longer to heal than others. I wish you all the luck in the world for you and yours. And hope to see you on the big screen soon.


  319. Corey,

    I have been a fan since Stand By Me, and I have enjoyed watching you and Haim since the show first started. Of course I was so disapointed that I had to wait an extra week for a new episode. I read your comment that if you are a Haim fan it is going to be hard to watch. In my experience I was the Haim in the friendship so I can empathize with him, but at the age of 35 I can now see it from your side just as well. My best friend of 24 years cut off all communication with me 1 month before Katrina(I’m from Ms), so even after the storm and not noing even were each other were, I was still to prideful to call. I was angry that she wouldn’t just face me and tell me, but deep down I knew. I was just out of control(drugs,bi-polar), and somtimes it still makes me mad, but she was right.On the last episode of the Two Corey’s when made the commemt”see you on the set” and he just basically screwed around answering you, you stayed so calm, you refused to give into what he was going for…A fight, you and your wife have every right to want to distance or sever ties to Haim. ButI understand him completely, because I have been him.
    For years if anyone had asked me which of the Corey’s I loved the most I have always said Haim, but watching you be so strong an so in control(which is what he can’t stand) I admire you a great deal and have seen things in Haim that were disturbing and dispointing. Maybe because I see myself.I know you count your blessings that you have such a loving family and a circle of wonderful friends that love and support you. I doubt Haim has any of that.

    PS You are the first celeberty I have ever written to


  320. Corey,

    I grew up watching all your movies. Had posters from TeenBeat all over my walls. I’m glad to how well you have done for yourself. Susie and Zen are adorable and you should be proud. I love the tv show….The Two Coreys. It was so funny….my daughter age 12, and I started watching it last season together, and since then we have rented alot of your old movies. She loves Lost Boys and we’ve watched it several times together. I was unsure about letting her watch Season Two, but I broke down and let her. She and I both wish all of the best. I hope your friendship with Haim becomes stronger because of the up’s and down’s in your life.


  321. Corey,

    I forget to tell you in my post a few minutes ago. I am truly touched about PETA. I am a lover of animals myself. I have grown up doing volunteer work for the local Humane Society here, and know my daughter is involved also. It is a great cause, and having people like you and your family support things like that is AWESOME!


  322. Corey,

    I don’t know if you ready the blogs on A&E for the Two Corey’s but I wanted you to know I have followed you through your hole career. You are so talanted and funny.

    I can’t wait for Lost Boys to come out and I preordered it a few weeks ago.

    I hate to see the way you and Haim have been getting along. Be patient with him, he is lashing out in pain. He does love you still, you can see it, I can tell you still care about him too.

    Keep up the great work man ! You the best.


  323. Hi Corey,
    Well, I feel I’m a bit out of my box as I’m not your usual fan. I’m “mom” age. Anyway, I’ve been watching the Two Coreys lately and am completely impressed with you. Usually, fans tell stars they’ve grown up watching them, but in my case, I’ve watched you grow up. You are my son’s age and it’s hard to believe that you are no longer a little boy. I’ve followed your history, as much as anyone could know, and have seen you from time to time in acting spots. You are still as good as ever, but with an added punch.
    I don’t know how up to date the Corey’s program is and how far the two of you have actually come so far, but I hope there’s a happy ending. For both of you. I give you credit for hanging in there with each other, maybe more from one than another, as friendships are so hard when both have had pain and suffering.
    Clearly, you found a way to open the doors to your recovery and get on with your life. You are doing fantastic work and we’re all getting to know you all over again. Don’t go away anymore. You are such a delight to see and listen to. Your smile just lights up a moment.

  324. heyy corey i heard u where doin autographs and pictures for your fans in the west coast well i was wondering if you could come to north carolina or virgina and have pictures for your east coast fans.

  325. Hello Corey, Hello Susie. I have to say I was so saddened by that message you have left about Corey Haim and now I must admit that I feel a little reluctant to watch it, but I know I will. I have been an avid fan of the show and have watched every bit of them. I just love you guys and Haim reminds me SO much of my ex boyfriend who I dated for 8 years when I was just 15 and his best friend was alot like you Corey its actually scarey to watch : )Susie, I just know we would be best freinds if we hung out..congrats on everything you are in life, I envy you! I am 33 now and single, and I think its the men I date..wish I had the whole package like you : ) Anyhow my question and or comment is..If you had not already attempted it in the past, do you think without all the cameras and the press and the show, you would have been able to rekindle that freindship with Haim on a personal level? I cant help to think that if you guys met up without being on tv, that all this wouldnt have happened and you guys would be friends and would have made it been real. Im not saying your feelings are not real on the show, please dont take it that way, Im just curious what would have happened between you two if it was not televised on national TV. Is an on camera relationship all you have had or ever will have ? Thats what I am really curious about. I really think you and him have something special and believe me I know how you feel about him inside, more then you know. I love Corey Haim and I dont even know the man its so silly. I just wish one day I could meet with him. I cant tell you how strong I feel about him. Anyway, in any event, you have touched my life, you and him. I just have to tell you that and I know if it were under different circumstances, we all would be really fun friends! Not me on a stupid blog on the internet : )You dont know me but I did meet you and Susie briefly in Cherryhill NJ at the convention. I was on a silly first date with a guy who was a huge fan of yours who actually was trying to give you his card promoting his movie. Im sorry but I knew that was rude and inapropreiate at the time. Sorry about that. Havent talked to him since by the way. I was the one that complimented you on your watch…remember? Probably not : )I probably reeked of smoke that day, I thought of that right after I left. Well I have quit since then, that wasnt an easy thing to do by the way.Well I am glad I got to write to you and I really hope I hear back from you guys. Maybe some day we will meet again. Good luck in all you do. I truely love you and Haim. God Bless.

  326. Corey, I see alot of people are very proud of you. I as well am proud of you. I am an older person that saw your life go up and down. You showed us all how strong you are, your wife is also strong. I know you have a baby and that’s good he’s not on the show when he’s older he can choose. any way keep up the good job.

    Hawaii Girl

  327. It may be too late, but I would be willing to help finance a Theater release of your film in Austin, Texas (home of the world’s largest urban bat colony), via all AlamoDraft House Theaters. http://www.drafthouse.com

    I love your film, and believe it deserves to be shown on the big screen.



  328. After all these years I still like both Feldman and Haim, Since I first saw Goonies. Yes people do get older they do change, friends sometimes part. From what I have seen of the two Coreys , we as viewers, only get to see half of what is going on, or only what the producers will allow us to see, we don’t know all that has happened between them. I hope the best for them both and I commend them for trying to get back to what they love doing. It’s not easy getting back in the game after you have been out for so long, my best for you both, Good Luck and God Bless, I will always be a fan.

  329. Hey Corey, i read your ideas of a The Lost Boys 3, and i have some great ideas, even a plot, so before you go jumping right into writing it, please speak with me, email me at jpbaby123@yahoo.com, i garantee you wont be disappointed, i love u, -Jessica

  330. First I have to say I really wasn’t interested in your show. But after all the hipe on A&E I thought what the heck I’ll give it a try…now I’m hooked!

    Right, from the beginning I could see Heim had a problem. He acted like a spoiled child. He didn’t respect your house,your wife or you. I could not believe how he just opened the door on you and Susie when you were in your bedroom talking.

    As the show has progressed it is very clear that he seems to feel the mess his life is,is caused by you.
    He needs to be the center of attention and definately shows facial and posture changes when someone is talking to you. Besides that have you noticed when you start to talk if he has his black hat he puts it on crosses his arms and the facial expressions tell just what he’s thinking about you. I’m not trying to be judgemental here I have no right to be. I am outside of what’s happening and maybe can see things you don’t. Your situation is so close to a friendship I had for over 15 years with a “friend”. I would hate for you to have to go thru what I did. Sometimes we meet people who do nothing more but “draw the life out of us”. Heim is like that. He’s stuck in the past and it sounds like he blames you for that too. Why? Because it’s easier to blame you than to face the fact that nobody did anything to put himself where he is but him. The add he put in the paper was no “sorry” message it was his picture and I’m back and ready to work. Sorry would have been more like I know I’ve made mistakes and I want to work again and prove you can depend on me.

    I hope you don’t think this is ment to be jump all over your friend because that’s not what I intended. You’ve had your highs and lows but you took yourself to task and changed your life. You are successful, with a wife that cares very much about you and you’ve a really handsome son. Which by the way I want to say I saw nothing that Susie did or said during Heims visit that was different than any other wife in her situation. She’s gotten a lot of bad press that she doesn’t deserve.

    I’m grateful to be able to finally say what I think here. Oh and by the way the friend I had is now draining the life outta somebody else and I’m sorry for that person and I hope it doesn’t take 15 years for them to see that. Now when I begin new friendships I have things I look for in them. So if things get really bad I hope you know Cory you have to save yourself,your wife and son from any negitive force in you life…..Take care and stay safe

  331. Hi Corey!!! I just wanted to say you’re a very talented man with a lot of courage. I hope everything is going good with you and your family. Usually actors get divorced right away (it seems to be tradition), but you’re a good man with a good head on your shoulders and I think that you and Susie will be together forever like it should be. You’re one of the few out there in Hollywood that wants only the best for his family and will stand up for what is right. By the way, I really like your movies. You’re a great actor. (Personally, I don’t think there should have been a Lost Boys sequel, but hey what can ya do?):) Once again, thank you for all you do. God Bless You and you’re family!!!!
    Love&Peace, Maddie P.

  332. Hello Corey,Suzie and son
    I just wanted to tell you guys how I love the A&E Show.Congrats on the son hes so adorable!I wanted to tell you guys that I watch the show and worry about you two guys all the time.I am a Big fan have been for a while.I loved all your movies,the new song is cool too!I just want to tell you guys that it breaks me to read all of the bad comments on Defamer,diggs etc.about you and Haims problems from now and the past.I mean everyone has their demons,I just hope that you and Suzie will help Haim to whatever a help he needs now.I try to defend you both on those sites,I feel for you guys coming out with everything from the past,its brave.But please remember everything you and Haim have been through ,you guys have been friends for years,He needs you guys.If you could let him know(only because his website is down) that he is loved!both of you guys!Im pulling for you both!!Much love Corey!!Keep up the good work!P.S.I seen the LB2 trailor!You look great!!Good Job!!God Bless you both(Mr.Haim too)

  333. Corey, I have been one of your biggest fans since Lost Boys and Goonies. I’m rooting for you and Haim always. I hope you can reconcile, but I would be happy to see you both successful and happy as separates, if that suits you better.
    As a huge fan of yours I figured I’d share my website with you: http://www.jonathanzemsky.com as I have written my first novel, Beyond the Shadows of Summer, and have been told it would make a great screenplay. Watching your movies was a definite inspiration to my writing. Anyway, thanks for providing so much entertainment to me for the last 20+ years. I wish you and your family the best,

  334. Hey Corey,
    Nice music. Cant wait to see you on tour man. I like the meaning behind it. Thanks for giving your fans a taste of it before, thats when you know you really care bout your fans.

    Also, on another note, I have read you dont like us talking about you and Corey Haim. But I would like to point somthing out thats not negative. When I watched the two coreys the other day, the one with lost boys the tribe involved and you guys went bowling. I thought you did an awesome job of being a good friend. Haim says that you try being like his manager, but I see it as you being a good friend. You guys basically own the franchise because everyone is into it because of you guys. I thought you did a good job being a great friend and caring that he goes to it. You did your part and showed you cared, and thats what friends have to do.

    And also,
    I saw how you gave that “superfan” a job. I thought that was a very nice thing you have done man. It really is. That guys a little out there, but like you said, you would make his world by giving him the job and it looks like he was/is doing his job good. A lot of celebs wont give someone a job if they even mention they see there movies, so I thought that was a great act of kindness because you made that guy very happy. Keep it up
    Take Care
    Adam M

  335. hello Mr. Feldman,

    Congrats on your new marriage, new son and continued sobriety. I’m sure you are aware of the wonderful gift you are giving your son (Zen, what a beautiful name) by living in real time (not in the memories of a painful past or fearing the future…the point of power is always in the present moment). I wanted to direct a post to Mr. HAIM. However, his website is under construction. When I was young, my friends and i used to do this thing: One of us would pull a rubberband taut and aim it at another in the group and ask, “What’s more painful than getting snapped by this rubberband?”. To which the reply would always be: “The fear of it”. I dont recall where we learned that, but i remember it. It has meaning for me today becuz i was living in a place of fear for a very long time, substituting one addiction for the other, until i came to my senses, so to speak. I think it would do Mr. HAIM much good to realize that fearing the future and running from the past is keeping him from life. I think that it would do him good to realize that HE IS in control of his mind and body, and his actions. It is sad indeed that he has chosen to live in fear, hiding behind his dependencies. Ultimately, it all comes from within. I hope he chooses to come to his senses soon. He does not belong in the hole he’s buried himself in. With warmest regard.

  336. omg


  337. Happy Birtday Corey!

  338. I hope you have a great time in Vegas! Be sure to write about it and let us know.
    Did I ever tell you that, you made My Date With Drew a very cool movie? Say hello to Susie and Zen. I still think about meeting all of you again. I cant wait for that. You were all so nice. My family and I are enjoying TTC2. I am so excited for LB2! I have been a vegaterian for over 10 months now. Thank you for helping me to be a better person. I love you, I miss you, and Happy Bithday! Love, Krisitina

  339. Hey Corey! Happy Birthday!!!:) It is my birthday too and it is special to me that we share the same birthday. Definitely a bonus! Have a wonderful day!!

  340. FYI I just now posted a msg to say happy birthday to you and the date says July 17th at 5 32. Its actually July 16th here and the time is 10 37pm. I actually tried to post this earlier this morning but for some reason I had a hard time logging in. Ohwell, better than nothing at all. Take care and God Bless!

  341. One more thing–how would your new fans know how to login? There is no link to login. That is why I had a hard time getting in all day. Then it hit me. Maybe go to http://www.wordpress.com and then log in? Aha that worked. So just wanted to bring that to your attention with this new page. You might want to add the login link. Did anybody else face this problem too?

  342. Hi again! I browsed through your website and came across the Jamison link. (Edgar’s frogg brother) I clicked on his link. It says on there that he was CUT off the LB2 movie. I HOPE that is NOT true. He is your frogg brother,how could he be cut off? He deserves to be in the movie as much as you. I mean why did they approve to have him filmed, only to have him cut off?? What’s going on, does anyone know what happened?? Man that sucks. I just hope it is not true.

  343. Yes Jolene I did run into that problem. Thanks for the tip:)

  344. I know all your fans et cetera can read this Corey but I need some advice so anyone out there who has any feel free to answer me. What I would like to know is how to make myself forget about the abuse of the past and be happy with the man in my life now who was willing to sit by my bedside in the hospital 8 hours a day when I was extremely ill? I am seeing a psychiatrist but I try what he says and nothing works. Now a little humor for ya: I told some friends of mine in a chat room that I wanted to marry both you and Corey Haim once; they said at the same time and I said yes then they said you bigamist you :-I just thought that was funny so had to share it. Anyways I’ll go now.Thanks for listening or I guess reading LOL

  345. Corey,
    My wife, kids, and I just watched “The Two Coreys” episode with the LB2 Corey Haim meltdown. Where’s that cute, innocent, little quarky guy? I know he’s in there somewhere. I told my kids that he’s just going through some hard times right now. A couple of years ago, I was on “YOU TUBE” and found a really bad interview with Corey Haim where sub-titles had to be used. I didn’t think I would see that again but, tonight was a shocker. Our hearts go out to Corey Haim, and we want to let you know that you’ve gotta be the best friend a person could ever have. Also, I wanted to let you know that your Valentine’s gift to your wife was awesome. No way I could one up you but, now I have to do alot better next year. Thanks alot. lol. We are very happy for you, your family, and your success. Keep up the good work. Side bar: Kind of a funny story. When I was 16-17 I had watched “Dream a Little Dream”. I started wearing untied combat boots with bandanas around them because of the character Demause. Wow, what I dork I was.

    VanAlstyne, TX.

  346. P.S. to Corey fans. You need to get a login username/password through http://www.wordpress.com before sending a comment. Peace out!!!!!!!!

  347. First and Formost I have been a fan of yours since I could watch tv. I adored you growing up and still do . I will say like so many other fans. Lost Boys is my alllllll time fav:) When I heard about Lost Boys 2 coming out.. I was so excited.. and I have been looking all over the web to find out some info about who’s going to be starring in it. And I found a site on http://www.facebook.com about the new movie. I was sadden to hear Haim will not have a big role like one before. But I recently found out about the Two Coreys. Only after 2nd season started airing😦 And what I saw on last night’s episode. Explains why. Saddens me to know drugs, depression, and other things are a contributing factor for him not having a huge role.. I heard on 30 seconds at the end. I have family members that have been struggeling with some kind of an addiction for years. It can be so hard to grasp reality, your surroundings, and what you are doing to yourself and others. I hope he can beat it!:) We all can do good in the world.. just sometimes it takes more then expected. Just with the will, love, and great friends and family anything is possible. I am so excited about seeing the movie. Cannot wait till the end of the month😛 I am honored to contact you. I wish you and your family the best:) One more thing I wanted to add was I love your song on your entrance page:) You have a beautiful voice.

    Keep being Lovely:)
    Good Luck.
    Tiffany from Ohio.

  348. hey

  349. suppport lb2 guys, so that Schumacher will get behind a true sequel, for he should be the only guy making a lost boys sequel it was his vision and if any sequel should be done it should be under his vision also.peace out!! you’ll see by the few seconds of corey haim that this movie needed more haim, the boy can still act, he’s getting clean and he will RETURN! believe that…

  350. hey corey i just wanted to say how much i lovve you please email me at alpal92795@yahoo.com
    thank you and godbless you and your family
    also the haimster
    love ali

  351. Corey love all your movies .Just saw Lost Boys The Tribe good movie .For those that have not seen it yet I wont go into details but I will say this Corey if you ,Corey H. and Jamison were to do a third following along with whats in deleted scnes it would be the most awesome movie ever.Turn it into a trilogy pleaseeeee.My best to you Susie and Zen.


  353. Corey, Just wanted to say I have been a fan for a long time and have enjoyed your work through the years.You have a beautiful family. I like the son green it rocks.I can honestly say I am not into the whole reality shows but for some reason I can’t help but to watch (The Two Corey’s.
    I feel for you and Corey.I hope I can say this without stepping over the line.Sometime being such good friend we don’t realize that we need to step back and let the other do for them self.Sometimes we just need to be there in the distance watching from a far.He is a great person he will get through what ever it is one day at a time.He knows deep down you will always be there and have his back that is what true friends do.Give it time. I tried to e-mail him but unfortunately his web site is not up and running.If you can please pass mine on to him..Charmed30ema@yahoo.com
    Bless you and your family with all the love and happiness you deserve. Just a simple girl from Georgia,Crystal

  354. testing

  355. Please check http://www.cynicmag.com for an article entitled: “Joe Camel: An E Channel True Hollywood Story” by Tom O’Donnell. Corey Feldman and Corey Haim are mentioned in it.

  356. Corey you and Susie should be praised for all you hard work and dedication in trying to help Haim. it seems he doesn’t want any help but God bless you guys for trying.

  357. I came across the two coreys last week, Im so glad I did. I found the show so close to my own life it was wierd, obviously not the fame part!
    but the friendship, the emotion, the drama, the fights, the competitions etc with my friends and dealing with a best friend fighting addiction, .. I am married for 11 years my daughter is 10. Our lives are completely different in regards to careers, but its amazing how all humans are all going through the same problems! oh I saw suzie in the lastest playboy. DUDE! HOT! my wife also says she looks amazing! anyway dude, stay on the spiritual path as this road is the most rewarding and true! peace..

    christian , Seoul SK..

    pics of my wife, daughter and I.
    always better to see who you are talking too..

  358. omg i love ur show the two coreys, it’s like totally awsome. i’ve been in love wit u since i saw one of ur movies stand by me. u were awsome in that movie. well just wanted to drop and say that ur an awsome guy. man i wish i could marry u but oh well, u already have a beautiful wife, susie. well i looking forward to the show this sunday. peace out, i ♥ u

  359. Hi,
    Oh my lord I can’t believe I’m doing this, but, HI! I’m Amy. First, I guess what I want to say is that if there is a way I can get in touch with Haim, I’ll give you all of my info. I’m not a nut or a freak or, actually a “fan”–I’ve never seen a movie of his, but I have seen yours. I’m drawn to him, and seems to need to realize that there is more out there than what he’s doing. I’ve dealt with this before, I can tell you someone who I grew up with went down that same path, somehow ended up in Hollywood and I don’t know today if he is dead or alive. He was my best friend…now I don’t know him at all. If you write me back, I know you know who he is, maybe you would even be able to tell me how he is if you know him. Please if it is just a middle of the night phone call that he needs to make to talk or ramble…I know what it is to be on the other end of the phone…and possibly stop the addict from doing something bad.

    Second. I am SO impressed with you and your wife. I am 32, I have been a vegetarian since I was 10 living in NJ. I read the book “Diet for a New America” and…that was it for me. I became a strict vegan at 20. I spent a lot of time in my early 20’s up in NY Watkins Glen Farm Sanctuary and have attended many a “Hoe Down”. Best time of my life yet. Being around so many good people, doing good things and all on the same page wanting change. It’s overwhelming.

    I also spent a lot of time protesting circuses…and the use of animals, mainly elephants in these horrible travelling shows. Even if it was just to hand out literature outside the show and have one person read it and turn around and not let their children see what was going on in the tents, made my heart huge and my eyes well up with tears.

    I got to the point though after a few years of running out of steam…and feeling overwhelmed. It’s hard trying to change the world one person at a time. If you have any advice, I’m open.

    I live in Key West, Florida as a legal secretary and do some modeling on the side. I wish I was a gorgeous as Suzie, but, I’m only 5’6″ and 115lbs. I just do it for fun, really. I love my desk job but would love to get back into the helping the animals.

    Please read this as not a way to slide my way into making friends with actors, I have no desire to waste my time, but you guys seem really genuine and grounded, and I would love love love to give Haim some sort of friendship to let him know he’s not alone.

    Okay, I’d send a pic but don’t know how to. Hope to hear from you, and if you see Gene anytime soon, please tell him Amy from NJ with the pigs (he will most likely remember that) says hello and the checks will keep coming and to keep me informed down here in Fl.

    Peace, love and happiness.

  360. I have a question. Is there going to be a Lost Boys 3? That is the impression my husband and I got when watching the Lost Boys 2. Also, where the fuck is Alan Frog? We saw him in the credits, but we didn’t spot him in the movie.

  361. Cory you are one of my favorite actors and a true insiration! The new Lost Boys movie was amazing! I never miss an episode of the two corys and it shows what a wonderful person you are. I hope to see you in future movies and I give my best wishes to you and your family.

  362. Hi Corey, I just got done watching tonights episode. I was totally heart broken. Haim needs some serious help. But you can’t do it for him. Stop beating yourself by trying to save him he has to want to do it for himself. And maybe he like the attention your giving him for it and so he won’t change. He seems like he needs the pity and attention. A friend of mine left her husband due to alochol. for many years she fought with him just like you do. Now that she’s not there to try and fix him he has to do it himself. It was a big wake up call, but sometimes you have to leave them alone so they have to take a good look at why your not there for them anymore. Good luck!! Take care of your family and yourself!!!

  363. it’s me again adrian, so hey yesturday i saw the new episode of the two coreys, it was wicked. i feel bad for haim cause he doesn’t notice his addiction

  364. Hello Feldman,

    If Haim is makin a come back where is his website? he don’t have one, so we thought we would ask his bestfriend (that would be you lol) to ask him to email me and let me no when we can chat! don’t he want to hear what his fans say about him and Feldman YOUR MUSIC ROCKS!!!

  365. just dropped down to say hi. lol, i ♥ u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  366. Corey,

    Thanks for clearing up the sitation. As you know, all of the fans would have loved to see a Season three, but we completely understand the rasons why it isn’t happening. Maybe Haim will find a miracle and you guys can pull it off. If not….then you have to do what you have to do. Same ting goes for Lost Boys three…all the fans would love it, but it is not our choice. I live in Texas and just heard that you are scheduled to appear at the Texas Fear Fest 4 in March 2009. And the the theme of the convention is going to be the Lost Boys. Will Susie be appearing at that one also, like Monster Mania? I hope so, I am looking forward to it. I am unable to attend Monster Mania because it is just to far awat to go for a weekend trip, but the Fear Fest I will be attending. My daughter age 12) is very excited about seeing both you and Susie. She watches the show with me and has watched the Lost Boys and the Lost Boys 2 The Tribe with me several times.
    Good Luck in your adventures, thanks for supporting PETA and God Bless you and your family.

  367. Hey Corey….
    WOO-HOO!!! I am so stoked.
    I just read that you are going to be at the Texas Fear Fest March 2009 in Dallas. I hope you make it, because I am so going to be there. This will be the first time I get to see you Live, so please don’t bail on us..
    We Love you in Texas….

  368. hi, once again i ♥ u

  369. hey corey
    i love the show and i know this is corey feldman and not haim but when i watch the show and see every thing that haim has going on i see my self when some one is fighting drugs it is never the same for anyone i see things from his point and view and i think if i could talk to him i could help i have all the same stuff going on with me but i found a way to get past it and have been clean for 8 yr i had dr put me on meth but i wont take them if you still want to see him get better i would love to talk you him or you i just ask that no one ever finds out who i am

    thank you drew

  370. hey cory i am such a big fan i loved everything you wher and are in from the cute little comercials to the movies and the show i am so sorry for the way mr haim is acting but you and susie can’t pick up is life for him oh and susie is great i look up to her a lot and she is so lucky to have you i hope i am a as lucky as she is and have a guy just like you i am trying to get into singing my mom and dad say i can’t do it and every time they do i think of you guys cause i realy like you and susie some times i dream that i am one of your backup singers i it makes me so happy inside my mom says i am messed up cuse she don,t like you and susie i thinks she is the crazyest person in the wourld but well my fingers reay hurt from tyeping so i will go if you or susie can will you email me so i know you read this not that i don’t beleave you if you dont i will understand but if you do my email is alicia_n_harrington@hotmail.com thanks again bye

  371. Corey, I really hope you read this. I just saw the Two Coreys episode where you get liposuction, and I just have to express to you how sad it made me. Hearing you talk about what your mother put you through as a child just broke my heart. You seem to know intellectually how sick that kind of scrutiny is, but yet you do it to yourself. I cried watching you do that to yourself. I thought you were joking at first about liposuction. You did not need it! And that is an understatement. You were by no stretch of the imagination fat, or even close to it. I wish Susie would have told you that. Apparently she thought it would make you feel better about yourself, but by not objecting to it, she (from your point of view) validated the ‘need’ for it. Which I don’t believe was her intention. You are wonderful Corey Feldman, just the way you are! Quit looking in the mirror, you don’t need to. It’s nonsense, there are much bigger things in the world to tend to. Love yourself for who you are, because that’s all you’ll ever be. One last thing, I am outraged by doctors who feed this sickness!

  372. Corey,
    I want to tell you that I have been a big fan of yours since The Goonies. You’re a wonderful actor and a great person. Anyone can see that you’re a true friend if they’ve ever seen The 2 Coreys. I will be sad not to see you guys every week, but I can definitely understand your decision. I wish you all the best in everything.

    Love ya.


  373. Hey Corey,

    I’ve always backed your filming performances, and always will (even if my kids have no idea who you are ;-)).

    I have a question, though. I know you’ve been denying it, but these past two weeks, many major websites have been tauting the upcoming production “Goonies 2”. Puma are even releasing Goonies trainers (http://www.collthings.co.uk/2008/08/goonies-2.html). Is this something you’re involved in, and will you be playing a part? If not, I don’t think I want to see it. Kerry Green doesn’t sound likely to perform, and some of the other cast just haven’t been actively acting for some time, so it would mean Josh Brolin, Martha Plimton and Sean Astin will be holding the fort. And, while they’re great actors, it just won’t have the same feel if Mouth isn’t there.

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

  374. A creep on myspace is going under corey haim the offical one or whatever. He is trying to lure chicks without a brain. It’s really scary. I’m worried. Can you look into it please? It’s so freaky and dangerous.

  375. Hi Corey I just wanted to know as a fan of you and Haim if the “Corey Ian Haim” name on facebook is the real Corey Haim we all know of, I recently talked to him on the 20th and I think it might be, if you can find out PLEASE TELL EVERYONE OUT THERE so we can have some coverage in knowing that we are talking to him. and also let him nkow if it’s not him to take action on this sick imposter!!! Thanks and I love your show and can’t wait for the next episode!!! Good Luck!!!

  376. Hey Correy,
    I was at the Monster Mania Con this past weekend in Cherry Hill. I was and still excited that I was able to get autographs of Correy Haim, You and your lovely wife Susie. Will you be at the Friday the 13th Con next year in March?
    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know because I didnt get time to tell you because you and everyone being so busy signing autographs and such, that even though you and Correy at this time are not on speaking terms right now that I vow to be always a fan of you Both. It was an honor to meet all 3 of you and I hope that I can see you all someday again. I love that you and Susie and Correy are such caring people especially about the environment. I have been trying to do my part.

  377. Hey Corey,
    Just wanted to say hello. My name is Jill and I am 32 years old. I live in Harrison City, Pa. I have been a fan of yours and Corey Haim’s for a long time now. I was trying to get up to Cherry Hill, NJ to Monstermania this past weekend to meet u guys, however, i was unable to. I would love to meet u someday though. Hope you’ll be there next year. Take care and Good Luck with The Two Coreys. It is a great show. P.S. I am a vegetarian also and I think that is such a healthy way to live.

  378. Hey there Corey and Susie. Just wanted to say you guys were awesome @ Monstermania this past weekend. I was so syked about meeting you and Haim. I didnt get a chance to get your autograph and that upset me a little. I did get the chance on Saturday night to get a pic with you and Susie. Susie was great she grabbed my hand and wouldnt let go until you turned around for a pic. Hope to seen ya at another Monstermania convention and maybe I can get that autograph then. Im 34 and have been a fan of Haim’s and yours for many many years. I love you guys. Loved you Q & A’s but disappointed when you stated there was not talk of a Goonies 2 at this time. Keep up the good work guys, love you!!!!!

  379. Hey Corey.

    I’ve been a fan of yours for over 20 years and finally got a chance to meet you at MonsterMania this past weekend. I have to say that you and Susie were awesome and it was definitely an honor meeting the both of you. Hopefully I’ll get to see you guys again at the next MonsterMania in March.

    BTW, I loved your performance in Lost Boys 2 and if the rumors are any indication, 3 will be even better.


  380. Corey,

    I watched a 6 minute clip of “The Birthday” online and your performance is stellar. When can we expect an official U.S. DVD release? Also, what films are you currently working on?

    I hope there is a third season of “The Two Coreys”. If that doesn’t happen then I wish you nothing but the best and anticipate your return to the big screen.

    A fan,

  381. You once said you watch people get awards you could have had and people made fun of your comment, like it wasn’t true. They forget you’re a prodigy and that doesn’t go away when you turn adult. They never take in account you’re blessed for most people never get the chance to accomplish as much as you have in your career. Getting less work doesn’t mean you lack talent. It means you lack luck. Acting is hard and most people, talented or not don’t work. You’ve done so much yet all people seem to remember is the “Lost Boys” which is a wonderful movie, but what about roles like “Stand By Me?” Furthermore, people are opportunistic when it comes to jealousy and enjoy kicking others they envy when they should be rallying behind them with support. I use to get mad at Howard Stern’s treatment of you. I knew he was giving you air time but I was still disgusted by his lack of respect. He dissed you to entertain at your expense. All I thought is how low could he go until I realized he sold his soul to the devil years ago LOL. What happen to empathy,integrity and compassion? I strongly believe he’ll have his day but unlike him I’m sure you wouldn’t have the heart to treat him the same way, which proves you’re the better man. Keep your head up and if you ever want a compassionate person to talk to, email me any time. I’m a fellow empath with abilities to help others free of charge. Lots of love and stay beautiful for we need more beauty in the world.

    Arie AKA A loyal fan

  382. Hi Corey and Suzie:

    I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I live in Key West, and am carefully watching “Ike” and have decided to stay put in town. Do you guys ever come down to the Keys? You have an open invitation anytime you want to visit! I belong to a great new yacht club, and I will make sure you and your staff are pampered the entire time! Fantasyfest is also coming. It will be great. Maybe you and your band can come down sometime? Spring Break is one of the busiest times in town and it starts with Fantasyfest, and I know everyone. I can get you a gig anywhere! Think about it!

    On another note..I also wanted to ask you a few questions regarding politics. I know you were supporting Hillary and now have thrown your support behind Barack Obama. With your interest in animal rights, PETA and Farm Sanctuary, what do you think we can accomplish with Barack as opposed to John in the White House? I personally think that with Sarah Palin in the administration, it will be extremely, extremely difficult to pass very much needed legislation in defense for animals since she thinks Polar Bears should not be on the extinction list and is an avid hunter.

    I am 32 years old, and I have been a vegetarian since I was 10, vegan since I was 20. I’m appauled with the choice of Sarah Palin, woman or not. I think she will destroy any chance of having important legislation passed in favor of any animal protection. I’m really interested in what you guys think, and if you are getting out there at all to get people registered to vote for Obama? I know you are busy, but I was just wondering if you had the time to do anything for this VERY close race.

    Also, is your assistant (if he is still your assistant from Season 2 of the Coreys) a vegan, and if not, are you any kind of influence on him or other friends?

    I think you guys are great and so positive. Such a nice difference from the usual ego trips people from Hollywood have. I feel I can talk to you guys about anything, and you actually respond. I really have a lot of respect for you both.

    Okay, I am going to go down to the Southernmost Point and see how the waves are.


  383. yo corey(frog)were from the uk were called josh & john,liked your film lost boys 2,will there be a lost boys 3,and I got to try some of that frog juice.(please write back if you can).

  384. Hey Bra,

    I feel uber gay for posting this because it’s really out of character for me, good luck with your future work. As a kid I liked the Mouth character, and I must admit I watched Dream a Little Dream with 8 girls at a birthday party. Not sure how I pulled that off…

    …well actually I crawled in the basement window.

    Regardless, I’m rooting for you. You’re going to have to start kicking ass and taking names on your own though, My arms are scarred and my toes are broken.

    Peas out


    Hi Corey and Susie,

    We just popped on here to say THANK YOU!! We met you both in London on saturday (11th October) at the Raindance Film Festival, and it was an absolute pleasure. You were both so gracious and kind, and we really appreciated you taking the time to sign our bits and pieces and pose for some photos!

    My boyfriend was over the moon that you liked his license to drive tattoo!!

    We really enjoyed seeing The Birthday on the big screen and we hope it gets shown to a wider audience. It deserves to be recognised as one of the most original and superbly made art house films of our time. We spoke to Eugenio after the film,he asked us to spread the word if we enjoyed the film, and so we have done..we wrote nothing but good things about The Birthday on IMDB!

    Thank you for making our weekend great!!
    we hope to see you in London again soon…good luck with Terror Inside..thank you to you and Susie for signing our cap!!And bless your little boy for sitting so well throughout the film..very impressive!!

    Take care

    Nic and Dru x

  386. Order ID 63T55042XS455153Y, size medium pls!

    Corey the Green song is awesome, so perfectly composed, loved it. The lyrics are amazing and go in tune with the music so well, everything is balanced and in harmony as it should be, like the earth should be. I think you’ve created something so special with this and can’t wait for the CD. You HAVE to come and perform this live in London!!!

    Keep rocking and saving the world!

  387. Corey, First of all you are a great actor! Your best movies include: Stand By Me and The Lost Boys. Would you ever come to Canada with your band in the future? Just wondering. I hope you and Haim make amends on your friendship. I was mad when the show ended and you guys didn’t resolve anything what a shame. You seem insepprable. Talk to you soon, Kristi

  388. Hi Corey!
    Oh my God it has been so long!
    I miss writing you!
    I miss you and your family.
    I cant wait until I get to see you all again!

    People magazine did a child stars issue. It is sooo coool, I love your picture in it. I will keep it forever! I had to do extra chores to buy it.

    My parents and I watched LB2TT and we loved it. I dont know if you remember, but my parents in high school, on a date watched the first Lost Boys. Very cool that Kiefer Southerlands brother was in the movie. We were happy with how much you were in the movie.

    T2C2 was good. Too bad no season 3. I hope you are on TV again for another reason.

    Last week, October 23rd was my one year anniversary for being a vegitaian. Thank you for insipiring me to be a better person.

    Do you remember my pretty sister Juli? The basketball player? She was with me at Castro Valley. Well, a few weeks ago she was in a very bad car accident. She is lucky to be alive. The car was totaled. She is back at her apartment, back at college, but wont be playing basketball for a while.

    I was wondering . . . are you friends with your castmates from The Goonies and Stand By Me. I was wondering about Wil Wheaton because he seems to be a nice guy. Just wondering.

    I gave you and Susie my email. I would love for you to write to me. I want to share with you pictures from Castro Valley.

    Please say hi to Susie and Zen for me.
    I love you.
    I miss you.
    Love, Krisitna

  389. hey corey and susie, hey i am with u on how scary the world has gotten and I definitely did vote Obama Can’t wait to see the world change for the better

  390. Can’t wait to get the new album. Don’t know if this is still needed but hey I might as well leave it anyways.

    Ref# 8N628852EA0819007
    Size large.

    I hope this finds you feeling healthy.


  391. Hi Corey and friends! I run a Pink Floyd based website http://www.outsidethewall.net and would love to cover and promote the new single and upcoming album. I would love to work something out with you guys, I am not asking for any money in return. Contact me via this email please. randy@outsidethewall.net

  392. Hey Corey, I recently read your post about people trying to scam the fans about autographs that’s really bad and not nice of them. I can’t believe they didn’t even pay you! I am glad you are speaking up for yourself in getting the fans not to pay! We shouldn’t have to if who we are seeing are our favourite group or person. Why do we have to wait in line for hours? It makes us more mad when we do end up seeing the celebrity we can to see. GREAT JOB!! Keep believing! Always stand up for what you believe in!!

  393. Hey Corey,

    Yesterday I just purchased your cd on your website. Here is my order # 6P82063893508583K
    I would like a medium shirt please. Could you sign it for Kristi instead of Trevor? Thanks.

  394. Hi Corey,
    We’re the same age, and I have always followed your acting career. I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you, for all the things you’ve accomplished. Best of luck with your marriage (and parenting), music, and acting. By the way, you used to wear a tie on your head as a kid, was it really because your dad said in order to be professional you had to wear a tie?
    Keep up the excellent work, your an inspiration to a lot of us.

  395. Hi Corey,
    We briefly had the chance to meet at the Gibson during the break at the Aussie Floyd gig, it was hectic, you seemed to be heading out, and I had my niece with me, but I quickly introduced myself as the band’s artist. You said I have a great job, you were right, but on the other hand I was never a Goonie. I heard you weren’t able to catch the rest of the show, which is a shame as I worked my butt off making new material for this one, hopefully you can make it again next year. It was a pleasure, and keep up the good work as well!

  396. Hey Corey,

    Your a one of my favorite actors because I believe we have similar personalities, That’s why I think they’re the best in my view. I just base that off of your roles in films, of course I don’t know you personally. Anyway, I’ve always acknowledged your work, your an ispirartion to all that know you.
    I look up to you man, I hope you keep up the good work. From what I know your a cool dude, and I know you’ll continue to make a difference for good causes like you’ve done so far.
    It’d be great if I had the privilige to meet you one day.
    I think you should come to Tampa, Florida sometime in 2009.
    Well man, I’m just about done here.
    I hope you continue you to prosper in life.

    -Miguel Morales

  397. Hi Corey and Susie- Its Kristina again.
    Just want to say hi, and Happy New Year. My family and I had a good holiday. For Christmas, one of the things I got was, the 25th. ann. CD of Thriller. We all like it. My birthday is this month. I will be 15. We are going to stay in Old Sacramento to celebrate. I am in the 9th. grade. I love High School. I am having a lot of fun. I love you, I miss you, I can’t wait to see you and your family again! When will you be coming around again? I love you, Krisitna

  398. Hi Corey-
    Its Kristina! I miss you! I miss seeing you on TV. I did get to record the episode you did on Married With Children. You were so HOT! Its been a year now since I’ve met you. I want to see you and your family again. I am still a vegitian, and I love it. Thank you. It was hard at first. Not anymore. I am in the 9th. grade. I love school. Its a lot of fun. I have a friend named Corey his Mom named him after Haim! Isn’t that funny. When are you coming back to Northern CA? Please let me know. All my love and more.

  399. COREY FELDMAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my God… Corey Feldman!

    Is there anyone even close to as awesome as you?

    (the answer is no, by the way)

  400. Howdy Corey! I wanted to tell ya, I was the one who talked to ya on BlogTalkRadio asking ya, when are ya coming to Pittsburgh,PA?

    I enjoyed talking to ya, I wish I had a better question to ask ya…but that was the only thing that came to mind at that time.

    I am a fan of yours since the 80’s and I’m looking forward to your future projects. Lost Boy’s is my favorite movie among all the other great movies you have been in. There is so many to mention that I love to watch…but just know this when I was your movies it takes me back to the time when I had my first crush on you and Corey Haim, I was 14.

    My friend Anna, from The 2 Corey’s & Susie from myspace referred me to this site and showed me how to get onto this blog site…I am glad to have her as a friend.

    Take care, Corey!

    Your friend…Loretta

  401. Corey…I hope you’ll take action on the following issues and maybe alert people in your blog too…I don’t get how people can be so cruel. This dog was dragged to death by a bicycle…😦


    Then there’s all of these…I didn’t want to spam up the comments too much…I just really hope you’ll take action

    I hope you, Susie, and Zen are all well.


  402. Hi Corey-
    It’s Kristina. I wanted to to write to you today because, it’s our anniversary! One year ago today I met you and your family in Castro Valley. I think of that wonderful day often! I can’t wait for the next time we meet again. I hope it’s not another year from now! I hope to see you all soon again. Will your band be playing in Northern California? Tonight, I am celebrating with my family. We are going to watch, Rock n’ Roll High School Forever and South Beach Academy. Two of your movies that, we have never seen. I love you, I miss you. Please tell your family that I say hi! Kristina

  403. Corey,
    my family and I saw u at Universal Studios on Sunday, (my brother approached u and asked if u would take a pic with my daughter by the simpson ride) I have to tell u my WHOLE FAMILY are huge fans of u and ur movies, even the younger kids (But my brother will always remember u as his favorite Ninja Turtle LOL) I wanted to THANK YOU and YOUR WIFE, you were so awesome for taking the time and you were both so great the pic and experience is something we will always remember. You were so great!!!! I can’t thank u enough!!!! we will definetly be at the upcoming show.

  404. Hey I Just Wanted To Let You Know About 2 Kentucky Horror Conventions In Hopes Of Seeing You At One,Since I Know I’ll Never Make It To Cali.The First One Is http://www.thescarefest.com/ In Lexington ,And The Other Is http://www.frightnightfilmfest.com/.I've Heard You Had Problems At Some Conventions But These People Are Awesome.Please Consider This I Know You Won’t Regret It,I Know Because I’ve Been Blogging About It On Numerous Sites And Many Of The People Say They Would Love To Meet You.They Have A After Party Maybe We Could See Truth Movement Rock The House..Hope To See You At The End of The Summer Bro.. Thanks Donnie

  405. OMG!!!!!!!! COREY FELDMAN!!!! Just to start off with I think that you are one of the best actors ever. I think that you have beautiful wife and son. I think that you and Corey Haim should come to Bingham Maine and do and apperance. I love your show and very movie. I thought u were great in lost boys 2.

  406. corey/assistants

    (i will keep this short)

    I am the father of a 13 year old fan in canada (East Coast). Will make substantial contribution to cause of Mr. Feldmans choosing for chancce for daughter to meet him at autograph signing..

    I will fly her anywhere anytime.

    I believe he will be appearing in New York on May 21st for function.


    Michael Cloutier

  407. Hi Corey,
    I have been a huge fan since I was in the 5th grade…I’m now 33 and still a fan! I’m really saddened that you and Haim aren’t friends anymore…maybe one day…You two have been through a lot.
    Time will tell.
    It would mean so much just to have an autographed picture.
    Will your band ever be coming to Bakersfield,CA?

    Hope you and your family are doing well. Thanks for all the years of entertainment! Jennifer #1 Fan

  408. Hello,
    I just wanted to say thank you for a great Job in Lost Boys 2,
    I am very glad that you got to opportunity to reprise your role and that everyone got to revisit the cult classic in a great continuation of the original.
    I am sorry to hear about the cancellation of “The Two Corey’s”
    I had hoped for a third season, though given the nature of the fight in the last episode and the detrimental effects of that on the part of yourself and your family and the inner struggle going on with Corey Haim.
    I do understand that it probably is for the best.

    I hope at some point he does find the inner peace and some way to be rid of his anger and lets go of his addictions.

    Thank you for the many years of great films and characters!

    I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors!

    Best Wishes to you and your Family
    Take Care.

  409. Hey Corey, Great to chat with you last weekend at the pool party. All the Best Wishes on LB3. My email is: countgra@yahoo.com
    When is the universal event? I’d love to attend. Thanks, Gregory Alosio

  410. I’m going to be honest. Growing up, I hated you as an actor. To me, you were so annoying, however, you were in every movie I went to see. I now realize the characters you played mirrored my older brother. So, like a barnacle on my ass, you pretty much grew on me. Just recently, probably because of all the “Where are they now” shows, I’ve realized the impact you had on my life. Which is weird, because I really never liked you. So one night, my friends and I are watching one of those shows, and you made a statement that changed my life. I’m not going to repeat the statement on this blog, but I want to thank you for your honesty and bravery.

  411. hey there ur new song is fab would love for you to tour australia been a fan of yours for as long as i can remember great to c lost boys 3 is a coming love it.
    sad to hear of michaels passing it will affect every single person he has touched everyones hearts.
    b good and well
    with love from australia

  412. Corey,
    I wanted to send my heartfelt condolences to you as well as Michael Jacksons family and friends.My
    thoughts will be will you all. I just lost a friend from childhood 2 weeks ago my heart still breaks for Josh. I know from reading you and Michael had a falling out I hope you can forgive yourself. If Michael is the kind peson I have always heard he was I know what ever happened between you both he has forgiven you.

    I never met him but was a huge fan and remember the day Thriller came out my dad had to go 3 hours from home to get it. When he came home with it I just thought he was the greatest dad in the world.

    He for sure will be missed and was taken way too early. He was talking about a gig here in Vegas I was looking forward to it. Now I am so sorry I never got to see him.

    Bless you and your family you will be in my thoughts.
    Dawn McGroarty

  413. Corey,
    just wanted to send my heartfelt condolences for losing your friend Michael Jackson. It is hard as hell for us who didn’t have a privilege to meet him, I can’t imagine how devastated you are.

    I also hate what media does to famous people, ignoring their struggle and achievements and focusing on imaginary dirt. True fans don’t care for that stuff, just wanted to let you know:)
    God bless and all the best to you and your wonderful family!

  414. Hi Corey,

    I am twenty-seven years old (the same age as your wife, I guess). When I heard about Micheal Jackson’s passing, I could not help but to search YouTube for clips of Dream a Little Dream (for the dance sequence, of course). Since the material is copyrighted, I had to re-watch the entire movie (twice, in fact).

    You are immensley watchable. You may look back on the film with pangs of nostalgia, but rest assured that pleny of other young people “get” why that movie remains a cult classic. They also understand what a great talent you are. (I also watched The Lost Boys today and have seen the sequal, if that gives you any indication of how big a fan I am of yours). I watch anything that you are in because YOU are always interesting to watch.

    Anyway, I am now an attractive, successful young woman, but I wanted to let you know that you were my first major crush. I thought that you were very cute, but your one-liners were always so funny and you always seemed to know how to deliver a line; your wit and skill as an actor meant much to me when I teenager. I wanted to meet someone like you, or at least similar to the characters you played, one day (i.e. someone cute, funny, sweet, and charming).

    I sincerely wish you the best with everything in life, and I will continue to support your endeavors, whether that be acting or singing.

  415. Can’t even know what your going through with this right now Corey, memories of filming dance sequences for movies featuring some of his trademark moves have got to be hard right now. Be with friends, I remember when you were stressing to perfection on the set of dream over how to get every little detail right for the gym scene, perfectionist to the fullest just like he was. R.I.P. Michael.

  416. Hey Corey,
    Wow. I can’t believe Michael’s gone. I know it must be tough for you Corey. I’ve lost many people close to me in my short life. But we must live on; that’s what they would have wanted. Remember the good times with Michael and live for him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and dear friends like you, Corey. He was lucky to have known you. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

    Stay Strong,

  417. Hi Corey – very touching tribute to your friend. Thank you for putting your emotions out there. Are you / did you attend any services? I am also very impressd at how you handled the Larry King interview. You definitely took the higher road. God Bless.

  418. Hi Corey. Just wanted to drop in and say hello to you and your wonderful wife Susie. I am a long time fan of yours having seen just about every movie you’ve made. Particular favs of mine are: “Stand By Me”, “Lost Boys” and an absolute favorite is “Dream a Little Dream” where you did some dancing in the style of Michael Jackson. It was a great departure from some of the roles they had been casting you in until that time. It was more about your character. You and Jason Robards were the ones who carried the film, and it was good to finally see you starring in, and carrying a film on your own.

    While on the subject (sore though it may be) of Michael Jackson… I saw this morning where there were some cold remarks made about your having appeared at the memorial dressed in Jackson-like attire. Don’t take it to heart my friend, there are obviously those who write professionally that do not take into consideration that all are grieving and trying to find a way to cope and say goodbye in their own way. Maybe they had nothing better to write about that day (slow news day for them). Sometimes those writers would be more entertaining if they did a triple off the Macey’s dept. store roof while nude into a cage of ferral cats whilst holding a fresh tuna between their cheeks.

    But, I suppose you could always look at it from the view point of William Randolf Hearst when he said;-, “I don’t care if they’re talking bad about me; just as long as they’re talking about me”.

    Anyhow, I am glad to see you constantly progressing and re-inventing yourself. You appear to be a very good and level headed guy and you deserve it all and more. Best of luck with your endevours and my love to you and your wife. God Bless you both.
    Kyle O.M. Leach – Stchnduck@comcast.net

  419. Dear Mr. Feldman,

    I thank you for opening your website for us so that we may also free our heartfelt message to him.
    You are truly one of the fortunate ones to have met Michael Jackson and become involved in his life and indeed we have to take the good with the bad. Our lives are lived in duality and that is something that we all need to transcend.
    May YOUR God go with you.

    Michael has now experienced the ‘ultimate change’. The place where we are all headed for.
    The prodigy that Michael was is something that we “mere” and ordinary human beings cannot and never can comprehend.
    He came on this earth and through his music he gave us rhythm, melody, dynamism, charisma and above all LOVE. There are many teachings in his songs.
    As an egoless person he had a tall order in a world where the ego dominates and of course he was a minority and minorities will always loose especially if they are in the limelight.
    His last albums gave me the sense of his disappointment; the fact that people focussed on his persona, which by the way is NOT who he or we really are, instead of the message he was sharing. He was hurt. To personalize something is our biggest danger and Michael paid a high price for his exceptional “beingness”.

    “When you enter the kingdom of God enter it like a child”
    “Forgive us for we know not what we do”

    To you Michael I dedicate these lines. I believe that you embodied these profound words.
    Know Michael that you brought us an exceptional and precious opportunity to really make change, not only for ourselves but also for the well being of all humanity.
    Thank you is not enough, it isn’t big enough but these are the limitations that we have to deal with.

    Wherever you are and I do hope you are watching, may you have the highest possible evolution and may you return to continue your good work, maybe next time in a more balanced “guise” without loosing the rocket fuel which made you such an attractive and exhilerating spirit.

    Big LOVE and lots of warm cuddles.

    The Netherlands

  420. Hey Corey big fan !

    I was reading the news today and seen you at the MJ memorial , and told my sons “thats mouth from the goonies” , they are 8&9 and watch the goonies dvd at least twice a week lol its their favorite movie. Anyway it started this big discussion in which i looked up goonies on the internet and my oldest seen “1985” and started doing the math..shocked his favorite movie was made when his dad (me) was also 9 . He is asking me questions that i couldnt answer and i wanted to know if you could take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to clear up some of our questions. We see lots of rumors about Goonies 2 ? He wants to know(as do i) how such a great movie never had a sequel already and if it is gonna happen? I know you problably get this question alot and i apologize if it upsets you to answer again.

    My 9 year old son has a disease that doesnt allow him to be outside because the suns rays burn him in seconds , so he said to thank you 24yrs late for a movie that keeps his interest each and every time he watches it , but he wouldn’t mind seeing a 2nd even if it is 25yrs later.

    Thanks for reading
    Bill ,Bec, Billy & Brandon

  421. Dear Corey: I just wanted to wish ya a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :d

    I hope you have a nice day today…take care my friend.

  422. Happy Belated Birthday Corey!! I just found out that we were born on the same day and the same year and of course I grew watching your career. I always been a big fan of yours and that continue today.

    Best Wishes,


  423. Corey, You have always been one of my favorite actors… You were fantastic in Lost Boys, and I know it’s only a matter of time before you find the right Indie film and pull a “Micky Rourke”
    I’m hoping that you will take a minute out of your busy day to explain to me your take on the meaning of life.. You know, why we are here,where we came from, and where we go when we leave.. I know this sounds strange, but I have a strong feeling that you might be able to shed some light on this subject for me. Thanks very much, sincerely, Vapalla.

  424. Hullo, this is comin from Scotland. The same as everyone on this blog I’m a big fan. I started with readin Stephen King books from an unhealthy early age because my mum left them lyin around. I’m tellin this because I read a book called different seasons and as you’ll know, The Body was made into Stand By Me. Even as a kid you were that character i was readin in my head of Teddy Douchamp. I would have seen you earlier in the Goonies but due to an accident on my dad’s behalf my brother and I were forced to watch The Ghoulies. I’ve followed your career, not as a stalker you understand, but as a long time fan. Lost Boys 2 was a boring direct to DVD film, the only thing that made it passable was the return of Edgar Frog. I really can’t wait for Lost Boys 3 if it will really happen, Jamison Newlander as part of the package. I won’t lie, you’ve probably heard it yourself a million times, what happened in the rolling credits of part 2 ie Sam Emmerson + the deleted scenes includind vamp Alan Frog would really do the fans justice

  425. Hi Corey ! Now I now what Goonies and Michael connects ! Childhood and growing up ! The Childhood and growing up MJ missed !!! I think MJ was a child and i think you know it ! If you dont you wouldn’t wear his outfit ???!! The world looses it greats musican entertainer since mozart. But you are Part of History of many other people with Goonies (thanks to the world greatest regie: Richard Donner !!!
    So do GOONIES 2 with RD ore no one.

  426. Hey Corey!!! My fav. movie w/ you has to be goonies! and it’s quite funny, im in my mid-late 20’s and my mom will STILL call me “mouth” cause im such a “in your face” kinda person who talks alot. And this has been going on for years!!! hahaha. You’re an awesome kinda guy

  427. Sorry for your losses- both MJ and your Grandfather. You and your family are in my prayers.

  428. Hey Corey I hope you find peace soon after going through so much with MJ’s death and stuff. He was lucky to have you stand up for him when the world turned on him and like everyone he was human and had his demons too. I wish he had had the family life that would have made him happy. For a man with so much the world really failed him but I feel he is at peace now and in heaven were we will all meet some day. I am a fan of yours and if you read this give yourself a pat on the back because you have came back from the dark side and have a family now and that is something this world can’t take from you. I always remember the only perfect man who walked the Earth and what we did to him. That’s why all the ugly things being said about MJ makes me upset but those people will pay because bad things always follow those who are bad. I have not heard much on Haim and I hope he is doing well I know how much he struggles with his demons and hope he gets on top of them. You guy are good on screen and I hope you get to make a movie together soon.

    Peace be with you Corey and know us fans are behind you!

  429. Dear Corey: I just wanted to thank you for agreeing to appear in Erie, PA next month. I am excited to meet you. I don’t know if you remember or not, in March 9, 2009, you were on Blog Talk Radio and I asked you a generic question because I couldn’t think of a good question to ask ya. So I asked if your going to Pittsburgh,PA anytime soon. Well, your not coming to Pittsburgh. But, I am planning to go to Erie on October and I’m excited to say, Howdy to ya! Lost Boys is my favorite movie of all time. This is my first time meeting you and going to this Eerie Fest. I just know it’s gonna be a blast! Thanks for your time and have a nice day! Loretta as Tweetielovesme

  430. Hi Corey. My name Is Timothy James Gale, I’m a loyal fan of yours. I live In Australia. I have a disabilty refering to Autisum therefore I would love It If you could please come to Brisbane Queensland Australia so I can meet you face to face, I really look up to you as an Insperation with everything that I do In life. Thanks for being my hero oh and by the way I loved you In stand By Me great job mate.

  431. Hi Corey,
    This is my first post on your site. So happy to be here! I have been a fan for 20 yrs. Fell in love with you in “Stand by Me” and have been hooked since.

    Wish you would come to NH, maybe the Casino Ball Room? Sure is beautiful this time of year in the Northeast.

    Peace to you,

  432. Hi Corey,
    my name is Donns-Marie Kempton. I’m from Belfast, I’m 33 years old and used to be a fan of yours. Was reminiscing with some friends about our teenage crushes and you were mine at the time!!!!!! Just thought I would say hello and thank you for giving me such wonderful teenage years which I cherish.
    Would be really greatful if you could let me know if there is another wedsite or fan club address where i could get more info or contect you directly to request a signed photo!

    Thanks again Donna x

  433. Hi. Just wanted to say that I am so sad over Michael Jackson’s death. I felt like telling you since you were close with him at one time. I’ve loved him since I was 12 years old and I am truly broken hearted. I neve stopped loving him even through the accusations and trials, etc. He meant so much to me and really touched my life. I am 38 years old with 3 boys and they all know all of Michael’s music because I am always playing it around the house. I saw him in concert twice when he came to Philadelphia. I was lucky enough to have a great dad to take me to see him. I wish I could have met him. You were so lucky to have known him. I am just so sad. Am I just weird or what? I just felt like sharing with you. I guess I feel that I will be conforted by a reply from you. I hope you are doing well and you are happy. Thanks for reading/listening.

  434. Hi Corey- Its been a real long time!
    I hope all is going well with you and your family.
    I am so sorry that your friend MJ passed away. I thought it was very sad. During summer school my class, did a talent show. I sang and danced to Billie Jean. I had so much fun! I have a picture of me at age 15 dressed like Mj and a picture of you at age 15 dressed as MJ! I had added to my MJ music. Bought, Bad, Off The Wall, DVD collection of, Number Ones. I listen to his music all the time! I even bought my Mom Janet Jackson’s Control! When I celebrated our one year anniversary of meeting you, I took your advice and did not watch South Beach Academy. I will just have to wait. I did love Rock ‘n Roll HS Forever! It was so good! I still think about you all the time! I can’t wait to see you and your family again. When are you going to be back in our area again! I am at a brand new HS. Its called Liberty Ranch. I am in the 10th grade. We just had our Home Coming. I was on the Sophomore float. It was a lot of fun! Thats everything new from me. I can’t wait to hear from you again! I am still your number one fan! Love you!

  435. WOW Lost III! That is Great!I always thought Lost Boys was everything in a flic a person could ask!The cast,effects,music, wordrobe,script.Everything was perfectly put together. While I know I don’t have any production degrees. I know what I saw at the theater back then. The fealing in the air was nuclear at the least. You have a very good right to be proud of it my friend.You have done some truely magical work.Please keep it up, and Thanks.

  436. Dear Mr. Feldman

    A singer from Germany says “Hello”.

    The very first time, I am visiting your website and
    I have to say, that it looks amazing.

    Since I was a little, I watched your funny movies.
    My favorite is “License to Drive”.

    Maybe, if you are intersted in, visit my website http://www.myspace.com/mskiralee or http://www.kiralee.de.

    Best Regards,
    Ms. K. Lee

  437. xoxo

  438. I am writing to express my deepest condolences over, what I hope, is a false news report. Corey, aside from your talent in multiple levels, I think you are a truly gifted and beautiful person who has struggled to overcome many trials and tribulations. I was saddened to hear of your alleged impending divorce from Susie. I truly hope this is more gossip and lies, as I wish you both the best. Should this be true, I wish a most amicable and private resolution for you and yours.

    All the best.

  439. Corey,
    I am so sorry to hear that Susie wants a divorce. Need to get away? Wish this hadn’t happened to you; keep positive & concentrate on the positives in your life to help carry you during this difficult transition.

  440. Well Corey if you really read this I wish you’d contact me. It’s been years but I had a dream about you a couple weeks ago. You and Suzie were having problems and you were asking me to help. Then I get on here and read the previous comments. I’ve tried posting on here before but I never got a reply. Hopefully you will see this one or someone will tell you. My email is imamage@gmail.com

    Kerri(your favorite admirer hehehe)

  441. Hi Corey,

    Just a quick note to send you some positive energy by sharing a happy Corey memory:

    A few years ago I saw you in “Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy”. I was sitting close to the front row and there was one split second during the show when you looked out into the audience and accidentally made eye contact with me.

    What happened next was so brilliant — you caught yourself breaking the fourth wall, and with such precision, focus and intensity you went — BOOM — right back into character. It was so cool to watch, because even though you weren’t actually performing Aristotle, you are so clearly a master of the craft.

    After the show I was talking with Kate and Alana, and you came over to ask us if we wanted to go dancing with you and Susie. My inner 14 year old was dying to say yes, and my grown-up self wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your performance. But I didn’t want to be disrespectful of your wife by acting like a dorky, gushing fan, so I just smiled and said I had other plans.

    Just a belated thanks for the invite and a great lesson in acting, Corey. Sending lots of happy thoughts to you!

    Your pal,

  442. i’m related to you. and i am not lying. u and my dad r like 3rd cousins. so ya. um if u get this and read this then that is really cool and maybe you will look into it and ask your dad even though you probably don’t want 2 have anything to do with him considering he stole your money or something. By the way, i loved the Goonies and Stand By Me. Maybe i will see you later.

  443. Corey,
    Wishing Happy Holidays to your family. If you could , please tell your father, Robert, that Chris and Abbie are doing well since signing with him in 2002. Chris worked in “Bringin Down the House”, with Steve Martin. I have ventured on to become a flight attendant.
    My son Chris has grown up with your movies, which are always over the top.Abbie O. and Chris O.

  444. Hiya Corey:)

    This is our first blog.

    Glad to hear ur doing real well:)
    and also the upcoming films.
    Great news about lb3. The origanal lb’s was and still is a classic, one of our fav’s of all time.

    We completely believe that u’ll pull of another great time classic in lb3.

    We hope to see ur band too.
    My bro is really into you, is there anyway of getting a signed photo?


  445. Hey Corey hope all is going well with you. I know it is a difficult time for you , just remember you have SOOOO many fans who love and care about you and I hope that that helps you get through this tough time in your life

  446. Dear Corey,

    I don’t think I have written a “fan” letter in my life, but I have just recently seen for the first time, the two Coreys series and felt compelled to write as it blew me away.

    I was such a big fan of your (and Corey H) movies growing up as a teen in the 80s and I just wanted to say that I felt really sad with how things turned out when I watched the show. I do hope that you guys end up mending the friendship one day and that Corey H. finds his way in life and also finds real happiness. Although I know the show only captures a small tiny slice of the friendship and trials you both went through, it was incredibly powerful and certainly gave a snapshot into the real hollywood life.

    You seem to be doing pretty well and have come out the other side of a tough childhood extremely well balanced. You should be very proud of yourself and you must have some extraordinary people around you to help you get through a lot of those bad times. (no man is an island.) By airing your private matters which must be very difficult to do, you also show other people that it is possible to make it through the lowest of low times.

    Thanks for giving us girls in the 80s such fond movie memories and lots of laughs.

    Sending lots of good vibes and good wishes for 2010, all the way from Australia.


  447. Look Corey, i know no one ver reads the comments, at least not all of them, and I doubt you really want to hear from a under-14-year old girl. I just want to say that the only reason I used to (and still do) watch Stand By Me and The Goonies, is because of you. And I want to let you know that you were marvelous. Friendships like the ones in Stand By Me don’t just grow on trees. I just wish I could meet a guy who acts exactly like Teddy and looks like him too! Haha! I realize you’ve grown old and I look upon it with sorrow. I wish you were right here beside me, right now- and you were 14 years old. I swear, I cry at the ending of Stand By Me because Gordie doesn’t hang out with you eventually and I memorized every single, little line to that movie. You were beautiful in The Goonies and Stand By Me, and I think that the girl who holds your hand and stands by you, is the luckiest girl in the world, because she is standing beside Teddy Duchamp, Mouth, Corey Feldman and my everything. And so what- I’m a young obsessive girl who is probablly ugly as hell right? Wrong. Every damn time a boy asks me out, I think of you. Not of you as a mature, adult. But as you as a immature, silly 14-year-old Teddy Duchamp- and you are one of the only reasons I correct my wrongs, and cry myself to sleep. God Bless You Corey. Even though you don’t know me, I wish you were younger… and my BEST FRIEND.

  448. Hi Corey,

    This is my first comment, i have been lurking lol, sorry to hear about your family situation it’s never easy but wishing all the best and to move forward to have a happy 2010.

    Really excited about LB3 just watching LB2 today and was hoping that the next one would focus more on Edgars brother, we need to know how he got to be a blood sucking fiend! lol, i know with you behind it it’s going to be true to the fans..good one you!

    anyway have a great time filming in south africa..i’m sure as hell its warmer there than in the UK at the moment.brr
    Love & Peace
    Louise x

  449. corey,
    i met you at the mary jane ski area. i gave you and your girlfriend comp passes and went snowboarding with you two. i moved not too long after that and changed phone numbers. i still live in the fraser winter park area. get a hold of me some time. im on facebook. jeremy emal.

  450. Corey, I met you at a family party in the Bay are=a shortly after 9/11, to honor one of your exe’s relatives. I knew of your work before, but seeing you in action I was impressed with the intelligence and depth. You patiently played chess with one of the children and were so gracious when the honoree was proselytizing a bit. I was impressed with your maturity and character. I know the situation back story, and believe me you are better than those circumstances, and lucky to be out of it. I saw opportunism and dishonesty in this person at age 10 (picked up from the sociopathic parents no doubt). Play big and think big, you’re a great talent, don’t get sidetracked by the shiny things on the side of the road, but keep your eyes on the prize. You could mature into a great career with longevity if you avoid the speedbumps and detours. Some of the pain you are enduring has the possibility of informing your work as an artist and taking you to the next level – again if you avoid the trashy distractions. My best to you and your beautiful son.

  451. Corey,
    Let me tell you how much I love your acting and the movies you have done!
    Hang in there . I know things must be very tough be a celeberity as well as the pitfalls of being a child actor.I have seen in the news and in press of many young celeberties getting hurt passing away due to drug use.I admire the strenght and the honesty and courage you have to tell us fans about your personal life and past mistakes.
    We are all human and we all make mistakes. Congerdaualtions on kicking the drugs!

    I met you at Universal Studios Hollyood ca, On the opening night of Halloween Horror Nights 2009. You were there for red carpet appeearence and for presenting awards at Eye Gore awards.

    I have some pictures I like to get to you( Eye Gore awards. I was the blond that asked for your picture I was wearing a rocky horror tank top and I had red flashing devil horns on) the other Pictures I have of you are from Grenchmas when you were reading The Grench That Stole Chirstmas story.

    How do I get thses Pictures to you?
    And can I have a signed Picture I can put up on my wall?
    Thank you,

  452. hey corey…i feel so bad about your wife…but i have to tell u i always thought she was in it for the fame….sorry she was so full of herself….you definately showed her more affection then she showed u…..i think the only reason she was with you was to try to get famous…look at all the stuff she has done…playboy..boob jobs..etc….thats not something a loyal wife would do…i am sorry u found out to late…but i sincerely hope u learn from this…watch for the signs dude….they were always there….but i do hope good things come your way…u deserve it….and remember god never gives more than u can handle….stay strong…for your son…he will need you in his life….peace and love…Bunny

  453. Hey Corey, Ethan Tudor W. here with blogtalkradio.com’s “The Neverhood”. We have a LIVE call in show and would like to invite you to be on. The show date would be Monday, March 8th at 10am PST. It’s a FUN LIVE call in show and we can talk about your music, your NEW beginning, and the NEW Lost Boy’s Saga! We just had Actor/Photographer Meeno Peluce (From the hit 80’s TV show “Voyagers!”) on as well as Mark Lester, (The star of “Oliver!”, 1968). Fans would be able to call in and ask questions LIVE on the air, and give you a chance to say hello and chat about anything you like. My phone # is here, and you can look me up at IMDB if you want a reminder of who I am. There are a LOT of folks that would LOVE to hear from you man, would you consider joining us in “The Neverhood”? Let me know, and I hope you can make the show!
    -Ethan Tudor W.

  454. Hello Corey
    A live call in show would be pretty KEWL, I would call in. I LOVE your work so I hope you might find the time to do this show. It would be fun to hear your voice and get a chance to actully talk to you and ask questions. If you do it will you talk about it here? I hope to hear from you soon.

    -Marge D.

  455. Well hello Corey, I hope you truly stop in here now and then. My name’s Asxena and I live in Las Vegas. I work on the strip and have seen you in town, in FACT, you were very kind and signed and autograph for me a long time ago. I just wanted to take a moment to say I LOVE your work and wondered if you were going to be on the live radio show or not? I would love the chance to talk to you again and it’s funny that Ethan just did a show with Meeno Peluce who worked with you on “The Bad News Bears”. I check in here a lot so let us know, I think it would be fun to hear whats going on in your life.

  456. Corey,

    The Neverhood is a pretty good show man, I also listen to Radio Free Burrito hosted by Wil Wheaton (stng). are you REALLY going to do this show? I’ll be thr first caller if you do.

    -Robert Grace Esq.

  457. Corey,
    Are you really coming to Astoria Oregon for the 25 year Anniversary of the Goonies? All us native Astorians want to know! Spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter and the response has been huge. Hotels are filling up already. Looking forward to seeing you at the concert. Mouth is this this family’s favorite Goonie!!
    ~Sara Hauer~
    Astoria, Oregon

  458. Corey,
    im a huge fan and enjoy all movies you are in, my favorite being stand by me i think you showed a perfect example of a young boy in the situation that his life is. I enjoy listening to you sing and find that people are just jealous when they say your bad which you no where near not.i look up to you as a role model and would love to see more of you in films and the music business. I get exited when i find even the smallest bit of information about you because your life and career is so interesting and so far every movie you’ve been in I’ve always loved your acting is incredible and wish you luck in the future. im soo looking forward to lost boys 3 coming out i hope its as good as no.1 and 2 :) oh and your dance really well😄


  459. cant wait to check out the goonies

  460. I am very sorry to hear the loss of your friend Corey Haim. I know you guys had a tough road together in recent years, but we all know deep down you had a lot of love and respect for one another. Stay strong. Keep your head up.


  461. Hi Corey,

    I just heard the sad news about Corey Haim and I’m so sad. My sympathies and prayers go out to you and his family. I’ve been a fan since I can remember. Sending you a big hug, your in my thoughts. God Bless!



  462. Hi Corey, I wanted to let you and your family know that I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Our prayers are with your family and his family. He was a great actor and I know how much you tried to help him. I hope you know that you did everything you could to help him through the battles and demons that he faced. You were a great friend to him. God Bless you and your family.

  463. Dear Mr.Feldman,
    I am so SORRY for the lose of ur best friend CH, ive been fans of u both since i can rem. He is OUT of pain now, but it is u–i am worried about, U have lost SO SO much this year! For ur son and ur fans PLEASE keep ur head up through these horrible times.
    Love Always,
    Debbie XoXo

  464. So sorry for your loss ~ grew up with the two of you and know you did all you possibly could have for him. Remember, he is at peace. God Bless.

  465. Corey,
    I just heard the tragic news and I am so sorry for your loss. Know that you tried but you can’t save someone that doesn’t want to be saved.
    Again I am so sorry for your loss.

    With Deepest Sympathy,
    Angie Raymond

  466. I am so disheartened and distraught over Haims death. Even though it is of no surprise of the circumstances it is still a shock and a heartbreak. I got 3 Favorite actors Corey Feldman, Corey Haim and Gerard Butler. I grew up with the 2 Coreys, Im only 27. Feldman you are a hero and a good friend, you did everything in your power to save Haims life and curb his drug addiction. You sir are a hero in my book. Drugs are a powerful thing. Ive been addicted because of the same situation you and Haim experienced when you were young and nothing was done about. I know its hard but time heals all wounds my friend. Keep making movies keep youre head up and remember to look up and smile at Corey from time to time. Hes looking down on you. You were a true friend. We never met but you are loved.

    Jason Beaver

  467. Hey,
    I have been a fan since the 80’s, mostly cause we are the same age, actually I am 39, however, I have followed the Corey’s since I can remember. I always had respect for you both.

    Today I got home after work, and discovered the news about CH. I want to send you my condolences. I know you guys weren’t too close in the public eye, But I know that you had always hopes Corey would have the drive to clean himself up, and straighten out. From childhood you could see you two were close, yet one of the two decided to grow up, and the other decided he did not want to.

    I was so hoping for another chance to see the two of you again work together.

    My heart drops at the news. I know yours is extremely heavy right now.

    I wanted to give you my deepest regards.

    Lance “mordfilm” Goolsby
    Schweinfurt, Germany

  468. corey, i have watched you and cory for years since i was young too….i am so sorry for your loss of cory…i too recently lost someone to an overdose… she was an ex and a very dear friend.she had 2 kids. i gave my daughter her name….my heart goes out to you….all i can say is remember you did everything right… i watched the show, and i too was an addict before. just remember to breathe….he will forever be with you.

  469. Corey, that was written so well…..
    you have been the best friend a person could
    ever be to someone, you stood by him through
    thick and thin, as did his mother and that speaks
    volumes about who you are.
    he was a wonderful spirit…
    stay strong…..
    Love, Celeste

  470. sorry to hear about your best friend my heart goes out to you at this time of need. The two of you were great together in everything that you have done. Corey Haim will be missed by everyone. I am also a canadian just like Corey, to hear of this is tragic.

  471. My heart goes out to you, deepest condolences the loss of Haim is tragic. He will be missed.

  472. Sorry for your loss bro.I know how u feel i lost my dad in 1986 my sister in 2002 and my mom in 2008.It has made me depressed but i turned music and writing to keep me from going to drugs and achohol.
    My wife and kids have a lote to do with helping from just breaking down by telling me go play your drums in your studio so i did and it keeps me busy.reach out and just remember the good times.In my situation my friends and fellow musicians helped me threw the tough times.So keep rockin and godspeed and remember he is with u.

    New philadelphia,ohio

  473. No words can help the pain you must feel today. I too am 38 and have been a fan of you and Corey, growing up to all your movies! As I was getting older life was bitter as I wish I could turn time back. When I saw the release of The Two Corey’s, life was good!! Thank both of you for that!! You are a hero and a gentlmen. Corey Haim could not have asked for a better, best friend than you!! Just know that we all share your pain, will for ever be here for you, and will never forget you!!! You and Corey rock!!! Thanks for helping me re-live my youth again!!
    God Bless!

  474. Hey, we have never met but I grew up with you guys. Sorry about your(everyones) loss kiddo. Tend to things and keep making a difference man! A good friend is hard to come by and even harder to lose. Keep the faith.

  475. Hello Corey,
    Just wanted to express to you my sincere condolences on the loss of your brother Haim. I loved watching you two together. It was magic to watch. May he find peace that he seemed to never find in life. My best wishes to you, his family and yours.

  476. Hello. My name is Chris Barber. My wife Tinia and I would like to send our deepest sympathy to the loss of your best friend Corey Haim. You both were teen idols of us both and we enjoyed your movies very much. I especially like the music video you two were in, Rock On by Michael Damian. Corey will be greatly missed. Please send our regards to Corey’s family and friends. Our prayers are with you all.

  477. I watched Larry King tonight. I am sorry for your loss… We never know when or what lies ahead. RIP HAIMSTER

  478. Just wanted to say, I was a huge fan when you back when I was a kid/teen. Hadn’t really thought much about what ever happened with you as the years went on, sorry. But I have to say you just popped into my head all of a sudden, and I looked up what you had been up to. I was impressed, you have really overcame alot and I don’t that it would mean much you not knowing me, but I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU. You’ve done a great job (not being sarcastic), keep up the faith, and I wish you all the best. Keep your head up and your heart clear.

  479. corey,
    i just wanted to say that i’m sorry about the death of your friend. in a way, i feel like i lost a friend too today. i know that might sound weird but my heart aches for corey haim in a way that even i can’t understand or explain. but my heart also aches for his family, you, and your family. i watched your interview with larry king, and i can see how angry and upset you are, and you know what? you’re absolutely right. where were all of corey’s “devoted” and “loyal” fans (that he actually made movies FOR) the last ten or fifteen years of his life when he probably needed them the most? where were they when he needed someone to tell him that his life did have meaning? or that he was worth a hell of a lot more than he was allowing himself to become? where was someone to tell him that he was a GREAT actor or a good person with a good heart and that the world needed him or just to tell him that he mattered? did anyone tell him that even though it seemed like his life was going nowhere fast, that things do get better and there’s always a tomorrow? no, they didn’t. because unfortunately, in the world that we live in, people only care about the gossip. it’s always who’s dating who or what drugs someone is on, who has an eating disorder, who’s having another baby or who’s adopting one, etc, etc, etc. but it’s tiring, and it sickens me. now, i’m only 17 so alot of your movies came out before i was even old enough to comprehend them, but when i started watching them about 2 years ago, i was instantly hooked and amazed and attached. you two reached out to me. so today when i heard the news, my heart sank. i literally felt like i had been punched in the stomach. my mom didn’t understand it and kind of yelled at me because i scared her and she thought someone we knew died, and i tried to explain to her that it sort of WAS like someone that i knew died. i absolutely love both you and corey haim as actors, and in a way, you guys changed my life. you guys made me laugh, you made me cry, and most importantly, you two showed me a real friendship. the connection you showed both on and off screen is amazing and i wish that i had something like what you two had. i can’t even imagine how much you must be hurting. but i just want to say thank you for all of that, for all that you guys did for me. and i really hope that he knew he did have an impact on alot of people. me being one of them. i’m sorry that you’re probably being hounded by press for interviews and being asked a million and one questions, and that you probably don’t even have time enough to grieve. if there was something i could do, i would do it, believe me. i’m not interested in the cause of his death. i don’t care about the why’s or when’s or how’s. all that matters to me is that the world lost an amazing person today (well yesterday, considering it’s past midnight) and i wish they would leave it alone and stop trying to analyze it or chalk it all up to drugs so they have something to talk about. but mostly, i wish that everyone would just let his family and your family cope with it in peace.
    my heart goes out to you all, and i am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart.
    rest in peace, corey haim. you will be forever remembered and deeply missed. </3

    – just a fan.

  480. From Finland,Hello.Just caught Your beautifully(and hollywood-upwaking)-phrased news-flick from CNN,on LarryKing.Made me think of Kris Kristofferson,and how He stood-up for Peckinpah after His death.Gladly You were given such a wide exposure on the topic.On my opinion,an IMPORTANT subject.Keep the Spirit,and All The Best to You on this close-home matter. p.s. Corey was also a Part of our youth

  481. Hey Corey. I heard about Corey Haim’s death this morning and saw you on Larry King Live tonight. I want to let you know that I am SO sorry for your loss. Corey will definitely be missed.

  482. Corey,

    I just wanted to say I’m sorry to hear about Corey Haim. He was taken too young.
    I grew up watching and hearing about both of you. Corey will be missed.

    Though I’m not in the film industry, I went to school with a lot of people who went on to act on stage, work as cinematographers, and be assistants for tv producers. We all went to University in Toronto, and there is a huge pool of talent in the film/drama programs here. I know many of my friends who were in the film program look back on childhood movies as inspiration and most have mentioned loving The Goonies, Stand By Me and other movies you starred in.

    One of my friends, still in the midst of her degree worked on a movie that went on to the Toronto film festival. I’ve always thought it would be cool to see you in a movie like this. Even a short, independent movie is looked on with great achievement and admiration. I can’t help but wonder if you would ever consider volunteering to star in a student’s project. If you’re curious, you should check out York University around April/May every year (and I’m sure they have similar nights at other schools). The film programs air their movies and you can see the amazing talent and potential. I can picture you in some of their movies – artsy, cool, fun, and leaning towards the type of movies that might air on the IFC network.

    I only mention this because I feel that Hollywood is rather narrow minded sometimes and I think you’re much more talented then a lot of the fluff movies that Hollywood is producing lately. I think it might be a fun twist if you do a project or two north of the border and see where it takes you. I’m sure if you contact the Universities they can arrange for you to work with the students – something that will make people star struck as I know a ridiculous number of people who still love all your movies. I’m sure it would also be great publicity.

    I hope that whatever you do that you’re happy and that you know we all love you. As for Corey Haim,I know he will live on through his movies and in the hearts of his family, friends, and all us fans.

  483. Corey,I’m sorry to hear about your loss.We love you guys and he’ll be very missed.

  484. Hi Corey,

    I’m so sorry about your best friend. Words can’t express. I don’t watch those shows like tmz or read the tableoids. I stopped even looking at the headlines in the grocery store isle when Princess Diana died. I agree with you, it needs to stop. I wish i could say more, or even something to ease your pain. I know there is nothing.

    Stay Strong!

  485. How are you holding up? I’m sorry to hear about your loss man. I had the chance to meet Corey a while back, and he was a great guy.

  486. Corey,

    I am so sorry for your loss and I offer my sincerest condolences to you, your family and Haim’s family as well. I hope you take the sheer number of comments on here as a testament to how much Corey Haim will be missed.

    Since I was born around the time when “The Lost Boys” was being made, I didn’t get the chance to know much about Haim until the A&E show “The Two Coreys” aired. I saw something in him that was really fascinating and quite charming; and while I know that not everything you see on TV is true, I still couldn’t help but wonder more about you and him, thus I discovered “The Lost Boys,” and it is now one of my favorite movies.

    While I can’t even begin to understand what you’re going through right now, I hope you will take comfort in the fact that you and Haim were not at odds when he passed. So often, when a friend dies, we feel as though we didn’t end on the best of terms. But you have that, and it is something that is rare and I hope you take comfort in that.

    I hope that peace will come to you and Haim’s family following this tragedy. Know that the fans are behind you and in our hearts throughout this tough time. Stay strong and keep being positive.


  487. Hi Corey, I am not in the habit of writing to celeberties, in fact this is the first time I have and the reason I am,is because the minute I heard about Corey Haim’s passing I immediately thought of you and I thought how broken hearted you would be. I used to watch the two of you on the Two Corey’s and my heart always went out to Corey H, he seemed like such a wonderful person, who was just looking for love and acceptance. He was the type of person you just wanted to hold, hug and look out for and tell him everything would be ok. And I really think you were that kind of friend to him, you could see what an amazing bond you two had with each other, which is why I enjoyed watching your show. Whenever I thought of Corey H, I would also think of Robert Downey Jr, who for years I kept hoping that he would pull it together, I really thought we would hear on the news one day that he had died, his life was spiralling so out of control, and then he was finally able to pull it together, and he seems to have found happiness in his life, I always hoped that Corey would be able to do the same thing, but sadly he was taken away before he got that chance. I know so many news people are saying that he overdosed, which has made me very angry since they DO NOT know that at this point and are jumping to conclusions, and if god forbid that is what happened, it really does not matter, what matters it that a person who appeared to be such a wonderful person is no longer on this earth and the world is a little worse off now that he is gone. And for the record I was not a fan of Corey, I don’t think I have ever seen a movie that he was in, I have seen some of your movies, and I kind of tripped upon the Two Corey’s and again I was aware of who you both were and I got hooked because of the relationship you two shared. I have read that Corey will be buried in Toronto, I am also from Toronto, and if this is true, then we welcome home Corey who will be sadly missed. And even though I am a complete stranger to you I would like to give you my most heartfelt condolences for your loss. And I couldn’t agree with you more about your comment with all the people coming out of the wordwork saying how sad it is with Corey’s passing, where were they when he was alive. Shame on them!! Rest In Peace, Corey Haim!!

  488. Hey Corey, wasnt sure if thats actually your facebook page or a fan fascimile, needless to say i asked you to add me. Dont usually do these sort of fan based things although im a huge movie buff with many of the two corey’s movies within. After hearing of Corey Haim’s death i felt compelled to write you and make sure you were ok. It hurts losing someone very close to you and i’m sure Haim is up in heaven right now looking down at all the frickkin attention he is getting (unfortunatly too late) and im sure he is in a better place. If that is your facebook page by all means add me or not and anytime and i mean anytime you want to chat with someone away from all the hollyweird crap i will be there. I live in Ontario Canada about an hours drive from where Haim was staying in Toronto. Like i said to sum this up I normally dont do these things but thought i would try this once and just say I dont have the words to express my sadness for this tragic loss. Anytime….remember god speed my friend L.

  489. Corey,
    I am extremely sorry for the loss of your best friend, Corey Haim. I grew up watching both of you and always loved everything the two of you collaborated on.
    Corey had an undeniable talent and his death has saddened me deeply.
    I am truly sorry for your loss. Corey will definitely be missed.

    – always and forever a fan :)

  490. Corey,
    So very sorry for the tragic loss of your dear friend.

    From a long-time fan of the both of you.

  491. Hey Corey,
    Just wanted to tell you how sorry I am to hear about Corey Haim. He’ll be missed. I hope you and your family are doing ok. I know you and Corey have had some rough patches, but it’s the good times that count.

    Stay strong,

  492. Corey,
    All the condolences you are getting is alot of what I want to say to you. I want to add that I am sorry. No words are going to make you feel better. I LOVED Corey Haim. I followed him when I was a kid and continued to until his death. He was amazing. I always believed in him and my heart to is breaking over his death. I cry for you too because you are one of only a few people who stood by him. I want you to know that Corey will live in my heart forever. I will always remember his kindness,amaning talent and his beautiful face. Keep your head up and remember there are REAL people that loved and believed in him. I love you too and want to thank you for all your talent and inspiring me in every aspect of my life. You are also a true talent that is underappreciated. You have alot of fans who love you. Including me….RIP Corey Haim..you will be missed by the ones that love you. This quote is for Corey Haim-“Though this may be play to you, Tis death to us.”
    – Aesop

  493. Corey please read

    So take a minute, picture yourself there at the movies, maybe even the drive in. You are anxiously awaiting the moment when the blue eyed hottie emerges on the big screen. You have seen the preview a zillion times. You have spent time, precious moments of your life, counting how many times he blinks during the scene in the hallway as he speaks to the camera. You imagine yourself there with him as he decides to take his parents car even though he has failed his drivers test. You want him to throw caution to the wind, forget about Heather Graham and turn to you and say “Get out of my dreams, get in to my car!” Are you there with me yet?

    Or maybe instead you are hearing “People are Strange when you’re a stranger, faces look ugly when you’re alone…” in the back of your mind as you drive along in your beater of a convertible. Nanook at your side…yes you know you did it, you named your huskie with the blue eyes Nanook, don’t try to lie. Maybe you say in that sing songy voice to your friends when you are a bit tipsy at a party, “Thou shalt not KILL!” Maybe you all of a sudden had an aversion to taxidermy, maybe wanted to call yourself Starr or Laddie? Named your band “Death by Stereo?” (Oh wait Efraim did do that)

    Oh I got it, I know you, you took up walking with a cane dancing with your friends…da dah dah dah dah dah duhhh Dream a little Dream of Me…Collected bugs and called your friend Luke “Lukeplakia?” Maybe used icy hot as a gag in the locker room? Knew in your heart that the cheerleader would love you back instead of looking in to the eyes of the nerdy chick (ummm Winona Ryder) whose love shone through daily. Ahhhh the 80’s.

    I enjoyed my trip down memory lane when the Two Coreys came on A & E. I was stung by how broken and angry Corey was. Wait let me explain… no need to clarify which Corey. Both stung me. How could they be human? How could they get angry and loud and physical? Didn’t they know they lived in my teenage brain as Hottie and McHot? Didn’t they realize I was a true fan? I called the 800 number with the pre-recorded messages. Many times. I bought Teen Beat and Tiger Beat and Beat Beat??? and plastered my youth filled walls with their 16 year old mugs?

    I probably know every word to Lost Boys, Dream a Little Dream and Lucas. I knew for sure I would marry one of the Coreys. When Feldman got married to Susie I not only watched but it solidified Haim as my life long love. LOL Oh yeah you are thinking what about that pesky drug problem? Well I am up for any challenge. I mean as a teen of the 80’s how can you pass up a Corey?

    Then yesterday literally was awakened to the news. Every one of my friends,old and new flogging my cell with texts, calls, emails. Facebook was “a twitter” (no pun intended). The boy from dreams had “possibly” succumbed to his demons. I literally shed a tear. Not for the man I would never ever have known but instead for the boy to whom had occupied a large part of the attic space of my mind.

    It was not me who lost someone dear. I would be remiss if I pretended that to be so. I do not have the right to mourn the loss of a friend. Yet that girl with the brown curly hair and big aqua netted bangs, red cowboy boots and jean shorts with giant sized earrings…that girl… she deserves a moment to pause and reflect on the sweet blue eyed dreamy boy who was only a film screen away….and so he always will be.

    Oh My Haimster…on you go!

  494. Dear Mr. Feldman,

    I grew up watching both yourself and Corey Haim and have always loved your work.

    I watched your interview with Larry King and was compelled to write to you and tell how touched and amazed I was…. your class and strength were palpable but even more incredible was your message. You are so right when you express your anger and disgust with the treatment and ridicule endured by many stars. You and your message are special. The human element that you display is poignant and beautiful and I now admire you for so much more than being an actor. I admire the man that you are.

    Bravo and my gentle wishes of peace during this sad time.

    Jacqueline Bradley

  495. Hi Corey, I am very sorry that you lost such a dear friend. I am the same age as you so I grew up watching your work. I admire your work with PETA and am sorry that your marriage did not work out. Probably too much information but just know that I and many others are thinking of you and wishing you well!

  496. Dear Corey,
    When I heard the news I was so upset to hear about Corey. God Knows he was so blessed with having you as his best friend. I have always like you and Corey, watching all you went thru on the filming of the Two Corey’s was so upsetting, as you were only trying to help him. Corey just could not see that, as his addiction was stronger than your bond at points, well, atleast on his side. You never waivered, and bless you for that. Corey, you will be blessed for all you have been to Corey and I am sure many people, for you seem to be a very caring person. I have not watched your show since you and your wife started having , problems. I sure hope you both weathered the storm as you both seemed perfect for each other. I will pray for you as you go thru this sad time, as now you need to learn a new normal in your life without Corey, you have been use to worrying about him night and day, now you will know he is free of his torture and pain, so that should give you some peace.America will watch you as you take this journey that many of us are already on. God Speed to Corey Haim, and God Bless you Corey for being such a wonderful person and friend.

  497. I want so badly to express my condolences to you,but I’m not even sure what to say. I know there are no words that can make this hurt any less. Corey was your brother and I didn’t even know him. . .but,I do know this: His films have been a part of my life since I was 8-years-old(I turned 32 last week.) Every time I watch him on the screen, I can’t help but smile. It’s as if everything that is pure and wonderful about him just jumps out at me. I wanted so badly for him to kick his demons and have the success he deserved. . .God, I just wanted him to be one of the ones that made it. I hope Corey had some idea of the number of lives he touched. . .I hope you know ,too. I will always remember the sparkle in his eye, that adorable smirk and a talent that never failed to make me laugh. . .or cry. I can’t imagine what you are going through right now. I pray God grants you the grace and peace to make it through this time. Please know that Corey was loved by so many people and you are too. Corey will live on in my heart. I will be a fan forever.

  498. Dear Corey and Family,
    We would like to express our deepest sympathy to you and all of Corey’s loved ones! Our prayers are with you and I personally want to remind you that Corey would be proud of you for how well spoke on the Early Show! You are more than a friend but a brother to everyone around you! You did what no other would or could do and I commend you for that! Remember this as well: If you ever feel like you can’t talk to anyone that you feel doesn’t or won’t understand, that God is always there in case you need him! May God bless you and your family forever and ever! -Your friend always Anna Lowery

  499. Impressive, articulate, passionate, informative and heartfelt appearance on Larry King. I was very impressed and could tell your deep love for your friend. I am so sorry. Us out here in the “average, non-famous Joe” world have no idea what it’s like. Just remember it’s only good-bye for now.
    Take care

  500. I wish it could have been about happy news – wedding or such. Both of you were about my age and for Corey to die so young – without experiencing children or being a grand-dad. These are life’s experiences which can make a person whole. I believe what his mother said about congestive heart failure because of all that he experienced through the ups and downs of doing drugs. Does not make it any easier – my thoughts are with you and the rest of his family.

  501. Hi Corey
    I just wanted to tell you how truely saddened I am by the premature passing of Corey and how this tragedy has devestated me as i’m sure it has all your fans. I’m actually in Ireland and as a mark of respect some friends and I have gotten together and talked the local Cinema into showing Lost Boys on the big screen. I felt this to be a small but poiniant mark of respect to the passing of your friend.

    I’m sure you hear this alot but the both of you were my childhood heros, from the goonies, lucas and everything you did collaboratively i’ve loved. Not to sound like a stalker but at aged 13 I have over 1000 pictures of you both adorning my walls. I’m 33 now and have over 4000.. Kidding!

    Words cannot take your pain away but I hope that you can find some comfort in the knowledge that you are in the thoughts of many during this difficult time. I’m sure that you’re experiencing many emotions anger being one of them and in time this will pass, you were Corey’s best friend and his brother and noone can take away the good times and the happy memories you shared.

    I hope that in time you can find peace and that Corey has found his.

    All my love
    Maeve x

  502. As someone who herself is a recovering drug addict…something only a few friends and family members know, I feel compelled to tell you a little about my battle and how Corey’s death has affected me.

    As a recovering drug addict who allowed a successful career as a newspaper editor and later advertising writer to be taken away from a debilitating addiction to drugs, I followed the show you did with Haim closely and prayed he would find a way to believe in himself as a sober person.

    I sometimes think I understand relapse better than I do recovery, having done it so many times. Each time it gets worse, but addiction is a powerful thing. It takes away not just your talent and love for life, it takes your soul. And once you realize it’s gone, it seems an impossible thing to try and get back through a program of recovery.

    Having believed I could never be a drug addict–in college I believed I was too ambitious a writer to give in to those tempations–today I try to warn teenagers what you think is fun now could become an addiction without you even realizing it. I believed my 20s were for partying and I would settle down and get married in my 30s. Well, at 32 I have been through several rehabs, relapsed, recovered, relapsed again, ended an engagement because of my addictiona and put my family and friends through hell.

    I applaud you for the friend and brother you must have been to Haim. I have two friends who are the only two people in the world I ever confided in fully about my addiciton to cocaine and later prescrip pain pills and they never judged me. They were my saving grace. They have been there for me when I am doing well, and they were thetr to kick my ass, pick me up and clean me up when I relapsed and tried to hide from the world.

    I understand how easily drug addiction can take over a young celebrity’s life. Too much money and attention without the where-with-all to cope. But I wasn’t a celebrity–at least not in the Hollywood sense. As a newspaper editor evreryone in the region knew my name and face, but they didn’t know ME. And when the stress of the job got too much and my personal life seemed to be falling apart, I thought drugs were the answer. But I never started out expecting to be an addict. They were just supposed to kill the pain or help shut out the world for awhile. And then one day I woke up and realized I could not go one day without them. And then my life really started to come crashing down.

    Even then, though, I never understood how someone like me, a single child from a middle-class family whose parents gave her everything they never had, could throw it back in their face by giving my life over to drugs.

    Today both my family and I are learning that once the addiction sets in, the drugs do the talking, and the person you knew before is lost within. It’s the hardest struggle a person could go through, finding your “true” self again, relearning how to live, turning off the voice that says “use” instead of “do the right thing.” Even today, I have moments when I don’t believe in myself, when I don’t believe I can maintain recovery. In NA they have a saying “Just for Today” but sometimes it’s really “Just for the Next Hour.” And eventually it does get better. Eventually you build back up your self esteem and realize you are worthy of a good, sober life.

    I believe Haim, like so many addicts, struggled with this on a daily basis. And like the rest of us, some days he won, and some days the addiction did. But, God Bless him he was a fighter. He kept working at recovery, and that’s all an addict can do. I was so happy to see a clip on TMZ of you and him out together, friends/brothers and him sober and looking happy. Which made the news of his passing all the more shocking to me.

    May Corey Haim rest in peace. And may all those who knew and loved him and stood by him in his struggles and successes remember him for his strength and courage.

    With love and sadness,

  503. I am so sorry for your terrible & tragic loss.😦 He was 1 of my favorite actors & IMHO the best work he ever did was when he acted w/ you & I liked Lucas too. I’m gonna miss him so much.

  504. Corey I just wanted you to know “Stand by me” and the “goonies” are two of my all time favorite movies, And now my son also loves goonies. I think I have seen them a thousand times ha-ha. You have an amazing gift. I’m looking forward to lost boys 3.

  505. I’ve been a fan of both Coreys. I was one of those teens back in the ‘80s who where in love with their celebrities. I did love Haim more, no offense to Feldman. Looking back now, I wish I posted or send a fan message to Haim after watching the A&E the 2 Coreys, when he saw a negative message about him on the net. Haim was devastated when he saw the blog. I feel like I was not by his side when he was at his lows. I do however, congratulate and honor Mr. Feldman for sticking by Haim when he was not at his best. It seems like Mr. Feldman was the only friend in the Hollywood who was his friend when he was not the “superstar”. You are the true meaning of friendship. I hope you don’t put yourself down by thinking you wish you could have done more for him. I don’t know if any other of his celebrity friends stood or help him privately, as you were; however, you publicly show your true friendship to him. I am seeing all of those blogs posted by different celebrities about Haim now; showing a heart-felt messages. I don’t take any of them as passionate as yours. Lastly, Mr. Feldman thank you for the positive message you told on Larry King Live about Mr. Haim. Mr. Haim had the “BEST” human being as a friend.
    Mr. Feldman, I hope your family, especially your son have a healthy and prosperous life.

    Thank your for true friendship for Mr. Haim.

    R.I.P. Corey Haim, I will always be your #2 fan.

  506. Dear Corey,
    Just wanted to send my sincere condolences on the loss of your dear friend Corey Haim. I too second what someone else wrote. Your words on Larry King were as sincere and heartfelt as one could be. I think you may have truly touched on something. My sympathy to you and to Corey’s family…may he truly be at peace. Aside from your talent on screen, you were truly blessed at being a REAL friend and Corey knew that. My prayers are with you and the Haim family during this most difficult time. God Bless.

  507. I just want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and with Corey’s family. He will be missed.

  508. It’s nice when people (& the media) are there for someone in death and posting nice comments about them and all, but it’s EVEN NICER when they are there for them in Life!! I spent about a year hanging out on Corey Haim’s messageboard with about 20 other of his devoted fans. What an amazing person he was and will always be. I’m sure Corey would have loved all of the attention the media and everyone is bringing to him now. Just wish they would have done that a year ago. I think you and Corey both Deserve Stars in Hollywood & Yours should be ‘Side By Side!’ We should start a petition to get you guys stars. I wrote asking about getting one for Haim like a year back. I think you start with an application and raise some funds for it or something. I need to look back into it:) I was also writing a comedy movie I wanted Corey Haim to play a Substitute Teacher in. I noticed he was cast in a very similar one to my script called “The Science of Cool,” so that writer had the same type of idea…
    bless you both, mourning our loss….
    Lisa Marie Brenna, Screenwriter.

  509. To be honest Corey Feldman you were the first thought that popped into my head after learning about the death of your longtime friend. I just wanted to say I am so sorry.. I have to keep it 100 when I say Corey never looked like he was happy. My cousin Will Gates took his life at 15. He reminded me of my cousin. Now I have never met Corey, abut I will say I watched every movie, I am 33 so u guys were my era, ” Hello Honey” Dream a little dream, one of my fav lines from Corey Haim just on a delivery. I guess in situations like this what we should do is post a favorite line or movie to pay homage to this man. Corey Haim I will never forget how your voice cracked in Lucas, How u used to look on my wall on the cover of The Bop, and how u said Hello Honey in dream a little dream. U can rest now and be happy man, we love ya Corey Haim and Corey Feldman u are in my prayers. Stay strong he loved you and it showed.:)

  510. Corey, My heartfelt empathy and condolences to you and the Haim family, I just lost a very dear friend Walter Popish 3-2-10 he was a brother to me and I was the sister he did not have. So I know how you feel. I loved Corey had a huge crush on both of you. I got to see American Sunset and meet Corey at the Premier I wish I could have hung out longer. The movie was just amazing and Corey was absolutely amazing I was so happy for him making a come back and looking forward to all of his up coming movies. I wish I would be able to attend his memorial in LA God willing I might. I just got back from Wally’s funeral and was awakened to the news ticker of Corey’s passing. I refuse to watch the news and stand by while people say negative things about him he was a beautiful sole and a kind human and will remember him just as that. God Bless you, your family and Corey’s family, friends and the fans.

    God Bless you Corey Haim. I will forever miss you and love you for the person you were. R.I.P. I told Walter to look for you and take you fishing if you like that.

    Peace and Love Corey Feldman,
    Dawn McGroarty

  511. Dear Corey..what do you say to someone who has lost their best friend? I’m sorry just doesn’t seem like enough. You’re being thought of and I’m very sad for what you, your family and Corey’s famiy must be going through. Stay strong and know that there are so many fans that care about you and what you are going through at this time.

    (This quote reminds me of you and Corey)
    Memories last forever, never do they die, Friends stick
    together and never really say Goodbye
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Tara S.

  512. Tragic loss Corey. Deepest condolences and peace to your family and Corey Haim’s (especially Judy). Nothing will ever replace the loss of your brother/friend in this life. I lost a very dear friend to drugs and I still wonder if there was anything I could have done to change the course of his path. I hope that you will be the best that Corey wants for you. Peasce and blessings from a friend in Toronto.


  513. I would like to send my best wishes and prayers out to both Corey Haim’s mother and to his best friend and brother corey Felman. I know Corey Haim will be missed by everyone. He was a shining sart in this crazy world and overcame so many demons. He showed great strength where so many would have given up. He showed us all what he could do and just how much he loved everyone around him. We love you Corey Haim and we will miss you.

  514. corey,
    I just wanted to give you my deepest sympothy. I only found out today about my “Lost Boy’s” passing. My heart aches for his family and yours. Almost everything I have read so far about his passing by the press disgusts me. Im sorry for their ignorance and insensitivity. Though I never knew him he always had a special place in my heart. I just wish i could have told him somehow. So I don’t make that mistake again know that you also have a place in my heart. I grew up watching you guys and now my kids do. I hope all of you find peace in all this. I know he will cause he is in God’s hands now and all of his pain and sorrows are no more. My prayers are with you all.
    God Bless You….You Goonie

  515. Hi corey my name Is Nicola Monaghan and I just want to say how sorry I am to hear of Corey Haim passing away. Im absoutley devastated. I was so shocked I will never forget it.

    I would like to say that you are such a great talented actor and I love all your films. I grew up in the 80’s and found all your films awesome. The Lost Boys has got to be my all time favourite, Im always watching it, ive lost count how many times ive seen it lol.

    I would love to meet you one day but i dont live in California. Hera is my email address if you ever get the time to write monaghan_650@hotmail.com. i appricate how busy you are but I would love to hear from you one day. Take care for now. Peace and love.xxxx

  516. Hi its me again. I just want to ask do you ever tour over in England? I would love to hear you perform your music.xxx

  517. Corey, My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, your friends, fans, and Corey’s family. I was deeply saddened by the news of Corey’s untimely death. I will defend him, with the accusations of drug overdose, for ever. I know that’s not what happened. He was looking up, getting his life back together, and from what everyone has said, he was getting back on his feet, and doing well. I don’t think that I will ever believe that that’s what took him from us. Even if it’s proven. I read some where that it was pulmonary congestion… Is that true? I grew up watching you guys, saw every movie you were ever in. I had the biggest crush on both of you. I wish you well. And know that Corey is no longer suffering in this world of trouble. People are negative, and tend to open their mouths, and believe everything they hear, before getting the truth about things. I hope that everyone that’s said anything negative about Corey is proven wrong. I love you. You’re an awesome person. Corey (H) you will always be apart of everyone you have touched, you will be greatly missed. I love you as well. Peace and Much love to you and your families!

  518. God gives all of us the experiences we need to get to know and love him and this life that he has given us better. The loss of Mr Haim is another reminder to us all that life is short, and sometimes even shorter than we think it may be. We should all reach for our goals everyday and try to live our dreams no matter what…you never know…tomorrow might be our last day and you will not get another chance.
    God bless brother.
    RIP Mr Haim

  519. I have the utmost respect for you, Corey. It is my dream to someday meet you.

  520. Corey,
    You are a very gifted person who has touched the lives of so many. I am a huge fan of yours and Corey Haims, and wish that I would have gotten to meet him before his early passing. I hope one day I will find a way to cross your path and shake the hand of such a great man. James Conley

  521. Hi Corey,
    I am very Saddened by the passing of our beloved Son of Toronto.
    I know you and Corey were as close as brothers.
    My Heart aches today for his MOM,and Friends. as I have 3 adult kids myself, I cannot wrap my mind around her profound grief.

    There are many people who have posted comments that his MOM depended on Corey for her every day needs..

    I would be very Happy to Help with a Fund-raiser for her here in Toronto.
    As well as help with a service for his Canadian Fans.
    I am not going to B.S you HUN..You get far to much of that already😦
    I did work with Tiff in Toronto years ago and being 52 years old..
    I am retired, and do a lot of volunteer work.ect.

    If you think A Fund-Raiser is a good Idea, I know Corey would want his Mom taken care of..Please email me..
    Stay Stong, and know that Corey is in Gods arms , Safe from his demons here on Earth..( I had my own fight with them 20+ years ago)Its only a Body that passes away, His Spirit and Energy will live on 4-ever…KEEP YOUR FAITH.
    You have your own Angel watching over you..
    I really do hope you read this..
    I am here to help

  522. I was such a huge fan a friend called me and woke me up before i saw it on the news. My sister and I always joked we were gonna marry you guys someday. All I can do now is tell you that we love you. We love you like we love him. MAKE MORE MOVIES, do it for both of you. The legacy is not over……

    Its been rough for you Corey. First Micheal and now Corey. Strangers hearts are breaking for you. Im sure it feels shallow, nobody can imagine your pain, but you are still one half of a legacy. Make him proud.

  523. Corey, I was a neighbor of John Metuzak when he lived in WI, I was a close friend of his mothers and neice, actualy saw Goonies for the first time with his mother (of coures i was young and didnt know the privlage i was really given) His neice and i were so into you! haha anyways after seeing the movie with in weeks John was back in Oak Creek and we got to sit down and day dream as he told us about the movie being made. It was if we were there with him. He would always tease us that he was going to bring you to Milwaukee and we could meet you Oh what a dream come true for 12 yr old little girls. Anyways there is a point to this post. I am deeply sorry that you lost such a dear friend and completly commend you for all that you are doing for his family and keeping with there wishes. I hope that you too can find peace with this in the upcoming months,years, lifetime! My thoughts,prayers, and love goes out to you and his family! Keep strong! and although i never had that dream fufilled of sitting in Oak Creek and chatting with Corey Feldmen after all the talks with Big John I feel as if I did know you! It really saddens me that another soft gental great soul has been lost!

  524. MAY GOD BLESS YOU MY OLDER BROTHER, YOU TWO COREYS WERE LIKE MY BROTHERS I GREW UP WITH YOU AND LOST ONE, im truly sorry for your loss, he is taking care of you, hes around u trust me. sherry

  525. I would like to suggest a coping mechanism I have found useful. At this point, it may be too raw and recent to use, but I believe it will make the experience of remembering Corey more vivid as time goes on. What you do is you make a list, however long, of everything you remember about him. Absolutely everything.. every association, every quirk, his style, funny things he would say or do, things that only you would know.. anything that reminds you of him, just anything and everything. You will find the process of making the list a really emotional experience, and you might start and stop it many times. Its value is that it helps you recall and share (if you choose) the uniqueness of their being and personality. I have used this grieving tool for every relative and friend I’ve lost since 2001, when I first heard about it. At first I thought it was silly, because, I reasoned, what could I possibly forget about them? Well, you’d be amazed what you remember and what you don’t as time passes.

    On a side note, I found the open letter very touching. You’ve done good by your friend. Believe it.

    • If only I could got back to 2001 when I lost my Mom. I know for sure I never could have gone through with writing everything I loved and cherished about her right away, but now that all these years have gone by, I find myself forgetting little things, like her laugh, and how she used to sign lullabies to my babies. God, I miss her. I am so proud of all the Corey and Corey fans for showing their love and support to Corey Feldman during this terrible time. We all love you Corey,


  526. At the risk of repeating what I wrote on US News’ site today and losing cred for quoting m’self, I actually find I can’t speak to Corey Feldman, directly, indirectly or really at all, such is the awe with which I have beheld him over the years. Can I safely assume he’s not reading this for any reason that anyone is prepared to give me at this point? I’ll take that as a “yes.”

    I’ve now sat here for 15 minutes since the above paragraph.


    I’m so sorry.

    I really can’t talk to you at a time like this, or probably even ever.

    Now half an hour counts down to the inevitable. I know I can talk to Feldman and Haim’s fans. I’ll bet so many of them feel just like me today, in fact on any day since… Hey people, …nope can’t put it any better than I put it earlier today.

    I don’t know how… I just wish… You know you can’t type through tears with font this little. I’m a 38 year old woman and I’m a Haim / Feldman fan!

    and I quote!

    “Corey Feldman’s heartbreaking letter, speech and tribute to his friend Corey Haim will no doubt go down in history as one of the most outstanding pieces of pure adoration in prose of my generation at least, if not the 21st century at large. It will be often quoted, studied in universities and will form possibly the greatest legacy of artists of the 1980s for generations to come, by way of example. This is undying friendship and brotherhood at it’s unrivalled best, save for sacrifices seen on the battlefield. There are no words to critique this piece. Just streams of tears. Earth shatteringly brilliant Corey Feldman, the best friend anyone ever had. Lucky Corey Haim, you went to heaven if you were anything like Feldman!”


    Sorry mate, that was the best I could do.

    Love Molly.

  527. Corey,

    I have been a fan of the two Coreys since youth, your cander and drive to succeed and not let the hype intervene is impressive. To continue your friendships through life’s challenges, being there until the end touches my heart greatly.
    I am so saddened by not only your loss, but the worlds loss. Coreys impact has touched many from everywhere and will carry on. I never knew him in person, yet was grief stricken by the sudden loss. My heartfelt sincere condolences and prayers go out to you, your wife and Coreys family. His mother especially.
    Be well and please continue to communicate with your fans. We love you Corey F.
    Kim S

  528. Today the world lays you to rest,
    And our hearts are being put to the test.
    We have loved you for many, many years.
    And have shed over a million tears.
    my friend corey you dont have to struggle any more,
    Lay it all down and close the door.
    Your memory will never die,
    Now your as free as an eagle, to soar and fly.
    =corey feledman thank you for being corey haims friend=I just first off would like to say, that I was quite surprised at the comments that came from celebrities , like melissa gilbert, and others. I’m amazed that they made comments. Where were they when cory was in trouble and not successful and lost all his money. I didn’t see one of them helping him or even being his friend. you all stepped away from him when he was really bad and needed a friend and not one of you reached out to him, except for corey feldman who was his true friend. I just want you all to know that you celebrities think you have it made with making money and your movies and you think you’re better than everyone. but you’re not in God’s eyes and one day you will have to face Him alone, and you won’t be able to take your money and your fancy cars with you. Hollywood celebrities you ought to be ashamed of yourselves for not being there for one of your fellow actors.

  529. corey I see your smile of the past
    You would always make us laugh with stuff you have done in moves
    Life was forever free
    And you were all you could be
    Then came time
    There were burdens to share
    Sadly those you could not bear
    Deep within your mind you went
    You became not who you truly were

    Life became dark
    The the drugd and drinking and partying took over you
    Your eyes filled with tears
    The pain was forever
    The memories of the past are clear
    And when we see tomorrow
    You will be nowhere near
    When we look for your smile
    All we see is the sorrow
    But what has happened has brought fans and friends closer to you
    The memories of your life will always live on
    With the sparkle in your eyes
    And a smile on your face
    In our hearts you have filled a special place
    So when we think of you
    We will forever reflect back
    To who you once were ===== your friend warner = if any one out there needs a friend ill be your friend e mail me my e mail is wb635@hotmail.com

  530. = to corey feldman = am home with god ,
    while you’re still here…
    Know that I live on,
    vibrating to a different measure
    –behind a thin veil you cannot see through.
    You will not see me,
    so you must have faith.
    I wait for the time when we can soar together again,
    –both aware of each other.
    Until then, live your life to its fullest.
    And when you need me,
    Just whisper my name in your heart,
    …I will be there my friends. by warner—-my e mail is wb635@hotmail.com if any one out there needs a friend ill be your friend=====

  531. Do not stand at my grave and weep;
    I am not there, I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow.
    I am the diamond glints on snow.
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
    I am the gentle autumn rain.

    When you awaken in the morning’s hush
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circled flight.
    I am the soft stars that shine at night.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry;
    I am not there, I did not die.

  532. Corey,
    I just read your letter to CH. My heart goes out to you and all who are friends and family to those who struggle with addiction. Today is the 909th day since loosing my own little sister, Mandy, to an accidental drug/prescription overdose. She was only 32 and the light of my life! Even though she was 5 years younger than me and the biggest pest of a little sister growing up, and an even more difficult “adult” with her alcohol, drug and prescription struggle, she made me laugh like no one else, I secretly wanted to be just like her when we were growing up (blonde & skinny), I played it over in my mind even when I was having coffee with her in my kitchen on a “good day” that one day she may not be with me like this, she made me stronger than I could have imagined, and taught me unconditional love…and I’ve been married 18 yrs! I say all that to say, God bless you, Corey. Please don’t let what happened in CH’s life be in vain, continue to hold his memory as a special gift, and know he is proud of you too.
    ~Blessings from a fellow friend who understands, Tracy

  533. Corey..My heart goes out to you and the memory of C. Haim. i read your “open letter”, how touching it was! It made me sob so hard that I could barely read it. Corey had so much pain in his life, I could see it in his eyes. I can relate to a lot of the things he went through, especially addiction! I am a recovering alcoholic and I know how hard it can be. Oh how I wish I could have known Corey H. I would have loved to have told him how special he was and that there was HOPE! I watched your show the “Two Coreys”. I could sense his pain, and how frustrated he was. I just ache inside, for you. God bless you my friend, and take care.

  534. We are located across the Columbia river from Astoria and know you are scheduled to play at the Goonies 25th anneversary.I have been an activist all my life and feel that we need help in our battles. is there any way you could show up here or even stay. we could make special arrangements with you. I suggest that you google www. mobydickhotel.com and look us over.I also would like any help we could get from activists such as your self in our ongoing battles to save Willapa bay .
    Fritz Cohen

  535. Hi Corey, I am 59 so I have alittle experience in loosing loved ones in my life. I have found it is helpful to grieve alittle at a time.It is better not to take alot of the sadness in all at once.
    I have enjoyed both you and Corey Haim on the screen very much and I am very sorry for your personal loss. I will say a prayer to give you more strength to handle your saddness.
    Tou have a great opportunity that many people will never have. You can continue on living positively and you will give the world someone they can watch and learn how to handle some of their own sadnesses. There are many people that don’t have anyone in their lives to care about them or anyone they can watch and learn how to live a good life from. You are in a unique position to do this for our world.
    Please take this little advice and do what you can with it.
    Best Wishes Corey, I am so sorry for your loss.
    St. Louis, Mo.

  536. hey Corey I just wanted to tell I am soo sorry for your loss..I grew up with the two Coreys ..the 80s was my decade..My thoughts and prayers go out to U and the haim Family He will be Missed by everyone..he was a great guy and a great talent as are U ..I know how it feels i lost my bestfriend to Cancer when she was just 20 yrs old its hard Corey I know its soo hard but U will get through it ….Keep ur head up he wouldnt want u to be sad ..love u

  537. I just wanted to say that my heart and prayers go out to you with the tragic death of Corey Haim.I used to watch corey and corey and cried through alot of them,I seen the love and the emotion you had for him,you seem like the only one who was very concerned about his well being..and the only one who stuck by him through most of his life..I know your heart is breaking over his death..I just wish the whole world could haave seen him like you did and could appreciate him while he was alive..He was very talanted and he had a heart of gold..but the media and all was so quick to judge him,only god can judge him..I felt so much of his pain watching him on your show together .dont think he could have had any better of a freind then he had in you..you could see the pain in your eyes when you would see the pain in him..I just watched the whole series of corey and corey again through out today and I cried all over again..I know he is in a better place where he feels nomore pain or no bad judgement upon him..I know he is watching down on you and see’s you mourn for him and see’s that special person you are to him.I know from the media that you are having a tough time with the divorece and the loss of corey ..just remember he is always with you and his memory will live on in you and always be a part of you..he is gone but never will be forgotten..so my heart and prayers go out to you and his mom and everyone who was in his life who loved him and appreciated who he was ..cause I know I seen alot in him and he was beautiful inside and out..may you rest Corey Haim. God Bless you Corey and Corey.

  538. Corey I was just wondering why no one got Corey the help he needed years ago for the abuse he suffered at such a young age . And why that was never discussed on your shows the two Coreys. I know their was an episode when it was passed over breifly and it is sad because it might of helped him to get it out and being very popular as a teen actor at one point it might of helped others who had been in the same postion in their lives if he was able to face his demon and help others do the same by coming forward. It is a tragic loss and an unnecessary one.

  539. Dear Corey, saw your interview on Larry King live, and yes your right, its a thankless thankless town when you’re no longer of any use to anyone. Although many abandoned and forgot Corey, his fans never forgot him…..or you as a matter of fact. Your fans have supported you both by keeping up with your careers and watching your latest work, as fans thats all we can do without being labeled stalkers. I always admired your friendship with Corey, it caused you alot of heartache, arguments with your wife, frustration, and through good times and bad times… you both hung in there. Thats what true friends and family do. I believe Corey found both in you……a brother and a friend until the end.

  540. Corey, You have my deepest condolences. I will admit that my heart is completely broken. I grew up watching the both of you and loved your movies together. The letter you wrote brought me to tears and I just can’t imagine what you are going through right now. I never met Corey and my heart hurts for him. I’ve been pulling for him for years to make the comeback…he was so talented. I don’t know if you’ll read this, as you have so many messages. I found a beautiful tribute on youtube. I didn’t create it but I put it on my site. Please check it out. It’s set to Sarah McLaughlin’s Angel and it just hurts to watch it but makes you smile at the same time. There are photos of the both of you included. Please see http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLavenderdreams799 and anyone else here, leave me a message if you want. It’s just such a sad time. I hope you are pulling through ok.


  541. Corey, hi.. i am so sorry for your loss. I have lost a really close friend (many years ago) but i know how it feels to lose someone, and everyone say they know what you feel. When they have no idea. it is tough. it will be tough for awhile. just let yourself feel, and grieve. our minds and souls need to take these things step by step. talk to someone you trust. you are keeping Coreys spirit alive by everything you say and do while you are here. good luck, and thank you for the update😀

  542. Weird! 22/222 came to light at work today. A guy at my office used to know Cory Haim through his father. Corey Haim’s father worked at a jean store here in Toronto. Well, I read about your tattoo this morning. At the office, our supervisor wrote number stats on the board for Brandon Mayor and his # was 22|222. I think Corey was sending a message!

  543. Corey,

    I’ve started this post a few times now. Gosh, I grew up in love with the 2 Coreys. License to Drive, you both were so sexy, considering we were what, like 14? I remember this dorky thing I did when I was 14. I cut your picture out of a magazine, and put it in a picture frame, and told my best friend it was a picture of a boyfriend I’d met in the city one weekend. She didn’t buy it, but boy, did we laugh! How lame, right? Well, you know, it’s one of those things I’ll never forget, because we’re only that very young age once, and teen idols are something we all cherish in our hearts throughout our lives. When something like this happens, and they’ve changed, gone down the road that wasn’t right, but made so easy to them by their enablers, it’s tragic. As the years go by, I hope you always remember Corey as that young guy with that special sparkle in his eye, full of love of life and adventure, and all the crazy good times you shared.

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful memories,

    Love a great fan , Laurie

  544. A good thing comes….222


    Truely sorry about Corey. I know how rough it is to loose in this way. A good has come out of this for me. I don’t feel so alone/lost/confused about my 222 tattoo. I have had 222 following me for most of my life. So much so that I had it tattooed on me. I still don’t know exactly why but now I know that I’m not alone in this 222. I continue my answers about the 222 and you have help shed a bit of light to my quest. I wish that I could send a pic of mine….the font of my 222 is so similiar to your new tattoo.

    I hope healing can come quickly for you.

  545. Corey, my heart goes out to you there is really nothing anyone can do or say to make things better you have been thru alot it’s not easy trying to help a friend with drug addictions it’s like your suffering yourself even tho your not the addict corey is in a better place now his war is over what these addicts don’t realize the pain of others that try to help them i do know that it has happened more than once people with drug problems get clean get on legal drugs and that’s what kills them you are a good man ,friend,father,and a good husband don’t ever forget that i have a question what is the meaning of 222?

  546. Hi, Corey!I have to say that I’m really sad about Corey Haim..is like part of me is crying in silence…I liked him a lot and I know u too…
    Last night, me and my friends we had a special session…we watched Goonies (my favourite movie form childhood) and Lost boys, to homenageate Haim…
    Corey, I love u…u r my favourite…
    I am from Sorocaba, Brazil…
    I would love to receive a hello from u…
    love u
    goonies never say die…


  547. dear corey, my name is ashley i am 25 yrs old i had a baby when i was 18 but 8 days later she died her name is or was rachel makayla parsely it hurts so much to loose a child so the reason im bloging is to let you i never ever in the yrs ive been alive have i ever forgotten or doubted corey haim you and he are both wonderful beauitful talented down to earth people. i know im talkin like corey hasnt went anywhere but to me you are keepin what he wanted the most alive that is to keep the real corey haim alvie harmless friendly and a terrific actor to me he was those things i rember when i was growing up corey haim was the one i kept telling my mother i was going to marry and she would just laugh and say ok ashley. im sure everyone misses him very much but not like you or his family you were there when know one else was thanks for listening to me go on but corey is the number one on top now no pain or suffering hes just corey beautiful haim now love both of you guys so much

  548. hey corey its great to write to you even though im sure you wont be writing me back it i just wanted to say i love the 2 coreys and i love all of your movies i have always wanted to meet you two but that day will never come but i hope you keep making movies so i can keep on watching them. Gerry

  549. corey do you have a myspace page i would like to be a friend. Im sorry about corey. if you do have one could you let me know please thanks alot. gerry

  550. Watching “Dream a Little Dream” now-Cory Haim is still alive and will never die! My Favorite Cory’s Movie- Luv ya guys!

  551. Hi again corey i really hope you can read this you should make a movie in Baltimore Md. I wish i would have been a actress so i could have been in one of your films with you but im and a little to shy but it would be great come and make a movie in Baltimore md Im a 27 year old female and have liked you ever since i saw you in stand by me. gerry

  552. how do you know when corey comes on here and reads this just wondering. Gerry

  553. Re: 22/222 —

    from Robin’s News on The Howard Stern Show (today, 2010) – Corey mourned his friend at T-Man Tattoo, a San Fernando Valley ink shop. The art features the numbers, 222. On his blog, in his open letter to Haim, Corey said correctly, “Nobody will understand the magic of 22/222.”

    from ME (2007) – “11:11=22=HEXF=15=TheHornedOne=OMEGA=1.” 11:11=> 2:2 => 22. Nifty! And it makes so much sense. And why is 22 so important? Well, for one thing, it’s the number of letters in the alphabet of the LIVING LANGUAGE OF LIGHT. this is from http://www.the111experience.org/CipherClues.html (“The True Meaning of 11:11”)

    from ME (1980) – At this point, the experience I was having with 111 was very private – I hadn’t told a soul. I approached a woman at the newspaper who was into numerology and astrology and asked her what it meant if someone kept seeing the same number all the time. She said “I don’t know, but I keep seeing 222 all the time and it’s really starting to piss me off!” I thought I was dreaming. How could she be saying this? I hadn’t told anyone about my experience until that moment. I said “You’re not gonna believe this, but I was going to ask you why I keep seeing 111 all the time!” We were both a little scared by this. The probability that we would both be having such a similar strange experience seemed very low. At that moment, I began to think that I was experiencing something paranormal – something that could not be explained with conventional scientific tools. this is from the 1980 section of http://www.the111experience.org/Index01112010.html

    Corey – HTH!!!


  554. The 22 is also very significant to me. In Numberology I am a 22. Numberology is as old as Astrology. Thousands of years old. It goes by your birthday. You hav to add up all the numbers in your birthday. My birthday is 3/10/1971=22. It’s like this, 3+1+0+1+9+7+1=22. If you look it up the 22 is a master builder. I built houses for 10 years and I am still involved in new home construction. I see 22 or 222 in odd places everyday. When I heard that Corey got a 222 tatooed on his arm, within 10 seconds I looked to the left and saw a Fast and the Furious type car with black flames painted on it and a large number 22!! I talk to my family about this phenominum of 22 so I wanted to take a picture of the car so I quickly turned around in the first driveway I came to and the house number was 22, I was blown away!!! It happens all the time. I was married on 11/22/99. I had no awareness of the 22 at that time. MY sis was married on the 22nd of a month. her son was born on 3/22. and I hav so much more. It’s crazy!!

  555. Hey Corey i just wanted to say that i am so sorry for the loss of our friend corey haim i have met him a few times and he was always a funny guy i wish i can come to the service u are having for corey haim but i cant really afford to but would like to know where i can send some flowers so if u read this please get in touch with me and send me a email to missjen325@gmail.com my dream is one day maybe met you in person and have tell each other bout our memories of our friend haim

  556. Full fathom five thy father lies;
    Of his bones are coral made;
    Those are pearls that were his eyes:
    Nothing of him that doth fade
    But doth suffer a sea-change
    Into something rich and strange.


  557. Corey I am so sorry for your loss. You have been through so much in the last year I hope you can stay strong. I have never left a message for a celeb before but we have been through a lot of the same things especially drug addiction. I have recently started to follow your career again and am over joyed to share the movies I loved so much when I was young with my kids aged 15, 8 and 4. I hate the tabloids because they only care to share your downfalls and not your triumphs. I can definately not relate being a small town canadian girl. As for Suzie she’s nut’s. You do have a beautiful son now so it’s not all bad. Take care.

  558. I realize that you must be trying to cope with your loss still, but I thought you should know that people are still out here hoping that you are doing well and keeping you in their prayers. Love and light to you your family and friends. Hope you are able to enjoy the spring and start to heal. May your holiday lift your spirits as you spend time with loved ones.

  559. Hey there Corey,
    The 80’s were some fabulous times! Wild rides, terror-ific films and wicked tunes! You and Corey Haim will always be remembered for those good times.
    As much as it hurts, don’t look back in anger for the things you can’t change. Most people will never understand the kind of disappointment and hurt that you must be feeling right now. But don’t blame them for it because they really don’t know how it feels to love someone and suffer watching them become ill… The daily struggle to save them from themselves. Your an awesome guy and you did more than anyone else would’ve done in the same situation. Just keep on fighting the good fight and as you like to say; keep the faith!
    We’ve seen the innocence lost and tried our damndest to save the dream.

    Crank up some Bon Jovi and look back with a smile brother! Remember the good times because in the end, it’s all that really matters.


  560. G’day Corey,

    yes, I am a girl of the 80’s also…

    born and grew up in Australia with you and Haim and a few others.

    always liked your performance in “stand my me” then again most of your roles were always of a mischievious nature, perhaps that’s why I enjoyed most of the movies you were in.

    only one thing to say….. listen to “don’t stop believing” by Journey. Its a good song, hopeful especially in times when anyone feels quite horrible.

    sorry for the loss of you life long friend but at least you were lucky enough to find him well before his time had ended far too soon.


  561. hey corey hang in there buddy. your friend is in a better place i have had many many loved ones pass on. one in particular i keep kicking myself for not being able to say goodbye. like corey haim i had my share of screw ups. and still she was and always be by my side. just like you…. i remember the last thing she said to me before she died… i called her when i was at my lowest point and she said if i needed her that all i had to do was call and she would come and get me out of that place i was at day or night…. 3 days later i was home detoxing and wanted to call but the clock said 1 am… i wasnt gonna disturb her. the next day i had gotten a call saying she had an annurism and she died in her sleep. so i do know how you feel.

  562. Hey Feldman! It’s Janelle from way back in the day…(Sugar Sweet Girl from LTD)…dang, how time flies by! I wanted to send my condolences to you regarding Haim. It broke my heart hearing about his death, what a waste of a life! Deep down I would bet that you predicted this long ago though. Sad to see the way the media is tearing him up! I hate those bastard! You are a good dude to help his Mom out the way you are with all the press and BS that goes along with that whole scene. They can be brutal! Corey would appreciate it too, I’m sure! Seems appropriate for your song TRUST NO ONE! I liked it!😉 My little brother said he saw you on the Warped Tour years back and that you said hello. Things are gonna start to look up here for you soon. God Bless and hang in there!!!!!


  563. Hi Corey, what you wrote is so beautiful and heartfelt. I am such a fan of yours and I was such a fan of Corey’s and I always will be. It is very nice and understandable for you to respect Judy Haim’s wishes to not have a public memorial for Corey. I can’t even imagine the pain that she is enduring right now. My heart just breaks for her. You can’t listen to the negative press about Corey. He was a sweet, gentle, and beautiful soul who is finally free and at peace. He doesn’t have to fight his demons and his addiction anymore. There are so many fan, including myself, who cared so much about Corey and who are devastated by his passing. You and Corey had a really special relationship. I have enjoyed watching the many movies that you and Corey have done together. I have been watching a lot of Corey’s movies since he died. It brings me peace and comfort. He will live on through his films. He left quite a legacy and will never ever be forgotten. I admire you for your positive attitude. As much as you miss Corey life does go on. Children have an amazing way of helping us to heal. You will never get over the loss of Corey, but you will get through it. I’m so sorry for the losses that you endured this past year. You are a truly amazing human being. Corey loved you. That was apparent when I watched The Two Coreys. You did everything that you could to help Corey. If the love of Corey’s family, friends, and fans could have saved him he would be here with us. I am so sorry that the media isn’t giving you any peace. Hopefully that will change in time. Corey may not have had the quantity of years that he should have, but he did more living in his 38 years than most people do in a lifetime. No matter what Corey was going through he always had a smile on his face. I have never been so affected by a celebrity’s death like I am affected by Corey’s. That is because Corey was really special and will never be forgotten. I am so grateful and thankful for his tribute pages on Facebook. It is so nice to know that there are so many other people who feel the same way about Corey. I never met him, but I always wish that I had been lucky enough to. I felt as though I did know him. I am close in age to you and Corey so when you were growing up I was growing up right along side you. Corey, thank you for your blog. May peace be with you always.

  564. Dearest Corey,
    My name is Kim & I wanted you to know that you & the Haimster were my 1st crushes as a child. I remember the 1st time I saw you I fell totally in love…funny enough it was when I saw you on Gremlins. I think I was like 6 or so! (I’m now 32) I still love you to death & am so proud of you for all of your accomplishments thru your life.
    After learning of the passing of your best friend & brother my heart sank as low as it ever has & I cried for the both of you & still do to this very day. I too feel like I’ve lost a life long friend since growing up w/ the both of you. I commend you for doing your best to help Haim & wish there was more that could have been done for him. Fortunately yet unfortunately the only one who was able to help Corey is the good Lord above. It’s comforting to me to know that he’s well, happy & in a much better place now & is no longer suffering w/ his demons.
    I want you to know how truely sorry I am that some things didn’t turn out the way we wanted them to for Corey but things do happen for a reason, tho we may never find out what the true reason really is.
    I will continue to be a devoted fan of yours & Haims & wish you the best for the future.
    Just like everyone else, I’d be so honored to meet you one day & hope that 1 day will come soon as it has been a life long dream of mine to be able to shake your hand & let you know personally how I feel about you as a person, not as an actor.
    Honestly, I could care less of you being an actor…it’s YOU as a person who I want to know & meet. I have no interest in fame & fortune as it turely isn’t the real meaning of happiness..I’ll just continue to ‘Dream a Little Dream’ & maybe 1 day it will come true.
    I love you Corey…big hugs & kisses to you, the little man, Judy & the rest of the fam!
    Love Always,
    Kim N of Bennington, Nebraska

  565. Check out the Music and Message.
    From an old friend of the family,

    HEAR GOD SPEAK (A Music Video Experience)


  566. Hey corey just wanted to say am very happy to see that you are gonna be in LB#3 and too bad we wont have haim in it also that would have been great anyways i just think you are great and i hope i get to meet you on day i have met haim a few times i have send some donations to corey haims memorial fund i wish i can afford to fly out to LA to attend the memorial u are planning but am saving money to go see my dad who is sick and living in shanghai so i hope our corey is resting in peace now =)

  567. Corey, I didn’t leave a message the first time around because I didn’t think it would reach you. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend, and all of the rough times in your life this year.
    But I wanted to let you know that Corey’s death has been a wakeup. I’ve been struggling with issues and I’ve been clean for the past three weeks. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to the innocence when I watched you and my childhood hero in The Lost Boys or License to Drive. You two were the best. Stay strong sweetie. For everyone trying to beat you down, there are many more out there who are rooting for you. Best wishes on the tour. Be sure to keep Phoenix on your radar. ~~Elisa

  568. How sad, Corey Haim started out with such a promising life only to have it end so tragically. You both were built up by Hollywood, and the media, then when they weren’t interested anymore you were both tossed aside by Hollywood and the media for the next up and coming young actor. I was rooting for Corey’s come back, he deserved it. Us fans were waiting for it but sadly we were robbed of his star rising again
    …what could have been…..
    Corey Feldman, my sympathy to you on the loss of a good friend. I know you were brothers and friends until the end, I hope you can take comfort in that.
    For you, Corey’s family and especially Corey’s Mom….
    I pray God gives you the peace and serenity to make it through this difficult time.
    “Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a some kind of battle”~John Watson
    Corey Haim, you are sadly gone but will NEVER be forgotten. RIP Sweet Boy:-(

    Do any Corey fans on here know where to get Corey’s movie “License to Drive” on DVD, I love that movie but can’t find it anywhere. Thanks Fellow Corey Fans

    • I purchased License to Drive on amazon.com over 3 yrs ago & think they still have it….I’d try there 1st. Otherwise, you can purchase it on ebay…I know it’s there.

  569. hello corey cant believe i have managed to get on here!!

    hope u r well, still so heartbroken about the haimster as u must be, if so much more as he was ur bro.
    ive been a life long fan of u both and u have brought me so much joy with ur films, so much so that i named my son after both of u. all my childhood friends know how much i loved u both.
    love watching and hearing about u, as i live in england the internet is as good as it gets to see and hear about u.
    i know u had a rough time last yr and was coming out of it to a better place and like elisa says, stay strong, we all love u. x x

  570. I just wanted to tell you Corey to hand in there. Everything seems to be crashing in on you right now, but things will get better. Don’t listen to the garbage people are saying. I don’t know why people have to be so mean.

    I’m so sorry about your losses. I’m still hurting really bad over Michael and Corey even though I never was blessed by meeting them. They were both really cool guys. I’m glad they both had you as a friend.

    My heart goes out to you. Please know there are many people sending you good thoughts and prayers every day. Even though we have never met, you are a part of my life in a way I don’t really understand. It’s funny how you can feel close to somebody you haven’t met because you grew up together during the same era.

    God bless you and your loved ones. God bless the Jackson family. God bless the Himes family. You are all in my prayers everyday.

    I wish there was more that I could do in person, but please know you are always in my thoughts.

    Much love.

  571. Hey Corey, Just wanted to get on here and say whats up!! Hope all is well right now for you. Hope u tour somewhere near Indiana!!!

    Peace and Great Love

  572. Hey There, I never really blogged before so here goes (you must forgive me if I ramble, I tend to do that). First of all let me say how very sorry I am for Corey, his family and yourself. To lose someone so close to you is the worst heartbreak imaginable, and although it may not heal your heart may it always bring you peace to know that Corey is in a better place now. He will never know anymore pain, hurt or sorrow. He will forever be young and beautiful and a guardian angel to all of the people he loved. I have a fantastical vision of who Corey was, and though I didn’t know him, I am going to hold onto who I believe he was and hold him close to my heart forever. You see in my imagination Corey was a sweet, incredible man. The love he had in his heart for his friends and family shone through his eyes even on his worst days. I wish I had known Corey, I wish I had the drive to try and make contact, so that I could have told him that he was not alone, that he would be a legend his entire life. I wish and hope he knew that the actions that would define him in life would not be what he would be remembered for in death. I pray he will be remembered for his influence on pop culture, his amazing talent (both in film and art), and his heart. “”A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others,” one of my most favorite lines from any movies. It has never rung as true as it has right now for me, sitting in my bedroom, writing about who Corey was to me. He was loved, even by the people who haven’t thought of him in a decade. He was loved by his family and his friends. He was loved and he will be remembered. I will remember Corey, I will remember his beautiful smile and I will remember the eyes that shone straight to his soul. I will remember the boy who was always looking for love in all the wrong places. I will remember the incredible Corey Haim. I wish him peace among the stars and I know he is shining his love down among us all.
    Good night and Good Luck on your tour, I wish you all the best.

  573. Hi Corey, I am writing from all the way over in Australia. Just wanted to tell you that I have loved watching The Two Coreys, it had been on for the last few weeks. It has been very emotional watching it and I have felt so sad thinking about Corey and also what you have gone through over the past month or so. Best wishes to you, I signed up to this word press just so I could send you a message, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to write anything terrible like you have said but I guess there are those people out there. I really loved watching you two when I was growing up and just wanted to let you know, even on the other side of the world, there are people that care about you as a person, not just a celebrity. I wish Corey would have been able to see that he really was an amazing person and been able to accept the help and love of others around him. Good luck with everything. Bec x

  574. Corey:

    You are a wonderful father, a great brother, very handsome and an awesome man. Take heart, you are stronger than you know. In your darkest hours we all want you to know that you did everything you possibly could to help Corey, but Corey was his greatest enemy and his demons were too much to bear sober. Corey was such a beautiful, tragic, tortured soul.

    So many of us loved him from Lucas and we NEVER stopped. I know I never did, and I never will. We loved him because he was ours, he was from our generation, he was an amazingly talented actor, and many of us have struggled with addiction ourselves. When he was alive, my heart ached for him to know how many of us loved him and how much we wanted him to succeed. I don’t know your religioud views, but Heaven just got a little sweeter for me, because I know I will finally get to meet Corey.

    Don’t go gentle into that goodnight Corey, fight it all the way, don’t let demons, despair and pain overtake everything. Live the life Corey wanted you to. We love you too Corey F. I wish for you everything your heart wishes and I wish for your son a wonderful life.


  575. Hi Corey,
    Just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear that your brother and best friend Corey Haim passed away. I have been watching The Two Corey’s and it is so heartbreaking to see him slowly lose what he was trying so hard to achieve. I could not stop thinking about the episode on the Lost Boys 2 set and the way his actions affected both of you in the dr’s clinic. The tears that both of you cried as you realised what was happening to him…again.
    The way Corey spoke about you during that show touched me so much…..he really loved you so much and so wanted to be excepted by people. If only he knew how much he was loved and how much we also wanted him to succeed. And now he has gone. I keep thinking everyone should have told him more how much we loved him and what a difference both of you made to us when we were growing up.
    You were and continue to be a true friend to Corey and I am sure he is somewhere warm and safe watching you saying “Don’t be sad Kid!”
    We will always support you in keeping the memory of Corey Haim alive!!
    Don’t listen to the haters….they will never understand the amazing person Corey was and always will be in our hearts forever.
    Stay strong and know that your fans will always be here for you.

  576. Good evening Corey,

    just dropping in again. How powerful are all of these messages? I hope you are receiving strength from everyone here in this time in your life in knowing so many people all over the world are thinking of you and vastly people you don’t even know personnally. Yet I already imagine you have lived a life knowing people everywhere know about you, which is surreal to me as i live a life of anonyminity, well relatively speaking. I guess its important to always know that people on this beautiful globe of ours are such loving, compassionate people and there’s alot of us out there.
    If you ever need a break from the hectic hollywood life of yours and are in some need of simplicity, fresh air and hospitality, do visit Australia!!! We are fair dinkum, fair and are a very happy bunch down here.
    Be sure to take care of yourself and remember, the cosmos out there and the many loving hearts that share in your pain and look forward to seeing you be truely happy and content in your life.
    Peace, Love and Happiness to you also.
    Jay ooo

  577. Hello corey, i am emily i am a big fan from australia , i am only 17 but i loved your movies since i was little, i think you are very talented and very hott lol.. is it possible to get a signed autograph from you, you rock corey hopefully you can come to australia.
    Emily xoxoxxox

  578. Hey, Corey…do you have an official Facebook page? Or, more accurately, which one is yours, if any? ;^)

    All the best.


  579. Hey Dude, big fan of yours (and the late Mr Haim R.I.P to a legend and what seemed like a gentleman)

    I’m just writing to you because i’ve listened to an interview of yours about Lost Boys the Thirst, I am a Huge Fan of the LOST BOYS franchise I have both films and all 4 commics, but i do have a question that is really freaking me out could you help me?

    I didn’t like the Tribe TBH (sorry) didn’t explain much, seemed like it was rushed in making, [you were awesome as the older Edgar BTW] this is my confusion! ON WIKI IT SAYS THAT CHRIS AND NICOLE EMMERSON MOVED TO LUNA BAY COS THEIR PARENTS DIED, NOW I’VE JUST HEARD THAT MICHAEL AND STAR ARE THEIR PARENTS? is this true? if so where’s Laddie(eddie munster)he’d be their older bro right?

    Ok so if you have had time to read this thank you and could you please let me know the answer somehow. Good luck with everything in your future dude i’ll keep in touch on here if thats cool,

    last thing, without giving to much away can i just forget that the tribe ever existed and still follow the story from the first film, the commics and the Thirst?

    Later Dude!!! DK

  580. hi corey
    Im catherine from Australia and iv just finnished watching the two coreys!You were such a great friend & a great person!were did you get all your wisdom & kindness from!I watched the episode where corey haim had the heart episode & the doctor said its nothing that will kill you!Well thats what the doctor told me! For years i was seeing a heart specialist and they told me that it wont kill me!Untill i got sick i had a brain infection & they pumped the drugs into me!after 7days of antibiotics pain killers tablets for vomiting plus much more!fri 13th may 2005 i had a cardiac arrest!My eyes rolled into my head i stopped breathing i had a grand seizure & then my heart gave in!luckely they defibed me back & im here to tell the story!I found out i have a condition called aquired long q.t syndrome!Its where most drugs eg over the counter or prescibed (any drug)could kill me!a lot of drugs lenghthen your heart intervals (q r s t)when i take a cold tablet or certain antibiotics it interfers with the rythum & it can kill you!once you are dead there is no way of prooving it as you cant check the electricals of your heart once you are dead! I spent 5wks in intensivecare & i now have a pacemaker & a defib inplanted in my chest!I felt like screaming down the tv “please check out coreys heart for qt syndrome”you could take one tablet & puff your gone!Anyway i think you are a amazing humanbean & yes lost boys is my favourite all time movie im 36yrs old & im still watching it & i love the 80″s music!I can relate to your relationship with corey i had a friend very simular but i had to be their when she needed me & just eccept her for who she is! i couldnt judge her on my sucesses!im lucky because she is still alive but i have lost my best friend “my Dad”he died from a infection from a operation he had in hospital!I would just like to add that you are a decent humanbean a good person with a kind soul!beauty comes from within so that makes you beautiful inside & out!any way my friend!Be good Be happy & live your life!coz life is short!kind regards catherine

  581. Hey Cory!!!!!! I was wondering, I’ve been a fan of yours since Gremlins. I’ve been in the Navy since September of 1995. My reenlistment is in January. I know it is a total shot in the dark. It would be sooooooooooooooooooo cool if you could reenlist me on my last reenlistment. My wife and son say hello and keep rockn’.


  582. Hi Corey

    I was walking downtown Disney last Sunday night (well I think it was Sunday or maybe it was Saturday) and had to laugh (all be it loudly) after hearing a guy who looked like you talking to some kids about one of the disney characters who was a cousin of another character.

    Weirdly when I looked over I thought it was you, if so I apologise to yourself and the kids for the over zealous laugh that may have shed some sceptisism on the story you were telling the kids dude.

    I guess I only laughed so much (and so loudly) because I found myself telling a similar story to my son when he was in town a few weeks earlier when we were walking back to the hotel through downtown Disney in almost the very same spot (very weird stuff).

    I am an Aussie though so maybe I totally mistook another guy to be you but if it wasn’t you have a twin (who even sounds like you).



  583. Hi Corey, my name is Annette & I just wanted to kinda tell you a little story of my experience with Corey….. When I saw Corey Haim was going to be at Chiller Theater (Parsipanny, NJ) about 2 years ago, I was so excited…I usually look at the Chiller Theater’s list of who’s going to be there beforehand to decide who gets my money for an autograph…I’m not rich, Ya know! lol! Anyway, I saw he was on the list & he was my 1st choice of all the celebs to meet! I do have to say that I never watched the two Coreys before & I was so estatic to meet an icon from my childhood past. When I saw him at Chiller, I pointed him out to my Husband… He was so skinny & looked so frail, for obvious reasons, & he was definatley high at the time. I’m afraid of people when they’re being controlled by a substance & not in their right mind. I was disappointed & I still stood there for an autograph or a picture anyway, but he kinda ignored me & ran over to a girl & hugged her…I do have to say it was a heartful hug, too. So, I kept standing there, I’m not gonna bother anybody, celebs are people too, I believe! I believe it was Tiffany Sheppas(prob spelt wtrong), who he was hugging & I later found out they reunited at Chiller & got engaged. So, I gave up & left Chiller without a pic or an autograph from Corey… So, after Chiller Theater, I went home & searched him on my space & found him…..& it seemed that he was really keeping up with his page, sometimes Jenny would post something, too. I sent him messages to tell him about my experience & I was polite & just told him that I was kinda shy when I saw him, & regret not getting to fully meet him, which I still feel today. Then a couple months went by, & he started to not be on myspace as much…So I would send him messages like, “Corey, Us, your fans adore you & love when you update your status on your page. Your fans need you & love you..” Stuff like that….I don’t know if he ever read it though…A couple of times he did update his status , which had me thinking that maybe he did read my message. I also knew he filming a movie & who has time to be on myspace when you’re busy as hell, right? I wouldn’t know, I could only imagine… Well, when Corey passed , I was in such shock….I believe that when a person accomplishes their goal in life that there time is up… As a child , I always wanted to be a model or on tv….who doesn’t…but if any of that happened, I feel God would take me for accomplishing my dream… Corey accomplished his come back & I was so excited to see his new movie or maybe get a chance to meet him again. So, God needed another angel, it’s just so sad it had to be him, at such a young age…. I believe you were his best friend & you supported him….. May God bless you & your wife & child! You knew a wonderful soul that only someone like me missed the chance to meet….. God Bless, Annette Durr.

  584. Hi corey its Nicola Monaghan again. I just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing. I hope you are okay. Im always thinking of you. I hope your pain is easing as the days go by i know that Corey Haim will always live on in your heart and you will always miss him. I just wish i could have had the chance to meet you guys. I would love to come over and hopefully meet you that would be my dream. I watched the Goonies the other day i love it. I hope Judy is coping, I know she will be going through a lot.

    Hope your tour is going great for you. If you get a spare minute could you please email me and say hi, I would love to hear from you again.


    Love and peace your great fan always.


  585. Corey,

    All I would like to say on this topic is that you were the first person to say “do not jump to conclusions” when speculations came about involving Corey’s death. It’s hitting the news as we speak that the cause of death was “Natural” and not drug related. All I can say is that Corey deserves the respect and everyone that was pushing to make another “drug” story about another actor needs to come forth and pay him that respect. Corey may have had a problem but we all have some sort of problem. I can’t explain to you how great I feel to know the truth is finally out and it’s definitely in Corey’s favor. God Bless you Haim because I know you’re smiling down on us now. What a great actor, person, and friend (to those who were fortunate to know him personally). A life cut short but memories that last forever.

    I have been sending as much financial support to Judy as possible. I will continue to send any help I can provide for his family. Please do reach out to me if you feel there is a way I can get more involved. I understand the politics of these situations and definitely would not want to intrude. Have a wonderful future tour and good luck brother because your life will now have new direction. No matter how you spell the name we all have an energy that flows through us based on a commonality of being a Corey. Live on brother and make Haim proud!

    Cory Kennedy


  587. Hi Corey,

    My name is Suzie—you may not remember me, but we met—in Reno, Nv.—over twenty five years ago. We met at a Port-of-Subs when you were doing a promotion for a radio station, and you were with John Preston and Jason Lively. We all had dinner together. Anyway, I finally have decided to write to you about Corey Haim. I’m not certain if you’re the one who is really reading this, but I wanted to offer my condolences. I was awoken on March 10th—at 7am—with a text message about Corey. At first I was convinced it was a joke or some rumor, but when I turned on the news, I was heartbroken to hear that it was true. The first person I wondered about was you—I knew you would be shattered. Moments later, I too began to feel crushed—I didn’t know Corey Haim, but after growing up watching the two of you and adoring your work, I am still finding myself—in no particular moment of the day—shedding tears. My kids—who are now 14 and 18—were also crushed. I introduced them to Lost Boys at a very young age, and the three of us had the tradition of watching it every summer before we would vacation to Santa Cruz. Watching it now, is absolutely heart wrenching; however, we will continue to do so—we will keep Corey alive in our hearts: the ambitious and lively boy—in the bath—sculpting his hair into a Mohawk with bubbles and singing to his dog.

    Since his death, I’ve heard many different controversial stories concerning Corey. I’ve heard that he was a beautiful person who hurt no one but himself. I’ve heard that he was obsessive, compulsive and lonely. I’ve even heard he was violent, extremely self-destructive with a demon inside. Corey, only you know the truth, and I can’t judge. The only choice I have is to remember how I knew him from the “big screen”: charismatic, kind, carefree, bubbly—a stallion running wild with life.

    Since I was a child, I had the dream of becoming an actress—I was even, at one time, a Theatre Major …but after seeing so many falling stars, I have come to realize the pain that so many of you experience. You were different and seem to have become strong and fulfilled, and I’m proud and happy for you—but unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for Corey Haim, and it’s absolutely tragic. Anyway, keep staying strong, not only for you, but for your son—don’t fall like so many others. And please, continue to keep Corey Haim alive. Believe it or not—even after death—people still need their heroes.
    Love you and Corey always,


    Ps—your blog to Corey—on the day of his funeral— was absolutely lovely.

  588. Aloha Corey, Great website and I praise you on the support you lend to animals. They need all the help we can give them. Best of luck on future Music & Movie projects. Mahalo nui loa!

  589. May 08 2010 Corey they said the recent NYC
    Faisal Shahzad bomber looked like you in the car photo with the sun glasses. On SNL’s weekend update on May 8th. I wouldn’t want to be mentioned next to the Taliban. Let me know what your thoughts are.

  590. Eloquent words. Best wishes for a great tour and much success in your future.

  591. Hey – just been watching the Goonies today on DVD. After i watched it, i decided to IMDB the cast, see what everyone was up to now from that film. Then i ended up googling you and Corey Haim, and i found this wonderful blog of yours! I have seen a few of your films, my favourites being License To Drive and The Lost Boys. But of course, Stand By Me and the Goonies are also brilliant.

    It’s nice to know that you’re stil out there doing something. Being in the UK, we don’t really hear much about your life…i didn’t know you was in a band, and i knew nothing about the show The Two Corey’s..

    Anyway, love the blog, it’s been a great read so far. I am a writer, but at the moment i’m not really doing anything with it…i’d love to, of course, but nothing ever seems to come along! I write surreal comedy sketches, but currently also in the middle of writing a comedy novel. My website link is below, for any other fans, or even you of course to read…

    I apologise for the long message!



  592. Hey Corey!! I don’t know where to begin? You are such a sweet, genuine, and loving, soul. Thank you sooooooo sooooo much, for selecting me as the winner of the bikini contest for The Truth Movement, in Michigan. I just have to express my gratitude to you, and the Truth Movement! WOW! I am still totally and literally BANANAS over the whole thing!!! It was such a pleasure meeting you, and the band. I grew up watching all of your movies, and have always been a fan. I always wanted to meet you, but never in my life fathomed that I would! Meeting you and talking to you was such an incredible and wonderful experience. You made me, and everyone feel so welcome and at ease. You are so laid back, and you care about your fans so much! You went above and beyond my expectations for the VIP treatment. Talking with you, and hanging out with you, was like seeing an old friend I haven’t seen in a long time, and catching up. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome. For your kindness, your caring nature, and just for being yourself. What an incredible experience!!!!!! I still can NOT believe it. I am so grateful, I literally waited 21 years to meet you. I don’t have enough words to express my appreciation. DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!!!! Thank you for making my dream come true!!!!!!!

    Love, Peace, and Rock On,


  593. Hey Corey!! I don’t know where to begin? You are such a sweet, genuine, and loving, soul. Thank you sooooooo sooooo much, for selecting me as the winner of the bikini contest for The Truth Movement, in Michigan. I just have to express my gratitude to you, and the Truth Movement! WOW! I am still totally and literally BANANAS over the whole thing!!! It was such a pleasure meeting you, and the band. I grew up watching all of your movies, and have always been a fan. I always wanted to meet you, but never in my life fathomed that I would! Meeting you and talking to you was such an incredible and wonderful experience. You made me, and everyone feel so welcome and at ease. You are so laid back, and you care about your fans so much! You went above and beyond my expectations for the VIP treatment. Talking with you, and hanging out with you, was like seeing an old friend I haven’t seen in a long time, and catching up. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome, and so special! For your kindness, your caring nature, and just for being yourself. What an incredible experience!!!!!! I still can NOT believe it. I am so grateful, I literally waited 21 years to meet you. I don’t have enough words to express my appreciation. I now have memories and pictures to last a life time, to remind me of such a teriffic, and special evening!!! DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!!!! Thank you for making my dream come true!!!!!!!

    Love, Peace, and Rock On,


  594. Hey Corey Feldman,
    I am a big fan of yours, I seen all of your movies and your music rocks. I am also and always be a fan of Corey Haim, and I just want to say to you corey don’t give up, corey haim might be gone but he is in a better place and you do got your fans here to support you all the way. And the last thing I want to say is I seen the Lost Boys: The Thirst Trailer and I can’t wait for it to come out on dvd. Lost Boys: The Thirst is going to be a great movie.
    But I wish you all the luck in life and I can’t wait to see more of your movies soon.
    Take care and keep up the great work.

  595. Hey Corey!

    I must say I have admired you for the past 30 yes 30 years. I also grew up in the 80’s. In fact, I was born in July of 1972. Alot of time has past since the 80’s. It was a very interesting time at that. I have always admired your sensitivity and compassion for others. I admire that because I am the same way. We are Cancerians. We have a sensitivity towards others that nobody else but us Cancerians can relate to. I work in the medical field as a CNA helping the senior citizens in my community. I love what I do because I hold that same compassion for others. I am pleased to see you are still continuing your career. Keep doing what you are doing.
    Take Care

  596. hello!

    I am so bummed that we are broke and we cannot see you guys play today *sob sob* hopefully you’ll come back to eugene soon! we saw you were playing when we went to the wow hall yesterday to see mc chris. take care!

  597. Corey my names is Teresa I have always been a huge fan. I was at the Sunday meet and greet in Astoria or and was saddened that you had to leave so early on. I paid for the meet and greet only to meet you. I would love if you could send a personally autographed photo. I know it seems a lot to ask but I did pay for it. It was good to see you. The truth movement is awesome. I loved goonies I grew up in the town and remember when it was filmed. Please let me know if my request is at all possible. I have ticket to prove I was there if u need it. I can tell u about the guy screaming at you as well. Gtmedina@comcast.net for my address thank you for all u do. Goonies 2 would be super tight if they come up with a way for that. Dick sounded optimistic. Although without sloth it will be different. Thank you tons Teresa

  598. Hi, Corey!

    I really appreciate all of the hard work you put into the 25th anniversary of The Goonies in Astoria this weekend! It was an awesome event. However, I am TOTALLY BUMMED that you had to leave the Sunday afternoon meet and greet before I got the chance to meet and greet you! I may have died a little inside. It was bad enough that I had to work so I didn’t even get a chance to see Truth Movement play! Any plans for coming back to the Northwest some time soon? We miss you here already!

    Your Saddest Fan,😦

  599. Hey Corey,

    How about a Truth Movement party in the valley? Like a “Back to the Roots” theme? I was a member of a pack that cruised Ventura Blvd / Sunset / Laurel Cnyn during the mid-late 80’s / early 90’s, before the huge Armenian & Persian Mercedes/BMW culture ever dominated the scene. Times change, and the valley has changed, but my very fond memories remain.

    Those were good times. Jerry’s Deli in Studio City was a rockin place, and the bowling attracted a good number of high profile people. Studio city / Sherman Oaks was where the Valley crowd partied. When we became bored with that, we cruised the Sunset clubs and met some pretty unique artists(if you know what I mean). Westwood was a bigger scene back then as well.

    Not sure if you’re still a valley guy at heart, but I tell ya, even after I got married and had a son, those fond memories continue to live on… Reason I bring it up, is that I seem to recall you were a big part of that scene back then. Maybe it’s a memory that belongs in the past, but I think we can all agree it’s a fun to remember those days. You’ve been to Tower on Ventura in Sherman Oaks (RIP).

    If your memories of the valley are fond ones, maybe a show for your valley fans sometime in the future? The Sherman Oaks Galleria is a good outdoor location. What do you say?

  600. Corey honey I just want to say hi and I read your article in Life and Style and what you said is true about children in show biz. Sorry you never got a normal chilhood like RIP your friend Corey Haim like I did. But again what you said is true. Kate Gosselin should be ashamed of herself. Anyway, I hope you are okay and having fun on your tour.

  601. hope you got my last comment hope all is well

  602. Dearest corey,

    Hi my name is Hayley and i live in florida i do all my own editing i made something for you that i hope you will appreaciate for what i did corey haim was my hero and so are you. I looked up to you both for years and years im 28 now and i have been behind you both and i always knew you both would do excellent so i have been trying to follow in your footsteps and do film cause movies are my passion!!!! i have my own little hobbie production called “crystal clear productions” and i do all my own editing and directing i made something very special for you to take a look at so i will let u see what i did and if you want to write me back please do so at my name on here i would really like some feed back!

    Thank you so much

    you #1 fan

    Hayley aka crystal clear productions!

    P.S Here is the video i made of you and corey haim rest in peace corey haim you rest with the angels now !!! love you always !!!

  603. have you gotten to read my last two comments corey honey i getting worried

  604. Hi i was just viewing the corey haim fan video just wanted to say what a great way to remember him and just wantedto say i was so proud to be able to say i knew him cause i did get to meet him quite afew times and hang out with him so he will really be missed and i hope judy likethe flowers i sent to the pricess margret hospital here in toronto in honor of corey

  605. Corey,you prob get this a lot but what the hell. A few years ago I had a dream that you and I were playing in the woods,maybe had a fort,it is a little fuzzy now,but after the dream I had a deep sense of connection,.you know how dreams can be man,.anyways,last night I had a another dream that I was telling you about the dream I had,.we were in some office or something,then what appeared to be a friend of yours sat in between us and faced you and talked with you,.almost as if to say,screw this crazy celebrity stalker next to me,or maybe to save you from having to listen to me,.either way,.it was odd,lol, a dream about telling you the dream,.anyways,figured I would share,.oh and Clint eastwood was in it to,lol,.

  606. COREY, i know there is nothing that i could possibly say to you that could allow you to know that you really have come such a long way,,,,,, you have so much more to say .., than i think people are willing to give you a chance to express !!! But everything that has meaning & heart to you,, i really do believe will be your greatest achievement!!!!!

  607. last night i watched dream a little dream- first time i have watched it in many years- it was a movie that deeply effected me when i was younger, the metaphysics of it, the ideas of traveling between realms of reality and what have you. anyways, afterwards went online to google you and Corey Haim to see what both of you were up to now- (i obviously divorce myself from the news quite often, so am in the dark about a lot); anyways, was really shocked and saddened by the news. maybe shocked isn’t quite the right wording, but after watching a movie where you see someone so alive, then find out in the next minute they are no longer here can send you for a loop.
    even beyond that, i recently lost my best friend who i was inseparable from growing up, until she got deeply into drugs- which as you know effects everyone around them, like rippling circles from a stone thrown in a pond.
    i hope that wherever he is, that the pain of this world is no longer with him.
    i never write people i don’t know, i guess i figure its kind of an odd thing to do- but like i said, i was heavily influenced by you when i was a teen, (being only a handful of years younger), and still really enjoy watching/listening to your work. anyways- there was just something nagging at me today to put this all down and since i was again reminded so clearly last night that there is no time like the present- that really that is all we have- here i am pouring this all out.
    – i hope that you are taking care of yourself- it seems that you have had a lot of trials to go through lately. grief is a hard teacher, as you know and am sure you have seen the growth that can come out of it, or the destruction it can bring.
    i hope you are surrounding yourself with support, my heart goes out to you- from one human being to another.

  608. Corey

    I’ve loved your films since I was a wee boy, Stand By Me always being my number 1 for reasons way too obvious to even write about. I feel bad for you dude for what probably seems to you like a never ending runaway train of grief and hurt. You’ve no doubt heard it tons of times from family, friends and fans that care but this is what life is – ups and downs and you’re due for a surge upwards now.
    I’ve just seen the trailer for Lost Boys: The Thirst on youtube and let me tell you without a word of a lie or any exageration it gave me a rush and a film hasn’t done that to me in years. I’ll be totally honest, The Tribe was not a great film. You were the only thing in it that held it up and you were barely in it, such a shame as your scenes were brilliant.
    Anyway, from Scotland, take care Amigo

  609. Corey baby hope you got my comment In the section of Astoria Wrap Up. RIP Corey Haim.I am listening to you and your band on my IPOD and my girl Britney Spears right now and wanted to sat hi. Hope you are resting well before you tour again. Just to remind you your birthday is coming up. I will wish you a Happy Birthday on July 16th.

  610. I was an enormous fan of yours when I was in my early teens. Not to say that I’m not now. In fact I still really enjoy everything that you do. However, what I’m really interested in knowing is when you and your band might be headed back to the Vancouver BC area. I’d really like to check you out, so if you could just let me know that. That would be super :o)

    Thanks bunches

  611. Corey baby just want to hi but just to remind you that I still plan on wiahing you a Happy BDAY next Friday. Hope you had a great 4th of July. Haim RIP . If you and your band come near MD at all I want to see you.

  612. Happy Birthday Corey darling! Your birthday is Friday ! Hope you have a good birthday! RIP Haim like always. Happy Birthday ! I just wanted to give you an early birthday wish and say hi.39 years ago on Friday ,( you Corey Feldman), an angel was on earth. Happy BDAY baby

    Love Erin

  613. Happy Birthday Corey baby! It’s your special day !

  614. Happy Birthday Corey!

  615. Hi,Corey:) I just wanted to say hi and wish you a very happy birthday and I hope you’re having a wonderful day today:) My name is Breanne and I’m a 25-year-old female from Virginia-and probably one of the youngest people to write in here,lol. Anyway..my heart definitely went out to you,Corey’s mom,Judy,and all the rest of Corey’s friends and family when Corey passed away-especially you,knowing you guys were best friends for so long. I’m pretty sure your mind must have been drifting with memories that day-and probably still does whenever you think of him. He may be gone,but he’ll always be alive in our hearts:) I rented (and now own) “The Lost Boys”-and saw (and enjoyed it :)) it for the very first time not long after Corey passed away (same with “Dream A Little Dream”)-mostly because I’d heard so much about you guys over the last several years and wanted to see some of the work you guys did together- and so far,I can’t find any way to describe how fabulous you guys were:) I esecially loved “Dream A little Dream:) I also read in Wikipedia that you were the voice of Donatello in the first and 3rd installments of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movies-my brother and I loved the cartoon when we were little,and watched the first two live action movies over and over,lol. Anyway.. I guess I’ll tell you a little bit more about myself. I’m a green belt in karate,as well as an assistant instructor in my class,and currently learning the bo staff-and having fun with it:) In between classes,I enjoy doing artsy things,like writing and drawing-and I’m especially a big music lover-and I’m mostly an old soul when it comes to my musical taste- I listen to stuff popular when-and just before I was born,lol.Anyway..again,I wish you a very happy birthday and hope you’re having a great day :)Take care:)

  616. Whoops-sorry about all those smileys,lol. A lot,I know,lol. Anyway,It was so nice to take the opportunity to talk to you:)

  617. Hi Corey,
    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you’re having a great day!

    Take care,
    Kelly T.

  618. Happy Birthday Corey! I hope you had a great day!!

  619. Corey Dude

    I dont know if you really read this stuff, but if you do im the one from louisiana you met sat june 26th in the back of hefs house if you know what im talking about.karma candy.Anyway it looked like you were just chillin, but also having a pretty good time i guess, talking to complete strangers as if you new them or me, witch i think if thats not down to earth i dont know what is.it was much appriciated to chat with you,i hope your future will be filled with lots of love, happinss health, for you and your family and friends.Good luck mybee our paths will cross again.

    Cajun Kenny

  620. Hope you had a great BDAY and hope you and things are OK. RIP Haim!

  621. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your birthday and had time to do something special! I know a few days late, but people I know celebrate their birthdays all month! Hope you are enjoying your summer.


  622. Hi Corey,

    I read your open letter in which you stated how your heart is broken over Corey’s death and you know there are many of us who feels the same. You are so right.

    Try hitting rock bottom as I did after finding out about Haim’s passing – I didn’t follow my intuition over the years to connect with Corey H, to meet him personally and send the letter I have wanted to send him.That is really hard to take.(For all I know, he and I may have been in the same restaurant,club or any other place in Toronto and I didn’t know it!).His passing really knocked the wind out of me!

    What hurts the most is-I always knew since a young girl something was wrong (I just didn’t want to believe he was in the state he was in – I didn’t want to believe that. I wanted to focus on the guy I saw and knew whom I could relate to in every single way as another person like the rest of us, someone I felt like I knew him all my life and grew up with.

    But the interesting thing is- I know he is still here just in an entirely different way.Too bad there was too many walls he placed around himself – if he could have seen pass them walls he would see how amazingly beautiful, special,unique and important he is to many of us who really did care and admired him as a person.

    Would have loved to have met him and enjoy his unique sense of humour, his jokes, his kind heart.

    All the best to you buddy! Rock on!

    Cora from Toronto, Canada.

  623. Hi Corey RIP Haim Jus saying hi to see if you had a great movie event. Wish I was there. I love you always. How is Zen ? He is as handsome as you. LOL. Truth Movement rocks. I support PETA.

  624. I LOVE COREY!!!!!!!! i would die to see him in concert but im waiting to see if he comes to MI if he does ill have my dad buy me tickets lol. he should come to the soaring eagle resort and casino in MI!!!!!!!!!!!

  625. corey feldman!!!!!!…… SUCH A GOOD SINGER AND ACTOR!

  626. OMG i was reading about u a while ago and read tht ur vegetarian and i was really happy to find tht out because im a vegetarian too uve been a vegetarian longer than my life 15 years right? WOW im only 12! or almost 13 well anyway U ROCK 4 bein a vegetarian!!! and u rock 4 alot of other things too!

    ~<3~ Brooke

  627. RIP Corey Haim! I love you Corey Feldman.I support PETA.No joke I do. Just want to wish you luck as you start the second leg of your tour. Are you coming near MD? I hope so cause I will come see you and the band. I love you and Haim always. Good Luck and have fun in Sellersville or whatever it’s called!

  628. Corey hi hon just checking in on you. I also wanted to say you and Haim(RIP) were put together by fate. The two Coreys is a thing that was meant to be. Rock on Corey!

  629. hi corey hope you are okay and hope you got my last comment

  630. Corey RIP Haim I need to tell you I still the my crush on you and Haim. Always wanted you to know that. LOL

  631. Hi Corey Excuse my errors on my last comment. I meant I still have my crush on you and Haim RIP. I am sorry for the errors. Goodnight Corey my love.

  632. Hi corey just wanted to say that i atched corey haims last film today american sunset it aired on IFC in canada it amke me so sad that thatwas his last film and on the other hand i am happy that i had more then one time met corey

  633. Hi Corey baby! RIP Corey Haim! I just made a comment on the page for River. He will like Haim , will too be missed. I support PETA and hope all is well with you and Zen. Love you and Haim always! River and Haim were two costars and friends you had who will be missed and RIP to both! LOL Corey! Hope you are coping well!

  634. I would love to meet Mr. Feldman one day if he ever was able to come to a small town like Houston, Texas. I think he would have a great time here. Love your work Mr. Feldman. Can not wait to see the new stuff.

  635. So, I saw you on TMZ after Corey’s death partying. It upset me at the time. I have come to realize, though, that we all grieve in our own ways. I have since watched a lot of the “2 Corey’s” episodes. I realize now what a good friend you were to him. Just wanted to let you know that. I have deep respect for you.


    I am here ….in California!!! This is my first trip EVER out here, i love it! Right now im in Hollywood….and wow…what a place it is! Tomorrow im off to the Santa Monica pier!
    I soooo wish i could have met you while i was here. I think i will be coming back in the future! I dont know WHY i waited so long to travel here. It is a dream come true for me, ever since i was hmmmmm 13 i have always wanted to come out here and meet the 2 Coreys. I love Corey H, am happy that he is resting close by to where i live and i know he is at peace. Now i have to meet his bro! Its a must! I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope for more of my dreams to come true.
    Until then….take care and be safe! Hugs to you and your son.
    ps….just wondering…. i have Truth movement as LIKE on facebook.com Do you post things on the page or does someone else?

    Sheila Grierson

  637. Hi again,Corey :)It’s me,Breanne (ladysamurai).I changed my display name (after a different name for a kind of juggling I recently discovered and have been teaching myself called contact juggling),since I no longer do karate- I thought the pace was a little slow and uneven. Anyway.. I was in kind of a hurry when I was typing you that birthday message a while back,lol. I just wanted to take an opportunity to prove that I am what I said,lol. Anyway.. I wanted to mention how moved I was when I read Corey’s story;by how wonderful he was to his fans and especially with how he took such good care of his mom after she was diagnosed with cancer (I wish her the very best on that). In other words,as very troubled he was, it seemed like it would’ve been an absolute pleasure to have met him:) I really hope he’s found so much peace wherever he is now and that that peace will always be with him (R.I.P. Corey H😦 ). Other than that..knowing you were a huge Michael Jackson fan-which was the first thing I noticed when I first saw you (I believe it was in a documentary on famous child stars)- I can imagine how crushed you were at the news of his death. While there were other celebrities I knew were also big fans ( particularly members of bands I liked when I was younger),I especially thought of you when I heard the news. I was very shocked myself at the news- I was on my way to karate when I heard and I remember sitting in the car thinking,no way, and my heart was pounding. I’d absolutely loved him since I was a little girl. Even though it’s been over a year,even today I still find it so hard to believe he’s gone now. Other than that,yes,that’s me in the picture,in case you’re wondering :)I know I look like I could pass for about 15 or 16,lol. And since I’ve been aware that you support animals,the kitten I’m holding is my new baby ,Melody (she’s almost 4 months old and I’ve had her for a couple months,actually). I named her that because I’ve always loved music. We have another,which is my mom’s and let me tell you: 2 kittens is way better than 1,lol. It’s absolutely hilarious watching them chase each other all over the house and wrestle:) Anyway, I just tought I’d say hi again and I send hugs to you and your son:)

    Take Care, Breanne

  638. wow corey. pelawlor kinda likes you a little

  639. Hi Corey,
    It was was a wonderful surprise seeing you at the NYComic Con today! The Thirst will be a smash hit, I am sure! Too bad you didn’t have time to play that new Michael Jackson video game out front. I really think that it would have been so much fun for you…and everyone else for that matter….to see you rock that game with your MJ dance moves. You would have nailed it! If you’re still in NYC tomorrow, you should really check it out.

  640. Hi Corey! Thank you so much for the Comic Con workshop in NYC yesterday! I’m watching Dream and Little Dream right now and I just ordered The Birthday from amazon! I’m so glad you told me about this site! I wish I lived on the west coast to make it to those Lost Boys events😦 Best of luck with them and with everything!!
    Take Care, AmyBoc (girl in the 2nd row who attempted to ask you a question without freaking out!)

  641. **Dream a Little Dream.. clearly too nervous to even type to you too!

  642. first off i would like to say sorry for the loss. Corey Haim will be missed dearly. it would have been great to see him appear in the rest of the lost boys movies would have gone in a much deeper direction. i just got done watching the thirst and would truly like to see more i think it was great to get some original cast and should stay that way. i do feel there should have been more to the thirst but still was a great movie well worth the buy. will always be a lost boy fan. its a shame i lost my job i would have loved to get vip to the lost boys ball in vegas would have been a dream come true to meet corey and show my support to proceed in a 4th i do agree the lycan direction may not be the way not yet anyway. just hope theres enough fans still left to demand another well id like to hear from ya maybe throw a few ideas your way if you get a chance to read through this blog well you take care and good luck with the lost boys ball sorry i cant make it

  643. Hi Corey, i think you are so cool also i am so sorry about Corey Haim, i know what you are going through because i lost my grandad in Augest=( Any way I have just seen Lost boys and I think it is so cool, it is in my head always. I live in Britain so what is it like over there? From Danni

  644. I’m back!! My dad has the CD of the music from lost boys and i just keep listerning to it all the time!! Corey I have also seen you in The Goonies and i loved that flim too it was so wicked. But i think the best film of all time is THE Lost Boys because has the two Coreys in but also it is so action packed and fun to watch =) =) I also watched on Sky The Coreys on Bio HD it was so cool to learn so much about you and Corey Haims life. Also the ups and downs you two went through were so amazing because you had too deal with the press making things up and that. I think that you Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were lost souls of Hollywood!! Need to go again but write soon Danni

  645. Hi Corey sorry but can not write for a few days. But i still think you are cool, it is just that family business. How is your family any way i forgot to ask? All the best Danni!!

  646. Hi Corey Sorry i haven’t been on for few days and also i can’t come to the lost boys ball because i live in the UK but also i am going to pisa, Itlay for my Grandma, to cheer her up about Grandad. But I just collected Lost Boys from hmv and we saw Lost boys the thirst it looked amazing!!!!!! Need to go for tea now but i will write before or after Pisa. But Good luck with the ball and everything Dani

  647. Hi Corey!! I am one of your biggest fans!! I am sorry to here about your divorce. I know how hard it can be. I have been divorced twice already and it was hard each time. I am happy that you have made the lost boys 3. I already bought my copy and watched it. It was great. I hope you make more good movies and I see that you sing now too. Good for you!! You sound great. I would love to meet you one day and I hope to see you keep up the good work. I hope you send me a message back. I would love to here from you. I know you probably here that from everyone, you must get sick of it sometimes. Please take care of yourself and write to me when you get a chance, hopefully soon!!!

  648. Hey, Just passin’ through to show some love. Nice blog. Take care. x
    Titch B. aka. Nicola E. (of Titch-Films and Free Your Mind)

  649. Hi Corey!! You are one of my favorite actors!! I have seen all your movies and I loved the new Lost Boys movie. Keep up the good work and I see that you sing now, good for you!! I look forward to hearing from you take care.

  650. Hi Corey!
    Just watched “Lost Boys: The Thirst” yesterday. Loved it! Not sure if the flashbacks to Corey (Haim) were done before his passing, but it was a touching tribute just the same.

    Hope to see another installment in the Lost Boys franchise soon – keeping faithful to the characters like “The Thirst” was.

  651. What’s Up FelDog,

    I Watched Lost Boys: The Thirst several times after I bought it. I was so stoked and excited about it when I got it I could barely rip open the stupid plastic casing off package. I laughed, cried, and cheered through the whole thing. I freaking loved it!! I was bawling like a baby during the Haim scenes especially during the grave scene. How Ironic is that? To think Haim was ALIVE during the shooting of that scene is spooky. Haimster will definatley be missed. It hurts sometimes to see recent interviews and pics of him.

    I sure hope you bring TRUTH MOVEMENT or THE LOST BOYS BALL to SALT LAKE CITY. Cuz I know for a fact alot of people WILL show up. The Horror Fan community is BIG here in UTAH. I was even willing to get on a plane and come out to VEGAS to the LOST BOYS BALL. But I couldn’t get tickets in time. I am hoping that the Lost Boys Ball could come to Salt Lake. Even though we don’t have a House of Blues here. There are plenty of other venues to go to. Think about it FELDOG.
    Love Ya,


  652. You rock, sexy!😉 I’ll hit you up on FB. We can chat sometime! I’m reviewing LB3 for my blog. Looooved it! ;D

  653. hi corey

    just letting you know that i have just seen lost boys – the thirst. amazing and emotional to watch. such a fan of the 1st movie and that one will always be my best as its the first movie i saw of you and the haimster together. but as the recent lost of corey haim, the flash backs made me cry and smile at the same time, remembering all the brillent bits of the first movie. it was a great story and seeing both the frog brothers back together was great.

    keep on smiling, sending you hugs and love

    tracey x x

  654. in response to a video i saw on your site that was good that you thought of the fans cause the second one was not good i would like see chance aka laddie come back and werewolves in betwen yes and no with that

  655. Wanted to appologize for Vegas if it upset you. Just had three weeks of insomnia due to endless chatter and persistence! It all started with a thank you card from JH and went on from there. Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant to me. I am really sleeping great these days, thank God, so I’m thinking that you got the message. Like I said, you were the only reason I was in Vegas in the first place. It’s not really my scene. Thank you for your time and thanks for listening. God Bless!

  656. Hey again,Corey:) It’s Breanne again.I know you probably may not see this right away,but.. just want to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers,I hope all is well with you and I send a hug your way today,knowing today would’ve been Corey’s birthday. I’m sure you’re thinking of him and missing him very much today,as are many of us fans,and again,he’ll always be alive in our hearts and may peace always be with him where he is now. Other than that,I bought and saw Lost Boys:The Thirst just after it came out and enjoyed it very much and I also wanted to take the opportunity to send you my praise for another AWESOME performance as Edgar Frog:) Anyway,just thought I’d say hi again, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll talk to you later:)

    Take Care and God Bless,

  657. Happy Holidays Corey! RIP Haim. His BDay was yesterday. Hope you are thinking of him. I was. I said a Christmas (which I celebrate) prayer for him and you. God Bless!

  658. Hi Corey, what is 2011 going to bring hopefully nothing bad!! Corey heard about metting in person thing sounds cool tell us how it goes!! Write later danni

  659. Sorry Corey I sent two comments by acident gone all hyper and that. How has the snow been your end Danni

  660. Hey Corey love the Truth Movements music, and The Thirst amazing!
    Was wondering if The Truth Movement will be be venturing to the UK anytime soon??

  661. Hi Corey! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the screening of Belvis this past weekend. And the Q&A following was BRILLIANT! I was pleasantly surprised that a star of your magnitude would be so gracious, open, and honest! It was LOVELY! I’ve been a huge fan of your acting for nearly 30 years, but now that I’ve met and spoken with you and heard your perspectives on the business of film and your hopes and plans for your own career path, I have gained an ENORMOUS amount of respect for you as a whole ARTIST! I’ve been an actress/dancer/singer for just over 20 years now, but have also choreographed, directed and produced for both stage and film, and it’s a wonderful, heartbreaking, exhilerating, terrifying, crazy life! I’ve just had THE WORST year of my life, and my confidence is at an all time low (divorce will do that), which makes auditioning difficult to say the least. But after listening to you this past Sunday speak with such passion, enthusiasm and positivity, I am truly inspired by you and your example!!! So I just wanted to say “THANK YOU”!!! I hope someday you’ll be in touch because it was heaven for me to be able to talk/listen to another Artist and I would love to just chat with you about your ideas and philosophies….Thank you!
    Carol Bair/Chicago

  662. What Up FELDOG!!

    I am glad things are going better for you after the roller coaster ride of emotions the past year has brought to you. I am glad you are still staying busy working. I noticed that you had hosted an 80’s film fest event. That is so awesome. But why is it always in the “Big” cities? C’mon Salt Lake City is becoming a “Big” city. We even hosted the Winter Olympics plus Sundance Film Fest. People out here LOVE events like that. I am dying to go to either a Lost Boys Ball or an 80’s Film Fest Event. By the way have you ever brought out Truth Movement to Salt Lake? I hope you do one day. I would buy tickets in a heartbeat.

    I have admired you since early on, and I’m talkin’ like since the 70’s. Ya I’m one of those old schoolers LOL. So I pretty much grew up along with you. Anyway, Take Care Hope this next year brings you peace in you life. You have had enough sorrow the past couple of years.


  663. hi corey my name is emily. im an 11 year old girl. my b-day is coming up in febuary on the 21st. so yeah. i haved loved your movies since i was 7 years old. i first saw you in the lost boys. ijust saw the new one in december last year. i live in anderson indiana. ive seen the thirst iver 20 times. i counted. i no a little weird, but i know im weird because i dont have alot of friends. well u can email me back if u want 2 . but ur probaly busy so its ok if u dont . bye. emilykh123@aol.com

  664. hey Corey. im so sad. ive been getting teased at school and im at my limit. which is pretty big. ive ben crying all weekend .😦. i just wanted 2 blog u so i cud lt u no whts bn goin on. well the pst week ive bn wrling on a science p,anet project. my plnt wz Mars. ill hv 2 do a presentation on it nxt wk. im so nvrvs. my tchr iz a tuff grdr. well peace out yo!

  665. Hey my alltime love…
    i can’t ever get enough from your pictures or your movies my favourites are stand by me and dream alittle dream but in the matter of fact i love all your movies cause every movie with you is special to me..i’ve been loving you and going crazy for you since i was 12 and now i’m 19 almost 20 and my feelings haven’t changed you will always be my alltime favourite…i wish so much from all my heart i could meet you and tell you what a wonderfull person you are and what you mean to me…i dream of you all the time just like yesterday i wish so much this dream would come true…well maybe someday i’ll become an email back from you that would really make my day but i know your a very busy beloved guy thats why i understand if i woudn’t!i don’t even know if you really read this…maybe you or someone here could tell me how i can write you messages you really read and might answer…i’ll be waiting xD

    Love you from the bottem of my broken heart!!!

    Hope to hear from You someday…


  666. im stl gtin tzd at school. im sd .:(. im wordid abt the ice strm thts hppining. imma scrd were gnna luz pwr. we only hav a fir plc 2 kp uz wrm if we do. crp. thiz will suck. :p. yuuppy!!! i gt a bd grd in my scienc projct. i just wtchd the thirst agin lst nite. i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ur samari swrds. i wnt 1 w a sprkly blue hndl w skuls and a black blade thts striped w neon pink. awsum!!!!!!!!!!!!! rite?!?!?!?!?!? o yep! peace out C. and othr fans who blg.

  667. waz up homme?!?!?!?!?!?!?! im so and totally brd at hm since im nt at school. hey, i hav a qustin. iz thr gnna b a lost boys 4? im jst wndrn.:o. ystrday wuz my dads b-day. woo- hoo. wz it fn mkin the 3rd lst boyz??!?!?!?!?!?! srry i snd hiper ovr the computr im jst trin nt 2 snd borin. which i am. o, i al so luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ur music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur sch an awesom singer . whn i grow up imma try 2 mk a carrer off uv singin. i dnt no wht ill do if i dnt mk it. wl thts all 4 nw. peace out .

  668. Hi Corey sweetheart! RIP Haim! I was just wondering if everythings okay. I ask you to be my Valentine . Happy Valentines Day! XXOOO always Corey!

  669. hello. im so gld tht i cn fnlly blg agn,.:). u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsm. i fl so confuzd.:s. evryting sms so stupid rit nw. nt blgin bt evrey1 arund me sms nt stupd, bt confuzing. nothin sms rit. we hv 3 sno dz 2 mk up at school. boring. im jst nt gnna py any attintin.😦. nop.thy wil hav 2 hld my hd 2 gt me 2 lk at the brd.i’ll jst dooze off. wll thts all 4 nw . peace.:).

  670. corey i hav luved u since i was 12 i am now 14 if any one luvs him lyk me e-mail me at merrill_charlotte@yahoo.com😄

  671. yall now wat i am at school state tests are 2marrow

  672. Hey,Corey:)
    Just want to say hi and that again,you are in my thoughts and prayers today,honoring the first anniversary of Corey’s passing and again,I send a hug your way. I know this must be a very emotional day for you,so I said a prayer this morning for you,Corey,Corey’s mom,Judy,and all the rest of Corey’s friends and family. He may be gone,but will NEVER be forgotten. And knowing you’re thinking of him today,I hope you’re thinking of the good times you guys had:) Anyway..just thought I’d say hi again and I hope all goes well with you today.
    I’ll talk to you later!

    Take care and God Bless,

  673. hi corey, um i dnt no y i hvnt bn blging ltly. ive jst bn rlly buzzy. im rlllllllllly sd tht i hvnt bn tlkin. blging whtevs. imma gnna gt a ds3d on the 26 of thiz mnth cz it iz a lt b-day prsnt. :s. wl pc out.

  674. Hi Corey! Sorry if I sound creeper-ish but now I’m subscribed to everything that you are a part of on the interwebz. Hope you don’t mind. As I said. Been a fan since I saw The Lost Boys for the first time. Keep your chin up and we are behind you every step of the way. BIGHUGS!!!

  675. hey Corey this is Chad Wilsey i just met you at this past weekend Horrorhound and wondered if you had watched the video i had given you …just wanted to know it was a great pleasure to have met you and that you got to make it to the show…question i never got to ask u ..i saw you had posted on here from Corey Haim 222 and on a pic you had wrote RIP 222 meant to ask what 222 meant and above your name was 22 ? thanks for allowing the time if you get a chance to read itand hope to hear from you… thanks again, Pease Chad

  676. can somebody give me coreys autograph address?

    here is my email


  677. I have an Online Magazine and I would like to get in touch with you for an interview, what is the best way to contact you about this.

  678. hi corey. hows it goin? ummm just to let you no i got a facebook and i was wandering if you have one , so yeah. i just saw this interview on youtube with you and jameson newlander and corre3ct me if im wrong but did you guys say that the lost boys might become a t.v show. cuz if thats true that would be wicked beasty awesome! ^^)>. im serious .i just drew a relly cool poster for the song trust no one. ive been watching the goonnies vid on youtube when you did a concert and sang that, its also very beasty! well peace out ! 4 now ,lolz!

  679. Hi Corey,

    I was at the Horrorhound in Indianapolis and did not get to see you. The line was so long. I hope you had a wonderful time in Indiana. Maybe you can come to a Scarefest in Lexington, Ky, a Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, Ky or back to Indianapolis for Days of the Dead. Take care Corey! Have a great day!

  680. Hey Corey,
    First, I’m Tammy Morrisom, 41,lives in Richland, MS. @nd, don’t stop ur blog….Third, I have been trying soooo hard to get the opportunity to meet you..Sent several FB messages, but I DO understand you not accepting them. Everyone always says, I’m a big fan” well, I am ,butyou mean something else 2 me. I am a Muscian(Piano/Vocalist/songwriter)..I wish you could hear MY stuff..My dad wrote many(published) pieces of Music. Mostly to George Jones. If you don’t believe me—look up the 45rpm(if it still can be found-i got my copy)–For the song, ” SHINE ON.” that’s my dad. B. MORRISON is on the label. Several Nashville folks have my fathers music. Well, I took after him…I’ve written 47 songs, play them, sing them..Its hard, but I finally got a record co. 2 let me sign on for 1 of my songs. Man, I have really been tryin my hardest to get you to recognize that not all of us are Stalkers,etc..some of us can’t reach out to you and I know in your line of work, you just can’t deal with all the crap..I FB you, but 2 no avail. i have a specic name I can give you who told me which site on FB it was to find the REAL YOU. I know in my heart your a great guy, but you CANNOT just add everyone..Corey, I just really love Music. Your a fine musician…All the way from Mississippi–Please believe i just wanna try again 2 reach out to you. everyway i tried, has failed….Take care..Tammy–from the heart…..

  681. Hi Corey, my name is Dawn-Marie Roach and I have the largest collection of Benjamin Orr photographs. As a keeper of his musical legacy I obtained a photograph of you and Benjamin and would like for you to have a copy for your personal collection. It isn’t a overly great photo but I am sure the memories behind it non the less mean a lot to you. I would like to see that you get a copy and I was not sure how to see you got it as I didn’t see a way to place it at your official group. Hope all is well
    Peace and love DM

  682. hi corey im so excited i might be getting a frog brothers t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man ! i have been looking for one for at least 2 years !!!!!:):) :)!!! my god im just so on edge 2 c what my mom iz gonna say!! peace out for now!!:)

  683. hey Corey pretty big fan but i think u should have a remembrance for River Phoenix too

    Amazing actor, Amazing musician, Amazing person(:

  684. Hey Corey! Just wanted to say I’m proud that you’ve quit smoking. It’s not an easy thing to do. Keep being awesome!

  685. Hi Corey, I heard you are coming to London Film & Comic Con in July. Please come on SUNDAY! So many fans want you therer at the weekend. Skip Friday and come on Sat and Sun. PLEASE!!!! I NEED to meet you!

  686. So, I recently became reaquainted with spin class at the gym, and every instructor seems to have a Michael Jackson song programmed on their Ipods, and every single time i hear one, I think of you. So today we had this instructor..she had to be in her 60’s, lol..and her entire class was conducted to Michael jackson songs. It was actually kinda surreal…it was like watching a really toned version of my grandmother rock out to “Bad”. On a bike. Wearing a leotard. Yeeeaaah.
    But aaaaaanyway…this pretty much sent me into an adolescent memory lane spiral, and I came home really curious what you had been up to. I had caught a couple of episodes of The Two Coreys (season 1, I think) and had heard of Corey Haims passing (of course), but that was about it…looks like you have been through a few rough patches the last couple of years, but also have some positive events taking place. Seems the saying holds true for most everyone, that life is full of opportunity and difficulty, sometimes more difficulty, sometimes more opportunity, but you can always count on it to change between the two, just like the one thing you can count on is night following the day (you can thank Jim Rohn for that little tidbit, btw). I have also learned there are two more Lost Boys…how in the world did I miss that? I plan to introduce my teenage daughter to the first one immediately, so that I have a valid excuse for watching the next two, lol.
    I’m not much of a “star stalker”, and I feel a little silly even writing this, but i felt compelled to do it, and, well, I am nothing if not compulsive! Hope you continue to do well, congrats on quitting smoking, it’s a real bitch, isn’t it?? I hope you have stayed successful with that. I quit about 3 years ago and it was, by far, the hardest thing I have ever done. Take your difficulties as a challenge and learning experience, make the most of your opportunities, and I wish you all the best:-)

  687. Hi Corey,
    Wanted to leave a message to say hey & how awesome you are. I met you on Saturday at London Film & Comic Con & wanted to let you know that you made my day. The day before I had been in a car accident while on the way to my graduation & was a bit achy after it, but I just about made it to London to attend my first film convention. I got to see some awesome actors/actresses that day, along with sitting in on 2 talks: a Harry Potter one & yours. I thoroughly enjoyed how you interacted with your fans and how lively you were. I also had the photoshoot with you as well & even though it was only a 2 second encounter, it really cheered me up from the the couple of bad days I had previously. I have admired you since I was 10 years old & seeing The Lost Boys for the first time, so to meet you finally was an absolute pleasure!:) x

  688. Happy Birthday,Corey!
    Hope you don’t mind me popping in to say hello every now and then,lol. Anyway.. I hope you’re spending today with lots of friends and doing some fun stuff,and most of all,I hope you’re having a wonderful day today:) And as always, I send a hug your way:)

    Take care and God Bless,

  689. A long lost movie Corey starred in has finally become available to the viewing public. KILLER IN THE DARK aka Seance will be screening at Anthology Film Archives Aug 2nd at 9pm. Tickets $6 at the window. Located at 32 Second Ave. New York NY,

    Killer in the Dark Trailer http://youtu.be/vT6AdMsjgI0

    Coming to Cable VOD this September 2011.

    One of Corey’s strongest performances.

    Also stars Adam West (Batman,Family Guy) Chris Casamassa (Scorpion in Mortal Kombat) Shannon Malone (International Model, Big Bad Wolf) and Mikki Padilla (Catch 21)….

    A supernatural thriller that will give you chills.

  690. Hey Corey, hope you had a great birthday. Ireally wanted to make it down to London but unfortunately I didn’t get enough money for it at the time. I was just wondering if you would ever make it over to Manchester in england. I would really want to meet you one day. I would be so syked it would make my day. I watched License to drive last night. I love that film. I don’t want to sound liked a crazed fan but you are my favourite actor of al time. I can’t wait to watch six degrees of hell. It looks so awesome I would really love to visit the hotel of horror one day. if you ever get the time i would love to hear from you either by email or by cell. my cell no is 07816633705. It would make my day if you got in touch. Anyway take care for now Corey. peace. x

  691. I just wanted to say that I hope you had an amazing birthday. I’ve always had a huge crush on you, and I think your super sexy! I love you in the movies Dam a little dream, all the Lost boy movies, stand by me, and licened to drive. Plus my favorite movie of all time is dream a little dream. I know every word by heart. I love all your music. Anyways… I’m your biggest fan, and it would be a dream come true to met you, or even talk to you.

    Chloe the cutest!

  692. I just saw part of u interview about pedophilia in the holywood industry , and felt compelled to congratulate u for the huevos to talk about it, and i sincerily ask u to go even further, my last memory of u was about a movie , i think it was called dreams, you where a teen ager, i remember the song “dreams to remember” by Otis redding on it, a few days ago, so i connect these with ur revelations, i was also a victim of molestation, and those resulted on my strange behaviour, but thank God I found God on time,but i see how today those things and a lot of deviations are beeing seen as normal, but we know better, as i write ur song is very inspiring and well done by the way, did nt know u sang…hey Im proud of u, and man to man you are a Man

  693. Corey,

    I know that you are very busy Corey, and I know that I am just another stranger too you, but there is something I need to share with you that has tormented me for so long, regarding something that was done to me in the mid 80’s that involved a producer from the X Files and my primary school teacher.

    I am hoping you can help me with my past.

    I thank you for your words of truth in your recent interview, you have given me hope after 25 years .

    here is my email if ever you decide to hear me out.


    Thank you man


  694. hi corey,firstly i just want to say how great an actor you are and how deeply sorry i am about ur loss of a great friend and brother corey haim:(he was also a great actor who never got the proper credits that he desreved.
    i love the lost boys and hope to see a 4th film coming out?i wish you all the best always a fan of both you and corey haim,xxxxx

  695. Hi Corey~
    You are only a few years younger than me and I grew up watching you and Corey Haim. My son and I have been watching movies all weekend of the two of you. I would love to get a chance to meet you some day. I am truly sorry for the loss of your dear friend Corey Haim. I cried when I heard of his passing. Stay strong and I hope you make more movies soon.


  696. That was one of the most touching and heartfelt piece I have ever read. My son and I were watching your movies all weekend and my son just loves you and Corey Haim. I grew up watching both of you. You are only a few years younger than me. Both of you had a place on my wall in my room when I was young. Keep up the good Corey and know you are not alone in missing Corey Haim. God Bless !

  697. Hi Corey,

    Just wanted to let you know that I am a great fan of yours. You were simply AWESOME and hilarious in The Goonies, Lost Boys, and so many more. Thank you for your work. It is still absolutely epic after all these years!

  698. Hi coreyy!!!!

    you are my herooo!!!:)
    you’re one of my fav actors, i loved you in stand by me, the goonies, friday the 13th part 4, lost boys, gremlins, lisence to drive etc
    keep rocking man, you have alots of talent!!!!!!!!

  699. Just saw lost boys 3 and dam
    Was it good much better than 2 loved how it really connected to the 1st one and really told the whole story good movie man grew up with you guys even though I’m 33 now lol peace and congrats on ur success ur a good dude and actor if you ever need. A drummer holla rip correy haim😦 again luv ya and keep it up. Peace

  700. Hey Corey,
    Not sure if you’ll actually read this, but I obviously hope you do. Well I couldn’t sleep last night, so watched The Two Coreys saeson 1, thoroughly enjoyed it, then I went and watched your E true Hollywood story. Obviously it’s been a tough couple of years for obvious reasons, but once I finished that show, I acme away with the feeling that you’ve really led an incredibly interesting life. I’ve been fan of both you guys since I was a kid. I really think you need to get an auto-biography out, even the hardest o haters would admit you’ve ledf an extremely interesting life. The passing of Corey Haim, for me is a true tradgedy in every sense. I was and forever will be a fan of Haim’s work and was a fan of his even through his harder times, I was rapt when TTC’s wwas announced, can’t help but think what may have been ifCorey was still alive and able to keep his demon’s at bay, long enough to build trust in the industry. But it’s not to be, but believe I’ll be keeping an eye out for your projects in the future. I guess some might say I’ve led an interesting, if colorful life up until now, hopefully I can fulfill a few of my own projects over the next few years, with one of them being to get a chance to met you and ideally have a sit down and have a good chat about life in general. Anyway, good luck in the future, stay humble and I hopoe things work out for you. Take care.

  701. corey,
    i love your acting i never want you to stop. i have a couple problems and nobody cares but i am happy to say you have fans that do care about yours.

    from that kid,

  702. I’m sorry about everything that has happend too you, I’ve been a big fan since I was like 12 or thirteen i’m now 26 my name is harmony I just want you to know things will get better I promise I mean life only gives you that one chance so life has to get better then worse right I mean my life went downhill now I’m married with two beautiful girls so I guess it depends how you deal with things I know you lost your best friend who was also a wonderful person and your wife but life dosen’t get worse it just gets better
    Everything happens for a reason …..

  703. Hey Corey,

    Thanks for linking us up on your preview page for Six Degrees of Hell. That is pretty awesome! We are stoked for the release, and would love to chat live with you about it, after we watch it.

    Wonder if you’d be interested in something like that? You can contact us at basementreviews@gmail.com

    Shawn and Jason

  704. hey corey ,
    quick question are you a vegetarian?
    that kid,

  705. dude Corey. im a fan of you and the lost boys. plus im hoping you will do a forth total bad ass movie dude. also big fan of the GOONIES and dont ever,ever remake a classic please and i mean the goonies you can try the lost boy but i dont see it i only see another sequel. anyways love dude one of the greatest actors. dude ur my fregin hero. my name payden.

  706. Hi Cory. I’m big fan of you. i want to be in your movie. and i love Allen frog were do you live? i want to live were Allen lives. I’m 13 years old. i love your drink the frog juice. i know how to make it.

    One raw egg
    fresh garlic
    and holy water

    p.s I really love ALLEN FROG

  707. Hi Cory. My name is Olivia Merchant. i am big fan of yours. i like the movie the thirst. you should get a twitter. please. im 13 years old. i have very bad azma.

  708. Hello Corey!

    My name is Svenja and I am a student of social works in Germany, who is now writing her last “exam”. My theme is the Vampiremyths in media and how they maybe express human emotions and how that can maybe help us in our work. I saw you in “The lost boys” and “The lost boys – The thirst” and saw the extra on the last DVD, which made me think maybe it would be possible to write you some one or two little mails with questions about the vampire – human – thing so I may come closer to an answer for there is not much literature for my kind of question. I would be very thankful to get an answer!
    Thank you very much!


  709. we are two icelandic fans of the two coreys loayl fans trying to collect all of the work you two have done over the years and we´re having real trouble finding the birthday!!!!!! and we really want to watch it so if maybe you could send us a copy we would be forever grateful and remain your loyal fans and if it wouldnt be to much trouble for your firm hands to write your john hancock on the copy:) or maybe just an autographed lost boys poster. all things aside if none if this is possible we would really enjoy a reply just so we could say that we have spoken with the great frog brother. Elfar Þór Guðbjartsson og Davíð Freyr Einarsson.

  710. Let me apologize in advance if I’m posting in the wrong forum or reaching out in the wrong direction…

    I’ve searched everywhere online for a copy of the Disney movie “Exile” (aired on NBC back in ’90, I think), but can’t find ANYWHERE to download and/or purchase a copy. The movie meant alot to me growing up & my tv recorded VHS copy was lost a very long time ago. Can anyone help?! 😦

  711. Corey, an idea for a possible Lost Boys sequel; why not do something similar to Phantasm II & III, except featuring vampires? I think it would be great to see the Frog bros travelling across America in a jeep or Harley’s and entering ghost towns inhabited by vamps. I can really picture the scene right now… the Frog Bros entering the fictional New Mexican ghost town of El Dracos, and entering into a dusty, derelict mausoleum/catacombs which is a huge vampire’s nest. Perhaps the Frog Bros help out peasant villagers being terrorized by vampires? And one more point to make: make the vampires appear as they do in Salem’s Lot, or like this dude from An American Werewolf in London: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_8p8E-NAD77Y/TE2bzj89C7I/AAAAAAAAAD0/P-u38h5KU-w/s1600/bluawil2b.jpg Now THAT’s some scary shIt right there. Hollywood just don’t know how to make vampires scary these days, and that’s why most vamp movies are trash. John Carpenter’s Vampires could have been a classic, but the vampires were not remotely scary, and thus nor was the movie.

  712. From the summer of 1980: OK, now I was starting to get a little spooked. At this point, the experience I was having with 111 was very private – I hadn’t told a soul. I approached a woman at work who was into numerology and astrology and asked her what it meant if someone kept seeing the same number all the time. She said “I don’t know, but I keep seeing 222 all the time and it’s really starting to piss me off !!!”

    I thought I was dreaming. How could she be saying this? I hadn’t told anyone about my experience until that moment. I said “You’re not gonna believe this, but I was going to ask you why I keep seeing 111 all the time!” We were both a little scared by this. The probability that we would both be having such a similar strange experience seemed very low. At that moment, I began to think that I was experiencing something paranormal – something that could not be explained with conventional scientific tools.

    The rest of the summer was spent trying to deal with 111 whenever it would come up and trying to remain calm about the whole thing. It showed up in the running time of THE OMEN (111 minutes). This was also when I realized that my high school ID had 111 embedded in it . I wondered if I was going crazy. I thought that maybe I was experiencing some kind of paranormal premonition. Was I sensing the coming of World War III (World War One-One-One)?

    Toward the end of the summer, I had another idea. Was 111 a numeric symbol of the Christian Trinity or Trinities in general? A month before my Grandfather died, he told me that the next time he saw me he would tell me the secret of how he kept his faith. He died before he told me the secret. Was he giving me a sign from the beyond? I kept seeing 111 and continued to resist categorizing it.

    The next major event came in September, 1980 during my freshman year of college . At this point I had begun to share the details of my experience with my closest friends and family. Some of them reported that they started noticing 111 only after I had mentioned it to them. They also reported to me that they started seeing 11:11 on the clock after I brought 111 to their attention. I hadn’t been seeing 11:11 but I did find these reports very interesting. I was mostly seeing 111 on digital clocks at this point – meaning that it would be 1:11 or it would turn to 1:11 just as I looked at the clock.

    (Clearly, I posted this for the 222 connection – hope you enjoyed it. Love and light to everyone! And may we all understand that the “dearly departed” surround us and are still active partners in TOB~TAU (“The One Being”~”The Architected Universe”) – Loveya! We are ONE! Yup.)

  713. Hi Corey,
    I did your first portfolio when you were 3 yrs. old. I knew your parents in Woodland Hills, the cover was you in your engineer suit, and 4 photos on the back, one of you in your sleeping bag. Please get in touch with me about a script when you have time…I’m on Facebook,,,Jim Sodergren, Roseburg, Oregon.

  714. Hey kid,

    I have been a fan of yours for years and years. I recently visited Astoria,OR and have been having a hard time not watching the best of you and the Haimsters work. I have been watching them so much that my wife has gotten super irritated. My argument back against her is, how can you not love the two Corey’s. She says she does but I’m burning it out. I can’t help myself, you and the Haimster have been an influence on me ever since I can remember. I hope that my post will be replied to, I do understand that you have a busy schedule, for I have the same. Gotta love the military hooah! Haha I will be leaving for Afghanistan in April just a mere 4 months after my daughter Tatum will be born. I’m very excited that I even have a chance to speak to you whether it’s via Internet or what ever. I just do hope that we can have a conversation soon. But until that day Mr. Corey Feldman have a great and wonderful day.

    P.s. : I have an idea for a project that you may find somewhat intriguing. Please hear me out in it for I’m sure lots of people have given you ideas. But I think this one should be good. Haha hope to hear from you soon.

    PFC Adam F.
    U.S. Army

  715. Hey Corey, just gotta say i love the lost boy movies. :p

  716. hi there i was hopeing you can help its my boy friends birthday soon and he is the biggest corey feldman fan we live in england and he has all ways wanted to meet corey i was hopeing you could help me give him the best birthday ever i just know if he could have his photo with him it would make his world please help me many thanks laura

  717. hi there its my boy friends birthday comeing up and i was hoping you could help he is the biggest corey feldman fan we live in london hes all ways wanted to meet him i was hopeing you could help me i no it would be his the best birthday gift i could give him if he could get a photo with him i hope you can help laura and andy

  718. hi corey so excited to hear u r on danicng on ice, being a english fan i will b sure to vote each week

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